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Overview of Results for Plumber

1: On a natural gas water heater, the pilot assembly fires and extinguishes
immediately. What is the cause?

 A. Thermocouple is defective.
 B. Vent is plugged.
 C. Gas line is shut off.
 D. Water line is shut off.

2: What is the size of the branch or building drain downstream of the third water
closet fixture drain connection?

 A. 1 1/2 in.
 B. 2 in.
 C. 3 in.
 D. 4 in.

3: What is required when installing long, straight horizontal or vertical runs of copper
domestic hot water piping?

 A. Isolation valves.
 B. Expansion joints.
 C. Dielectric unions.
 D. Pipe insulation.

4: Where is the in-line high pressure sensor for a medical gas system located?

 A. At the manifold.
 B. Upstream of the pressure regulator.
 C. Upstream of the main shut-off valve.
 D. Downstream of the pressure regulator.

5: What determines the minimum size of the suction pipe of a well pump?

 A. Size of the inlet opening of the pump.

 B. Size of the pump cylinder.
 C. Distance from the pump to the water in the well.
 D. Size of the discharge opening in the pump.

6: What size of pipe wrench is used on 2-in. pipe?

 A. 8 in.
 B. 14 in.
 C. 18 in.
 D. 24 in.

7: Which applies when installing a single trap for multiple shower drains?
 A. All drains are located in the same room, the trap is a minimum of
4 in. and no organic matter can be received by the trap.
 B. All drains are located in the same room, no organic matter
can be received by the trap and the trap has a cleanout.
 C. All drains are located in the same room, the trap is a minimum of
4 in. and the trap has a cleanout.
 D. The trap is a minimum of 4 in., no organic matter can be received
by the trap and the trap has a cleanout.

8: A 1 1/2-in. circuit vent is serving a branch with 11 water closets connected to it. A
relief vent is located downstream of the most downstream water closet. If an
additional circuit vent is required, where is it connected to the branch?

 A. Between the fifth and sixth most upstream water closets.

 B. Between the 2 most downstream water closets.
 C. Between the second and third most upstream water closets.
 D. An additional circuit vent is not required.

9: 2 back-to-back water closets are roughed-in at 254 mm (10 in.) from the finished
walls. The partition is 125 mm (5 in.) hollow tile and the wall finish is 19 mm (3/4
in.) plaster. What is the centre-to-centre distance of the sleeves?

 A. 335 mm / 13 1/4 in.

 B. 652 mm / 25 3/4 in.
 C. 671 mm / 26 1/2 in.
 D. 698 mm / 27 1/2 in.

10: When fixtures are horizontally wet vented, where must the continuous vent be

 A. Between the 2 most downstream fixtures.

 B. Between the two most upstream fixtures.
 C. In front of the first fixture.
 D. Midway between the first and last fixture.

11: On a private domestic water system, what would the usual cut-in and cut-out
pressures be set at?

 A. 103 kPa and 241 kPa / 15 psi and 35 psi

 B. 138 kPa and 207 kPa / 20 psi and 30 psi
 C. 207 kPa and 345 kPa / 30 psi and 50 psi
 D. 241 kPa and 380 kPa / 35 psi and 55 psi

12: An underground water service is installed using thrust blocks. What additional
method could be used to restrain the joints?

 A. Compression coupling.
 B. Companion flange.
 C. Continuous rodding.
 D. Flared coupling.

13: A cold water pipe is offset 1.2 m (4 ft.) using 45° elbows. What is the
approximate length of the diagonal pipe?

 A. 1.5 m / 5 ft. 0 in.

 B. 1.7 m / 5 ft. 8 in.
 C. 1.8 m / 6 ft. 0 in.
 D. 2.0 m / 6 ft. 8 in.

14: What equipment is required if coliforms are detected in a water system?

 A. Multimedia filter.
 B. Reverse osmosis.
 C. Chlorinator.
 D. Manganese greensand filter.

15: Which component is required in all DWV?

 A. Food disposal unit.

 B. 3-in. vent to open air.
 C. Floor drain in the washroom.
 D. 2-in. vent to open air.

16: Which type of trap is required when installing a standard close-coupled water

 A. Integral.
 B. Drum.
 C. Indirect.
 D. Removable.

17: What is the result of a partially plugged bypass orifice in a flushometer?

 A. Short flush cycle.

 B. Long flush cycle.
 C. Constant flushing.
 D. No flushing.

18: What is the principal function of the expansion tank in a hot water system?

 A. It allows the volume of the water in the system to change to

maintain working pressure.
 B. It collects the air in the system, thus preventing air lock of the
system while in operation.
 C. It provides the necessary space for the air required in the system.
 D. It acts as a safety chamber in case of over firing of the boiler.
19: A heating system requires an in-line flow switch. Where is this type of switch

 A. Make-up water line.

 B. Expansion tank line.
 C. Supply main.
 D. Return main.

20: When a gas line passes from one building to another building, where is it
necessary to install a gas cock?

 A. A point of exit from the first building.

 B. The point of entry to the second building.
 C. The exit and entry points of each building.
 D. Either the exit or entrance of either building.

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