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Kimberly A.

Blevins, 18060 Owen Drive, Hudson, Florida 34667-6659

October 17, 2010

Josiah R. Fornof, 1418961

Pinellas County Jail
14400 49th Street, North
Clearwater, FL 33762-2877

Subject: “Operation Pink Bubblegum”

Dear Mr. Fornof:

The Book of Job, believed by many scholars to be the oldest book in the Bible, makes it clear from the
beginning that satan has to have God’s permission to come against the righteous, which we are
(covered in the righteousness of Christ Jesus) to any extent, to any degree. When the LORD does give
permission, He does so within certain parameters, strict parameters, and satan may not deviate from
those parameters. The LORD, not satan, is King of kings and Lord of lords.

Early this morning, some apparently reliable information came to me concerning the Federal Bureau of
Investigation’s (F.B.I.’s) unlawful operation concerning us; a blog I wrote about same includes:

Additional, seemingly reliable information has come to me tonight about the F.B.I.'s latest unlawful,
terroristic aggression toward my father Robert F. Blevins and his, toward me and mine. They have,
indeed, had us under surveillance, including satellite surveillance sophisticated enough to make out
from that height a label on a package in my yard, for example. I figured as much. Their unlawful
plan from at least as far back as February was to take Josiah and me. The Lord thought otherwise.

What have we done, other than what any God-fearing, law-abiding citizen should do? How many
hundreds of thousands, and most likely millions and millions of dollars have already been spent on
this operation unlawfully targeting me and mine? Who signed off on that? Why did they do so?

I feel certain that a major impetus behind MacDill in Tampa being the Command Central (or
whatever they call it) is because it is so close to us here on Rose Hill. Likewise, that the U.S. Coast
Guard being administratively changed to the Department of Homeland Security and the base being
in Spring Hill was all done to make frequent flyovers convenient and to maintain an appearance of

The war is spiritual, of course. The F.B.I. is part of the dragon, the devil working in powers. The
very fact that the devil is so very much absorbed with me and what is happening here on this little
1.127-acre parcel, and is expending such enormous resources in unlawfully attacking me and mine
should serve as verification enough that we are really special to the LORD. The devil has tried to
make me feel and believe that every day I live to see another day, particularly free in the sunshine, is

Kimberly A. Blevins, 18060 Owen Drive, Hudson, Florida 34667-6659

on borrowed time, when in fact, he cannot do anything against me, except that the LORD approves
it. The devil always plays right into the LORD's hands.

My dream of the little demon that was pooping pink bubblegum is a picture of what is going on with
the F.B.I. now, for they are like that little demon, but have put themselves in a far worse situation.

That was a very imaginative dream that I dreamed on March 6, 2008. I wrote a blog about the dream
that day, a blog that includes:

As often happens, it seems, when I am so tired and just want to sleep, I started dreaming a very vivid

I was standing outside of what looked like a garage, looking off into the dusky sky, and I could see what
looked like a suspended movie screen displaying two very detailed demons looking back at me, so it was
more like they were looking through a window. They were menacing and mocking me, apparently
because I had one of their number firmly attacked to my left hand.

At first, I thought that demon was a bat, but when I got it off my hand (for it was biting me with long fangs)
I saw it was not. It was black, bright blue (stripes only) and bright green, but mostly black. I had just
gotten it off when one attached itself to my right hand, and I could see more flying toward me, with the
ones on the screen enjoying the show.

The demons that had been biting me (but not drawing blood, although their fangs were very long and
thick) felt very warm, and their skin seemed very thin and fragile. I could feel their bones and organs even
through their skin. Then they started menacing and mocking me, and I told the black one that I was going
to put him in a jar and close the lid and let him die a slow, excruciating death (I was really thinking, "What
a specimen! I have to study this thing!") The other one looked like a yellow and gray polka-dotted
elephant with bat wings, and just as I was getting ready to kill it by swinging it by its long neck (like my
grandmother used to kill chickens, by wringing their necks) as I was holding it, I felt something warm, and
it was pooping pink bubble gum! Really! But even then, the pink bubble gum poop didn't seem to actually
be on me, so I am not sure how I felt it, but seemed to just be on the little elephant-bat-demon. They were
both about 9-12 inches long. I awakened then and looked at the time: 4:37 AM.

Now, sweetheart, can't you just about hear Our Heavenly Father putting the parameters on the devil?
"Alright, devil, you can give her a dream about demons, as long as the large ones can't actually get to
her..." (trapped in a movie screen, so isn't it funny they were making fun of me?) "...and as long as the
ones that do get to her don't actually hurt her or draw blood, and as long as you put in some humorous
element that ties in to her royal marriage sealed in heavenly courts..." I think God is making it so the devil
is growing to absolutely hate trying to come at us in any way, baby. The devil wanted to terrorize me, but
God said, "Not so fast!" Instead, Jesus is already terrorizing the ones that have been terrorizing us (just
as Leslie taught about the visions of Zechariah, the carpenters). He's kind of making the devil seem like
some kind of buffoon.

There you go, son. When these evildoers do what they do, attempting to terrorize, intimidate, threaten
you and us, carrying out their lies upon lies, we can look at them and think, “Aw, they’re not anything!
They are just pooping pink bubblegum!”

Kimberly A. Blevins, 18060 Owen Drive, Hudson, Florida 34667-6659

I don’t know what the F.B.I. has labeled their multi-million-dollar (most likely) unlawful, terroristic
operation against us, but we are well positioned to call it, and think of it, as “Operation Pink
Bubblegum,” and to know the fullness of what that signifies.

Just as I wrote that, a woman at Leslie’s got up to sing (Aunt Connie and I are watching it on the
Internet) and Aunt Connie asked, via instant message: “how can she sing and chew gum at the same
time?” The song she was singing is “In the Presence of Jehovah.” That’s for you, Josiah, straight from
the Throne of God. The words are included at the end of this letter.

Right after that, Leslie called a bald man named Allen to come forward, and Leslie blessed the man. I
know in my spirit that Leslie was doing that not for the man only, but for me, by proxy (for I am as the
bald man, prophetically, and Leslie knows that). That relates to a vision that was given to Elizabeth
some time ago (around 2004, as I recall). I wrote it up as:

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Kimberly A. Blevins
Date: Sun, Oct 29, 2006 at 7:31 AM (2:31 PM Jerusalem Time)
Subject: We are all His children, and He knows what He is doing with all of us, all the time...
To: "Johnson, Phillip G."

Dear Pastor Johnson,

In the middle of preparations to get to church today -- hopefully early so I can pray, praise and maybe
even dance with joy -- I felt the urgency to get this off to you.

A few years ago when I attended service, Sister Johnson shared a vision she had had, which as I recall
was about anointing a man in the church who either had a receding hairline or was bald, and the oils
flowing down around him and out to the community, the state, the nation and beyond and that through
him the church would have an impact far and wide. Even though I wasn't even attending there regularly
at that time, I instantly felt as though the man was me (I know, it seems counter-intuitive both in terms of
the gender and the hair, but there is a logical reason for both). I shared that thought with my family at the
time, and also mentioned that I might meet with you and Sister Johnson to discuss, but Tia pleaded with
me not to do that, so I did not. (I think she was afraid that both you and your wife might think I was nuts,
but now that at least one of you is probably convinced of same -- or at least that I am "nuts" like they are -
- I felt there was nothing to be lost in sharing this with you now). In late April or early May of this year,
when I had asked to meet with you both, I had plans to discuss this vision then, and of course that did not
happen because of your hospitalization. Perhaps it is something I was supposed to keep to myself, or
only share with you, since I do feel this urgency now.

Fairly recently, within the last six weeks or so, I went to the Lord to intercede for Sister Johnson for a
specific desire she had discussed with me openly (so I feel there is no breach of confidence here) at least
five or six different times. My prayer commenced something like: Lord, Sister Johnson is my sister, and I

Kimberly A. Blevins, 18060 Owen Drive, Hudson, Florida 34667-6659

love her, and [this thing] is obviously very important to her and bothers her, and I just ask that you restore
her to her former glory and fulfill her desire... it means so much to her, Lord.

The surprise came when right away (no more than the second time I prayed this) the Lord rebuked me
very sharply and said: DON'T interfere with me when I am dealing with one of my children! I KNOW what
I am doing!

In other words, He demanded that I back off praying about that particular thing. It is interesting that He
has not asked me to back off praying for her regarding other matters, and I do, but just in regard to that
one thing.

The other surprise came when I thought perhaps I should change something about myself, my own
appearance, that might be provoking ungodly reactions, and this time God spoke to me strongly (but
lovingly) and said that I should not be ashamed in any manner of what He has given me for a blessing, for
my glory. "I know what I am doing in that regard, too," was His message on that matter.

The important thought to end with, I think, is that God chastens us all so that we might be
partakers of His holiness; we are all His children, and He knows what He is doing with all of us, all
the time.

This negative spirit I sense close to you has been revealed to me as an exploiting spirit, and I sense it has
troubled you for a long time. God is taking care of it, and I believe will remove it from you one way or

Sister Blevins

Much later, October 6, 2007, I wrote of that:

*Sister [] vision:

Bald Head or Receding Hairline: I started growing my hair long again toward the end of 1989: by the mid-
1990s, it was pretty long. I was on faculty then at the University of South Florida, College of Public
Health, and one of my associates was (former state senator) Mary Figg, a woman with a terrific
sense of humor who had a particular fondness for teasing me. (She was also a fellow doctoral student
in the PhD program at that time, while I was working on my doctorate). It is a matter of fact that my
forehead used to be much lower (meaning my hairline was much lower) and that as my hair has grown,
my forehead has also gotten "higher." Mary used to like to tease me and say thatthe only reason I was
growing my hair long was so that the weight of the hair would pull the wrinkles out of my forehead. That
wasn't true, ofcourse, but she thought it was hilarious, so I just let her have her fun. The Lord might have
been having some fun with this aspect of thevision too. He does have a really good sense of humor.

Man: As a woman, I think more like a man, and that has been tested and proven.

Kimberly A. Blevins, 18060 Owen Drive, Hudson, Florida 34667-6659

Neither Connie nor I have ever seen Leslie do that before, call someone up to be anointed, blessed,
before service. Allen means “Rock.” I am so moved, because the Holy Spirit within has quickened me
to understand the depth of what that act signifies, to see what is not discernible without the Spirit. All of
that, the Holy Spirit has brought to me while I was writing this to you.

Leslie is teaching Part Two, of “Your Feeling of Inadequacy is Your Greatest Asset.” We are fearfully
and wonderfully made (Psalm 139) but we are not made perfect. We are allowed to feel our
inadequacies so that feeling may drive us to God. Self-dependence is the worst affliction, aberration
we can have from God’s will.

We can mock the devil, as God does, but not to make us cocky, just to keep things in proper
perspective and fight the devil’s lies without resorting to same. Leslie has mentioned 1 Samuel 17:44-
50 and Ecclesiastes 9:11-18 in his message, good scripture passages for you to read now.

Resting in Jesus Christ, the Author and Finisher of our faith (Heb. 12:2),

Kimberly A. Blevins, CPS, BIS, MPH, PhD

(Bezaleel Oholiab, Prophet of the Ages)

Cathy Goddard Lyrics

" In The Presence Of Jehovah "

In and out of situations

that tug of war at me
All day long I struggle
for the answers that I need
But when I come into His presence
All my questions become clear
And in that sacred moment
No doubts can interfere

In the presence of Jehovah

God Almighty, Prince of Peace
Troubles vanish, hearts are mended
In the presence of the King

Through His love the Lord provided

A place for us to rest
A place to find the answers
In our hour of distress
Now there's never any reason

Kimberly A. Blevins, 18060 Owen Drive, Hudson, Florida 34667-6659

For you to give up in despair

Just slip away and breathe His name
You will surely find Him there

In the presence of Jehovah

God Almighty, Prince of Peace
Troubles vanish, hearts are mended
In the presence of the King

In the presence of Jehovah

God Almighty, Prince of Peace
Troubles vanish, hearts are mended
In the presence of the King

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