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Lesson Plan for Teaching Short Story

(Second Trial Run - Control Group)

I- OBJECTIVES: At the end of the lesson, the students are expected to:

a. Identify the elements of the story;

b. note the important details of the story;

c. relate the story into real life situation.


Topic: “THE NEW DRESS” BY Virginia Woolf
References: ( Title of the Book you will use )
Instructional Materials:Books, Tv, Manila Paper
A. Preparation
1. Prayer

 The teacher asks a student to lead to prayer

2. Review

 The teacher asks a student to identify the elements of the

3. Presentation of Objectives

 The teacher presents the objectives of the lesson

4. Pretest
5. Motivation

 The teacher lets the students answer the questions:

 Have you been to a social gathering? How did you
manage yourself as one of the social partygoers?
B. Presentation

 The teacher presents the title of the story “ THE NEW DRESS
“ by writing it on the board

C. Unlocking of Difficulties
 The teacher lets the students find the meaning of the difficult
words through matching the word in column A to its meaning
in column B. They will use the sentences as their guide.
Column A Column B
1. eon a. habitually complaining
2.crumple b. affectedly dainty or refined
3. prude c.a person excessively concerned
about propriety and decorum
4. mincing d. gather something into small
wrinkles or folds
5. querulous e. the longest unit of geological time
1. It was the heat wave presumably, operating upon a brain made
sensitive by eons of evolution.
2.She would have been, in the first place, dark like Lady
Bexborough, with a skin of crumpled leather and beautiful eyes..
3. Cold, heartless, a prude, he called her.
4. They would come; they would stand; they would talk in
the mincing tones which she could imitate, ladies and gentlemen.
5. But he had never got on well with old Parry, that querulous,
weak-kneed old man, Clarissa's father, Justin Parry.
D. Reading of Guide Questions
1. Write three or more words from the story that convey insecurity

2. Why did Mabel suspect that something was wrong as she took her

cloak off?

3. What scenes came to her mind as she sat on the sofa?

4. Why did Mabel lie to Mrs. Dalloway about having enjoyed herself

enormously? If you were Mabel, how would you feel about the


5. What does Mrs. Dalloway remember of Peter Walsh?

E. Discussion
 The teacher asks the students to listen as she reads the story
“the new Dress”
 The teacher lets the students answer the guide questions and
asks them to share their ideas in the class
 The teacher uses Question and answer method in elaborating
the lesson.
 The teacher asks the students to explain the theme of the
story and relate it to their real life experiences.
F. Application
The teacher groups the students into five. Each group analyzes

the story using a story map.

G. Generalization

 The teacher asks the students what insights they have learned
from the lesson.
Sketch a design of a dress that will represent your behavior or attitude

through the use of sketchbook and write three to five sentences about it.