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- Fixes Issue #379 NullReferenceException being thrown on First Run
- Fixes Issue #440 Fixes Issue #553 usernames with . or - in them were failing the
regular expression parser. [[:graph]] does not appear to be supported by the .NET
regular expression library.
- Add back debug log statement left out of last commit.
- Fixes Issue #272 New Feature: Multiline Script Editor/Sender (New icon added to
the command bar)
- Added "Diagnostics" Tab to about dialog which provides application version and
loaded DLL verion/names to aid in assiting users obtain information for error
- Removed old Visual Studio based installer project file
- Changed default to enable check for updates automatically when application starts
(can still be turned off in options)
- Updated Docking Library to, Moved dll to common location
- Merge pull request #537 from mdorenkamp/master
- Fixes Nullreference exception when running LocalListFiles unit test
- Fixes Issue #533 parser properly allows for '.' character in usernames or
- Fixes Issue #541 Adds support for a Wix based installer
Adds License in .rtf format (for installer)
Removed legacy SuperPutty Setup from solution file
- Adds GlobalWindowEvents to Project file, Merge pull request #538 from
joeyhub/master Improved desktop UI performance
- Merge pull request #524 from jbondhus/master Searching is more robust and uses
glob style
- Merge pull request #529 from kswmsw/download-instructions-522 Link to download
and docs from README.
- Merge pull request #525 from bewaapps/master In Release mode ( doesn't
work single instance option
- Fixed issue #517 About Box now referenced new Github Project
- Fixes Issue #490 pressing <enter> in the command toolbar now sends a carriage
return to sessions.
- Moved Project from Google Code to Github
- 510: Fixed issue #530 Home directory prefix is now a configurable option
- 316: Add a caption when hovering over a session menu element showing the URL (in
tree and new session menu)
- 386: Made several dialogs fixed (non-sizeable) (Fixes Issue 222)
- 385: Updated About Box with new icon courtesy of strugarevic (Resolves issue
- 384: Fixed Issue #345: Wrong tooltip on Options/GUI -> "Tabs and Docking"
- 383: Fixed Issue #428: Typing a square bracket in search box results in error
- 382: Fixed Issue #354: popup descriptions incorrect.
- 381: Fixed Issue when connecting with pscp to transfer files where password
request was not being recognized (it appears the format has changed from prior
versions of pscp).
- 380: Fixed Issue #431 Fix exception thrown when right clicking in LayoutsList
outside of a valid session name
- 376: update w/issue 316
- 375: Helper to clean up unattached putty/pscp/bash/cthelper procs
- 374: Ensure you can't delete/rename AutoRestore layout
- 373: Forcing toolbar locations
- 372: Added Pscp Related issues
- 371: 316: Add a caption when hovering over a session menu element showing the URL
(Add caption on menu and session tree)
- 369: hide "remember be" checkbox (unused)
- 368: Fix div by zero error
- New File Transfer implementation (Issues: 245, 298, 302)
- 310: Hide search (Added option to hide)
- 314: multi-second lag when right clicking on connection tab (Added option to
disable menu; add suspend/resume layout)
- 315: Unable to do ctrl-c from 'command' window (Added support for sending ctrl-
c/ctrl-l, etc.)
- 325: Auto-hide Main Menu (Merged in patch)
- 250: misfunction of Tab key (Large change to key handling to address lost keyup
- 264: Locked Tabs (Added option to restrict floating windows)
- 267: Alt+Tab superputty window randomly does not come to foreground, tabs have no
focus when it does (Cleanup, handle new message value)
- 269: Icon in tab (Fix issue with missing session.ImageKey)
- 269: Icon in tab (Enable from Options, GUI)
- 291: Open in the Sessions or Layout Views (Added additional check for hidden tool
- 294: Could not get exe error for cygwin / mintty (change log level, error to
- 297: Make the search functions case insensitive (added to open/switch - change in
- 297: Make the search functions case insensitive (added to session tree)
- 299: activate a session by hitting the enter button instead of double clicking
(enter open; shift-enter edit)
- 300: Problem save to toolsbar (Disabling those actions while in fullscreen)
- 301: Application Thread exit while sending command (Found bug while attempting to
send to non-putty window [e.g. sessions])
- 306: TabName not being reloaded from Saved layout (Fixed issue in restoring
- 250: misfunction of Tab key (Added options to disable control-tab window
switching and keyboard shortcuts)
- 263: Close All with one session opened (added check)
- 266: Duplicate session with hot-key (added)
- 278: Binding ctrl+space to "open session" results in a space in the input
(Posting execute command avoid keystroke in sub windows)
- 280: Escape & in tab title (Using TabText; added TextChanged handler to update
main window title)
- 284: Add SSH2 URI Support (added handling for SSH2. maps to ssh)
- 285: Input Box to search the session tree (Added search bar to session tree)
- 293: Create new shortcuts 'Commands' (Merged in patch; also added
FocusActiveSession action)
- 250: misfunction of Tab key (Back out global hot keys and fix
IsForegroundWindow to account for child windows)
- 111: Intermittent exception in file transfer window (Added potential fix for
- 190: Close All (Added along with close confirmation user pref)
- 229: FIle Transfer crash on X (Added proper cross thread call handling)
- 245: pscp multiple crashes (Added code to prevent opening scp from
connection bar if pscp.exe location not set)
- 245: pscp multiple crashes (Added check for disposed while refreshing)
- 247: Wrong Path when using ".." in File Transfer Window - Leading to "no
such file or directory" (Removed Click handler; handle ".." better)
- 250: misfunction of Tab key (Using Global Hot keys for shortcuts)

- 217: putty session disappears on maximized window on secondary monitor
(Moved fix so handles case when restoring layout)
- 242: Crash after a while (added extra null checks)
- 243: Ignoring ShowToolBarCommands and ShowToolBarConnections settings (Re-
added restore logic)
- Added SwitchSession Dialog (File -> Switch Session)
- Added OpenSession Dialog (File -> Open Session)
- Various Tweaks for shortcut handling
- 196: Always on top, Transparent window (Added "Always on Top" menu in View)
- 196: Always on top, Transparent window (Added Opacity Setting)
- 217: putty session disappears on maximized window on secondary monitor
- 227: User-specified strings trigger automatic masking of next command (Added
shortcut, Ctrl-Shift-8 [ctrl-*] to toggle mask)
- 228: Tab closing - standard behavior (Moved fix to include restored tabs)
- 237: Add the option to select the hosts on which to run the "command" (mcs)
(Added # column and marker for active tab)
- 238: Ability to delete Layouts (Added rename and delete context menu items)
- 226: Problem with window (issue with 1st build on
- 230: SuperPuTTY, Strange output under cursor (issue with 1st build
- 228: Tab closing - standard behavior (Added FormClosed handler to activate
right most form in pane)
- 231: Superputty Error on first startup on new system (Handle error during
- More logging
- 218: crash when start program (added message for missing .NET 3.5)
- 219: New Session won't close on Cancel (Set CausesValidation=False on Cancel
- 220: Crash on startup (Catch argument exception...Strg/Ctrl conflict)
- 223: Critical hotkey bug preventing start-up (added check and error
- 154: Configurable hotkeys to switch tabs (Configure from Options, Shortcuts)
- 191: F11 et progress editor (Shortcut is configurable now)
- 199: Unable to Connect Dialog (added code to not capture the error popup)
- 214: Hosts moved to root (under Putty Sessions tree) are forever stuck
there. (Fix for bug introduced in
- 180: Possibility to leave host name empty in SuperPutty session (made
modifications throughout to support)
- 203: Patch - Host icon changer for 1.3 svn
- 207: Ctrl+Tab - Display focus changes but input focus remains on previous
session. (added retry logic to focusing the putty)
- 212: v1.3.0.5 & MRU option (like Windows Alt+Tab) - doesn't work (Added new
implementation for MRU)
- 213: icon becomes first icon in list if the file is removed and app
restarted. (added check, use file name w/out extension)
- 169: Session tree font configuration (rearranged settings dialog, add few
other changes)
- 186: Send Commands - Send to Visible Only
- 191: F11 et progress editor (Partial fix - check that control & shift are
not pressed with F11)
- 198: Checkbox to mask the Commands field input while typing (Replaces send
with no history; masked text not saved in history)
- 188: Full screen issue (Fixed issue when SP goes FS from maximized; tweak to
make smoother)
- 193: Patch - folder move patch for issue 143 (should've added as new)
- 195: "Sessions" and "Layouts" are always shown - command-line mode (if
launched from cmdline, don't show sessions/layouts)
- 197: Pass a env var to putty command line (added env var resolution)
- 88: Fullscreen Mode - Quick Hide toolbars/statusbar/toolwindows (F11)
- 177: Session switching with Ctrl-Tab switches from right to left
- 178: Close others, Close others to the right - added check
- 179: Tooltips in the Tools -> Options Dialog
- 181: Remove Folder dialog - add folder name to msgbox
- 183: App crash when attempting to re-dock a floating putty window
- 185: Custom Tab Name Changes After Command
- 155: Tab order for hotkey tabswitching gets jumbled up (Implemented Visual
- 168: Beta - error at exit
- 175: Delete folder even if there are sessions in
- 176: Close multiple tabs at once (Close Other, Close Others to the Right)
- 56: add support for sending the same commands to multiple opened sessions
(added selector dialog and context menu "Accept Commands")
- 146: Error in folder name validation (applied patch)
- 152: Keyboard focus doesn't return to putty tab when switching via Alt-Tab
(merged solution from akngo version)
- 153: dynamic view sessions (Enabled tooldtip on selected item and increase
dropdown width)
- 156: Save settings and use the same everytime
- 157: Dock window does not get focus (Check for document dockstate)
- 158: Ability to have a multi-send command NOT logged in the history combo
box (added 2nd button)
- 162: crash on opening session (applied fix from patch)
- 164: Export/Import of Sessions.XML issue (added "All Files")
- 165: Patch - add putty title event change to SP tabs
- Initial build of switch tabs via keyboard shortcuts (ctrl-tab or ctrl-home/end)
- 144 - New Option: "Always start maximized" (Fixed bug in restore location)

- 138 - After using context menu of tray icon to exit SuperPutty it can't be
started again
- 139 - Change of option "Restore Window Size and Location" is only recognized
after restart
- 140 - Edit Session: "Default Settings" appears twice in combo box "PuTTY
Session Profile"
- 141 - Clear Window bar on closing session
- 142 - TreeView: Wrong behavior of double click on +/- icon
- 136 - Layout crashes out if Session dock is autohidden (added check to prevent
- 123 - fullscreen window size should not be saved otherwise window mode becomes
recorded fullscreen size
- 125 - Tray icon size problem
- 129 - Context menu remains partly visible when invoking "Change Settings"
- 132 - AboutBox: Urls are detected but nothing happens on mouse click
- 133 - Possibility to have SuperPutty sessions w/o associated PuTTY Session
Profile (empty allowed)
- 134 - Cannot open superputty (Fail to start if sessions.xml unparseable -
added try/catch)
- 135 - Setting to have the hostname not clear after opening a new session (overall
round of clean up and tweaks)
- 126 - Error on (if you have no sessions)
- 127 - New Session without name (icon problem)
- 45 - Minimize to Tray (merged in patch)
- 107 - Ability to change putty settings for current connection
- 108 - Avoid additional item in task bar for modal dialogs (options, create/edit
session ...)
- 117 - Connect in New Instance
- 116/119 - Minior Enhancement: Focus Window that is restarted automatically
(Change for 107 addresses this)
- 120 - Single Putty window can disappear -- window seems unrecoverable (rollback
dock panel to 2.4)
- More focus tweaking and logging
- Support for MinTTY for local shell (from akngo fork)
- Focus child on resize, restore, mouse move (from akngo fork)
- Change icon (using mintty icon)
- 30 - Open Multiple sessions at one time (Sessions folder Connect All. Warning if
> 10 to open)
- 97 - Embedded PuTTY frames can lose their visual tabs, leading to other erratic
behavior (Method 1) (user confirmed fix in last build)
- 106 - Putty sessions are collapsed at startup (added a user preference for this)
- 109 - Add cancel button to file transfer login dialog
- 110 - Add close button or drop down menu to file transfer window
- 112 - Option to enable/disable view of Sessions and Layouts tabs (View->Sessions,
View->Layouts, View->Log Viewer)
- More focus tweaking and logging
- Sessions Tree - Added Connect in New Instace to open session in new instance of
- Closed 7, 20, 73 - Fix in #92 seems to address all these issues.
- Changed logging statements to remove password
- # 1 - When Application is in background, clicking on terminal session should
bring application to front, not just focus app (possible fix from patch on issue
- #80 - Non standard port/telnet-ssh links
- #99 - Center all windows on the screen
- #103 - SCP Refresh button incorrect tooltip
- #105 - Error on Layouts
- #13 - cant read all sessions already existed in putty. (File, Import Sessions,
From Putty settings)
- #22 - Importing connection list from PuTTY Connection Manager to Superputty
(File, Import Sessions, From Putty CM)
- #44 - Open back previously opened session after crash or close of SuperPutty (Set
Default Layout to '<AutoRestore>')
- #94 - Visual Enhancments (Make main form icon default icon throughout
- Added 'Connect External' in session tree view - Opens Putty session outside of
- #92 - SuperPutty opens sessions in a new Putty Window
- #96 - Problems when editing sessions w/non-standard ports
- #78 - To maximize putty screen size, add ability to hide connection & send
command toolbar and status bar
- #82 - Menu items "Edit sessions" and "Reload sessions"
- #83 - Option to avoid expansion of complete tree
- #84 - Issues when adding/editing nodes
- #85 - Sessions default to not expanded
- #87 - Ability to pass extra command line arguments to PuTTY
- Misc other clean up on add session logic
- #70 - New context menu item in tree: Create like (called it Copy As)
- #75 - Send Commands Toolbar should be able to send just a <CR>
- #76 - Send Commands Toolbar should clear previous command
- #77 - sessions can be moved between folders and manually sorted trough drag and
drop (drag and drop only)
- #79 - Confirm on exit can be a preference
- # 1 - When Application is in background, clicking on terminal session should
bring application to front, not just focus app (fix from #68)
- #27 - Single instance mode (enabled in options now)
- #58 - Option to start maximized (restore position and state)
- #65 - Upgrade to current version of WeifenLuo.WinFormsUI.Docking.dll (2.5)
- #71 - Check that session or folder name is not empty (bug fix)
- #72 - cygterm Appearance settings not honored (added '-load' flag support for
- #68 - Added PuTTY context menu items to PuttyPanel
- #74 - SuperPutty does not run under Program FIles
- #64 - Issue with PortableSettings w/numeric hostnames (disable settings)
- #66 - Suppress beep when closing terminal session
- Reload sessions after saving options
- Fix for #63 - The window's last line hides behind the status bar - Screenshot
- Merged various changes from patches on Issues
- Moved Settings file to %USERPROFILE% or install dir (will need to reconfigure)
- Connection tool bar
- Send Command tool bar
- Single instance support (edit SuperPutty.exe.config to enable)
- Command Line interface (see issue 26...wiki page later with full usage