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The Final payment shall be released within a week#s time after

receipt of user acceptance.

Performance bank guarantee

Performance bank guarantee (on our approved format) of 10% of the
total order value and valid for the warranty period + 1 month
claim period will be submitted after commissioning. The final
payment will be released after this bank guarantee is received
and accepted.

Erection and Commissioning

AKG will do the Erection and Commissioning of all the material /
equipment at our cost.

Warranty/Guarantee Period
36 months guarantee for Transformer from the date of Receipt.
Additional 24 months as corporate warranty.

During the warranty period (period of guarantee), you will repair

or replace free of cost any parts worn or broken as a result of
faulty workmanship or material supplied by the you. Any defects
arising during the warranty period shall be set right by you and
shall enjoy a separate warranty period commencing at the time
such a product was replaced for a further period of 36 months or
the original warranty period of the equipment, whichever is

Test Certificates
Supplier will submit test certificates with invoice, as
applicable. (Installation Report/Certificate)

Acceptance of Goods
The goods will be inspected at our works and we reserve the right
to reject the goods if these do not conform to the specifications
mentioned in this order. Rejected goods may be collected by
supplier from our works or they will be returned to supplier at
their own risk and cost.

Statutory Requirements
It is your responsibility to strictly follow all the statutory
requirements and prevailing rules and regulations and to pay all
the taxes & duties applicable to you, as imposed by the
government authorities. AKG has no liability for any taxes even
in any future time towards this contract.

Penalty for Delayed Completion

Penalty for delayed completion of work after as agreed date will
be 1% of the total order value per week or part thereof subject
to a maximum of 10%. It will be not be waived off under any

Cancellation of Order
The order can be cancelled in whole or part if:
# The supplier fails to deliver the whole or part of the
material within the specified delivery date.
# AKG is convinced that supplier is not capable of delivering
the material as per the order.
AKG is free to visit your works for inspection of the
Materials / Equipment and you will make all arrangements for
inspection, examination and test by the our representatives.

In the event of any dispute of difference between the you and AKG
India whether arising during the execution or after the
completion or abandonment of the order or after (whether by
breach or in any other manner), in regard to any matter or thing
or whatsoever nature arising out of this work or in connection
therewith, then either party shall give to other party a notice
in writing of such dispute or difference and the same shall be
discussed and resolved amicably.
If not, then the dispute at the same shall be referred to a
single arbitrator, to be appointed by the Parties. All such
arbitration proceedings shall be held in Coimbatore, India in
accordance with the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 as
amended from time to time.

The supplier guarantees that the products supplied do not
infringe any Indian or Foreign Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights,
Designs and supplier undertakes to indemnify AKG from any action,
judgment, decrees, cost, claims, demands and expenses resulting
from any actual or alleged infringement of the products supplied.
The supplier further undertakes to defend or assist the company
at his own expenses in any such suit or action files against the
company in connection with this purchase order.

You will not divulge technical or commercial details of this
order to a third party without our written prior permission.

Acceptance of Order
As a token of acceptance of this order, kindly sign and return us
the duplicate copy with your signature. If we do not receive any
comments to this purchase order within 3 days of the date of this
PO, it will be deemed that the supplier has accepted the Purchase
Order with all the conditions mentioned.



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