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Jesse & Rebecca Hales Family February 2019


Dear Friends,

Thank you for praying for the leader’s retreat

mentioned in last month’s prayer requests. The
retreat was a big success. Not only was it the first
time we were able to get that many leaders and
their families together in one place, but most
The Group at the Retreat importantly God was there encouraging us. Some
of our leaders and fellow servants from the States
PRAISE… came and shared about the importance of God-
For the start of a new outreach to centered family relationships both for our leaders
a new area with the hopes of and in our churches. I saw some of our leaders
planting a church actually relax for the first time in a long time. These
More people are starting to take men and their families work hard for the Kingdom
on responsibilities within some of and it thrilled my soul to see them refreshed.
the churches I’m also excited to announce that the church
in San Miguel has started putting action behind
PRAYER… their vision for planting a new church in Los
For the first youth camp of the Girasoles. God has opened some doors and they
year coming soon plan to begin in-home Bible studies the first Monday
For the new ministry starting in of March. Please be praying for this new ministry.
Los Girasoles
The kids are growing up a
little more each day. Recent
evidence of this was when Colton
asked to ride the zipline by himself at
the leader’s retreat. It was a big step
for him at 5 years old.
Brave Colton Riding the Zipline
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