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Bucknalls Lane
WD25 9BA

Assessment of Factory and Factory Production Control

As per requirement of Construction Products Regulation 2011 and
EN 1090-1:2009 +A1:2011 - Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures
Part 1: Requirements for conformity assessment of structural components

Report of:
Surveillance Assessment
(Delete as required)
Company name:


Certificate / Job No.:

Date of visit:

Summary of the assessment

Variations raised?

Applicable Certificate number Classification Quantity

If YES, please
Admin to chase corrective response? YES Dd/mm/yyyy
enter date
Contact person for chasing Johnny Van Rheede
Contact email address johnny@jmrsectionbenders.co.uk
Is awarding of FPC certificate / continued certification

Contact details for person responsible for FPC and RWC

Name of person responsible for FPC J

Phone number (landline and/or mobile)
Email address

Name of RWC Ian Whatsize

Tel number-RWC (landline and/or mobile)
Email - RWC

EN 1090-1 Report (07-06-36 Iss9) Page 1 of 11

Certification details – please check against current BBA Certificate
and report any instance of variation

Products manufactured
Manufacture or design and manufacture
Consequence class Production category
Service category Execution class
Parent material (s)
Welding process (s) Declaration Method (s)

Relevant Standards

1. BS EN 1090-1 - Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures Part 1: Requirements for
conformity assessment of structural components.

2. BS EN 1090-2 - Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures Part 2: Technical requirements
for steel structures.

3. BS EN 1090-3 - Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures Part 3: Technical requirements
for aluminium structures.

4. BS EN ISO 3834-1 - Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials- Part 1: Criteria for the
selection of the appropriate level of quality requirements.

5. BS EN ISO 3834-2 - Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials- Part 2:
Comprehensive quality requirements.

6. BS EN ISO 3834-3 - Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials- Part 3: Standard
quality requirements.

7. BS EN ISO 3834-4 - Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials- Part 4: Elementary
quality requirements.

8. BS EN ISO 3834-5 - Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials- Part 5: Documents
with which it is necessary to conform to claim conformity to the quality requirements of ISO 3834 parts 2 to 4.

9. BS EN ISO 9606-1 - Qualification testing of welders — Fusion welding Part 1: Steels

10. BS EN ISO 14731 - Welding coordination — Tasks and responsibilities

11. BS EN ISO 15614-1 - Specification and qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials —
Welding procedure test- Part 1: Arc and gas welding of steels and arc welding of nickel and nickel alloys.

12. BS EN ISO 5817 - Welding — Fusion-welded joints in steel, nickel, titanium and their alloys (beam
welding excluded) — Quality levels for imperfections

13. BS EN ISO 15607 - Specification and qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials —
General rules

14. BS EN ISO 15609-1 - Specification and qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials —
Welding procedure specification- Part 1: Arc welding

15. ISO/IEC 17021 - Conformity assessment — Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of
management systems

16. BS EN ISO 1461 - Hot dip galvanized coatings on fabricated iron and steel articles — Specifications
and test methods.

17. BS EN ISO 17635 – Non-destructive testing of welds. General rules for metallic materials

18. BS ISO 9712 – Non-destructive testing. Qualification and testing of NDT personnel

EN 1090-1 Report (07-06-36 Iss9) Page 2 of 11

Opening meeting
An opening meeting was held to discuss the format of the
assessment and to explain issues with regards to
confidentiality / impartiality and Health and Safety matters
during the assessment. Present during this meeting were:

Assessment details
Scope Assessment of Factory and Factory Production Control
(FPC) system to ensure suitability for the execution of load
bearing steel and or aluminium structures
Applicable standards EN 1090-1
Check lists used FPC assessment template and related standards
Any additional comment:

Quality Management System

Is the organisation registered to ISO 9001? YES / NO
EN 1090-2 clause 7.1- EN ISO 3834
Is there an appropriately controlled Welding Quality Management System (WQMS) YES / NO
incorporating its policies, systems, programme’s, procedures and instructions etc.
EN 1090-1, clause 6.3.1
Are documented procedures and instructions available relating to factory production control YES / NO
Does the manufacturer have latest revision of relevant standards in relation to execution of
load bearing steel and or aluminium structures?
Does the manufacturer have appropriate procedures to ensure that the documentation is
kept up to date

ISO Cert No. / expiry date:
WQMS reference / issue No:
Relevant certificates held

Quality requirement and execution resources for fusion welding of metallic materials

1- Review of Requirements
3834-3, clause 5.2 and 18
Does the manufacturer perform a contract review, considering?

Product standard / supplementary requirements. YES / NO

Statutory and regulatory requirements
Additional requirements determined by them
Capability to meet customers requirements
Comments and any evidence:

2- Technical review
3834-3, clause 5.3 and 18
Does the manufacturer perform a technical review considering?

Specification for the parent material YES / NO

Welding procedure specification
Qualifications of personnel
Inspection, testing, sub-contracting processes etc.?
Comments and any evidence:

EN 1090-1 Report (07-06-36 Iss9) Page 3 of 11

3- Production planning
EN 3834-3, clause 10.1
Does the manufacturer carry out effective production planning considering?

Sequence by which the construction shall be manufactured

Identification of individual / special processes
Reference to appropriate WPS YES / NO
Sequence of welds in multi-run (if applicable)
Inspection and testing, including the involvement of any independent inspection body
Identifications of components / consumables
Production testing where required by contract


Job / Brief details / Contract Review Technical review Production planning Date
project client Y/N Y/N Y/N

4- Sub-contracting
EN 3834-3 - clause 6
When the manufacturer intends to use sub-contracted services or activities (e.g. welding,
inspection, non-destructive, testing, heat treatment), do they provide adequate information to
meet the applicable requirements?
Does the manufacturer ensure that the sub-contractor can comply with the quality and
technical requirements as specified?

Date Order Details Supplier, sub Supplier Adequate

number contractor approved? information
Y/N ? Y/N

5- Welders and welding operators

9606-1, clause 9.2
Are current welder qualification records available?

EN 1090, clause 6.3.2

Are all welders and or welding operators qualified by an appropriate test?
EN 9606-1, Clause 9.3
Has signed prolongation been carried out to the relevant schedule

Welder’s name Certificate number Date issued Validity Revalidation

confirmation date due date

EN 1090-1 Report (07-06-36 Iss9) Page 4 of 11

6- Non-destructive testing personnel
EN 1090-2, clause
Does the company carry out any NDT? If not go to next section
EN 1090-2- clause 12.4.1
Are non-destructive testing personnel qualified?
Are results of NDT testing recorded and are they available for inspection? YES / NO
Comments and any evidence:

7- Welding-procedure specifications
EN 3834-3- clause 10.2
Has the manufacturer prepared the welding-procedure specification(s)?
EN 3834-3 clause 10.2 and EN ISO 15609-1:2004
Are the details specified on WPS correct? Welding process, parent material, welding YES / NO
consumables etc.
EN 1090-1, clause 6.3.6
Are the WPS(s) specified on the manufacturing drawings?
Comments and any evidence:

8- Qualification of the welding procedures

BS EN ISO 15614-1
Have the company’s welding procedure specification been qualified?
EN 3834-3, clause 10.3 and BS EN ISO 15614-1
State method of qualification and the relevant applicable standard.
WPS No Weld type Parent Material(s) WPQR ref No Qualified by


9- Work instructions
EN 3834-3, clause 10.4
Are welding procedure specification on display in workshops for instruction purposes? YES / NO
Are they legible and readily accessible to welding personnel? YES / NO

10- Welding coordination personnel- Responsible Welding Coordinator (RWC)

EN ISO 14731, clause 4.2
Has the manufacturer appointed or engaged the services of a suitably qualified RWC?
EN ISO 14731, clause 5.1
Has the manufacturer prepared a written job description for the RWC which includes their tasks YES / NO
and responsibilities?
EN ISO 14731, clause 5.3 / EN 1090-2, clause 4.2.1 / EN 1090-1, clause 6.3.2
Has the manufacturer clarified the following?
Position of RWC in the manufacturing organization and their responsibilities?
Extent of authorization accorded to the RWC for process sign-off, procedure specifications and
supervision reports.
EN ISO 14731, clause 6.1
Has the RWC any formal qualification or training?
EN 1090-1, clause 6.3.2
Is the RWC adequately qualified / has sufficient welding knowledge to satisfactorily fulfil their YES / NO
specified tasks and responsibilities?
Comments and evidences:

EN 1090-1 Report (07-06-36 Iss9) Page 5 of 11

11- Production and testing equipment
EN 3834-3, clause 9.1
Does the company have suitable equipment to undertake the required manufacturing tasks? For YES / NO
example, welding plants, surface cleaning tools, cranes, cutting equipment etc.
EN3834-3, clause 9.2
Does the manufacturer maintain a detailed list, including capacities / capabilities, of essential YES / NO
equipment, used for the production? Inspect and comment below.
EN 3834-3, clause 9.3
EXC3 and EXC4 (EN 3834-2 clause 9.4) YES / NO
Are the equipment adequate for the application concerned and are they properly maintained?
Are maintenance records available? YES / NO
Comments and evidence:

12- Calibration and validation of measuring, inspection and testing equipment

EN 1090-1, clause 6.3.3 and EN 3834-3, clause 16
Are all measuring and inspection devices calibrated?
Where applicable, are test devices calibrated? YES / NO
Measuring device Identification Calibration date / next due date


13- Storage and handling welding consumables

EN 3834-3, clause 11
Has the manufacturer produced and implemented procedures for storage, handling, YES / NO
identification and use of welding consumables?
Are these procedures in accordance with the supplier’s recommendations? YES / NO
Is the storage area suitable so the welding consumables are not likely to pick up moisture to
avoid oxidation, damage etc.?

14- Storage of parent materials

EN 3834-3, clause 12
Is the storage such that the material, including any material supplied by the client, will not be YES / NO
adversely affected?
Are raw materials identified and maintained upon receipt & during storage? YES / NO
Is there effective segregation of different parent materials? YES / NO
Raw material, welding Supplier CE certificate Batch, heat or cast
consumable available? Y/N number


EN 1090-1 Report (07-06-36 Iss9) Page 6 of 11

15- Post-weld heat treatment if applicable
EN 3834-3, clause 13
Does the manufacturer carry out any post weld heat treatment? If not, go to next section
Has the manufacturer created the specification and performance for any post weld heat
Is the procedure compatible with the parent material, welded joint, construction etc. and in
accordance with the product standard and/or specified requirements?
Are records of the heat treatment made during the process and do the records demonstrate that
the specification has been followed?
Comments and evidences:

16- Inspection and testing pre-welding / fabrication commencement

EN 3834-3, clause 14.2
Does the manufacturer check and record the following?
Verification of suitability and validity of welders’ and welding operators’ qualification certificates YES / NO
Suitability of welding-procedure specification checked YES / NO
Identification of parent material and welding consumables YES / NO
Are joint preparation (e.g. shape and dimensions) checked? YES / NO
Is suitability of working conditions for welding, including environment checked? YES / NO
Comments and evidences:

17- Inspection and testing during welding

EN 3834-3, clause 14.3
Are essential welding parameters (e.g. welding current, arc voltage and travel speed) checked?
Are preheating/interpass temperatures checked? YES / NO
Are the cleaning and shape of runs and layers of weld metal checked? YES / NO
Is the welding sequence checked? YES / NO
Are correct use and handling of welding consumables checked? YES / NO
Is the control of distortion checked? YES / NO
Are there any intermediate examinations (e.g. checking of dimensions)? YES / NO
Comments and evidences:

18- Inspection and testing after welding

EN 3834-3, clause 14.4
Is the visual inspection in compliance with relevant acceptance criteria?
Is the non-destructive testing in compliance with relevant acceptance criteria? YES / NO
Is the destructive testing in compliance with relevant acceptance criteria? YES / NO
Are the form, shape and dimensions of the construction in compliance with relevant acceptance
Are results and records of post-weld operations (e.g. post-weld heat treatment, ageing) in
compliance with relevant acceptance criteria?
Comments and evidences:

EN 1090-1 Report (07-06-36 Iss9) Page 7 of 11

19- Inspection and test status
EN 3834-3, clause 14.5 YES / NO
Are items marked or have a routing card which shows the status of inspection and test of the
welded construction.
Comments and evidences:

20- Non-conformance and corrective actions

EN 3834-3, clauses 15 & 18
Are measures implemented to control items or activities which do not conform to specified YES / NO
requirements in order to prevent their inadvertent acceptance?
Are non-conforming products or materials segregated/quarantined and their status clearly
When repair and/or rectification is undertaken by the manufacturer, are descriptions of
appropriate procedures available at all workstations where repair or rectification is performed?
When repair is carried out, are the items re-inspected, tested and examined in accordance with
the original requirements?
Are measures implemented to avoid recurrence of non-conformances? YES / NO
Comments and evidences:

21- Identification and traceability (if required)

3834-3, clause 17
identification of production plans
identification of weld locations in construction YES / NO
identification of non-destructive testing procedures and personnel YES / NO
identification of welding consumable (e.g. designation, trade name, manufacturer of welding
identification of parent material (e.g. type); YES / NO
identification of location of repairs YES / NO
traceability of welder and welding operators to specific welds YES / NO
traceability of welding-procedure specifications to specific welds YES / NO
Comments and evidences:

22- Summary of records maintained (as applicable)

EN 3834-3, clause 18
Record of requirement/technical review
Material inspection documents YES / NO
Welding consumable inspection documents YES / NO
Welding-procedure specifications YES / NO
Welding-procedure qualification records (WPQR); YES / NO
Welder or welding-operator qualification certificates YES / NO
Non-destructive testing personnel certificates YES / NO
Heat-treatment procedure specification and records YES / NO
Non-destructive testing and destructive testing procedures and reports YES / NO
Dimensional reports YES / NO
Records of repairs and non-conformance reports YES / NO
Comments and evidences:

EN 1090-1 Report (07-06-36 Iss9) Page 8 of 11

23- Premises
EN 1090-1, annex B
Are the manufacturing premises clean, tidy and well organised?
Are the manufacturing facility well lit? YES / NO
Are the manufacturing facility protected from environmental factors such as wind and rain? YES / NO

Closing meeting
At the end of the assessment, a closing meeting
was held to discuss the assessment results,
findings, observations and non-conformities
raised. It was agreed that the BBA would be
advised of the corrective actions to be taken
where indicated. Who was present during this

Assessor’s comments

Name: Date:


Assessor’s details
Phone number
Email address

EN 1090-1 Report (07-06-36 Iss9) Page 9 of 11

British Board of Agrément …1… of ……
Variation Report

Visit location:

Date of visit:
Certificate number:
Job Number:

Nonconformities shall be identified as “NC” and with critical findings as “Major NC”
Observations should be identified by “OBS”
Comments / agreed actions

N.B. Corrective action responses not received within this timescale will be chased by BBA and
continued non-response may place your certification at risk.

Signed by BBA Technical Assessor: Signed by Management Representative:

Name: Name:

Date: Date:

Ref. 07-06-61

EN 1090-1 Report (07-06-36 Iss9) Page 10 of 11

Our Ref: Factory Production Control
System 2+
Job Number: : N/A


Bucknalls Lane
Watford WD25 9BA
Telephone: 01923 665300
Facsimile: 01923 665423

Surveillance Assessment of Factory and Factory Production Control system as per requirement of CPR and the
applicable Harmonised European standard BS EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011
Production location: As above Management representative:
Assessment date: Intended arrival time: 9:30 10:00am

As agreed, I can now confirm that I will be visiting your manufacturing site as detailed above to assess your Factory
Production Control (FPC). The assessment will commence with an opening meeting to discuss the format of the assessment,
which will only cover the production facility and process that are subject to a BBA contract.

The objectives being to confirm that your FPC is suitable for manufacturing of load bearing steel and/or aluminium
components in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 1090-1:2009 +A1:201. You need to have established, documented
and maintained an FPC system which consists of written procedures, regular inspections and tests and/or assessments and the
use of results to control the component’s constituent products, equipment, the production process and the manufactured
components. A FPC system conforming to the requirements of EN ISO 9001 and made specific to the requirements of above
standard will be considered to satisfy the above requirements.

As the assessor, in line with the welcome letter and related Annex, I am required to carry out inspection and evaluation of
your execution resources, (premises, personnel and equipment), including design where relevant, as being adequate to
manufacture steel and/or aluminium components according to the requirements in EN 1090-2 and / or EN 1090-3. In
particular, this will comprise: inspection and evaluation of the internal control system for checking conformity and procedures
for handling any nonconformity, evaluation of job descriptions and requirements for competence of personnel. For welding, I
shall check that the factory and the welding plant meet the requirement for the FPC with regard to equipment and personnel.

You will need to:

– inform relevant employees about the objectives and scope of the audit
– appoint responsible member(s) of staff to accompany me
– provide resources needed in order to ensure an effective and efficient assessment process
– arrange access to the facilities, FPC documentation and related record
Please provide details of any PPE that will be required.
The assessment will be concluded by a ‘closing meeting’, which will give the opportunity to discuss issues raised during the
inspection and to understand / agree any consequential actions. I expect the assessment inspection to be complete within the
working day.

I look forward to meeting you.

Yours sincerely

Technical Assessor
Audit & Inspection
BBA Audit Cancellation Policy:
If the agreed visit date above cannot be met, for UK appointments the BBA requires 10 working days’ notice to allow the
audit to be re-arranged. Failure to give such notice will result in a cancellation charge being made. For overseas appointments
the required notice is 30 days, and where advanced booking of non-refundable air travel and related costs has been necessary
(after the visit has been agreed) visit cancellation by the client within the 30-day period will result in re-booking costs in
addition to the cancellation charge(s) being passed on to the Client for payment.

EN 1090-1 Report (07-06-36 Iss9) Page 11 of 11