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aren 8 simon, Ph. ‘State Superintendent of Schools 200 West Bimoretret + alimoe, MO 21201 + 410.757-0100 + 410-353.6442 TTY/TDD + ManlanéPubleschols ors To: ‘Members of the Maryland Site Board of Education FROM: Keren B. Salmon, PhD A DATE: May23,2017 ne: Revocation of Educator Cetfeates Ievormational Purposes PuRPOS! The purpose of this item isto provide information reserding the public availability of edvetor certificate revocatiorson the Maryland State Department of Education's (MSDE'S) website INFORMATION: This month, MSDE began posting information regarding the revocation of educator e=tiates onthe website at hip:maylandpublicchools. ory abou: Payes DEECenifestion index asp. Specie infomation includes: the enficale holder's name, dteof revocation, and the reson For revocation. “This information will be updated on a monthly basis and wil contain statement that atonal information resardinza revocation may be requested through a publi information request 35 has previouly been the practice. MSDE has begun posting this information in Ue intrst of beter iforming the public abou serious actions taken agains educator licenses inthe ste. Revocations are considered public records, but not all information in sn edator’s licensing fle is automalicaly subject to public disclosure. For example ifan Individuals eeifieate was revoked because of allesatons of misconduct with a hil, specific ‘infomation pertaining to that child would not be released ‘The Sate Supersterdent may suspend or revoke acetate for specie reasons, which are listed in COMAR 13A.12.08.02. Certain offenses automatically lead o revocation. ‘These include being convictal of erimeof violence o one involving chil sbuse or neglect or being dismissed or resigning fle notice ofan allegation of eld sexu abuse. (Offenses that may lead to suspension or revocation include, but are not limited to. = contributing 0 tke detingveney of minor = moral turpitude if the offense bears direly on the individual's Btnessto teach + specific dru offenses ‘making material mistepresenttion, concealing information, or submitting fas: records in the aplication fora certieate + filing to report suspected child abuse * _resighing of being terminated after notice of an allegation of misconduct involving a student having seorticate suspended or revoked in another aw While MSDE es only recently made information about revocations available on its website it has actively participated for years inthe National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and CCentifcate (NASDTEC) Clearinghouse. The NASDTEC Clearinghouse iss national collection point for professional educator discipline actions taken by the 50 stats, District of Columbia, US, Deparment of Defense Educational Opportunity schools, andthe US, Tersitories. Ona monthly basis, the MSDE Euestor Information System is matched to the Clearinghouse system. Other sates receive an ale i MSDE suspends or revokes an individal's certificate, Likewise, MSDE reeives anal ifone ofits licensees has had any action taken against hit oe her in another sae, In the event ofa match, MSDE. fags the individuals fle and begins an investigation. Al NASDTEC member states have acess tothe ‘database, and individual public and private schools now have the option of joining as “read on ‘members in oer to view the database. Regardless of wheter a local school system joins NASDTEC, al local school systems hive accesso MSDE"s Educator Information System and would lea if licensee is under investigation or has had acertfieate suspended or revoked. tis important to remember thatthe NASDTEC Clearinghouse and MSDE Wisin of revocations only apply to individuals who ae required to hold acetfcale. Maryland schools, public and private, ae, ‘however, required 1 condct criminal background checks on their employees ax per the Marylend Code, ‘Family Law Article §5-560. This provides an additonal check to ensure tat individuals with improper [backgrounds do not gain employment in Maryland schools, Finally, it continues tobe MSDE"s goa to make all baie licensing information available to the pubic ‘hough a public facing poral through which any individual may seatch the ceiieation status of an individual, This enhancement tothe Etucator information System is eurrently in development.