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Lufthansa Technik

Maintenance International
Lufthansa Technik Maintenance International is the competence center
for aircraft maintenance services of the Lufthansa Technik Group.
From its production base in Frankfurt it runs a global network of main-
tenance stations and MRO integration projects.

Service spectrum
Operational since the beginning of 2009, Lufthansa Technik Maintenance
International is dedicated to providing maintenance services and technical
support for airline customers around the world. The company, formerly
Condor/Cargo Technik, has its homebase at the southern part of Frankfurt  Frankfurt
airport. The company operates under the same aviation authority approvals
as Lufthansa Technik. Its portfolio comprises line maintenance across its
customers’ station networks up to and including A-checks for both Airbus
and Boeing aircraft. Furthermore, for most aircraft types C-checks and
­special layovers such as landing gear changes and special modifications
can be provided also.

Key facts
In focus: Technical Operations Management and manage/m®
In addition to aircraft maintenance services for its international customer
Founded 2009
base, Lufthansa Technik Maintenance International also provides Technical
Personnel 1,000
Operations Management (TOM). With TOM as a part of the Total Technical
Capacity 20,000 m2
Support (TTS®) package, Lufthansa Technik Maintenance International inte-
grates all MRO services seamlessly into the respective customer airline’s
organization. The scope of technical services and performance parameters
are carefully adapted to the individual operator’s requirements. TOM is
designed to handle the complete maintenance organization across the
customer’s entire station network. This includes deploying a fleet manager
to the customer’s homebase, serving as the central contact and service
integrator. To the customer, the Lufthansa Technik fleet manager is respon-
sible for all the necessary services that ensure supreme quality in everyday
technical operations.
Lufthansa Technik Maintenance International also operates and develops
Lufthansa Technik’s Internet-based customer platform manage/m®. The
web-based management of technical operations in the manage/m® IT
landscape enables customers to retain complete control of all mainte-
nance services purchased from Lufthansa Technik at any time.

With profound technical experience and in-depth knowledge of the aviation
business, the maintenance experts of Lufthansa Technik Maintenance Inter-
national are the right partners to develop customized technical operations
concepts for optimal aircraft availability. The consequent focus on customer
dedication will allow aircraft operators to benefit from industry-leading solu-
tions in aircraft maintenance and service integration.
Aircraft Services

Line maintenance C-checks

Airbus Airbus
• A318, A319, A320, A321 • A330, A340
• A330, A340 • A380
• A380 Boeing
Boeing • 747
• 737 • 757
• 747 • 767
• 747-8 • 777
• 757 • MD-11
• 767
• 777
• 787
• MD-11

Additional Services

• Total Technical Support (TTS®) with Technical Operations Management (TOM)

• Technical consulting services
• Full engineering services (incl. EASA DOA)
• Special modifications and avionics upgrades
• Major structural repairs
• AOG and field team assistance
• ETOPS, RVSM key competence
• Interior refurbishment/reconfiguration
• Start-up support
• On-wing maintenance for CF6-80C2, PW2000, PW4000, RB211-535
• Technical Operations WebSuite manage/m®
• Landing gear change
• Engine Wash Cyclean®
• Aerotracer

Lufthansa Technik Maintenance International
Cargo City Sued
Building 527
60549 Frankfurt Airport

Phone +49-69-696-46929
Fax +49-69-696-69603

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