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24 Port Patch Panel

2153437-1 & 2153437-2

CommScope’s 24 Port Patch Panel accepts 24 SL-and AMP Twist SL Jacks in

a 1U, 19” platform.

The patch panel comes with a plastic cable management system ready to
be clipped into the panel.

4 label strips are available for clear identification and each port is marked
with port numbering 1-24.

For proper grounding an earthing wire is attached.

Ordering Information
Description Part Number

24 Port Patch Panel – Black RAL9005 0-2153437-1

24 Port Patch Panel – Grey RAL7035 0-2153437-2

1 For more information, visit commscope.com

24 Port Patch Panel


Dimensions: 19”, 1 x Rack Unit. Depth 125mm

Layout: 24 port panel

Incoming cable side: Standard cable

Outgoing cable side: Patch cords / Equipment cords

Installation Options: Rack-mount or frame-mount installation

Panel: Powder coated mild steel

Front fascia and cable manager: Plastic

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