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(Abakada Company)

Mark Jeremy Bombita


Acknowledged By:

Edgardo D. Bombita

Abakada Company began as a small enterprise and selling various food and
products. And after a successful operation in few years, during in this initial stage,
they managed to work on a basis of its proprietor’s capital, and Abakada Company
borrowing from its bank when needed.
After a more years of operation Abakada found out that it needed to draw a larger
amounts of funds through bank borrowing as well as to hire more personnel to grow
their marketing needs and services. The Company need to hire more employees to
have more funds for their company to be able to earn more funds and also to expand
their business into large company.


AbakadaCompany has not enough money to hire an employees and there is no

goals for their company because until now, Abakada company is still borrowing a
funds in the bank and it is the reason why that Abakada company can’t save money
for their own business that is why they can’t or they are not sure if they expand their
business because of a small amount of money that they only have.


Abakada Company needs to expand or improve their company to be able to gain

more profit that can help them to be successful or help to grow their company and to
have enough money that can help them to hire more employees that can help them to
manage their company.


The company needs to expand and hire more employees in their business even they
don’t have enough money and they borrowed money in bank, because this is the
solution for them to help their company to be successful and to gain more profit in the
near future in that way they can pay their liabilities in the bank when their company
become successful.


The Abakada company is lack of strategy that can help them to gain more profit so
that is why they only have a smaller amount of employees and money . So that the
company needs to hire for employees, to help them to manage their company to
expand their business from small company into a large company and i think the
company need to advertise in able to grow of their company.




Mark Jeremy Bombita

Acknowledged By:

Edgardo D. Bombita

1. What is the main vision and mission of Rags2Riches? What did it seek to achieve?

The main vision of Rags2Riches is the all of the Filipino who born in Poverty will
not be longer live in poverty anymore. And the mission is to avoid poverty because
there are so many ways to earn more and live more dignified live.

2. What method did the business employee in order to help in poverty alleviation?

The method that she did the business employee in order to help poverty alleviation is
from the start, those who made or conceptualized the Rags2Riches project wanted
to help all the female/women in Payatas one of the biggest dumpsites in the
Philippines to earn more and live dignified and peacefully live. The women would
weave scarps into multi-colored doormats, rags, and rug that would be used in
Filipino homes. Rags2Riches team ensured that its products were 100 percent
consistent with their values. All the materials were upcycled and thus, “eco-friendly”
or organic materials that did not use harmful dyes or chemicals and also expansion
resulted in engaging the other nearby communities. and we all know all the
chemichals that we used is the one of the problem of our country that we suffered
more pollution that caused many diseases specially to the children. So essentially, this
social business enterprise sought to improve livelihood outcomes of the poor.

3. Is it possible for a business enterprise to fulfill a social function (such as help reduce
poverty) and at the same time earn profit? Explain your answer based on the business
model of Rags2Riches.
As a youth or student we believe that it is possible because the business of
Rags2Riches has a purpose and lot of help in payatas and our country and my goals
to prevent poverty in our country and at the same time it can earn profit by helping all
the womens in payatas to earn more and live more dignified and peacefully lives. so
all of The women would weave scraps into multi-coloured doormats, rags, and rugs
that would be used in the Filipino homes. And because of a award winning fashion
designer etc , these rags could be developed into bags and accessories.

4. Do you know of any other enterprise in the Philippines that has achieved what
Rags2Riches has achieved,i.e,serve a social function and at the same time, make
money? If so, describe that nature or operations of that enterprise.

From now I don’t have any idea about other enterprise in the Philippines that has
achieved what Rags2Riches has achieved and serve a social function and at the same
time, make money. Because most of enterprise here in the Philippines that I know is
selling only like , (Tabo,Timba) and some of them are made of Plastics) they don’t
care about the poverty here in the Philippines because most of them they are all just
concern about their own life and they don’t have care in other even they are poor or
rich. our country today suffered so many wastes, palstics that causes such as
pollutions. so very important and eco-friendly and the Rags products is a lot of help to
decrease the case of pollutions and waste and plastics in our country.



(Gordon Gekko and “Greed is Good)

Mark Jeremy Bombita


Acknowledged By:

Edgardo D. Bombita

1. Who is responsible for an ethical culture in a business organization?

As a Student I believe that the responsible for an ethical culture in a business

organization is all persons or the individuals because they have their own part of a
business to improve it and become successful. Because every individual in a business
organization has the ability to operate it properly.

2. What are some example of unethical business behavior exemplified in the movie Wall

In the movie Wall Street it involves the use of insider trading and security. Their
greed and ambition for extreme wealth by taking advantage of others through insider
trading and the manipulation of stocks leads to their downfall and an end to their
unethical behavior.

3. How can a corporate code of ethics help a company to be ethical?

Code of ethics is very important to the business because it can help the business to be
successful.A code of ethics is important because it clearly lays out the rules for
behavior and provides the groundwork for a preemptive warning. Regardless of size,
businesses count on their management staff to set a standard of ethical conduct for
other employees to follow and it is the key to a business to operate well. And it is the
one that help to assist the employee to know the difference between what is right and
what is wrong, and to do well in the company, so that it has a big part in the company
because ethic is a behavior. The code of ethics is the one that reflect the profession’s
core values and establishes a set of specific ethical standard that should be used to
guide social work practice.

4. Is it possible for company to collapse due to unethical practices despite having a code
of ethics? If so give an example or explain further.

A code of ethics is cannot prevent unethical behavior, but it can have an impact or
bullshot on employee decisions. Because In general an employee probably would
not choose to violate his code of ethics in their company unless it resulted in some
significant advantage over other courses of action, because it would not be worth the
risk of potential reprimand.

5. What can the practice of virtue, on the part of the individual in the organization,do to
ensure ethical behavior and successful company operations?

Code of ethics is one tool for achieving standard of ethical behavior. It is about doing
the right thing. Ethical managerial leaders and their people take the good and right
the good path when they come to the ethical choice points. And managerial leaders
and their employee are invited to explore more how values and how the importance it
is , actions and behavioral standards can help the organizational behavior.