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Kharybdis Assault Claw.........................................................

260 points
Employed by many Legions as their primary ship-to-ship assault craft, the Kharybdis is a monstrous drop pod capable of carrying
large assault forces through the void and mounting significant firepower to blast a path through defending small craft. The arrival
of a flight of these ominous craft, boarding hooks extended as they approach their target, signals the end for the crew of any
vessel that dares oppose the Legiones Astartes of the Great Crusade. The secrets of these baleful war machines’ construction was
lost by the Imperium in the centuries following the Horus Heresy, but still persists in the hands of certain Dark Magos of the Hell
Forges of Chaos, who offer them up in return for a bounty of souls and slaves.

BS Front Side Rear HP
Kharybdis Assault Claw 4 12 12 12 5

Unit Composition Special Rules Transport Capacity

• 1 Kharybdis Assault Claw • Assault Vehicle • The Kharybdis has a Transport capacity of 20 models.
• Drop Pod Assault
Unit Type • Inertial Guidance System Legion Use: Instead of its usual transport capacity, it can be
• Vehicle • Independent Machine used to transport a single Dreadnought of any type or a unit
(Flyer, Transport, Hover) Spirits of Rapier Carrier teams.
• Heat Blast
Wargear Chaos Space Marine Use: Instead of its usual transport
• Five Kharybdis storm capacity, it can be used to transport a single Dreadnought or
launchers Helbrute of any type.
• Melta-ram
• Frag assault launchers Access Points
One access hatch beneath the hull. In practice, passengers can
disembark at ground level, measuring their disembarkation
from the ground level of the main hull.

A Kharybdis Assault Claw is a Heavy Support choice for

an army created using a Space Marine Crusade army list
or a Codex: Chaos Space Marines army.
Special Rules
Drop Pod Assault Heat Blast (Deep Strike): Immediately after the model lands,
A Kharybdis, and any unit it transports, must always be measure a radius of 3"+D3" horizontally outwards from its
held in reserve and always enters play using the Deep Strike main hull (do not count any landing struts, etc). All models
rules, and counts as a Drop Pod for the wider use of the caught in the blast suffer a Str 6 AP 5 hit with no cover
Drop Pod Assault rule for the army. At the beginning of the saves. Vehicles are struck on their weakest Armour value.
controlling player’s first player turn, they must choose half This is counted as a flamer-based attack.
of their Drop Pod units (rounding up) to make a Drop Pod
Assault. These units arrive on their controlling player’s first Heat Blast (Fire Sweep): If the controlling player wishes,
player turn. The arrival of the remaining Drop Pods in the any unit the model passes directly over (i.e., falls directly
player’s force is rolled for as usual for the mission. A unit under its hull during its Movement phase) suffers D6 Str 5
who Deep Strikes via Drop Pod may not assault in the turn it AP 5 hits with no cover saves. Vehicles are struck on their
arrives. In the case of the Kharybdis, unlike other Drop Pods weakest Armour value. This is counted as a flamer-based
it is not immobile, however, after it has landed it is treated attack. Hits from this attack are distributed across a unit as
as a Flyer with Hover mode (which starts off as hovering the player suffering the attack wishes. Roll a D6 each time
after it has arrived via Deep Strike). this attack is inflicted. On a result of a 1, the Drop Pod itself
suffers a penetrating hit.
Inertial Guidance System
Should a Kharybdis scatter on top of impassable terrain Melta-ram
or another model, then reduce the scatter distance by the Although a Flyer, the Kharybdis may conduct Ram attacks
minimum required to avoid the obstacle if desired. as if it were a Tank while using Hover mode. It may not,
however, Ram other Flyers or make such an attack on any
Independent Machine Spirits turn in which it arrives from reserve. It also may not conduct
Kharybdis may target different enemy units with each of a Ram on any turn on which it embarks or disembarks
their weapons. models or uses its Heat Blast attack.

Heat Blast Kharybdis Storm Launcher

Certain boarding Assault Claws and Drop Pods are fitted These rapid firing missile launchers are designed to provide
with cyclic thermal jets and melta cutters designed to burn the Kharybdis with some measure of striking power as it
their way into the armoured hulls of ships. The Legiones closes with its target and to clear landing zones around
Astartes quickly learned they could also use these systems the Kharybdis, throwing nearby resistance into disarray as
as a limited form of offence weaponry, dispersing their the warriors on board disembark. To this end, the launcher
blasts to incinerate anything nearby on landing, or in the fires clusters of fragmentation and anti-armour warheads,
more extreme cases, even scorch a swathe across the with each launcher controlled independently by on-board
battlefield using dangerous low-level flying attacks. augury-arrays.

When a model with this rule arrives via Deep Strike, or later Weapon Range Str AP Special
when operating as a skimmer in Hover mode, it may if its Kharybdis
controlling player wishes inflict a Heat Blast attack. If it does storm launcher 24" 6 5 Heavy 2, Pinning,
so, then models it is transporting may not disembark or Twin-linked
embark on the turn this attack is used.