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LUBRICATION AND MAINTENANCE = 2-3. Lubrication and Maintenance Introduction The service life of your car depends on the kind of maintenance it receives. The procedures deectibedin this section ofthe manual include all periodic checks and maintenance steps nec- ‘essary forthe long and reliable operation of your car, as wells instructions for basic car care. ‘Tho Owner's Manual the Maintenance Record, and the Warranty Booklet originally sup- plied wit the car contain the maintenance schedules that apply to your Volkswagon. Follow Ing these echedules wil ensure safe and dependable operation, In addition, many of the ‘maintenance items are necessary to maintain warranty protection. Volkswagen is constantly “bdating ther recommended maintenance procedures and requirements. The information Contained heres as accurate as possible at theme of publication. thereis any doubt about wit procedures applyto a specific model or model yea, or what interval shouldbe followed, “lays take the Owner's Manus, the Maintenance Record, andthe Warranty Bookiet as your dude, and remember that an authorized Volkswagen dealer always has the latest mainte- rane information, ‘Some maintenance procedures, such as oil change service, require no special tools and can be carried out by almost all Volkswagen owners, regardless of mechanical experience. Certain other diagnostic and maintenance tasks require special tools and equipment. Cylin- der compression tests, idle speed and idle mature checks, wheel alignment, and ignition tim- ing are some examples. if you lack the skils, the tools, or a suitable workplace for performing ‘any of the maintenance described n his section, we suggest you leave this workto an autho- rized Volkswagen dealer or other qualified shop. We especially urge youto consult an autho- fized Volkswagen dealer before beginning any repairs on a car that is stil subject to Volkswagen's extensive warranty coverage. Although the Volkswagens covered by this manual generally require less maintenance than those of five or ten years ago, all of the maintenance work described here is important ‘and should be performed promptly and correctly. Your Volkswagen should not be thought of ‘as a maintenance-free machine. Correct care will protect your investment and help youto get ‘many years of reliability and enjoyable driving from your Volkswagen, 2-4 LUBRICATION AND MAINTENANCE, 1, GENERAL DESCRIPTION Lubrication and maintenance is the performance of those routine procedures which are necessary to keep a car operat- ingat ts peak andto maintain the requirements for full warran- ty coverage. This section of the manual contains information about al of the routine maintenance that is specified for the Volkswagen covered by this manual 1.4 Scheduled Maintenance The scheduled maintenance tables lst all of the routine maintenance required for a particular model or model year, and the mileage and time intervals at which particular mainte- nance tasks should be performed, 1.2 Fluid and Lubricant Specifications The fluids and lubricants used in Volkswagens have been carefully chosen fortheir ability to perform andadequately pro- tect. To maintain these high standards of performance, andto ensure that Volkswagen's warranty coverage remains in af= fect, use only the fluids and lubricants which meet the stan- dards set forth by Volkswagen and listad under this heading, 4.3 Engine Oil Change Regular changing of the engine lubricating oil and the en- gine oilfiter is perhaps the single most important kind of main- tenance that a car can receive, itis also simple and easy. 1.4 Tune-up Much of what has traditionally been considered part of a tune-up has been rendered obsolete by sophisticated Volk swagen technology. Therefore, tune-ups have become a less {requent and simpler part of Volkswagen maintenance. ‘The heading S. Tune-up, covers those few parts ofthe tra- ditional tune-up which are stil included by Volkswagen as scheduled maintenance, 1.8 Engine Compartment Maintenance Many of the most important routine maintenance tasks are performed under the hood within easy rach, They aro grouped together so that complete maintenance can be planned and carried out most efficiently. 1.6 Under-car Maintenance Thorough maintenance requires periodic inspection and servicing of parts which are only accessible by raising the car. Since a Suitable level workspace and equipment to raise the car are required, this maintenance requires a litle more plan- ning. As a convenient alternative, you may wish to leave these items to an authorized Volkswagen dealer or other qualified and suitably equipped repair shop. 1.7 Body and Interior Maintenance Periodic service and inspection of certain safety-related body and interior equipment is specified by Volkswagen and covered under this heading, 1.8 Cleaning and Preserving Keeping a car clean not only improves its appearance. It can also reduce harmful effects of drt and other contaminants and actually preserve the car's appearance. Information on recommended cleaning materials and methods is coveredun- der this heading, 2. SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE ‘The maintenance schedules below list all of the routine ‘maintenance tasks specified by Volkswagen, as well as the mileage and time intervals at which they should be performed. Maintenance should be performed according to the specified ‘time of mileage interval, whichever comes first. In any in- stance where the publisher has recommended maintenance ‘oF a maintenance interval which differs from that specified by Volkswagen, such recommendations are mote conservative, and stil meet Volkswagen's maintenance requirements Except where noted, the maintenance items listed apply to all models covered by this manual, The boldface numbers which appear after each isting are the headings in this section Where the maintenance procedures discussed in more detail. LUBRICATION AND MAINTENANCE ‘cauTiON— ‘Aside trom keeping Vokswagens in tho bost possible condition, the scheduled maintenance plays a role in maintaining full coverage undor Volkswagen's extensive warrants. ifn doubt about the terms and conditions of your car's war- ‘anty, an authorized Volkswagen dealor can ox- plain thom. Note — ‘Tho maintonanco schedules published by Volk- ‘swagen ist what Votkswagen considers tobe the ‘minimum maintenance requirements, based on ‘ypical expocted uso at reasonable speeds and In moderato climates. I the car is subjected to ‘requent shot tips or extended use undor con- sitions such as temperature extromes or xcos- ‘ve dust, more frequent maintenance intorvala ‘are necessary. See an authorized Vokswagen ‘dealer for advice. Table a. Maintenance Schedules. 2-5 First 1000 miles (1500 km) (1985, 1986, and 1987 models, except 16-valve) Engine: inspect for leaks around seals and gaskets. Exhaust system: check for damage and exhaust oaks. 7.3 ‘il levak Check and add olf necessary. 41 ‘rakes: inopect hoses, check for damage and leaks. Chock brake pad and Brake shoo wear. 72 Clutch: check treeplay and adjust as necessary (oxcopt models with sol adusting clutch cable). 6.6 Cooling system: chock coolant lovel and add coolant as necoseary. 6.3 Valve clearance: Check and adjust I necessary, replace valve cover gaskets, 5.7 First 7,500 miles (12,000 km) oF 6 months: ‘oll Change Engine ol: dain and replace. 41 Engine ol iter: replace. 41 Engine Compartment Body & Chassis ‘Soo AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION Clutch: check freeplay and adjust as necessary (except models with sa-adjusting clutch cable). 6.6 ‘Automatic shiftock: check operation including neutral safely switch (1990 and later models with automatic transmission). Every 7,500 miles (12,000 km) or 6 months thereafter: Oi Change Engine ot: drain and replace. 4 Engine oi iter: replace’. 4.4 Engine Compartment Body & Chassis See AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION. ‘Clutch: check freeplay and adjust as necessary (except model with self-adjusting clutch cable). 6.6 ‘Automatic sitlock: check operation including noutral safety switch (1980 and lator models with automatic transmission. * Publisher’ recommendation moots or exceeds Volkswagen requirements ‘continued on next page