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Name Evaluation Midterm exam AKY, OKF, HIA, EKT

IEG212 / Mechanical Mechanics Closed

MK Code / Name Type Exam.
(Closed Book)
Date / time Essay
10-10-2018 / 120 Minutes
Evaluation Question

- Allowed to use a calculator

- Select 4 questions 5 questions available
Instructions - Work on the answer sheet , not the question

Student SO2 is able to apply mathematics, science, and engineering principles (engineering principles) to
outcomes solve complex engineering problems in integrated systems (including human, material, equipment,
energy, and information)
Learning outcomes LO Weight
Students are able to explain in general the application of Mechanical Mechanics in general (unit
LO1 7.5
Problem 1.

Weight Score: 25

An engineer who is accustomed to using SI units gets training assignments in a country that uses a British unit
system. Help the engineer to convert the British System unit to the International System (NOTE: 1 m = 3.28
ft, 1 slug = 14.59 kg, 1 lb = 0.2248 N)

a. 20 lb.ft to Nm
b. 450 lb / ft 3 to KN / m 3
c. 15 ft / h to mm / s
d. 52 slug / ft 3 to kg / m 3

Learning outcomes LO Weight

Students are able to explain force principles, calculate reaction force, resultant and direction
LO1 7.5
Problem 2.

Weight Score: 25

Calculate the resultant (R) of the three forces acting at point C on the BC pole when the string tension force
is AC = 365 N!

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Learning outcomes LO Weight
1. Students are able to explain the definition of particle balance
LO6 2. Students are able to analyze calculations about particle balance and make free object 7.5
diagrams (FBD)
Problem 3.
Weight Score: 25

A fire broke out on the 1st floor of a building. The evacuation of victims from the 4th floor and above is
difficult because of the limited length of stairs. One of the Tel-U students, Fulan installed a rigging between
the burning building and the adjacent building so that the victims could descend through the window on the
4th floor. One rope was tied to hooks B and C and knotted at point A and the rope was able to hold style up to
2kN. Calculate the maximum weight of a victim that can be saved, if the victim has to go down using a rope
one by one .

Learning outcomes LO Weight

1. Students are able to understand the types of support and reactions that work in the
LO6 7.5
2. Students are able to apply the use of types of support and reaction analysis that
Problem 4.
Weight Score: 25

A beam is given a loading force as shown in the picture. Determine the component of reaction force that occurs
in support A and support B. A pedestal is the pedestal of the roller and the B support is the support of the joint.

Learning outcomes LO Weight

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1.Students are able to explain the concept of FBD and the concept of equilibrium
LO6 7.5
2.Students are able to analyze calculations about the concept of equilibrium
Problem 5.
Weight Score: 25

A Telkom University student made an experiment in applying the theory of engineering mechanics by walking
on a wooden board placed between buildings. The wooden board has deflection causing the triangle load
distribution to be both ends when the student is at a distance of 3 m from one end of the board as shown in
the picture. The maximum force intensity that occurs for w A and w B , each measured in units of N / m. Prove
the amount w A = 1.44 kN / m and w B = 1.11 kN / m. (Note: The student period is 50 kg and the wooden
board mass is ignored).

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