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On behalf of the Clovis Veterans Memorial District Board of Directors and Staff, we

are extremely honored to host this historic performance and welcome the children
Lorenzo Rios of Theater Seoul as ambassadors of goodwill from South Korea.
Clovis Veterans Memorial District The District is proud to sponsor events that bring the community together to
US Army Veteran celebrate the freedoms we enjoy as a nation. Our mission is to provide a
permanent living memorial honoring U.S. Military and Veterans; provide facilities
and support programs to promote a legacy of service for preserving our
community’s and country’s foundational ideals. Not only will this program honor
U.S. Military Veterans, it provides the unique experience of exchanging cultures on
an artistic and personal level – truly a great gift.

The performances of “Princess and Ondal” will bring families from South Korea
and the Central Valley together through the arts, increasing cultural
understanding while also raising money for Central Valley Honor Flight, an
organization that sends our WWII, Korean War and Vietnam Veterans to see their
memorials in Washington DC.

This beautiful story of a Princess who sees the potential that is found in a person
inspires us to learn that the lens used by the princess is one that we should all
have when seeing others. At this District we choose to embrace the lens that the
princess holds and view everyone as having God-given potential. We must all seek
to empower and bring to fruition the potential in our fellow neighbor. Now sit back,
relax and enjoy this magnificent tale of love, determination, and honor.
Thank you United States Veterans

Central Valley Honor Flight is committed to honoring local WWII Veterans, Korean
War Veterans and Vietnam Veterans by sending them to see their memorials in
Washington D.C. Please join us in giving back to those who gave it all so that we
could be free. Donations and Volunteers are always needed!

Donate Via Mail

Central Valley Community Foundation is graciously helping the Central Valley

Honor Flight as a non-profit organization through the use of their 501C3.
This allows for your donation to be tax deductible.

To donate to Central Valley Honor Flight and help local veterans visit their
memorial in Washington, D.C.:

Make your checks payable to Central Valley Community Foundation.

Please write “Central Valley Honor Flight”

(or abbreviated “CV Honor Flight”) on the memo line.

You can mail donations to:

Central Valley Honor Flight
c/o Central Valley Community Foundation
5260 N. Palm Ave. #122
Fresno, CA 93704
Theatre Seoul and all of its enthusiastic, kind hearted child actors are proud to bring
“Princess & Ondal, A Magical Musical” to Fresno. This is a unique collaboration
project between Korean children and Fresno children.

Through this project I believe our two cultures will find common ground and learn
that at the end of the day, we are not too different after all!

Theater Seoul is a worldwide renowned musical performance group with exceptional

ability and a remarkable record of achievement in musical arts. In fact, Theater
Natia Lee
Seoul has performed several plays and musicals such as ”Heungbu Nolbu”,
Artistic Director “Choon-Hyang” in many cities in the United States, Canada, Dubai, UK, Singapore
Theatre Seoul and India (2008, 2010, 2011), and received great comments and reviews from
world media such as BBC, Plays International and audiences around the world.
Moreover, Theater Seoul’s work has been recognized on the national as well as
international level (Excellence Award at 2007 Shanghai International Children’s
Cultural & Art Festival).

Through Theater Seoul's assembly of education and culture, people will understand
and appreciate different cultures from all over the world and be able to combine all
their hearts to be one. With this belief, such influences may assist in the creation of
a more beautiful and peaceful world in the future when these children grow up. This
is one of our goals when we create collaborative projects such as “Princess & Ondal,
A Magical Musical!”

Our talented, young actors and actresses are like flowers in the field and will soon be
on stage! We hope you will enjoy their dancing and singing, let’s applaud them and
fully immerse ourselves in this festive occasion. We thank our audience for coming
to experience these children for this very special moment.

Our musical is a brand new experience for children and their families. Our actors
bring with them hopes and dreams for the future and demonstrate the great possibil-
ities and influence that performance arts can provide to any culture. We sincerely
hope you enjoy the Korean artistic value that is rarely seen in this area.

We thank the Clovis Veterans Memorial District for sponsoring our performances. As
one of the themes in our story is to “protect the Kingdom,” our children perform and
honor the local Central Valley Veterans, thank you for your service. Thank you for
selflessly protecting both Korea and the USA.

I would like to declare my appreciation to the staff who have worked so hard to bring
this show here. Special thanks to Jennifer Kim and Valerie Salcedo.


Laugh out loud and cry as much as you like. I am sure that “Princess and Ondal, A
Magical Musical!” will leave you with a lasting impression.
A message from our directors

"If you keep crying, I will force you to marry Ondal, the fool!"

These were the only words that the Koguyro King could say to make Princess
Pyeong-gang stop crying when she was a little girl. Little did anyone know that
she would leave her royal lifestyle in order to embark on the journey to marry
the most foolish person in the kingdom.

This is how our story starts.

Kevin Lee
When I created our story, I was intrigued as to how this scenario could possibly Stage Director
happen in ancient times.
Theatre Seoul
How did a commoner (a foolish one at that) end up married to a princess?

As my research progressed the story then pivoted.

I found that this story was about a young man who was sincerely kind and
devoted. I found a grateful princess intent on providing all she could to an
uneducated man so that he could achieve greatness. Our story is about a man
who becomes a general against all odds with the support of friends and family.

Perhaps Ondal was not a fool afterall!

My intent on portraying our “crying princess” was to show her as a woman who
wanted to establish her own life. Although this is an ancient story, our princess
is a modern one who has a strong will, and a desire to create her own destiny.

I would like our audience to take this opportunity to look back on their present
lives. I hope that it will be a time to feel that life is made by oneself rather than
created or engineered by someone else. Your life and all you achieve, is in your
own hands.

Little experiences from childhood, just like the way our crying Princess reacted
to her father’s words, are precious. I have enjoyed the experiences and memo-
ries that have been shared with me from our Korean and USA actors and
actresses. What a great moment of time this is.

I am deeply grateful to all who have worked so hard for this show. Welcome to
the world of Koguryo. We hope you enjoy the show! Now, would you like to
follow the heart-breaking love story with us?
What an incredible honor it is to bring Theater Seoul to the Central Valley. I could
not be more excited to share my home with the many students I work with in
Seoul, Korea. As a performer, it is a joy of mine to work with young singers and
share my knowledge of music to help guide them to be the best they can be as an
individual. To have musically directed this show in both Korea and America has
been a beautiful educational and cultural experience for me. This collaboration is
a dream come true in many ways.

Valerie Salcedo As an advocate and supporter of our military and veterans, I am so grateful to
B.A. Musical Performance have this show performed at the Clovis Veterans Memorial District as they have
CASU, Fresno been nothing but supportive of me and the thousands of veterans that have
Music for Love walked through these doors. What you will see onstage is exactly what music does
Founder of non-profit org
all over the world. It unites people of different cultures, backgrounds, upbringings
Voice/Piano Teacher
and ethnicities and allows us to come together and share love that surpasses
3x Instructor for Theater Seoul

We don't speak the same language, but music allows us to. The story of Pyeong-
gang and Ondal has brought me to tears numerous times because each time I am
reminded that showing love, hope and faith in someone can completely change
their life, help them grow and know that they are worth fighting for.

Thank you all for coming and supporting these amazing performer and our valley
veterans! Enjoy the show!
Our Talented Cast

Yoonhoo Jang Junho Im Coral Smith

Timothy Salcedo Seyoon Seo Talon Smith

Jiye Park Eunmin Baik

Joeun Park Jungah You Yoonseo Lee

Juhyeon Lee Lauren Kong Gigi Galli

Brooke Lopez Chaeah Ban Hajin Shin

Mia Salcedo Sophia Yoona Kim Nicole Jina Kim

Thank You

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We are honored to have been chosen to produce, “Princess & Ondal, A Magical Musical!”
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Many thanks to Theater Seoul and Valerie Salcedo for choosing the Fresno/Clovis area
to be the sole destination of this amazing performance!

It is our privilege to be able to work in order to honor the Central Valley veterans. We
thank our veterans for their service, we could not do what we do without the sacrifices
that they have made.
2336 Tulare St, Fresno, CA 93721


Phone: (559) 233-8890

Monday-Friday 10:30am-6:30pm
Thank you to staff

Theater Seoul (Korea)

Artistic Director: Natia Lee

Director: Kevin Kim

Composer: Jingu Kang

Choreography: Changhoon Cheon

Costume Designer : Inok Kim

Sceneary: Backstage Full Good (Bongsoo Park)

Make up: Dain Reflection (Hyejin Lee)
Design: Maru

Theater Seoul Production (USA)

Director: Valerie Salcedo

Marketing & Production: Blockheads Development & Marketing iq Club

Lighting & Sound: J-Live Entertainment

The Little Princ
A Midsummer Night’s Dream