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Detailed Lesson Plan in Animal Production 7/8

Lesson 2: Perform Estimation and Basic Calculation

I. Objectives
At the end of an hour learning activity, the students should be able to:
a. Analyze costs in poultry production
b. Show accuracy in computing costs and returns in growing a poultry
c. Perform basic workplace calculations

II. Subject Matter

Topic: Analyze Records Kept in Poultry Production Enterprise
Learning Outcome: Perform Basic Workplace Calculations
Reference: K to 12 LM Animal Production 7/8 pp. 48-50
Values Integration: Accuracy

III. Procedures:
Teacher’s Activity Students Activity

a. Preliminaries
 Prayer:
I believe that every activity should be
accompanied by a prayer. So let us all
stand and seek guidance to the Lord.
Please lead the opening prayer… (One student will lead the prayer.) Amen

 Greetings:
When I clap my hands once, you will
greet me good morning, when I clap
my hands twice, greet your
classmates. And when I tell you to sit
down, you will say “Let’s start anew”.
Is that understood? Yes Sir.
Clap, Clap clap Good morning sir, good morning classmates.

Before you sit down, please pick up

the pieces of paper or any garbage
under your chairs and throw it in the
trashbins. (Students will pick up pieces of trash)

Please sit down. Let’s start anew.

 Review:
Who among you can still remember
our previous lesson. Yes…? (A student will answer) Our lesson last
meeting is about….
Very nice. I can see that we can now
start anew.

 Unlocking of Difficulties:
I have here set of words that you
might encounter during our lesson
activities. (cards with meaning will be
given to the students and read each)

Broiler- chicken intended for meat

Cost- the value of money that has
been used up to produce something
and hence is not available for use
Enterprise- business or firm,
organization engaged in the trade of
goods, services or both to consumers
Mortality rate- referring to percent of (The students will read each word and its
dead animals definition)

b. Activities
 Motivation
Earlier, while I am walking going to school, I
saw Kuya Lemuel and my neighbors talking
about something. They are planning to put
up a business particularly a poultry farm.
However, they do not know where to start.
They called me and asked me if my students
could help them identify the needs of a
poultry farm. He gave me these envelopes
containing a maze with letters. All you need
to do is collect the letters along the way and
write it beside Mang Lemuel. (Students will listen to the story)

(the teacher will post the picture of Kuya


But before that, Mang Lemuel told me to set

standards while doing this activity. Can you (Students will give standards to follow while
give one…? doing the activity)

May I expect that you will follow the given

Yes Sir.
Okay. This is a group activity. The first three
groups to finish will receive a prize. Is that
understood? Yes Sir.

Any questions? None Sir.

You may now start. (The students will start solving the maze)

 Analysis
Now, what are the things that Mang Lemuel
should consider in putting up a poultry
enterprise? Please read altogether. Housing Facilities
Broiler chicks
Vaccines, medicines, supplements
Heat and light

Do you think the knowledge about these

things is enough for Mang Lemuel to start a
poultry enterprise? Yes sir because Mang Lemuel is a newbie in
this kind of business and knowing the basics
is a good thing to start with.

These things that you have listed here are

the main factors and are very important for
his business. But I think we forgot to list one
thing. Do you know what it is? Sir I think it’s money.

Why money? Because Mang Lemuel will not be able to buy

those things like chicks, feeds, vitamins, etc. if
he don’t have money.

That’s correct. So shall we include money/

capital in here? Yes Sir.

Alright. These things that you have listed

beside Mang Lemuel are called inputs in
production and are classified into two namely
Costs and Returns. (Discussion of inputs in

Now, after we have discussed the inputs in

production, let us estimate whether Mang
Lemuel will make a profit if he start his
business within this month. Could we help
Mang Lemuel with this? Sure Sir.
(Sample of Gathered Data in Broiler (the students will compute the production
Production) cost, ROI, and mortality rate)

 Abstraction
How did you find the computing activity? (students will answer) Hard, easy,…

From the computed data, is Mang Lemuel’s

business promising? Why or why not? Yes because…
No because…

If you were Mang Lemuel, will you put up the

same business? Yes because we already know how to
estimate whether our business will be
profitable or not.

No because…

Since you have mentioned about knowing

how to estimate, what do you think is the
most important thing in estimating and
computing costs and returns in production? Accuracy sir. We should be accurate in
computing costs and returns so that we will be
sure if will make a profit or not.
Also, accuracy is important so that no money
will be wasted along the process.

Very well said. With that, I know that you are

all prepared for our next activity.

 Application
I have here sample records in poultry
production enterprise. You will be grouped
again with the same group that you had
earlier. What you need to do is to compute
for Net Income, Return of Investment, and
simple conclusion from the computed data.

Am I understood class? Yes Sir.

Is 5 minutes enough to complete the task? Yes Sir

Any questions? None Sir.

Shall we follow the same standards that you

have set on the previous activity? Yes Sir.

Alright, start working. (the students will work on on the task given)

c. Evaluation

(The teacher will administer a short test) (The students will answer the short quiz)
Get ¼ sheet of paper and write the correct

1. Calculate the amout of feed needed

for 150 broilers at 40 days of maturity
if the amount of feed consumed is 3
kilos per chick.
2. What is the mortality rate if 5 chicks
out of 100 died due to severe heat?
3. If you want to raise 200 broilers and
you needed to build a housing for
every 10 broilers, how much money
would you need if one housing costs
4. The price of 1 kilo of chicken meat is
140. How much would you spend if
you want to buy 2 and ½ kilos?
5. What is the ROI if the total gross sales
is 20,500 and the total cost of
production is 18,200?

Exchange your papers and let us check. (the teacher will call students to answer the
1. 450 kls.
2. 5%
3. 40,000.00
4. 350.00
5. 12.64%
d. Assignment
As for your assignment, I want you to
make a simple project proposal on
broiler production. Format and
performance criteria is as follows..
(The teacher will give the format and
performance criteria to the students)
None sir.
Do you have any questions?

I hope you learned something today. (one student will lead the prayer)
Let us have a closing prayer.
Goodbye Sir.
Goodbye class.

Prepared by:

Philip Reymond G. Sta. Cruz

Student Teacher


Digna P. Azada
Cooperating Teacher