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One day, a hungry crow saw an oyster on the beach.

He wanted to eat the tasty meat inside the

shell, so he tried to open the oyster.
First, he used his beak, but he could not open the shell. Then, he hit it with a stone, but the
shell stayed tightly shut. He even jumped up and down on the oyster, but still he could not open
Then, another crafty crow came by. He saw what the first crow was trying to do and said,”My
friend, may i offer you some good advice? I suggest you pick up the oyster in your beak, fly high
into the air and then drop the oyster onto the rocks below. The oyster shell will break open and
you will be able to have your meal!”
The hungry crow thought that this was a very good idea. He picked up the oyster with his
beak and then he flew as high as he could. When he was sure that he was high enough, he
dropped the oyster onto the rocks far below.
The oyster shell broke wide open. However, the crafty crow was waiting behind the rock
nearby, and he reached the broken oyster first. He enjoyed a tasty meal white the hungry crow
had nothing to eat.

How did the crafty crow trick the hungry crow?

a. By giving suggestion of dropping the oyster onto the rocks.
b. By telling that he was so hungry and need some food.
c. By saying that he had a nice and strong beak.
d. By saying that the oyster was harmful.

What is the moral value of the story?

a. Always trust people who offer help.
b. Do not be fooled by people who offer help.
c. Honesty is the best policy.
d. Be brave to offer your help, even to your enemy.

What did the hungry crow have on his beak?

a. A oyster.
b. A bar of chocolate.
c. A peach of cheese.
d. Some water.

Why did the oyster shell broke wide open? Because…

a. The hungry crow dropped the oyster onto the rocks far below.
b. The hungry crow saw a meat.
c. The crafty crow dropped the oyster onto the rocks far below.
d. The crafty crow fly high into the air.

Who did nothing to eat?

a. The crafty crow.
b. The hungry fox.
c. The hungry crow.
d. The mouse.
The Birds and The Hunter

Once upon a time, there lived a flock of birds in Aceh forests. The leader of the flock was a wise
parakeet named King Parakeet.

One day, while the flock was perching on the trees, a hunter came and caught them using a net.
The net trapped many birds. The birds were so afraid. They panicked. The king had an idea. He
ordered the birds to lay still. The birds did what the king said. When the hunter saw that all the
birds lay still, he thought the birds were dead. He was so disappointed. “I cannot sell dead birds,”
he said. So he lifted the net. Immediately, the birds flew away. The hunter was so surprised.

Then, the hunter saw the King Parakeet. He immediately caught the King Parakeet. He took it
home. The hunter put the king parakeet in a cage. The hunter hung the cage in front of his house.

One day, the birds from the jungle approached the cage of the King Parakeet. They worked
together to release the King Parakeet. They pecked the latch again and again. Finally, the latch
was open and the King Parakeet flew out of the cage.

why did the Hunter want to catch the birds?

a. because he wanted to sell them
B. because he wanted to eat them
C. because their feathers were precious
D. because they packed his seeds
why could they run from the Hunter?
A. because the Hunter was stupid
B. because someone helped them
C. because they cooperated with one another
D. because they could trick the Hunter
what happened to the net?
A. It snagged in the tree's branches
B. the birds brought It
C. It was broken
d. the Hunter took It back
4. paraghrap two is......
A. orientation
B. complication
C. resulution
D. narrative
5. what is the message of the text?
A. a Hunter must be clever
B. practice makes perfect
C. do not hunt the birds
D. strength in unity

The Wind and The Sun

an Aesop Fable
The wind and the sun argued one day over which one was the stronger.
Spotting a man man traveling on the road, they sported a challenge to see
which one could remove the coat from the man's back the quickest.
The wind began. He blew strong gusts of air, so strong that the man could
barely walk against them. But the man clutched his coat tight against him.
The wind blew harder and longer, and the harder the wind blew, the tighter
the man held his coat against him. The wind blew until he was exhausted,
but he could not remove the coat from the man's back.
It was now the sun's turn. He gently sent his beams upon the traveler.
The sun did very little, but quietly shone upon his head and back until the
man became so warm that he took off his coat and headed for the nearest
shade tree.

“The Lion and the Mosquito”

A lion grumbled and growled at a mosquito which kept flying around his head as he tried to take a nap.

“Go away before I crush you under my paw,” he roared

“I’m not afraid of you,” teased the mosquito. “You may be called the King of the Beasts, but I am more
powerful than you are. I can prove it, too. Let’s fight and see who wins.” The lion agreed.

The mosquito quickly swooped down at the lion and bit him again and again on his nose and ears. While
trying to crush the mosquito, the lion clawed himself with his sharp nails, drawing blood.

“Enough,” he finally cried. “Enough! You win!”

Unharmed, the mosquito buzzed away. He boasted of his victory over the lion to anyone who would
listen. He was so busy boasting that he flew straight into a spider’s web strung between the trees.

As a tiny spider hurried towards him, the mosquito struggles helplessly in the strong threads of the web.

“I fought and won against the greatest of beasts,” he thought sadly. “only to be devoured by one less
powerful than I am!”

The Wind and The Sun

The wind and the sun argured about which of them was the strongest. The
wind said, “I am so power full that I can blow all the clouds out of the sky.” The
sun said, “I am more power full because I can heat up the sea below and this
will produce many more clouds.”

For along time the sun and the wind went on arguing. Just then, they saw
a boy walking along the road below. He was wearing a coat the wind suddenly
had an idea. He said, “Let’s see who can get the coat off that boy’s back.” The
sun agreed.

The wind starten first. He blew as hard as the could. He blew from behind
and he blew from in front of the boy. The hearder he blew, the more tightly the
boy held on to his coat to keep it from blowing away. After a while, the wind
gave up.

Then, it was the suns trun. It came out from behind the clouds and shone
on the boy. The boy felt warm. After that, it began to get hotter and hotter.
Soon, the boy could hot stand the heat any longer. He took his coat off. The sun

The Legend of Toba Lake

Once upon a time, there was a fisherman lived in a North Sumatra. When he was fishing in a
river. This fish had gold color all over its body. He imagined a delicious dinner in his head. He
put the fish in his basket and went home happily.
When he got home, he put the fish in a sink. But when he almost killed it, he saw the fish eyes
and felt pity. He put the fish in washbasin and added water in it. “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t kill
you” the fisherman said.
The fisherman went fishing again. But this time he couldn’t get any fish. He took a peep and
surprised when he saw a beautiful girl cooked in his house. The fisherman entered the room.
“Who are you?” he asked the girl.
“I’m the fish. You didn’t kill me and I’m very thankful. I will return your kindness.” The girl
“That’s ok. I didn’t ask any return” the fisherman said.
“But I have to.”The girl insisted.
“Well, I lived alone. I don’t have family. If you want to be my wife, I will be very happy.” The
fisherman asked the girl.
The girl smiled and said “I’d love to but you have to promise me that if we have kid you can’t
tell him about me.”
And so, the fisherman and the fish girl were married. And then they had a child called Samo.
Samo was very naughty.
One day Samo was asked to deliver lunch to his father. On his way, he met his friends and forgot
to deliver his father’s lunch. Samo played with his friends. When he was tired and hungry, he
was resting under a tree and ate his father lunch. Meanwhile his father waited him in starve and
tired. His father went home and saw Samo played. “Where is my lunch?” he asked.
“Mmm…mm.. I ate it” Samo said afraid.
“Why you ate it?” his father asked.
“Mmm..mm.. I was hungry after playing with my friend” Samo said.

“You were told to deliver my lunch but you didn’t listen.” his father was very furious. “I can’t
handle you anymore. You are very naughty. Go away from me. Don’t come home anymore.” His
father yelled and evicted Samo from his house.

And this what happened if you can’t control your mouth when you angry. His father said the
words that he wouldn’t suppose to say. “You… fish’s son.”
Suddenly, the sky was getting dark and the storm was breaking the ears. And then the water
came out from the land and getting harder. Sumo’s mother was very sad. “I told you don’t tell
him about me” she said to her husband. “Now I’m going back to be fish again” the mother was
transformed magically to be gold fish again. The water was getting higher and drown the village
and formed a lake.
Meanwhile, sumo run to the hill and stayed there. The hill then was surrounded by the lake.
Now the lake was known as Toba Lake. Toba came from Tuba word means no mercy. And the
hill in the middle called Samosir Island.

Beauty & the Beast

Long ago there lived a merchant. He lost all his wealth and became poor. He had six daughters,
five of whom were very selfish. The youngest was called Beauty as she was sweet and lovely.

The five sisters were very lazy and complained most of the time. It was Beauty who did all the
housework. There came a pleasant message for the merchant one day. The message said that one
of his ships with all kinds of riches had come to port. The five sisters asked their father to leave
immediately and get them all the clothes and jewels. Beauty wanted him to get just a rose.

After traveling for one and a half days, the merchant reached the port only to be told that pirates
have sunk his ship. Dejected, he started home with nothing to gift his daughters. As he was
traveling, he saw a huge castle, which looked like a home of very wealthy. Very tired, he went
towards the castle.

Finding no one, the merchant went inside the castle. After the merchant felt sleepy. He got into
the bedroom and fell asleep on a large and comfortable bed.
The merchant awoke the next morning and walked into the castle garden. Amongst lovely
flowers he spotted a beautiful rose bush. He was reminded of his daughter Beauty's wish. As he
broke off a lovely rose to gift her daughter, he heard a terrifying noise. He looked up and found
an ugly man with the face of a beast. The beast shouted "Are you repaying for the food and
shelter by taking a prize rose? You are very ungrateful." "Forgive me. I shall repay in the best
way I can," pleaded the merchant.

"Take these things and go. But send one of your daughters to keep the house for me. If you fail
to send, you shall die," warned the Beast. The merchant took the gifts, thanked the Beast.

He loved his daughters very much and was not willing to send anyone to live in that castle. He
thought he would definitely die. He reached home and told the story to his daughters. Beauty
offered to go.

Though initially Beauty was frightened of the Beast, she found him to be very kind. He arranged
for Beauty a lovely room that overlooked the garden. He offered her lovely clothes and stayed
out of her way so that Beauty would feel free.

One day, in the garden, he expressed his love for her and his intentions of getting married to her.
In a gently tone, Beauty told him that he was very kind.

"You may be ugly, but you are kind and gentle. That is very important to me" said Beauty.

A miracle followed. The Beast changed into a handsome Prince. Beauty could not believe her
eyes. He kissed her and narrated how a wicked witch cast a spell over him, changing him into a
Beast, until a beautiful young girl promised to marry him.
The Prince married Beauty and there was great joy in the land. Beauty and all live happily for the
rest of their lives.

1. what did the mosquito do to lion?

a. he bit the lion several times.
b. he listened to the lion.
c. he made the lion cry.
d. he crushed the lion.

2.the main idea of the last paragraph is....

a. the lion won the fight.
b. the mosquito regretted his manner.
c. the mosquito was afraid of the spider.
d. the lion was ad to see the mosquito dead.

3.from the text, we know that...

a. the mosquito was proud of his victory.
b. the lion were able to crush rhe mosquito.
c. the lion won the fight over the mosquito.
d. the mosquito bit the spider.

4.what can we learn from the story?

a. never touch a spider's web.
b. never fight over a small animal.
c. never judge your enemy's strength by his size.
d. never let your enemy knows that you are afraid.


Ubahlah kalimat direct speech di bawah ini menjadi kalimat indirect speech.

1. Did they eat out together yesterday?

a. He asked me if they had eaten out yesterday.
b. He asked me if they had eaten out together the day before.
c. He asked me if they has eaten out together the day before.
d. He asked me if they have eaten out together the day before.

2. Don’t turn off the light now.

a. He told me don’t turn off the light at that time.
b. He told me not to turn off the light at that time.
c. He told me didn’t turn off the light at that time.
d. He told me didn’t turn off the light at now.

3. What’s your passion?

a. She wanted to know what is my passion.
b. She wanted to know what was my passion.
c. She wanted to know what my passion was.
d. She wanted to know what was my passion.

4. I begin to understand the concept of biodiversity.

a. He asked me that he began to understand the concept of biodiversity.
b. He wanted to know if he began to understand the concept of biodiversity.
c. He said that he began to understand the concept of biodiversity.
d. He said that I began to understand the concept of biodiversity.

5. Your friend has just left.

a. He told me that your friend had just left.
b. He told me that my friend has just left.
c. He told me that my friend had just left.
d. He told me that my friend have just left.
6. Can I borrow your pencil for a moment?
a. She asked me if she can borrow my pencil for a moment.
b. She asked me whether she can borrow my pencil for a moment.
c. She asked me whether she could borrow my pencil for a moment.
d. She asked me whether I could borrow her pencil for a moment.

7. Why are you staring at my feet?

a. He asked her why she is staring at his feet.
b. He asked her why she was staring at his feet.
c. He asked her why was she staring at his feet.
d. He asked her why is she staring at his feet.

8. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

a. He said that the sun rose in the east and sets in the west.
b. He said that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
c. He asked if the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
d. He said that the sun rise in the east and set in the west.

9. I’m going to meet my penpal for the first time tomorrow.

a. She said she was going to meet her penpal for the first time the next day.
b. She said she was going to meet my penpal for the first time tomorrow.
c. She said she was going to meet her penpal for the first time tomorrow.
d. She said she is going to meet her penpal for the first time the next day.

10. We have been here for a week.

a. They said they had been there for a week.
b. They said they had been here for a week.
c. They said we had been there for a week.
d. They said they has been here for a week.

11. Who is sitting beside Tom?

a. He asked me who was sitting beside Tom that time.
b. He asked me was sitting beside Tom that time.
c. He asked me who is sitting beside Tom.
d. He asked me who is Tom sitting beside.

12. Please wait for me at the bus stop.

a. Endy told me to wating her at the bus stop.
b. Endy told me waited for her at the bus stop that time.
c. Endy told me waited for me at the bus stop that time.
d. Endy told me waits for her at the bus stop that time.

13. Window-shopping is my favorite hobby.

a. Septi said that window-shopping is her favorite hobby.
b. Septi said that if window-shopping was my favorite hobby.
c. Septi said that window-shopping was my favorite hobby.
d. Septi said that window-shopping was her favorite hobby.

14. I ate some beef burgers yesterday.

a. Jean said that she have eat some beef burgers the day before.
b. Jean said that she has ate some beef burgers the day before.
c. Jean said that she had been eaten some beef burgers the day before.
d. Jean said that she had been eat some beef burgers yesterday.

15. This is the bag which I bought yesterday.

a. He said that was the bag which he had been bought the day before.
b. He said that was the bag which I bought the day before.
c. He said that the bag was which he had buy the day before.
d. He said that was the bag which I had been bought the day before.

16. Who is hiding under the bed?

a. Mom wanted to know why was hiding under the bed.
b. Mom said she was hiding under the bed.
c. Mom wanted to hiding under the bed.
d. Mom wanted to know who was hiding under the bed.

17. Elisa had been living in Bangok before she moved to Jakarta.
a. Firmansyah said that Elisa have live in Bangkok before she moved to Jakarta.
b. Firmansyah said that Elisa had been living in Bangkok before she moved to Jakarta.
c. Firmansyah said that Elisa is living in Bangkok before she moved to Jakarta.
d. Firmansyah said that Elisa was in Bangkok before she move to Jakarta.

18. I have been travelling around the world for over three years.
a. Grandpa said he had been travelling around the world for over three years.
b. Grandpa said he have been travel around the world for over three years.
c. Grandpa said he was travel around the world for over three years.
d. Grandpa said he is travelling around the world for over three years.

19. When you pushed me, I was holding my phone.

a. Keyza said when you push him, he was holding my phone.
b. Keyza said when I push him, he was holding his phone.
c. Keyza said when I pushed him, he was holding his phone.
d. Keyza said when I pushed him, he is holding my phone.

20. My name is Harry.

a. He said his name is Harry.
b. He said his name might Harry.
c. He said his name will Harry.
d. He said his name has Harry.


1. Jawaban Benar :B
Pembahasan : Time dalam kalimat direct speech “yesterday” perlu diubah menjadi “the
day before” dalam kalimat indirect/reported speech.

2. Jawaban Benar :B
Pembahasan : Kata kerja (verb) diubah menjadi infinitive (verb 1) pada reporting
command (perintah).

3. Jawaban Benar :C
Pembahasan : Direct speech berupa wh- question (information request) -> pindahkan
verb ke belakang subject (word order).

4. Jawaban Benar :C
Pembahasan : Direct speech berupa pernyataan (statement) dengan pola simple present,
verb diubah ke pola simple past dalam kalimat indirect speech.

5. Jawaban Benar :C
Pembahasan : Pola kalimat present perfect tense pada kalimat direct speech disesuaikan
menjadi past perfect tense pada kalimat indirect speech.

6. Jawaban Benar :C
Pembahasan : Modal verb “can” (present) diubah menjadi “could” (past).
7. Jawaban Benar :B
Pembahasan : Verb present continous tense pada direct speech diubah menjadi past
continous tense pada indirect speech.

8. Jawaban Benar :B
Pembahasan : Verb tidak berubah menjadi past karena pernyataan berupa general truth.

9. Jawaban Benar :A
Pembahasan : Time reference “tomorrow” disesuaikan menjadi “the next day” atau “the
following day”.

10. Jawaban Benar :A

Pembahasan : “Here” pada direct diubah menjadi “there” di Indirect speech.

11. Jawaban Benar :A

Pembahasan : Pola present continous tense pada direct speech diubah menjadi pola past
continous tense. Ditandai dengan berubahnya tobe dan keterangan waktu.

12. Jawaban Benar :B

Pembahasan : Pola simple present tense pada kalimat direct speech diubah menjadi
simple past tense di kalimat indirect speech.

13. Jawaban Benar :D

Pembahasan : Pola simple present tense pada kalimat direct speech diubah menjadi
simple past tense di kalimat indirect speech.

14. Jawaban Benar :C

Pembahasan : Pola simple past tense pada kalimat direct speech diubah menjadi past
perfect tense di kalimat indirect speech. Ditandai dengan tobe “had been” dan verb 3 “eaten”.

15. Jawaban Benar :A

Pembahasan : Pola simple present tense pada kalimat direct speech diubah menjadi
simple past tense di kalimat indirect speech. danpola simple past tense pada kalimat direct
speech diubah menjadi past perfect tense di kalimat indirect speech. Ditandai dengan tobe “is”
diubah menjadi “was” dan penambahan tobe “had been” sebelum verb 3 “bought”.

16. Jawaban Benar :D

Pembahasan : Pola present continous tense pada direct speech diubah menjadi pola past
continous tense. Ditandai dengan berubahnya tobe.

17. Jawaban Benar :B

Pembahasan : Karena pada direct speech yang pola kalimatnya past continous tense,
pada kalimat indirect speech-nya, pola kalimat tidak berubah.

18. Jawaban Benar :A

Pembahasan : Pola present perfect tense pada kalimat direct speech diubah menjadi past
perfect tense di kalimat indirect speech.

19. Jawaban Benar :C

Pembahasan : Pola yang dipakai dalam direct speech diatas adalah past continous tense,
jika diubah menjadi indirect speech, maka polanya tidak berubah. Yang perlu diubah hanya
subject-nya saja.

20. Jawaban Benar :A

Pembahasan : Pola kalimat tidak berubah karena pernyataan berupa general truth.

Present Perfect Tense - Soal dan Jawaban

Latihan Soal Pilihan Ganda Tentang Present Perfect Tense Lengkap Jawaban

1. Shane … around the world with his best friends.

a. Travels

b. Have traveling

c. Is traveling

d. Has traveled

2. I……studied for two hours

a. Have

b. Been
c. Has

d. Had

3. Kian …this movie three times.

a. Sees

b. Is seeing

c. Has been seen

d. Has seen

4. We…….here since yesterday

a. Has been

b. Have been

c. Had been

d. Has

5. Jack …………….. in the same house for twenty years.

a. Lived

b. Living

c. Leave

d. Has lived

6. I have……a letter for 2 hours

a. Write

b. Wrote

c. Written

d. Writing

7. I have……music for 15 minutes, it’s very good

a. Listen

b. Listening

c. Listened

d. Listens

8. Marie …… in Dublin since 1980.

a. Lives

b. Live

c. Is leaving

d. Has lived

9. We have……. this new novel together since yesterday

a. Read

b. Reads

c. Reading

d. Readed

10. I have……a delicious food for them

a. Cooked

b. Cooks

c. Cooking

d. Cook

11. Mark …. the entire book.

a. Had been reading

b. Is reading

c. Has already read

d. Read

12. We have…….this film since last night

a. Watching

b. Watched

c. Watches

d. Watch

13. The president … what to do …

a. Either …. Or

b. Neither ….. nor

c. Both ….. and

d. Has not decided …… yet

14. They have…….me about this story

a. Tell

b. Told

c. Telling

d. Tells

15. Sam … the results of the experiment.

a. Has already recorded

b. Is recording

c. Has recording

d. Had recording

16. Diana…….sung this song

a. Had
b. Has

c. Have

d. Having

17. We have…….in Bandung since 2004

a. Live

b. Lives

c. Living

d. Lived

18. Patrick ………… the material for his next exam.

a. Has yet to learn

b. Is learning

c. Has been learning

d. Learns

Last week,Rehan's class had a field trip to kampoeng wisata taman lele.there were twenty five students
and two teachers visiting the park.they went there by bus. At kampoeng wisata taman lele,rehan and his
friends saw many kinds of animals.there were crocodiles,deer,monkeys,and of course,catfish.rehan was
amazed to see so many catfish in the pond.the catfish almort covered the surface of the water. Rehan
and his friends also enjoyed riding water pedicab and taking flying fox.at the end of their visiting,the
teacher asked them to gather at the restaurant in the park and they had lunch together.the meal was
delicious.after lunch,the teacher asked them to write about their trip to kampoeng wsata taman
lele.they had to suamit the composition on the next school day.the teacher also said that the best
composition would get two free tickets to kampoeng wisata taman lele.rehan and his friends cheered
loudly. it would be nice to get free tickets and visit the kampoeng wisata taman lele again.

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Text for number 1 to 3

For all the class leader of SMP 1

We invite you to attend a meeting at 2 p.m. in school library. We are going to

discuss the school farewell ceremony for third year’s students.

Those who are the member of the school band please come to the multi-purpose
room for the rehearsal this Saturday afternoon at 3.p.m. We have to show our best
performance for the ceremony.

Baca Juga

 Download Soal TPM Kota Yogyakarta 2019 Bahasa Indonesia


Chairperson of student union

Andika Nofrian Bahana

1. Why does the school band have to do rehearsal?

A. To play the best for the school farewell ceremony

B. To show how they play music

C. To perform certain entertainment

D. To produce the best record of the school band

2. When will the rehearsal of school band be done?

A. At night

B. At noon

C. In the morning

D. In the afternoon

3. ” We invite you to attend a meeting ...”. (L1)

What does the underlined word means....

A. Hold out

B. Talk to

C. Go to

D. Speak with

Text for number 4 and 5.

Dear Nadia,

Hi how are you? How was your holiday? I’m really curious.

Let me tell you about my trip to Ranau Lake in Lampung. It is located between two
provinces, Lampung and South Sumatera. Would you like to know more?

Instead of going by ferry, I took a plane from Jakarta to Bandar Lampung. My uncle met
me at the airport.

There, I continued my trip by his car. I was so happy to visit Ranau Lake because I really
enjoy mountain areas. I love nature so much.

I spent two nights at a cottage near the lake. The cottage was built only a few meters from
the lake. In only several steps I could dip my feet in the fresh water. All kinds of meals
tasted very delicious there. I thought it was because of the cool weather. Well, I think you
should go there someday, so that you can experience it yourself. See you



4. Why was Niken happy to spend her holiday at Ranau Lake?

A. Her uncle ask her

B. It’s far from Jakarta

C. The place is very good

D. She loves nature

5. How did Niken travel to Ranau Lake?

A. By train

B. By ship

C. By bus

D. By car

Text for number 6 and 7.

To: Rangga

Finally you did it.

You have finished your study excellently and accepted by the best senior high school in
your city. Your achievement proves that you’re the best. Keep your good job. Give my
best regard for your father and mother.


6. Whom is the message addressed to?

A. Father

B. Nanda

C. Mother

D. Rangga

7. ” Your achievement proves that .... “ (L2,)

What is the closest meaning of the unlined word?

A. development

B. assessment

C. success

D. process

Text for number 8 and 9

8. From the text we know that....

A. The advertisement offer 50% discount for the product

B. There are 50 orders for electric scooter every month

C. The bargain price for the public is 6.000.000,-

D. The minimum order for electric scooter is 1000 items.

9. How much will you pay if you got the discount?

A. Two million rupiahs

B. Three million rupiahs

C. Four million rupiahs

D. Five million rupiahs

Text for number 10 to 12


This Friday, August 20, is the registration deadline for the new semester.

Complete your registration form in the administrative office during lunch break. The
payment must be made at the time of registration, so bring your cash with you.

Please register soon.

No late exception.

Classes begin on Monday, September, 20.

10. From the text, we know that ... .

A. The students must not bring the cash at the time of registration
B. The students must bring the cash at the time of registration every semester

C. The students will be punished if they late

D. Some students won’t bring the cash at the time of registration

11. What do you need to do to enroll in this semester?

A. Complete the registration form

B. Join the class immediately

C. Talk to the headmaster

D. Pay some cash to the teacher.

12. “ so bring your cash with you.Please register soon”

The closest meaning of the underline word is ... .

A. Bring

B. Need

C. Enroll

D. Made

Text for number 13 and 14

To all students of Nasima JHS Semarang

We invite you to attend “The Silver Anniversary’.

Day/date : Sat,January 7th, 2013

Time : 8.00 a.m - 2.00 pm

Place : Bali room

Activity : - Singing performance

- Dance

- Art Design

Come and have fun


The Comittee.

Supported by Mr. Parlan.

13. How old will Nasima JHS be on January 7th, 2013?

A. 24 years

B. 25 years

C. 26 years

D. 28 years

14. From the text, we know that....

A. this event only for the alumni

B. the activities of this event are singing, dancing and art designing

C. this event will be held for five hours

D. the sponsor of this event is Mr. Parlan

Text for number 15 and 16

To: Santi

I've just got the news that our grandmother passed away two hours ago. We are going to
leave for Purworejo soon to attend the funeral. Please be here before 6 p.m.


15. I’ve just got news that our grandmother passed away two hour ago

The underlined word refers to....

A. Santi

B. Tati

C. Grand mother

D. Santi and Tati

16. We are going to leave for Purworejo soon to attend the funeral.

The underlined words means....

A. to enter

B. to give

C. to go

D. to bring

Text for number 17 to 19

I really enjoyed my holiday in Australia. Last Sunday I visited a marine park

called Sea World which is at surfers’ Paradise near Brisbane. It’s Australia’s largest
marine park and I had a wonderful day there.

The first thing I saw was the Oceanorium where you can watch all sorts of sea fish
and animal under water. There were huge turtles, sharks, and a beautiful tropical sea fish.
The most exciting thing was watching a man feeding the sharks. He wore a special diving

Then I watched the performance of sea animals. The saw was in a big outdoor
swimming pool. There were killer whales, dolphins and sea lions, and they did all sort of
fantastic things in the water. One of the girls in the show rode around the pool on the
back of killing whale, and another girl rode underwater on the back of a big turtle. After
that I had lunch. There were several big restaurants at the park and I had lunch in a
restaurant that was shape like a ship! Then I watched a wonderful water-ski show which
was held on a lake

17. What is main idea of paragraph 2?

A. There writer watched the performance of sea animal

B. The writer displayed all sorts of fish and animal under water

C. The writer had lunch in one of the restaurants at the park

D. The writer performed fantastic things in the water

18. What is the last writer‘s activity in Singapore during his holiday last Sunday?

A. He had lunch in a restaurant

B. He watched the performance of sea animals

C. He watched a man feeding the shark

D. He watched a wonderful water-ski show which was held on a lake

19. From the text we know that....

A. The writer never go to Australia

B. The writer lived in Australia

C. The writer was so happy in his holiday

D. The writer was not Indonesian

Text for number 20 to 21

The Tea Plant

The tea plant is an evergreen of the Camellia family that is native to China, Tibet
and northern India. There are two main varieties of the tea plant. The small leaf variety,
known as Camellia sinensis, thrives in the cool, high mountain regions of central China
and Japan. The broad leaf variety, known as Camellia assamica, grows best in the moist,
tropical climates found in Northeast India and the Szechuan and Yunnan provinces of
China. The plant produces dark green, shiny leaves and small, white blossoms.

According to an old Chinese saying, "superior tea comes from high mountains".
The altitude and mountain mists help shield against too much sunlight and provide the
proper temperature and humidity to allow the leaves to develop slowly and remain tender.
As with wine, the quality and taste of a particular tea is influenced by both the
environment (soil, climate, and altitude) and the tea maker (who decides when and how
the leaf is plucked and how it is processed).

Most tea plants have a growth phase and a dormant period, usually during the
winter. The leaves are plucked as the new tea shoots (or "flush") emerge. In hotter
climates, the plants have several flushes and can be picked year-round. In cooler
conditions at higher elevations, there is a distinct harvesting season. Leaves from the
earlier flushes, usually in the spring, give the finest quality teas.

There are four main types of tea: green tea, black tea, oolong tea and white tea. All
of them comes from the same plant. The specific variety of tea plant and the way the
leaves are processed after harvesting determine the type of tea that is created.

20. Where does Tea plant original come from?

A. China

B. Philipine

C. Singapore

D. Brunai
21. What is the last paragraph tell about?

A. Place where the Tea Plant grow

B. How to cultivate the Tea plant

C. The types of Tea plant

D. Place to buy the Tea plant

22. All of them come from the same plant. The underlined word refers to..?

A. Climates

B. Types of Tea

C. Mountains

D. Conditions

23. Where do we usually find the superior Tea?

A. At the hill

B. In the river

C. In the forest

D. High mountain

Text for number 24 to 27.


1. Eat Healthy Foods

2. Do Regular Exercises (Regular physical activity helps control your weight, strengthens
your bones and muscles, improves your mood and overall mental health and may add
extra years to your life)

3. Get Enough Sleep

4. Reduce Stress

5. Consume Many Vegetables And Fruits

6. Drinks A lot Of Water

24. Why do we need to have regular exercise?

A. To strengthens your bones and muscles,

B. To make our body become weak

C. To lose and keep out our motivation

D. To throw away the bad mood of days

25. What is the first tips of keeping our body strong and healthy

A. Get enough sleep

B. Reduce stress

C. Drink a lot of water

D. eat healthy food

26. “Strengthens your bones and muscles, improves your mood and ...”

The underlined word refers to..?

A. The reader

B. The listener

C. The writer

D. The sender

27. Do regular Exercises

The underlined word means...

A. Seldom

B. Sometime

C. Continuously

D. Usually

Text for number 28 to 30

Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in a village near the forest.
Whenever she went out, the little girl wore a red riding cloak, so everyone in the village
called her Little Red Riding Hood.

One morning, Little Red Riding Hood asked her mother if she could go to visit her
grandmother as it had been awhile since they'd seen each other. "That's a good idea," her
mother said. "Remember, go straight to Grandma's house," her mother cautioned. "Don't
dawdle along the way and please don't talk to strangers! The woods are
dangerous." "Don't worry, mommy," said Little Red Riding Hood, "I'll be careful."

But when Little Red Riding Hood noticed some lovely flowers in the woods, she
forgot her promise to her mother. She picked a few. Little Red Riding Hood was enjoying
the warm summer day so much, that she didn't notice a dark shadow approaching out of
the forest behind her...Suddenly, the wolf appeared beside her. "What are you doing out
here, little girl?" the wolf asked in a voice as friendly as he could muster. "I'm on my way
to see my Grandma who lives through the forest, near the brook," Little Red Riding Hood

The wolf, in the meantime, took a shortcut...The wolf, arrived at Grandma's and
knocked lightly at the door. "Oh thank goodness dear! Come in, come in! I was worried
sick that something had happened to you in the forest," said Grandma thinking that the
knock was her granddaughter. The wolf let himself in. Poor Granny did not have time to
say another word, before the wolf gobbled her up! The wolf let out a satisfied burp. A
few minutes later, Red Riding Hood knocked on the door. The wolf jumped into bed and
pulled the covers over his nose. "Who is it?" he called in a lady like voice. “It’s me, Little
Red Riding Hood." "Oh how lovely! Do come in, my dear," croaked the wolf. When
Little Red Riding Hood entered the little cottage, she could scarcely recognize her

"The better to see you with, my dear," replied the wolf. But Grandmother! What
big teeth you have," said Little Red Riding Hood her voice quivering slightly. "The better
to eat you with, my dear," roared the wolf and he leapt out of the bed and began to chase
the little girl. Almost too late, Little Red Riding Hood realized that the person in the bed
was not her Grandmother, but a hungry wolf. She ran across the room and through the
door, shouting, "Help! Wolf!" as loudly as she could. You've learned an important lesson.
Thank goodness you shouted loud enough for this kind woodsman to hear you!" Little
Red Riding Hood and her Grandmother had a nice lunch and a long chat.

28. Why did Red Riding Hood come home late?

A. She noticed the lovely flowers

B. She forgot the way home

C. She got a trouble on the way

D. She dropped in her friends’ house

29. Whom did Red Riding Hood meet at First?

A. Grandma

B. Mother

C. Wolf

D. Friend

30. What can we learned from the story?

A. Don’t care what parents say

B. We must obey our parents

C. Don’t waste the time

D. Do what you can do today

Text for number 31 to 34

Butterflies are insects. A butterfly’s lifecycle is made up of four parts, egg, larva
(caterpillars), pupa (chrysalis) and adult. Butterflies attach their eggs to leaves with
special glue. Most caterpillars are plant eaters (herbivores). Fully grown caterpillars
attach themselves to a suitable twig or leaf before shedding their outside layer of skin to
reveal a hard skin underneath known as a chrysalis.

An adult butterfly will eventually emerge from the chrysalis where it will wait a
few hours for its wings to fill with blood and dry, before flying for the first time.
Butterflies can live in the adult stage from anywhere between a week and a year,
depending on the species.

Butterflies have four wings. Butterflies often have brightly coloured wings with
unique patterns made up of tiny scales. Most butterflies feed on nectar from flowers.
Butterflies have taste receptors on their feet.

Scientists estimate that there are between 15000 and 20000 different species of butterfly.
Bird wing butterflies have large, angular wings and fly in a similar way to birds. Monarch
butterflies are known for their long migration. Every year monarch butterflies will travel
a great distance (sometimes over 4000 km), females will lay eggs and a new generation
of monarchs will travel back, completing the cycle.

31. What is the topic of the text?

A. Wings of butterflies

B. Adult butterflies

C. Butterflies

D. Insects

32. From the text, we know that....

A. Butterflies have three wings

B. Butterflies have four parts of lifecycle

C. Butterflies are not herbivores

D. Butterflies have more than 25.000 species in the world

33. When will monarch butterflies travel a great distance?

A. Everyday

B. Every week

C. Every month

D. Every year

34. Butterflies have taste receptors on their feet.

The word their refers to....

A. Scientists

B. Butterflies

C. Birds

D. Eggs

Text for number 35 to 37

Let me introduce myself. My name is Latifa Zuri. You can call me Tifa. I was
born on March 19th, 1991. I am a students of 2 Junior High School Bandung, grade. IX.
Right now, I am one of Rehan announcer. Rehan is one of the most famous radios in
Bandung. I broadcast 3 times a week, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning. It
is about 05.00 – 06.00 a.m.

I live with my family in Jl. Kacapiring No.95 Bandung. My telephone number is

7234547 and my mobile number is 0815559228890.
Mr. Ridwan Maulana is my father. He is a marketing of a private company. His
company is not far from our house. Mrs. Maya Kusumawati is my mother. She is an
English teacher of a Senior High School. Her school is quite far from our house, so she
has to take public transportation. I have one brother. His name is Farel Ramadhan. He is
student of Elementary School. He is very creative and diligent. I am very proud of him.
We always study and play computer game together.

35. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?

A. Tifa’s address

B. Tifa’s school

C. Tifa’s family

D. Tifa’s father

36. How does Tifa’s mother go to school?

A. On foot

B. By bicycle

C. By motorcycle

D. By public transportation

37. Where does Tifa study?

A. Junior High School

B. Elementary school

C. Senior High School

D. University

Text for number 38 to 40

Once, there was a rich farmer in a village. He had a lot of land, cattle, money and
many servants. He had two sons. He led a happy life with them. After few years, the
younger of the two sons became unhappy.

He asked his father for his share of the property. His father and mother advised
him not to make a demand like that. However, he would not listen to them, took his
share, sold it, received a huge amount of money and get involved with a bad company of

With the money, he travelled to a distant country where he did as he wished. He

found another bad company of friends there as well and fell into evil ways. All his money
was gone and he became poor. No one saved him from the bad company and fell into
debt. Only then he understood his mistake and returned home to his parents.

Subsequently, he obeyed his parents and led a happy life.

38. The main idea of the first paragraph is....

A. The younger of the sons

B. A happy life of a farmer

C. Unhappy life of a farmer

D. A rich farmer in a village

39. Why did the younger son leave his family?

A. He looked for all he wished

B. His parents asked him to find property

C. His family underestimated him

D. He wanted a new life

40. From the text, we know that....

A. The farmer has two kind boys.

B. The boy became rich after travelled to a distant country

C. The younger ever involved with two bad companies

D. The younger never came home although he became poor

Last year, I spent my vacation in my aunt’s house. She lives in behind one of the hills in
boyolali. I went there with my brother, Doni. We took a bus from Bogor and got off at Solo bus
station. My aunt had waited for us there. She then took us to her house in Selo.This place is
famous for its beautiful scenery. Selo is between the bottom of the foot of Mount Merapi and
Merbabu. This area is a natural tourist area with views of the mountains in the north and south

The journey to Selo was thrilling. We had to climb the hill. The street was twisted here and there.
Moreover, it was foggy that afternoon. So, I could only see few meters in front of me. Luckily,
my aunt was a good driver. She did it very well.

We arrived at my aunt’s house at seven o’clock in the evening. The place was completely dark. It
was also very cold. Doni and I refused to take a bath although my aunt said she had prepared hot
water for us.

At night, we went to one of the hills there. There was an offering ceremony. The villagers
offered a buffalo head for the Mount Merapi. People were dancing and singing during the
ceremony. They wore Javanese costumes. Doni and I enjoyed the performance. We were very
thick jackets because it was very cold.

My Uncle Martin is my mother's elder brother. He is my favorite among my mother's

brothers. He is a very interesting man. He lives quite near us with my Aunt Angela and my
cousins Anne and, Bob. I often go to his house.
He is about 45 with grey hair. He is still quite good-looking. He is tall and well-built.
He has blue eyes and a strong face. He wears glasses. He is short sighted. He takes them off
when he doesn't work.
Uncle Martin is a textile engineer. He works for a big firm in the city. He travels
widely in his job. He is an expert in solving problems with machines. At present, he is in the
United States. He is visiting the firm's customers there.
He is very fond of the sea. He has a boat at the seaside. He goes there, every weekend
in summer to sail it. I sometimes stay with my cousins at their house on the coast. When
Uncle Martin is at home, he usually takes us out in the boat.

Towards Synthesis

1. Who is Uncle Martin?

Bob's father. My mother's uncle.
A. C.
Anne's uncle. Aunt Angela's neighbour.
B. D.

2. Which paragraph talks about the physical description of Uncle Martin?

1 3
A. C.
2 4
B. D.

3. How many children does Uncle Martin have?

One. Three.
A. C.
Two. Four.
B. D.
4. What are Miranda's hobbies?
Swimming and singing.
Swimming and planting flowers.
Singing, swimming and planting flowers.
Singing and planting flowers with her friends.

5. Who is the second child of the family?

Yudhatama Miranda
A. C.
Sherina Tiara
B. D.

6. "They all love one another."

The word "They" in the sentence refers to ........and her parent.
Miranda'S Sisters Miranda's father
A. C.
Miranda's parents Miranda and her sisters
B. D.

7. There was no ........ in the bedroom last night. So I felt very cold.
bed cover blanket
A. C.
mattress pillow
B. D.

8. Malik : Anyway, how is Tim now?

Yauma : He's better, I think.
What is the opposite of the italic ward ........
nice worst
A. C.
worse good
B. D.

9. Doctor : ........?
Patient : My stomach aches.
Doctor : Let me see.
What can you do for me Why don't you take a rest
A. C.
What's wrong with you Why don't you see The doctor
B. D.
He is still one of the most recognizable men on earth. And decades after he burst upon
the scene as a gold medal winner at the 1960 Olympics in Rome, Italy, Muhammad Ali
remains ainagical figure, known and loved throughout the world.
Ali brought new speed and grace to his sport, and his charm and wit changed forever
what we expect a champion to be. His accomplishments in the ring were the stuff of legend :
two fights with Sonny Liston, where he proclaimed himself "The Greatest" and proved he
was three ambitious wars with Joe Frazier; the stunning victory over George Foreman in
Zaire; and dethroning Leon Spinks to become heavyweight champion for the third time. But
there was always far more to Muhammad Ali than what took place in a boxing ring.
His early embrace of the Nation of Islam and his insistence on being called
Muhammad Ali instead of his "slave name," Cassius Clay, introduced a new era in black
pride. His refusal to be inducted into the United States army anticipated the growing antiwar
movement of the 1960s. And his willingness to stage his fights in different countries such as
Kinshasa, Zaire; Manila, Philippines; and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; signaled a shift away
from super power dominances toward a growing awareness of the importance of the third
Today, Ali is a deeply religious man who causes feeling of love and respect wherever
he travels.
Adapted from an official biography by Tom Hauser

10. From the text, we know that Muhammad Ali ........

is a boxer plays boxing so far
A. C.
is not a boxer anymore never played boxing Well
B. D.

11. Muhammad Ali boxed dramatically when he fought three times against ........
Sonny Liston George Foreman
A. C.
Joe Frazier Esau Spinks
B. D.

12. Muhammad Ali is a man who once ........

became a United States Army won a gold medal in boxing
A. C.
hated slave black man refused to become a boxer
B. D.

13. "His accomplishments in the ring were the stuff of legend." (paragraph 2).
The synonym of the italic word is ........
costumes voices
A. C.
gloves actions
B. D.


Look at the picture and complete the dialogue.

Azizah : Hi, Maridi How are you?
Maridi : Fine, did you join the study tour to Bali last month?
Azizah : Sure. I visited Mr. Wayan Surya. He is a ........
Maridi : Did he make many statues?
Azizah : Yes. And you know his work is so amazing.
sculptor curator
A. C.
painter orator
B. D.

15. Ata : Summer has come. What plans have you made for the summer ........?
Ergi : Hiking with friends in the Himalayas.
Ata : For how long?
Ergi : We'll leave in mid June and return at the end of August.
course house
A. C.
school vacation
B. D.

16. "Do you know much about computers? They are used for all sorts of things now, such
as for counting things, ticketing and other things."
What does the italic word mean ........
Kinds Sizes
A. C.
Prices Shapes
B. D.

17. Complete the sentence based on this table.

Mr. Hadi sells ........ cars than Mr. Jack does
less fewer
A. C.
little more
B. D.

18. Nurma : Hi, Kristin!

Kristin : Oh hello, Nurma. Look, this suitcase is too heavy for me. ........?
Nurma : With pleasure. Well, come on let's lift it up together.
Would you help me, please Shall I lift it up for you
A. C.
How could I do it myself What can I do for you
B. D.

19. Faiz : What does Samsul plan to do after the coming semester test?
Wiwit : He ........ his school holiday with us.
spent has spent
A. C.
spends will spend
B. D.

20. Complete the paragraph below.

Yemin Loyola is a Mexican girl. She ........ in Indonesia since last year.
She is here to study Indonesian culture in a private university in Central Java.
is has been
A. C.
was have been
B. D.

21. Teacher : Did you enjoy your vacation, boys and girls?
Sandy : Yes, Sir. I ........ to Singapore.
Adnan : Did you?
Sandy : Yes.
go will go
A. C.
went am going
B. D.

Last week my parents, sister, brother and I went to the zoo. We went there for
recreation. We left at 6.00 a.m. and arrived there at 8.00 a.m. It is about a hundred kilometers
to go to the zoo from my house.
There were a lot of people watching a giant snake. The snake was there for about a
week. It was 9 metres long. I thought it was the biggest snake I had ever seen. After going
around and watching various animals, we went home. On the way home, we stopped at the
Borobudur temple for half an hour.

22. Which is the most suitable title for the text above ........
Going to The Zoo Going to Borobudur
A. C.
Having Recreation Watching a Giant Snake
B. D.

23. How many people were looking at the giant snake ........
several a few
A. C.
some many
B. D.

24. How many persons did the writer go to the zoo with ........
two four
A. C.
three five
B. D.

25. "After going around and watching various animals, we went home." (paragraph 2) The
italic word has the same meaning as ........
different wild
A. C.
similar mean
B. D.

26. X : Do you think we can save our forest?

Y : ........ we can, because people still keep cutting down the trees.
I'm not sure I agree
A. C.
I'm sure I'm certain
B. D.

27. Andien : You'll have the audition next week, ........?

Delon : Yes, pray for me.
Andien : Good luck to you.
won't you? don't you?
A. C.
will you? do you?
B. D.

28. What is the text about ........

Flight schedules An estimated time of arrival
A. C.
An advertisement An estimated time of departure
B. D.

29. If you want to fly to Medan at 11.00, you can take flight ........
SG813 SG504
A. C.
SG622 SG211
B. D.

Rain forests cover about 10% of the earth, but they contain 90% of the world's animals
and plants. Rain forests are found in the hottest parts of the earth. They are situated in the
area from the Tropic of Cancer to the Tropic of Capricorn. This is the area on both sides of
the Equator.
These forests are called rain forests because it usually rains there everyday. The
weather is always hot and humid. The main rain forests are in America, Africa, and Asia. The
largest area of rain forest is Amazonia in South America. It is three times larger than the
whole of Indonesia.
Indonesia was covered by rain forests, but many of its forests have been cut down.
Some its also destroyed the Indonesian forests, especially during the dry season. It is hard
now to reforest the bare land.

30. From the text we can conclude that rain forests cover ........ of the earth.
all a small part
A. C.
most ninety percent
B. D.

31. We can find rain forests ........

on each equator between the two Tropics
A. C.
on the Tropic of Cancer on the Tropic of Capricorn
B. D.

32. "The weather is always hot and humid." (paragraph 2)

What does the italic word mean ........
hot dry
A. C.
wet warm
B. D.

33. Suryanto : Look at the waterfall over there.

Ayu : Wow, ........!
Suryanto : It's not only beautiful but also amazing.
Ayu : Right. I've never seen a waterfall like this before.
The waterfall is beautiful, isn't it What a beautiful waterfall it is
A. C.
How is the waterfall What is a beautiful waterfall
B. D.


Which one is the correct statement based on the pictures ........

Mr. Han's car is the cheapest one among the others.
Mr. Fred's car is more expensive than Mr. John's.
Mr. John's car is as cheap as Mr. Fred's.
Mr. Fred's car is the cheapest of all.

Teddy : Do you like reading newspapers?

Zeni : Of course. I do not only like reading newspapers but also reading magazines.
Teddy : What do you get from reading newspapers?
Zeni : I do not only get information but I also get pleasure.
Teddy : What newspaper do you subscribe to?
Zeni : "Republika". How about you?
Teddy : I usually subscribe to both "Newsweek" and "The Jakarta Post".
Zeni : Oh really? They are English news papers, aren't they?
Teddy : You're right. I think it is important for us to read them everyday. English
magazines can enlarge our English vocabularies. We can get both knowledge
and information, especially about events which happened recently. And we can
also find advertisements for various things that we may need.
Zeni : I agree with you.

35. What are they talking about ........

The advantages of printed media.
The English newspaper from Jakarta.
The information on a newspaper.
The advertisement on the magazine.

36. What does Zeni like to read ........

Magazines English magazines
A. C.
Newspapers Magazines and newspapers
B. D.

37. Why does Teddy like to read Newsweek and The Jakarta Post ........
He likes the advertisement. Zeni asks him to read them.
A. C.
Teddy takes English Course. He is good at English.
B. D.

38. What is a tool? In the broadest sense, a tool is anything to do a job. In this sense, pens
and pencils are writing tools, spades and hoes are gardening tools. But usually, "tools"
refers to such things as hammers, saws, and drills.
What is the main idea of the paragraph ........
The kinds of tools. The invention of tools.
A. C.
The group of tools. The meaning of tools.
B. D.

The coach of the Indonesia basketball team calls a time-out and instructs his players to
change their strategy. He ....(39).... Jody to keep the ball as long as possible. Jody is good at
dribbling the ball. His skill in controlling the ball is ....(40).... but he is not quite good at
shooting. Togar is better at shooting and he is also the fastest player in the team. His only
....(41)....! is that he is very thin and not very strong.

39. knows thinks

A. C.
tells leaves
B. D.

40. preventive doubtful

A. C.
imperfect excellent
B. D.

41. appearance strength

A. C.
weakness ability
B. D.

42. Fenny : Which newspaper is yours? This one or that one?

Yudo : ........of them.
Fenny : Are they?
Yudo : Yes. Because not only the Surabaya Post but also the Jakarta Post is good
useful for me.
Some Both
A. C.
Each None
B. D.

43. Teacher : Now tell me what orchid you found at Senayan orchid garden?
Ega : I didn't find the orchid we were looking for, Sir.
Mia : ........
Teacher : What? Are you kidding?
Ega : No, Sir.
so did I I don't either
A. C.
I do too Neither did I
B. D.

44. 1. The destruction of the forest requires serious attention.

2. The smoke from the fires has endangered people.
3. But, none is effective.
4. Not only people of Indonesia but also those from neighbouring countries.
5. Forest fires have been a big problem in Indonesia for many years.
6. Many efforts have been carried out to solve the problem.
Which is the best arrangement of the sentences in order to make a good paragraph
5-1-2-4-6-3 5-1-6-3-2-4
A. C.
5-1-4-2-6-3 5-1-3-2-6-4
B. D.


Arrange these sentences-based on the pictures above to make cooking instructions.

1. Put noodles into glasses of briskly boiling water.
2. Your delicious noodles are ready to be served.
3. Put the seasoning, vegetables oil and chili powder in a bowl.
4. Mix the noodles well with all of the seasoning.
5. Cook the noodles and simmer for 3 minutes.
4, 3, 5, 1, 2 3, 5, 1, 4, 2
A. C.
2, 1, 5, 3, 4 1, 5, 3, 4, 2
B. D.

I know there are many young men who would like to become astronauts, space
explorers or scientists, or, at least to work in a space program. But, to do so you will have to
prepare and to work hard. There is no other way.
In the space field, mathematics and science are of the most importance. These are
subjects to which future astronauts must pay special attention in school. I don't mean that the
other subjects are not important. It's important to know about this world and its problems
before you go off to other worlds. A strong foundation in mathematics and science is
essential to be an astronaut. One cannot do without a complete understanding of nature, and
of the earth. In space a slight mistake in mathematics can be fatal.
Self control, discipline and mental strength are very important requirements for an
astronaut. The good spirit of team work has to win over personal desires.

46. Why are mathematics and science the most important subject in the space field ........
They are essential to an astronaut.
To understand completely about the nature of all subjects.
Both subjects are strong foundation.
In a space, a slight mistake in mathematics can be fatal.

47. Besides knowledge, what is important to be an astronaut ........

The high mood Personal desires
A. C.
Mental strength Important requirements
B. D.

48. What is the best title for the text ........

The Training of Astronauts.
The Requirements to be an Astronaut.
The Most Important School Subjects.
The Preparation of Going to the Other Space.

49. The people here will die of hunger if the dry season ........ longer.
lasts will last
A. C.
lasted has lasted
B. D.

50. Mother : Why do you come home late?

Ghifar : There was a school football match, Mom. ...... I watched it first with my
Mother : Don't do it again without telling me before.
Ghifar : Okay, Mom.
So But
A. C.
And Or
B. D.

Once upon a time, there were three young brothers who lived with their father in a
small village. Their father was old and always sick. The old man knew that he was not
going to live for long, so he tried to split his wealth for his sons.
"Listen, sons. I'm going to leave you this small hut and that small farm land out
there for all of you. The buffalo is for you, Kirno," said the old man to his first son.
"What about me, Father?" asked Beno, the second son.
"You can take care of our plough," said the old man.
"And you my little son, I give you this small bag of rice seed." "Thank you, Father,"
said Gito, the third son.
"All of you can change your destiny with all the things I give you. However , you
must help each other and remember that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west,"
muttered the old man.
Those were the last words from the old man to his sons. Few hours later, the old man
passed away.
A day after the old man died, Kirno went to the market to sell his buffalo. Gito ran
after him, trying to remind him about their father's will which asked them to help each
But Kirno ignored him. Beno also sold the plough and enjoyed the money himself.
Kirno and Beno did not hi ng but spent their money.
Gito was very upset. But he wanted to become a good farmer Like his father. So, he
borrowed a plough from his neighbour. He had to plough the farm land by himself because he
did not have any buffaloes. He worked so hard from the sun rose until the sun set.
After seven years of working hard, Gito became a successful farmer. But he was
not happy because he kept thinking of his brothers. He looked for his brothers everywhere,
but still he could not find them.
One day, Gito went down to town to buy some farming equipment. When he was about to
leave the shop, a beggar asked him for some money and a pickpocket was trying to take his
wallet. These people were actually Gito's brothers. Gito recognized them at the first place.
Feeling very happy, Gito quickly hugged them.
In the end, Gito told them that he had become a successful farmer. He also invited
them to stay in his house. Kirno and Beno felt ashamed to Gito. They realized that they had
done a terrible mistake in the past.

This paragraph is for number 1 - 5

Secretary : Hello. This is the bank BUMIDAYA. Good Morning.
Mr. Sutisna : Good morning, Sutisna’s speaking here, I’d like to make an appointment to see
the manager tomorrow at ten o’clock.
Secretary : I’m sorry, Sir. But this time is tied up this week. What about Monday of next
Mr. Sutisna : I see. What date is the next Monday?
Secretary : it’s the seventeenth, Sir.
Mr. Sutisna : Can’t I see him on Saturday the fifteenth.
Secretary : He’ll have meeting on Saturday, sir. But, sir, if there is a cancellation f his
previous appoinment, you may be able to see him sooner. So, would you mind giving your name
and telephone number sir. We’ll ring you if there’s a cancellation of his programme.
Mr. Sutisna : Yes. My name’s Sutisna. And the telephone number is 52216.
Secretary : Thank you, sir. But may we know what the nature of your business is, sir.
Mr. Sutisna : Well. I’d like to ask for a loan.
Secretary : Thank you, sir. Well, then! So your appointment will be on Monday the
seventeenth at 10 o’clock, sir. But if there’s any cancellation of his programme, we will ring you,
Mr. Sutisna : Al right. Thank you very much. Good bye.
Secretary : Good bye, sir. Thanks for calling
1. How many people are there in the dialogue?
a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4 e. 5
2. Where does the dialogue take place?
a. In a room c. in the bank e. on the way
b. In the office d. on the telephone
3. What would Mr. Sutisna like to do?
a. Would have make an appointmentd. just say hello
b. Would have meeting e. call the secretary
c. Would see manager
4. Can’t I see “him” on Saturday the fifteenth?
The word “him” refers to….
a. Mr. Sutisna c. the manager e. reader
b. Secretary d. officer
5. Who picked up the phone when it rang?
a. Secretary c. Mr. Sutisna e. officer
b. Receptionist d. Manager
6. Mr. Frederer: Hello, this is Frederer from the ATP inc. May I talk to Mr. Roger?
Receptionist : … He isn’t available right now. Can I help you?
a. Speaking c. he isn’t here e. that’s too bad
b. I’m sorry d. you’ve got a message
7. Receptionist : Good morning Sir, welcome to our hotel.
What can I do for you, Sir?
Guest : …..
a. OK, I want to book a double room for 5 days
b. I need some beverages
c. I want to order some meal for my breakfast
d. The room in this hotel are enjoyable
e. a bowl of noodles and a cup of hot tea, please


A long time ago, the ancient land of Sunda was ruled by a king and queen who had but a single daughter.
Her name was Dayang Sumbi. She was beautiful and clever but also pampered and spolited.
One day as she was weaving in her pavilion, she became moody and distracted, which caused her to
keep dropping her shuttle on the floor. Once when it fell she exclaimed she would marry the one who
gave it back to her. At that very moment her dog Tumang, a demigod possessing magic powers, came up
to her with the shuttle in his mouth. Dayang Sumbi had to marry him.

They lived happily together, and Dayang Sumbi gave birth to a baby boy, human in appearance but
endowed with his father’s magic powers. She named him Sangkuriang. As the boy grew up, he was
always guarded by the faithful dog Tumang, whom he knew only as a companion and not as his father,
Sangkuriang became handsome and brave.

One day his mother asked him to go hunting with the dog and bring her venison for a feast. After hunting
all day without success, Sangkuriang worried about facing his mother empty-handed. Desperate, he took
an arrow and shot the dog. He returned home and handed over the meat to his pleased mother. Soon
after the feast, however, Dayang Sumbi questioned her son about the absence of Tumang. At first he
evaded her queries but finally told her what had happened. She was horrified and struck her son so hard
on the temple that he collapsed. For that, the old king banished his daughter from the court and she was
made to roam around the kingdom. Sangkuriang recovered with a large scar on his temple, and he too
left the court to wander about the world.

Years later, Sangkuriang met a beautiful woman and instantly fell in love with her. It was his own mother-
they did not recognize each other. He pro posed to her and she agreed to marry him. On the day before
the wedding, as she was caressing her fiancee’s hair, Dayang Sumbi detected the scar on the temple.
Horror struck her, for she was about to marry her own son, Sangkuriang. Without revealing the whole
truth to him, she tried unsuccessfully to dissuade him. Desperate to avoid the marriage, she set
conditions she thought impossible to meet. Sangkuriang had to make a lake that filled the whole valpley
and build a boat for the couple to sail in, all before dawn.

Sangkuriang started to work. His love gave him extraordinary strength, and he used his magic powers to
summon the spirits to help him. With boulders and mud they dammed the river in the valley and the water
rose and began to form a lake. In the early morning hours he chopped down a huge tree in the forest and
began hollowing it out to make a boat. When Dayang Sumbi saw that he was about to accomplish what
she has thought impossible, she called on the gods to bring the sun up early and thwart Sangkuriang.

The cock crowed, the sun rose much earlier than usual, and Sangkuriang realized he had been deceived.
In a fit of fury he caused Dayang Sumbi and kicked the half-finished boat back into the forest. There it lies
upside down today, forming the mountain Tangkuban Perahu (Upturned Boat). Not far away is the stump
of the tree Sangkuriang had felled, now called Bukit Tinggi. The dam Sangkuriang had built caused the
valley to become a lake, where both Sangkuriang and Dayang Sumbi drowned themselves. They were
never heard of again.

(taken from All Around Bandung – Gottfrid Roelcke, Gary Crabb).

6. Who was Dayang Sumbi’s husband ?
a. The King
b. Sangkuriang
c. Tumang
d. Her fiancee
e. Her father

7. Why did she marry her dog, Tumang ? because...

a. She exclaimed to marry one who gave it back her shuttle
b. It was a companion Sangkuriang
c. She fell in love with it
d. It was a demigod possessing magic powers
e. She detected the scar on the temple
8. Why did Sangkuriang kill his dog ? because....
a. It had married his mother
b. He wanted to take Tumang’s powers
c. Sangkuriang loved Dayang Sumbi
d. He took an arraw and shot the dog
e. He worried about facing his mother empty-handed

9. What did Dayang Sumbi do after she knew about Tumang ?

a. She married Sangkuriang
b. She struck her son so hard
c. She exclaimed she would marry him
d. She asked Sangkuriang to make a lake
e. She kicked the half-finished boat back into the forest

10. Why did Dayang Sumbi avoid to marry Sangkuriang ? because .....
a. Sangkuriang had shot her dog
b. She didn’t love him
c. Dayang Sumbi elected the scar on her fiancee’s head
d. Sangkuriang was not a king
e. Sangkuriang didn’t have magic powers

11. What did Sangkuriang have to do to mary Dayang Sumbi ?

a. He had to make a lake and built a boat before dawn

b. He had to make a lake and built a temple after dawn
c. He had to make a palace and built a boat before dawn
d. He had to be a king and built a boat before dawn
e. He had to make a lake and built a boat before evening

12. What did Sangkuriang do after he realized that he had been deceived ?
a. He took an arrow and shot Dayang Sumbi
b. He struck Dayang Sumbi
c. He Chopped down a huge tree in the forest
d. He Cursed Dayang Sumbi and kicked the half-finished boat back into the forest.
e. He returned home and handed over the meat to his pleased mother

Once upon a time there was a girl name Cindrella. She lived with her bad step-mother and two
step-sisters. She had to do all the household chores.
One day the king invited all the ladies in the kingdom to go to a ball (pesta dansa) in the palace.
He wanted to find the Crown Prince a wife.
The step sisters went to the ball that night with their mother. Cindrella was left alone. She cried
because she actually wanted to go to the ball, too.
Just then a fairy godmother came. With her magic wand, she gave Cindrella a coach (kereta), two
horses and footmen. She also gave Cindrella a lovely dress to wear the ball and a pair of glass slippers.
She told Cindrella to come home before midnight.
At the ball, Cindrella danced all night with the Prince. The Prince fell in love with her. At
midnight, Cindrella ran home. Unfortunately, one of her slippers slipped off at the door. She did not have
time to put it back on. The Prince was sad as he could not find Cindrella again that night.
The next day, the Prince and his men brought along the glass slipper. They went all over the
Kingdom to search for the owner.
After searching for along time, finally, they came to Cindrella’s house. The slipper fit her. The
prince was very happy to find Cindrella again. They got married and lived ever after.

1. What is the purpose of the text above?

a. To tell us how to write a story
b. To inform what happened in the past
c. To give a description of a beautiful girl
d. To retell about Cindrella’s experience/memory
e. To entertain readers with an actual, or vicarious experience
2. What was there at the palace one day?
a. A game c. A birthday party e. Glass slippers
b. A ball d. Crown part
3. Why did the king hold the event at his palace?
a. To celebrate his birthday d. To entertain his people
b. To celebrate his wedding e. To show give amusement to his guests.
c. To find his crown prince a wife
4. How was the end of the story?
a. The prince married Cindrella. d. The king gave the kingdom to Cindrella.
b. Cindrella was killed by her step mother . e. Cindrella was betrayed by the king.
c. The prince turned into a horse forever.
5. “She also gave Cindrella a lovely dress….” (Paragraph 4). The underlined word has the same
meaning with …..
a. boring c. Polite e. Pretty
b. honest d. Loyal

The Story of the Smart Parrot

A man in Puerto Rico had a wonderful parrot. There was no another parrot like it.

It was very, very smart. This parrot would say any word-except one. He would not say the name of the
town where he was born. The name of the town was Catano.

The man tried to teach the parrot to say Catano. But the bird would not say the word. At first the man
was very nice, but then he got angry. “You are a stupid bird! Why can’t you say the word? Sat Catano, or
I will kill you!” but the parrot would not say it. Then the man got to so angry that the shouted over and
over, “Say Catano, or I’ll kill you!” but the bird would not talk.

One day after trying for many hours to make the bird say Catano, the man got very angry. He picked up
the bird and threw him into the chicken house. “You are more stupid than the chickens. Soon I will eat
them, and I will eat you, too.”

In the chicken house there are four old chickens. They were for Sunday’s dinner. The man put the parrot
in the chicken house and left.

The next day the man came back to the chicken house. He opened the door and stopped. He was very
surprised at what he saw!
He saw three dead chickens on the floor. The parrot was screaming at the fourth chicken, “Say Catano,
or I’ll kill you!

1. Where does the story take place?

A. London C. Jakarta
B. Puerto Rico D. Buenos Aires
Jawaban B
2. What is the word that the parrot cannot say?
A. Catano C. Canato
B. Tacano D. Nacato
Jawaban A
3. How often did the owner teach the bird how to say the word?
A. Always C. Many times
B. Everyday D. Every second
Jawaban C
4. .Which statement is true according to the text?
A. The parrot could say Catano
B. At last the parrot could say Catano
C. Catano was the name at the parrot
D. The man never got angry at the parrot
Jawaban B
5. What does the man do to the bird because the bird cannot say the name of a place.
A. The man ate the bird.
B. The sold the bird.
C. The man killed the bird.
D. The man taught the bird.
Jawaban D
6. It is most likely that ….
A. The bird killed the three chickens.
B. The three chickens killed the bird.
C. The bird played with the chicken.
D. The bird killed one of the three chickens.
Jawaban A
7. What is the story about?
A. A parrot and a cat
B. A parrot and a chicken
C. A parrot and the owner
D. A parrot, the owner, and chickens
Jawaban C
8. “It was very, very smart”
The underlined word refers to ….
A. The man
B. The bird
C. The chicken
D. Puerto Rico
Jawaban B
9. “The parrot was very, very smart”
The word ‘smart’ means ….
A. Stupid C. Stubborn
B. Clever D. Beautiful
Jawaban B
10. “The parrot was screaming at the fourth chickens”
What does the underlined word mean?

A. Smiling C. Shouting

B. Crying D. Laugh

Jawaban C

Contoh dan Soal Narrative Text Beserta

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Contoh dan Soal Narrative Text Beserta Jawaban – Berikut, terdapat berbagai contoh soal yang
bisa Anda gunakan sebagai latihan soal narrative text. Selamat mencoba.

Snow White

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Snow White. She lived with her aunt and uncle
because her parents were dead.

One day she heard her uncle and aunt talking about leaving Snow White in the castle because
they both wanted to go to America and they didn’t have enough money to take Snow White.

Snow White didn’t want her uncle and aunt to do that so she decided that it would be best if she
ran away. The next morning she ran away into the woods. She was very tired and hungry. Then
she saw a little cottage. She knocked but no one answered so she went inside and fell asleep.

Meanwhile, the seven dwarfs were coming home from work. There they found Snow White
sleeping. Then Snow White woke up. She saw the dwarfs.

The dwarfs said, “What is your name?”

Snow White said, “My name is Snow White.”

Then, Snow White told the dwarfs the whole story.

The dwarfs said, “If you want, you may live here with us.”

Snow White answered, “Oh, could I? Thank you.”

Finally, Snow White and the seven dwarfs lived happily ever after.

1. What type of the text is used by the witer?

a. narrative
b. report
c. anecdote
d. comparative
e. news item

2. To tell the plot, the writers uses…………..

a. a rhetorical question and an exclamation
b. time sequences
c. contrastive evidences
d. past tense
e. concessive conjunctions

3. Why Snow White ran away to the woods?

a. Her parents passed away
b. Her uncle was angry with her
c. Her uncle and aunt would go to America
d. Snow White was happy to run away
e. Snow White liked playing in the woods.

4. When did Snow White run away to the woods?

a. In the afternoon
b. In the morning
c. In the evening
d. In the full moon
e. In the middle of night

5 Where did Snow White live after she ran away to the woods?
a. She lived in the cave
b. She lived in the lion nest
c. She lived everywhere in the woods
d. She lived in the dwarfs’ cottage
e. She lived on the street
6. According to the text, before she ran away into the woods, why did Snow White live with her
uncle and aunt?
a. because she loved them very much
b. as a result of forcing attitude from them
c. because her parents were dead
d. because she were afraid of the dwarfs
e. because she ran away from a monster

7. The communicative purpose of this text is…………..

a. to inform the readers about important and newsworthy events
b. to entertain readers with fairy tale
c. to share an account of an unusual event
d. to persuade readers to accept his/her opinions
e. to denote or propose something as the case

8. The organization of the text above is………….

a. abstract, orientatin, crisis, incident,coda
b. thesis, argument: plot-elaboration, argument: plot-elaboration, argument: plot-elaboration,
c. orientation, major complication, resolution, complication, resolution, complication, major
d. description, background events, sources
e. orientation, event, event, event