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Halls of The High King

Official Game Adventure

by Ed Greenwood
Table of Contents
Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Chapter 1: The Adventure Begins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Chapter 2: Danger In Aithe . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Chapter 3: Against The Dark Druid . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
Chapter 4: The Halls Of The High King . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25
Chapter 5: The House Of The Black Hand . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27

Appendix 1: Harping By Firelight . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37

Appendix 2: The Risen Cult of Bane . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38
Appendix 3: Monsters of the Moonshaes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41
Appendix 4: New Magic Items . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48
Appendix 5: New Spells . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51
Appendix 6: Campaign Adventuring In The Moonshaes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55
Appendix 7: Sacred Groves & Moonwells . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57
Appendix 8: Current Moonshae Rumors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62

Design: Ed Greenwood
Editing: Terry C. Phillips
Cover Art: Jeff Easley
Interior Art: Tim Bradstreet, Rick Harris
Cartography: Dennis Kauth
Typography: Tracey Zamagne
Production: Paul Hanchette

To the memory of Eva French, who fought her battles with laughter,
whatever the odds-and won all the important ones anyway.

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Our land is beautiful, the life it gives night and the stranger and the unseen. The appendices contain descriptions
us good. How could it be otherwise? Bards and sages alike sighed and of monsters, spells, magic items, and
The land is the Goddess. warned. But they, like the other Ffolk, suggested adventures that can be used
But the Goddess serves the Balance, looked to the sharpness of their in many other adventures. The DM
and as goodness grows in power, so swords, and to the High King for leader- needs to examine these suggestions to
must evil have its day. Wherefore all ship. It was a time, again, for heroes... determine if they will conflict with the
who live in the Moonshaes have felt the balance of his campaign and will, there-
bite of evil as it rises again and again to
threaten us.
Before Play fore, need to be replaced or modified.
If this adventure is not being used
What can vanquish it, for a time? The To fully enjoy this adventure, the DM within a FORGOTTEN REALMS cam-
forces of good. And what are they? should have some familiarity with the paign setting, the DM should refer to
They have a thousand faces and a thou- Moonshae Isles. These are described in FR2-Moonshae and any books on
sand names. We call them—heroes. the “Moonshae Trilogy” of novels and Celtic lore and times acquired in local li-
-Andabbar Meihklann, Bard of the FR2/Moonshae, a Realms sourcebook braries. These sources can aid in estab-
Snows by Doug Niles. Knowledge of the lishing a Celtic ambience for the
Ffolk Lore Year of the Hunting Forgotten Realms as a whole and, in campaign kingdom to be used as the ad-
Hawk particular, the god Bane, will be useful venture setting or will help create the
as well. It is also essential that the DM DM’s own version of the Moonshaes.
The adventure you hold in your have access to the AD&D® 2nd Edition No pre-generated PCs have been pro-
hands, Halls of the High King, takes rulebooks. vided in this module; it is suggested that
place on the Moonshae Isles, in The Sea It is recommended that the DM have existing characters from an ongoing
of Swords west of The Sword Coast of access to the FORGOTTEN REALMS™ AD&D campaign be used. Players will
Faerun, the largest continent of The boxed campaign set and the better enjoy untangling the mysteries
Forgotten Realms. The Time of Trou- FORGOTTEN REALMS ™ Adventures of the Moonshaes if they can do it with
bles (detailed in the recent “Avatar” hardcover rulebook. If this adventure is familiar characters. The DM must mod-
novels and modules) is past, and Tristan to be used as part of an ongoing cam- ify the adventure, and will have a
Kendrick remains High King of the paign set in the Realms, module N4/ harder time surprising the players, if
Ffolk, enthroned in Caer Callidyrr. Treasure Hunt, the sourcebook any of the PCs are residents or natives
Tristan defeated a great evil, the FR1/Waterdeep and the North, and the of the Moonshaes. The adventure
Beast, and brought to the Moonshaes a third volume of the Monstrous Com- should begin on the mainland, although
greater period of peace, good harvests, pendium should be acquired as refer- it could be altered to start (less believ-
and joy than had been known for years. ence material. ably) on one isle with the party sailing
Yet, as always, evil recovered swiftly, to An adventure of this scope requires to another isle.
return in strength to the Moonshaes. the DM to roleplay many Non-Player This adventure is designed for a party
First came a great chaos in both na- Characters (NPCs) colorfully, to bring of at least six-preferably eight or even
ture and the magical arts, a disruption the action to life around the Player ten-player characters, of most charac-
of the Balance unheard of in the histo- Characters (PCs). Enthusiastically act- ter classes. At least half of the party
ries of even the eldest peoples amongst ing the roles of a few strong NPCs (de- should be of 6th level or higher. Weaker
the elves and dwarves of Faerun. It veloped beforehand), each with his or more powerful parties can easily be
brought less strife to the Moonshaes own speech, manners, and habits, can accommodated, however.
than it did to mainland Faerun—but in help the novice DM carry this adven- The DM will have opportunities to
its wake there arose unease and ten- ture without having to fill in a lot of the provide PCs with aid from Harpers and
sion. Nothing was as it had been, noth- endless details that adorn any adven- the mage Flamsterd throughout the ad-
ing could now be trusted; a time of ture spanning a large area and a lot of venture, and the presence of certain
unsettling changes and lurking danger beings. monsters (such as Iyachtu Xvim) should
had returned to the Realms. The DM should read through the en- depend on the strength of the party. In
In the Moonshaes, a new evil arose. tire module before play begins, particu- this way, the adventure can be tailored
Priests fled the chaos on the mainland larly the appendices, in order to locate to challenge the PCs without swiftly de-
and came to the Moonshaes to rebuild pertinent information, to decide upon stroying them. But to do this, a DM
their strength. Dark, evil priests they changes that may be necessary to ac- must read and modify the adventure as
were, who walked wilderness ways commodate a particular campaign, and necessary before play begins.
raising undead and hiring large, power- to sufficiently prepare to challenge the As you open this adventure to start
ful bands of brigands to fight the druids players during the adventure play in the Halls of the High King, please
and others who loved the land and Gray-screened text in this module bear in mind the words of wise old
were led by a Dark Druid—a man of highlights reference lore (for ease of Elminster: “Why do any of us get up in
great evil, whose aims remained hid- DM use during play) and should not be the morning? Why, for the joy and fun
den, but whose dark deeds set the land read to the players. the day might bring us, if we’re awake
to rearming. Ffolk began again to fear to see it! Up, then, and find ye-fun!”

To Set Sail with Ridge-juts out into the sea west of
Dernall Forest.) at that time, to those among you who
Swords The PCs’ mission, if they accept, will
be to deliver the swords safely to the lo-
will give us substantial aid against
the foes that beset us in the
This adventure can begin in any port cal lord, Haembar “Hawkenhound” Moonshaes—dark men skulking be-
city on the Sword Coast of the Realms Cauldyth. Panthras also produces a hind witless pawns who may try to
(Waterdeep or Baldur’s Gate are obvi- contract for the PCs to sign. It specifies seize that which you guard.
ous choices). It is suggested the adven- how many swords the PCs are being Bring this letter to me in Caer Calli-
ture begin when the PCs are restless, hired to “...see safely into the hands of dyrr, and accept the thanks, wel-
low on funds, or need to relocate Lord Cauldyth of Aithe, or his succes- come, and hospitality of:
quickly to avoid enemies, the authori- sor in the lordship of Cantrev Aithe, to Iristan Kendrick
ties, or a heavy tax. the best of their honor and abilities.” High King of the Ffolk
The PCs are approached by a short, It is a standard Sword Coast contract,
fat, richly dressed merchant. “Your par- which Panthras will post with the
If any PCs attack Panthras during the
don, sirs,” he says in a quiet, determined rulers of the city. Any PC who has lived
encounter, or if they try to renounce
voice. “Could your services be had for or traveled in the North or the Sword
their part in the agreement to his face
hire? I am Panthras, of Panthras Pro- Coast lands will know that it merely
after the document has been unsealed,
curing, and I’d like to do business with prevents the unscrupulous from mak-
the merchant’s most powerful defense
you.” ing off with a valuable cargo and selling
will act.
Panthras has shrewd eyes set in a it in the next port. All merchant guilds,
The mage Flamsterd, who has been
weather-beaten face. He is a street- companies, and rulers receive bundles
eavesdropping invisibly on the negotia-
smart, retired caravan master. of such contracts to prevent such de-
tions, concealed against magical detec-
Panthras: AC 2 (bracers of defense); ceit.
tion by his own personal magics, will
MV 12; F 10; hp 79; THAC0 11; #AT 3/2; Panthras will turn away from the PCs
cast a forget spell on the PCs. If hostili-
Dmg by weapon; S 16 ( + 1 on dmg.), D for a moment, saying, “There is more.
ties erupt and he deems it necessary, a
14, C 16, I 15, W 17, Ch 14; ML 15; AL Read this, please.” He produces a porta-
time stop will be cast first, after which
NG. ble hole and draws from it a sealed
he will remove the High King’s letter
parchment, slipping the hole back into
and move all PC weapons, magic items,
Panthras is armed with a long sword the breast pocket from whence he
scrolls, potions, and the like into a pile
(1d8 dmg.), five throwing daggers (1d4 drew it. Before proffering the parch-
in the center of the gathering.
dmg each), and several magical de- ment, he hesitantly adds, “I must warn
fenses (see below), any or all of which you: once you’ve unsealed this docu- In brief, Flamsterd is a powerful arch-
he will use if the PCs are foolish enough ment, I cannot allow you to withdraw
mage (Wizard, 21st Level) who carries
to tangle with him. He is not interested from the mission and live; this is a mat-
whatever magic items and spells a DM
in battling the PCs, however, but in hir- ter of state security. Consider your wishes to give him. He is a gentle man,
ing them. He will ask to meet the PCs actions carefully, then. Upon my honor, firm but polite, with a kindly manner,
somewhere private of their choosing— the document contains no alteration in
but he has learned that the best re-
or, if they’ve no place to offer, in a back your agreed task.”
sponse to those who attack him or
room of The Blunt Axe tavern. The parchment is sealed with a wolfs
thwart his will is a quick and heavy-
Panthras will initially offer the PCs 30 head: the Lone Wolf of the Kendrick handed magical attack. (He can ask the
gp and four potions of healing each to family. If the PCs open it, they will read: corpses questions later and apologize to
perform “a guard mission” for him. He the remains if he’s made a mistake.)
will reveal more and, if necessary, offer Flamsterd is an eminent sage, his ma-
up to 3,000 gp as he bargains. To those who accept the bond of
jor field of expertise being the history,
Panthras needs a band of adventur- Panthras and with it the swordguard
lore, and works of written magic. His
ers who command some magic and as mission to Aithe:
minor interests include the history of
much experience as possible to see a My thanks and my debt. Dark days
human settlement and deeds in north-
shipboard cargo of his safe to its desti- have come to the Moonshae Isles
western Faerun, and of the Ffolk of the
nation. The cargo consists of sixty again, and we are in need of the
Moonshaes in particular.
tarred and sealed wooden crates, each strong and the valiant. Be it known
Flamsterd’s eyes flash and his voice
containing twenty new long swords of that I personally shall award four
grows stern when he deems it neces-
the finest make. The swords must thousand pieces of gold, above and
sary, and although he seems quick to
reach the Cantrev of Aithe in Callidyrr, beyond your pay, to each adventurer
anger, he has iron self-control. He will
a kingdom on the Moonshae Isles. (If the in your band who comes to Caer Cal-
often act more angry than he really is in
PCs ask, Aithe lies on the western coast lidyrr and asks for it, assuming the
order to cow opponents or lure them
of the island of Alaron, northwest of blades arrive safely in the hands of
into revealing their true attitudes or
Doncastle, where a cape —Moonfall the Lord of Aithe. I will offer more,
foolish battle strategies.

He is armed with a dagger +2, make the payment agreed upon-on peared via his teleport ring and created
longtooth and also with six darts of par- the spot. He will tell the PCs to report to the hand. If the PCs don’t look where
alyzation. These +1 darts cause their the caravel Mermaid Sword at the the hand is pointing, Flamsterd will
victim to save vs. paralyzation or be docks three mornings hence (or what- clear his throat loudly to get their atten-
paralyzed for 1 turn. They do not auto- ever time the DM desires in order to al- tion. If that doesn’t work, he will simply
matically return to the thrower, but nei- low the PCs to fully rest, heal and walk right in among the PCs, stepping
ther do they lose their magic if they regain spells and gear or to have an- on anyone who’s sleeping.
miss a target. other, short adventure). After bidding Flamsterd slowly looks around at all
Flamsterd appears as a slim, the PCs good day, he leaves. If any PC of the PCs present, and says, “I under-
distinguished-looking, long-bearded rushes after him or tries to follow him stand you are adventurers.” He will wait
man of average height. His long, pre- “on the sly,” they will find that he has for a reply, but whether or not one is
dominantly white beard, which still has vanished. (In reality, Flamsterd has cast given, will continue: “My land has need
some strands of black left, is often invisibility on the merchant and they of adventurers. I am come from the
tucked into his belt or drawn up and both teleport away.1 Moonshae Isles, that men hereabouts
flung over one shoulder to keep it out of If the PCs refuse the bargain and elect sometimes call the “jewels on the hilts
the dirt. He customarily wears plain to go their own way, they will see Pan- of The Sea of Swords.” My fair land has
gray robes and (only when traveling thras seeking out adventurers wher- faced evil aplenty in recent years, and
outside his home) a red cloak. These ever they go in the days that follow. If its folk are weary and sick of death and
continuously curl and flap around him, they get down on their luck, he will re- blood-magic and blades. A new evil has
seemingly of their own volition, due to appear and try them again, even find- come to our shores; evil never grows
the cloak’s power to emit a sudden gust ing his way into dungeons they’ve tired. I need you, and others like you, to
of wind once every second round, at gotten lost in or prisons they’ve been in- fight this evil. Are you willing?”
Flamsterd’s will. This handy piece of carcerated in (offering, of course, to Flamsterd will quietly and politely an-
magic serves to extinguish or dramati- free them if they accept his job offer). swer PC queries. He will not bluster and
cally heighten campfires where he ap- Flamsterd will accompany Panthras as cannot be pressured into bargains or
pears, deflect arrows or other missiles, an invisible protector at all times. Oddly admissions. He will say that the evil of
and so on. enough, PC attacks on Panthras will not which he speaks consists of “. . . brig-
Flamsterd is famous and well-thought diminish his enthusiasm to try to hire ands, undead, and darker creatures, all
of around the Isles, by Llewyrr, them. of them guided and goaded on by
dwarves, halflings and Ffolk alike. His If the PCs still seem reluctant to un- priests of the god Bane, The Lord of
appearances are news, and his kind- dertake the mission, introduce the next Tyranny.”
nesses (such as magically rescuing live- event. If PCs ask for payment for aiding the
stock or people, mending broken Moonshaes, Flamsterd will reply that
fences or roofs that leak, repairing A Visitor by Night the High King has already offered them
bridges and clearing spring ice to pre- “coins, and more.” (If the PCs did not
vent floods) are legendary. A teleport Whenever two or more PCs are to- read the letter that Panthras bore,
ring, which he is never without, allows gether, after dark, a pale blue radiance Flamsterd will produce it now, offering
him to appear and depart suddenly and will suddenly spring into being nearby, it without the state security warning
silently. Like his colleagues Khelben growing rapidly brighter. It expands as Panthras was obligated to offer.)
Arunsun and Elminster, Flamsterd is a a whirling, pulsing ball to become the Flamsterd will tell the PCs he can of-
friend to the Harpers and shares their ghostly image of an upright, detached fer them his friendship, aid at times
aims of protecting the land, the weak human hand, which turns to point into when they are in the Moonshaes, and
and needy who dwell in it, and uphold- the darkness and fades away. magical tutelage in a single spell of their
ing honesty, fair dealing, and peace. If the PCs look where the hand is choosing, when the evil is defeated. If
Flamsterd may appear from time to pointing, they see a slim, distinguished- any PCs are Harpers, Flamsterd will call
time during this adventure as desired. looking man, wearing gray robes and a on them as Harpers to do their duty and
Long-term campaign play in the Moon- red cloak that seem to swirl and shift by aid the Moonshaes, invoking the names
shaes will require a DM to detail Flam- themselves, as if disturbed by an un- of any powerful Harpers that may be
sterd’s spells, possessions, abode, and seen, unfelt wind. The man’s white known to the PCs.
activities more extensively. beard is so long that he’s tucked it into If the PCs seem willing, Flamsterd will
Flamsterd: AC -2 (plain robes plus a his belt to avoid treading on it. A few tell them to report to the Mermaid
cloak of protection +5, a ring of protec- hairs as black as a raven’s remain Sword, a caravel owned by the High
tion +3, and his Dex bonus); MV 12; around his lower lip, among their snow- King, at a particular dock three morn-
W 21; hp 49; THAC0 14; #AT 1; Dmg by white brothers. The man regards them ings hence. (Once again, the time period
spell or weapon; S 14, D 18, C 15, I 18, gravely, and says, “Well met. I come in can be adjusted to suit the DM’s pur-
W 17, Ch 16; ML 15; AL NG). peace, to speak of war and danger” poses.).
If the PCs accept the mission, Pan- It is the wizard Flamsterd who has ap- If the PCs are unwilling, Flamsterd
thras will produce his portable hole and will shake his head sorrowfully, and

sigh. “I see no heroes here,” he will an-
nounce. “Indeed, none of you can even
strike true with a blade!” With these
words, the wizard will vanish, using his
ring to teleport away. If Flamsterd is at-
tacked at any time during this encoun-
ter, he will utter these words and

Flamsterd has enacted a powerful

steel curse, once widely used in the
North. This type of curse prevents a vic-
tim from successfully attacking with
any bladed weapon, from a bill to a belt-
knife-and all PCs present at Flam-
sterd’s visit are affected!! Attempts to
use bladed weapons as clubs, or to
strike them against walls, trees, and
other immobile targets, will cause the
blade to shatter into tiny shards with no
damage to wielder or target (magical vated captain’s deck with a long steer- load the ballista, crank the windlass up
weapons also affected) at every at- ing oar used for navigating rocky straits tight, aim and fire the weapon, and
tempt. Bladed weapons are simply use- then repeat the process. The ballistae
where sudden turns may be needed.
less to the cursed beings until a number fire a normal, all-metal, or grappling
(The Sword carries a spare oar plus
of months equal to the level of the three spare sails and a spare mast.) (line-trailing) spear up to 2,000 yards
caster (in Flamsterd’s case, 21 months) The Mermaid Sword is 70’ long and (modified more or less by wind direc-
have passed, or until the curse is lifted. tion) at THAC0 16.
20’ wide, carries up to 160 tons of cargo,
A steel curse can be lifted instantly by A sea-ballista fires once every 2
and requires a minimum crew of four-
the caster or by the application of a re- rounds; two additional strong crew op-
teen skilled sailors to handle. Her cus-
move curse by a wizard of fourteenth tomary crew numbers 32. Its Base erating each ballista can raise that rate
level or greater on each and every af- of fire to once every round. No addi-
Move/Hour is 4, its Emergency Move 5,
fected being. Flamsterd will lift it if the tional gains are possible.
and its Seaworthiness, due to careful
PCs undertake the mission. Remove construction and magical treatments, is Ballista-bolts do damage as follows:
curse spells cast by lesser wizards, and normal spears do 2d4, all-metal bolts
a stout 74%.
dispel magic spells, will have no effect. and normal heavy horse lances do 2d6,
During shipboard combat situations,
the DM should consult the ship deck- a normal javelin deals 1d6, and 1d4 +1
One last method of tumbling reluc- plan maps. is caused by an improvised missile
tant PCs into the adventure is to have
The Mermaid Sword is as good as a (polearm, 10’ pole, or metal rod).
them run afoul of enemies or the au- A grappling-bolt is always metal and
Moonshavian merchant caravel gets.
thorities in a dockside area and start a
Flying under the Kendrick family ban- has a massive reinforced shank to
chase, with the PCs fleeing from a trap which a greased line is attached. When
ner, the Lone Wolf (a snarling gray
or overwhelming force. Their flight fired, a grappling-bolt always wobbles
wolfs head with red eyes, on a white
leads them to the water, where a cara- in flight, traveling a maximum effective
field; the head snarls face-on to the
vel, the Mermaid Sword, is just casting (striking and holding) distance of 1,000
viewer), the ship has two sky-blue
off. The captain waves the PCs aboard, yards. Whenever a grappling-bolt is
square canvas sails and a brown
face alight. “Are you the promised fired, there is a 2 in 6 chance the at-
double-thickness “storm sail” for the
ones?‚” she cries. “Come on, then! We tached line will break. Enemy action or
mainmast. Its crew are all expert sail-
sail before the day’s three breaths high seas have a 3 in 6 chance per
ors, who know The Sea of Swords be-
older!” round thereafter of snapping any grap-
tween Neverwinter, Amn, and the
Moonshaes well. pling line(s). Iceworm-grease on the line
The Mermaid Sword (made principally in Uttersea and
The ship is armed with two light sea- Luskan) allows it to uncoil easily and
The PCs’ first glimpse of the Mermaid ballistae, mounted on pivots on the does not readily ignite.
Sword reveals a two-masted wooden raised decks fore and aft. These giant Grappled ships can be drawn to-
ship of beautiful, slim lines. Its bow crossbows are sturdily built and gether by a distance of twice the width
rises into a figurehead of a mermaid treated to resist fire and damp. Each re- of the larger ship every round, if the
thrusting a long sword ahead of her quires a crew of one strong person to crew of one ship desires it, and at least 6
(the bowsprit). Its stern rises into an ele-

crew members haul on the line. If a sin- armored beings, 1d6 to unarmored; ML siles with only a few globes left (DM’s
gle grappling line is used to tow, the 3 in 20; AL N; MC3. These animated skeletal option), and has twelve potions of extra-
6 chance of breakage per round re- human hands can leap up to 15’. healing. She and the half-elves are natu-
mains. Each of the passengers has a small rally resistant to poisons (+ 1 on all
Fire-ballistae are more dangerous to cabin under the foredeck. The PCs saves).
the user than to the target and are little share a large suite of cabins next to the
used in the North. Calishite, Lantannan,
and Halruaan vessels commonly use
captain’s cabin, under the aft deck.
The current crew of the Mermaid The Voyage
such incendiaries, and vessels of Thar- Sword consists of 10 human males, 14
The Mermaid Sword sets out on a day
sult, the Tashalar, and Amn sometimes human females, 6 half-elven males, and
of favorable winds and mist patches,
employ them; they are not detailed the captain and her second.
tacking in and out of these until the
here. Treat all the men as warriors. They
coast is lost to view astern. PCs who
come from the Sword Coast; their
stay on deck to watch the surrounding
The Sword’s captain, Veldyrina names include Belarn, Coryn, Deldar,
seas will see a large, dark ship that
Flaenitarr, and her second, Arenthor, and Iniph. They are AC8 due to Dex and
seems to be following (or chasing?) the
know about the PCs’ mission and their partial leather armor; MV 12; F2s; hp 16
Sword, but it will soon fall astern also.
cargo. In fact, the PCs receive free pas- each; THAC0 19; #AT 1; Dmg by
The weather on the voyage is up to
sage and food from the captain, who weapon (scimitars, 1d8 dmg; clubs, 1d6
the DM. It is suggested the weather be
has been paid extra to carry them. The dmg; daggers, 1d4 dmg, skilled at
fairly clement and encounters with
Sword is also carrying textiles from Ca- throwing); S 16 (+ 1 on dmg.), D 15, C
monsters of the deep few. Once a day,
lishite (primarily silks), spiced cheeses 16, I 14, W 13, Ch 13; ML 14; AL NG.
the DM should consult the “Aquatic
and wine from Amn, and brass locks The females are identical except they
Encounter Table.” Change results that
and hinges from Waterdeep and are AC7 and have 14 hp each. They also
might hamper the pace and enjoyment
Baldur’s Gate. In addition, there are a come from the Sword Coast, and their
of play to “no encounter” or a distant
number of paying passengers aboard. names include Cairyssa, Endelene, Fil-
ship sighting.
One of these is a fat merchant, accom- faera, Ilmrene, and Jalassyn.
The average sailing time to the east-
panying his precious stocks of carved The half-elves come from the main-
ernmost Moonshaes, aided by the cur-
ivory, scents, and liqueurs. There are land North and from the realm of Cor-
rent, is 8 days from Waterdeep, 10 or 11
three lovely and lively young ladies who well in the Moonshaes (of Llewyrr
days when returning). Increase trip
are ostensibly visiting relatives in the blood). They are AC7 due to Dex and
time for very bad weather or for start-
Moonshaes, but who are actually partial leather armor; MV 12; F3s; hp 25
ing points distant from Waterdeep.
thieves (statistics left to the DM) intend- each; THAC0 18; #AT 1; Dmg by
The “Dark Sails” encounter below is
ing to sell gems they’ve stolen in Amn. weapon (long swords, 1d8 dmg; dag-
intended as a warm-up. If the pirates
They will, of course, attempt to steal gers, 1d4 dmg; javelins, 1d6 dmg, 7 jave-
win, a storm will occur two days later
what they can on the Isles, or from PCs lins each); S 15, D 16, C 14, I 15, W 13,
(to allow the PCs an escape attempt).
on the voyage. Ch 14; ML 14; AL NG. Their names are
Whatever the outcome of the affair, the
The last passenger is a strange, beak- Corl, Donthas, Elendan, Ilvren, Niraen,
“Dripping Fingers” encounter will fol-
nosed, furtive man (who doesn’t seem and Talastin.
low on the fifth or sixth night of the
to wash much) named Hessalo Avrein. The captain’s second (her “first mate”)
trip. (see page 8).
He’s returning to the Moonshaes with is Arenthor, a human male fighter. He is
rare seeds and plants he’s been collect- AC8 due to leather armor; MV 12; F4;
ing on the mainland for the gardens hp 36; THAC0 17; #AT 1; Dmg by Dark Sails Bring
and farms of Snowdown. His search weapon (battle axe, 1dB dmg; harpoon, Death
was by royal order and he carries a 2d4 dmg; dagger, 1d4 dmg); S 15, D 16,
royal letter identifying him. He also has C 14, I 15, W 13, Ch 14; ML 15; AL NG. On the second day of the voyage, a
a suspicious box full of dirt, seeds He is grim, brutish-looking, and fiercely lookout in the rigging yells, “Sail!” and
packed in small packages of damp cloth, loyal to his captain (and lady), Veldy- points south. Soon, the dark, tattered
and a few (buried) bones. rina. sails of a single vessel can be seen draw-
Hessalo is a Cult agent and a necro- Veldyrina Flaenitarr, a former pirate ing near, traveling swiftly on a collision
mancer. His defenses will prevent PCs born in Neverwinter, is a muscular, course with the Mermaid Sword.
from reading his mind or alignment rugged-looking blonde with dark The crew all come up on deck to look.
(see “Dripping Fingers”, page 8). brown eyes and a wary nature. She is “Pirates?,” the second asks, staring
Any PC who gets Hessalo’s locked box AC 2 (bracers of defense); MV 12; F5; hp hard-eyed at the tattered sails.
open will be attacked by two crawling 29; THAC0 16; #AT 1; Dmg by weapon “It looks like the Ghost Ship!,” says one
claws. (see below); S 14, D 14, C 14, I 16, W 15, of the crew. Arenthor snorts, and looks
Crawling Claws (2): AC 7; MV 9 (scut- Ch 14; ML 16; AL CG (formerly CN). to Veldyrina, at the helm. At her nod, he
tling on fingertips); HD (FRA)1/2; hp 4 Veldyrina is armed with a scimitar +2 orders, “Weapons! Rig for battle!” The
(each); THAC0 20; #AT 1; Dmg. 1d4 to (1d8 + 2 dmg), wears a necklace of mis- crew obey with efficient speed. (If any

PC asks about The Ghost Ship, one of well cared-for or that have seen long The twenty-one pirates are all human
the crew will impart most of the infor- voyages without time for careening). male fighters and are AC 7 (studded
mation in the screened box below.) The Ship is said to have no crew leather armor); MV 12; F3s; hp 22
As the crew scurries about, mist be- aboard, but allegedly contains a full and (each); THAC0 18; #AT 1; Dmg by
gins to rise around the approaching rich cargo. Any being who boards her, weapon; S 15, D 14, C 14, I 12, W 12, Ch
vessel, gathering with a unnatural however, is said to die within the year, 12; ML 14; AL NE; MU. They are
swiftness, until the ship is lost in gray finding a watery grave. armed with light crossbows and each
obscurity. Everyone topside on the carries 21 quarrels (1d4 dmg). The
Sword stares into the mist, watching Suddenly Veldyrina curses and puts bows can be fired once per round to a
and listening intently. Veldyrina holds the helm over so hard that the Sword maximum range of 180 yards; the first
the wheel steady, head to one side to heels and rocks sharply. Everyone strike causes 2-5 rounds of sleep due to
hear better. Arenthor silently gestures scrambles to keep from falling. Out of poisoned tips (save vs. poison to avoid
for the crew to crouch low, waiting. the mists glides the mystery ship, a effects entirely). The pirates also wield
large galleon of sleek lines, its dark hull throwing axes (1d6 dmg), scimitars (1d8
One of the enduring legends of the marked with scratches and sea-tyne. It dmg), and daggers (1d4 dmg).
Sword Coast is the tale of The Ghost passes alongside the Sword away; This scurvy lot of cutthroats is led by
Ship. Abandoned long ago by its crew, it Veldyrina’s skill has only just saved her “The Wave Witch.” She is a short, slim,
can be seen sailing itself anywhere ship from being rammed. So close do rather ugly Calishite sorceress from Vo-
north of The Nelanther. Experienced the two ships pass that the ghostly dere- lothamp named Nymra Elpurtann, and
captains suspect that most Ghost Ship lict grates loudly along the Sword’s side. she has been a pirate captain for four
sightings are usually pirate vessels, but The apparent “derelict” is indeed a pi- seasons. She wears purple robes and
all who will testify to actually seeing rate ship, guided on a collision course has long, straight, glossy black hair.
The Ghost Ship swear otherwise. with the Sword by a minimal on-deck Nymra: AC 2 (bracers of defense); MV
The Ghost Ship’s crew all vanished at crew concealed by mass invisibility 12; W9; hp 26; THAC0 18; #AT 1; Dmg
sea. It it thought they were taken by sea Three of the pirates, concealed by indi- by spell or weapon; S 13, D 14, C 16, I
monsters, undead from the depths, or vidual invisibility spells and endowed 18, W 15, Ch 12; ML 16; AL NE. Around
even aerial attackers; some may have with temporary flight powers through her neck she wears a steel gorget, on
been lost overboard in drunken brawls, fly spells, will use the close passing of which are mounted a brooch of shield-
a sea-fight, or had all mysteriously gone the two vessels to fly to key deck areas ing (at her throat) and a hidden pouch
mad and killed each other. No one has of the Sword, hoping to remain unde- (at the back of her neck; see below).
ever reported seeing blood, corpses, or tected. She has the following spells: color
signs of any struggle on the ship, which The on-deck pirates will wait to see if spray, charm person, magic missile x2
is said to be a large galleon. any PCs try to board the “ghost ship”. If (each spell will produce five missiles,
Many different ports are given by none do, they will successfully hurl each doing 2-5 damage), invisibility,
various sailors as the proper origins of eight or more grappling lines at the spectral hand, web, dispel magic, light-
The Ghost Ship, but no one identity is Sword, snaring her at the last possible ning bolt, vampiric touch, Evard’s black
more popular than the others. The moment and spinning both ships tentacles, polymorph self (the Witch
Ghost Ship is said to bring misfortune to around. (A grappling hook that hits a will use this to escape if she has to, turn-
those that see it-although some vet- character does 1d6 damage, and it has a ing herself into a large sea creature),
eran sailors like to boast of how many 3 in 6 chance of stunning and incapaci- teleport (the Witch’s other escape
times they’ve seen it over the years and tating the struck being for the following route).
take pride in their “Long Counts” round. Grappling lines can each take 7
The Ghost Ship is said to sail The Sea points of damage from successful at- The Wave Witch also wields a blast
of Swords still, eerily silent as its tat- tacks before being severed.) scepter (9 charges left; detailed in the
tered sails, trailing free-whipping lines, The pirates that have flown to vari- “New Magic Items” appendix) and a dag-
propel it on random courses. Its endless ous parts of the Sword will then launch ger +2. She goes into the battle pro-
voyage often brings it into treacherous crossbow bolts against the captain and tected by the “chill shield” version of
waters, where it has been seen sailing crew (as well as any PCs) on deck. The the fire shield spell and has been busily
amongst the rocks during storms. How- bulk of the pirates are waiting below using invisibility, fly, and mist magic
ever, these dangerous passages have decks on their vessel. They will wipe (see the “New Spells” appendix) spells to
never resulted in the grounding, being out individual boarders who may be launch the pirate attack. The Wave
driven ashore, or sinking of the omi- checking below, then swarm up to the Witch casts all of these spells from pre-
nous vessel. attack when they feel the grapples take pared scrolls, one for each planned at-
The Ghost Ship shows no lights and is hold. tack on a voyage. Left on the “in-use”
covered with “sea-tyne” (the many bar- Mist will continue to enshroud the pi- scroll thrust into her belt are the spells
nacles, marine worms, sea molds, and rate vessel throughout the conflict. All affect normal fires, change self, charm
types of wave-weed that attach them- PC missile attacks at targets in or on it person, magic missile, ESP and dispel
selves to the hulls of ships that are not will be made at a - 3 penalty. magic.

If hard-pressed, the Witch will aban- that hangs from the back of the steel DRIPPING FINGERS
don her ship and crew. But she will gorget around her neck; it is hidden un-
stalk the PCs throughout the adventure der her long hair. It is a moonlit night, and the Sword is
to gain her revenge, attacking them In the chest are sixteen stoppered and running westwards towards the un-
when they are weakest and when she sealed steel vials, each containing a po- seen Moonshaes, through gentle seas.
can get away again easily. tion of extra-healing. There are also The DM should start this encounter
The Witch’s mist magic has cloaked nine bone tubes, which contain the fol- whenever there is at least one PC on
her ship (she will remain in its conceal- lowing spells: affect normal fires, deck. Suddenly the night sounds are
ment throughout the encounter), and change self, charm person, magic mis- broken by a startled cry!
she employs a wizard eye to oversee sile, ESP‚ invisibility x3, mist magic, dis- A sailor who had come up onto the aft
and coordinate the pirate attack. She is pel magic, fly x3, wizard eye. deck (to check the fishing lines that the
quick-witted, cunning, and has a long Also in the chest are the Witch’s trav- Sword drags behind it each night) reels
memory for names, faces, and injuries eling spellbooks, which will contain all back and falls heavily to the main deck
or insults done to her. the spells listed above plus others of the below. Arenthor is at the helm; he
By the Witch’s orders, a minimum DM’s choice; the Witch also has a full set whirls around, sword flashing out.
crew of twenty pirates remain below of spellbooks buried in a cellar on Min- “Ho!,” he roars. “To arms! We’re under
decks as a reserve. If the battle seems tarn. attack!”
nearly won, she will call them up to A xorn, which has been attracted to At least six crewmen will respond,
charge and clinch the victory. If the the chest while wandering in the Deep reaching the helm within two rounds.
fight goes against the pirates, the re- Ethereal, will come through into the Arenthor will by then be fighting des-
serve will be ordered to man the sails to Realms if PCs examine the chest. The perately against eight or more glisten-
get away, cutting the grappling lines so creature will attack anyone having lots ing, manlike things that have climbed
that the pirate ship can make its escape. of metal (coins) or who tries to stop the up the fishing lines and over the rail:
The pirate ship (not mapped here; use xorn from reaching such substances. If lacedons!
the Sword map if the PCs go aboard) is the fight goes against it, it will retreat, Lacedons (16): AC6; MV 9; HD 2; hp 15
larger than the Mermaid Sword, but is smashing through the hull of the ship (each); THAC0 19; #AT 3; Dmg 1-3 x2
in sorry shape and will soon sink if not (which will then rapidly begin to sink!) (claws), 1- 6 (bite); ML 12; AL CE; MC1
repaired. if the PCs are still at sea, or through the (under “Ghoul”).
The passengers aboard the Sword nearest stone, if they are ashore. These lacedons will attack hungrily
(except for the PCs, who can do as they Xorn: AC -2; MV 9; HD 7+7; hp 48; and are immune to sleep and charm at-
wish) will hide during the fight. If the THAC0 13; #AT 4; Dmg 1-3 x3 (claws), 6. tacks. Their touch can cause 1d6 +2
pirates win, Hessalo Avrein will have 24 bite; ML 16; AL N; MC2. rounds of paralyzation in any victim
vanished, using his magic to hide on the touched. Each PC or sailor must save vs.
underside of the ship in sea creature If The Pirates Win paralyzation to avoid this effect when
form. He will remain so hidden until he touched. Note that these lacedons can
brings about the “Dripping Fingers” If the pirates are victorious, they will swim and walk on dry land at the same
encounter, which he will do even if the seize the ship as a prize, manacle sur- rate; they are not confined to water.
pirates are in charge of the ship. viving PCs and crew as slaves, and sail These undead attackers have been
If the crew of the Sword are victori- on towards the PCs’ intended destina- summoned aboard the ship by an un-
ous, Veldyrina will give out her healing tion, making for a beach on the wild dercover agent of The Risen Cult of
potions to wounded crew members and coast south of Cantrev Aithe. There Bane, the “leaf-collector” Hessalo
any PCs who have fought to save the they plan to careen and repair their Avrein. In reality a necromancer (7th
ship. If the PCs played a large part in own ship and refit the captured Sword. level wizard specializing in necro-
the victory, she will be grateful, promis- On the way, the DM should allow the mancy) named Thazstar Rhiynn, “Hes-
ing them one free passage to anywhere PCs to get free in a storm, and have a salo” has been on the mainland
along the Sword Coast from The Nelan- chance at overpowering the pirates. If gathering both rare spell components
ther to Fireshear. the PCs fail, allow them another escape for his own use and wealth for the Cult.
The pirates carry no more than 1-5 sp attempt in the Strait of Alaron, some- In fact, the bottom of his box contains
and 1-10 cp each, but all have locked where north of Llewellyn). no fewer than seventeen rough, uncut
strongboxes beneath their bunks. Each If the PCs manage to overpower the rubies of unusually large size (each
strongbox contains d100 sp, d100 x2 gp, pirates during the storm, Hessalo, the worth 6,000 gp in its present state). PCs
and 1-12 other valuables (of the DM’s Cult agent, will wait until the pirates who have no special experience with
choice; gems, carved statuettes, jew- have all been dealt with before he reap- gemcutting or mining will only have a
eled weapons, and treasure maps are pears to instigate the following encoun- 65% chance of recognizing one of these
recommended). ter. stones as something valuable; those
The Wave Witch hides her personal with such experience will recognize
treasure in a Leomund’s secret chest. them readily.
The tiny replica is carried in the pouch

The lacedons will not attack the nec-
romancer, who will hide in his cabin
during the fight. The Cult wizard didn’t
expect to be lucky enough to attract the
lacedons. He had barred his cabin door
from within before casting his call un-
dead spell (detailed in the “New Spells”
appendix), hoping that something use-
ful would be within range. The hungry
lacedons, which often escort Sword
Coast shipping, awaiting burials at sea,
drunken crew falling overboard, or
someone deciding to bathe or check on
noises from the underside of the hull
(caused by the helpful lacedons), re-
sponded. He hopes the lacedons can
weaken the crew, and especially the
PCs, so that the cargo of swords bound
for Aithe can be seized once it is ashore.
(Hessalo knows that an attack is
planned, but not how or when.) will attack anyone opening it or reach- reached by “greeting the black hand”
If Hessalo’s lacedons can gain control ing into it except him. (that is, touching a floating black hand
of the ship, so much the better. He can Hessalo’s box and cover story are de- image placed in different locations by
navigate the waters around the south- scribed above; he will use his spells to Cult magic) and being magically tele-
eastern Moonshaes well enough to have try and avoid detection and interroga- ported to the temple. He was once told
the undead run the ship aground on a tion. He will lie low, pretending no con- that if he wished to contact the Cult in
secluded beach south of Cantrev Aithe. nection with the attack at all. If Corwell, he should seek out “Darkhorn
Thazstar Rhiynn (“Hessalo”): AC 7 questioned, he will answer reasonably, Castle.”
(dex bonus); MV 12; W7; hp 23; THAC0 professing innocence, but will seize the The PCs should prevail in this
18; #AT 1; Dmg by spell or weapon; S first private opportunity to use his in- encounter. The lacedons will seize
15, D 17, C 14, I 18, W 15, Ch 12; ML 16; visibility or polymorph spells to hide whatever crew they can (to dine upon
AL LE. until landfall. If he is found out and later), concentrating on the dead, who
Hessalo wears simple breeches and pressed in the extreme (his life is threat- will, of course, offer less resistance
tunic and is armed only with a belt dag- ened), he will reveal the names of the once ten or more of them have been de-
ger. During this trip, he has relied upon High Hands of the Cult, the ranks, garb, stroyed. The PCs will have to help with
memorized spells (and travel scrolls, and courtesies of the Cult (the DM the sails if the crew’s strength has been
which he used up on the mainland). His should consult Appendix 2 for this in- too weakened by the encounter.
spellbooks are hidden under a certain formation), their general plan to seize
tree near the road, outside the gates of control of the Moonshaes as a kingdom
Aithelar. for the god Bane, and their present
Hessalo’s full roster of spells (in his goal-to slay the High King; that he is to
spellbooks) is up to the DM. His contact a butcher in Aithe named
presently-memorized spells are: armor, Duskerell Thimbottle, or failing that, a
charm person, magic missile (the spell woodcarver in town named Kantivel
will create four missiles of 2-5 hp dam- Chonn, to report his return and the fate
age each), spider climb, ESP‚ invisibility, of the swords. A message as to where
Melf’s acid arrow, revenance, poly- he should go and whom he should meet
morph self. If the PCs are able to dis- next will then be relayed back to him by
rupt or turn the lacedons automatically, one of these contacts.
Hessalo will cast revenance on seven of Hessalo does not know the present
the surviving ones, rendering them im- whereabouts or daily doings of any Cult
mune to one turning/disruption at- member. He does know of several caves
tempt each. The spell is detailed in the and meeting places somewhere in deep
Forgotten Realms ™ Adventures hard- Dernall Forest, but couldn’t find any of
cover sourcebook. them without a guide. He also knows
Hessalo has no magic items or scrolls, that the Cult has an underground tem-
and is not looking for a fight. Note that ple somewhere in the Moonshaes that is
the crawling claws that guard his box

This chapter begins as the PCs make carts.” blocking wagons come out of Whitefish
landfall on the Moonshaes—either on The man nods and turns to signal this. Alley and Finn’s Alley. The moment the
the beach, as captives of the pirates or “Time for tankards?,” he asks, as the way is blocked, archers will begin firing
the Cult wizard and his lacedons, or in ship is made fast. (automatic initiative) at the PCs and cart
the harbor of Aithelar, having survived “Aye, later. We must wait so the Lord drovers. Archer fire will come from the
the voyage in freedom. needn’t.” rooftops of buildings “A‚” “B,” “C,” and
Open wagons, pulled by oxen, rumble “D” (4 archers on each, firing from be-
The Beach onto the rough planks of the dock, and hind the PCs with an attack bonus of
The pirates or the Cult wizard will everyone hustles to load them; the old +3 in their initial round of firing) and
run the Mermaid Sword aground on man with the lamp watches the loads from upper windows in buildings “E,”
the beach, and imprison the PCs in their being secured as closely and carefully “F‚” “G,” and “H” (2 in each, firing from in
cabin (which will tilt dramatically as the as the crew do. There are no attacks or front of the PCs, with an initial-round
ship is careened). Allow the PCs to try attempts at theft. attack bonus of + 1). These archers
and fight their way out. If they fail, or Aithelar’s streets generally climb a have practised in the street with
decide to wait until dark, night will gentle slope upwards to open pasture padded-head shafts in the past and
come, and there will be a sudden flash land. To the right of where the Sword is know the ground thoroughly, including
of light, a roar, and the ship will be moored, a broad street curves and alleys to flee by. After the initial round,
flung into the air. It will sail out over the climbs towards a ridge, where sits their advantage is lost, except against
dark waters, borne by (Flamsterd’s) Aithe Keep: the PCs’ destination. any PC who freezes in position and
magic, carrying the PCs and any of the “Wagons ready,” the old man says. does nothing!
crew that have survived, but not the pi- “Guard them as ye will.” The buildings are all timber and
rates or Thazstar/“Hessalo.” The harbor folk melt back to their stucco structures with shops at the
The ship will come down into the sheds, boats, and alleyway games, leav- street level and an overhanging floors/
waves in the darkness, but within sight ing the ten loaded carts in the care of attics above. All have peaked roofs fit-
of glimmering shore-beacons: the guid- the PCs. Each cart is led by a drover ted with platforms for gardens and
ing lamps of the tiny harbor of Aithelar, armed with a whip at the head of its laundry-drying, and the rooftop
sole port of Cantrev Aithe. team of two oxen. They stand waiting archers kneel on these. Stairs reach the
for the PCs to form up whatever escort roofs of these buildings only from in-
ASHORE AT is desired, as the crew of the Sword
take their leave of the PCs.
side the houses (at the back of each
shop), but stairs reach the upper floors
AITHELAR Drovers(10): AC 10; MV 12; F1s; hp 7
each; THAC0 20; #AT 1; Dmg by
both inside and outside, behind each
Aithelar’s tiny, shallow harbor has no weapon (20’ long drovers’ whip: 1d4 + 1 Archers (24): AC 8 (leather armor);
jutting wharfs. Its docks skirt the plus victim Strength Check or knock- MV 12; F2s; hp 16 each; THAC0 19 (spe-
shores of the small bay in a rough down); S 15, D 14, C 16, I 13, W 14, Ch cialization allows + 1 to hit, rising to + 2
horseshoe. To one side are crowded 14; ML 12; AL NG). Their names include when less than 60 feet from the target,
numerous ramshackle fishing-boats, Brannan, Corm, and Feldar; use these and gives +2 on all archery damage
moored around a precarious network for anyone who yells to a friend or rolls); #AT 1; Dmg by weapon (long
of sagging rope- and-plank walkways whom the PCs question later. bow/42 sheaf arrows each, 1d8 dmg;
slung from post to post above the short sword, 1d6 dmg); S 14, D 14, C 16,
waves. Open coracles big enough for AMBUSH IN THE HIGH I 12, W 12, Ch 13; ML 14; AL NE.
three people (at most) drift slowly in They will concentrate their fire first
half-circles on their mooring-lines. A
STREET on the drovers (PCs will have great diffi-
row of sheds line the docks, the roof of culty moving the carts without them)
The trip from harbor to Keep is short,
each draped with drying fishing-nets. and then on any PCs readying spells or
but whenever it is undertaken, the con-
The smells of fish, tar, and rotting sea- missile weapons of their own. The fire
voy of carts will be attacked.
weed are strong in the air. from behind the PCs is heaviest.
Huge wagons, heavily loaded with
An old man with a hand-lamp gets up After the PCs react (i.e., launch a
logs and pulled by teams of six draft
from his seat on a piling and calmly sig- counterattack), thugs will boil up out of
horses each, creak out of side-streets to
nals the Sword to an empty berth, Old the side alleys to try and seize the
block the path of the carts, in front and
sailors and youths alike appear from crated blades. They seem to know
behind. If any PCs try to stop these wag-
every corner and alley as the ship’s lines which crates contain blades and which
ons, they will be ridden down. As soon
are thrown out. The old man looks up hold the textiles and other cargo from
as the log-wagons are across the road,
and nods at the crew in recognition. the Sword. If the PCs stay with the
their teamsters will quickly unhitch the
“Cargo?,” he asks. carts, the archers will calmly make pin-
horses and hurry them away.
“For the Keep,” is the reply, before cushions of the oxen and drovers, and
The DM should consult the Aithelar
any of the PCs can say anything. “Ten then try to do the same to the PCs. The
map provided (inside back cover). The
thugs will not emerge from the alleys

until the PCs move or have all fallen. Desperate for cash to continue its oper- tions and to pass on messages. (See
Seven thugs come out of Brokentorc ations, Thauntiver has seized on the “Tarrying in Aithelar” for more about
Alley, twelve out of Rope End Lane, and Cult’s approach as a chance to make these Cult contacts.)
eight out of Eel Street. They will fight money—and thin the ranks of the Ring Rathkuul and Irmutar: AC 4 (splint
PCs as necessary, but primarily attempt of the slow and the stupid (i.e., the mail); MV 12; P9s (they have no ceremo-
to hustle sword crates away all the thugs). nial robes or masks); hp 67 (Rathkuul)
while. They are not stupid enough to Exaggerating the size and powers of and 62 (Irmutar); THAC0 16; #AT 1;
group together and draw concentrated the Ring, particularly on the topics of Dmg by weapon (mace, 1d6 + 1 dmg); S
PC spell attacks. magic and poisons (to discourage 15, D 14, C 17, I 15, W 18, Ch 16; ML 17;
Another twelve thugs crouch behind treachery by the Cult), Thauntiver was AL LE.
each log wagon. Both groups are aided forced to send the bulk of his able Both have the same spells memo-
by a priest of Bane. Some of these thugs “hands” to Aithelar to meet the Cult’s rized: cure light wounds x5, sanctuary,
will attack any PCs seeking to reach the demands. He and his most powerful flame blade, heat metal, hold person x2,
archers from behind, and the others lieutenants remained behind in Snow- spiritual hammer, cause blindness x2,
wait to catch any PCs trying to escape down and their other watchstations, dispel magic x2, pyrotechnics, cause se-
from the ambush. Horstall and Kythyss. They have sent rious wounds x2, and mystic lash. (The
Thugs (63-51 here and 12 waiting two youths (1st level thieves armed DM should consult the “New Spells” ap-
down Eel Street; see below): AC 8 only with daggers) to watch what hap- pendix for details of the mystic lash
(leather armor); MV 12; T2s; hp 16 each; pens and take no part. These “eyes” are spell before running the street attack
THAC0 20 ( + 1 to hit due to thug fight- unknown to the Cult and are there to encounter; it will be the main offensive
ing training, plus strength bonus); #AT watch for treachery. If the PCs slay weapon of the two priests.) Just before
1; Dmg by weapon (club, 1d6 dmg); S 17 many of the Ring’s “hands,” they will re- the attack, the priests will both cast
(+ 1 to hit and damage), D 13, C 17, I 11, port back to Thauntiver, who will then spell immunity on themselves, protect-
W 10, Ch 11; ML 13; AL NE. make hunting down the PCs (anywhere ing against fireball spells.
on the Moonshaes or the Sword Coast) a The Broken Ring thugs man six carts
The Cult has hired these toughs from long-term vendetta. Robbing individual of their own, which are waiting down
the ranks of “The Broken Ring,” a PCs will be made an initiation rite for Eel Street at “I” with two drovers each.
recently-established guild of thieves 4th level or higher thieves seeking to Archers at “J” and “K” will fire at any
and smugglers who carry on much un- join the Ring; Thauntiver is nothing if PCs who charge the wagons in an at-
official trade between kingdoms of the not thorough. tempt to prevent the thugs from load-
Northmen and the Ffolk as well as the The thugs have been ordered to obey ing the crates. The carts contain twelve
pirates coming up from The Nelanther. Cult priests absolutely and will do so! spare quivers of 21 arrows each. If the
The Broken Ring is based, surpris- They have too little experience to do PCs make a stand around their carts
ingly, on Snowdown. Its members pose otherwise. when first attacked, these quivers will
as fishermen, woodcutters, and ped- be rushed to the rooftop archers at a
dlers; most are fighters or thieves of 1st The two Cult priests are Irmutar and prearranged signal; any archer empty-
through 5th level. It is currently a hun- Rathkuul. They are mainlanders, clergy ing a quiver will kick or toss it off the
dred and twenty “hands” strong plus a of Bane who lost their temples in the roof behind him. Youths hired for the
dozen or so aged, youthful, or crippled devastation of the Fall of the Gods. Re- afternoon will go for replacements on
“eyes” (spies and lookouts). cently arrived in the Moonshaes, and the run, wearing a red cloth tied
The Ring depends on good communi- following rumors, they found the Cult around their left arms to prevent any
cations to avoid detection and to ar- and asked if they could join. They will archers or thugs mistakenly attacking
range for successful ambushes. It is led be accepted on the condition they them.
by Thauntiver, a neutral evil, 6th-level “prove themselves” by performing well The thugs’ carts, when loaded, will
priest of Mask, who fled to Snowdown in the ambush. The two are friends and rumble straight towards the Wild
when the thieves he ran with in Luskan will not attack or trick each other (at Wood, taking as many sword crates as
fell afoul of the High Captains—and least not until they are well established they can. Retreating Broken Ring mem-
were quietly eliminated. He poses as a in the Cult). They will, however, fight bers will follow the carts as a rear-
boatbuilder in the tiny fishing village of vigorously and tenaciously until they guard. If PCs follow the carts and thugs
Dhunrune, on the small bay across the reach their last six hit points. They have into the Wood, they will soon find them-
water from and about midway between no magic items except their holy sym- selves under attack by dozens of skele-
Kingsbay and Horstall. bols and a potion of flying each, which tons and zombies; the cart-track bends
Thauntiver has spent most of his time they have been instructed to use only if around an old burial pit and hidden
so far healing injured Ring members they need to escape. They know very Cult priests have used call undead and
and slowly building ties with the pirates little about the Cult, except that in animate dead spells freely to call up a
of The Nelanther. The Ring is working, Aithelar they can contact a butcher substantial undead blocking force.
and working well, but has as yet made named Duskerell Thimbottle or a wood- If the carts can’t get away, the Broken
little more money than it has spent. carver named Kantivel Chonn for direc- Ring thugs will break and flee in all di-

rections, abandoning them. The clerics fers one to each PC, taking the last for fighting the monsters only nights be-
Rashkuul and Irmutar will also aban- himself. fore! So many of these gruesome ‘grave-
don the fight, using their potions of fly- If any PC refuses a drink, Lord sends’ still walk that the land itself
ing to seek out caves they’ve been Cauldyth will calmly nod, say gently, seems to crawl and shiver some nights.
shown. The Cult will not attack PCs res- “Lady Chauntea, may this return of “Wild magic came next. We heard of
cuing the carts or exploring into the dew enrich thee,” and dash the flagon’s druids slain and their groves despoiled,
woods unless the PCs are foolish contents onto the floor. local lords and farmers twisted or slain
enough to stay in the woods after night- Lord Cauldyth: AC 8 (unarmored, dex by fell magic, and more undead rising
fall, whereupon undead will attack (lit- bonus; in battle, he is AC0, using heavy from it all to dance the tune of these
erally by the dozen) until the PCs are field plate but no shield); MV 12; F8; hp new lords of the land, these skulkers in
slain or retreat. 81; THAC0 13; #AT 3/2 rounds; Dmg by the dark, black-robed priests who
While the PCs are fighting their am- weapon (two-handed sword, 1d10 dmg, proudly call themselves The Risen Cult,
bushers on High Street, the Sword is + 1 to hit and + 2 on damage due to spe- harrying the hard-working farm folk
under attack, too-and aflame, thanks cialization; long sword, 1d8 dmg; war- and busy merchant alike with....”
to fire arrows shot into the decks and hammer, 1d4 +1 dmg; dagger, 1d4
rigging. The crew is unable to fight the dmg); S 16 ( + 1 on damage), D 16, C 18, I Cauldyth’s voice will rise in anger
fires because they are too busy defend- 14, W 15, Ch 16; ML 18; AL LG. throughout this speech. He will break
ing themselves against the blades of 30 Cauldyth is an intelligent, upright off at this point and recover his compo-
thugs. The archers (14) who fired the warrior whose love for his land and sure enough to politely answer any PC
ship remain on rooftops near the wa- people is passionate. He will thank the queries or comments. He will add, look-
terfront, waiting to repel any rescue at- PCs for undertaking to guard the ing at the PCs, “The Goddess of old had
tempts by returning PCs or local troops swords (whatever the outcome of their horns and teeth and even disease to
from the Keep. (No troops will come.) journey thus far), and will politely, but fight for her, to keep the balance. This
Statistics for the waterfront archers not probingly, ask the PCs their names, ‘Lady Chauntea,’ who is our goddess
match those of their colleagues in- occupations, and aims. He will freely now, is gentler. She needs adventurers
volved in the High Street ambush. suggest good hunting and fishing spots, to fight for her, even more than the
sights worth seeing, and notable crafts- Earth Mother needed those led by Tris-
men or merchants up and down the tan, now our High King. I need you;
FLAGONS AND AN lands of the Ffolk. Whether asked Aithe needs you; all the Moonshaes
AUDIENCE about local troubles or not, he will tell need you. Will you stand with us?” He
the PCs the following about the newest smiles. “I cannot promise victory, or
Regardless of the outcome of the foes to menace the Moonshaes: even survival-but one way or t’other,
street attack, the PCs should eventually bards will sing of you.”
have an audience in the towering, som- “There are priests, evil men, working Whatever the PCs say, Cauldyth will
bre stony bulk of Aithe Keep with hereabouts—even in Aithe, Goddess offer the hospitality of his home and
Haembar “Hawkenhound” Cauldyth, take them; they keep in hiding in the healing to PCs who need it. If any PCs
Lord of Aithe. Wild Wood, where my men cannot were slain, wounded, or captured since
If they take the swords—or word of meet them blade to mace and force they left the Sword Coast, he will sug-
what has happened-straight to Aithe them to stand and fight! These serpents gest revenge. If the thugs managed to
Keep after the ambush, they will be serve the Dark God, Bane, and they’re get away from the ambush with any
granted an immediate audience and the gathering enough strength to challenge swords, he will suggest an attempt to
hospitality of the Keep (unless they act all who rule these lands, even as the recover them. If the PCs express a de-
openly hostile). If the PCs avoid Aithe Northmen did, and take our lands one sire for adventure, travel, or worship,
Keep but stay in Aithelar for a day or by one, over the years. All over Gwyn- or accept his offer of healing, Cauldyth
more after the street attack, an honor neth and Alaron and, I’ve heard, even in will propose they attempt the rescue of
guard of forty men-at-arms (F1s), ac- the kingdoms of the Northmen, these three kidnapped local priests of Chaun-
companied by the cleric Ansyble (see foul priests are rising. tea by finding the local temple of the
below), will show up to escort them to “It started with brigands, brigands Risen Cult, thought to be hidden near
an audience! who were organized and well- in- Aithe.
Lord Cauldyth is a stout, musta- formed, and backed by these priests All of these goals point to a PC expedi-
chioed, once mighty man of about fifty who fed them, hid them, and healed tion into the Wild Wood, an especially
winters, whose brawn is going to fat. them when we came hunting. old and overgrown part of the vast De-
He wears a rich tunic, and bears a long “Then came the beasts, wild crea- rnall Wood located just outside Aithelar.
sword scabbarded at his hip. Upon the tures the like of which we’ve never seen If the PCs protest that they are too
PCs’ arrival, he wordlessly scoops up nor fought since the times of our grand- few, Cauldyth will simply spread his
heavily chased metal flagons from a sires. We’d scarce hunted down the hands and say, “There is no one else to
side table, pours them full from a spar- worst of those when undead rose to the fight for us. My sword will ride with
kling row of crystal decanters, and of- attack-even our friends who’d fallen you, if you’ll have me, and that of my

youngest daughter; my eldest must re- not, Lord Cauldyth and his daughters drawn and is often ignored or unno-
main to hold and rule Aithe. The three will be charming hosts during a feast ticed. He is a diligent observer who
of us were not enough to bear arms into for the PCs, at which they can meet misses nothing; he has a careful mem-
the forest, but now that you’ve come, bards and important local folk. Of ory. He can know two first-level magics
all of us together may prevail-if we can course, there will be Risen Cult agents at a time and usually carries two cure
strike to the heart of this evil before its or informants among the guests, but light wounds spells.
many arms can reach out to drag us they will not reveal themselves or Lord Cauldyth, the Chauntean
down.” launch any attacks. priests, and many of the folk of Aithe
Cauldyth’s youngest daughter is PCs in need of healing or other aid (rumors about the valiant newcomers
Rhiara, a dark-haired, impish beauty of will be taken to the surviving local have swept Aithelar) are eager for the
fleet feet and much mischief. priests of the Goddess, who will reiter- PCs to sally forth and lay the Cult low,
Rhiara: AC 3 (chain mail and dex bo- ate Lord Cauldyth’s plea for aid. They but they will agree to any delay for rest
nus in combat; otherwise, AC8, velvet will heal the PCs without charge or obli- and recuperation the PCs deem neces-
gowns or AC6, the simple leathers of a gation (the Lord has promised their sary.
traveling minstrel); MV 12; B3; hp 16; services and will make offerings to DM Note: If the PCs are too weak to
THAC0 19; #AT 1; Dmg by spell or Chauntea to pay for what the priests be victorious in this adventure, Lord
weapon (long sword, 1d8 dmg; sling/26 do). However, if the PCs have agreed to Cauldyth and Rhiara may join the party
stones, 1d4 dmg each; dagger, 1d4 try rescuing their brethren, the priests or turn up as surprise reinforcements
dmg); S 14, D 16, C 13, I 16, W 14, Ch 16; will give each PC a potion of extra- when the PCs are hurting and in a bad
ML 16; AL NG. healing (restores 3d8 + 3 lost hit points) spot. Cauldyth will most generally come
At all times, she tries to have both her in a securely stoppered steel vial. thundering along to the rescue in his
first-level wizard spells memorized. She The surviving priests of Chauntea in old and battered armor astride a
favors magic missile and spider climb, Aithe are Lhoreth, Ansyble, and mighty charger. He will plunge into bat-
but has a spell book that also contains Ethuan. They are presently living in tle with gusto, bellowing war-cries
affect normal fires, comprehend lan- Aithe Keep for their own protection, (“For Aithe and freedom!“, “For the
guages, jump, mending, read magic, but insist on walking about Aithelar Goddess!”, and “Cauldyth is upon you!”
and unseen servant. and the nearby farms each day to help seem to be favorites). Rhiara is quieter
Rhiara can behave politely and sol- and visit with the faithful. They are in battle, but just as ruthless.
emnly if need be, but prefers to dance, well-liked, kindly, decent fellows. They
flirt, and hear tales of adventure. (If she have several cure light wounds, dispel Tarrying In Aithelar
thinks the tellers pompous, she often magic, neutralize poison, and remove PCs who do not go to Aithe Keep im-
parodies them later in devastating cari- curse spell scrolls locked in a chest and mediately, or choose to take rooms else-
cature.) She desperately wants to im- will use these freely to aid the PCs and where, will readily find or be directed
press her father, do something the good folk of Aithe. to the local inn, the Silver Boar, or to the
important, and have an adventure or Lhoreth: AC 10 (robes); MV 12; P4; hp Seaview House, a boarding house run
two-she will accompany the PCs ea- 21; THAC0 18; #AT 1; Dmg by spell or by “Mother” Myritauna Shelaun. This
gerly, given the slightest chance. weapon (mace, 1d6 + 1 dmg); S 14, D 14, kindly, buxom woman (a neutral good,
Brwynella, the eldest sister, is quieter C 15, I 16, W 18, CH 15; ML 15; AL NG. first level fighter with 8 hp) charges 1
and more prim, the perfect young high- Lhoreth is the eldest, wisest, and most sp a night per person, all meals, laun-
born lady. She will avoid adventure, but trusted of the three priests. His spells dry, and mending included (no drinks
can aid the PCs in Aithe if the DM are usually: cure light wounds x2, pro- available). Stabling is available from a
deems it fitting or desirable. She also tection from evil, know alignment, spir- neighbor, Lugh Hrynn, at 1 cp per beast
tries to keep a full roster of magic mem- itual hammer. per night.
orized. She has access to all the spells Ansyble: AC 10 (robes); MV 12; P3; hp The Silver Boar charges 3 sp a night
her sister does, plus alter self, bind, 19; THAC0 20; #AT 1; Dmg by spell or per person, noonfest and eveningfeast
continual light, detect evil, ESP‚ invisibil- weapon (flail, 1d6 + 1 dmg); S 15, D 13, included (drinks extra). This does not
ity, locate object, web, and wizard lock. C 13, I 14, W 16, CH 13; ML 14; AL LG. include laundry, but does include sta-
Brwynella usually carries three magic Ansyble is known for his sharp tongue bling. It is a large, rambling, friendly
missile spells, ESP‚ and invisibility. She and is considered a youthful, zealous place run by a retired warrior named
serves her father as spying eyes and firebrand. He will eagerly join in any Thendulryn Dhraun, a native of Tethyr.
ears around Aithelar. part of an adventure that he can get in- Thendulryn is a burly, scarred man
Brwynella: AC 8 (robes and dex bo- volved in. His spells are usually: com- who is pleasant but speaks seldom. He
nus); MV 12; W4; hp 11; THAC0 19; #AT mand, cure light wounds, hold person. always wears a short sword, dagger,
1; Dmg by spell or weapon (dagger, 1d4 Ethuan: AC 8 (robes and dex bonus); and a ring of the ram (a relic of his ad-
dmg); S 13, D 16, C 11, I 17, W 15, CH 15; MV 12; P2; hp 14; THAC0 20; #AT 1; venturing days, with 6 charges left; it is
ML 14; AL LG. Dmg by spell or weapon (mace: his chief defense against unruly guests).
1d6 + 1); S 14, D 16, C 14, I 16, W 17, CH Using the ring, Thendulryn has ac-
Whether the PCs accept their aid or 16; ML 14; AL LG. He is quiet and with- quired a reputation for “magical

powers” among local folk. of Lammarach, north of Ogden. power of flight, reflected back
If the PCs stay in Aithelar for a time, “Undeath is rising in the land,” he many spells (including magic mis-
they will probably hear local tales and told drinkers in The Two-Headed siles, and had gauntlets that could
history and these rumors: Bull tavern in Lammarach. “Be- hurl balls of flame in battle! The
ware, all! Darkness is coming Company stole the armor with the
• The Shadow Hunt has been seen again!” princess in it; neither she nor the
again! This ghostly, silent stampede • A funeral pyre of the Northmen—a armor were seen again.
of wildly galloping stags appears in burial ship, set afloat while aflame Some Ffolk believe the princess
Dernall Forest only once or twice and bearing the body of a king or herself, one Lhysstyliir, still dwells
in a decade, always on moonlit lesser lord or chieftain, his weap- somewhere on the Moonshaes,
nights-and always heralding tu- ons, and personal trophies to a aged and bearing another name.
mult or disaster! It Lsome nine or resting place “’tween fire and wa- Some even say she will come to
ten nights ago. (The Shadow Hunt ter,” was seen burning in the Sea of fight for the Isles in a time of great
is not the same as was seen north Moonshae some twelve nights ago. need, wielding the awesome
of Aithe, along the edge of the For- When its flames sank for the last powers of her armor. The Lan-
est, and as far south as Malar’s time, a great dragon was seen tanna have no princesses now;
widely feared, deadly “Ghost hunt wheeling above the ship, illumi- their noble families long ago re-
of Shee,” detailed in Appendix 3. nated by the craft’s flickering, nounced their titles and opened
Any PCs confusing the two will be glowing embers. The dragon the ranks of their governing Coun-
set straight by local Ffolk. roared, in deep sorrow, witnesses cil to all citizens.
• The Lost Harp of Belshareen has all agree, and flew away north-
been found! No one knows who wards after the flames were The DM can build these snippets of
found it, or where, but its haunting quenched by the cold sea. No king news into side adventures, if desired, or
music has been heard deep in De- or lord of the Northmen is known use them to give atmosphere to PC tav-
rnall Forest-and identified as The to have perished recently. ern visits. They are not further detailed
Lost Harp by no less than four Lle- • Old Taunn, a netmender of Aithe- in these pages.
wyrr. lar, has breathed his last. He was If the PCs tarry overmuch in Aithe,
Belshareen was a maid of the buried at sea yestereve. Xmnn is townsfolk will begin to ask when they’ll
Ffolk who wed a lord of the Lle- said to be the last of The Company “set right what is wrong;” first of each
wyrr some four hundred summers of the Red Sword, an adventuring other, within earshot of PCs, and later
ago. They lived long and happily to- group that retired to the Moon- directly questioning PCs. If the PCs stay
gether, and when she died, her sor- shaes some forty-six summers ago twenty nights or more without setting
rowing husband set sail for when the Sword Coast lands (par- forth into the Wild Wood, the townsfolk
Evermeet, leaving the magical harp ticularly Tethyr) grew too hot for will begin to avoid them, murmur “cow-
he had crafted for her behind upon their comfort. The Company hid a ards” in the streets and taverns when
her grave, somewhere on the Isles. great treasure—gold, gems, carved the PCs are near, and generally grow
The harp is said to have the power ivory and jade statuettes, pearls, tired of seeing the PCs in Aithelar.
to fan flames, fell trees, part water, and magic, too!—somewhere on If the PCs stay in town more than six
and shatter walls, and the one who the Isles and never touched a cop- nights, they will face three attacks, on
plays it can fly, walk unseen, walk per piece of it as one by one they different nights. The first will be an at-
upon the waves, and pass through grew old and died. No one knows tempt to steal their gear by nine were-
stone-among other things. the horde’s resting-place now, but rats. Then four dopplegangers, hired
The true powers and where- local lore has always held it to be by a priest in black robes, will try to
abouts of the harp are left to the somewhere underground near capture isolated PCs for questioning
DM, and are not part of this adven- Aithelar. and eventual sale into slavery, taking
ture. The Lost Harp is not in the Taunn never spoke of the trea- their places in the party. Finally, 16 Cult-
hands of either the Risen Cult or sure during his gray years, despite hired thugs will set wherever the PCs
the Harpers. the prodding of his greedy co- are sleeping afire, waiting with cross-
• Tairn o’ the Keen Eye, master workers. But on his deathbed he bows for any PCs who awaken to
archer of Cantrev Borune, has muttered, “The princess’ll never emerge.
slain a great skeletal stag with his wear her armor now!” These Wererats (9): AC 6; MV 12; HD 3 + 1; hp
arrows. Its eyes burned with red words are thought to apply to a 20 each; THAC0 17; #AT 1; Dmg by
fires, and its hooves dripped the winged suit of magical field plate weapon (each: short sword: 1d6, dagger:
blood of the hunters it had tram- armor of exquisite design, silver- 1d4); ML 11; AL LE; MC1. This pack of
pled. Tairn slew it with silver ar- plated and chased into flattering wererats dwells in the sewers under
rows as it broke the spines and curves, made for a princess of the Aithelar. The town’s sewers reach as
skulls of the horses in his traveling Lantanna almost ninety years ago. high up as the dungeons of Aithe Keep
party, on the road near the hamlet The armor gave the wearer the and open at their upper ends into Der-

Ducking Out Of The Adventure
Whether the PCs agree to explore the
Wild Wood or not, no ship will be imme-
diately available for them to sail else-
where. The Sword may never sail
again; if it can be rescued and repaired,
weeks of rebuilding will be necessary. If
the PCs try to defend it while the crew
rebuilds, refusing to go adventuring,
the next encounter will happen any-
way, at night, on the docks.
If the PCs steal or hire one of the ram-
shackle local fishing-boats, and sail
away, a storm will rise (the work of
Chauntea?—any hired crew will think
and say so), and drive the craft ashore
near Aithe, wrecking it and thrusting
the PCs into the Wild Wood.

nall Forest, where they take in several Ch 11; ML 13; AL NE.

creeks. These creeks flush the sewers The thugs were hired by the Cult BANE
at low tide. The wererats are wise from ports around Alaron, Gwynneth,
enough to restrict attacks to lone ped- and the Sword Coast. They are inde- While exploring the Wild Wood or
dlers, merchants, outlaw bands, and pendent thieves, mainly sailors thrown travelling anywhere overland, the PCs
visitors. If they were ever to become a off their ships for drunken brawling, will be set upon by bandits in another
clear danger to the folk of Aithe, the harming fellow crewmen, or stealing. ambush. This lot are 30 strong and are
rats know that the locals would call on They receive 10 cp per week and will led by a 6th-level fighter, Halardas Murr
aid from elsewhere to hunt the lycan- get 1 gp each per PC confirmed slain or (THAC0 15, 40 hp, otherwise the same
thropes down. They see the PCs as captured (they are to report to as his men). They will hurl spears from
good, hearty meals, and a rare chance Duskerell, below). Their names include thickets and overhanging tree branches
to gain some good gear and weapons. Andurl, Blaeth, Commor, Indarn, and and then leap down or out to attack.
They will try to attack stealthily while Tarkh. They will have thin cords strung across
the PCs are asleep. If the PCs discover the Cult’s contacts the trail in front of the area of their at-
Dopplegangers (4): AC 5; MV 19; HD in Aithelar and seek them out, they are tack to trip horses (automatic spill of
4; hp 21 each; THAC0 15; #AT 1; Dmg the butcher Duskerell Thimbottle (a rider, 1d4 falling damage, triple that for
1-12; ML 13; AL N; MC2. These clever, neutral evil human male third level the mount).
careful predators make a living around fighter of 17 ST and 27 hp), and the Rogues (30): AC 7 (leather armor and
and about Llewellyn and Kythyss by woodcarver Kantivel Chonn (a lawful dex bonus); MV 12; T2s; hp 12 each;
ambushing and impersonating bands of evil second level human male thief of 10 THAC0 20; #AT 1; Dmg by weapon
travelers, sometimes inside inns. They hp, who has a rack of sleep-poisoned (broad sword, 2d4 dmg; 3 spears each,
habitually roam the Dernall Forest in woodcarving knives and gouges). 1d6 dmg per spear); S 15, D 15, C 13, I
between “big kills,” surviving by using These two are acquainted with each 12, W 11, Ch 10; ML 13; AL NE.
their shapeshifting powers to trap and other, but know very little about the ac- These fellows know only that a man
slay small game. The creatures were re- tual workings and strength of the Cult. in black robes approached their forest
cently confronted there by a black- They have orders to talk to and aid encampment some nights ago and hired
robed priest wearing the black hand of those who display the Black Hand sym- them for1 gp each, per slain PC.
Bane, who demonstrated powerful bol of Bane and to take orders from the
magic in holding them at bay, before priests Mustivel and Daermac, who INTO THE WILD WOOD
hiring them to capture certain people in dwell somewhere in the Wild Wood.
Aithe (namely the PCs). Written messages and items for the Cult Dernall Forest is vast and deep and
Thugs (16): AC 8 (leather armor); MV can be left in a hole at the foot of a cer- old, rising like a great, green wall be-
12; T2s; hp 16 each; THAC0 20 (+ 1 to tain large dead tree near the edge of the hind the coastal farms. Shrubs cloak its
hit due to thug fighting training, plus Wild Wood, or at Toad Pond deeper in verges, rising into tall, well-spaced
additional strength bonus); #AT 1; Dmg the forest. trees, devoid of lower branches where
by weapon (club, 1d6 dmg); S 17 ( + 1 “to foresters have cut kindling. For a short
hit” and damage), D 13, C 17, I 11, W 10, way in, trails and stumps tell of the tak-

ing of firewood and timber-carefully go around in circles all day!) brings 2d4 F1 berserkers of 6 hp and
and lightly, a tree here and a tree there, Whenever a trail the PCs are on one F3 of 18 hp, all AC4 and armed with
never brutally-cut clearings or groups forks, the DM should make a secret In- battle axe and spear, to serve for 6 turns
of stumps all in one place. telligence check for any character lead- or until slain) and two elixirs of health.
As the PCs go deeper into the forest, ing the way or involved in a discussion Mairae Ulzander “o’ the Winters”: AC
the trees grow taller and the berry of which way to go. If the check suc- 6 (robes and dex bonus); MV 12; W12;
bushes and thickets of thin saplings dis- ceeds, the PC notices a marking low hp 50; THAC0 12; #AT 1; Dmg by spell
appear. Darkness gathers overhead as down on a tree, stump or stone: or weapon (dagger, 1d4 dmg; quarter-
the leaves of the tall old trees meet in a scratches in the shape of two circles, staff, 1d6 dmg, seven darts, 1d3 dmg
concealing canopy. Dead leaves lie one above the other. (If a PC states that each); S 14, D 18, C 16, I 18, W 14, Ch 15;
damp and silent underfoot; fallen logs they are looking for such a sign at any ML 17; AL NG. Mairae’s spells are:
lie moss- covered and rotten here and junction, that check will automatically magic missile x4 (five missiles/spell,
there. Faint trails can be seen winding succeed in daylight, and be rolled at - 3 1d4 + 1 dmg each), continual light, ESP‚
among the ridges and hollows. in darkness.) invisibility, web, dispel magic x2, light-
PCs with woodcraft experience The circles are a Harper trail-mark, ning bolt, vampiric touch, dimension
(those of woodland races or born in marking a trail that passes through De- door, minor creation, polymorph other,
woodlands, those who are Foresters if rnall Forest from one side to the other remove curse, feeblemind, hold mon-
the campaign uses secondary skills, and (a journey of some six days, if one ster, telekinesis, wall of stone, and
those with Direction Sense and Herbal- doesn’t get lost, and can swim or ford starharp (used by many Harper mages,
ism non-weapon proficiencies, in cam- the river without losing much time). detailed in “New Spells”). She carries a
paigns employing proficiencies) will be The Harper trail links several sacred hand harp, which she will give to the
able to find several readily useful things groves along its way through the forest. PCs with instructions for its use (see Ap-
in the forest as they travel. Two of these groves, Atalantar’s Grove pendix 4).
These include hidden drinking water and Thithero’s Grove (now known as All three of these Harpers will eagerly
that wells up in rock crevices marked “Dark Grove,” for reasons the PCs will help the PCs.
by particular ferns and mosses; and the soon discover) lie on the PCs’ side (the
spoor of boars, bears, deer, and smaller west side) of the river. THE WAYHOUSE
woodland creatures. PCs used to wood-
lands will also sense that something is Band Aid Whatever trails the PCs take in the
not right in the Wild Wood; its crea- If the PCs are in danger of being Wild Wood, they will eventually come
tures are too few—and too silent. The wiped out at any time during their ex- to a barren, rocky hill, rising out of the
Wood seems to be listening and waiting ploration of the Wild Wood, provide a trees. The hill is covered with sparse
around them. rescue party to prevent the adventure clumps of grass, banks of moss, and
The DM should use the “Forest ending prematurely. Such a “band of wildflowers; a few toppled saplings
Encounter Table” provided (inside front aid” will be Harpers, two human male adorn its flanks. Its top is crowned by
cover) as the PCs explore the Wild rangers and a human female mage, as an old, half-ruined, empty cabin, an
Wood, checking for encounters roughly follows: abandoned wayhouse. The party
once an hour by day and twice an hour Elryn Tharr: AC 4 (leather armor and should find this feature near nightfall
(once every turn if traveling) after dark. dex bonus); MV 12; R8; hp 60; THAC0 or at any time when they plan or are
The rise and fall of the land, the thick 13; #AT 3/2 rounds; Dmg by spell or forced to spend the night in the woods.
stands of trees, and the general dim- weapon (long sword, 1d8 dmg; broad PCs who examine the ramshackle
ness make mapping next to impossible, sword, 2d4 dmg; nine darts, 1d3 dmg wooden hut will find evidence of past
although a diligent party could keep a each; also proficient with a club); S 15, fights and murders, specifically old
rough “trails cross like this” map. Birds D 18, C 18, I 14, W 16, Ch 16; ML 18; AL bloodstains on the stone hearth, human
call here and there in the forest, never CG. He carries one speak with animals bones, and broken, rusted weapons. In
close to the PCs—but the birdsong will spell and four potions of healing, which one inside corner of the hut is an open
die away utterly when the PCs encoun- he will freely use on PCs. pit dug out of the earth and stones. In it
ter any creature. After dark, far-off Douglar Hyuukhaun “o’ the Rivers”: lies a human skeleton, sprawled atop
wolf howls will be heard, plus rustlings AC 2 (bracers of defense); MV 12; R6; hp the corner of an open wooden crate. In
in the underbrush and the occasional 49; THAC0 15; #AT 2 (fights with two the crate (most of which is buried in
hoot of an owl. weapons, no attack penalties); Dmg by loose dirt) can be seen many coins and
If the PCs follow trails, they will end weapon (long sword, 1d8 dmg; short several large, gleaming gems: four ru-
up on the “right” trail automatically. If sword, 1d6 dmg; also carries sling/ bies and a sapphire.
they deliberately choose to avoid trails, bullets, 69 carried, 1d4 + 1 dmg each; In reality, the “wayhouse” is a mon-
lead them around in a circle until they mace, 1d6 +1 dmg); S 16 (+ 1 on all strous trap run by several monsters
reach a recognizable spot—and let the damage rolls), D 15, C 16, I 14, W 14, Ch working together. The crate is the bait.
PCs decide what to do then for them- 15; ML 17; AL CG. He carries a brass The first monster, a doppleganger,
selves. (If they are stubborn, they may horn of Valhalla (works once in 7 days,

lies motionless atop the cabin roof, its rusted daggers. These weapons are wire) that is walked on or through by
form blended to match the shingles. It is both daggers +2. the victim. The wires have been ren-
AC 5; MV 9; HD 4; hp 29; THAC0 15; The greater peltasts make no obvious dered invisible by a secret process that
#AT 1; Dmg 1-12; ML 13; AL N; MC2. attacks or movements, and are AC 3; mixes dust of disappearance with the
The doppleganger will wait until MV 4; HD 2 + 6; hp 20 each; THAC0 17; wax,; this effect lasts 2d10 days).
night falls, the party camps, or the PCs #AT 1; Dmg special; ML 14; AL N; FA1. If Falling objects attack at THAC0 5.
start to leave, whereupon it will slip PCs take these “gems” as treasure, the Any attack that misses success by only 1
down from the roof of the cabin, in the peltasts will begin to work against them point is considered a glancing blow and
guise of a party member, and try to at- magically. They will use monster sum- does 1d4 + 1 damage. A direct hit does
tack the weakest isolated PC it can find. moning (use the “Forest Encounter Ta- 3d6 to 5d6 damage, depending on the
It will shift shape to resemble various ble” provided in this adventure) to size and nature of the falling object, and
PCs (or NPC allies) and employ any PC plague the PCs until the gems are lost or stuns the victim (no voluntary activities
weapons it has gained, taking advan- destroyed, slow on any PC actually in possible) for the following round.
tage of the confusion it creates. contact with a “gem,” and strong sug- While the trap trigger wires are invis-
DM Note: try to run this encounter so gestion attacks (the means by which the ible (making any “find and remove trap”
as to create a sense of mystery and dis- wayhouse monster alliance is forced to detection attempts by thieves virtually
organization among the party. The dop- work). impossible), a successful Dexterity
pleganger doesn’t want to get killed and The PCs will also be stalked by a sec- check will allow any victim to partially
will try to trick PCs into attacking each ond doppleganger (identical statistically dodge the falling object, taking only half
other, seizing any magic items that it to the first). This creature was out hunt- damage if he is struck.
can to use against them. If pressed, the ing when the PCs initially arrived at the
doppleganger will try to get to the stone wayhouse, returned only after the PCs Spring-Noose: These thin, invisible
hearth inside the cabin, where the way- had gone, and will sense and follow any waxed wires (as in the “deadfall” trap
house’s other monstrous “hosts” may “gems” (greater peltasts) carried by the above) are set to snap tight when jostled
join the fray. PCs, bringing with it any greater or knocked off their feeble holding
There are actually three monsters peltasts that may have been left behind. hooks, yanking anything they entrap
working the trap from inside the way- up into the air as a rock on the other
house. The first, a mimic (located in the THE DARK GROVE end of the line descends from the tree
hearth), will fight openly as soon as the from which the noose is hung.
doppleganger raises the alarm— Deeper in the Wild Wood (after the The nooses are hung randomly at
hopefully after dark, amid sleeping PCs. wayhouse encounter, regardless of head/throat level or at foot/ankle level
A second mimic forms part of one wall what direction the party takes), the PCs along the path. The victim must make a
and will take no part in any initial bat- will run into deadfalls, pitfalls, and Strength Check, Dexterity Check, and
tles. This mimic will remain absolutely spring-nooses hidden in or near the Intelligence Check. If any of these fail,
still and make no attacks until the PCs trails. the noose catches the character around
decide to sleep in the cabin or during To begin the encounter, the DM the throat (1-3 on a d6) or a leg (4-6 on a
any battle fought within the cabin (and should secretly roll 1d4 for each round d6). Characters so ensnared drop what-
only when it has a chance to attack a PC of travel after the wayhouse and con- ever they are carrying (unless a further
by stealth from behind). sult the following table: Strength Check is successful), are
The mimics are AC 7; MV 3; HD 8; hp pulled into the air, and suffer 1d4 + 2
60 each; THAC0 13; #AT 1; Dmg 3-12 Die Roll Trap Encountered damage. Every round thereafter, they
(plus glue); ML 15; AL N; MC2. 1 No trap will suffer 1d4 constriction damage
The “gems” found in the crate are ac- 2 Deadfall (see below) plus 3 hp/round strangulation damage
tually rare, highly intelligent monsters, 3 Spring-noose (see below) if the noose is around the character’s
the ‘master minds’ behind this alliance 4 No trap throat.
of menacing creatures. They are The wires are AC5 and must suffer 7
greater peltasts (detailed in Appendix 3 hp of damage in any one spot before be-
of this adventure) resting atop 162 gold The effects of these traps follow and ing cut. Note that they conduct heat and
pieces, 34 silver pieces, and 12 copper can be used for any such traps encoun- lightning to all beings in contact with
pieces (treasure collected from pre- tered in campaign play. them!
vious victims).
If PCs dig around in the loose earth of Deadfall: A large tree limb or rock These traps can be fitted with noise-
the pit, they will discover a charnel pit balanced in a crotch between two high makers to raise an alarm. In this case,
of jumbled, recently buried human tree branches, or an entire tree sawed the falling weights of the deadfalls and
bones under the crate, entangled with through at its base, is pulled rapidly spring-nooses are festooned with
rotting leather harness (armor, belts, down atop the victim by means of thin, scraps of metal, which clatter loudly as
and scabbards), rusting scraps of mail, waxed wires linking the falling object to the weight falls.
crushed helms, and two bright, un- a trigger (usually a tangle or circle of

These traps serve to weaken in- either side of their heads. The collars spiritual hammer, cause blindness x2,
truders and to warn Cultists of their and manacles are not locked, but can dispel magic x2, pyrotechnics, cause se-
presence—for the PCs are approaching only be unfastened from behind. The rious wounds x2, doom of Bane, mystic
the local temple of Bane! cage is not locked either, but can only lash. (The DM should consult the “New
If the PCs press on, they will soon be opened when tipped on its side; door Spells” appendix for details of the last
reach the temple, a simple altar in the catches set in the cage floor can then be two spells before running the encoun-
midst of a despoiled grove. If they de- unfastened. Both these actions are im- ter.)
tide to turn back, bonebats (detailed in possible for any imprisoned within. The other creatures aiding the Cult
Appendix 3) will appear, flying raggedly There are also ten bonebats in the priests in the glade are:
through the trees as if injured, trying to grove. The priests, warned of intruders Bonebats (10): AC 7; MV 3, F1 18 (C);
lead the PCs into the grove. (Retreating by the disturbance of their traps, will HD 4; hp 26 each; THAC0 17; #AT 1;
PCs will also run into many, many traps send the undead bats to engage the PCs; Dmg 2-8; ML special; AL NE; FA1.
until they turn around again!) they, in turn,. will prepare their spells. Guardian skeletons (16): AC 7; MV 12;
PCs will know when they have They will also use a vial of dream dust HD 4; hp 30 each; THAC0 19; #AT 1;
reached the grove; there is a tension in (which causes sleep) to render the cler- Dmg 1d6 (short swords); ML special
the air, and the forest around feels and ics of Chauntea unconscious for 3d4 (treat as 20); AL N; MC1 (modified by
looks different. The trail enters a dark, turns. Five empty suits of field plate ar- Cult magic to statistics given here).
dim area of duskwood trees. Their mor lie neatly arranged on the turf in
black trunks grow straight and very the glade, ready for use in the doom of High Harvestmaster Haern (PB, 54
close together, like some sort of natural Bane spell process-which the priests, hp), Plot Tender Anduar (P6,47 hp) and
palisade. if victorious, will cast on any slain PCs. Senior Rivin (P5, 32 hp) the faithful of
The duskwoods stand in a great ring When the PCs reach the glade, the Chauntea, are peaceful men, exhausted
surrounding an open glade. A second skeletons will attack immediately. The by their ordeal. None have any spells
trail enters the glade on its far side. The priests will begin hurling spells while left, except Haern, who retains three
glade contains a black stone boulder standing in front of the cage—so that cure light wounds spells. They will be
that has been roughly squared and has any retaliatory PC missile or spell at- grateful for their rescue, Haern eagerly
a black hand engraved in the top: the tacks endanger the priests of Chauntea, healing the PCs if necessary, but they
Hand of Bane. too! are too weak and gentle in nature to be
The entire grove was perverted to the If the PCs seem close to victory, the of aid in a fight. If queried about their
worship of Bane almost a dozen years priests will threaten to slay their cap- captors, the Chauntean priests will only
ago (before the coming of the Cult). Its tives unless the PCs surrender. This is a know that the Cultists took orders from
powers now serve the priests and faith- ruse; PCs who surrender will be at- other priests of Bane, based some-
ful of Bane-not the priests of Chauntea tacked. If the PCs ignore the threat and where in Gwynneth, near Myrloch
or other good beings. continue attacking, the Cult priests will Vale.
DM Note: Refer to Appendix 7 for the not spare the time or trouble to kill
powers of groves before running this their captives, but will try to escape. Whither On?
encounter. This grove has all basic They will conduct a fighting retreat to- If the PCs surrender, they will be
grove properties plus Minor Powers 1 gether down the other trail leaving the caged, sleep-drugged with poisonous
through 8 and Major Powers 5,9, and grove or they will use their potions and vapors to prevent plotting or fighting,
10. It also has one additional power: un- sneak out. and taken to Dultann, in Gwynneth.
dead are rendered immune to all turn- The Cult priests are Angthrul, Mas- If the PCs prevail and manage to in-
ing or disruption effects while within tramm, and Nanthiir, all human males terrogate any surviving Cultists (or use
its borders. Destroying the altar (it of cold and ruthless cruelty. Each has a speak with dead, if necessary), they will
must be shattered) will immediately rob potion of invisibility. Angthrul also has be directed to the same place: Dultann,
the grove of one Major Power, at ran- a black hand, and Mastramm has a a small village on the eastern edge of
dom. mace of darkness. Myrloch Vale, in Gwynneth. It is home
The glade at the heart of the grove is to the priests’ superiors, Anphrantul
ringed by 16 guardian skeletons, under Angthrul, Mastramm, and Nan- and Oishannan.
the control of the Cult priests. There thiir: AC 4 (dex bonus, greater vest- If the PCs are unsure what to do next,
are three Cult priests here, praying to ments of power— note the special or want to head elsewhere, the DM
Bane for guidance as they keep watch powers of these garments in Appendix should use a “guestfire” (see Appendix
over a cage of oak and brass containing 4); MV 12; P9s; hp 66 each; THAC0 16; 1) to give the PCs a chance to talk with
the kidnapped priests of Chauntea. The #AT 1; Dmg by spell or weapon (mace, some local Harpers, who will urge them
cage has metal crossbars in it, with col- 1d6 + 1 dmg); S 15, D 17, C 17, I 15, W to go to Dultann. Any PC allies or tutors
lars attached. The captives’ necks are 18, Ch 16; ML 17; AL LE. will urge the same thing-and if the PCs
encircles by these collars, forcing them All three have the same spells memo- require priestly aid, going to Dultann is
to stand (or hang) upright at all times; rized: cure light wounds x5, sanctuary, the price!
their hands are manacled to the bars on flame blade, heat metal, hold person x2,

Over Sea, Over Realm The villagers—especially if the PCs buy dmg; long sword, 1d8 dmg; 3 daggers,
The PCs travel to Gwynneth, either as drinks for all and spend an evening lis- 1d4 dmg each); S 17 ( + 1 on attack and
captives or by any means they can tening at the Beard— will speak of the damage rolls, as noted above), D 16,
(probably hiring a boat, with Harper- haunted ruins of Darkhorn Castle an C17, I 13, W 12, Ch 16; ML 14; AL LE.
provided coins if necessary). unholy altar, “The Horns,” atop a bare Gordeirn is also armed with a black
If the PCs are captives, a Harper at- tor nearby, and an old watch-tower that hand (detailed in Appendix 4).
tack (use the “band of aid,” detailed in men enter but are never seen to leave. The bandits are worshippers of Bane
the last chapter, aided by the arrows of They believe that the evil priests who and servants of the Cult. Cult priests
several unseen Llewyrr) will free the serve Bane can hear the god’s name spo- pay them and reward them individually
PCs from the thugs. The Harpers will ken and will be attracted to Dultann, to with wine-and-ladies vacations in The
then leave the PCs. They will give direc- slay “blasphemers”, if they hear it over- Nelanther. In return, the bandits’ raids
tions if the PCs ask the way to Dultann, much. gather wealth and goods for the Cult.
and they will leave a handharp as a gift, The places the villagers mention are All treasure is taken to the bandits’
with instructions for its use. This item nearby and can easily be found follow- main lair, the ruined Darkhorn Castle,
is detailed in Appendix 4. ing the villagers’ directions (no area and stored in an undead-guarded tomb
As the PCs travel overland to map is provided). The most important there.
Dultann, the DM should use the of them, the ruins atop Darkhorn Hill, The bandits will try to attack the PCs
encounter tables provided in FR2/ are detailed below. on a wooded section of road, firing
Moonshae or modify the Forest The Horns is a deserted and disused from the concealment of the trees.
Encounter Table given here to chal- altar of Malar. If the PCs move, lift, or They will try to snatch valuables from
lenge them. The PCs should also run shatter it, they will find a long- the PCs during battle —magic items,
into (or see from afar) the following forgotten long sword +2 in a hollow in spellbooks, and the like—and run off to
signs of the Cult’s growing evil: the stone beneath the altar and a bone where they have horses waiting. If the
• A marauding pack of wolves, tube, yellowed with age, containing a PCs are mounted, the bandits will try to
goaded into an attacking frenzy by a scroll of two raise dead spells. unseat them and steal the mounts, too!
dozen bonebats, who bite, claw, and The old watch-tower is an empty If the PCs prevail, surviving bandits will
“ride” the wolves from the air above. shell. Its floor shows the ash-scars of re- try to flee to Darkhorn Hill.
The wolves savage livestock, wild ani- cent fires; in its cellar can be found
mals, and people alike.
• Skeletons and zombies wandering
bootmarks, damp spots, and newly-
made wooden stairs, all speaking of re- DARKHORN
about, terrorizing farming Ffolk.
• Priests of Bane slaying unicorns,
cent use. When encountered, the place
is deserted. (It is actually a base of the
whipping villagers and priests of other bandits, detailed below, but they are Far from homes still inhabited by
faiths for sport. not there when the PCs arrive. The ban- men rises the grassy old burial mound
• Shee riding by night, attacking PCs dits’ blades are the reason earlier inves- of Darkhorn Hill, crowned by the ring
and others (see Appendix 3). tigators entered the old place but never of tumbled stones that was once
again emerged.) Darkhorn Castle. This long- abandoned
DULTANN Bandits‚ Bandits
ruin was once the abode of an early
lord of the Ffolk, who perished in battle
Dultann is really only a commonly- Everywhere with the Llewyrr as he strove to carve
owned pond, a woodcarver’s shop, and out a realm among them. His proud
a tavern (Dultann’s Beard) clustered Whatever the PCs decide to do, they kingdom vanished within years of his
amidst a few local sheep farms on the will be set upon by bandits in another death, and the Llewyrr used magic and
rising eastern edge of land that drops ambush. These 26 rogues are AC 7 monstrous allies to hurl down the walls
down into Myrloch Vale north of Syn- (leather armor and dex bonus); MV 12; of the Castle. It is not a safe place to ven-
noria. It is not mapped here, nor are its T2s; hp 12 each; THAC0 20; #AT 1; Dmg ture; though long dead, Lord Melvair
inhabitants (simple farming Ffolk) de- by weapon (broad sword, 2d4 dmg; Darkhorn and his knights are said to
tailed. They include the tavernmaster, heavy crossbow/ 30 quarrels each, still walk the castle wards.
Paedrac Rollstone; the woodcarver, 1d4 + 1 dmg); S 15, D 16, C 13, I 12, W PCs exploring the ruins or pursuing
Storn macAthhan; a horse-tamer, Du- 11, Ch 10; ML 13; AL NE. bandits up the steep, grassy road
lith Griffonmane, the farmers Tuthtaen They are led by Gordeirn Mathchan: through its gates will find that there is
Rolyn and Anarsk Stranton, and others. AC0 (field plate and dex bonus); MV 12; nothing left of the Castle to shelter or
In Dultann the PCs will sense fear F5; hp 44; THAC0 16 (weapon speciali- hide anyone nor is there anything there
among the locals; tales of dark deeds zation and his strength bonus combine of interest. Just within the gate, to the
and darker beasts that serve the “Dark to give Gordeirn a + 2 bonus on all at- right, a round opening in the stone
Druid and of the evil priests of “The tack and damage rolls); #AT 3/2 rounds; floor can be seen in the angle of what is
One We Never Name” (Bane) abound. Dmg by weapon (broad sword, 2d4 left of the gate walls. This pit holds a

circular bread loaves, beer, pickles, and
the like here. A long wooden table, fire-
wood and cauldrons cluster around a
crude stone hearth that the bandits
have dug out of the rockfall. The room
is deserted.
The next door on the north side of the
corridor and the first two doors on the
south side of the hall are empty storage
The third door on the south side of
the corridor opens into the south burial
crypt, a room whose thick air is heavy
with spices, and whose stone walls are
lined with stacked stone coffins. Each
coffin contains a shrouded, skeletal
corpse (not undead) and is without trea-
sure. In the center of the room is a heap
of well-used weapons which the ban-
dits have seized from victims. There are
35 daggers, 14 knives, 4 short swords, 6
long swords, 2 broad swords, 8 spears,
3 hand axes, a halberd, 4 clubs, 21
staves, 5 footmans’ maces, and 3 jave-
lins. They are mixed up with various
broad, worn circular stone stair curv- tack all creatures within 10' of any scabbards, weapon-belts, straps, and
ing down into dark, unseen depths. crate, at THAC0 5. Any attack that sheaths.
The DM should consult the Darkhorn misses success by only 1 point is a glanc- One of the coffins here has been emp-
Cellars map. Bandits will flee down ing blow doing 1d8 damage. A direct hit tied of its former contents and filled
here. does 5d6 damage and renders beings with the bandits’ present treasure: 475
struck unconscious for 2-5 rounds. gp, 344 sp, 689 cp, three emeralds (each
The Cellars A corridor opening out of the Cellar worth 5,000 gp), and a blue sapphire of
leads down past four storage chambers the same size and cut as the emeralds
The stair ends in a large open cham- to two burial crypts, before ending in a (actually a greater peltast: AC 3; MV 4;
ber, dimly lit by daylight above. Once a well chamber. All of these chambers HD 2 + 6; hp 18; THAC0 17; #AT 1; Dmg
Storage Cellar, this room still contains a have plain stone doors, the well cham- special; ML 14; AL N; FA1). This menace
dusty, rotting stack of crates. The ban- ber’s door having firing-slits in it so that (see appendix 3) will use its monster
dits have found these crates to contain defenders within can defy attackers summoning (use the Forest Encounter
only mildewed, ruined bolts of cloth, coming down into the cellars. The ban- Table), slow, and strong suggestion at-
and rotten wickerwork. They have cun- dits will scurry to the well chamber. By tacks, to hinder the PCs until it is de-
ningly added a row of obviously new the time the PCs reach them, all of these stroyed or discarded.
crates, nailed shut and containing only doors will be locked. The third door on the north side of
stones, in front of the old crates, and The first on the north side of the cor- the corridor opens into the north burial
devised a deadfall trap to endanger in- ridor opens into a chamber whose roof chamber. It is identical to the other bur-
truders investigating the crates. has been breached by a collapse of the ial chamber, only without the weapons
The deadfall trap is triggered by invis- castle above. Most of the room is filled (and containing no treasure coffins). As
ible wires (concealed in the manner de- with a slide of fallen earth and stone. its door opens, two ettin skeletons,
scribed in the last chapter, under “The The bandits have hung a rope ladder placed here as guardians by Cult priests
Dark Grove”), that bring two man-sized here for an emergency exit, but tied it (the bandits know they must never
stone blocks down atop anyone disturb- up to a ceiling-hook with ropes to pre- open the door to this crypt and why)
ing the crates. vent its use as an unauthorized en- will charge out, attacking all living
Find traps spells and thiefly attempts trance. These ropes reach the ground things in the cellars until destroyed.
should find the trigger-wire attach- in the southeast corner of the room; Ettin skeletons: AC 6; MV 12; HD 6; hp
ments to the crates; otherwise, an Intel- jerking on them will bring the rope lad- 45 each; THAC0 15; #AT 1; Dmg by
ligence Check at a +3 penalty must be der tumbling down within reach. The weapon (two-handed sword, 1d10 dmg,
successful to find anything amiss with west wall of the room serves the ban- each skeleton wields one in each hand
the crates. The falling stone blocks at- dits as a kitchen. They have brought without penalty, only using one to at-
barrels of fish, olives, wrapped cheeses, tack per round); ML special (treat as 20,

will not leave the cellars); AL N; MC1 room, all six bows can be fired once and The Undertomb
(under “Skeleton”). re-loaded within a single round. There
The well chamber contains a deep, are three quivers containing 21 cross- Anyone exploring the well chamber
narrow well (a man-sized creature can’t bow bolts each in the room as well. carefully will find the loose stones in
fall down it) yielding drinkable water Anphrantul: AC 3 (dex bonus, lesser the southeast corner. If these are lifted
and a small locked chest (Gordeirn has vestments of power-see Appendix 4); aside, a dark shaft is revealed, descend-
the key in one of his boots). Both water MV 12; P6; hp 44; THAC0 18; #AT 1; ing into solid rock. The air is chill but
and chest can be raised from the well Dmg by spell or weapon (mace, 1d6 + 1 breathable, and there is a faint amber
via the well’s bucket. The chest is dmg); S 15, D 18, C 14, I 14, W 18, Ch 15; glow from below.
wrapped in water-proofed skins and at- ML 17; AL LE. His spells are cure light If the PCs have a handharp with
tached to the bottom of the bucket. The wounds x3, flame blade, heat metal, them, it will play by itself, louder and
chest holds two potions of extra-healing hold person, cause blindness, and dis- more excitedly, as it is brought closer to
and Gordeirn’s current spending pel magic. He wields a blast scepter hav- the shaft.
money: 22 gp, 18 sp, and 35 cp. ing only 7 charges left (detailed in The shaft descends 80 feet through
Any surviving bandits will flee to this Appendix 4.) rock, with carved handholds in its sides
room, spiking the door shut behind Oishannan: AC 6 (dex bonus, lesser allowing easy climbing. It leads into a
them. (The door will take 74 hp of dam- vestments of power); MV 12; P5; hp 37; long, low-hall, carved out of solid rock.
age before shattering). Some will de- THAC0 18; #AT 1; Dmg by spell or Two rows of large stone coffins flank a
fend the chamber via firing-holes in the weapon type (mace, see below); S 14, D central open pathway, their tops carved
door while the rest try to slip away, one 15, C 15, I 14, W 18, Ch 14; ML 16; AL into effigies of armored Ffolk of both
by one, out a crawl-passage. LE. His spells are cure light wounds x 5, sexes. (Each contains only dust and
This passage leaves the well chamber heat metal x2, hold person x2, and dis- crumbling bones.) There are 28 coffins
in the NW corner, where a large stone pel magic x2. He wields a mace of dark- in all. This area is lit by a permanent
block lifts out from the wall. The pas- ness. amber continual light, emanating from
sage runs upwards through Darkhorn where it was cast on the ceiling, long
Hill to emerge in a pile of fallen stones News ago.
outside of the Castle. Any spell cast in The DM should contrive to have at At the far end of the tomb is a closed,
the passage could cause a cave-in (DM’s least one bandit survive the PC attack. If arched stone door, engraved with the
option-refer to the Dungeoneer’s Sur- the PCs take no prisoners, provide design of a crown. (Any handharp
vival Guide for cave-in rules). them with a badly-wounded bandit present will play more loudly if the
An area of hollow-sounding floor found on the Hill when they are leaving.
door is approached.) If the stone door is
stones can be found in the southeast He will gasp out interesting things until opened, ancient cables will pull a mallet
corner of the room. These stones can they are listening and then freely an- to strike an unseen gong in the room be-
be lifted to reveal a shaft down into the swer questions. yond the door, which will shatter with a
Undertomb (see below), unknown terri- The PCs should learn that the “Dark dull, booming crash.
tory to the bandits. If any PCs enter the Druid,” leader of the Risen Cult, plans to As the shards of the gong clatter to
well chamber carrying a handharp, it despoil the sacred groves of the God- the floor, a coffin near the shaft, at the
will begin to chime and play by itself, its dess, one at a time, until Chauntea’s entrance to the Hall (and probably be-
music growing louder and more exult- power to aid her priests and control the hind the PCs at this point) will suddenly
ant as this area is approached. creatures of the land to her service are grate aside, shifted from below by an al-
The bandits will slip away and flee ended, rendering the Goddess power- erted wight. (The coffin rests on a stone
through the passage while the rear- less to stop the Risen Cult. From their block attached to a pivot and a pulley,
guard holds off the PCs. This rearguard orders, the Cult servants of Darkhorn and can be easily opened from the
consists of at least four bandits (if no know that the Dark Druid is on his way room beneath, like a door. The undead
bandits reach the Castle, these four will to Gwynneth, and will pass them by emerges from a hidden, otherwise
be here anyway, their statistics identi- closely, perhaps even spending a night empty chamber beneath the coffin to
cal to those given for the band earlier), on Darkhorn Hill. Obviously, he is on attack the intruding PCs.)
and two Cult priests: Anphrantul and his way to Myrloch Vale, to the Great The wight is AC 5; MV 12; HD 4 +3;
Oishannan. Grove of Gwynneth. hp 19; THAC0 15; #AT 1; Dmg 1-4 plus
The priests will employ their spells This survivor will also mumble some- energy drain; ML special (treat as 20,
and the blast scepter (see below) thing about “great power...down be- not the usual 14); AL LE; MC1.
through the firing holes, while the ban- low,” referring to the Undertomb. If It is armed with a blast scepter of 26
dits fire crossbow bolts and thrust questioned about this, he will reveal charges, which it will use with full
spears. Guard-weapons left ready in the that “death and great power” wait be- knowledge and skill.
room are a battle axe (1d8 dmg), 8 low the well chamber; the Cult priests While in the tomb the wight cannot
spears (1d6 dmg), and six light cross- of Darkhorn have never dared to go be- be turned or disrupted, but becomes
bows (quarrels do 1d4 damage each); if low because something “even the Dark vulnerable to both effects if it climbs
there are at least six bandits in the Druid himself fears” is waiting there.

the shaft; it will pursue intruders until Its touch stuns any living being except
destroyed. Its mind is quite gone, but it the wielder for 2d4 rounds (save halves THE CULT
was once a warrior set to guard the
tomb and fanatically maintains its duty
duration of stunning). Stunned crea-
tures are reeling, unable to cast spells,
even in undeath. think coherently or take any deliberate Whatever the PCs decide to do after
The inner chamber of the Unde- action, and suffer a 4-point Armor Class emerging from Darkhorn Castle, they
rtomb is a simple, unadorned room reduction. will be found and attacked by a Cult “hit
carved out of solid rock. It contains a As a physical weapon, the torc does 1 squad,” tipped off by Cult informants in
raised stone dais, its edges carved into point of physical damage to any crea- Dultann or escaped Cultists from
three steps leading up to a large stone ture struck, plus the 1-2 points of elec- Darkhorn. If the Cultists can catch the
coffin. This inner room is lit by a contin- trical damage already noted. The torc PCs encamped, or low on spells and hit
ual light emanating from within the cof- cannot be broken by any known means points after a day of adventuring, they
fin and spilling out under its lid. If the and can pierce stone, armor, and other will; but they won’t bother with am-
PCs are carrying a handharp, its music hard materials. Any attack or combina- bushes or stalking, preferring a bold,
will grow louder as they enter the tion of attacks dealing it more than 40 all-out attack that will (they believe)
room. points of damage in a single round will bring them inevitable victory.
The lid of this coffin is worked into a cause the torc to instantly shift to an- This squad consists of 16 men-at-
magnificent image of an armored hu- other (random) plane. Any being(s) arms, 2 war captains, 4 underpriests,
man woman wearing a crown. If the lid touching the torc at this time must save and 2 priests of power.
is shifted, the continual light suddenly versus spells or accompany the torc to The warriors are AC 4 (splint mail);
goes out and any handharp music will the new plane (trip conditions as be- MV 12; F2s; hp 16 each; THAC0 19
abruptly cease! The PCs will be left in low). (weapon specialization allows them +1
darkness, but there is nothing to attack The touch of a torc stuns any crea- to hit with long swords); #AT 3/2
or endanger them. ture not native to the Prime Material rounds; Dmg by weapon (long sword,
Inside the coffin is dust; the body Plane for only 1d4 rounds. If the touch 1d8 +2 dmg due to specialization; 2
within has crumbled completely away. occurs on the Prime Material, the being daggers each, 1d4 dmg); S 14, D 14, C
In the dust, at one end of the coffin, lies must save versus Breath Weapon at -5 15, I 12, W 13, Ch 12; ML 14; AL LE.
a black object shaped like the letter “C,” or be instantly shifted back to its plane The war captains, who will try to en-
which is about seven inches across. It is of origin. This involuntary trip is safe gage the strongest PCs, are AC 1 (full
a torc of power, once worn by the and instantaneous, as is the actual ar- plate armor); MV 12; F6s; hp 56 each;
corpse, and is described below. rival in the new plane, but the sur- THAC0 15 (specialization allows them
DM Note: This item is described here roundings may not be. The being is sent +1 to hit with long swords, and
rather than in Appendix 4 because it to a random location on its original strength bonuses give them a further
should probably not appear in play at plane unless the torc-wielder concen- +1); #AT 3/2 rounds; Dmg by weapon
all unless the PCs will face Xvim directly trates on a specific known locale (to +1 due to strength (long sword, 1d8
in the next chapter. The torc can be which the being will always be sent). dmg, +2 on damage due to specializa-
used by PCs to temporarily drive Xvim A torc of power reflects any electrical tion; 2 daggers each, 1d4 dmg); S 17, D
out of the Realms (gaining themselves a discharges or magical effects back to 14, C 17, I 14, W 16, Ch 16; ML 16; AL
permanent, long-term foe in the proc- their origin. The bearer or wielder of LE.
ess!). If the PCs are too weak to face the torc suffers no damage, but any be- The underpriests are AC 5 (brigan-
Xvim, and the DM decides not to have ing(s) at or near the origin of the electri- dine armor and shields); MV 12; P2s; hp
the Godson appear in this adventure, cal attack face full normal attack 14 each; THAC0 20; #AT 1; Dmg by spell
the torc should be replaced by a lesser damage. or weapon (mace, 1d6 + 1 dmg; war-
treasure, such as a rod of flailing or a DM Note: This item was designed for hammer, 1d4 + 1 dmg); S 15, D 14, C 15,
rod of resurrection. use against the “Godson” in the event he I 14, W 17, Ch 11; ML 13; AL LE. They
appears during the adventure. It is not both carry two first level spells: cure
A torc of power appears as a large intended for constant use against any light wounds x4, in both cases.
ring with a gap in it and is made of ob- and all opponents encountered by the The squad is led by Durnhas Ilmicoll
sidian. Like other torcs, it is worn PCs; hence it rather high potential to in- and Savarchann Thongmeir, roving
around the neck as a collar. It crackles flict hurt upon its wearer/wielder. It priests of the Cult, cruel “enforcers”
with energy whenever touched by a liv- can and should be carried along by the who crush determined resistance to the
ing being, doing the wielder and all PCs (carried in a pack or a sack). The Cult in eastern Gwynneth with their
within 20’ 1-2 points of electrical dam- DM can allow a Harper to identify the spells or with hired swords and poison.
age per round in which it is worn or torc later in the adventure and the PCs If questioned by the PCs, they can re-
wielded. It may be held in one hand and should be (gently) prodded into taking it veal all of the information given in Ap-
swung like a weapon; successful attack with them—“they may need it later....” pendix 2 (as much as the DM wants
rolls, made at a +2 bonus, are required players to learn).
to hit opponents with it.

Durnhas: AC 1 (full plate armor); MV needs in this dark time. We look for creatures away from the grove until the
12; P6; hp 46; THAC0 18; #AT 1; Dmg by your help now in the Great Grove!” Dark Druid’s work is done; they will at-
spell or weapon (mace, 1d6 + 1 dmg; Allow any PC who has met Flamsterd tack the PCs immediately and quite
warhammer, 1d4 + 1 dmg); S 15, D 14, C an Intelligence Check. Success will fiercely.
15, I 16, W 18, Ch 15; ML 16; AL LE. His mean that they recognize the voice as Within the glade beyond the oak
spells are: cure light wounds x5, flame one they’ve heard before-a wizard’s trees, a low, evil chanting can be heard,
blade, heat metal, holdperson x2, cause voice, perhaps? Leave it to the players punctuated by screams of agony (ani-
blindness, and dispel magic x2. He is to think of Flamsterd; confirm it if they mal and human) and accompanying
armed with a mace of darkness. do. Flamsterd will remain out of sight roars of approval.
Savarchann: AC 0 (full plate armor for the rest of the PCs’ adventuring on Firbolgs (8): AC 2; MV 15; HD 13 + 7;
and dex bonus); MV 12; P6; hp 45; the Moonshaes, unreachable by the hp 86 each; THAC0 9; #AT 1; Dmg 1-10
THAC0 18; #AT 1; Dmg by spell or PCs, except through the beautiful lady. (two-handed swords, used one-handed)
weapon (mace, 1d6 +1 dmg; war- The lady, Shaleen, is a weredragon + 7 (strength bonus); ML special (con-
hammer, 1d4 + 1 dmg); S 15, D 15, C 14, (see Appendix 3) in Flamsterd’s service. sider as 20, due to Cult magical control);
I 14, W 18, Ch 14; ML 15; AL LE. His She will keep an eye on the PCs from AL NE (modified by Cult influence);
spells are: cure light wounds x5, heat time to time and will rescue any who MC2, under “Giantkin.”
metal x2, hold person x3, cause blind- are captured by the Cult or who take a Bonebats (20): AC 7; MV 3, F1 18 (C);
ness, and dispel magic x2. He also fall to what might result in their death HD 4; hp 27 each; THAC0 17; #AT 1;
wields a mace of darkness. at any time while in the Moonshaes. Dmg 2-8; ML special; AL NE; FA1.

No Aid Unneeded in War The Guardians of A Darkness upon the

After the PCs’ battle with the Cult
squad, a large band of Harpers will ar- the Grove Land
rive to help, heal or even raise PCs, as
necessary. If the PCs seem doomed to The Harpers will identify the “Great If the PCs defeat the grove guardians,
lose the battle, this aid should arrive as Grove” in Flamsterd’s message as the they will arrive in the open center of
a rescue, driving the Cult agents away. old and powerful grove of the Goddess the grove (its glade) in time to witness
The Harpers can explain more of the at the heart of Myrloch Vale. The Harp- the scene below.
Risen Cult’s background and probable ers know of an ancient, hidden tunnel If it becomes apparent the PCs will
plans, if questioned. As soon as the PCs (obviously known to the Cult, too!) al- lose the battle, there will be a sudden
are ready to travel, a beautiful, raven- lowing passage from the woods near roll of drums. At this signal, the remain-
haired lady among them will ask the Dultann down into the Vale. They will ing firbolgs will turn from the fray and
PCs to come with her. (If they refuse, take the PCs as far as the tunnel en- tear up the oak trees bodily, hurling
she will use a rod of rulership to ensure trance. Then, forewarned by a sending, them aside to reveal the grove’s central
the PCs’ obedience.) they will turn back to fight an ap- glade to the PCs. They will then step
The lady will lead the PCs to a hilltop proaching band of Cult hireswords, aside in a chorus of deep, coarse laugh-
crowned with very old standing stones, urging the PCs to travel as fast as possi- ter and await further orders from the
surrounded by a glowing ring of magi- ble. priests within the grove.
cal radiance. (Any living creature who The PCs will find the tunnel surpris- In the glade, the PCs can see the Dark
touches this ring of warding force will ingly free of guardians, though the Druid levitating in midair above the
be repelled for one round, and will suf- black bodies of dead giant spiders, all Moonwell of Chauntea, his arms raised
fer 4d4 energy damage per contact.) with their legs curled beneath them, in triumph. Beneath him, the
Opening a gap in the ring with a wave warn that it has not always been so Moonwell’s waters are covered by a
of her hand, she motions the PCs to en- safe. dark circle of curling mists, expanding
ter, smiles, and then turns into a dragon If the PCs decide to go elsewhere, outwards to the water’s edges as the
and flies away. have them stray into an old gate that PCs watch. Seven black-robed priests of
If the PCs dare to venture inside the teleports all of them to the grove any- the Cult bow to the Druid. He laughs
ring, they will find a rod of way. coldly, and vanishes, teleporting away.
resurrection, twelve potions of healing, Whenever or however the PCs ap- (The DM should refer to Appendix 2 for
and a scroll containing two heal spells, a proach the Great Grove (if flying or tele- details of the so-called “Dark Druid” and
restoration spell, a regeneration spell, porting, the magic will be redirected to Appendix 5 for the effects of a moon-
two remove curse spells, and three dis- and force them down), they will soon veil spell.)
pel magic spells, lying on the turf be- arrive at its verges, where a large ring Each of the priests then turns out-
tween the stones. of proud young oaks rises above wards, holding a torch. In unison, the
If any of these items are touched, a swampy fenlands. Facing the PCs as torches burst suddenly into spontane-
magic mouth will appear on the nearest they approach are eight firbolg guard- ous flame, and the priests begin torch-
standing stone, and say,“These are for ians reinforced by a swarm of bone- ing the trees and lush foliage of the
your needs, heroes, as you answer our bats. These guardians are to keep all grove.

Caer Callidyrr at once! And the Harpers
know a way.

The Cloven Stone

The Harpers hurry the PCs south,
stumbling across the soggy, drenching
fens until the ground rises again. In the
midst of some thickets on this higher
ground rises another ancient standing
stone-this one split in half from top to
bottom and forced apart with the pass-
ing years until one can step between
the two halves.
“The Cloven Stone,” one Harper says,
“is your only way now; waste no time. It
will take you to The Bald Crown, a hill-
top just south of Caer Callidyrr. From
there, you’re on your own. Beware—
the Cult will doubtless be waiting for
“Between the stones, all of you,” an-
other Harper says quietly. “Touch each
other, too, until everyone is linked to ev-
eryone else.” (Use the “Band Aid” statis-
As the flames rise up all around, the Owaen will call on the PCs to do so too. tics given in the previous chapter if
priests will attack the PCs. Any remain- “The Moonwell must wait,” he says Harper character details are necessary.
ing firbolgs and bonebats will be si- mournfully, “for one who has the The Harper dialogue given here can be
lently commanded to attack the PCs as time-and the power-to break what given in answer to PC queries, but has
well. has been done here. You must win us been set down as a monologue in case
These priests are Loalander, that time!” the PCs don’t make any!)
Baernyth, Aduin, Maernror, Hargryn, “Aye, but what is the Cult up to, The Cloven Stone is an old gate link-
Ulast, and Perrorn. They are all AC 3 now?,” one of the Harpers is heard to ing the Great Grove with the High
(dex bonus plus lesser vestments of growl. Then he looks at the captive and King’s castle. The Harpers won’t explain
power); MV 12; P6; hp 41 each; THAC0 turns to the PCs. this unless asked, but will hustle the
18; #AT 1; Dmg by spell or weapon “Question him, will you?,” he asks PCs into position. Then one Harper will
(mace, 1d6 + 1 dmg); S 15, D 18, C 14, I softly. “We all need to know where to stand facing the PCs with a harp in his
14, W 18, Ch 15; ML 17; AL LE. Their run next. We who harp will fight these hands, start it playing a haunting tune,
spells are: cure light wounds x5, flame fires-you must fight the Cult!” and release it. The harp will hang in
blade, heat metal, x3 holdperson, cause If the PCs handle the questioning midair and play on, by itself, as the man
blindness, and dispel magic x2. They all properly, the captive will tell them the stretches out his hands to touch both
wield maces of darkness. Cult’s plan to make the Moonshaes the halves of The Cloven Stone at once. The
If the PCs are too weak to win, local personal realm of the Returned Lord, Harper will look at the PCs, as strange
Llewyrr and Harper aid will arrive Bane himself, and that, even as he blue-white flames begin to envelope his
again, to rescue the PCs and to take and speaks, the greatest of the Cult are body. “You must fight for us, heroes”’ he
interrogate a Cult captive. (If the PCs striking at Caer Callidyrr itself, at the says in a tight, pain-wracked voice,
win, the Harpers will appear with a cap- High King! The High King’s blood, “the looking into their eyes as the flames rise
tive and hail them.) lifeblood of the most mighty of the and his flesh begins to blacken. White
The Harpers are accompanied by a land,” is needed for the ritual to sum- mists rise from the stones around the
distraught druid, Owaen Mystwood. He mon Bane to the Realms. A very old PCs, blotting out their view of the dying
urges everyone to lay aside their weap- spell known to the clergy of Bane, the Harper and the Vale. When the man’s
ons. “Please,” he cries, “the grove! We stone walk, will enable Cult priests to voice comes again, it is a horrible, rat-
must restore the well and give life back reach the innermost Halls of the High tling whisper, and his darkening eyes
to the land! That is how heroes measure King; the captive doesn’t know its spe- are like two glittering sword points. “Do
their lives in the end, by the fire when cifics. (They are given in Appendix 5 for not fail us!” he gasps as he is consumed
they’re old: in jobs well done!” DM reference.) and the white mists cover everything.
The Harpers nod in agreement and Shocked Harpers tell the PCs that
leap to fight the fires ravaging the oaks. there is no time to lose; they must get to

UPON THE BARE HILL If the PCs avoid it, it will chase them, throne stands on a raised dais in the
gating a PC to the temple with each center of the room, corridors ap-
The PCs arrive on the hilltop, and are touch, to face Xvim in the forechamber. proaching it from three sides. Ten suits
instantly attacked by a ring of twenty The ritual has been completed-see be- of armor of the past High Kings are ar-
waiting Cult-hired archers, placed low.) ranged behind the throne, in gleaming
around the hill’s flanks within 30 feet of Merchants and shepherds alike will ranks along the back wall between two
the top to prevent any last-ditch aid stare as the PCs sprint past, and make doors leading to the private royal
from “meddling mages” of the Moon- remarks. (“It must be that time o’ year rooms. The High King, Tristan, is seated
shaes. (The Cult knows of the old gate.) again.”/“Look, m’dear—these must be on the throne, somewhat amazed at the
The archers are AC 8 (leather armor); actors-or mayhap a band of guards confused, menacing scene unfolding
MV 12; F2s; hp 16 each; THAC0 19 (spe- the King’s got in training!”/Lift those before him.
cialization gives the archers + 1 to hit, feet, then! Come on! Ye’ll outrun a stag Racing into the throne room, the PCs
+2 if less than 60 feet from the target, yet!”) encounter 15 Cult priests and wizards.
and gives them +2 on archery dam- When the puffing PCs finally reach These minions recognize the danger
age); #AT 1; Dmg by weapon (long bow/ them, Caer Callidyrr’s open gates are the PCs present to their plan and will
42 sheaf arrows, 1d8 dmg; short sword, strongly guarded by eight soldiers who immediately launch their attack. Mystic
1d6 dmg); S 14, D 14, C 17, I 11, W 11, are unaware that anything out of the lash spells fly out to fell courtiers. A
Ch 14; ML 14; AL NE. ordinary is going on inside. The Cult flaming sphere rolls towards the PCs.
The archers will get a “free shot” at forces are already gathering in the cas- As they avoid it (allow a Dexterity
the appearing PCs (the white mists of tle but have not, in fact, attacked yet. Check at + 3), it thunders down the cor-
the gate are only in the PCs’ minds but The PCs will have to produce the origi- ridor they came in by, trailing screams
cloud their vision for half a round). nal letter from the High King to get in- and the billowing smoke of tapestries
Each archer also has arrows ready in side, or force their entry with arms and blazing away to nothingness. A Cult
the turf in front of them; they fire a sec- magic. wizard suddenly transforms a stone
ond point-blank shot before even the The guards are AC 2 (field plate ar- font back into its proper shapes: six ar-
fleetest of charging PCs can reach mor); MV 12; F3s; hp 25 each; THAC0 18 mored orcs, standing together. One orc
them. If the PCs are foolish enough to (weapon specialization allows them + 1 falls limply to the ground, obviously
stay and fight, the archers will fire in- to hit, rising to +2 when less than 60 dead, but the other five leap towards
discriminately into the melee. feet from the target, and gives them + 2 the High King’s throne. On the other
If the PCs break through the ring and on all archery damage rolls); #AT 1; side of the throne room, a stone bench
run towards the castle, visible across a Dmg by weapon (light crossbow/33 suddenly becomes another nine orcs.
grassy valley on a hill to the north, the quarrels, 1d4 dmg; halberd, 1d10 dmg); (The wizard has been polymorphing
archers will fire volleys after them, fir- S 14, D 14, C 15, I 14, W 12, Ch 14; ML orcs for a while, using a special item
ing for two rounds, then running for 14; AL LG. that allows successively polymorphed
two rounds, and firing again. It will take It will take 4 rounds for the guards to objects or creatures to be combined
the PCs at least twelve rounds of hard swing the gates closed-assuming no into larger objects; he is now using dis-
running to get out of range. one is fighting in the space through pel magic to return them to their
If the PCs are too weak to defeat the which the gates have to swing. The proper forms.)
archers, a gigantic, enraged dragon (the guards will not try to close the gate un- Bards around the High King’s throne
weredragon, Shaleen—see the previous til at least four of their number have drop their harps and pipes and rise up
chapter and Appendix 3 for her dra- fallen to the PCs (by which time it may to defend the High King. Some should
gonform statistics) will swoop out of the be too late). If the PCs are in the way of fall to Cult spells immediately.
sky to rout the archers, who flee the closing gate, allow them Strength Tristan leaps up on the throne as he is
screaming in all directions. Checks to hold it open; build up the attacked. On the wall behind his
drama, but let them prevail even if the throne, the Sword of Cymrych Hugh, a
rolled Checks fail. long sword +4, hums, brightly flashes
THE GATES OF into a glowing radiance, and flies
CAER CALLIDYRR TO SAVE THE KING! through the air into Tristan’s out-
stretched hand.
The PCs may be low on hit points and The DM should consult the partial The High King has already drawn his
spells and forced to rely on scrolls and Caer Callidyrr interior map and con- dagger; as the sword comes into his
potions gained earlier. Haste rules the sider the reactions of guards and folk of waiting hand, he hurls the dagger hard
day; they must press on! (If for any rea- the court, located in the castle, to the across the room to strike one of the
son they do not, they will find death sudden conflict. Use figures or markers shields that hangs on the nearby wall.
and devastation in the throne room, (coins or buttons) to show the locations The shield clangs loudly and drops to
High King Tristan and his Cult captors of everyone as the battle rages. the ground with a terrific crash. At the
gone. Only the black hand will remain. The High King’s ornate, high-backed sound (a pre-arranged signal), guards
are heard shouting in the distance and

the rapid thunder of booted feet echoes dex bonus, and rings of protection +4, hurled.
through the surrounding halls. Cour- +2 on saving throws); MV 12; W7s; hp The courtiers are unarmed first level
tiers run, screaming. And, as usual, the 27 each; THAC0 18; #AT 1; Dmg by spell fighters of 5 hp each, THAC0 20—and
PCs are caught in the middle. or weapon (2 sleep-poisoned daggers terrified beyond being very useful.
The twelve priests are all AC 4 (dex each, 1d4 dmg); S 13, D 18, C 13, I 18, W They will scream and run a lot, fighting
bonus, greater vestments of power — 15, Ch 15; ML 15; AL LE. blindly only when someone bars their
note the special powers of these gar- Their spells are: magic missile x3 path. If one comes within reach of a
ments listed in Appendix 4); MV 12; P9s; (each spell creates four 2-5 hp dmg mis- “missile,” be it a fallen weapon, wall-
hp 66 each; THAC0 16; #AT 1; Dmg by siles), spider climb, blindness (range shield, or the like, there is a 2 in 6
spell or weapon (mace, 1d6 + 1 dmg); S 100 yards, save negates, otherwise lasts chance that they will scoop it up and
15, D 17, C 17, I 15, W 18, Ch 16; ML 17; until dispel magic is used; victim attacks throw it at an orc or black-robed priest.
AL LE. at -4 and opponents are +4 to hit vic-
Their spells are: cause light wounds, tim), invisibility, web, dispel magic, fire- THE CULT NEEDS A
cure light wounds x5, flame blade, heat ball, wall of fire.
metal x2, hold person x2, spiritual ham- The orcs (14) are AC 6 (studded HAND
mer, cause blindness, dispel magic, x2, leather armor and shields); MV 9; HD 1;
If the Cult seems to be losing, its
pyrotechnics, cause serious wounds x2, hp 8 each; THAC0 19; #AT 1; Dmg by
doom of Bane, and mystic lash. The DM priests will begin to flee, running to a
weapon (scimitar, 1d8 dmg); ML 12; AL
man-sized, disembodied black human
should consult the “New Spells” appen- LE; MC1.
hand that drifts down out of the highest
dix for details of the last two spells. High King, Tristan: AC 6 (light cloth-
shadows of the vaulted ceiling to hang
As the fighting begins, the priests will ing and dex bonus); MV 12; R12; hp 95;
in mid-air near the throne. Any priest
spring a long-prepared trap. They will, THAC0 9; #AT 3/2 rounds; Dmg by
who touches the hand will vanish in
with one voice, speak a command word weapon (long sword, 1d8 +4 dmg); S 17
that will activate the empty suits of ar- ( + 1 on all attack and damage rolls), D
The priests are escaping via a gate
mor (which stand equipped with weap- 18, C 17, I 16, W 14, Ch 18; ML 18; AL
which teleports them away to the
ons) behind the throne. These suits of NG. (Thankfully, his queen, Robyn, is
House of the Black Hand temple.
armor have been previously enchanted elsewhere during the attack.)
If the Cult members succeed in ab-
and will now animate to become battle The guards (14, arriving on the fifth
ducting the High King, they will take him
horrors fighting for the Cult. round of combat) are AC 2 (field plate
Battle Horrors (10): AC 2; MV 12, Fl 12 with them through this gate, to perform
armor); MV 12; F3s; hp 25 each; THAC0
their deadly ritual in the temple.
(A); HD 4 + 12; hp 33 each; THAC0 12; 18; #AT 1; Dmg by weapon (long sword,
#AT 1 + spell use; Dmg 1- 4 or by 1d8 dmg; dagger, 1d4 dmg; halberd,
weapon or by spell; ML special (treat as 1d10 dmg); S 14, D 14, C 15, I 14, W 12, DEATH LET LOOSE
20); AL LE; FA1. Ch 14; ML 14; AL LG. Any PC not clearly
The first physical blow striking any defending the High King may mistak- If the PCs lose the fight, flee, or don’t
battle horror causes it to dimension enly be attacked by the arriving guards, pursue the priests immediately, the Cult
door 10’ away, to (if possible) counter- who will fight to the death for their worshippers will complete their ritual,
attack from behind. king. using a high-ranking noble instead of
These battle horrors attack with the The five bards are Harpers, but have Tristan, if they haven’t managed to cap-
long swords, one-handed bastard brought neither magic items nor weap- ture the High King.
swords, or battle axes they carry (all for ons into the presence of their king. Regardless of who is sacrificed, Bane
1d8 dmg). They will also attack bare- They are AC 6 (light clothing and dex will not appear. Instead, “the Godson”’
handed (1d4) if disarmed or will use bonus); MV 12; B4s; hp 22 each; THAC0 Iyachtu Xvim, (the son of Bane, detailed
their magic missiles (two 2-5 hp missiles 19; #AT 1; Dmg 1-2 +1 (barehanded in Appendix 2) will be summoned to the
every three rounds, range 70 yards). plus strength bonus; proficient in the spot, either confronting the PCs in the
Each horror can also blink continu- use of long swords, spears, and forechamber of the temple, or emerg-
ously for up to 1 turn’s duration; it can- daggers-they will try to grab any ing from the black hand gate to attack
not stop, however, and then resume weapons they can, as soon as they can); them in the High King’s ruined throne
blinking. S 17 ( + 1 to hit and on damage), D 18, C room.
The priests avoid harming the High 16, I 16, W 15, Ch 16; ML 16; AL LG. Xvim will provide high-level PCs with
King himself (if possible). They will use Their spells are: magic missile x2 (2 mis- a tough battle. If the PCs are mid-level,
the orcs to keep Tristan engaged while siles per spell) and invisibility. Xvim should not appear unless the PCs
clearing the Halls of the folk of the The bards can reach and snatch up possess the torc of power. Ostensibly an
court. Their aim is to seize the High two nearby low benches and hit with ally of the priests, Xvim is really work-
King alive and get him away via a gate these at - 1 on attacks (due to the cum- ing for himself, intending the Moon-
(see below). bersome weight of the stone benches). shaes to be his own, and not Bane’s.
The three Cult wizards, Rhammos, They can do 2d4 dmg for a blow and
Thaundyl, and Zelgos, are AC 0 (robes, 3d4 plus knockdown if a bench is

At some point, regardless of whether Battle Horrors (70): AC 2; MV 12, Fl 12 on their persons will begin to radiate a
they are winning or losing the battle for (A); HD 4 + 12; hp 33 (each); THAC0 12; blue faerie fire glow, which lasts until
the High King, the PCs will notice the #AT 1 + spell use; Dmg 1-4 or by dispelled or for 3 turns, whichever oc-
disembodied black human hand, shiny- weapon; ML special; AL LE; FA1. curs first.
skinned and long-fingered, floating The first physical strike against any The first ten feet of every corridor
down from the shadows. As described, battle horror causes it to dimension leading out of the forechamber is a pit
any priest who flees PC attacks will run door 10’ away, to (if possible) counter- trap, controlled mechanically from the
towards the hand, and those who touch attack its attacker from behind. armory by the guard cleric. People fall-
it will vanish in mid-step! It will, there- Activated battle horrors attack with ing in will plunge down 30’ (3d6 dam-
after, point, menace, and feint attacks their long swords (1d8 damage) or bare- age) into a bone-strewn, stone-lined pit.
to lure the party to it. handed (1d4 dmg) if disarmed, and with Each pit is home to seven ju-ju zom-
The hand triggers and floats above an their magic missiles (two 2-5 hp missiles bies, who will attack any living arrivals.
invisible gate. Anyone “touching” the every three rounds, range 70 yards). Ju-ju zombies: AC 6; MV 9; HD 3 + 12;
hand (which is an illusion) will be tele- Each horror can also blink continu- hp 46 (each); THAC0 15; #AT 1; Dmg 3-
ported instantly to the entry hall of the ously for up to 1 turn; it cannot stop 12; ML special; AL N (evil), MC1.
House of the Black Hand. and then resume blinking. The zombies will pursue intruders by
climbing up the walls of their pits into
Entry Hall Forechamber the corridor (they can climb walls read-
ily: 92% chance of success). They will
The entry hall is a long, dark stone Beyond the black iron door is a fifty- pursue any beings not bearing holy
hallway, somewhere underground. Its foot square stone room, with a 20’ ceil- symbols of Bane (black hands) as far as
walls, roof, and floor are made of stone ing. It is lit by a faint red faerie fire the ends of any of the corridors, as well
and is illuminated by the faint red light radiance emanating from the floor. Ten- as throughout the forechamber and en-
of faerie fire radiances occurring at foot wide corridors enter the room in try hall. They turn as spectres; refer to
regular intervals down the corridor.. the center each wall, through plain, the Monstrous Compendium #1 for
The hallway ends in one direction at a doorless openings. their many immunities.
ancient, immense, and quite unbreach- Floating silently in the center of the The corridor leading left out of the
able cave-in. In the other, it runs on for room is a glowing, flickering sphere of forechamber travels sixty feet to a
some seven hundred paces until it light. It flies towards the PCs as they en- blank wall, with an iron door on either
reaches a heavy, black iron door. If any ter the room, and hisses, “Lay down side of the final ten-foot section of hall-
fleeing priests preceded the PCs your weapons, faithful ones, or face the way. Each door bears a black cast-iron
through the entry gate, they will flee to- anger of The Black Lord! Only those inlay over a foot tall: the Black Hand of
wards and, if they reach it, through this who bear gifts and come unarmed may Bane.
door, not stopping to fight. pass beyond this place!” The inlays radiate magic, but are
The unlocked, enspelled door bears If any PC attacks the sphere, or seeks harmless; in darkness they glow faintly,
the symbol of the black hand. Any crea- to leave the room without laying down red. (If the PCs go this way, the DM
ture of good alignment who touches it a weapon (the guardian will accept a should consult the entries for the Ar-
will suffer 2d4 electrical damage per “leaving” of only one weapon each), it mory and the Pantry & Kitchen.)
contact (or round of continued contact). will attack. The right-hand corridor leading out
Ominously, the faerie fires illuminat- The glowing guardian is a nyth (de- of the forechamber runs sixty feet to a
ing this hallway emanate from the tailed in the “Monsters of the Moon- dead end, with two iron doors set in the
shields of numerous motionless men in shaes” appendix of this adventure), walls of the final ten-foot section. Both
black plate armor that line both sides of which will twist and turn to avoid coun- doors and the end ten foot section bear
the subterranean entry hall! These fully terattacks, using its magic missile the glowing inlays of the Black Hand.
armored sentinels (70 in all), stand at at- powers. It will retreat into invisibility Neither of the doors is locked or
tention, a pair every twenty paces, with only if hard-pressed and seeks to de- trapped. (If the PCs go this way, consult
visors down, shields up, and hands on stroy or disable all intruders, pursuing the entries for the Dungeon and Guest-
the hilts of their long swords. They are the PCs invisibly if they charge past or Chambers.)
really battle horrors (see the “Monsters seriously harm it. The central corridor running from
of the Moonshaes” appendix of this ad- Nyth: AC 1; MV Fl 18 (A); HD 7; hp 50; the forechamber proceeds sixty feet to
venture, under “Helmed Horror”). THAC0 13; #AT 1 ; Dmg 1-4 + lone its end. There are three doors located at
These monsters will remain motionless magic missile every second round; ML the end of this hallway (see the map of
unless touched, attacked, or magic is 17; AL LE; FA1. the House of the Black Hand in the map
used in the hallway, whereupon the Whatever happens in the room, the section), each door bearing the glowing
nearest pair will attack. (Note that intruding PCs will be secretly scryed inlays of the Black Hand. (If the PCs go
every discharge of magic will activate for alignment by a hidden guard cleric this way, the DM should consult the en-
another pair of horrors.) in the nearby armory. All magical items tries for the Meeting Room, the Audi-
ence Chamber, and the Crypt).

Armory viewed through the sphere. This scru- around his neck.
tiny also causes magic items to glow If the armory door is opened, Erlistyn
The left-hand door at the end of the with a blue radiance for 3 turns. The will immediately ring the alarm gong on
left-hand corridor leads to the armory, crystal will lose its powers permanently the wall above him with the mace he
a chamber containing an alarm gong if taken more than 333’ away from the will have in-hand. He will then cast aid
and racks of sleep-poisoned black iron forechamber. (casting time: 5) from behind the eight
maces (28) and warhammers (46); the Inside the armory room, a bonebat guard clerics. All of the priests in the ar-
first three strikes of each weapon force (AC 7; MV 3, Fl 18 (C); HD 4; hp 20; mory will attack all intruders without
a target to make a saving throw against THAC0 17; #AT 1; Dmg 2-8; ML special; hesitation, and they will fight to the
poison, or suffer 2-5 rounds of drugged AL NE; FA1) perches unseen over the death. Note that the scrying crystal’s
slumber, effective immediately). door. It will swoop down to ruin any presence prevents anyone in the ar-
The weapons are guarded by eight one PC spellcasting attempt and then mory from being surprised by in-
black-robed priests of Bane. All are AC flap down the corridor towards the au- truders.
10; MV 12; P2; hp 15 (each); THAC0 20; dience chamber to raise the alarm. If the PCs overpower and forcibly
#AT 1; Dmg by spell or weapon; S 10, D Erlistyn is a 5th level Hooded Menace. question any of these priests, they will
14, C 13, I 12, W 18, Ch 13; ML 13; AL He wears bracers of defense AC2 and is reveal that this place is The House of
LE. Each has two cure light wounds armed with a mace of darkness (de- the Black Hand, an underground tem-
spells, two cause light wounds spells, scribed in the “New Magic Items” ap- ple of Bane on the island of Amarune,
and a “sleep-mace” (1d6 + 1 damage, pendix of this adventure). somewhere off the east coast of the
plus sleep poison; save to avoid). His spells are: command, cause light kingdom of Gnarhelm, on Alaron. The
Beyond the priest guards is their corn-- wounds (1d8 dmg), cure light wounds, temple has forty-two clergy and is ruled
mander, the duty guard cleric, Erlistyn. aid (+ 1 to attacks and saves, 1d8 “ex- by High Priest Mathlas the Grim, who
He uses and defends a scrying crystal. tra” hp; lasts 6 rounds) x2, withdraw, holds the rank of “Masked Death.” He
This is a clear crystal sphere which has and cause blindness. His holy symbol reports in turn to the High Hands of
been enspelled to view the forecham- (the Hand of Bane) will burn any good- The Risen Cult of Bane, who are led by
ber only. Alignment auras can be aligned character for 1d4 damage, the Dread Scourge, Gauntather.
clearly seen about any creatures whenever touched. A key (to the up-
perpriests’ dormer) hangs on a chain

Pantry & Kitchen the chains taut, and then lift their bur- rounds thereafter. The gas of this golem
den, carrying it between them so that causes a deep sleep in those failing their
The right-hand door at the end of the any splashes or spills will not harm save, the sleep lasting 3-12 rounds re-
left-hand corridor leads into a long, them, and so they can quickly and eas- gardless of attacks or attempts to rouse
crowded stone room crammed with ily carry a far greater weight than one the victim.
crates, sacks, and barrels of foodstuffs. of them could alone. PCs seeking weap- The golem is flanked by two helmed
Food smells mingle strongly in the air— ons or a means of moving things like the horror jailers who will use maces
the vapors and clatters of cooking-fires cooks will find that the manacles have (1d6 + 1 dmg.) to beat intruders sense-
waft from the kitchen beyond. simple hooked catches and can be read- less, and lock them in manacles.
These rooms contain cleavers, skew- ily removed. Helmed Horrors (2): AC 2; MV 12, Fl
ers, platters and tureens, pots of boiling At the back of the kitchen is a large 12 (A); HD 4 + 12; hp 45 (each); THAC0
water, red-hot fire-spits, and other wooden “cool tub” for cooling the 12; #AT 1 + spell use; Dmg 1-4 or by
weapons (such as pots of pepper!), all of cooks, various vegetables, and bottled weapon; ML special; AL LE; FA1.
which will be used by the inhabitants to drinkables amidst the kitchen heat. The There is an alarm-gong on the ceiling
attack the PCs. cooks will seek to drown intruders in which the golem will ring if anything
A direct hit from flung pepper or an- this by holding them underwater. gets past it. On the golem’s shoulder sits
other strong spice “stuns” a character A successful attack roll by a girl in the a bonebat (AC 7; MV 3, Fl 18 (C); HD 4;
for 1 round (uncontrollable sneezing, vicinity of the tub, or a failed Strength hp 24; THAC0 17; #AT 1; Dmg 2-8; ML
temporary blindness, no attacks can be Check by a PC already being strangled special; AL NE; FA1) which will flap
launched, armor class penalty of +2) with a chain, will enable one of the away down the corridor to sound the
and does 1 hp of damage. A direct hit cooks to dump a PC into the tub. Im- alarm if anything untoward (PCs or
from boiling water or soup does 1d4 mersion does 1-2 points of damage per prisoners escaping or defeating the
damage, and incapacitates a character round, and drowning will occur in 7 guards) occurs in the dungeon.
for 2 rounds. rounds. To break free, a PC must make Intruders appearing via the oubliette-
This room is home to six long-haired, two successful Check rolls per round of teleport (see below) will arrive at the
sweating human women, wearing as lit- 15 or higher-i.e., to overcome the back of the room. The rear thirty feet of
tle as possible for comfort while work- strength of the girl holding the PC un- the room is filled with a reddish mist—
ing in the heat of the kitchens. The der. The same rules apply to cooks actually a nishruu (detailed in Appendix
women all wear neck-manacles from dumped into the tub by PCs. The tub 3).
which chains run to cuffs on their has a capacity of three man-sized be- Nishruu: AC 10; MV 6; HD 9; hp 69;
wrists. From the back of each manacle ings at a time. THAC0 12; #AT 0; Dmg Nil (absorbs all
projects a ring. A delicious chicken-liver stew is magic within it); ML 16; AL CN; FA1. It is
All appearances to the contrary, these ready in the kitchen when the PCs ar- trapped by some mysterious magical
are not slaves. They are skilled and rive. means, and can’t move.
highly-paid cooks and “escorts.” The None of the monsters (except the rot
neck-manacles are enspelled to prevent Dungeon grubs) here will attack or delay any
charm, sleep, and hold attacks. The creature wearing a visible holy symbol
wrist chains prevent easy removal of The left-hand door of the right- hand (black hand) of Bane.
the manacles, but can also be detached corridor leading from the forechamber
from the neck-rings in an instant by the opens into a dungeon: a dark, foul- Guest Chambers
girls, giving them a length of chain that smelling 30’ by 60’ chamber fitted with
can be used as a lashing weapon. many manacles and strewn with many The right-hand door at the end of the
The girls are named Aleene, Bhaer- slumped human skeletons. There are right-hand corridor from the fore-
dyl, Coryll, Jhalatha, Pyradene, and also even rot grub-infested, rotting chamber leads into yet another hallway
Trystree, all originally from Luskan and corpses. sporting three identical, unlocked
devout followers of Bane. Rot Grubs (6 per body): AC 9; MV 1; wooden doors. Each of these opens into
Cooks (6): AC 8; MV 12; F1 ; hp 9; HD less than 1/2; hp 1 (each); THAC0 an identical well-furnished chamber
THAC0 20; #AT 1; Dmg by weapon Nil; #AT 1; Dmg special; ML 5; AL Nil; containing a canopied four-poster dou-
type; S 15, D 16, C 15, I 14, W 12, Ch 16; MC2. ble bed, a table with three chairs, a mir-
ML 16; AL LE. A blow of their chains Nothing of value is to be found here, ror, a cedar-chest, and a (constantly)
does 1d6 + 2 hp damage or can strangle but an iron golem stands ready by the magically-heated iron bath. Each room
for 2d4 suffocation damage per round door to attack anyone trying to leave. is lighted by a magical glowing globe
(Strength Check to break free). Iron Golem: AC 3; MV 6; HD 18; hp 80; floating in midair: a luminous glass
The everyday use of these chains is to THAC0 Nil; #AT 1 + poison gas; Dmg 4- globe that floats always above and just
carry hot cauldrons at a safe distance; 40; ML 20; AL N; MC1. behind the shoulder of the person who
two or more of the cooks clip their It breathes out poison gas on the sec- last touched it, unless specifically re-
chains to the handles of the hot pot, pull ond round of combat and every 7 leased and commanded, whereupon it

will float motionless. The “owner,” if truders until destroyed. Audience Chamber
within 40’ of such a globe, can will it to Battle Horrors (2): AC 2; MV 12, Fl 12
go dark or brighten to blinding inten- (A); HD 4 + 12; hp 33 (each); THAC0 12; The central door at the end of the
sity (a brief flash, whose blinding ef- #AT 1 + spell use; Dmg 1-4 or by central corridor contains Bane’s own
fects last for 1-6 rounds). weapon (long swords, 1d8 dmg); ML symbol of death. It will flash into visibil-
Atop each bed-canopy lies a silent special; AL LE; FA1. ity only as the door is touched. Its ef-
bonebat (AC 7; MV 3, Fl 18 (C); HD 4; hp Beyond the horrors are two rows of fects are cumulative: a PC touching the
21 (each); THAC0 17; #AT 1; Dmg 2-8; closed stone coffins. Each contains the door must save against all three effects
ML special; AL NE; FA1). These spies mouldering remains of a cleric of Bane each time the symbol is activated.
will avoid combat unless discovered who perished while faithfully serving The door is locked and must be
and will not deliberately reveal them- the Lord of Tyranny. picked. Shattering it (cumulative hp
selves. Each room also contains a cham- All of the entombed were laid to rest damage total of 30 required) or prying
berpot and a ewer of cool, clear with a staff of office. Most are plain, at it (success requires simultaneous ap-
(drinkable) drinking water. non-magical black staves surmounted plication of at least 35 Strength points)
with carved ivory skulls; the ivory will cause Bane’s symbol to act with
Meeting Room worth perhaps 4 sp apiece. Inquisitive each touch. If the door is broken open
PCs will find nothing else of interest or before the symbol is exhausted, it will
The left-hand door at the end of the value about the bodies. The vestments explode outwards in an energy blast.
central corridor is unlocked and leads that the corpses wear are too badly de- The door opens into an audience
into a elegant, wood-panelled 20’ x 40’ cayed to serve for long as adequate dis- chamber containing a raised stone dais
room containing a wall-slate (chalk- guises. on which stands a chair carved of black
board), a massive wooden table, and, The third coffin opened, however, stone. The back of the chair rises up
drawn up around it, twelve heavy, contains a haunt, appearing as a trans- twenty feet above the seat and is fash-
spire-carved wooden chairs. lucent gray image of a cruelly beautiful ioned into a black hand. It is a seat of
This meeting room is lit by a floating male priest in grand robes. Bane (see “New Magic Items” appendix,
glowing globe (described under Guest- Haunt: AC 0 (or possessed victim’s); under “Seat of Bane”).
Chambers above). A large, brass-bound MV 6 (or as victim); HD 5; hp 27 (or as A large gong hangs in a frame to one
wooden chest sits in the far corner of victim); THAC0 15; #AT 1; Dmg: drains side of the seat. Perched atop it is a
the room. 2 Dex points; ML 16; AL CN; MC2. watchful bonebat (AC 7; MV 3, Fl 18 (C);
The chest is unlocked and radiates The unturnable haunt will attack a PC HD 4; hp 25; THAC0 17; #AT 1; Dmg 2-8;
magic. Anyone opening it will find it intruder who appears magically power- ML special; AL NE; FA1). The gong is
empty, but will also be instantly tele- ful (each strike drains 2 Dex points, pos- used to sound an alarm or to summon
ported into the dungeon; this is one of sesses victim at 0 Dex). This particular underpriests from the dining hall, ac-
the “oubliette” traps of the temple. undead is the restless spirit of the priest cessed through a door on the left of the
The underside of the huge, Thandalos “The Falcon,” who scouted room, and the priests’ quarters,
beautifully-polished table conceals a the Moonshaes for The Risen Cult, but through a door on the right side of the
foot-long, tapered stick of wood (a in the end turned from the worship of room.
wand) resting in two holes bored in ad- Bane towards the beauty of the God- Seated in the chair is Nothchul, Strik-
jacent cross-struts of the table’s legs. dess (Chauntea). Thandalos became CN, ing Hand (7th level priest) of Bane.
The “wand” radiates magic due to a wiz- lost the favor of Bane (granting of Nothchul will instantly cause an anti-
ard’s practice session, but is not, in fact, spells), and was casually destroyed by magic ray to come from the palm of the
a magic item and has no powers. Mathlas the Grim, once his friend. hand high above him (the back of the
If the haunt of Thandalos possesses a chair), one of the powers of the chair of
PC, it will force the PC to immediately audience. Nothchul will use all the
Crypt attack the inhabitants of the audience powers of the seat against PCs.
The right-hand door opening off of chamber. If it wins its way through the Nothchul is on duty as the temporal
the central corridor is unlocked, and chamber, it will head straight for the voice and judgement of Bane and is
leads to a dark, silent 30’ x 60’ chamber. High Holy Place, where it intends to slay armed with a rod of terror (17 charges).
Two guardian battle horrors in full Mathlas (its task). It will gesture for The use of 1 charge turns Nothchul into
black plate armor stand just within the other PCs to accompany it, will not at- “an illusion of darkest horror;” all within
door, their swords crossed to bar entry tack them except to defend the body it 30’ must save vs. rods or be struck mo-
(to anyone not willing to crawl under controls, and will cooperate readily if tionless with terror (see DMG for fur-
they aid it in reaching Mathlas. ther details). This “frozen” state
the blades).
They will do nothing unless attacked. precludes speech, physical movements,
The first physical strike against them or spellcasting and lasts until the being is
causes them to dimension door 10’ physically struck or a dispel magic is
away, whereupon they will fight all in- used. Victims can be affected repeatedly.

Nothchul will also hurl the mace in his of incense, a raised lectern for the read- whenever touched. She has a key to the
lap to strike the alarm gong the instant ing of prayers (its front is a whipping upperpriests’ dormer on a second chain
the PCS attack; he will then use the rod frame, with many well- used, blood- around her neck.
and his spells to defend himself, as cler- stained whips hung to dry), and rows of Orlphara will attack intruders fear-
ics swarm in from the two side doors. eating tables with benches. There is a lessly, but her overriding objective will
Behind the seat is a plain black iron “high table” for the upperpriests. be to survive and escape to warn her
door, leading on into the Inner Ward of Large metal trays stand in ornate beloved Mathlas, by assuming gaseous
the temple. racks near the lectern. They are used in form if need be. Yet another alarm-gong
Nothchul’s spells (including bonus one of the disgusting rituals of the wor- hangs on the side of the lectern; four
spells for 18 WIS) are: bless, cause light ship of Bane: captured good- aligned underpriests will leap to ring it when
wounds, cure light wounds, protection creatures are stripped, lashed to the the PCs enter.
from good, cause fear, aid, flame blade frame, branded with the Hand of Bane, If Nothchul raises the alarm from the
(1d4 +4 damage), heat metal, know and then whipped senseless. The blood audience chamber, a dozen priests will
alignment, silence 15’ radius, animate from the torture is collected in these respond from here, along with the
dead, call lightning (inside the temple, trays and used in sauces and wine by the bonebats. The other priests will con-
this always works for clerics of Bane, priests, who also watch the torment. tinue eating and watching the whipping
regardless of the weather outside) x2, When the PCs enter, this room will be until the PCs intrude upon the dining
free action, and protection from light- full of priests, all eating and watching room activities. If the PCs prevent Noth-
ning. one (female) priest whipping a helpless chul’s audience chamber alarm from
Nothchul has two dispel magic scrolls slave. sounding or manage to stop the door
in belt tubes. The touch of his holy sym- Priests (20): AC 10; MV 12; P3; hp 15 from opening, there will be 32 under-
bol (the Hand of Bane) and its chain will (each); THAC0 20; #AT 1; Dmg by spell priests here instead of just 20.
burn any good-aligned character for or weapon; S 15, D 14, C 14, I 14, W 14,
1d4 damage. A key to the upperpriests’
dormer hangs on another chain around
Ch 15; ML 15; AL LE.
All have the following spells: cause
Clerical Living
his neck. light wounds x2, cure light wounds x2, Quarters
When Nothchul sounds the alarm, and hold person (lasts 6 rounds). They
twelve priests will come from the left- will hurl their hold person spells at any The right-hand door out of the audi-
hand door while seven emerge from intruders and then attack with their ence chamber leads into a 70’- long cor-
the right. These black-robed under- maces. ridor, lined by doors every twenty feet
priests are AC 10; MV 12; P3; hp 15 The priestess engaged in the torment with a door at the end. Each opens into
(each); THAC0 20; #AT 1; Dmg by spell is armed with a mace (1d6 + 1 dmg), a a 10’ x 40’ dormer, simply furnished
or weapon; S 12, D 14, C 13, I 13, W 18, warhammer (1d4 + 1 dmg), and a whip with triple-tiered bunks and clothes
Ch 14; ML 14; AL LE). All have the fol- (1d2 dmg). She is Orlphara, the only fe- chests. Priestly vestments hang on pole-
lowing spells: cause light wounds x3, male priest in the temple and widely re- racks across the back of each room.
cure light wounds, and hold person x3 sented among the lower clergy, who Each of these rooms is empty of inhabit-
(lasts 6 rounds). They will hurl their fear her cold cruelty. Most believe she ants; none of the rooms contains any
hold person spells at any intruders be- has risen to her present position only treasure except the last (farthest from
fore using their maces to attack (1d6 + 1 by shamelessly courting Mathlas. the audience chamber) room on the
damage). Orlphara is AC 7; MV 12; P6; hp 39; right, which is the dormer used by the
THAC0 18 (unadjusted); #AT 1; Dmg by upperpriests.
The door to the upperpriests’ dormer,
Dining Hall spell or weapon; S 17, D 17, C 14, I 14, W
unlike those of the other dormer
18, Ch 15; ML 16; AL LE. She receives a
The left-hand door out of the audi- + 1 to hit and on damage and +4 on rooms, is locked. Inside, it is sumptu-
ence chamber leads to the dining hall, a saves versus mind spells. She will use the ously furnished with rugs, fur cover-
large (60’ x 100’) chamber with a high following spells: cause light wounds x2, lets, canopied fourposters, and a
ceiling. It is lit by continual light. High cure light wounds x2, sanctuary, aid x2, sideboard crammed with crystal wine
amid the dusty beams that hold its flame blade (1d4 +4 dmg.), hold person, decanters (all nearly full!). In the top
stone ceiling aloft are eleven bonebats, know alignment, call lightning (always drawer of the sideboard, atop folded,
who will swoop down to attack all in- works in temple) x2, and dispel magic. ornate vestments, is a mace of
For her own protection against rivals darkness.
Bonebats (11): AC 7; MV 3, Fl 18 (C); in the clergy, Orlphara always wears a Adjacent to the sideboard is a large,
ring of spell turning; A potion of extra- iron-bound chest, which radiates faint
HD 4; hp 29 (each); THAC0 17; #AT 1;
Dmg 2-8; ML special; AL NE; FA1. healing and a potion of gaseous form magic but will not detect for traps.
The room contains a huge wall tapes- are in steel vials in her belt. Opening its locked lid will briefly reveal
try of the Hand of Bane, several eight- Her holy symbol (the Hand of Bane) an empty interior before all living be-
foot-high brass braziers for the burning and its chain will burn any good- ings within 5’ of the chest are tele-
aligned character for 1d4 damage, ported into the dungeon. The chest

The temple lies beneath the wooded
surface of the tiny, rocky isle of
Amarune, off the coast of eastern
Gnarhelm, near the mouth of Cry-
stalskull Fjord. On a map of the Moon-
shaes, this fjord is the potato- shaped,
landlocked bay due north of Highrock.
Amarune is the lone island northeast of
its mouth—a good sail north of
Highrock, and southeast from Sunder-
The ruined tower, once a wizard’s
abode, now stands at the bottom of a
pond, in a magically-maintained “air
bubble” created by The Risen Cult. It
functions as the hidden “back way out”
of the temple, known only to the up-
A dispel magic will collapse the air
cavity into millions of tiny air- bubbles,
which will rise rapidly to the surface in
a blinding cloud. This collapse will, of
course, force beings who cannot
breathe water to swim for the surface,
retreat back down the tunnel (the wa-
ters won’t enter the passage), or perish.
The surface of the pond is eighty feet
above the base of the tower. The top of
the tower is only twenty feet from the
itself is an “oubliette” trap, designed to morph magics and cannot be harmed surface (seven feet of that distance be-
send thieves instantly to the dungeon. by non-magical weapons and magic ing the upper part of the air cavity).
A loose stone under one of the beds weapons of +1 or no bonus. The crea- A being cannot “swim” in the air. To
lifts to reveal a hollowed-out niche con- ture is able to speak and understand all avoid falling, someone wishing to reach
taining a bag of 66 platinum pieces. languages and can breathe fire thrice the surface of the pond must be raised
If one of the canopy bed headboards daily to a distance of 40’ (no fire first up out of the air cavity—by a pole, lad-
is examined carefully, tiny hinges will 10’, cone begins 10’ around and ex- der, or other aid-to its boundary with
be found. If the headboard is swung pands to 30’, does 5-30 hp damage, save the water, which can easily and trace-
aside, a pivoting stone door set in the for half damage). Its XP Value is 4,000. lessly passed. Once through the bound-
stone block wall behind the headboard The chest the guardian is guarding ary, swimming can begin.
is revealed. This door opens into a se- contains 750 gp and a wooden box con- The crumbling sides of what is left of
cret passage. taining eight stainless-steel vials. Each the tower are very dangerous: anyone
Just inside the passage, the PCs will vial holds a potion of extra- healing (re- climbing down its sides must make a
encounter a slim elven maiden in diaph- stores 3d8 + 3 hp). The chest also con- Dexterity Check each round of the four
anous robes sitting atop a stout, iron- tains a rolled-up scroll. On it are two required or fall for 3d6 damage, amid
bound chest. Oddly, she appears to be raise dead spells, a regenerate spell, a by a slide of dislodged rubble.
gazing longingly away up the passage restoration spell, and two heal spells. The pond is almost a quarter mile in
before her. She will not turn unless a PC The passage winds and rises for a length, has a muddy, tree-littered bot-
touches or passes her, whereupon her long way through stones and dirt, is in- tom (treasure may lie concealed here,
long fangs, pasty white face, and huge, fested with (harmless) centipedes and to aid PCs in need), and is home to three
hairy claws will be revealed! spiders, and reaching the surface freshwater merrow.
The “maiden” is a lesser guardian: AC within the tumbled, ruined pinnacle: a Merrow (aquatic ogres): AC 4; MV 6,
1; MV 9; HD 8; hp 60; THAC0 12; #AT 3 stone tower. The “sky” around the SW 12; HD 4 +4; hp: 37, 36, 31, 28;
+ breathes fire; Dmg 1-6 (bite), 1-12 x2 tower is a murky greenish-brown, light- THAC0 15; #AT 1; Dmg by weapon type
(claws); ML 16; AL N (evil); MC2. De- ening almost to blue overhead, and (military forks, 1d8 dmg, +2 to hit
tailed fully in the Monstrous Compen- seems to flow-like water. Strength bonus). If rendered weapon-
dium 2, the guardian is immune to less, the merrow are: #AT 3: 1-6/1-6/2-
charm, hold, sleep, fear, and poly- 8); ML 12; AL CE; MC1.

The military fork wielded by the larg- both; ML 12; AL LE; MC1. circle. This glyph is called “Alghund”
est ogre radiates magic-not because it The “beholder” guardians are actu- and its discharge, triggered by touching
is a magic weapon, but because a wand ally gas spores (AC9; MV 3; HD less than or opening the door, causes all non-evil
of wonder is concealed in a hollow in its 1/2; 1 hp; THAC0 20; #AT 1; explosion characters to be paralyzed for 2-8 turns
shaft. This magic item can be reached doing 6d6 (3d6 if save vs. wands suc- (save vs. spells to avoid). If its presence
by unsealing and removing a wooden cessful) to all within 20'; ML 8; AL N; de- is suspected, dispel magic will destroy it
plug under the fork’s brass butt-cap. tailed under “Fungus” in MC2). harmlessly.
The merrow, brought here by the If desired, one “eye tyrant” might be a
Cult, will not harm swimmers bearing real beholder (body AC: 0, eyestalks: 2, The Sanctum
the holy symbol or sign of Bane or eyes: 7; MV Fl 3 (B); HD 7; 49 hp; THAC0
wearing Cult robes. These ogres have 11; #AT 1 + eleven eye effects; Dmg: 2- Beyond the door is a vaulted chamber
been taught to fear the spells wielded 8; ML 18; AL LE; MC1), wounded in bat- crowded with pillars: the sanctum.
by the priests, who slay the monsters tle and hiding here among the gas From this chamber, three corridors
painfully if molested, but provide them spores to recover and learn just what is lead off in the same fashion as from the
with food (slaves) if allowed to pass un- going on that might be turned to advan- forechamber—one from the right wall,
molested. tage. one from the left wall, and one from the
The pond rests amid tree-cloaked ru- back wall.
ins. They are all that remains of an an- Inner Ward Corridor As the sanctum door is opened, three
cient town of fishermen and miners, bonebats will flap forward to the attack
long abandoned by all except occasional The black, iron door behind the seat from the shoulders of three black-
shipwrecked sailors and pirates putting of Bane in the audience chamber is un- robed priests of Bane within the sanc-
in for repairs or to hide treasure. (The locked and untrapped. It opens into a tum. Behind them is a halfbreed yuan-ti
temple of Bane was created some time 90’-long stone-lined corridor which (snake head, scaled snake torso and tail,
ago by enlarging certain of the worked- leads on into the Inner Ward of the tem- and human arms and shoulders) named
out mines.) ple. The corridor ends at another plain SSaernduum. This yuan-ti was once an
The ruins have their own dangers, black iron door, which is lit by a faint adventuring companion of Mathlas and
such as foraging orc patrols, evil human red faerie fire radiance. is now a respected assassin and guard
warriors, and beholders floating here In mid-air 70 down the corridor of The Risen Cult.
and there. These wandering inhabit- floats a black, human-sized hand of Bonebats (3): AC 7; MV 3, Fl 18 (C); HD
ants were brought here by the Cult to Bane. As it is approached, a mouth will 4; hp 16 (each); THAC0 17; #AT 1; Dmg
serve as guardians. Their ranks were appear in its palm and say, “Speak to the 2-8; ML special; AL NE; FA1).
recently swelled by a crew of ship- glory of Bane, if you would pass!” Priests of Bane—Uthlas, Mannym, and
wrecked pirates, whose numbers have The hand is an illusion. If it is at- Ilist: AC 10; MV 12; P3; hp 21; THAC0 20;
diminished to only a few due to skir- tacked, or any being passes by or #AT 1; Dmg by spell or weapon (“sleep-
mishes with the guardians. through it without uttering a password, mace,” (1d6 + 1 damage, plus sleep poi-
Pirates (11) and Warriors (14): AC 7; the hand will point at the intruders, and son; save vs. poison to avoid 2-5 rounds
MV 12; F3s; hp 22 (each); THAC0 18; then vanish. The entire corridor will drugged sleep); S 14, D 14, C 14, I 13, W
#AT 1; Dmg by weapon (mainly scimi- then be filled with a blade barrier! It 15, ch 13; ML 14; AL LE).
tars, 1-8 dmg, hand axes, 1-6 dmg, and does 8d8 damage to all in the passage Each has the following spells: cause
daggers, 1-4 dmg); S 15, D 14, C 14, I 12, (roll damage for each character sepa- light wounds x2, cure light wounds x2,
W 13, Ch 13; ML 14; AL NE, MC1. rately). A successful save vs. spells al- sanctuary, flame blade (1d4 +4), aid x2
DM Note: adjust the numbers and lows a PC to flee to either end of the and hold person x2.
strength of these inhabitants to match passage with only 2d4 damage. Accept- Ssaernduum: AC0; MV 9; HD 8; 55
PC capabilities the PCs. Amarune has able passwords are “Mathlas,” “Tyranny hp; THAC0 13; #AT 3; Dmg: 1-10 bite,
two harbors, a large, seaward one at triumphant,” “BaneLord,” and “Death,” 1-4/rd. tail constriction, and by weapon
the edge of the ruins, full of the useless though the PCs have no way outside (two-handed bastard sword, 2d4 dmg);
remains of vessels wrecked long ago, blind luck of discovering and uttering SA spell use; ML 14; AL CE; MC1).
and a hidden, landward one. In the sec- any of these; of the temple clergy SSaernduum gains + 1 on all
ond harbor, a dozen orcs are diligently present, only Mathlas, Nothchul, Dexterity-based saving throws, has an
guarding a hidden coracle, which the Orlphara, and Erlistyn know them. XP Value of 3,000, and wears a green-
PCs must capture intact if they wish to A dispel magic spell will destroy the stone amulet and a ring of spell turning.
leave the island by any of the usual hand without invoking the blade bar- Ssaernduum’s genius has been bent on
methods. rier. the art of magic from an early age as it
Orcs (14 per patrol): AC 6 (studded The door at the far end of this corri- grew under the tutelage of yuan-ti
leather and shield); MV 9; HD 1; 8 hp dor is entrapped with a glyph of ward- priests of Ssethh the Great Snake, god of
(each); THAC0 19; #AT 1; Dmg by ing, which looks like an upside-down intelligent snakes. (Sseth, a giant magic-
weapon: broad sword, 2d4 dmg, or bat- capital “T‚” its long stem transfixing a using winged snake, is worshipped deep
tleaxe, 1d8 dmg—all are armed with

in the jungles of Chult by yuan-ti and is Tdzssambaerl looks like Ssaernduum, directions, but only for someone bear-
little heard of elsewhere in the Realms.) with a snake head, scaled snake torso ing a holy symbol of Bane (or anyone
SSaernduum is adept both in prayer and and tail, and human arms and shoulders. touching such a being). It will also work
in the arts of researching and casting Tdzssambaerl: AC0; MV 9; HD 7; 51 if someone stands upon the circle and
wizards’ spells; it presently commands hp; THAC0 13; #AT 3; Dmg: 1-10 bite, 1- casts a gate spell or a similar magic; oth-
spells of both types. &d. tail constriction, and by weapon erwise, it will not function.
When encountered, Ssaernduum has (two-handed sword, 1d10 dmg); ML 14; There is also a chair in the room. Sit-
the following wizard spells: magic mis- AL CE; MC1. ting on it is a black-haired, black-eyed,
sile (3 missiles per spell, 2-5 dmg each) Like Ssaernduum, Tdzssambaerl black-masked man in gray robes
x3, wall of fog, flaming sphere (lasts 6 gains a + 1 bonus on Dexterity-based adorned with the Hand of Bane on ei-
rounds), spectral hand (60 yard range, saving throws. He also wears a green- ther breast. Two bonebats perch above
lasts 12 rounds), lightning bolt, vam- stone amulet and a ring of spell turning him on the back of the chair. They will
piric touch (drains 3d6 hp). it has a spare scimitar leaning unscab- swoop to the attack immediately, as the
Ssaernduum’s clerical spells are: com- barded against one of the chests. Tdzs- man retreats behind the chair, casting
mand, cure light wounds x2, heat sambaerl has an XP Value of 975. spells.
metal, produce flame, silence 15’ ra- Not expecting to ever have to fight Bonebats: AC 7; MV 3, Fl 18 (C); HD 4;
dius, call lightning, and pyrotechnics. anything, Tdzssambaerl will hiss and hp 26, 24; THAC0 17; #AT 1; Dmg 2-8;
The yuan-ti will flee towards the gate spit curses all the time it fights the PCs, ML special; AL NE; FA1.
chamber (see below) if hard- pressed. If defaming them, Bane, the Cult, and the The priest casts spell immunity on
the PCs retreat from battle, Ssaern- world in general. The yuan-ti will not himself twice as he moves (see below).
duum will try to keep the bodies of any leave the room unless reduced to 4 hp He will retreat towards a corner of the
fallen humans for later consumption. or less, whereupon it will try and flee room.
The corridor exiting the left-hand for its life. The floor in front of his chair (in a 10’
wall of this room runs thirty feet away The treasure it guards consists of the diameter sphere, which is indistin-
to a locked black iron door. The door three stout, unlocked wooden chests, guishable from the rest of the floor) is
bears Bane’s own symbol of death the yuan-ti’s own weapons (non- actually an “oubliette” teleport to the
(“New Spells” appendix). Beyond it lies magical), and a canvas sack lying on the dungeon; anyone charging at the man
the temple vault. floor behind the chests. will instantly find themselves in the
The corridor exiting the right-hand One chest contains 1,000 sp. The sec- dungeon. The priest avoids this teleport
wall also runs thirty feet away to an ond contains 1,000 gp. at first, but will deliberately step into it
identical black iron door. This door is The third contains a coffer holding 40 if hard-pressed by the PCs. He will try
also locked and protected with Bane’s bloodstones (each worth 50 gp), an- to escape from the temple later, by ei-
symbol of death. It leads to the gate other coffer containing 36 moonstones ther the passage exiting the up-
chamber. (all worth 50 gp each), a small brass box perpriests’ dormer or by getting back to
The central corridor exiting the room containing two apple-green chryso- this room’s gate, reasoning that if in-
is the “Holy Approach” corridor. prase stones (each worth 70 gp), a small truders get this far, all must be lost!
wooden box containing a jade pendant, This diligent guardian of the gate is
Temple Vault worth 2,000 gp; and a leather sack. In- the high priest of The House of the
side the sack is a silver chalice set with Black Hand, Mathlas the Grim.
This room is a 40’-square chamber six blue sapphires around the lip (worth Mathlas: AC 8; MV 12; P9; hp 49;
sealed all over with a thick mortar of 7,000 gp). THAC0 16 (unadjusted); #AT 1; Dmg by
lead mixed with gorgon’s blood and vari- The sack on the floor holds 4 elec- spell or weapon; S 17, D 16, C 14, I 14,
ous other secret magical ingredients. trum pieces and 32 copper pieces. W 18, Ch 15; ML 16; AL LE. He is + 1 to
This interior coating makes this cham- hit and damage and + 4 on saves versus
ber impervious to magical scrying, tele- Gate Chambers mind spells. He is masked to denote his
portation, and so on. Anyone trying to rank of Masked Death.
teleport in will flicker and then reappear The door opens into a 40’-square Mathlas has the following spells:
in the place from which they tried to stone chamber. A circle of black slate is cause light wounds, cure light wounds
teleport. They will also suffer 3d6 dam- inlaid in the center of the floor. Two x3, sanctuary, aid, flame blade, hold
age and will be stunned for 2-5 rounds glowing globes hover high in the air on person, produce flame, silence 15’ ra-
(reeling and unable to think coherently either side of the circle. dius, call lightning x2, dispel magic,
or to deliberately act in any fashion). This is a gate, connecting the temple cure serious wounds, spell immunity x2
Inside this otherwise bare room are with a nondescript house on a back (against magic missile and lightning
three chests and another halfbreed street of Voonlar, a village near Zhentil bolt), and mystic lash (detailed in the
yuan-ti, Tdzssambaerl. This creature is Keep in the Dragonreach region of the “New Spells” appendix).
sworn, upon pain of death, to defend Realms, far inland to the east of the
the treasure stored here. Moonshaes. The gate functions in both

The Masked Death’s enspelled mask protected by a previously cast protec- weapon; S 13, D 18, C 13, I 18, W 15, Ch
gives him true seeing, which will work tion from fire spell, giving him com- 15; ML 15; AL LE.
for any wearer, but its temporary plete protection from all heat or fire His spells are: magic missile x3 (four
magic will fail in 2d4 days. His soft gray damage until 108 points of such damage 2-5 hp missiles/spell), spider climb,
robes are “lesser” vestments of power have been absorbed or 9 turns have blindness, in visibility, web, dispel
(LE aligned, dedicated to Bane, and un- passed, whichever occurs first. magic, fireball, and Evard’s black tenta-
usable by good characters, whom they Mathlas has the key to this room cles.
will poison; save each round of contact around his neck, together with a key to This last spell has a 30-yard range,
or take 2-12 hp damage). While he is the upperpriests’ dormer and his holy can cover 210 square feet and lasts 7
wearing them, they give Mathlas a + 3 symbol. hours. It creates 1d4 + 7 tentacles, each
Armor Class bonus (for an AC of 5) and AC4 and 10’ long with 7 hp. Salander
a +4 bonus to all saving throws. He is Voonlar will cast it over the entire gate room
also protected against certain spells; the At its Voonlar end, almost halfway and the entry of his watchroom.
DM should check the “New Magic across Faerun, the gate comes out in a Salander is a wispy-bearded, hand-
Items” appendix for further details on windowless, unfurnished upper room some blond man with sharp, alert eyes.
these vestments. guarded by nine ju-ju zombies (AC 6; He has sleep-poisoned darts, a dagger,
Mathlas is armed with a rod of MV 9; HD 3 + 12; hp 36 each; THAC0 15; and a potion of gaseous form. He has
flailing, which becomes a1d6 + 4 dam- #AT 1; Dmg 3-12; ML special; AL N (evil), proven too ambitious and deceitful to
age footman’s mace on command, able MC1). There are also two bonebats (AC be trusted thus far with any sensitive
to strike at + 3 to hit with both ends in a 7; MV 3, Fl 18 (C); HD 4; hp 19 (each); Zhentarim information. In other
round-either both on one target, or on THAC0 17; #AT 1; Dmg 2-8; ML special; words, he knows nothing beyond his
two targets standing side by side. Ex- AL NE; FA1) in the room, waiting to orders and can identify no one other
penditure of 1 charge (the rod has 9 serve as messengers or give warnings. than those with whom he works di-
left) allows a +4 bonus to saving Watching through a slot in the door to rectly. He is not even graced with the
throws and on AC for a period of one this room is a 7th level Zhentarim wiz- teleport ring commonly worn by Zhen-
turn. With the rod’s bonus, Mathlas can ard, Salander. tarim mages of 7th level or greater.
raise his AC to 1. Salander: AC 6; MV 12; W7; hp 27; His orders are to aid the gate guard-
When encountered, Mathlas will be THAC0 18; #AT 1; Dmg by spell or ians, allow a bonebat to get out a win-

dow in the watchroom to report to destinely, of course).
If Fzoul ever defies the rest of the
The High Holy Place
Zhentil Keep if things go badly, and, if Beyond the archway is the high holy
hard pressed, escape by means of his Zhentarim openly, Manshoon will call place of the temple, a dark chamber
potion. He is then to report to the griz- on the Cult to destroy Fzoul’s adher- walled, floored, and roofed in glistening
zled old innkeeper, Ralagas Therim, at ents, and take their place in the Zhen- black marble, smooth- polished and
the Blushing Beauty inn, just inside the tarim. The beholders are aiding this slick underfoot. It is 70’x70’, the entry
southern gates of Zhentil Keep. plan minimally, maneuvering to get an arch opening in the center of one wall.
Salander was once an apprentice of agent to handle a hostile Fzoul for It is imbued with a crawling sensation
the evil archmage Olorim “the Old” at them, if the need should ever arise. of lurking, watching evil, it was person-
The Citadel of the Raven. The young Mathlas guards the Moonshaes end of ally consecrated, long ago, by Lord
wizard later served the Zhentarim as a the gate as much to prevent unauthor- Bane himself. Within this sanctuary, the
caravan guard in the Stonelands and ized Zhentarim visits (or treachery priests whisper and Bane listens to all
then became part of the Darkhold gar- from within The Risen Cult) as to pro- that is said.
rison. Deeply mistrusted by Semem- tect it from intruders; Cult leaders are The room is empty except for a circu-
mon of the Zhentarim, Salander is wary of the Zhentarim gaining control lar marble altar, rising three feet above
resentful, ruthless in battle, and eager of them or overrunning the Moonshaes the surrounding floor. It is located
to prove his worth. and preventing their plans for the com- twenty feet from the far wall, facing
Ralagas Therim is a (largely) retired ing of Bane. So far, however, Manshoon and in line with the entry arch.
old thief who wears a ring of spell stor- has shown no signs of any such intent. Above the altar floats a huge black
ing. It holds four spells: flame strike Voonlar appears as a pleasant, sleepy hand. It stands 6’ high and is made of
(6d8; save halves), hold person, heal, farming town, dominated by prosper- obsidian. It will hang motionless unless
and invisibility. The old thief also has a ous farms and the local temple to a good-aligned character enters the
sleep-poisoned short sword, several Chauntea. Beneath the surface, it is a chamber, whereupon it will turn slowly
hidden daggers-and a beholder listen- tense watchpost of Zhentil Keep, who to point at the nearest good-aligned
ing overhead, its eyestalks coming presently control it and consider it a character. The hand will attack any
down through tiny trap-doors! “city” where their future subjects will good-aligned being approaching within
Ralagas Therim: AC 8; MV 12; T11; hp settle, strengthening Zhentil Keep’s in- 60’ of the altar. This Holy Hand of Bane
51; THAC0 15; #AT 1; Dmg by weapon fluence in the Dalelands. is detailed in the “New Magic Items” ap-
(short sword, 1-6 dmg + sleep poison; 3 Voonlar is comprised of a temple to pendix.
daggers, 1-4 dmg); S 14, D 16, C 14, I 13, Bane founded by the Zhentarim, Within the high holy place, all priests
W 16, Ch 14; ML 14; AL LE. shrines to Tempus and Lathander, two turn undead as if 1st level. Spells cast by
The beholder is Uluae, a youngster good inns (The Three Elves at the east non-servants of Bane produce the mini-
who takes a vicious delight in killing, us- end of town, on the main road, and The mum possible effects and all spells cast
ing cause serious wounds and flesh to Whistling Wizard, on the main road at by servants of Bane have maximum
stone as well as the anti-magic ray. the southwest end of town) and a tav- possible effects. Evil creatures attack at
After Uluae’s victim’s are “stoned,” ern (The White Stag). It is also the site of + 1; servants of Bane with an additional
eleven thugs will approach the newly the headquarters and warehouses of +3 bonus.
petrified victim and topple and shatter the Shiel (caravan) Trading Company. A Destroying the altar will require sub-
the “statue:’ killing the victim. map of this town appears in module stantial physical damage, plus seven dis-
Beholder: body AC: 0, eyestalks: 2, FRC2, Curse of the Azure Bonds. pel magic spells and three limited wishes
eyes: 7; MV Fl 3 (B); HD 7; 45 hp; THAC0 (or a full wish).
11; #AT 1 + eleven magical eye effects; Holy Approach
Dmg: 2-8; ML 18; AL LE; MC1.
Thugs (11): AC 7; MV 12; T2s; hp 9
(each); THAC0 20; #AT 1; Dmg by
The central corridor leading from the
weapon (clubs, 1-6 dmg and daggers, 1-
sanctum runs ninety feet to an open
4 dmg); S 14, D 17, C 16, I 12, W 13, Ch
archway, in which floats a black hand.
12; ML 14; AL NE.
As it is approached, a mouth will ap-
The gate’s Voonlar terminus was re-
pear in its palm and say, “Speak to the
cently established by Dread Scourge
glory of Bane, if you would pass!” (In all
Gauntather of the Cult, who has re-
respects the hand, and the blade bar-
ceived magical aid from Manshoon of
rier, are identical to those encountered
the Zhentarim in return for gold and
in the inner ward corridor.
promises of future service. Manshoon
is uneasy about the increasing power
and independence of Fzoul and his fel-
low priests, and is trying to establish
The Risen Cult as a replacement (clan-

This section tells of traveling custom
and courtesy in the Moonshaes. It will
aid the DM in providing both color and
atmosphere to Moonshavian adven-
tures as well as provide golden oppor-
tunities for feeding PCs new ideas (such
as the rumors found in Appendix 8) that
point to further adventures.
The Moonshaes remain islands of
mystery, covered by extensive wilder-
ness, stalked by dangerous monsters
aplenty, and blessed with a rugged nat-
ural beauty, all of which feed the rich
and intermingled legends of the Lle-
wyrr, the Ffolk, the Northmen, and the
halflings and dwarves. All have their
fireside tales and, for the needs of sim-
ple survival in the Moonshaes, all share
such tales with travelers they camp
with at night in an ironclad custom of
mutual safety.
Simply put, anyone whose campfire a
traveler approaches at night is duty
bound to share their camp—its facili-
ties, food, and companionship—in re-
turn for the shared food and
companionship of the traveler. Those
who share the fireside are honor bound
not to raise blade against each other un-
til after they have parted in the morn-
ing mists, even if they are sworn At any wayfire, jokes are told, cur- cal lore for its own sake and as the stuff
enemies or there is a blood feud be- rent news passed around, songs sung around which to build new ballads. It is
tween their families. and lore retold—and the DM can feed rare to find a wayfire without at least
The “guestfire” or “wayfire” is a PCs pertinent game information. A one aspiring bard, although greater
merry place except in the coldest and wayfire is the best place to learn of bards are always seem too few to go
dampest weather. All travelers are wel- nearby sages, swordsmiths, and trou- around in the Isles.
come, hot mead or cider kept for them ble; one might also receive a lecture on The wise traveler in the Moonshaes
by the fire, sometimes with stew or hot what went wrong at that dragon’s lair, keeps eyes and ears open at wayfires
herbed and buttered potatoes cooking from some old coot in tattered robes and joins wayfire on every night that
among the coals. Everyone who knows who just happens to be Flamsterd or opportunity permits—for it is said,
a tale, recent news, local legends or Khelben Arunsun wandering about in- most truly, that the wise adventurer
lore, or a song contributes it. By tradi- cognito. lives longer and retires richer.
tion, the owner of the fire commands Far more often to be met with around During this adventure, the DM
the converse; but, by courtesy, any a wayfire than such worthies as Flam- should use wayfires to feed current ru-
bard present will lead the talk. Most sterd or Khelben are local hunters and mors to the PCs (see Appendix 8) as well
guestfires are warm, cozy meeting land-sergeants watching over the hunt- as to help them figure out what evil is
places, that can be heard from afar by ing preserves of their local lord. These afoot in the Moonshaes. Most Ffolk may
their singing and harping. rangers travel without uniform and not know of the Cult by name or that its
Guestfires generally attract the atten- keep their eyes open for brigands and members worship Bane, but many sus-
tion of local beasts (boars, in particular, poachers. Wandering druids also fre- pect that the growing brigand and un-
seem partial to direct musical criticism) quent wayfires as they travel about the dead attacks are linked to the “cruel
as well as those Moonshavians who are land, tending it and watching for priests who wear the black hand,” men
not bound by their honor-thieves, changes in the Balance. who serve or are led by a mysterious,
brigands, firbolgs, and the like. There- Most importantly, bards and all man- evil “Dark Druid.”
fore, experienced travelers around an ner of other folk who are Harpers (or
open wayfire in the wilds keep their allied to their cause) travel about the
weapons close to hand and watchful lands, keeping constant watch on the
eyes on the surrounding darkness. doings of war and greed, collecting lo-

The chief foes of PCs in this adven- tolerated as lay members or even purely ceremonial in function, often
ture are the members of the mysteri- underpriests, but never given informa- used to bear lit braziers in procession to
ous, evil Risen Cult of Bane. tion or positions of importance. Hu- a place of worship.
Most Ffold believe the Black Lord was mans dominate, and most Banites are The staves of first-level priests and
destroyed in The Time of Troubles, yet male, although there is no prejudice supplicants not yet admitted to the
his priests still receive spells in answer against female clergy. Except among clergy are simple black wooden staves,
to their prayers, so perhaps Bane exists the “High Hands of Bane” (Gauntather without ornamentation. Priests of 2nd
still. It may be, however, that Cyric (or and his immediate cronies, the leaders through 4th level bear plain black
another power) has chosen to fulfill the of the Cult), there is a prejudice against staves capped with carved ivory skulls.
needs of the faithful of Bane for his own wizards, as opposed to priests, in the The staff of a fifth level priest of Bane is
purposes, and that Bane has been for- service of Bane. Most wizards outside shod and capped with silver and bears a
ever destroyed. Such mysteries are the High Hands, regardless of level, carved ivory skull as large as a human
presently beyond the knowledge of treated as underpriests, or, if person- fist. A sixth level priest of Bane has an
mortals of Faerun. ally powerful, ranked just above unde- identical staff, except that the skull is
What is certain is that Gauntather, rpriests. carved with two curving horns rising
“the Dark Druid,” believes that Bane still from its brows.
exists; he is determined to make the Cult Garb Seventh level and higher priests of
Moonshaes a home for The Lord of Tyr- Bane have ceremonial staves adorned
anny, a suitable kingdom to which the Priests of the Risen Cult of Bane favor with real human skulls, gems (espe-
priests Gauntather leads can summon black robes, although all forms of garb cially amber and red gems, notably ru-
their Dread Lord. are acceptable. The “high clergy,” bies) and chased silver ornamentation.
The Cult of Bane established on the priests of 7th level and greater, tend to Staves of higher level priests tend to be
Moonshaes by Gauntather and his col- wear magical vestments (see Appendix individualized, marked with runes and
leagues is described here. The always 4), but even the lowliest priest of Bane depictions of deeds of great service. By
cruel and rapacious worshippers of will bear a holy symbol: The Hand of tradition, only priests of 9th level or
Bane have reacted to the widespread Bane, usually made of black obsidian greater are allowed to enspell their
news of Bane’s destruction with fren- and worn on a steel chain. These evil staves; in practise, The Risen Cult has
zied bids for power and wild raids of objects do any good-aligned being 1d4 not had the time and manpower to
destruction and plunder. points of damage per contact and look spare for such fripperies. Instead, magi-
like long-fingered human hands, palm cal items can be found in the hands of
Cult Membership open with fingers and thumb together priests of all levels, should an occasion
pointing upwards. demand it, and the staves born by all
Priests of Bane are lawful evil, serving Gathered priests of Bane can be dis- priests (save Gauntather) are non-
Bane in an endless, grasping struggle tinguished by their differing robes. Un- magical.
for supremacy over each other (within derpriests (first through third level)
the church hierarchy) and over the wear plain, hooded black robes without The High Hands
Realms at large. They ally themselves any adornment. Full clergy (fourth
with powerful beings of like alignment, through sixth level) wear robes with The Risen Cult is led by Gauntather,
like beholders, and train or create ser- flared collars and sleeves, often who, before The Time of Troubles, was
vant creatures such as baneguards, adorned with a black silk border em- a wandering adventurer-priest of Bane
crawling claws, curst, and netherbirds broidered with a row of tiny Hands of active in the Vilhon Reach. His title then
(see FRE1, Shadowdale and Monstrous Bane. High clergy wear robes with in- was “Dread Scourge;” this is still em-
Compendium, Vol. 3. creasingly ornate embroidery and dec- ployed as flattery by followers today,
Priests of Bane have traditionally oration, often with belts and/or trim of though he now uses the formal title
worked with fell magic, breeding, and purple and deep red hue. Such robes “Most Holy Hand of Bane.” Among Ffolk
dangerous training programs to de- tend to have high, spiked, stand-up col- of the Moonshaes, he is feared as “the
velop powerful evil creatures to serve lars that rise above the wearer’s head Dark Druid” for his fell work against
Bane. These include banelar, lawful evil and are almost always augmented with druids and their groves. He is not a
nagas with heightened magical abilities, magical alignment-specific powers, druid.
and many rarer, less successful hor- which make them harmful to non- Gauntather is a 20th level LE priest of
rors. The priests who now form the lawful evil beings. Bane. His above-average statistics are
backbone of the Risen Cult have devel- On occasions of high ritual, priests of STR 16, INT 18, WIS 19, and CHA 18. He
oped their own servant creatures. Bane bear staves denoting their ranks. may have whatever spells and items the
These menaces may be met in this ad- A priest of Bane who receives honored DM wishes. It is recommended that he
venture (see Appendix 3). burial is always buried with a staff of not face the PCs directly in this adven-
In the Risen Cult, halflings, elves, and the correct rank. In general, the staff of ture, but escape-with most of the
goblinkin (orcs and all related races) are a priest of Bane is non-magical and other High Hands-to serve as a long-

term foe, determined to exact revenge
on those who thwarted his plans for the
Gauntather journeyed to Waterdeep
during The Time of Troubles to share
Bane’s triumph—and fled to the Moon-
shaes when Bane fell. At that time,
Gauntather brought only a few lesser
priests and other worshippers of Bane
(thieves, warriors, and worse). The
growth and achievements of the Risen
Cult in the short time since he founded
it are a tribute to his astute generalship
and personal charisma.
Gauntather is served by six fellow
High Hands:
• Cauldyth (no relation to the Lord of
Aithe) is a rotund, fairly short, lazy-
looking 15th level cleric of Bane. He is a
master spy and actor who often works
in the disguise of a merchant or money-
where Banites are not welcome. Priests of Bane employ or have devel-
lender to learn what he can for the Cult.
• Yontryl Amatar is a breathtakingly oped many rare or unique spells. Those
His spells are deadly, and his only weak-
beautiful half-elven maiden, a LE 12th particular to the Risen Cult include
ness is a driving determination to exact level thief who has loved, lived with, magics detailed in Appendix 5.
revenge on other creatures for every
and served Gauntather for many years,
single jest or coldness, imagined or real,
shown him, no matter how slight. If a
stealing to support him and herself as
she now steals to support the Cult. Agile
Cult Etiquette
man laughs at the fat, lazy merchant’s
and acrobatic, she has a taste for both In private, the priests of the Risen
dropping of a coin, something will hap-
watching and participating in good Cult employ the full formality of the
pen to that man; sooner rather than
fights, but little love for torture. She en- long-established clergy of Bane found in
joys pranks, but is wise enough not to the central lands of Faerun. This in-
• Halamather is a LE 19th level wiz-
play them on any Cult priests. cludes bowing, kneeling to or kissing
ard (no specialty), a longtime friend to
Gauntather and an active creator of ju- the boots of superiors, and following hi-
ju zombies (and worse creatures) to Cult Magic erarchy of titles:
serve the Cult.
• Thabbys is a LE 16th level necro- Risen Priests of Bane will employ all 1st level Watchful Brother
mancer who delights in her unnatural magic that they acquire and can use, 2nd level Deadly Adept
notably rods of terror. The cooperation 3rd level Trusted Servant
researches and is happy to serve the
of wizards with clerics under Gaun- 4th level Willing Whip
Cult so long as the Cult provides her
with the materials and opportunities tather makes the Risen Cult, of neces- 5th level Hooded Menace
she needs to further her mastery of un- sity, part of the “Transformed” sect, 6th level Black Fang
although Gauntather thinks of himself 7th level Striking Hand
death. The Lords of Darkness game ac-
as Orthodox.; he firmly believes in the 8th level Vigilant Talon
cessory may be used to detail Thabbys’
supremacy of priests (such as himself) 9th level Masked Death
powers and servitor creatures. Bone-
in the service of Bane, both as the status 10th level Dark Doom
bats serve her as messengers (see Ap-
quo and as the right and natural way of 11th level Higher Doom
pendix 3).
things. Few specialty priests of Bane (as 12th level and up Deep Mystery
• Tirostar is a LE specialty priest of
Bane, who uses the title “Dark Imper- described in the Forgotten Realms” Ad-
ventures sourcebook) serve under A priest of 12th level or greater
ceptor.” He isli’th level and a master of
Gauntather. For those few who do, speaking to a priest who outranks him
poisons and intrigue.
however, their alignment and credo in the hierarchy or who is of greater
• Vlakkados is a LE cleric of Bane, a
bars them from the use and develop- level will address him as “Deeper Mys-
soft-voiced and gentle 14th level cleric
ment of spells in the following spheres: tery.” Not doing so is usually regarded
skilled at torture and interrogation.
Animal, Astral, Charm, Plant, Protec- as a deliberate insult.
Tall, very thin, and ill-looking, he often
tion, Sun (except reversed effects) and A priest speaking to another priest
passes himself off as a beggar or a pil-
Weather. “Standard” priests of Bane can will always use only the other’s title, un-
grim of another god (usually Ilmater)
use spells of all spheres. less two priests of the same rank are
when, in service to the Cult, he must go

present and the situation makes confu- before his boots, and step not against His great clawed hands are formidable
sion possible, whereupon a surname the passage of his shadow. weapons, but he prefers to use the
will usually be added to the end of the As it has always been said before the scimitar of souls in battle (see Appendix
rank. When speaking in the presence of Black Altars, “They who cross the Dark 4). Xvim can cause his body to grow or
non-worshippers of Bane, priests cus- One meet his Doom earlier and more shrink by 50% of its normal size.
tomarily address each other as “Brother harshly than those who foolishly wor- Xvim usually wears the illusory form
Faithful” unless speaking to one who ship other gods, and inevitably fall be- of a darkly handsome man in his middle
far outranks them, in which case they fore the faithful.” years, of average height. The vain, sav-
will use the term “Dread Brother” in re- age son of Bane exults in slaying and de-
spect. Cult Rituals struction. He can create darkness, 15’
Eavesdropping PCs should rarely be radius about himself at will, can use
able to learn priests’ names or much in Details of the formal worship activi- true seeing at will, and once in every 12
the way of personal details; the proto- ties of Bane are both mysterious and turns can plane shift himself safely be-
col of the priesthood is specifically de- largely too disgusting to the non- tween his native plane of Acheron and
signed and intended to prevent such faithful to be described here, but they the Realms. Xvim’s control over this
information from getting out. are known to involve priests gathering power is poor; he seldom arrives in a
Priests of Bane pride themselves on in large, dark chambers, caverns, or (by desired locale on the other plane. When
cold, decisive thinking, speech, and night) in ruins, lit only by moonlight, furiously angry, he sometimes shifts un-
action. Cutting authority and sarcasm flickering braziers and torches, and intentionally. If Xvim ever ends up in a
are valued over shouting or uncon- magical faerie fire radiances. The place plane that is not Acheron or the Prime
trolled behavior; two priests arguing to of worship is dominated by a floating Material Plane containing the Realms,
the death may appear as softly polite black hand, or an (empty) black throne, he can shift back towards either of the
gentlemen debating over some minor before which lies a plain stone or obsid- two named planes, one plane at a time,
point--right up to the last moments ian block: the Black Altar. at the stated rate. Xvim does not like
that one (or perhaps both) of them re- Services involve rolling drums, chant- such extraplanar travel and seldom un-
main alive. ing, and sometimes singing. Spells are dertakes it willingly. The DM should
sometimes cast in unison or with some note that no truename, glyph, or sym-
Cult Belief priests aiding others. Other occasional bol magics have any effect on Xvim (ex-
practises are known to include sacrifi- cept to attract his attention). He can
To serve Bane fully is to do one’s ut- cial deaths and whipping (either as pun- hear any of his names spoken any-
most to bring strife, destruction, and ishment of sinning faithful, or of where in Faerun as well as the next
hatred upon the intelligent beings of captives, as recreation or for some mys- nine words spoken by the speaker,
the world. This must be done under tical, magical purpose). along with the speaker’s voice-likeness,
clear duress, for the tyranny of The Banite rituals are described by ob- distance, and direction; he usually ig-
Black Lord is his most important char- servers as “revolting” and “terrifying.” It nores the ceaseless babble this creates
acteristic. Priests of Bane therefore de- is unlikely that the rituals of the Risen in his mind.
light in cruelty and mayhem-although Cult are any more tolerable to the non- All sorts of weapons can affect Xvim.
domination is preferred to debauched faithful. The touch of silver burns Xvim for 2-12
torture, and discord to stability under points of damage (if a silver weapon,
add this to the normal weapon dam-
the church’s iron rule. The Godson age). If slain, Xvim is forever destroyed.
For the Risen Cult, at present, to
serve Bane best is to follow the dictates Details of the avatar of Xvim, who However, since it is not his intention to
of the great and successful Gauntather, may appear in this adventure, are given die anytime soon, and he has no real
for he has risen, dark and capable, amid here. scruples regarding cowardice or brav-
the desperate chaos and confusion of ery, Xvim will immediately plane shift if
the Fall of the Gods wherein Bane him- XVIM (Demipower) it appears a battle if going against him.
self was said to have perished. If Gaun- AL: LE. Symbol: A pair of glowing Xvim: AC -2; MV 12; HD 15; hp 96;
tather speaks of working mysteriously green eyes on a black field. THAC0 6; #AT 2; Dmg (note Str bo-
and covertly for now, Gauntather is to Iyachtu Xvim, the “Godson,” is the son nuses to be added) 9-12/9-12 or by
be obeyed. If Gauntather says that wiz- of Bane. For long years he has traveled weapon; MR 20%; SZ L; S 22 ( +4, + 10),
ards are true servants of Bane, to be the Realms enacting his father’s will. D 20, C 20, I 17, W 16, Ch 17; SA, spells
obeyed as any ranking priest and to be Xvim’s mother is unknown but thought as W5 and P4; SD, regenerates 1 hp at
trusted as far as one trusts any other to be a creature of great evil from an- the end of every 7 rounds.
servant of Bane, so be it-for now. other plane.
Gauntather speaks for Bane and seems Xvim has brown-black, scaled skin,
favored by him. Defy him at your peril. stands twelve feet tall, and has lumi-
Hear his words and tremble, bow down nous green eyes (with 90’ infravision).

Bonebat FA1


TREASURE: Nil (may be guardians)
ALIGNMENT: Neutral evil


MOVEMENT: 3, Fl 18 (C)
THAC0: 17
SIZE: M (5’-6’)
MORALE: Special

Bonebats are undead bats that serve as messengers, guardians,

and battle allies to evil priests and wizards and to powerful un-
dead (such as liches, archliches, and vampires). They appear as
skeletal bats with dark, empty eyesockets and attack in eerie si-
lence, never emitting cries. Some (known as “battlebats”) possess
strange skeletal appendages as described below.
are sometimes fitted with wired-on amulets or other protective
Combat: Bonebats have a chilling bite that does 2-8 damage to all devices to strengthen them as guardians.
creatures except other undead, who suffer only its 1-3 hp physi-
cal effects. A bonebat’s bite also paralyzes all creatures except Ecology: Bonebats are not thought to ever occur naturally, but
elves for 3-8 (1d6 + 2) rounds, unless a successful save versus par- the secrets of their making have been known in the Realms for a
alyzation is made. Bonebats themselves are immune to all forms very long time, and many are now found “in the wild.” Bonebats
of paralysis. slay living bats whenever they encounter them.
Bonebats are turned as ghouls and always attack fearlessly, Bonebats seem to enjoy killing. Indeed, if uncontrolled they
only withdrawing when brought to 3 hp or less. They will, how- will, from time to time, go on “killing flights.” During such flights,
ever, fight to their destruction if ordered to do so by their creator they will fight all creatures of their own size or smaller that they
or undead master. Bonebats have 120’ infravision, and can see in- encounter until they have killed at least twice. Bonebats never
visible creatures and objects within 60 feet. They never sleep and fight other bonebats, even if ordered to do so.
are never surprised. Bonebats are usually constructed by evil priests and wizards
Bonebats are immune to sleep, charm and hold spells and may working together. An intact giant bat skeleton, or a skeleton as-
be mentally controlled or influenced only by their creator or a sembled from the bones of several bats, is required. Nulathoe’s
powerful undead (with access to the right spells and a lot of prac- ninemen (a fifth level wizard spell detailed in the DM’s Source-
tise time). Once one being controls a bonebat, no other being may book of the boxed FORGOTTEN REALMS™ Campaign Set) is cast
ever control it-even if the controlling being is slain or absent. on the skeleton. In the case of a bonebat, it additionally links the
Typical commands are simple—“attack (specified target),” “cease:’ skeletal wing bones with an invisible membrane of force to allow
“come,” “stay,” “wait (here),” and “fetch (specified object)”—but flight. Fly, detect invisibility, infravision, and animate dead spells
obediance and loyalty are absolute. complete the process. Further spells may be necessary to train
Like skeletons, bonebats suffer normal damage from fire and the bonebat to serve as an obedient aide, but the spells listed here
blunt weapons, but only half damage from piercing or edged must be cast within two rounds of each other, and in the order
weapons. Holy water has no effect on bonebats. given, or the process will fail.

Habitat/Society: Bonebats are most frequently encountered in Battlebat

the lairs of their masters—ruins, caverns, tombs, or evil temples. Battlebats are bonebats, into which other bones-usually
They prefer darkness, but light does not harm them. Bonebats claws, talons, stings, or spurs-have been grafted.
may be encountered anywhere if their creator sends them forth Battlebats are in all regards identical to bonebats except that
or is slain. they turn as wights, gain 1 hit die, are Armor Class 8, have two or
Requiring no food or water, bonebats are often shut into three additional attacks (typically 1d4 claw-rakes or 2-5 hp dam-
closets, coffins, or chests to serve as guardians, attacking thieves age sting-jabs, either of which may be temporarily tipped with
and other beings who open or enter their hiding-place. poison by a battlebat’s controller), and fly at only 15/round (Class
Bonebats can carry single objects of up to 3 lbs. in weight that D). Their XP Value is 1,400 each.
they can get a good grip on and often fetch keys, wands, and the
like for their masters. Bonebats cannot trigger magic items, but
Helmed Horror FAl

CLIMATE/TERRAIN: Any current surface thoughts and emotions of the being contacting it,
FREQUENCY: Rare despite any defenses or evasions. This ability has allowed horrors
ORGANIZATION: Special to anticipate treachery and attacks and always allows them to un-
ACTIVITY CYCLE: erringly judge the sincerity of an encountered creature.
DIET: Nil Magic missile spells cast at a horror serve to “heal” it of any
INTELLIGENCE: High (13-14) or greater (affected damage by restoring its bonding energy. Excess hit points are not
by intelligence of creator) gained by a horror, but instead are always reflected back 100% at
the caster.
TREASURE: V (magic weapons) possible
ALIGNMENT: Lawful evil Habitat/Society: Created to have iron-strong loyalty, helmed
horrors are seldom self-willed wanderers. Instead, they serve as
NO. APPEARING: 1-20 guardians long after the death of their creators or masters, tire-
ARMOR CLASS: As armor (usually 2) lessly manning posts in crumbling ruins, tombs, or forgotten tun-
MOVEMENT: 12, Fl 12 (A) nels. Some have been known to avenge a slain creator, following
HIT DICE: 4 + 1 per level of creator orders instilled in them. Some revenant horrors have traveled
THAC0: 12 across the Realms to fulfill their duty.
NO. OF ATTACKS: 1 plus special In some cases, however, the orders of a horror allow it auton-
DAMAGE/ATTACK: By weapon type, or 1-4 (ram- omy in the absence of commands, or are simply silent on the sub-
ming or weaponless blow) ject of a Horror’s freedom. If not specifically commanded to cease
SPECIAL ATTACKS: Nil existence at the death or behest of their creator, horrors will con-
SPECIAL DEFENSES: See below tinue operating until destroyed.
Some horrors have been encountered as bandits or adventur-
ers. At least one horror, Aragus, leads a small caravan company
SIZE: Usually M (S to L possible: size of
operating out of Waterdeep. It communicates by writing, ges-
tures, and (with its underlings) a tapping code. Other horrors
MORALE: Special
have been found in groups, wandering the wilderlands or explor-
XP VALUE: 2,000
ing old ruins. Horrors never seem to willingly fight other hor-
Often found as guardians, these sinister automatons usually ap-
pear as warriors completely clad in plate mail. A horror is merely
Ecology: The process of creating helmed horrors remains se-
animated, empty armor, linked by magical forces. The secret
cret, but is known to require a priest of at least 7th level, some as-
process of creating a helmed horror (so far known only to priests
sistance from a wizard, and physical, non-magical and
of Bane) results in silent, intelligent, wholly evil guardians, capa-
non-aligned armor of any sort, to serve as the body of the horror.
ble of independent reasoning.
The creator of a horror instills in it a set of orders or commands
that govern its freedom, behavior, and limitations. These vary
Combat: Helmed horrors can use all weapons allowed to fight-
considerably from horror to horror, making some merely me-
ers (for normal damage) and employ all magic items that do not
chanical guards while others seem to be mute but fully func-
need verbal commands or contact with living flesh or organs to
tional, intelligent beings. The orders of a specific horror cannot
function (ointments and potions, etc.). They may break off com-
be changed once given. Dangerous loopholes in a Horror’s orders
bat if their orders permit. Horrors cannot cast spells or conduct
may bring its loyalty to its creator, or another designated master,
magical research.
into serious jeopardy; instilling orders in a horror is a task as deli-
Helmed horrors are not undead or summoned creatures and
cate as wording a wish spell.
cannot be turned. Horrors can see invisible creatures and objects
Preceding its orders, a horror can be made immune to the ef-
up to 120 feet away and have infravision effective to the same
fects of three specific spells when created (typically fireball, heat
range. The senses of a horror are permeate its entire form; a “de-
metal, and lightning bolt). These spells must be named by the cre-
helmed” horror can fight on.
ator (who need not be able to cast them or have access to them),
Portions of a horror’s body that are separated from the main
and cannot be changed thereafter. A Horror’s orders can never
“body” suit of armor cease to move and cannot fight. If brought
increase its spell immunity beyond three specific magics and
back into contact with a horror, they will reattach. A horror can
their equivalent magic item effects.
never do this for itself; that is, collect lost pieces after a battle and
Horrors do not sleep, eat, or speak, and cannot feel pain. They
hold them for reattachment. A horror “heals” lost hit points as a
are ideal guardians, for their loyalty is total and devoid of ambi-
living, resting human does, restoring linking energies and man-
tion or emotion. If commanded by a being possessing natural or
gled armor.
magical telepathy, they can communicate, and a garrison of hor-
Helmed horrors retain their stature through magical levitation.
rors can be coordinated into a well-organized fighting band.
Thus, they can “walk” on air or above surfaces, or function with-
out any legs at all (some horrors are only waist-up torsos). This
Battle Horrors
levitation allows flight at the movement rate given in their statis-
A few modified helmed horrors with limited magical powers
tics, but does not allow riders. A falling horror is always pro-
have been encountered. These “battle horrors” are identical in
tected as if by a feather fall spell. Horrors can carry up to up to
appearance to helmed horrors, but have the following magical
200 lbs of living or non-living matter when “on foot,” but only 100
powers: dimension door up to 60 yards distant, once per day,
lbs of non-living matter if “flying.”
blink for up to 1 turn, once per day (a horror cannot cease blink-
A helmed horror is fearless and cannot be mentally controlled
ing and start again, even if it has not used a full turn), and cast
or influenced by magical or other means that work on the mind
magic missile. A horror can unleash two 2-5 hp magic missiles
or senses. A horror can be contacted by means of ESP or similar
every three rounds with a range of 70 yards. Battle horrors have
spells, but it cannot be affected by illusions or enchantment/
a typical XP Value of 4,000.
charm magics (such as hold person, sleep or suggestion).
Any mental contact with a horror allows the horror to read the
Nishruu FA1

DIET: Magic
INTELLIGENCE: High (13-14)
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic neutral

THAC0: 12
SIZE: L (12-foot-diameter sphere)
MORALE: Champion (16)
XP VALUE: 2,000

These weird creatures are believed to come from an alternate

Prime Material Plane. Known to sages of old as “Eaters-of-Magic,”
they feed on magical energy and are greatly feared for the dam-
age they can do.
Nishruu appear as silent, amorphous bodies of red, breathable
mist, lacking visible organs or features. Nishruu glow, pulsing
regularly as they drift about, and can seep through finger-width and sea salt, is deadly poisonous to nishruu: a handful of flung
cracks. They will always move towards the greatest concentra- salt typically does a nishruu 2d10 damage. Salt can therefore be
tion of magic within 60 feet. used to confine or herd such creatures, for they will not willingly
come into contact with it.
Combat: Aside from their effects on magic, nishruu do no dam-
age to objects or beings. Fire and physical attacks affect them Ecology: Nishruu feed on magic, drifting endlessly and relent-
normally; hits are automatic if an attacker is enveloped by a lessly about in seemingly aimless searchings for it. These crea-
nishruu. Cold does half damage, but magical fire and cold cannot tures can actually detect the presence of magical energy within
form within a nishruu. If magical fire or cold contacts a nishruu 600 feet or so, and will always move towards the most powerful,
from outside its body area, it is absorbed harmlessly after dealing plentiful, or nearest source of magical energy. No upward limit
one round of damage. for energy absorption is known, nor is a nishruu known to have
Nishruu ignore physical attacks, moving fearlessly and relent- starved from lack of magic. Most sages believe that sunlight and
lessly towards sources of magic. Mind-control spells and illusions moisture may also sustain these beings.
do not affect nishruu. When a nishruu is slain, its body will dissipate, losing luminos-
Any spell cast at a nishruu will be absorbed by it, having no ef- ity and hue and appearing to sink into the ground. Any magic
fect except to give the creature life energy, equal in hit points to item within its body area when it is slain, or any magic weapon
the damage the spell normally does. A non-damaging spell gives a slaying it, even if no longer within the “body,” will receive a magi-
nishruu extra hp equal to its spell level. cal bonus of 1d6 additional charges or a “second use” in the case
Chargable magic items are drained of 1-4 charges on contact of “one-shot” items (such as arrows and scrolls). Potions, memo-
with a nishruu; if contact is continuous, the drain occurs again at rized spells, artifacts, and items that do not have charges will not
the end of every second round. Non-chargeable magic items have be augmented. If a nishruu is released, it will prove a menace to
their powers negated for 1-4 rounds after contact; if used when all magic-using beings of the Realms until destroyed. It will drift
in contact with a nishruu, potions and scrolls suffer a delay of 1-4 along after those who released it, hoping they will lead it to one
rounds after contact ceases in taking effect). source of magic after another.
Artifacts become non-operational at all times while in contact
with a nishruu and for 1 round after contact with a nishruu
Spellcasters of all classes who are enveloped by a nishruu lose
one memorized spell (determine randomly) at first contact and
one per round of contact thereafter. Each time a loss occurs, the
spellcaster must save vs. Breath Weapon or be feebleminded.

Habitat/Society: Nishruu are solitary creatures, not native to

this Prime Material Plane. Unlike the related hakeashar (detailed
in module FRE1, Shadowdale), they cannot voluntarily transfer
magical spells or charges to another being. Salt, both rock salt
Nyth FA1

DIET: Carnivore
INTELLIGENCE: High (13-14)
TREASURE: Any possible (as guardian), oth-
erwise nil
ALIGNMENT: Lawful evil

THAC0: 13
SIZE: S (2’-4’ diameter)
MORALE: Fanatic (17)
XP VALUE: 4,000

Often mistaken for the eerie will-o-wisp, the nyth is a rare pred-
ator of the northern forests of the Realms. It appears as a glowing
sphere of light, which it can alter in hue and intensity just as its
more famous relative does. Nyth speak and usually know the
Common speech; they can also communicate in the “flickering
light” language of will-o-wisps.
Habitat/Society: Nyth are always found as solitary, wandering
Combat: Nyth fly silently about by means of natural levitation, hunters, without a territory or lair. They do have favorite hunt-
hunting birds, rodents, large insects, and other small creatures ing spots and often drift in desolate areas or ruins where their ra-
they can slay. On sunny days they often drift with the sun behind diance will not attract the attention of foes.
them, unseen against the glare until they can pounce. Nyth have never been observed to fight will-o-wisps or each
Nyth bite prey that they hit, but their major weapon is a other. In the wild, they keep to themselves, reproducing by split-
naturally-generated magic missile, a single missile identical to ting into two nyth when reaching a certain size. (This is a spectac-
that created by the first level wizard spell. A nyth can fire this ular process of firework-like bursts of light and harmful
(1d4 + 1 damage 1 once every second round. discharges of magic missiles in random directions). Some vil-
Against large and powerful opponents, nyth dodge to avoid at- lagers in northern lands call nyth “wildfire” and believe them to
tacks, using their intelligence to discern spellcasters and magic be fell spirits or the work of evil magic. Most of the Realms’ inhab-
items and concentrate on foiling such attacks. Nyth will also try itants merely avoid them and are in turn avoided.
conversation to lead hostile beings astray into nearby pitfalls, The powers of nyth make them ideal guardians, and the swift
swamps, traps (if serving as a guardian) and the like. Like will-o- flight, temporary invisibility, and wary avoidance of wild nyth
wisps, nyth are able to blank out the glow of their radiance en- make these guardians the only nyth that most folk ever see. Nyth
tirely (for 2-8 rounds at a time) in order to steal away from an tend to be very lonely. Acceptance by other creatures, and the
encounter or to approach prey. During this time, they can be designation of a particular room, cavern, crypt, crossroads,
seen only by those able to see invisible creatures. A nyth who bridge, or other feature) as the nyth’s “home,” delight nyth. If
fires a magic missile does so with a bright pulsing, appearing and given clear instructions and regular food (including fire or other
remaining visible for the entire round. energy, not merely live prey), a nyth will take pride in defending
Nyth can be hit by any sort of weapon. Fire, electricity, and their home against specified intruders; will take on all comers
other raw energy discharges of any sort aid rather than harm a with wit and ready powers, retreating only if faced with certain
nyth. The hit points of damage normally done by such attacks are destruction.
gained by the nyth as excess hit points, permanent until lost to Nyth can communicate telepathically with most creatures and
further attacks. Thus, nyth cannot be harmed by fireballs, light- may speak any language common to beings with which they have
ning bolts, and similar magics. The only exception to this drink- frequent contact.
ing of energy attacks is the magic missile spell. Nyth do not
benefit by magic missiles cast at them, because their peculiar na- Ecology: Nyth prey on small creatures of the woodlands and
ture reflects such attacks 100% back upon the caster or magic coasts, birds in particular, and go their solitary ways without
item wielder. much altering the lands in which they dwell. No specific magical
Nyth do not heal with rest and often seek out wayfarers’ fires use has yet been found for their essence, but wizards are confi-
and forest blazes to replenish their essence. dent that it will prove useful in devising fire- and magic missile
In addition to their natural magic resistance, the uniquely cha- related spells and magic items.
otic, multi-layer minds of nyth are immune to all enchantment/
charm spells and magical effects.
Peltast FA1

Peltast Greater Peltast many tiny, flat eyes can be concealed entirely or revealed
CLIMATE/ through slits when in use.
TERRAIN: Any land Any land
FREQUENCY: Very rare Very rare Habitat/Society: Peltasts apparently live for more than sixty
ORGANIZATION: Solitary Solitary years and are asexual, reproducing by dividing into two smaller,
ACTIVITY CYCLE: identical creatures (which grow as fast as the food supply per-
Any Any
DIET: Special Special mits.) A peltast will never fight another peltast, nor willingly
join a host already carrying one. Peltasts can somehow always
INTELLIGENCE: Average (8-10) Exceptional
sense each other from up to 40’ away.
(15-16) If two or more peltasts end up on the same host, they take turns
TREASURE: Nil Nil draining nutrients, the “senior” peltast (the one that arrived first,
ALIGNMENT: Neutral Neutral even if only by moments) going first. As soon as opportunity per-
mits, the “junior” peltast will transfer to another host.
NO. APPEARING: 1 3 Peltasts prefer to drain victims from such areas as the outside
of the wrist, the scalp under the hair, and the outside tip of an el-
MOVEMENT: 4 4 bow. If the peltast is removed, there is never any telltale peeling,
HIT DICE: 1+6 2+6 pulling, or traces of blood or fluid.
THAC0: 19 17 Peltasts move by creeping, worm-like, along a surface. They
NO. OF ATTACKS: 1 1 can stick to walls and ceilings (solid, non-living surfaces only),
DAMAGE/ATTACK: See below See below even if these are wet or oily. This ability will not bear the weight
SPECIAL ATTACKS: See below See below of a host creature and the peltast will be torn free.
SPECIAL DEFENSES: Immune to poison Immune to poison
and crushing and crushing Ecology: A peltast will leave a diseased host, but while attached
attacks attacks it neutralizes any poisons introduced into the host’s bloodstream,
feeding on the venom itself. The slight inherent magic resistance
of a peltast is extended to its host; if the host has any magic resist-
ance, the effects are cumulative.
SIZE: T (under 2’ long T (amorphous)
A peltast has an interest in keeping its host alive. Should the
unless stretched
host be reduced to 2 hp or less and still live, the peltast will inject
very thin)
3-6 hp of energy back into the host. It can do this only once a day).
MORALE: Steady (12) Elite (14)
A peltast exudes waste materials from itself whenever im-
XP VALUE: 65 975
mersed in water, thus staining and poisoning the water; anyone
drinking it must save vs. poison at +2 or become nauseated for
A peltast is an amorphous creature without visible organs or
2-8 rounds and be unable to attack or defend).
limbs, about the size of three human fists in volume. Its skin has a
textured, mottled brown hue resembling worn but sturdy
Greater Peltast
leather. A peltast can change its shape to exactly match a leather
These rare creatures resemble translucent rock crystals in-
item and come into close contact with humans.
stead of leather. Hard to the touch and about the size of a human
Peltasts live in symbiosis with humans and all goblinkind races.
fist, greater peltasts are able to alter their internal hue and the
Elves and dwarves do not seem right for its needs and are used
shape of their bodies. No organs or structures are visible within
only as carriers to a more suitable host creature.
the body of a greater peltast.
A peltast can change shape in two rounds to resemble any
Over the centuries these intelligent beasts have learned to
leather item. Seeking to contact the skin of a suitable creature, a
shape themselves into exact semblances of faceted gems, valued
peltast will take the form of clothing or gear (such as a leather
by many creatures. They often hide among real gemstones.
boot, belt, thong, wristband, strap, glove, or cap). If a peltast sees
Greater peltasts can be seen feeding; that is, the blood they in-
such an item dropped, it swiftly moves and changes form so as to
gest is visible within their bodies. They also grow visibly upon
be mistaken for the dropped item. A peltast feels and weighs like
draining more than 3 hit points of nutrients. A greater peltast can
leather, though it does not have the odor usually associated with
typically drain up to 12 hit points, half of which are added to its
tanned leather, and does not breathe, give off heat, or make any
personal hp total for 1 day. Greater peltasts, therefore, prefer to
sound. Peltasts do not use or radiate magic.
feed on sleeping, dead, or disabled creatures, using their magical
powers to “fetch” more meals.
Combat: When contacting flesh, a peltast exudes a liquid which
Unlike the common peltast, a greater peltast has magical
is an anesthetic and tissue softener. There is only a 1% chance
powers. Once per round, it can use one of the following abilities,
that the host creature will feel something amiss and notice this at-
radiated silently: monster summoning VI (employed to call hostile
creatures against its carrier until a good meal opportunity de-
The peltast is skilled in surgery, using its liquid with pinpoint
velops), a powerful telepathic suggestion (-1 on target saving
precision to open a small wound in the host and dissolving the
throws) used to influence both summoned creatures and other
skin in a small, hidden area. Through this contact, it “feeds” on its
beings around them, and slow on any being touching or carrying
victim, absorbing blood-borne nutrients (1 hp) every day. A
the greater peltast.
healthy host may never notice the slight weakness this causes nor
fall ill from the peltast’s feeding (as a rested host regenerates 1 hp
each night).
A peltast’s body is resilient. It is unaffected by crushing blows
or attacks by blunt weapons and gains + 1 on all saving throws
vs. fire. All edged-weapon attacks do normal damage.
A peltast’s skin can sense vibrations, smell with acute sensitiv-
ity, and see up to 60’ with both infravision and normal vision. Its
Shee FA1

ORGANIZATION: Solitary (always mounted)
INTELLIGENCE: Highly (13-14)
ALIGNMENT: Neutral evil

MOVEMENT: (mounted) 24, Fl 18 (C)
THAC0: 11
NO. OF ATTACKS: 1 or 2
DAMAGE/ATTACK: 2d8 + 2/2d6
SPECIAL ATTACKS: Death wail, Trample (mount)
SIZE: M (but always mounted, on an L)
MORALE: Fanatic (17)
XP VALUE: 7‚000

The rare undead “Banshee Rider” is seen only at night, always

appearing as an eyeless, glowing white elven maiden with long,
streaming white hair. Clad in ornate plate armor, she rides a long-
maned, eyeless horse and attacks beings she encounters with the
lance she bears. The shee slays those she can catch.
Rider and mount can both see (with 90’ infravisionl despite
their empty, dark eyesockets. They will turn towards and chase be readily attacked and is AC7.
most creatures they encounter (ignoring a target on a 2 in 6 A shee only vanishes when struck; it cannot travel about at will
chance). by this means, but must otherwise gallop. Shee are known to usu-
ally head towards the maximum number of targets nearby, but it is
Combat: The translucent shee will never dismount from her not known if they can control their teleports to arrive in specific
shadow horse, cannot be unhorsed, and will try to ride down any lands, or deliberately gallop in certain directions-if they have any
beings who stand in her path. Unless they move with her to con- concept of locations or destinations as living creatures do.
tinue combat, the Shee will attack a creature only once before Undead are unaffected by the wail of a shee, but all other shee
galloping on into the night. The strike of a shee’s shadowy, insub- attacks will affect them, and shee often attack undead. Shee seem
stantial lance does 2d8 + 2 damage and causes a l-point Strength immune to special undead abilities and attacks. If a shee is not at-
loss (strength so lost will return in an hour). Such losses are cu- tacked, she will gallop away after attacking every being present
mulative. A shee’s lance cannot be grasped, nor can it impale, once, and will not wail.
catch on anything, or be turned aside by shield or armor.
If a lance attack misses, or the Shee is attacking another being, Habitat/Society: Shee seem to gallop continuously in dark re-
the shadow horse will trample opponents. Anyone so trampled is gions, hunting living beings to attack. They have been encoun-
flung to the ground (fragile carried items may have to make sav- tered at sea, galloping across the sky low over the waves.
ing throws) and suffers 2d6 points damage. The horse is not re- Some sages of the Realms believe that shee are the creations of
lated to the undead being known as a shadow, despite its name, the god Bhaal, Lord of Murder (a process continued by Cyric, The
and is AC0 and THAC0 11. Some bards and sages believe it is not a Dark Sun) or by Malar, who creates shee as his ‘Ghost Hunt,’ Shee
separate creature at all, but part of the shee. are always solitary and no instances have ever been reported of
Shee may be struck by any sort of weapons and do not exude one shee attacking another. Two or even three shee may appear
magical fear. Their touch is said to be cold, but not magically chill- in the same area at once, typically galloping in the air low across a
ing. Shee are considered as “Special” when priests attempt to huge battlefield and attacking combatants of both (or all) sides in-
turn them; a successful turning merely causes the shee to avoid discriminately.
attacking the priest and gallop towards another target.
Like other undead, shee are immune to sleep, hold, charm and Ecology: A shee’s appearances seem related to disasters or im-
related spells and magical effects. Shee cannot be commanded by portant events. Shee may be attracted to great gatherings or out-
other undead or by any known magic and are immune to illu- pourings of magical energy.
sions, hypnotic effects, and other forms of mental influence. A being that has been struck (but not killed) by a shee or her
Shee regenerate 1 lost hit point per turn. mount gives off a faint, pearly luminescence in darkness. This is
Any successful attack on a shee will cause her to vanish. As she known as “The Mark of the Shee,” and those who bear it are re-
fades away, she will scream. Beings within 60’ of her disappear- garded with great respect by intelligent beings native to the
ance must save vs. death magic or perish. Moonshaes. A marked creature will not be attacked by common
A “vanishing” shee is actually slowly shifting to another ran- bandits, villagers, and the like; lesser undead the Realms over will
dom locale on the same plane. This transfer requires an entire avoid attacking a marked creature. This condition is permanent,
round to complete. In both places, while “vanishing,” a shee can unless removed by a limited wish (dispel magic will not suffice).
Weredragon FA1

CLIMATE/TERRAIN: Any land, usually urban, civi- weapon will force an accompanying change in form.
lized human-settled areas A change from one form to another takes a short time: one
FREQUENCY: Very rare round from human to dragon form, and two rounds for dragon
ORGANIZATION: Solitary to human form. During this transformation, a weredragon can-
ACTIVITY CYCLE: not move (except to fall) and can only employ spells or her breath
DIET: Special weapon; other actions and attacks are impossible. Such a shape-
INTELLIGENCE: Exceptional (15-16) change rends all known bonds, prisons, clothing, and other con-
finements, without harm to the weredragon. There is no known
TREASURE: Special limit to the number of times a weredragon may change form in a
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic, neutral or good given time, nor is there any known magical means of preventing
the change in form.
ARMOR CLASS: 1 (base) Breath Weapon/special abilities: A weredragon only has
MOVEMENT: 9, Fl 30 (C), Jp 3 one breath weapon: a cloud of supercharged, arcing gas 30’ long,
HIT DICE: 13 (base) 20’ wide, and 20’ high. Creatures caught in the gas must save vs.
THAC0: 9 breath weapon to escape with half damage, or suffer the cloud’s
NO. OF ATTACKS: Human: 1 (hand, weapon, or full electrical effects.
special); Dragon: 3 (claws/bite) A weredragon casts spells and wields her magical abilities at
or special 9th level, plus her combat modifier.
DAMAGE/ATTACK: Human: 1-6 barehanded or by From birth, a weredragon can cast light and darkness, 15’ ra-
weapon type; Dragon: 1-6/1-6/4- dius (once each every 6 turns) and is immune to electrical attacks.
24 As they age, weredragons gain the following additional powers:
SPECIAL ATTACKS: Special Young, feather fall twice a day; Juvenile, blink twice a day; Young
SPECIAL DEFENSES: Variable Adult, protection from normal missiles once a day; Adult, tele-
port once a day; Mature Adult, heal once a day; Old, wall of force
twice a day; Very Old, reverse gravity once a day; Wyrm, poly-
SIZE: M (human) or H (24’ base)
morph any object twice per day; Great Wyrm, plane shift once
MORALE: Fanatic (17 base)
per day. In all cases, a weredragon can affect other beings with
XP VALUE: Variable the benefits or effects of these powers by touch.

Weredragons, as many folk tales attest, are beautiful human Habitat/Society: Weredragons tend not to consort with others
women transformed into dragons—or, more accurately, a race of of their own kind and prefer dwelling in cities or courts to wil-
dragonkind that can assume female human form whenever de- derness solitude. They delight in beguiling evil and rapacious
sired. Weredragons usually live among men, revealing their men in human form, taking them as suitors or husbands, and
dragon forms only in times of personal peril or great crisis. then slaying them while in dragon form. In this way, many a
In human form, a weredragon appears as a healthy human fe- weredragon has amassed great treasure. Unlike most other drag-
male about twenty to thirty years of age, with a charisma of 16 or ons, however, weredragons delight in the gaining of treasure, not
more. In dragon form, a weredragon is slim and splendid, usually in having it. Weredragons often serve good mages, Harpers, and
iridescent blue and silver in hue, and resembles a copper dragon groups and individuals with similar aims or opportunities to pre-
in shape. In either form, a weredragon possesses 90’ infravision, serve, renew, and protect the land. Much of the history of were-
hastrue seeing up to 14’ away, and can use tongues at will, all dragons as a race remains mysterious.
from birth. A weredragon retains her full knowledge and aware-
ness in either form, and most are consummate actors, so that hu- Ecology: Weredragons are fertile in both human and dragon
mans are usually unaware of the weredragon’s true nature. form. They are always female, and their offspring are always
other weredragons. Their name is a misnomer; their genetic con-
Combat: Weredragons strike quickly and mercilessly with their dition is not the lycanthropy that afflicts other “were-” creatures.
razor-sharp claws and tend to sing joyously as they fight (al- A weredragon cannot be “cured” of her abilities nor transmit
though they can be silent if noise would endanger allies or the them to other creatures by bite or any means.
success of their own attack). In human form, weredragons prefer Weredragons can eat all plant and animal life and are immune
to use slashing edged weapons. In either form, a weredragon can to all natural venoms and toxins.
employ her spells and special abilities, although use of her breath

Breath Spells Wizard/Magic

Age Body Lgt.(’) nil Lgt.0 Armor Class Weapon Priest Resistance XP Value
1 1-5 1-4 4 2d6+1 Nil Nil 1,400
2 5-14 4-12 3 4d6 +2 Nil Nil 2,000
3 14-23 12- 21 2 6d6+3 Nil Nil 4,000
4 3-32 21-28 1 8d6 +4 1/0 Nil 6,000
5 32-41 28- 36 0 10d6 + 5 2/0 0% 9,000
6 41-50 36-45 -1 12d6 + 6 3 15% 10,000
7 50-59 45-54 -2 14d6 + 7 3 1/0 20% 11,000
8 59-68 54-62 -3 16d6 + 8 3 2/l 25% 12,000
9 68-77 62-70 -4 18d6 + 9 3 3/2 30% 14,000
10 77-86 70-78 -5 20d6 + 10 3 3 l/3 35% 16,000
11 86-95 78-85 -6 22d6 + l l 3 3 2/3 2 40% 17,000
12 95-104 85-94 -7 24d6 + 12 3 3 2 l/3 3 45% 18,000
Major magic items appearing for the tection has no known “absorption ca- Netheril, the realm of sorcerers whose
first time in this adventure are detailed pacity” limit. glory was swallowed long ago by the
here. “Base” sale prices (Gold Piece Val- A black hand can also be used ac- Great Desert, Anauroch. Most take the
ues) are given for each item as a guide tively. Its touch can drain magic items form of wand-size metal rods, with or-
to DMs if PCs want (or are forced) to sell of 1-4 charges, per touch or round of namented knobs at both ends.
an item. Magic items are not openly for continuous contact, if the wearer wills. Netherese scepters are usable by all in-
sale in the Moonshaes, or anywhere Each grasped magic item gains a saving telligent beings able to hold one. These
else in the Realms; only beings in ex- throw against Magical Fire to avoid be- items use charges, typically having 5-60
tremis part with magic for cash! ing drained and must save anew for (5d12) when found. Few, if any, know
each contact. Magic items that do not the secrets of recharging them.
use charges are rendered dormant and They are controlled by silent will of
Black Hand useless for 1d4 rounds. the bearer. If more than two beings
Experience Point Value: 4,500 Magic item powers are not known to grasp such a scepter at once, it will not
Gold Piece Value: 50,000 harm hands. A black hand has an Ar- function at all until only one being is
mor Class of -4 and 22 hit points. Its touching it again. Learning to wield the
The making of these fell items re- mesh resists piercing or cutting by even powers of a scepter takes at least 1 turn
mains a secret of the priesthood of the keenest blades. per power, although one can master the
Bane, who have used them for over a If the wearer wills, a black hands first power desired, if it is one that the
century. A very few black hands have touch can instead paralyze living be- learner has just seen in operation, in 2-5
fallen into the hands of outsiders as ings, who are allowed normal saving rounds.
booty, but no one outside the Dark throws to successfully resist. If failed, A blast scepter can:
Clergy has ever admitted to success- they are paralyzed for 2-5 turns. Any • absorb all electrical attacks (e.g.,
fully duplicating such a weapon. Such attack on a being so paralyzed will auto- natural and magical lightning) and all
an admission would almost certainly matically hit, but breaks the paralysis heat attacks without harm to the bearer
spell the doom of the claimant at the instantly. (no charge cost).
hands of Banites the Realms over, but Undead can also be paralyzed by the • automatically reflect the blast
the clergy of both Talos and Ternpus are hand’s touch. Hand wearers roll turn- force of all explosions away from the
known to have attempted crafting such ing attempts, as clerics of the same bearer. This “flashback” prevents the
gloves for their own priesthoods-so level, if not themselves clerics. If the re- bearer being knocked over or moved,
far unsuccessfully. sult is a “T‚” 2-5 turn paralysis occurs. If but is not a shield against debris and
Worn by high-ranking priests of the result is “D,” the paralysis is missiles. This power (which expends no
Bane, black hands are slip-on, elbow- permanent—until an attack ends it, or charges), coupled with the preceding
length gloves crafted of flexible black magic is used to dispel it. one, enables the bearer of such a scep-
metal mesh or very fine chainmail; they Black hands can be directed to release ter to suffer only flame damage from a
glow with an eerie dark radiance. They absorbed magical energy through a fireball, by absorbing both the heat and
are usually left-hand gloves, and a being touch attack. The electrical energy dis- blast effects. The damage dealt by the
wears only one black hand (not one on charge affects only the being touched fireball is thereby halved, even before
each hand). A hand wearer can there- (penetrating armor and conducting any saving throws apply.
fore wield a weapon as well as the along weapons and the like, but not • by touch (successful attack roll re-
glove, although a successful attack roll harming nearby beings). A saving quired) deal 1d4 damage and stun (as
is required to deliver any of the hand’s throw versus poison is allowed. If suc- the spell power word, stun) the target
touch effects. cessful, a victim suffers 2-12 damage; if creature for 1 round (save vs. spells at
A black hand absorbs all spells (and failed, 1d4 hit points of the damage of -4 to avoid the stun effect; damage in-
equivalent monster natural powers and each hand contact is permanent, at the escapable). This power can be used
magic item effects) of third level and DM’s option. No saving throw will allow only once per round. Cost: 1 charge.
less, regardless of class or origin. Such all damage to be avoided. This power • once per round, at a cost of 2
attacks will simply not affect the can be used only four times in any day. charges, the scepter can blast opponents
wearer or any items carried or worn by If a touch attempt misses, the energy is with a soundless shock wave. This oper-
him, regardless of the wearer’s actions not discharged and wasted; a discharge ates in a cone, up to 30 feet distant from
(or even if dead or unconscious). Area- occurs only if an attack succeeds. the item, and 20 feet wide at its furthest
effect spells are not negated or di- extent. Creatures struck suffer 2-12
verted; they simply do not affect the points of damage (no save) and must
glove wearer. Additional beings and Blast Scepter save vs. spells or be knocked off their
their gear cannot be protected by the Experience Point Value: 4,000 feet. If this occurs, target spellcasting is
touch of the hand, nor does its protec- Gold Piece Value: 45,000 ruined; any fragile held or carried items
tion extend to a being merely carrying must save vs. “crushing blow.”
it: it must be worn, in contact with the These rare, ancient devices are one of • once per day, powerstrike any one
skin, to function at all. Its passive pro- the more unpleasant legacies of lost opponent. This power drains 5 charges

and can only be willed to occur when the intended destination is improperly energy is stored by the hand for motive
the scepter is touching an opponent described or not concentrated upon, power). When a hand is destroyed, the
(i.e., after a successful “to hit” roll has mid-air appearances and falling damage magical energy escapes harmlessly, not
been made, the scepter wielder can de- are possible. Note that a handharp in an explosion or in any form that can
cide to forego the 1d4 damage and stun- bearer can mentally state (aloud to the be tapped or fed upon by others.
ning noted above, and instead DM) any visible destination (e.g., “under Magic items contacting a hand are
power-strike for 5d6 damage. Targets the apple tree, over there”) without giv- completely drained of magic, unre-
are allowed a saving throw vs. spell for ing its coordinates in distance and di- storable by any means short of a wish.
half damage. rection and still arrive safely. Artifacts are plane shifted away at ran-
In the hands of a bard, a handharp’s dom, leaving their bearers behind (un-
area of effect doubles to 20’ distant, and less the DM desires to drag the poor
Handharp it can be made to dimension door the hero along!). A dispel magic directed
Experience Point Value: 2,000 bard up to 180’ away. against a hand is absorbed without
Gold Piece Value: 16,000 damaging the hand or lessening its le-
viation abilities, but does act as a 1
This rarity is a favored item of travel- Holy Hand of Bane round slow.
ing Harpers, who are believed to have Experience Point Value: 8,000
devised it in long-ago days. A handharp Gold Piece Value: Nil (uncontrollable
is a crescent-shaped wooden instru- and thus non-saleable) Mace of Darkness
ment about the size of a man’s hand, Only a few of these deadly items exist, Experience Point Value: 1,000
strung with magical metal strings. guarding the innermost altars of evil Gold Piece Value: 9,000
Its powers can be employed by any- temples dedicated to the god Bane.
one able to play a tune. When it is Fashioned of obsidian, holy hands are These weapons are used by many evil
played, four small blue globes of light immense, standing 6’ high when up- priests and warriors in the Realms. Al-
(equal in effects to the first level wizard right, ways aligned (a priest of Bane, for ex-
spell dancing lights) come into being A holy hand floats motionless, levitat- ample, would wield a Lawful evil mace),
around the harp. These globes may be ing, unless any good-aligned being en- these all-metal, fearsomely-spiked + 2
mentally directed by the harp player, as ters the chamber it guards. Thereupon weapons deal 1d8 points damage to
a wizard directs his dancing lights, it will turn slowly to point at the nearest creatures of all sizes.
without full concentration. good-aligned character, attacking if any The bearer of a mace of darkness can
Undead suffer damage and attack roll such being advances to within 60’ of the cause it, when grasped and so ordered,
penalties of -2 within 10’ of a playing guarded altar. A holy hand can sense the to create darkness, 15’ radius for 1 or 2
handharp. Saving throws against all alignment and whereabouts of all beings rounds, as desired. This darkness is
life-energy draining, paralyzing, and re- in its temple precisely and will pursue in- centered on, and moves with, the mace
lated natural spells and powers (such as truders throughout the temple if acti- head. Once ended, it cannot be rein-
a chill touch spell) attacks are made at vated by their intrusion into its guarded voked until 2 rounds have passed.
+2. Creatures within 10’ of a playing area. A mace of darkness will emit a snarl-
handharp cannot be charmed, and A holy hand is AC1, MV 15 (A), THAC0 ing noise whenever it strikes a good-
charmed creatures who venture within 11, HD 9, and always has 66 hit points. aligned creature (it cannot be magically
10’ of a playing handharp will be dazed It can be struck by all sorts of physical confused as to the alignment). If a being
(treat as the effects of a power word, weapons and suffers their normal dam- of any alignment other than the mace’s
stun) as long as they remain in the han- age. Fire and electricity of any sort can- own attempts to wield it or grasp it, they
dharp’s area of effect. All of these not affect a hand, nor can it be be will suffer 2-8 points of electrical dam-
powers can be used as often as desired mentally influenced or controlled. age per contact or round of contact.
and do not drain the item. A holy hand attacks once per round,
A handharp has one additional smiting for 4-24 damage or grasping
power, which can be used only once per and crushing for 2-12 damage, plus 5-30 The Scimitar of Souls
day, though all of the handharp’s magic per round thereafter. (Determine (Artifact-Unique item)
is exhausted for 1 turn after this use. which attack form it uses randomly.)
The bearer of a handharp can, by A holy hand is animated, constructed, The favored weapon of the evil
plucking a certain string and singing a and powered by magic. All magical Iyachtu Xvim, this infamous weapon is
particular note simultaneously, will the items, weapons, and spell discharges or a giant + 3 scimitar that drains 2 life en-
handharp to dimension door him or her magic item effects coming into contact ergy levels whenever it strikes a living
up to 90’ away. This power will take with it will be utterly absorbed. Magical opponent (no saving throw). The truth
along all carried and worn items, but attacks dealing a hand over 40 points of of its origin is lost in conflicting legends;
not another living creature. “damage” in a single round will actually it is known to be much heavier than
Such travel is instant, but subject to heal any damage to it, by the amount of most humans can comfortably use in
the same dangers that the spell has: if the excess points over 40 (the rest of the battle (weighing about thirty pounds)

and is of lawful evil alignment. Crea- cept that it cannot give off “waves of ments of power. Appearing only as un-
tures of other alignments who touch heat” damage) with red and black usually fine religious garments of the
the scimitar will feel a sickening, flames springing up in front of the style, fabric, and hue normal to the
wrenching pain (-1 on attack rolls and chair, ten feet across and as far away faith, these robes possess magical
Dexterity ability score while in contact from the foot of the chair, outwards in a powers as detailed below and may be
with the weapon). Further, they will straight path, as the sitter desires up to worn and used in conjunction with
suffer a loss of 1d4 hit points per con- a maximum distance of 100’ (and the sit- other protective devices and magic
tact (or per round of continuous con- ter can be damaged by the flames if he items.
tact) if they are of any evil alignment, or or she falls into them);
a loss of 1d12 hp if they are not. • fire resistance (identical in effect to Lesser Vestments
that conferred by a ring of fire resist- Experience Point Value: 1,800
ance) protects the sitter; Gold Piece Value: 18,000
Seat of Bane • the sitter is empowered to speak The wearer receives a + 3 Armor
Experience Point Value: 6,000 with dead (as the spell, as if cast by a 9th Class bonus, and a +4 bonus to all sav-
Gold Piece Value: 160,000 level cleric), regardless of class, align- ing throws, while wearing the vest-
ment, or level. This ability can be used ments. No attack or damage bonuses
These cumbersome items of ancient in addition to the spell of the same are gained. The vestments also provide
design and make are found in only a name, if the sitter is a cleric, but it does the wearer with protection equivalent
few temples of Bane. A Seat of Bane, or not affect the spell’s performance, nor to the third level wizard spell protec-
“chair of audience,” is carved of black can a cleric of higher level than 9th im- tion from normal missiles, the first level
stone. Its back rises up twenty feet pose his better performance through wizard spell feather fall and a ring of
above the seat, and is fashioned into a the chair’s power, to augment it. fire resistance.
black hand. Senior priests of the temple A Seat of Bane can switch instantly
clergy customarily sit in such a chair from one power to another, but can Greater Vestments
when serving as the temporal voice and only ever have one power operating at Experience Point Value: 3,000
judgement of Bane, guarding the far- a time (except for its ESP). Each power Gold Piece Value: 30,000
thest point into the temple that non- functions for at least 1 round, once acti- These robes provide all the powers
clergy are allowed to reach. A Seat of vated. and protections of lesser vestments and
Bane radiates magic, but neither has Once enchanted, a Seat of Bane can- two additional powers, both usable
charges nor can it be exhausted by any not be tipped or moved without un- three times in any one-day period.
known means. leashing a 6d6 fireball in all directions. These powers are true seeing and di-
A Seat of Bane allows any single being This fireball will do no harm to the mension door. The former power is
on its seat to employ ESP with a 90-yard chair, which is immune to fire and elec- equivalent to the fifth level priest spell
range, by silent act of will. This power trical attacks, whatever their origin. (no ointment is required), while the lat-
of the chair can be used continuously If one’s campaign uses SPELLJAM- ter power is equal in efficacy to the
and in combination with other func- MER” rules and settings, a Seat of Bane fourth level wizard spell, as if cast by a
tions of the chair. will function as a Minor Helm. It is as tenth level wizard (the one-round re-
In any single round, a Seat of Bane difficult to destroy as other Minor covery period is retained).
can create or maintain any one of the Helms (i.e., treat it as an artifact for pur- Greater vestments possess a secret
following powers: poses of PCs destroying it). command word. If spoken when the
• an invisible, cylindrical wall of Any evil being who can fit on the seat robes are touched but not worn, the
force surrounding the chair, open at can use the powers of a Seat of Bane, robes will become invisible, and levitate
top and bottom; but it will not function in any way for in place, not moving unless physically
• an anti-magic ray emanating from characters of neutral or good align- snatched from their waiting location.
the palm of the hand (the back of the ments, although contact with it does The command word must be spoken
chair, above the head of the being seated them no damage. If more than one evil backwards within 60 feet of their
in the chair), with the same effects, character is vying for control of a Seat, present location (they may have been
range, and 90-degree arc as the ray gen- the one occupying the largest part of moved from their original location by
erated by a beholder’s central eye; the actual seat of the chair wields its any number of disturbances) to make
• true seeing, 120’ range, conferred powers. them reappear and cease their levita-
upon the being sitting in the Seat (last- tion. Levitation and invisibility can con-
ing as long as desired, so long as the be- Vestments of Power tinue for centuries if not commanded to
ing remains on the Seat); Priests of many faiths in the Realms cease. Note that the protective powers
• know alignment, 10-yard range, possess ceremonial robes. Almost 25% of a greater vestment do not function
conferred upon the being sitting in the of all seventh level or higher priests en- while it is invisible and levitating.
Seat (for as long as desired, so long as countered in their homes, temples, or
the being remains on the Seat); holy places will have access to magical
• a wall of fire of normal effect (ex- robes. In most cases, these will be vest-

WIZARD SPELLS Third Level age per level of the caster and is a men-
ace to clothing, carried items, and other
Call Undead flammable materials adjacent to the vic-
Second Level tim (item saving throws required). Un-
(Necromancy) like a fireball, it does not explode
Mist Magic outwards to affect all beings in an area.
Range: sphere, 100 yards/level radius Flamsterd’s flamestrike ruins any on-
(Evocation) Components: V,S,M going spellcasting on the part of the vic-
Duration: Instantaneous tim and endangers any unprotected
Range: 70 yards Casting Time: 3 accoutrements, even when the victim is
Components: V,S,M Area of Effect: Special magically protected against fire.
Duration: 1d4 turns + 1 round/level Saving Throw: None When used as a trap, a flamestrike
Casting Time: 2 must be cast on a small piece of metal
Area of Effect: sphere; 20’-radius This spell allows a wizard to summon (typically a piece of copper) and a series
+ 10’/level any undead of 6 hit dice or less within of specific triggering conditions (equiv-
Saving Throw: None spell range, but does not give the caster alent to those of a magic mouth spell)
any control over them. A wizard may uttered. The trap is then “set” to acti-
This spell creates concealing mists, use this spell to bring hidden undead vate when the conditions are met. It can
akin to the first level wizard spell wall out where they can be dealt with by be magically detected as a trap only if
of fog. Unlike that simpler spell, magic companions or the wizard’s own spells, the detector is specifically considering
mists can either move as chosen by the or bring down an undead attack on foes an action that would trigger it.
caster at a maximum rate of 20’/round, or captors. The call does not allow the The conditions typically involve dis-
or stay motionless (despite winds) for 1 undead to unerringly locate the caller. turbing the coin or piece of metal, and
round/level of the caster, or move with Lesser undead within range when the the flamestrike can wait indefinitely un-
the caster. Mist is left behind at the cast- spell is cast immediately move at full til the conditions are fulfilled. The con-
er’s last solid corporeal location if the normal rate towards the caster. Note ditions cannot involve anything
caster uses such spells as blink, dimen- that this range extends above and be- involving detection of actions at a dis-
sion door, or teleport. The movement low the caster. Greater undead may ac- tance; that is, casting a specific spell or
cannot be changed once chosen. Mist company them, but are not compelled entering an area, if the coin is not dis-
control does not prevent other action to do so. This spell is effective through turbed by doing so, etc. If a dispel magic
or spell casting. water, solid stone, and all non-magical is cast on the coin before it is disturbed
The mist created is thick and conceal- barriers, but is not effective from one or any other of the preset conditions
ing, obscuring even infravison beyond plane to another. are fulfilled, the spell will be dispersed
two feet. The mist is also extremely This spell may be used to bring back without taking effect. If one or more be-
wet, dousing normal campfires or previously turned undead, forcing an- ings fulfill the conditions of a “set” fla-
smaller flames and extinguishing larger other turning attempt. Its material com- mestri k e, t h e f i r s t o n e t o d o s o i s
normal fires in 2-5 rounds (this destroys ponent is a piece of bone from any affected; if they do so simultaneously,
the mists). Many wizards use this spell creature. the spell still affects only one being (de-
to put out house and forest fires. termine randomly).
All fire-based attacks entering, pass-
ing through, or cast within the mists Fourth Level The material components are a pinch
of saltpeter, filings or a small piece of
lose 2 points from each die of damage. any metal, a piece of phosphorous, and
Flamsterd’s Flamestrike
Items in the mist receive +3 saving a pinch of ashes.
throw bonuses against fire-based at-
tacks, but damage done is unchanged.
The mists can be affected by hold vapor
Sixth Level
Range: 10 yards/level
and destroyed by dispel magic. Dura- Components: V,S,M Starharp
tion of the mists is halved by strong Duration: 1 round (once activated)
winds. Casting Time: 4 (1 round if “set”) (Alteration, Necromancy)
Area of Effect: One creature Range: 0
Saving Throw: 1/2 Components: V‚S,M
Duration: 1 round/level
This specialized fire spell can be used Casting Time: 6
both as a direct attack and as a guardian Area of Effect: 2’/level diameter
trap. In either case, it affects one crea- sphere
ture only, flames appearing in a roaring Saving Throw: None
spiral around the victim. The flame-
strike does 1d12 + 1 hit points of dam- This powerful spell is customarily

known only by Harpers, in particular, This spell transforms the corpse or Casting this spell brings into being a
the traveling bards among them. It cre- partial remains of a single upright bi- long whip of ghostly, glowing red force,
ates a blue-white, glowing image of a pedal creature of any race into the ani- emanating from the cleric’s hand. With
harp, floating in the air above the cast- mate force of a helmed horror (a this “lash of lightning,” the caster can at-
er’s head. The harp plays by itself, echo- described in Appendix 3). The horror tack once per round, at + 3 to hit.
ing and elaborating on whatever tune rises from the remains 3 rounds after Whenever the lash strikes a being, the
the caster sang or hummed during the spellcasting is complete, entering its ar- caster can release it to attack that being
casting, and emits little “stars” of twin- mor. If armor is not present, the horror repeatedly, fighting on its own until the
kling radiance as it does so. dissipates, and the spell is wasted. spell expires. The caster can then en-
All creatures within the harp’s area of The caster or another being must gage in spellcasting or other activities
effect (a sphere centered on the harp, wear the armor as the horror enters it, a without ending the spell.
which moves with the caster) are in- process described as “unbearably chill- A mystic lash does 2d8 hit points elec-
stantly freed from any existing natural ing;” this often causes the armor wearer trical damage per strike (save for half
or magical pain, nausea, charms, holds, to faint. The horror gains its knowledge damage, rounding up). The strike of the
fear, stunning, and any effects of a re- of how to fill the armor, and something lash also has a magical effect. If the lash
pulsion spell. These effects will not re- of its independent reasoning, from the is directly wielded by its caster, that
turn after the starharp fades away. In armor-wearer (who need not be of the cleric chooses the effect by effort of
addition, the caster may concentrate on proper class to use armor). Once the will. If the lash is fighting by itself, the
any one being within range during horror has entered, the armor may be effect is chosen at random (roll 1d6).
spellcasting, and that being will be mag- taken off; within 1 turn it will animate as The following effects are possible:
ically cured of 2-8 hp of damage as soon a fully-functional horror. (Details of the
as the harp appears. (If no being is cho- commands and immunities a horror 1. Struck victim is stunned (effects as
sen, this healing power is lost; it cannot may be given are in Appendix 3.) a Power Word, Stun) for that and the
be saved for later. Neither can this spell The carrion need not be whole and is following round.
be used to give healthy beings addi- consumed in the casting, but it must be 2. Struck victim forgets any one spell
tional, “extra” hit points.) the remains of a creature that was of or command word held in memory (if
This spell cannot be disrupted by at- evil alignment for at least part of its life, none, treat as result above).
tacks against the caster or the harp im- or the spell will have no effect. The 3. Struck victim is wracked with
age. Magical darkness of any sort doom destroys the remains forever, pain, takes an additional 1d4 points
cannot form or persist within the preventing resurrection, animation as damage, and any held weapons or
starharp’s area of effect. undead, speak with dead, and similar other items are dropped.
Once the spell is cast, the creator of a activities from affecting them. A 4. Struck victim paralyzed: paralysis
starharp is free to fight, sleep, cast spells, helmed horror is not regarded as an un- lasts until successful save against para-
and engage in other activities without af- dead creature, however, because it can- lyzation is made; allow 1 save per
fecting the starharp. If the caster is slain, not be turned, affected, or dispelled by round, but victim will always fail the
the harp continues to function, but turns holy beings or things; it only resembles first save attempt.
blood-red, its tune becoming sad. The undeath in its creation and functions. It 5. Any one metal item or weapon
spells material components are a tear terrifies simple folk the same way! carried or worn by the victim is vapor-
from the caster and a tiny carved harp of The material components of this spell ized (instantly and irrevocably disinte-
wood, bone, or ivory. are a pinch of bone powder or bone grated, in a blue cloud of arcing
shard of any origin, a pinch of dust, and electricity). Victim suffers an additional
a fairly complete, non- magical and non- 2d4 damage.
PRIEST SPELLS aligned suit of metal armor, which will 6. Struck victim is hurled away; the
serve as the “body” of the horror. lash entwines the being in a helix of
Fourth Level lightning, and the being is propelled

The Doom of Bane

Fifth Level helplessly 1d4x10 yards in a straight
line away from the caster, taking an ad-
Mystic Lash ditional 2d6 impact damage when arriv-
(Necromancy) ing at the new location (or, if in mid-air,
(Evocation) falling damage instead). No damage is
Sphere: Necromantic suffered from the entwining lash.
Range: Touch Sphere: Combat
Components: V,S,M Range: 10 yd/level A mystic lash can be destroyed in-
Duration: Permanent Components: V,S,M stantly by dispel magic, but cannot be
Casting Time: 1 round Duration: 1 round/level affected or guarded against as though it
Area of Effect: Special Casting Time: 5 was a purely electrical attack, Its mate-
Saving Throw: None Area of Effect: Special rial components are the cleric’s holy
Saving Throw: Special symbol and a piece of amber.

Seventh Level

(Abjuration, Alteration)

Sphere: Elemental (Water)

Range: Touch
Components: V,S,M
Duration: Permanent
Casting Time: 9 rounds
Area of Effect: Special
Saving Throw: None

This complicated evil ritual to magi-

cally veil Moonwells was recently redis-
covered and developed by certain
priests of Bane. Moonwells are precious
pools of clear water found in the Moon-
shae Isles, sacred to the Goddess
(Chauntea). The few sages and priests
who have heard of the dark work of
The Risen Cult of Bane believe that this
ritual could be modified to seal other
existing gates, color pools, and other
means of passing between planes or
contacting deities.
A moonveil spell is a long ritual in-
volving chanting, dancing about the en-
tire circumference or shore of a
Moonwell, and the sacrifice of one liv-
per round of contact. If a being dives, a small vial of liquid poison, of any sort.
ing creature per round. The caster may
falls, or is otherwise immersed in the
have up to seven assistants active in car-
pool, 6-24 damage automatically applies Stone Walk
rying out the ritual. If successful, the
for each round of contact, and the vic-
spell causes a Moonwell—as well as any (Alteration, Necromancy)
tim must save against poison for each
holy water or sweet water that is
round or be blinded. Such blindness
within 90’ of the caster at any time dur- Sphere: Elemental (Earth)
lasts for 1- 4 turns after the being was
ing the ritual—to lose its properties. Range: Special
last in contact with the mist or water.
The Moonwell may be magically puri- Components: V,S,M
All spells of sixth level or less directed
fied again, but the other magical waters Duration: Special
against the black mist or the well are re-
mentioned are ruined forever. Casting Time: 1 round (plus prepara-
flected back 100%, for full effects, on
A “veiled” Moonwell is covered by an tory rituals and jour-
the caster. The black mist cannot be
opaque black carpet of curling mist, neying)
separated into smaller portions nor can
even in full sunlight. This veil blocks all Area of Effect: Special
any of it be taken away from the well;
beneficial effects of the Moonwell (de- Saving Throw: None
the magic generates it continuously
tailed in the “Sacred Groves &
from the pool itself.
Moonwells” appendix of this adven- This spell is one of the oldest secrets
A moonveil can be destroyed by a
ture). It also lessens the local influence of several evil priesthoods in the
specially-cast variant of the sunray spell;
of the Goddess, preventing Her from Realms and is used to link far-flung tem-
no other means of destroying a moonveil
awakening or, if already active, accu- ples or sacred areas for important and
has yet been found. It cannot be re-
rately directing her land-dwelling Chil- emergency journeys. A stone walk is a
versed or negated by will of the caster.
dren, The Unicorn and The Pack, special form of teleportation that cir-
The material components of this spell
against evil. cumvents all known magical barriers
are a piece of burned bone from any
Contact with the black mist forces and safeguards against teleportation,
creature native to the Moonshaes, the
items to make saving throws against including gorgon’s blood, proof against
blood of one living creature per round
acid and living beings to save versus teleportation spells, and so on.
of the ritual (each creature must be
poison, both with a - 2 penalty, or suf- A stone walk is somewhat akin to the
slain during the ritual), a pinch of dung,
fer 3-12 hit points of corrosive damage wizard’s gemjump spell, but does not
a pinch of ashes, a dried snakeskin, and

use roguestones. It involves two stony ture password. • Chilling: Any being within 20’ must
areas large enough to stand on. Both The caster may travel between the save vs. paralyzation or suffer a chilling
must be prepared with a secret ritual two ends by any means desired, and withering, which causes a 1-12 hit point
involving crushed gems before the spell may cast the stone walk immediately af- loss; there is a 30% chance that 1 hit
itself is first cast. ter the second end is prepared. point of such damage will be perma-
Once the stone walk is cast, a being The spell itself requires (and con- nently lost.
can pass instantly and unerringly from sumes) a piece of spidersilk at least a • Pain: Any being within 40’ must
one stone to the other by standing on foot in length, two intact diamonds save vs. breath weapon or be wracked
one and speaking a secret password, set (5,000 gp value or greater), a handful of by fierce stabbing pains for 2-20
during the casting. The two “ends” of the earth, and a wing-feather of any flying rounds. These cause -2 penalties to a
teleportation must be on the same plane bird. victim’s attack rolls as well as a - 1 pen-
of existence, but may be any distance alty on Dexterity ability scores.
apart. The trip itself is always instanta- Death Symbol
neous and safe; the destination may be These effects are cumulative. A crea-
endangered by guardian creatures, (Conjuration/Summoning) ture touching a symbol-guarded door
traps, flooding, and the like, but the trav- or area will have to save against all
eler will always arrive at the other end— Sphere: Guardian three effects each time the symbol is ac-
blocking the stone with solid matter Range: Touch tivated by any of the creatures whose
merely causes the traveler to arrive at a Components: V,S,M blood was used in its creation.
nearby open, floored space. Duration: Permanent If a symbol of death is cast upon a sur-
One trip (one way) per level of the Casting Time: 3 face that is broken open before the
caster may be made, taking the caster Area of Effect: Special symbol is exhausted (usually in an at-
or another being and all carried or Saving Throw: Neg. tempt to destroy or bypass the symbol),
worn items, accoutrements, and non- the symbol’s magical energy is instantly
living items, of up to 100 lbs. in addi- The Risen Cult of Bane uses a special released in an explosion. This energy
tional weight. Living creatures who symbol created long ago with the direct blast does 3-24 hit points damage to all
touch the caster may be transported assistance of the god Bane. In all re- creatures within 10’, 2-16 to all within
too, along with 100 lbs. of gear each, spects, this symbol is employed in the 11-20’, 1-8 to all within 21-30’, and 1d4
but each creature uses up one “trip.” same way as other symbols (see page to all within 31-40’.
Non- living material of more than 100 236 of the Players’ Handbook), requir-
lbs. weight will be simply left behind, ing various ingredients for its making.
and cannot walk without the touch (and Unlike other symbols, the death sym-
accompaniment) of a living creature. bol of Bane is permanent-or at least, it
Usually, only a single priest makes a lasts for one discharge per creature
trip; the “extra” capacity of the spell is whose blood (only three drops of each
left for subsequent trips. Note that the creature’s blood is required) is used in
password cannot be changed until the its making. Most symbols involve the
spell is exhausted and a new one cast to sacrifices of at least thirty creatures,
replace it. whose blood is mixed into a paste with
If too many creatures try to come on a ground black opal and diamond dust
walk, the spell is exhausted. The caster (valued at no less than 5,000 gp each).
or first being will be taken, and then The symbol is drawn with this paste.
whatever other creatures the magic can A symbol of death vanishes, once cast,
accommodate: extra creatures and all and glows only when activated. It cannot
non-living material (including clothing, be activated by any creature bearing a
weapons, and gear) are left behind. holy symbol of Bane. Typically, it is cast
The material components of this spell on a door or portal and is activated
include a paste with which each “end” when an unacceptable creature touches
of the walk is outlined. For each end, the door or attempts to pass through the
this paste requires four crushed rubies, portal. If so set, it explodes (see below)
of at least 5,000 gp value each. The ends and the surface it is on is destroyed. Its
must be personally prepared by the effects are as follows:
caster of the stone walk, within 444
• Death: Any being within 10’ of the
days of the casting of the spell. The rit-
symbol must save vs. death magic or be
ual of preparation involves bathing, a
slain (any character touching the sym-
thorough washing of the stony areas se-
bol itself, even if using a weapon or tool
lected, and their outlining with the
to do so, saves at - 1).
paste, while the caster whispers the fu-

This section presents ideas for long- from the barrow, slaughtering any lo- have the archmage and eminent sage
term adventuring in the Moonshaes. cals who stand against them, and spread Flamsterd show up, his long beard
Also, FR2, Moonshaes Realms source- out across the countryside. They must tucked into his belt or drawn up and
book is a useful source of adventure be found and destroyed! flung over one shoulder, his grey robes
ideas, as well as an essential reference to • A charismatic new war leader (per- and red cloak continuously curling and
the Moonshaes setting. haps a shaman having natural magical flapping of their own volition about him,
powers) arises among the Northmen and and his eyes flashing. He will teleport the
Adventure leads them to war against the Ffolk. Hu-
man pirates who use the Moonshaes as a
unwilling dragon elsewhere (to another
plane, perhaps, or into a busy urban
Threads base from time to time take advantage of
the confusion of the war to carve out
area somewhere in Thay) with a spectac-
ular spell unknown to the PCs. After sav-
Appendix 8 at the end of this module tiny, well-armed kingdoms for them- ing the PCs, he will shake his head sadly
provides “building blocks” a DM can selves in Snowdown, what remains of at their foolishness and depart as sud-
readily use to devise new adventures. Flamsterd, and along Corwell’s southern denly as he appeared.
These “threads” can be spun into many coast. Swords rule the land, and famine, Flamsterd’s appearance will, of
adventures. aided by a harsh winter, strikes down course, be big news around the Isles.
This module only begins the PCs’ con- Ffolk who can no longer work their Any local who witnesses it will immedi-
frontation with The Risen Cult of Bane. farms. ately recognize the famous sage. If no
Cult survivors will see the PCs as deadly In such lawless times, Harpers and witnesses are present and the PCs de-
enemies; the struggle between the PCs druids call on all adventurers they can scribe the wizard to anyone, Flamsterd
and the Cult will continue wherever in find, to carry out rescue missions or will be recognized by his description and
the Realms the PCs go. The Risen Cult strikes against specific foes. Just getting the news will spread. The battle with the
sees itself as a renewal of the true wor- food shipments in from Waterdeep, Min- dragon could uncover buried treasure,
ship of Bane, and will rapidly spread tarn, and Baldur’s Gate will be major or a map or clue leading to another ad-
across Faerun. achievements and battles, A long period venture.
Few Risen Cult leaders named in Ap- of campaign play can focus on the PCs’
pendix 2 confront the PCs directly in this part in setting human civilization on the
Isles back on its feet, perhaps with elven
adventure. They will lead revenge at-
tacks on surviving PCs after the events aid. PCs could become minor nobility, Adventurers Are
with lands of their own to retire to.
described here, regardless of how well
or poorly the PCs did against the Cult. (These lands would be constantly men- Regarded
The Cult would love to make the PCs aced by this or that evil, of course.)
charmed, expendable “dirty work” In the Moonshaes today, wandering
slaves, carrying out raids, thefts, and kill- Land of Mist & hireswords tend to be regarded as infe-
rior brethren by the Northmen, danger-
ings to enrich the Cult. The Cult also
wants all PC treasure.
Mystery ous men (who must be handled carefully
In addition to major plots, the Moon- and perhaps duped to work to the ad-
shaes afford a DM plenty of opportuni- vantage of the People) by the be-
New Possibilities ties to use phantom warriors, wailing leaguered Llewyrr, and as “outlanders”
More adventures include: elven women, and uncontrolled “wild’ among the Ffolk.
• Badly ravaged by disease, human magic for atmosphere amid the mists of How individual Ffolk view outlanders
bandit raids, and magical attacks the wilderlands; a variety of short “inci- depends on their personal experiences
launched by evil wizards seeking to dents” are possible too. For instance, and station in life. To farmers, outland-
claim isolated vales for their own do- whenever a PC casts a dispel magic, ers are simply trouble: brigands and
mains, the Llewyrr begin actively attack- some part of the surroundings-a stone thieves who imperil their families, be-
ing human travellers in the woods. The floor underfoot or a nearby boulder, for longings, stock, and crops. They are to
Risen Cult is also attacking the Llewyrr, instance-affected by the spell will begin be gotten rid of as quickly as possible,
in a bid to try to weaken all other inhab- to transform back into its rightful shape: treated with distant politeness if they
itants of the Isles. The Llewyrr are aided a black (or blue, or green, or...) dragon, are civil and too strong to defy or trick,
by a few powerful warrior-elves from furious at its imprisonment and anxious and to be ganged up on (with the aid of
Evermeet, who command spells and to retaliate, who will immediately attack neighbors) if they seem to hang around
magical weapons both rare and strange. the PCs! the vicinity.
• An old barrow is discovered in ru- If the PCs simply aren’t powerful To local lords and warriors, outlanders
ral Callidyrr by farmers felling trees. A enough to hold their own against the are competition. If they abide by local
vampire escapes and is at large! dragon, the DM can frighten them for a laws and keep the peace, they are re-
The barrow seems to contain a whole few rounds of desperate combat (per- garded with respect-but regarded
host of undead—wights, spectres, skele- haps forcing them to use up the powers watchfully, all the time. There’s no tell-
tons, zombies, and more. They emerge of magic items they may have) and then ing what sort of trouble might erupt if

these foreign swordswingers suddenly tial and usually pays marginally better imperilled by giants and other monsters
ran amok. News from the Sword Coast (say, 3 cp a day plus room and board). It and already claimed or occupied by
of valiant deeds or gross villainy travels tends to be more dangerous, and has dwarves.
fairly well to the Moonshaes, so previous less job security. If a thief gets past you, Nevertheless, the Moonshaes possess
deeds and reputation carried by an indi- you’re likely to get fired, even if the mis- abundant wilderlands where the strong
vidual or band will color the reception creant is caught by another guard. Em- can carve out realms for themselves. Ea-
they get. Heroes can at least be fully ac- ployer suspicion tends to be high; most ger adventurers are reminded that
cepted by the warriors of the Ffolk as miserly merchants have a paranoid sus- founding a kingdom can take a lifetime
one of their own. War and its arts are picion of all people who are anywhere or more, and is never safe or easy.
widely understood among all races of around them!
the Moonshaes and those who fight well, More mercenary, single-task duties Hunting Grounds
and not against their hosts, will in gen- are also available, and these tend to pay The Moonshae sourcebook explores
eral be well thought of. more highly than daily employment. some colorful locales in the Moonshaes
In all cases, the more magic and the Wizards in Corwell and other places of- that may tempt the visiting adventurer.
more possible thievery or deceit that ten need someone to bring them fresh Here are two more.
outlanders reveal, the more suspicious wyvern blood and haven’t the time to • High up on the ice-clad cliffs of the
Ffolk will be towards them-the more spare themselves to go and fetch it (PCs Jotenhammer Range of mountains in
they will be watched. Many wizards should be careful to check out who is southern Norland (known as the Eilyr
make their homes on the Isles, but tend hiring them; some powerful wizards Dyrr to the elves, and the Westlook
to keep to themselves in towers or on tend to be slow in paying hirelings and ,if Peaks to the Ffolk) lie many old, rich
country estates, not throwing their pressed, have been known to conven- gem-mines. In the wars of decades past,
powers around overtly. Those who do iently forget earlier bargains and view most of the miners fled or were slain.
so, don’t keep friends or good common the insistent hirelings as sources of vari- Northmen (and a few daring adventur-
regard, and may even be forcibly evicted ous fresh substances). ers of the Ffolk) exploring the mines re-
by local lords. A being may hire adventurers to steal cently have fought fell creatures there.
In all cases, the DM should consider or recover something from, or merely Recently, many blue and white drag-
the circumstances when considering pillage the belongings of, a rival—or to ons have been seen flying above the
NPC reactions to PC actions. The Ffolk murder someone. In the Moonshaes, it’s mountains. Some sages believe they
have a deep love for the land (and the often easier to hire outlanders to do breed (or lair) in the area.
Goddess who is the land) and won’t be such things—if they’re caught, it’s much • In the dense forests of northern
angry at someone who uses magic, easier to swear you had nothing to do Gwynneth, lies a hidden vale. Once an el-
magic items, quick violence, or even with the whole affair. ven refuge, it is now home to a band of
thieving skills in the defense of local The most common one-shot available wizards who slew the Llewyrr. These
Ffolk or of the land. employment for adventurers (except as evil mages have powerful magical guard-
farmhands, at harvest time) is as ship- ians, some of them invisible, that walk
Honest Jobs For guards against piracy aboard Moonsha- among the Ffolk in disguise to hunt and
vian vessels running to and from destroy any who find their home and tell
Adventurers Mintarn and the Sword Coast ports. The others of it.
There are times when every adven- Sword Coast doesn’t bear its name for Some believe the wizards are in hiding
turer is down on his or her luck, or nothing, and The Nelanther are all too from powerful enemies on the Sword
when cash is needed and there are no close for comfort. The DM can use pi- Coast mainland, or that they are allied
great treasures just lying around to be rate encounters included in this adven- with the Hosttower Arcane of Luskan.
won. In short, there are times when ad- ture, or devise his own. In every Others whisper that they are Zhen-
venturers must (gasp) work to feed Moonshavian port tavern one may hear tarim, or even an outpost of The Red
themselves. a dozen colorful “narrow- escape-from- Wizards of Thay. Still others hold that
In the often dangerous Moonshaes, lo- the-pirates” tales. the vale is the site of an exclusive school
cal lords are always looking to beef up
of wizardry that has shown no sign of
their soldiery, or to hire patrols to keep
the monsters down in the wilderland
Steading emerging to dominate the Isles—and if
Much of the Moonshaes, particularly left alone, will probably remain in seclu-
forests. This is ready money (not good
its vast woodlands, is little visited by sion. Everyone seems to agree, in whis-
money, but enough to live on) for war-
men. There is always a claim on land, pers around tavern hearth-fires late at
riors, but thieves and wizards are less
however, and PCs would do well to seek night, that the vale does contain a lot of
welcome in such service. The pay tends
permission from the local druids before magic. No one speaks too loudly of such
to be something along the lines of 2 cp,
felling any trees or face attacks from things, or claims much detailed personal
one meal per day and board if one is sta-
druids and disapproving Harpers as well knowledge—talkative folk have a habit
tioned in fortifications, meals and pay
as the usual woodland beasts. of disappearing.
both doubled in times of open warfare.
Private guard duty is even more essen- Mountain stronghold sites are usually

Groves sacred to the Goddess are of at least 12 years are required to create the seventh minor power.
found all over the Isles. “The Goddess” a grove where none has been before. Additional powers are gained only by
is Chauntea, worshipped in the place of If a grove is despoiled (its trees divine will or full moon-vernal equinox
her predecessor, the Earthmother, in burned or cut down, its waters fouled, conjunctions, so long as the grove re-
the Moonshaes. or its ground dug up), one or more of its mains a place of worship to the same (or
Simply put, a grove sacred to the God- powers may be lost. Roll a d6 for each allied) gods. Whenever a power is
dess is any wooded place where druids grove power; a result of 1 means that gained, roll to see if it is major or minor
who worship the Goddess regularly the power is lost forever, and a result of (even/odd), and then select which
gather to worship her. Such a place is al- 2 means that it will not function for 2d4 power is manifested. Grove powers
ways beautiful, although its beauty may x10 (20-80) days. may be determined randomly or cho-
be wild and rugged. The most sacred If a grove loses all of its powers at sen by the DM. The latter method of se-
groves contain Moonwells, pools of once, even if some are only lost “tempo- lection is strongly recommended.
clear water with special magical prop- rarily,” the magic of the place is shat-
erties, through which the Goddess can tered and will not return until faithful
worshippers have continued to wor-
manifest her power. With the passing of
the Earthmother, Chauntea slowly as-
sumed her place, revitalizing the
ship there for at least 10 years. The
magic will also return to the grove upon
Moonwells after some months. direct visitation by the venerated god. These basic conditions are possessed
Across the Realms, deities such as When magic returns to a ruined by all groves and function therein at all
Silvanus, Mielikki, Eldath and Selune grove by continued veneration, it be- times, regardless of the intent or
(among humans), Rillifane Rallathil and gins to manifest itself upon the spring powers of any non-divine creatures
Solonar Thelandira (among the elves), equinox of the eleventh year, when 1-2 present in the grove.
and Baervan Wildwanderer (among the powers return. At this time, certain • Priests of the god(s) venerated in a
gnomes) are worshipped in such herbs used by druids appear in the grove may successfully call lightning
groves. Many of these groves acquired grove, and rare mosses will also flour- within the grove. No other beings may
their magical properties as a result of ish. Trees that grow slowly, such as oaks cast or cause any magical lightning to
godly power or the gathered magic of and shadowtops, will experience a operate in the grove, or pass into or out
prolonged veneration. seven-year spurt of astonishingly quick of it.
Sacred groves may, therefore, be growth at this time. If the grove sees • All charms of any sort are broken,
found wherever in the Realms there continued use as a place of worship, 1-2 nor can they be successfully estab-
are woodlands, from the cold alpine additional powers will return each lished, on creatures within a grove.
forests north of Sundabar to the jungle spring equinox thereafter. • Dig spells never work in any part
thickets of Mhair, Land of Monsters. A grove gains new powers that it has of a sacred grove.
In choosing places for founding a not previously possessed only upon di- • Entangle spells never work in any
grove, or in ranking the desirability of rect divine visitation and will or when a part of a sacred grove. (Snare spells will
one grove over another, stands of old full moon occurs on the night before or work normally.)
trees deep in extensive woodlands far after the spring (vernal) equinox. Festi- • All creatures within a grove are
from large habitations are prized over vals are customarily celebrated at rendered immune to magical fear while
younger-growth forest locales close to groves when such conjunctions are an- they are within the grove.
settlements or roads. A grove contain- ticipated, in hopes of learning of the • Magical fire of any sort will not ig-
ing a clearing is prized over one with- new power immediately. nite, enter, persist, or aid normal fires
out a natural glade. A glade that Priests of deities venerated in a grove in a grove.
contains a “dancing meadow” of grass can always feel the presence of a particu- • A natural pass without trace effect
or moss is more highly valued than a lar power and will, therefore, know what (without a tell-tale magical trail) affects
clearing with a dirt or littered floor cre- each power possessed by the grove is faithful worshippers of a deity to whom
ated by the fall of a giant tree or by the within 3 rounds of entering the grove. the grove is sacred, as well as beings of
axes of men or dwarves. A grove con- Other worshippers of a deity may feel a alignments and causes favored at the
taining a pool or spring is regarded magical or mystical presence in a grove, time by the deity, while these individ-
more highly than one that has none. but will either have to guess at what a uals are within the boundaries of the
The boundaries of a grove can usually grove’s powers are or be instructed by a grove. The effect does not work for un-
be identified by a ring of moss or mush- priest who knows the grove. welcome intruders.
rooms about the outermost trees; these Once a venerated place exhibits even
trees are usually larger and older than a single power, it becomes a minor
other nearby trees. In the great groves grove and immediately acquires the ba-
Minor Grove Powers
of the Moonshaes (those containing sic grove properties listed below. A
Minor groves may have one, some, or
Moonwells), stone entry arches mark grove that has at least seven minor
all of the following powers:
the limits of the sacred ground. powers is a major grove and gains a ma-
1. Priests of a deity to whom the grove
Godly visits or continual use in worship jor power immediately upon acquiring

is sacred who sleep in the grove over- erie fire, which will end abruptly if the out, melted or cooked on rocks by a
night may receive a sign or message priest leaves the grove or is slain. It will warmer change, but the change in heat
from the deity in their dreams, often a otherwise last for 2 turns per level of alone will never cause objects to ignite.
warning image or scenes of a desired the priest or until ended by the priest’s The duration of the change is 1 turn/
task to be performed. will. A priest need not use a spell to call level of the character.
2. Water (if present) or dew gathered in up such a radiance, but cannot end it 10. Lycanthropes who enter or are
the glade at the heart of the grove is and call it up again any more than a forced into a grove revert to their hu-
equivalent to sweet water. An amount non-priest can. If a priest uses a faerie man (or, at least, non-animal) forms. In
equal to one potion, per gatherer, may fire spell in a sacred grove, its duration the case of true lycanthropes, this
be gathered overnight (double that is trebled to 12 rounds/level. forced change takes 2 rounds and lasts
amount if the light of a full moon 7. Any worshipper of the deity or dei- for 1 turn thereafter. In the case of
touches water in the glade). ties venerated in a grove can cause any creatures infected by lycanthropy, the
3. Beings of alignments or causes allied stones found in the grove to speak, as in change lasts until they leave the grove.
to those of the deities worshipped there a stone tell spell. No such spell is neces- They are not cured (unless other mag-
may heal wounds at double the normal sary, but the stones will only answer its are applied to them to bring about a
rate if they remain in the grove and questions for three rounds (the DM cure), but are prevented from bloodlust
rest. Healing spells operate for full pos- should time questions and answers for and their killing form, regardless of
sible effect (unless the being to be three actual minutes, ending abruptly phases of the moon or other influences.
healed fails a Wisdom Check). when the time is up). This power can Many groves have as temporary in-
4. All divination magics used by wor- only be used once per day, regardless of habitants frightened lycanthropes who
shippers of, or beings of alignments or how many characters try it. The power stay in the grove until they perish of
causes allied to those of, the grove’s dei- will not affect stones carried or flung hunger or thirst or are driven to leave
ties operate at full possible chances of into the grove during the previous or by hunger and thirst. Such individuals
success or duration or efficacy when present day. are usually grateful to anyone who
cast in the grove. A priest employing a stone tell spell in cures them, but if desperate, may prove
5. Any priest of the deity or deities ven- the usual way in a grove will find that it dangerous opponents if refused food or
erated in the grove can cause winds and lasts for double the usual time. drink by those entering the grove. Most
the noises that plants make in breezes 8. Any wizard employing a protection are lonely and clinging only precari-
(such as rustling leaves) to fall still and from normal missiles spell within a ously to sanity. They may prove a color-
be silent within the grove in 3 segments grove will find that the magic, regard- ful source of local lore, treasure tales,
time. Such silence is caused by act of less of the caster’s intent, expands— and gossip (usually quite dated).
will and can be held for up to 1 turn if visibly, as a very faint, shimmering
the priest concentrates on maintaining nimbus—to encircle the entire grove. Major Grove Powers
the effect. This is not a silence spell; the All creatures in the grove are pro-
speech and movements of creatures tected, from each other (i.e., from all Major groves possess all the powers
and the sounds they cause (such as missiles launched within the grove) and of a minor grove and may have one or
snapping twigs) are not masked. The from all attacks launched from outside more of the following additional
priest must be within the grove to enact the grove. The protection is as the spell powers:
this power. normally offers, but its duration is dou- 1. Priests within the grove who wor-
6. Any worshipper of the deity or dei- bled. ship a deity to whom the grove is sacred
ties venerated in the grove can cause a 9. Any worshipper of the deity or dei- may cast all spells of the Plant sphere
faerie fire radiance to come into being ties venerated in a grove may control (within the grove, or from the grove
within the grove, centered around his temperature within the grove, altering into the surroundings) for double dura-
or her location. One round of concen- it by up to 30 degrees. The entire grove tion and/or range.
tration is required to create the light, is affected. Note that this helps lightly- 2. A tree spell cast in the glade of a ma-
which will last for 1 turn per level of the clad travellers survive in freezing jor grove allows the caster to undergo
character. This magic cannot be called winter weather, although a priest will the normal effects or (if willed by the
up by the same being twice in the same have to “still winds” (see above) by con- caster) vanish beneath the earth, as a
day (or night). The radiance can be centration to make conditions in a wizard’s imprisonment spell causes vie-
bright enough to read by or fainter; grove truly comfortable in a howling tims to vanish.
once set, its intensity cannot be altered. blizzard. Unlike the wizard spell, the impris-
A priest of the deity or deities vener- If the temperature of the surround- oned priest may release him- or herself
ated in the grove can create a faerie fire ings is very different, mist will form whenever desired, reappearing at the
radiance whose intensity can be con- along the boundaries of the grove, con- exact spot at which the spell was cast.
trolled, from dampened out completely cealing those inside it (unless strong The caster is not in suspended anima-
to bright (not blinding), and which can winds blow steadily to clear the mist tion while entombed and can rest, pray,
be moved about within the grove at away). Note that things can be chilled or and perform other activities not requir-
will. Only the priest can control the fa- frozen by a cooling alteration and dried

ing much room. Eating, breathing, and This power extends upward above 10. Any priest of a deity venerated in a
other body functions cease, and there is the grove to treetop height. It does not grove may know alignment of other
no time limit on the stay beneath the allow mortal priests automatic control creatures within the grove merely by
earth. In addition, the magic allows the of such undead; they may gain such concentration. The priest must be able
priest to hear sounds on the surface control only by the use of the usual to see the creature continuously and
just as though he or she were still stand- spells-which will fail utterly if the de- can only discern the alignment of one
ing in the glade. (This leaves the en- ity does not wish such control to be es- creature per round. This knowledge
tombed priest vulnerable to some tablished. does not require that a spell be cast and
spoken spells.) 6. The deity’s power allows monster is infallible, penetrating even conceal-
A great danger of this effect is that summoning in varying degrees of ing magics, but will only work if the tar-
priests often forget their worldly cares power to occur spontaneously, or by get creature remains in the grove for
and remain in prayer beneath a grove will of worshippers, in the grove, with- the entire round of concentration.
forever. No creature other than the out such spells actually being cast. Spe- Non-priest worshippers of a deity
caster, living or dead, can be carried be- cific conditions (i.e., a full moon or venerated in a grove may also try to use
neath the earth by such a spell. calling only particular types and num- this power of the grove, but must make
3. Priests of a deity to whom the grove bers of creatures) must be met in order two successful Intelligence Checks
is sacred who sleep in the grove over- for this power to be wielded. whenever they try it and concentrate
night may receive an additional spell If any being casts or launches a mon- for two rounds. If one or both fail, no
from the deity if their deeds, present ster summoning spell in the grove, the alignment is discerned (a false align-
aims, or prayers please the deity. deity can control the type and number ment is not determined).
This may be an “extra” spell beyond of creatures that appear, overriding the
the number or level of spells that the
character can normally carry, an addi-
caster’s wishes.
7. A magic item that has and uses
Other Grove Powers
tional spell beyond what the character charges may be endowed with 1 to 4 ad- Groves have other powers not de-
had time to pray for, a substitute spell ditional charges by will of the deity, if it tailed here. The DM is free to devise
replacing what the character asked for, lies overnight in the grove. The object new powers, but all such should be in
or simply a spell of double normal ef- may or may not emit a radiance while keeping with a god’s aims and portfolio.
fects. (The choices of whether such a being so recharged, and the deity may
boon should be granted, and of what
form it should take, are always up to
bestow charges without the knowledge
of the item’s owner. Said deity may also Great Groves
the deity—i.e., the DM). choose to ignore the prayers and en-
4. A deity’s power may manifest phan- treaties of a being who knows of this In the Moonshaes, a special sort of
tom images, sometimes called “shades” power of the grove and seeks to gain major grove can be found. These are
within the glade. These are not mon- from it. An item will never acquire the “Great Groves” which contain
sters of any sort, and cannot attack, be properties it has not possessed before Moonwells. A Great Grove will survive
touched, or be magically controlled. in this way. the destruction of the forest around it if
These shadowy images pass on word- 8. An unknown item that is brought the Moonwell remains clear and intact,
less messages or warnings to charac- into a grove and left overnight may be for the grove’s powers are generated
ters in the grove. Worshippers of the identified by any being who worships and renewed through the Moonwell it-
deity may question such images as if (or is of the right alignment and an al- self.
they were casting a speak with dead lied faith to) the deity venerated in the A Moonwell is a pool of clean, clear
spell, without any such spell (or even grove. water that is usually fairly large.
magical ability) being necessary. The No spell or magical ability is neces- Around it, in the midst of most Great
answers may be vague, incomplete, or sary; the being merely handles the item Groves, is a large circular glade encir-
misleading as the deity (or DM) desires. for at least 1 unbroken turn and re- cled by standing stones. These (like
5. Undead cannot enter the grove with- ceives mental images and a whispering Stonehenge) stand in upright pairs,
out falling under the control of the de- internal “revelation” about the item. If each pair supporting a crossbar or lin-
ity to whom the grove is sacred. If the the item has harmful effects, these are tel stone, held together by mortise and
deity desires, both greater and lesser not visited upon the handler, but no in- tenon joints (stony knobs on the up-
undead entering the grove may be ut- formation beyond a danger warning rights fitting into cavities on the lintels)
terly destroyed; they may be forced to will be gained. and the great weight of the stones.
perform some service or refrain from 9. Any priest of a deity venerated in a The stones are all of great age and are
certain actions. This control does not grove may dimension door from place rumored to have special powers known
continue beyond the boundary of the to place within the grove once every 7 only to druids. If this is the case, these
grove. Note that some deities may use turns. This power is enacted by will (no powers have been forgotten or kept se-
this power to gather undead guardians spell is necessary), but cannot carry the cret by the oldest and most powerful
in a grove, preventing its use by non- priest beyond the boundaries of the druids. Legends in the Moonshaes
worshippers. grove. speak of stones moving to fight for a

druid within the grove, like gigantic ga-
leb duhr. The legends may be true, for
the massive stones are known to an-
swer the stone tell inquiries of any
priest as though they were intelligent,
wise, and extremely observant. More
than one Northman raider has been
found at dawn in a grove whose druids
he had slain, crushed as if by some
great weight. The surrounding stand-
ing stones looked as if they had never
moved and would not answer stone tell
inquiries about the dead man.
Outside these trilithons is a circle of
trees, usually old oaks with incredibly
thick trunks. Their branches are so
thickly entwined overhead that they
block out the full moon and rise above
the glade to join in a leafy canopy, bro-
ken only by a small central circular
opening. (All plants in a Great Grove re-
tain their leaves and growing vigor
through all the seasons, not falling dor-
mant in winter.)
Unlike Stonehenge, the trilithons
stand in a circle, not a horseshoe.
Grassy avenues aligned to the sunrise
and sunset enter a Great Grove through
stone arches and run away from the
grove arrow-straight for some distance.
More minor entrances and exits exist
merely as twisting paths between the
level, who will be present, cleansing the Destroying a
well while intoning prayers to the God-
trees. dess, at least 70% of the time. This
In areas controlled by the Ffolk, no “Steward of the Grove” (sometimes
trees in a Great Grove may be cut, nor called the “Watcher over the Grove”) Only a special ritual, a moonveil spell,
any plant life tended or pruned by any- will always be accompanied by two or long years of neglect (that allow pol-
one save a druid; no bird or animal en- guardian druids and, if not actually lution of the waters to a similar degree)
tering or within a Great Grove may be present, within range to be summoned can destroy a Moonwell’s powers.
harmed. It is unlawful to fish in a magically. Watchers who for any rea- A ritual is a deliberate fouling of the
Moonwell or foul its waters in any way, son cannot be “on call” will be tempo- well waters by over a dozen types of
even by the throwing of a stone. Only rarily assisted by another druid of creatures native to the land. These
druids are normally allowed to touch a equal power (level). creatures are slain while in contact
Moonwell directly, and it is considered Great Groves have all of the minor with the well waters and must include
rude indeed to attempt to use any ma- grove powers listed above and most at least two of the races that have dwelt
jor power of a Great Grove without the major powers. Assume all 10 major in the Moonshaes the longest: Llewyrr
assistance or permission of any druid powers hold sway unless the Grove has (elves), dwarves, and halflings. The
present at the time. been despoiled or harmed in the pre- creatures must all die within one day of
Great Groves are always tended (and vious year; from 1-3 powers may have either a full or a new moon and the
guarded) by at least two druids, one of been lost if this is the case. A Grove af- Goddess must be reviled by someone in
whom will be of 6th level or greater. fected by a moonveil spell will lose all of contact with the well waters (using at
These guardians may be in the shapes its powers while the spell is actually in least two of her names) during the night
of birds or animals when encountered, place and permanently lose 1-2 powers of the moon chosen.
for part of their tending of the grove re- a year until the veil is removed.
quires them to examine the tunnels of
burrowing animals and the nests of fly-
ing or climbing creatures.
The care of every Moonwell is en-
trusted to a druid of not less than 12th

Moonwell Powers must save vs. spell; if successful, the wa- items (see above) without destroying
ter is effective in the round after con- them at the same time.
Moonlight or spellcasting may tempo- tact. If the save fails, the water has no • The waters of a Moonwell some-
rarily turn the normally-clear waters of effect and is wasted. times cure infectious (not true) lycan-
a Moonwell milky in hue, but will not • A handful of Moonwell water, thropy. Infected creatures who come
affect its powers. A Moonwell gives off when drunk directly from the into contact with a well must make a
a faint pearly- white or silvery-blue ra- Moonwell by means of a being’s cupped Constitution Check and an Intelligence
diance from time to time. This is espe- hands, acts as a potion of healing, re- Check. If both succeed, the lycanthropy
cially visible at night and almost always storing 2d4 +2 points of damage. This is forever cured. If only one succeeds,
occurs when magic is used in contact power can affect any being only once a the being (already forced out of beast-
with, or to affect, the waters of the day. However, if the being has acted in a form by entry into the grove), will not
Moonwell. way that threatens the natural Balance change back for 2-12 days, regardless
• A druid (or other cleric of Chaun- in the month prior to the drinking, the of the inducements or influences which
tea) can recharge a magic item by dip- water actually sickens him, inflicting may be brought to bear.
ping it in the waters of the Moonwell 1d8 points of damage. (Actions that en- A lycanthrope able to reach the wa-
under the light of a full moon and cast- danger the Balance include slaying ters of a Moonwell can try again and
ing a shillelagh spell on the item while it wildlife without putting the meat and again (one try per phase of the moon,
is immersed. The waters will instantly skin to good use, chopping down living roughly once a month) until a cure is
bestow 1-6 charges (determine ran- trees for any reason, and attacking successful. Lycanthropes who ap-
domly) and a temporary (2-5 round) sil- peaceful beings.) proach a Great Grove in beast form will
very moonglow radiance upon the Animals of the Isles who are injured be allowed in by the druids; if they
item. A given item can only be re- or sick often seek out a Moonwell and charge into the grove fast enough, they
charged once a month by this method, lap its waters. Druids will never bar any should be able to reach the Moonwell it-
and each druid can only call on the woodland creature from a Moonwell (a self before the change of form (forced
Moonwell’s powers in this way once a custom that has enabled a few shape- by the magic of the grove, 2 rounds) is
month. changed beings to reach Moonwells complete. The guardian druids may or
• Druids (and other clerics of Chaun- they would otherwise have been may not be in position to block access to
tea) who cast a reflecting pool spell on a barred from). The water affects ani- the waters.
Moonwell will find that its duration is 1 mals and birds as it does intelligent be- In non-beast form, a lycanthrope will
turn/level and the chance of success for ings. typically have to give good reason for
all detection spells is 25%, not 5%. Cast- All creatures who die in contact with approaching the Moonwell (lycan-
ing time, planar scrying limits, and a clean Moonwell are quickly dissolved thropy is a good and proper reason)
fuzziness of the image precluding the by the water, bones and all. The and must agree to do a service for the
reading of most script is unchanged Moonwell absorbs and neutralizes any Goddess. The lycanthrope is then strip-
from the spell’s normal properties. diseases, infections, parasites, or poi- ped, any and all weapons removed, and
• A druid can, by will, confer spell sons carried by such creatures. allowed to approach the Moonwell un-
immunity upon a single being who is in • All metal that comes into contact der druidic guard. If a lycanthrope is of
contact with the Moonwell. No spell with a Moonwell instantly begins to cor- evil alignment and/or has spells memo-
need be cast, and the druid need not rode. Coins will last from 2-5 rounds be- rized, the druids will not allow ap-
have directly experienced the particu- fore being useless as currency; shields, proach unless the being casts all his
lar spell being guarded against. Protec- armor and weapons lose half their spells (harmlessly, to get rid of them)
tion lasts for 8 hours, but when one strength within two rounds of contact and asks again to be allowed access.
being is so protected, no one can call on and crumble into nothingness in 3-12 Other Moonwell powers will have to
this power of the Moonwell again until rounds. Magic weapons are allowed be derived by the DM to cover specific
six hours have passed. saving throws against acid to avoid be- spells, items, and situations involving
• A handful of Moonwell water, ing affected (any pluses inherent in a combinations of powers used by char-
taken from the well within the last 6 weapon being added to the save as a bo- acters of particular faiths, alignments,
turns, can act as a neutralize poison on nus). Such corrosion ceases the mo- classes and levels. Moonwells act to
any one being touched by it. The being ment the items are removed from the maintain the Balance; in an age of wide-
must save vs. poison; if the save fails, Moonwell; any water left on them stops spread violence, this involves healing
the water did not work. (Note that this acting the moment contact with the and curing (particularly disease and
allows characters who have already well is lost. poison) as much as possible.
failed a save against poison a second In rare instances, non-weapon metal
saving throw.) items are unaffected by a Moonwell;
• A handful of Moonwell water, this happens 17% of the time. Metal is
when splashed or drunk by a being, unaffected by a Moonwell if a shillelagh
may act as a cure disease. The being spell is cast while they are immersed,
thus enabling druids to recharge metal

Use these rumors (which can be ex- 02. The Banshee Rider has appeared fields. They “stood against the moon
panded into side-adventures) whenever again, many times, all over the isles. The like black teeth and seemed to be sail-
PCs question locals or eavesdrop on ghostly apparition of an armored Lle- ing” above a thick drift of white mist
gossip. Select specific entires to influ- wyrr (elven) maiden has been seen often that clung to the ground where no mist
ence PCs at critical points in the adven- down the years since men first came to usually gathered. The terrified shep-
ture; otherwise, roll 1d10 to choose the Moonshaes, and is known by many herd fled back to the High King’s Road.
rumors randomly. names: the Moon-Maiden, the Shee, the The Stones have also been seen re-
Doombringer, and Anhaern Rhyllgallo- cently north of Ogden and in eastern
01. A talking doe has been born in Bly- hyr (thought by most bards to be her Gwynneth. Dark times must be coming
the. A local farmer, one Coln Baeran- proper name, in life). Mothers warn for stars have been seen falling from
non, found the youngling in his woodlot their children not to wander outdoors at the cold north sky.
when he heard a dry voice complaining night, for fear of seeing the eerily silent,
about the damp. The deer speaks the floating rider of the Shadow Horse. She DM’s Note: Both the Llewyrr (elves) and
common tongue and seems quick- slays those she can catch, and even the the Ffolk have old legends about tall
witted; it has already learned several sight of her is said to bring bad luck. standing stones or menhirs that loom
rhymes and jokes (taught to it by The Rider has only been seen in many up out of the mists in open country, late
Baerannon) and some choice curses places the same night, or in the space of at night, and only when there are mists
(learned inadvertently). a few nights, when some great doom about. Travelers who see them usually
One of the sorcerers of Caer Callidyrr hangs over the Moonshaes—when a flee headlong, for they look menacing
is said to be on his way to Blythe to see High King is threatened or dying, or and are accompanied by the sound of
the doe (and perhaps try to purchase it). when evil magic or natural disasters are wailing, unearthly voices. It is not
In the meantime, Baerannon has imminent. Ffolk everywhere are fear- known if they are illusions, a local spe-
fended off two attempted thefts and a ful. What will the Shee bring this time? cies of galeb duhr (or something more
claim of ownership from a greedy trav- sinister), or if the occasional travelers
eling mage, one Thostigar Ulmhen, DM’s Note: The Shee is described in Ap- who vanish on such nights fall afoul of
whose spells failed him when a charg- pendix 3 of this adventure. The DM can bandits, natural hazards such as mist-
ing stag surprised him and introduced use her in an encounter once each night enshrouded bogs and ravines. Perhaps
him precipitously to a mud-wallow. that the PCs are active outdoors. A Shee some of these unfortunates meet with
can attack PC foes when the PCs are in some horrible fate connected with the
DM’s Note: The deer is the result of a re- dire straits. stones. The stones are not spoken about
incarnation spell and is a former adven- freely, and almost all Ffolk think their
turing eighth level wizard, Sharess 03. Piracy has become very bad near sighting to be ill luck or a warning of
Prasthranna of Waterdeep, who ar- Moray, westernmost land of the Ffolk. bad happenings to come.
rived in the Moonshaes recently and Except for ships sailing in convoys, or The DM can use a Walking Stone
ran afoul of the Cult. She was rescued under escort by warships, few (if any) encounter for local atmosphere when
by a friend she had made among the are the single merchant ships that sur- the PCs are traveling or encamped in
Harpers, since slain by the cult, and re- vive a voyage to that port. the wilderlands, or employ it as an at-
tains some knowledge of the cult and Something is seriously amiss; un- tack. In the latter case, the Walking
the Moonshaes. She will relate these to couth Moray fishermen calling at Sto- Stones could be full-size galeb duhr,
those she befriends as speech and mem- raad and other nearby ports seem to who are aided by servant kobolds (in-
ories return to her. A wish spell will be have misshapen heads, dark lumps on cluding at least one shaman who has
necessary to return Sharess to her orig- their brows, upper arms, and chests, mastered spells that can call up and
inal form and class, but a limited wish is and a strange manner, at times furtive, control the cloaking mist).
enough to allow her to study and use at times normal (gruff and belligerent)
most spells not requiring material com- or distracted and dazed. 05. The Black Dwarf has struck again!
ponents. She can read magic in any A merchant’s camp in fields just outside
case, but is not large or strong enough DM’s Note: It is recommended that the Pengram was raided—its guards slain,
to serve as a mount or pack animal. She DM save this rumor for future adventur- its wagons plundered and set ablaze,
is AC7, MV 24, 1 attack (bite) for 1-2 ing and steer the PCs away from Moray and its horses cut loose and driven wild.
dmg, THAC0 19, has 14 hit points, and during this adventure. Their opponents The notorious outlaw leader left his
saves as a W4. seem anxious that PCs not head that way usual mark: a black axe painted on a
If the PCs rescue Sharess, she will be and will launch attacks and diversions to yellow field, on a battered old war-
both grateful and afraid of going her head them off if they try. shield hung on a spear in the center of
way alone in the Moonshaes, for fear of the burning camp.
Cult attacks. She will join the PC party if 04. The Walking Stones have been The price on the Black Dwarf’s head
offered a place, and will otherwise ask sighted again! A shepherd returning is already 600 gold coins, dead or
them to protect her until she can take home late one moonlit night from mar- alive—and there is talk that it will rise, if
ship out of the Moonshaes. If well ket at Llewellyn, in Callidyrr, took a he is not found by the time next month
treated, Sharess can become a staunch short route home over the rolling fields, is out! The lords of Snowdown have
ally or a (NPC) party member. and saw the Stones moving near the talked about a general mustering of the
brook that marked the end of his own

militia before, to scour the countryside supplies of certain herbs and other un- his houseboat, lifted it into the air, and
for this menace, and it is said in Caer known things they need for their magi- blasted it with both spells and its breath
Westphall that the militia will now be cal researches. Those who defy them, until the boat was reduced to mere
whelmed and given a month to find the or have what they want, get turned into ashes drifting on the wind. Then the
Black Dwarf. If they fail, the King has dragons, forever! dragon beat its great batlike wings and
spoken of hiring adventurers from flew northeast out over The Sea of
other lands, perhaps from great Water- DM’s Note: This rumor is false. Various Fallen Stars, where it was lost to view.
deep itself! Ffolk in Callidyrr, Gwynneth,and Snow- Sages and alchemists alike are very
down happened to witness similar eager to examine this “Cinammon
DM’s Note: The Black Dwarf is a wily, scenes at about the same time, and their Dragon” (or others of its kind), to deter-
rapacious chaotic evil dwarven female, news has grown with the telling, ac- mine its nature, and what uses can be
a 13th level warrior who commands a quiring villains (and reasons for their made of its body parts and abilities.
band of 32 pirates. All have grown tired actions) along the way.
of fleeing Waterdeep’s naval vessels In reality, one observer caught a DM’s Note: If this rumor is introduced
across the waves and have decided to glimpse of a weredragon working with into play, it should be followed by a rash
live high on the bounty the Moonshaes the Harpers change into dragon form in of similar sightings around the Moon-
can afford them for awhile. The pirates the woods near Snowdown,. Another shaes.
retain their small ship, The Black Knife, saw the same thing near Horsa, and a The true nature of this “Cinammon
and use it to slip about the Isles. They third saw an evil wizard of minor Dragon”— new dragon type, magical
will generally anchor in marshes and power (Belistar, a would-be apprentice disguise, assumed shape used by an-
isolated coves, using small boats to go of Flamsterd, whom that mage threw other sort of creature (such as an evil
ashore. The PCs could encounter them out long ago) use a create darkenbeast human mage), or whatever—is up to
anywhere about the Isles. spell (detailed in the Monstrous Com- the DM. Scares of this sort are becom-
The Black Dwarf is armed with an axe pendium, Vol. #3, under “Darkenbeast”) ing more common in the Realms as
of flying, a + 3 weapon that can allow on a cow. Their tales were taken up in communications improve. They make
anyone holding it to fly whenever it is the inns, combined with old local tales the lives of adventurers even more ex-
grasped and ordered. It allows a total of witches who fly as black falcons (The citing; adventurers can never relax and
flight time of 2 turns/day. Her crew, Simbul, when visiting the Moonshaes), never know the truth about encoun-
many of whom are chaotic neutral, not and similar transformations, and have tered menaces—except the hard way.
evil, includes no less than four wizards become the current darkest fear of evil In turn, adventurers are always hear-
(ranging in levels from 1-6) and two at work in the land. ing of likely treasure locations and of-
priests of Tempus (4th and 5th level). Belistar is a bitter and cunning wan- ten learn important particulars of
The Lord of Battles seems quite content derer, who lurks in the woods of the monsters from the gossip.
to endlessly heal the wounds of The Isles, preying on travelers. He is a CE
Black Knives, so long as they continue wizard of 7th level, who will use multi- 08. Helbareim “The Storm Wind”
to raid and fight. The Black Dwarfs real ple created darkenbeasts to attack en- Alanasker, High Suihk (ruler) of Orm-
name is unknown, but the everyday camped PCs by night. He is armed with par on The Shining Sea, is searching for
names of her crew include Kriss and his spells and with a wand of paralyza- a daring thief. The criminal recently
Leor of Ahmegar, Kathae Thunderbae tion (only 6 charges left). stole a great quantity of carefully-
and Mykal (the wizards), Andror and guarded spices (including the city’s en-
Mikae (the priests), and Jhulae (an agile 07. In far-off Rmmish, on The Sea of tire reserves of costly, highly-prized
human female warrior of biting wit and Fallen Stars, a new type of dragon has saffron), several magical blades that
short temper). been discovered! A mage in the port had lain hidden in various secret stor-
The Black Knives carry treasure of city of Alaghon, Orlevan Blacksham- age niches around the Suihk’s palace,
mixed coinage totalling over 6,000 gp. mer, is thought to have perished when and the Suihk’s daughter, the magically-
The rest of their loot, including all ob- the dragon destroyed his home, an or- skilled beauty Alabhansree Alanasker,
jects d’art that someone might recog- nate houseboat in Alaghon Harbor. Chansreena (princess) of the city. Helba-
nize, are buried in various caches in The hitherto unknown type of dragon reim is said to most suspect Veldyn “the
remote coastal locations all over the east- was a large and terrible wyrm of cinam- Fingers” Uruin of Telflamm, Torm of the
ern Moonshaes, particularly along the mon brown hue, with a long, prehensile Knights of Myth Drannor, and Hoond of
“Korinn Run” (the Korinn Archipelago). tail, that breathed forked lightning. Its Shussel, “Despoiler of Tombs.” His en-
If the Black Knives flee from the PCs, spells are known to include reverse tire court seems to agree that the thief
their ship will dash down the Run, stop- gravity and some sort of monster sum- can only be from the North, and known
ping in numerous little-known coves, an- moning magic—it spat living creatures Ormparian agents in Waterdeep have
chorages, and channels, to hastily load around the harbor. Those that survived begun actively soliciting information in
these various caches onboard. their landings attacked bystanders with- the City of Splendors and up and down
out hesitation, rapidly thinning a huge the Sword Coast. Talk in the Sword
06. Some evil wizards from Calimshan crowd of watching citizens. Coast ports hints that the thief may
are roaming the Isles, seizing the The dragon, evidently summoned or have taken ship to Mintarn—or the
wealth and lands of certain folk to get released by Orlevan, coiled its tail about Moonshae Isles.

DM’s Note: The theft did occur, as re- Hoond—will be looking for the real gaseous form, energy drain, chill touch
ported. The identity of the thief, the thief. After all, if one is considered and flight) while still alive, and so on.
whereabouts of the loot (and the pre- guilty, one might as well get the benefit Despite his great powers, Velsharoon
cise type and number of magical of having the loot. These three could does not like to fight opponents directly.
swords seized), and the relationship of provide more entertaining “social” con- He prefers to remain hidden, employing
Alabhransree to the thief are all up to tacts for the PCs in the future. undead, summoned servant creatures,
the DM. The Chasreena could be the and mercenary agents to do his work.
thief’s beloved, a willing accomplice or 09. Velsharoon, sometimes called “the
equal partner in the thefts, a helpless Vaunted,” (though not to his face), the 10. Strange creatures have appeared in
captive, or even be the thief herself, renegade archmage of Thay, and one of the Dragonreach and the Sword Coast
having hired or enchanted lesser crea- the most powerful archmages cur- North, including monsters never be-
tures to serve her. rently active in the Realms, has a- fore seen in the Realms. They seem to
If campaign play is to linger in the hunting gone. originate in the Border Forest and the
Moonshaes for a time, it is suggested A certain magical process discovered Lurkwood; the steady stream of beasts
that the thief arrive to dwell in hiding. in a very old ruin, somewhere in The hints that magical sources of the crea-
Perhaps the thief is a pirate from The Plains of Purple Dust, north of Raurin, tures are hidden there. Too many
Nelanther (Pirate Isles), Cairak Re- requires a potion containing the blood of beasts have emerged to have found
dbeard. The beloved of Alabhransree, adventurers-so Velsharoon is seeking food in the woods, and many beings fa-
Cairak can easily dispose of the saffron adventurers. It is whispered in Soorenar miliar with the forests have never
slowly, up and down the Sword Coast, (where Velsharoon has one of his known such creatures there.
to see the maximum return on it. He abodes, the Tower Terrible) that the The strange creatures are said to in-
would gain a snug harbor at Eiresse, a magical process that the archmage is in- clude flying undead and flying troll-like
tiny pirate cove near the southwestern terested in gives the successful follower creatures, some kind of silent predators
tip of Corwell. Eiresse faces the eastern demi-godhood and attendant great that resemble clouds of smoke, and in-
capes of the isle of Flamsterd, and powers! telligent, two-headed snakes who have
Alabhransree has made it her base. Velsharoon’s many enemies (notably tentacles and magical abilities.
The Chasreena has leaped at the the ruling Red Wizards and the arch-
chance to escape her father’s strict, al- mages Halder of Delzimmer, Omm DM’s Note: This rumor is true; some wiz-
most tyrannical rule; he treated her as a Hlandrar of Halruaa, The Simbul of ards and/or priests have begun seeking
commodity, to be married off coldly to Aglarond, and Elminster of Shadow- greater personal power by opening per-
whomever would best serve his needs. dale) are said to be concerned for the manent gates linking the Realms with
Assuming an illusory disguise, the safety and stability of the Realms (and other planes and are summoning mon-
Chasreena takes the name of Cymra their own persons) if Velsharoon sters through the gates as fast as they
Shanbadhe (after an extinct local family achieves his goal. can. Some of the monsters are intelligent
of intermarried Llewyrr and Ffolk). enough to work together and may soon
“The Lady In Silver,” as the Ffolk call DM’s Note: This is one of those nasty ru- turn on the foolish magical dabblers to
her, uses her wealth and magic to build mors that whisper the worst—and is seize control of the gates themselves.
a tower stronghold befitting a wi- right. There is a process by which a The monsters can be new types that
zardess. Uninvited visitors will find it great wizard can achieve demi-godhood the DM wishes to introduce into play or
well furnished with traps and magical (besides the famous one of serving the standard AD&D ® monsters whose ap-
guardians. (Alabhransree is partial to Goddess of Magic faithfully). It is a proc- pearances have been changed by the
“teeter- totter” floor sections that dump ess set down long ago by the god Tales, DM or that have not appeared in the
the unwary down twisting natural sink- who uses up demigods the way some campaign before. This can remain as a
hole shafts into the cold sea beneath, marching soldiers wear out boots. long-term, lurking menace far from the
where giant coldwater octopi lair.) Velsharoon is well on the way to PCs as they adventure in the Moonshaes
Alabhransree’s true powers and trea- achieving his powers, but it is up to the or it can arrive in the Moonshaes over-
sure should be adjusted to provide PCs DM (considering both game balance in night, with another gate being opened in
with a stiff challenge. Cairak’s strength the campaign and the favored playing some remote wooded location or in a
and the relationship between the two style and interests of the players) if the veiled Moonwell. Local sages, Harpers,
are also left for the PCs to discover. PCs mage ever achieves demi-godhood or even Flamsterd, if the DM wants the PCs
who tread incautiously could well end not. Perhaps if the PCs themselves to search for him, could tell the PCs how
up with Alabhransree, Cairak, and the reach lofty levels, Velsharoon could to close the gates. Note that an influx of
Suihk all as their enemies, with greedy achieve the powers he seeks and monsters should make certain Moonsha-
pirate rivals of Cairak and self- emerge as a powerful foe. vian creatures (such as the Nyth and the
interested thieves from the Sword Velsharoon is powerful enough at Shee, both detailed in Appendix 3 of this
Coast cities hounding the PCs almost as present! He is a 29th level wizard special- adventure) appear more often.
much as the Suihk’s agents. izing in necromancy, having developed
Regardless of whether Cairak is the many unique spells that allow him to
thief or not, the three thieves suspected control liches and vampires in his serv-
by the Suihk—Veldyn Uruin, Torm, and ice, use many undead powers (including


1 Seaview House (rooming house)

2. Aithe Pool (bathing, drinking, watering mounts and stock)
3. The Silver Boar (inn)
4. Arnuth's Stables
5. Rynthul the Armorer
6. The White Bull (tavern, fine dining)
7. Maern the Moneychanger (lends and banks, too)


The DM can employ this table at any time during sea-crossings in this adventure. For extensive waterborne adventuring in and around the Moonshaes, the tables given in
FR2/ Moonshae are recommended. "MC1" and "MC2" refer to volumes of the AD&D® Monstrous Compendium.
The DM should roll 1d12 and consult the following table, ignoring undesirable or inappropriate results.

Die Roll Encounter Die Roll Encounter

01 Pirates: 1 ship with a crew of 20-50 (see MC1, under "Men") 08 Ship Sighting—sail on horizon (or dancing lights signals, if at night)
02 Flotsam (floating debris from a shipwreck, including possible trea- 09 Lacedons, 2-24
sure) 10 Sharks, 3-12 (see MC2), including "winged" (wide-finned) species that
03 Lacedons, 2-24 (see MC1, under "Ghoul") leap and glide over the lower decks of passing ships to hunt!
04 Blackfins, 1-6 (coldwater marine species of Giant Gar; see MC2 under 11 Snake, "Sea-sting" (coldwater marine species of Spitting Snake, with
"Fish, Giant") Sw 12 and same poison; see MC1, under "Snake"; some have swal-
05 Lacedons, 2-24 lowed treasure—rings and gems—lodged within their bodies)
06 Saltwater Scrags, 1-8 (see MC1, under "Troll") 12 DM's Choice (or roll again on this table)
07 Sea Lions, 3-12 (see MC2)

Some vital statistics of monsters featured in this adventure are presented here for handy reference during play. It is recommended that the DM refer to the Monstrous
Compendium for full monster descriptions. Appendix 3 of this module details new monsters introduced in these adventures. (The Source for a new monster introduced in
this module is given as “FA1”). Monsters altered from their norms when they appear in the adventure are marked with asterisks.
Human monsters (archers, bandits, druids, guards, Harpers, pirates, and thugs) are not detailed on this table. They should be specially prepared by the DM beforehand,
with attention to their equipment/treasure.

Name AC HD AT THAC0 Damage MV Source

Bear, Brown 6 5+5 3 15 1-6x2/1-8 12 MC1
Beholder 0/2/7 45-75 hp 1 11-5 2-8 + magic Fl 3(B) MC1
Blackfin* (= Gar) 3 8 1 12 5-20 + swallow Sw 30 MC2(“Fish, Giant”)
Boar, Wild 7 3+3 1 17 3-12 15 MC1
Bonebat 7 4 1 17 2-8 3, Fl 18(C) FA1
Bugbear 5 3+1 1 17 weapon or 2-8 9 MC1
Carrion Crawler 3/7 3+1 8 17 1-2 + paralysis 12 MC1
Centipede, Giant 9 2hp 1 20 1 + paralysis 15 MC1
Crawling Claw 7 2-4hp 1 20 1-4 or 1-6 9 MC3
Darkenbeast 4 5+5 1 or 3 19 1-4x2, 3-12 18 MC3
Doppleganger 5 4 1 15 1-12 9 MC2
Dryad 9 2 1 16 1-4(dagger) + charm 12 MC2
Ettercap 6 3 3 15 1-3x2, 1-8 + poison 12 MC2
Firbolg * 2 13+7 1 9 1-10(wpn.) + 7(Str.) 15 MC2(“Giantkin”)
Galeb Duhr -2 10 2 11 4-24 6 MC2
Gas Spore 9 1hp 1 20 6-36 blast 3 MC2(“Fungus”)
Guardian Daemon,
Lesser 1 8 3 12 1-6, 1-12x2 9 MC2
Haunt 0 5 1 15 possession 6 MC2
Helmed Horror 2 4 + 1/creator lvl. 1 12 wpn. + special 12, Fl 12(A) FA1
Kobold 7 1-4hp 1 20 1-4 or wpn. (1-6) 6 MC1
Lacedon 6 2 3 19 1-3x2, 1-6 + paralysis Sw9 MC1(“Ghoul”)
Leucrotta 4 6+1 1 13 3-18 18 MC2
Merrow 4 4+4 3 or 1(wpn.) 15 1-6x2, 2-8 6, Sw 12 MC1(“Ogre”)
Mimic, Cmn. 7 7-8 1 13 3-12 + glue 3 MC2
Nishruu 10 9 Nil 12 Eats magic 6 FA1
Nyth 1 7 1 13 1-4 + spell Fl 18(A) FA1
Orc 6 1 1 19 1-8 9 MC1
Owlbear 5 5+2 3 15 1-6x2/2-12 + hug 12 MC1
Peltast 7 1+6 1 19 Special: symbiotic 4 FA1
Peltast, Greater 3 2+6 1 17 Symbiotic + spells 4 FA1
Rot Grub 9 1hp 1 Nil Kills: 1-3 turns 1 MC2
Scrag, Saltwater 2 6+12 3 13 1-4x2, 9-16 3,Sw12 MC1(“Troll”)
Sea Lion 5/3 6 3 13 1-6x2, 2-12 Sw18 MC2
Shadow 7 3+3 1 17 2-5 + 1-pt. Str drain 12 MC1
Shambling Mound 0 8-11 2 13-9 2-16x2, suffocation 6 MC2
Shark 6 3-8 1 17-13 2-5 or 2-8 or 3-12 Sw24 MC2
Shee 0 9 1 11 2-16 +2 24, Fl 18(C) FA1
Skeleton 7 1 1 19 1-6 12 MC1
Skeleton, Animal 8 1-1 1 20 1-4 6 MC1(“Skeleton”)
Skeleton, Guardian* 7 4 1 19 1-6 12 MC1 (see FA1, Chapter 2)
Skeleton, Monster* 6 6 1 15 1-10 12 MC1 (“Skeleton”)
Spider, Large 8 1+1 1 19 1 + poison 6, Wb 15 MC1 (“Spider”)
Spider, Giant 4 4+4 1 17 1-8 + poison 3, Wb 12 MC1 (“Spider”)
Stag, Giant 7 5 1or2 15 1-4x2 or 4-16 21 FA1
Stirge 8 1+1 1 17 1-3 + blood drain 3, Fl 18(C) MC2
Treant 0 7-12 2 13-9 2-16 or 3-18 or 4-24 12 MC1
Troll 4 6+6 3 13 5-8x2, 2-12 12 MC1
Weredragon 1(base) 13(base) Attacks vary with form 9, Fl 30(C) MC1
Wererat 6 3+1 1 17 by weapon 12 MC1(“Lycanthrope”)
Wight 5 4+3 1 12 1-4 + drains 1 level 12 MC1
Wolf 7 2+2 1 19 2-5 18 MC1
Xorn -2 7+7 4 13 1-3x3, 6-24 9, Burrow 9 MC2
Yuan-ti* 4/0 6-9 2 15-11 Wpn + bite + spells 12, slither 9 MC1
Zombie 8 2 1 19 1-8 (strike last) 6 MC1
Zombie, Ju-Ju 6 3+12 1 15 3-12 9 MC1(“Zombie”)
Zombie, Monster 6 6 1 15 4-16 9 MC1(“Zombie”)