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Higher Studies and Career

Read This

Your Life Depends on It.

Hope the title led you here. But sorry, I was exaggerating. To my defense, would you read on if I
had titled the article, “Higher Studies and Career”? However, there is some truth in the title.

Why you should read this article

If you have a clear career plan already sorted out with enough back up plans, you need not read this
article. Otherwise, do not skip this.

Why is career planning important? At your young age you spend most of your time thinking about
future unlike the oldies who dwell in the past. A bright and fulfilling future is everyone’s dream. But
that dream will not come true accidentally. Careful planning is required to achieve it. Luck favors
only the brave and hardworking people.

Career has two important aspects to it. One is, frankly, money. In a world where success is counted
in terms of money you may have an ascetic view, but money is actually useful. It opens the first
door towards a happy life. The second and equally important aspect is how you are going to be
useful for others. If you can enjoy the work you do you are blessed.

What is the right time to start thinking about career?

It is already late. So better start now. The career you are going to land up in depends primarily on
the subjects, courses and the institutions in which you pursue your higher studies. When you
choose a course for higher studies, you are opening a new window of opportunity. At the same time
you are closing many other windows. So it is important to plan your higher studies as a first step of
planning your career. As you move on you specialize in some subjects and that process has already
started with your Higher Secondary Course.

Some tips to make a good career plan

The following tips will help you in identifying the career suitable to you and to achieve your goals.
But do not consider these steps as a one-time process. You have to go through this process again
and again. As you get more exposure you may discover better opportunities and there is no harm in
shifting the goal post.

Think Big

Currently you may not have the skills to get your dream job. This need not stop you from aiming for
that big goal. You can always acquire new skills. Widen your skill sets so that it may be possible for
you to make a career switch in future.

Self Assessment

Assess your skills, potential, interest, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Draft a future plan
accordingly. This will help you in finalizing a career. Make a list of careers that suit you. Learn more
about them. Ask yourself whether you would enjoy doing it. Revise the list periodically. Do not
choose just one. You should have enough back up plans, just in case something goes wrong with
your main goal. Do this self-assessment periodically as yours skills, interests and abilities may
change over time.

Read and research on the present trends and future possibilities

Do not follow the mob. I remember a year when most of the average boys joined male nursing
course after plus two. It was like a mass hysteria at that time. A lot of them later regretted that

Is the skillset useful even if the primary market fails?

You should have an adaptable skillset. For example, if you devote your entire student life perfecting
your skills in one software platform, thinking that there are lots of job opportunities there, imagine
what will happen to you if unfortunately that software becomes obsolete in 10 years’ time? So, for
example, do not go after fancy names like Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and the like. Go for
Mechanical Engineering.

Meet people who have taken the route already

Before joining a course, go to the college, talk to the students who have taken that course, research
about the employment rate, talk to the faculty and do additional research on the future of the

Seek help from Experts

Experts and experienced people are important guides in giving you direction. Meet good career
guides. Meet them in person. Talk to them. In speeches and writing they may have to be
diplomatic. But in person, if you establish a rapport, they will tell you the truth about certain
courses and careers.


This is the process by which you fill the loopholes identified when you did your self-assessment.
What are the areas in which you need improvement in order to achieve your dream career? Do
personal study, or take a course in that area. Pay attention to your communication skills and soft
skills. You will have to collaborate with your coworkers to succeed. So people skills are essential.
Work on them. Be very good at your specialization. Your future employer should think that it will be
their loss if they don’t choose you. Make yourself indispensable.

Do not make wealth the only motivator

Money shouldn’t be your only objective in career planning. Focusing on money alone can lead to an
unhappy job experience and you will burn out early. Instead, focus on what you enjoy doing and
what you’re good at.


The next step is to show some action. The best way is to come up with an action plan with two
parts; major goal and small goals. Once these small goals are achieved, we can see that how much
close we are to our main aim and major goal. This small step acts as a path way to the main goal.

Be adaptable

There is no guarantee that your career will turn out exactly as you planned. Also, as you grow, your
preferences may change. So, don’t be afraid to adjust your career plan. Doing this doesn’t mean
that you’re giving up on your dreams. It simply means that you’re recalibrating.

Engineering Courses

Write the JEE(Main) and JEE(Advanced) for admissions to NIT’s, IIT’s and other top Science and
Technology Institutes. For admission to engineering courses in Kerala you have to appear for the
KEAM. 2019 Examinations will be conducted on April 22 and 23. Download the prospectus from for the complete list of colleges and seats available.

There are many factors to consider while choosing an engineering course and college. The current
trend is one of them. 76% of engineering seats remained vacant in Kerala self-financing engineering
colleges for the academic session 2018-19. Five colleges across the state recorded zero admissions
while 11 colleges were able to fill only half of the engineering seats under merit quota.

More than 30 different engineering courses available in Engineering Colleges across Kerala. People
have come to realize that the traditional engineering courses like Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and
Chemical are the safest choices.

For Architecture degree write NATA, conducted twice a year. You can write both the exams to be
conducted in April and July. The best performance is counted.


The dream job of many in our country can be obtained by writing NEET UG, JPMER or AIIMS
entrance. 50% marks in Biology stream is the minimum qualification. The four and a half year
undergraduate courses are MBBS, BDS, BHMS, BUMS and BSMS. (


Nursing is still an attractive choice for girls. Students who have passed Higher Secondary
Examination with 50% marks for English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology can apply. Only jobs outside
India are attractive. So proficiency in English will be necessary. For centralized allotment visit and For military nursing you can appear for a
written examination if you have 50% in Biology stream. Apply online in November and Test is
usually in December ( A list of nursing colleges in Kerala and
seats available can be downloaded from the Nursing Council website

Paramedical Courses

After plus two you can join different paramedical courses. Admissions are mostly based on plus two
marks. Some of the paramedical courses are listed below.

Pharm D Perfusion BOT DHI

MLT Tehnology Nutritionist DMLT
BPT BSc HIA Dietitian DRT
Optometry ECT D Pharm DMC




Write Undergraduate Aptitude Test (UGAT) for admission to different institutions. Or take any
degree and write CAT, MAT, XAT, ATMA, or the other entrance tests conducted by individual
institutions for admissions to the post graduate degree in management.

For admission to Hotel Management degree courses in premiere institutes write NCHM-JEE which
will be conducted on 27 April 2019. Some institutions conduct their own entrance tests. There are
institutes that admit students based on Higher Secondary marks.


To become a Company Secretary, Science and Commerce students can join Foundation Programme.
To write 2019 December exam register before March 31, 2019. After passing the exams having 4
papers you can join Executive Programme. In two modules there are 7 papers. After that join
Professional Programme having 3 modules of 3 papers each. Do at least 15 months practical
training. Visit for more details.

To become a Chartered Accountant join the Foundation Course after plus two. Register with Board
of Studies before 30th June ( Pass the four papers. Join the Intermediate Course.
Study two groups of four subjects each and pass them. Do three years articleship under a practicing
Chartered Accountant. Join the Final Course, pass two groups of four papers each. Apply for the
membership of CA Institute. CA course can be completed in 4 years.

To become a Cost and Management Accountant register at for Foundation Course
after 10th and join after 12th. Pass the Foundation Course, do Intermediate and Final Courses and do
three years practical training.


Write NDA Entrance exams while you are still doing plus two. Write CDSE after graduation. Watch
employment news journals for Selection Tests and Recruitment Rallies. Candidates will have to
undergo Physical Fitness Test as well. { (

NDA 2019 – Apply till Feb 4 for April 21 Exam. Apply till Sept 3 for Dec 11 Exam. Visit for online registration.

Merchant Navy

There are more than hundred different categories of jobs on ships. There are many courses you can
do after plus two to join Merchant Navy. To know about the courses and institutes that have the

recognition of the Director General of Shipping, and to see the placement history visit

Art and Design

Those with artistic skills can try Graphic Design, Web Design, Interior Design, Automobile Design,
Game Design, Motion Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Accessory Design, Jewellery Design, Industrial
Design, Animation and Multimedia courses. Fine Art and Performing Art courses are also conducted
by different universities.

Use this Reference Guide

The Directorate of Higher Secondary Education has published a comprehensive and highly useful
handbook on Courses and Careers after Plus Two. The book is available in school libraries. It can
also be downloaded from It will be a wise decision to go through the entire
book as soon as possible.

Job Portals

It is important to register at job portals like,, etc. as these
days many employers choose job portals for posting their vacancies. On a job portal it is easy for job
seekers to become aware of different vacant positions available in different organizations. They
make your candidature and resume visible for many recruiters. They will suggest vacancies suitable
for your qualifications. Also register yourself at the PSC website. Do it today.


A resume is an essential part of a job application. It is a brief written summary of an applicant’s

personal details, education, and other pertinent information. The resume should reflect the
contemporary trend. So do some research before preparing yours. Prepare one and update it from
time to time. Remember that there are professionals who prepare resumes for you for hefty fees.
So do not take it lightly.

Volunteer as a Career Guide

The fact that many ordinary students miss good opportunities due to the lack of information in this
information age is a paradox. Out of this awareness, the alumni and students of our school have
started a blog intending to give timely and dependable information regarding higher studies and
career opportunities. If you would like to join this group of volunteers, please visit Details are also available at