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Name: Surah Luqman 12-19 Date


And undoubtedly, We bestowed to Luqman wisdom saying, 'Be grateful to

Allah'. And whoever is grateful, is grateful for the good of his own and
whoever is ungrateful then certainly Allah is Self Sufficient, All praised.


And remember when Luqman said to his son and he was admonishing
him, 'O my son, associate not any one with Allah'. 'Undoubtedly, the
association with Allah is a tremendous wrong'.


And We have stressed on man concerning his parents, his mother bore
him undergoing weakness upon weakness and his weaning takes two
years that give thanks to Me and to your parents. Lastly, the return is
towards Me.


And if they both strive to make you associate with Me a thing of which you
have no knowledge then obey them not and accompany them in the world
very well and follow him who turned to Me repentantly, then to Me is your
return, I shall inform you what you used to do.
Name: Surah Luqman 12-19 Date


'O my son! The evil if it be even to the weight of a grain of mustard seed,
then it be in a rock or in the heaven or in the earth, Allah will bring it
forth. Undoubtedly Allah is Knower of every subtlety, Aware.


'O my son! Establish prayer and bid doing good and forbid evil and be
patient over whatever befall upon. Undoubtedly, these are affairs of


And make not your cheek crooked while talking to any one and walk not in
the earth strutting. Undoubtedly Allah loves not any arrogant boaster.

And walk moderately and lower your voice to some extent. Undoubtedly in
all voices, the most hideous voice is of an ass.