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SVAR Report

Name : Sagar Shankar

SVAR ID: 31470012171811 Test Date: Mar 30, 2017

34 A1
The candidate demonstrates the ability to recognize and
use familiar expressions and basic phrases. She/he can
introduce herself/himself and can ask and answer
questions about biographical details such as home,
friends, possessions, and hobbies. She/he can interact
Spoken English Proficiency Score socially with other English speakers provided that the CEFR LEVEL
conversation partner speaks slowly and patiently.

SVAR Scores

Guided Speech Score:

9 /100 The ability to express oneself effortlessly and smoothly, without hesitations or self-correction. Speech is delivered with correct
rhythm and intonation.

14 /100 The ability to articulate words in a manner that is generally understood by native and non-native speakers. Speech is delivered in a
neutral accent, and with correct syllable stress.

Active Listening
31 /100 The ability to comprehend and remember spoken information; to compensate for unfamiliar or missed words; and to anticipate
upcoming details, based on the context of the speech.

Spoken English Understanding

80 /100 The ability to discern main ideas and details in spoken information. The ability to comprehend the speaker's intent and to respond

60 /100
The ability to recognize words and phrases, as well as the proper contexts for words with similar meanings.

60 /100
The ability to construct proper sentences and paragraphs with correct syntax.
Detailed Feedback

Feedback on Guided Speech:

At present, the candidate has difficulty demonstrating competent fluency. Her/his speech exhibits major
disruptions such as hesitations, interjections, repetition, or self-correction. She/he requires effort to
Fluency compose complete sentences. In addition, she/he lacks natural rhythm and intonation. This makes
her/his speech difficult to comprehend for many listeners.

The candidate's pronunciation ability is generally poor. She/he appears to be unfamiliar with the proper
Pronunciation stress on syllables. Her/his speech is incomprehensible to listeners.

The candidate possesses a limited ability to listen, retain, and reproduce new information that she/he
receives. She/he cannot compensate for missed or unfamiliar words or infer the meaning of the speech
Active Listening from context. She/he might be able to recognize the general idea of the speech but is often unaware of
the context and details, and she/he is typically not able to reproduce the information without altering its

The candidate exhibits a very good understanding of spoken English. She/he understands the tone and
mood of the speaker. She/he can grasp the main idea, context, and details of conversation and spoken
Spoken English Understanding information. She/he might miss very specific information, but it will not impede her/his ability to function in
most situations.

The candidate possesses a satisfactory knowledge of English words and phrases. She/he possesses
Vocabulary sufficient vocabulary to comprehend routine situations, but lexical limitations become obvious in less-
routine situations.

The candidate exhibits satisfactory knowledge of sentence structure and syntax. She/he understands
Grammar basic grammar, but might commit occasional errors that disrupt accuracy and impede communication.

Job Suitability

This section provides the job fitment of the candidates in the following roles based on the candidate's performance on the spoken English assessment.

Job Profile Description Profile Suitability

Candidates who must interact with corporate, institutional, and HNI clients
Direct customer Interaction and customers to sell products, provide services, and deliver Not Hirable

Candidates who must sell or provide services to international customers

International Voice Profile Not Hirable
who possess a high level of spoken English competency.

Candidates who must sell or provide services to domestic customers

Domestic Voice Profile Not Hirable
who possess a basic level of spoken English competency.

Candidates who work in outsourcing facilities where basic English skills

Backend Processing Profile are desirable for internal communication and for occasional customer Not Hirable
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Aspiring Minds' Concluding Words

We hope that this assessment has helped you to understand your strengths and weaknesses in oral English competency. If you have any questions or
feedback about this report, please feel free to write to us at svar@aspiringminds.com.