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Focus Group Discussion

This study focuses on the insights of STEM students concerning the efficiency of a
teacher, their strengths and weaknesses that was observed by the students and shared
their outlook upon it. This focused group discussion was done between the researcher
and the participants who were willing to cooperate and presented their opinions. The
result corresponds to the research questions found in the chapter 1 of this research.

1. How proficient are the teachers in terms of classroom management?

According to the participants, some teachers, especially those new in teaching, were
more incapable in managing a classroom. They were substandard, having poor
communication to their students. While, those teachers who were teaching for years in
the same school were experts in managing a classroom and very skillful in handling the
2. How consistent are the teachers in implementing rules and directions in a
The participants claimed that
3. How efficient are the consequences set by the teachers to control
misbehavior of the students?