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The Power of Positive Thinking

Train Your Mind to Succeed with Auto


When you have control over your thoughts,

you have control over your life
Can you really train your mind to succeed?

Did You Know1?

• Tennis player Billie Jean King was
• People have “miraculously”
considered by her opponents to be
recovered from critical dis-eases
almost unbeatable once she had
such as cancer, and have overcome
mentally “programmed” her body to
severe disabilities without the use of
win, despite the fact that there was
any drugs, chemical treatment or
no particular physical area in which
radiation therapies?
she was superior to everyone else?
• In 1970, an Indian yogi, Swami
In fact, the entire science of placebo-
Rama, stunned the scientific world
control trials is based on this power of
by causing two areas a couple of
auto suggestion. Emile Coue, an
inches apart on his right hand to
authority on the subject once said, "A
change their temperature in the
repetition of the same words will force
opposite direction. The rate of the
you to think them and when you think
temperature change was about two
them they become true for you and
degrees Celsius per minute, and he
transform themselves into reality."
was able to maintain that change

until there was a temperature

difference of about 6 degrees


Source: Head Strong by Tony Buzan,
HarperCollins, 2001
Unleash the power of auto suggestion in your

Everyday in the morning, repeat these A List of Auto Suggestions

suggestions for about fifteen minutes.
Here is a list of 10 suggestions for

Then, just before going to bed, repeat weight loss, gaining confidence, self-

them again for fifteen minutes. motivation and stress relief. Just pick the

ones that are relevant to you, modify

The magic will begin to unfold!
them if you wish to and get going.

A general suggestion that works for all Weight loss

• I consume less calories than I

occasions is: "Day by day in

every way I am getting • I enjoy healthy nutritious food

• I pay full attention to what I am

better and better."

• I eat slowly

• I eat the right food

• I eat at the right time

• I eat healthy portions every time

• I am making positive changes

every day

• I find enjoyable ways to work out

• I am transforming my body
Gaining Confidence

In this section you can fill in the gap

with what ever is appropriate for you

• I am calm and relaxed

• I feel ________ around


• I have fun around _________

• I look people in the eye

• Everyone is interested in my


• I always speak loud and clear

• Meeting new people is exciting

• I will learn more about my

_________ today
• I enjoy exercising when I am
• It is important and easy to make
• I feel better when I _________.

• Everyday I learn something


• I like winning and today I will


• Every day I am getting a step

closer to _________
• _________ is fun

• I do things straight away because

I am a winner

• I am becoming the Ideal me

• Everyday I contribute something

of great value to the world

• I must will ___________ happen

Stress buster There are ‘n’ numbers
• It is easy for me to rest

• I remain calm and relaxed all day

of auto suggestions that
• Every step I take improves my
you can apply to help

• I resolve things without anger create success in every

• There is joy in everyday
area of your life
• I am not alone

• I find ways to relax

• It is easy for me to relax

• There is a lot of love in my life

• My life is amazing

They can because they

think they can.
- Virgil