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Woqod rules and regulations for LPG tanks


NFPA for LPG is the main source for rule and regulations which all contractors follow
and been inspected by Woqod on a basis of step by step approvals, and we will
mention some of it underneath
Tanks over 2000 liters should be at least 15M away from any building structure if -1
installed above ground
tanks under ground can be as much as 3M away from any building structure-2
Electrical sources have to be at least 3 M away from tank area-3
under ground piping can use the ground levels as bare area or landscaping only-4
any tanks installed straight to any building structure should not have any door or -5
window for at least 3M
refilling times should be respected according to Woqod schedules designed for -6
Qatar market
Kitchen equipment consumption is the priority for tank size assumption-7
other assumptions like people count could determine tank size-8
any tank above 4000 L should have a sprinkler system-9
all civil and electrical sources should be provided by the owners unless agreed up -10
all tanks should have a concrete platform and tanks should be screwed in-11
all safety measures should be approved by Woqod prior to installation (rules & -12