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Suzuki Summer Institutes

As you make your plans for the summer consider

attending a Suzuki institute with your child. These are
wonderful opportunities for your child to make new friends,
develop skills, and boost motivation. Ask your teacher for
recommendations and find listings at
6:30 pm • Monday • December 17, 2018
2019 March Workshop! Levine Music, Maryland Campus
(Play-ins: March 2 , cellos at 9:30am, violins at 11:00am)
Workshop and Group Recital
Friday March 15th, NWDC and Silver Spring Campuses
Saturday March 16th, VA Campus (required rehearsals)
Sunday, March 17th, 2:00 SEDC
With principal clinicians James Hutchins, violin
and Elizabeth Mikhael, cello.
Dear Parents,
The success of the Suzuki strings program is the result of
your continuing participation in group class, recitals,
workshops and daily practice with your child. We thank
you for your commitment and support. It is truly a
pleasure for us to work with your family.
We wish for your family a wonderful holiday and a happy
New Year!
Sincerely yours,
Susan Katsarelis (Department Chair),
Mary Findley, Sarah Foard, Kimberly
Galva, Will Hurd, Sue Kelly, Sasha
Mikhlin, Aron Rider, Amelia Giles, Erin
Durham, Gwen Miller Seal, Moriah
Swindell and Maxfield Wollam-Fischer.

For more information, please visit
Featuring the students of Allegretto S. Suzuki
Kimberly Galva (kg), Max Wollam-Fisher Mia Farinre Blackistone, violin (gms)
(mwf), and Gwen Miller Seal (gms).
Etude S. Suzuki
Katsuko Takahashi, accompanist Aayush Banerjee, violin (kg)

E String Concerto S. Eden Minuet 1 J. S. Bach

Olivia Everett, violin (gms) Cecilia Chang, violin (gms)

Ant Song Musette J. S. Bach

Holden Shepherd, cello (mwf) Ishaan Banerjee, cello (mwf)

E String Concerto S. Eden Gavotte F. J. Gossec

Liam Gordon, violin (gms) Bertie Bennett, cello (mwf)

Song of the Wind Folk Song Gavotte P. Martini

Kiran D’Avy, violin (gms) Claire Higgins, violin (kg)

Allegro S. Suzuki Concerto No. 5 in D Major, Mvt. 1 F. Seitz

Rachel Cobb, violin (gms) Aden Garland, violin (gms)

Perpetual Motion S. Suzuki Gavotte in G Minor J. S. Bach

Gavin Zilliox, cello (mwf) Nigel Killingham, violin (kg)

Etude S. Suzuki Bourrée J. S. Bach

Isaiah Killingham, violin (kg) Payton Everett, violin (gms)

May Song Folk Song Concerto No. 5 in D Major, Mvt. 1 F. Seitz

Bella Gotthelf, violin (gms) Isaiah Longstreth, violin (kg)