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FCE Use of English For the Revised Cambridge Examination Virginia Evans GEES er eanp aT LIT FCE Use of English 1 CONTENTS e 1 Modals Consolidation 1 nv Consolidation 2 Practice test 1 3 Tense Forms Consolidation 3 Clauses/Linking Words Consolidation 4 Practice test 2 Pre-test 1 + a Adjectives/Adverbs/Comparisons Consolidation 5 o Passive Voice/Causative Form Consolidation 6 Practice test 3 Reported Speech Consolidation 7 Conditionals/Wishes/Unreal Past Consolidation 8 Practice test 4 Pre-test 2 Nouns/Articles Consolidation 9 “ © 10 Emphatic Structures/Inversion Consolidation 10 Practice test 5 11 Determiners/Pronouns. Consolidation 11 12 Questions/Short Answers Consolidation 12 Practice test 6 Pre-test 3 Appendix 1 Appendix 2 Appendix 3 Irregular Verbs The Infinitive/-ing form/Participles 119 122 133 137 141 144 153 156 161 165 169 182 186 198 202 205 212 213 218 luction The “FCE Use of English 1” is a practice book intended mainly for intermediate and post- intermediate students, but it is also useful for more advanced students for revision and con- solidation. The aim of the book is to help students to understand and use English grammar through structurally graded material and full-colour pictures. In addition the book offers preparation for the new Cambridge FCE Examination or any other similar examinations. @ Oral Development sections. ‘These appear throughout the book and help students practise the grammar structures pre- ‘sented. @ Consolidation sections. Each unit is followed by exercises which provide general practice for the new FCE Examination or any other similar examinations. Phrasal Verbs are listed in alphabetical order and the use of Prepositions is explained in Appendix 1 at the back of the book. There are also open cloze texts, multiple choice cloze texts, word formation, error correction and “key” word transformation exercises, collocations and tense revision exercises. @ Practice test sections. ‘After every second unit there is a section which trains students to cope with the Revised ‘Cambridge FCE Examination Paper 3 - Use of English or any other similar examinations. @ Pre-test sections. ‘After every four units there is a section which familiarises the students with the format and level of difficulty of the actual tests. These appear in the Teacher's Book and revise all struc- tures taught up to this point. ‘A Teacher's Book accompanies the Student's Book. This contains the answers to the exer- cises in the Student's Book and presents useful grammar tips as well as three tests in two separate versions. Published by Express Publishing 3 Roman Bridge Close, Blackpill, Swansea SA3 SBE Tol: +44-1792-404855 ~ Fax: +44-1792-404806 e-mail inquiries @expresspublishing.co.uk. INTERNET http: /www.expresspublishing.co.uk. © Virginia Evans Design and Illustration © Express Publishing ‘Second impression 1998 Al rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form, or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise without the prior written permis- sion of the Publishers. ISBN (set) 960-361-018-6 ISBN 960-361-010-4 >: