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Festival of Dionysus: The One Act Play

Due Thursday, Oct. 30: A completed draft of your one-act play (5pts.)
Due Thursday, Nov. 7: Final gradable version ready to be staged. (15pts.)
Due Thursday, Nov. 14: Your group’s performance in our class competition. (5pts, with 3 EC
points for the group that wins, 5 for the playwright.)


Your one act play should be about ten pages, about 10 minutes in duration when performed. Your
script should be in standard play format. There are several acceptable formats out there. If you
want, use this one: http://www.indstate.edu/theater/mhspc_files/Sample%20Playwriting

Your script should be free of all errors in grammar and spelling. I will use the Winter One-Acts
rubric, below, to grade your play.

Score: 3 Score: 2 Score: 1

Thought-provoking and Has potential but requires Unclear, or implies a

1. Theme relevant, development. harmful message.
substantially explored.

2. Plot Just complicated enough, Intriguing and fully Too simple, or too
and paced well to reach a realized. complicated,
dramatic climax. or just doesn’t make sense.

3. Characters Features intriguing Original, sympathetic Flat, vague or cliché

relatable characters. The characters need more
protagonist confronts development.
a conflict and as a result is
changed in some small or
large way.

4. Dialogue Economic. Witty. Each Serviceable. Gets the Unintentionally stiff and
character’s voice is point across with contrived. Sounds like the
distinctive. occasional flashes of TV.
humor or cleverness.

5. Staging Staging, though Mostly practical and Staging is not described,

minimalist, creatively effective, but may need or too difficult to stage.
enhances the drama. simplification or

6. Entertainment Thumbs up! (Explain The playwright’s intended All in all the play, though
Value for a Family why.) effect is achieved. skillful in ways, doesn’t
Show work.