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Municipal Compound Centro, Lal-lo, Cagayan

Annual Procurement Plan for FY 2019

Code Procurement PMO/ Mode of Schedule for Each Procurement Activity Source of Funds Estimated Budget (PhP) Remarks
(PAP) Program/Project End-User Procurement (brief description of Program/Project)
Pre-Proc Ads/Post of Pre-bid Eligibility Sub/Open of Bid Post Qual Notice of Contract Notice to Delivery/ Acceptance/ Total MOOE CO
Conference IAEB Conf Check Bids Evaluation Award Signing Proceed Completion Turnover

Common Office Supplies Shopping Corporate Fund 42,898.00 For office consumption.
Stock - Materials and For sale of materials and service
Technical Shopping Corporate Fund 3,911,160.00
Chlorine conneciton.
Oil Fuel & Lubricants for
Technical Shopping Corporate Fund 480,740.00 For office equipments & machineries.
service vehicle
Commercial Printing of accountable forms and other
Printing Services Shopping Corporate Fund 64,730.00
/Admin office forms.
Water Facilities /
Technical Shopping Corporate Fund 361,200.00 Supplies for water pumping operations.
Maintenance Supplies
Other Operating and
/Admin/ Shopping Corporate Fund 90,855.00 For operation of the District.
Maintenance expense
Various water system development/
Capital Expenditures /Admin/ Shopping Corporate Fund 1,707,500.00

GRAND TOTAL 6,659,083.00

Prepared by: Approved by:

BAC - Secretariat General Manager

1. PROGRAM (BESF)– A homogeneous group of activities necessary for the performance of a major purpose for which a government agency is established, for the basic Programs and projects should be alligned with
maintenance of the agency’s administrative operations or for the provisions of staff support to the agency’s administrative operations or for the provisions of staff support to the budget documents, and especially those posted
agency’s line functions. at the PhilGeps.

2. PROJECT (BESF)– Special agency undertakings which are to be carried out within a definite time frame and which are intended to result in some pre-determined measure of
goods and services.

3. PMO/End User - Unit as proponent of program or project

4. Mode of Procurement - Competitive Bidding and Alternative Methods including: selective bidding, direct contracting, repeat order, shopping, and negotiated procurement.

5. Schedule for Each Procurement Activity - Major procurement activities (pre-procurement conference; advertising/posting; pre-bid conference; eligibility screening; submission
and receipt of bids; bid evalutaion; post qualification; award of contract; contract preparation), delivery/completion and acceptance/turnover.

6. Source of Funds - Whether GoP, Foreign Assisted or Special Purpose Fund

7. Estimated Budget - Agency approved estimate of project/program costs Breakdown into mooe and co for tracking
purposes; alligned with budget documents

8. Remarks - brief description of program or project Any remark that will help GPPB track programs
and projects

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