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Journal Volumes & Issues

Journal Volumes & Issues ( / 2007 (Volumes 8, Nos. 1-6) (

Issues/agentType/ViewType/PropertyTypeID/1339) / Volume 8, Number 4-August 2007 (

Journal Contents

Article Type Authors PDF File Type

Assessment of Parameters Affecting Compressive Behavior of Mineral Wool Iinsulations S. Veiseh- M.M. Mirmohamadi- 359 Article
( N. Khodabandeh- A. Hakkaki- (/Portals/25/PropertyAgent/2905/Files/6228/359.pdf)

Effects of Semi-rigid Girder Connections on The Dynamic Response of Steel Structures N. Lahbari- A. Kadid- A. Fourar- 375 Article
( K. Smail (/Portals/25/PropertyAgent/2905/Files/6229/375.pdf)

Force Method for Finite Element Models With Indeterminate Support Conditions A. Kaveh- K. Koohestani- N. 389 Article
( Taghizadieh (/Portals/25/PropertyAgent/2905/Files/6230/389.pdf)

Consequence of Strength-Dependent Stiffness on Traditional Seismic Design Approach S. Ch. Dutta- S. Das 405 Article
( (/Portals/25/PropertyAgent/2905/Files/6231/405.pdf)

Service Load Behavior of Continuous Composite Beams with Precast Decks Considering Creep, S. Chaudhary- U. Pendharkar- 423 Article
Shrinkage and Cracking ( A.K. Nagpal (/Portals/25/PropertyAgent/2905/Files/6232/423.pdf)

Behaviour of Single Pile Under Lateral Cyclic Load in Marine Clay ( S. Basack- R.D. Purkayastha 443 Article
Volumes-Issues/agentType/View/PropertyID/6233) (/Portals/25/PropertyAgent/2905/Files/6233/443.pdf)

Formex Formulation of Freeform Structural Surfaces ( H. Nooshin- M. Moghimi 459 Article
Issues/agentType/View/PropertyID/6234) (/Portals/25/PropertyAgent/2905/Files/6234/459.pdf)

Bioclimatic Approach of Building Design in Hot Climate-An Example of Biskra B. Belgaid- H. Benmoussab- M. 471 Technical
( Boumazac (/Portals/25/PropertyAgent/2905/Files/6235/471.pdf) Notes

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