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Historical Role Play : 309 Historic Play Rubric

Teacher Name: Ms. Colvill

Student Name: ________________________________________

CATEGORY Excellent Good Mediocre

Historical Accuracy All historical Almost all historical Most of the historical
information appeared information appeared information was
to be accurate and in to be accurate and in accurate and in
chronological order. chronological order. chronological order.

Knowledge Gained Can clearly explain Can clearly explain Can clearly explain
several ways in which several ways in which one way in which
their character their character their character
\"saw\" things \"saw\" things \"saw\" things
differently than other differently than other differently than other
Props/Costume Student uses several Student uses 1-2 Student uses 1-2
props (could include props that accurately props which make the
costume) that fit the period, and presentation better.
accurately fit the make the
period, show presentation better.
Time The drama was 10-11 The drama was 8-9 The drama was 6-7
minutes long. minutes long. minutes long.

Required Elements Student included Student included all Student included

more information information that was most information that
than was required. required. was required.

Date Created: Feb 19, 2019 12:26 pm (CST)


Not Good
Very little of the
historical information
was accurate and/or
in chronological
Cannot explain one
way in which their
character \"saw\"
things differently
than other
The student uses no
props OR the props
chosen detract from
the presentation.

The drama was 0-5

minutes long.

Student included less

information than was