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I would like to know if the below marked answers are correct.

Please help me in evaluating the

1.He ________ in so much trouble last week if he'd followed the guidelines more carefully.
Answer: B
a. hadn't been b. wouldn't have been c.might have been
d.wouldn't be

2. A: Will accounting have to shear a little bit in reporting current obligation?

B: ___ would be more appropriate or even chop.
Answer: Slice
a.slice b. discount c. fluff d.shrivel

3.The museum is very popular. It ________ by more than 10 million people since it opened.
Answer: D
( A ) was visited (B) had been visited (C) has visited ( D ) has been visited

4.I ( A ) formally move that any contract amendments stipulating material modification (B)be put
on hold for the present!
(C) Conversely, amortization of capital assets ( D ) should likewise be suspended temporarily.
Identify the wrong ones.
Answer: B (be)

5. In deference to Jim's objection ( A ) regarding the proposal that had been (B) submitted , the
committee (C) will have approved the measure had the majority not ( D ) been swayed by the
mayor's opinion.
Identify the wrong ones.
Answer: C (will)

6. ________ do the sales of chocolate rise in February, but the sales of all other confections also
( A ) At no time (B) Not only (C) Never ( D ) Regardless
Answer: A

7.A:Can't you see that my client is in the clear on your illegitimate charges?
B: The account withdrawals are valid ; _____, embezzlement is illicit.
a. Furthermore b. additionally c. in retrospect d.notwithstanding
Answer: A

8.The organization will be able to borrow more fundsif it ____some of its current debts.
a. pays off b. could pay off c. should pay off d. will pay off
Answer: B

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9. I will be in late today. ____ before me, check my email and answer any pendin issues.
a. if you will arrive b. if you arrive c. if you arrived d. when you arrive
Answer : B

10. Did you know that Peter and Susan ___ since last year?
a. were dating b. are dating c. have been dating d.dated
Answer: C

11. The language in the purchasing aggreement's fifth clause makes the terms _______enough to
reduce the liability.
a. restrictive b. restrictively c. restricting d. restrictiveness
Answer: A

12. If we ( A ) offer training (B) sessions (C)to our employees, they would ( D ) learn more quickly.
Identify the wrong one.
Answer: B (Sessions)

13.A: Did he have a problem with clause sixteen in the contract?

B: Yes, he _____ the requirement for assignment of the debt.
( A ) took issue on (B) brought down (C) took issue with
( D ) brought over
Answer: A

14. Ever the ( A ) schedule is changed (B) on short notice, (C) people ( D ) get upset.
Identify the wrong one
Answer: D (get)

15.A: Can the formula presented in Diagram 6 be used to predict next quarter's earnings?
B: Yes, but _______ must first be modified to reflect last year's actual revenue.
a. it b. he c. they d. we
Asnwer: it

16.But, ( A ) what if the design would have (B) implicits (C) discrimental ( D ) overtones ?
Identify the wrong one.
Answer: B (implicits)

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