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Material required for maintenance work of GRP pipe line

1. Mechanical ventilation.
a. Diesel Generator (to be placed outside).
b. Air blower with duct (duct dia 150 mm, duct length 250 Mtr.).
2. Multi gas detector (O2 and other gas detector) and Portable O2 detector.
3. Head lamp for all worker (battery operated and flameproof).
4. Working lamp (24 volt DC).
5. Communication Rope (length 1100 Mtr. & die 8mm).
6. Walkie-Talkie (4 Nos).
7. Airline supplier (trolley base for two people for minimum two hours).
Spec: (Name-Honeywell Fenzy Air Supply Trolley, Model no. 1824092. Double
user, 4 cylinder having capacity of each cylinder 9 Lt.). 2 additional oxygen
cylinder having 9 ltr. Capacity as spare.
8. SCBA for emergency rescue purpose 2 Nos. (Capacity: 45 duration)
9. Trolley for carrying materials (with rubber wheel).
10. Battery operated grinder with spare battery.
11. Access ladder
12. First aid box.
13. Emergency Vehicle.
14. Water sprayer for dust suppression.
15. Suitable PPEs for handling chemicals and grinder (gum boot without toe guard, rubber
hand gloves and cotton hand gloves).

1. Pre job meeting.

2. Stand by person at opening (Man hole).
3. Training for use of PPEs (SCBA/Airline breathing apparatus).
4. Close supervision.
5. Regular communication by walkie-talkie.
6. Give signal through rope in case of walkie-talkie is not working.