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Endorsed and recommended resources for

Cambridge International Examinations

Resources 2015
for ages

Cambridge Primary
Collins International Primary Science
Cambridge and Collins Author: Karen Morrison, Tracey Baxter, Sunetra Berry, Pat Dower, Helen Harden, Pauline Hannigan, Anita Loughrey,
Emily Miller, Jonathan Mille, Anne Pilling and Pete Robinson
‘inspiring learning together’ For ages
An inspiring course that meets the needs of primary
Collins, a leading educational publisher of Primary and Secondary resources, is proud to
science students and teachers worldwide. 5-11
be working closely with Cambridge International Examinations to provide endorsed and
recommended resources for the Cambridge Primary and Secondary syllabuses. Deliver the requirements of the Cambridge International
Examinations Primary Science curriculum framework
Endorsed by
Message from Michael O’Sullivan: Excite students with stunning visuals in the photograph rich, Cambridge International

full-colour Pupil Books and on the DVD-ROMs
Cambridge works closely with Collins to develop innovative, high-quality resources
Help every child to progress with activities designed to develop
trusted by teachers and students around the world. We share a mission to make
their scientific enquiry skills
learning engaging and inspiring for students all over the world in order to help people
Save planning and preparation time with the comprehensive
achieve their goals in education and life. ​We are pleased to endorse Collins resources for Teacher’s Guide including clear suggestions for using the

Cambridge qualifications. materials and the electronic components of the course
Michael O’Sullivan, Chief Executive,
Cambridge International Examinations

You can count on Collins for:

✓ Comprehensive and fully endorsed student books
✓ Inspiring teacher support to bring lessons to life

✓ World-class authors with a wealth of experience to share

✓ Flexible and modern digital resources to support learning

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Cambridge Primary: Collins Cambridge IGCSE® Maths 8
Collins International Primary Science 3
Collins Cambridge IGCSE® ICT 9
Cambridge Primary: Collins Big Cat 4-5
Collins Cambridge IGCSE®
Cambridge Primary: Collins Primary Literacy 5 & O Level Business Studies 10

Collins Cambridge IGCSE® English 6 Collins Cambridge IGCSE® Geography & Atlas 11
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Collins Cambridge IGCSE Science ®
7 Upcoming titles & contact details 12 list of components

IGCSE is the registered trademark of Cambridge International Examinations.


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Cambridge Primary
Collins Big Cat has books for every child in the classroom
with a wide range of engaging formats and illustrative
Collins Big Cat Phonics, Progress & Pearl
styles and is a recommended reading resource for Collins Big Cat also features a comprehensive range of fully decodable phonic readers, and
Cambridge Primary English. books for struggling readers combining age-appropriate interest levels with a lower ability
Inspire and motivate your young readers with an equal reading level in the Collins Big Cat Progress strand. You can also keep your fluent readers
mix of fiction and non-fiction from much-loved authors Recommended by
interested with Collins Big Cat Pearl – complex, substantial texts with challenging themes to
including Julia Donaldson, Michael Rosen and many more. Cambridge International facilitate sustained comprehension, bridging the gap between levelled and free readers.
Monitor and improve reading levels for all children with extensive teacher support
Ensure measurable progression and understanding with expert levelling and a variety of
reading strategies, including phonics
Provide a rich and enjoyable reading experience with a wide variety of writing genres,
illustrations, book formats and text types
Ideal for independent reading, group reading and for send-home, the books support
parents to get the most out of reading with their child

Go to or email to find out more about titles available

Collins Primary Literacy For ages

Author: Kay Hiatt

Collins Primary Literacy is a whole school literacy programme Recommended by

with full planning support, clear differentiation and fully Cambridge International
integrated assessment and software.
Support every child with three clear levels of differentiation in all
components to help you cater for the range of abilities and classroom
Grab pupils’ attention with multimedia warm-ups, fantastic interactive texts,
and planning and writing frames with prepared examples where children
can apply and develop their writing skills
The children absolutely love them, and have Identify learning needs, and track progress across the lesson, term
commented that ‘they are so colourful’, ‘wow’, and year with built-in assessment opportunities
Save planning and preparation time with at-a-glance lesson plans See order form for full
and ‘why haven’t we had books like this before?’ list of Collins Primary
that also come as fully editable Word documents Literacy components
Caroline Palmer-Myers,
Bavarian International School, Germany Find out more about Collins Primary Literacy at

4 5
Cambridge IGCSE® English Cambridge IGCSE® Science
Collins Cambridge IGCSE® English Collins Cambridge IGCSE® Science
Series Editor: Julia Burchell Authors: Malcom Bradley, Susan Gardner, Sam Goodman, Sue Kearsey, Chris Sunley Endorsed by
Authors: Mike Gould, Geraldine Dunn, Steve Eddy and Keith Brindle Cambridge International
Brand new resources supporting the latest Examinations
Comprehensive coverage of the latest IGCSE English syllabus Cambridge IGCSE® Science syllabuses, designed to
for examination from 2015, designed to support students help your students gain the knowledge and skills New editions:
through their course and help them prepare for assessment. to achieve success. Revised and updated
Student Book: for the latest
Show students how to progress with a clear Student Book structure that moves from building key reading
Student Books: Cambridge IGCSE
Engage students with international case studies and examples of how science is used
and writing skills to applying these skills to specific exam-style questions and coursework tasks Science syllabuses
in the real world
Support students throughout the course with differentiated tasks and regular ‘check your progress’
checklists and annotated sample answers to exemplify how to do well Push your brightest students and help them prepare for post-16 study with Stretch
and Challenge activities
Teacher Guide:
Engage and motivate your students with a range of exciting texts from a variety of countries and cultures Help students to consolidate knowledge with clear diagrams, overviews and
Endorsed by summaries for each topic
Save time on planning and preparation with expert support from Julia Burchell, an experienced examiner
and trainer. The Teacher Guide includes a two-year scheme of work, differentiated lesson plans and worksheets, Cambridge International Check understanding and help prepare for assessment with lots of practice exam-style
further exam practice and extension activities Examinations questions at the end of each section
The Teacher Guide has not Help prepare for practical assessment with a dedicated chapter
been through the Cambridge
Student Book Revised Edition 9780007517053 £20.99 endorsement process. Support students with English as a second language with a detailed glossary
Teacher Guide Revised Edition 9780007520732 £87.50
Teacher Packs:

Collins Cambridge IGCSE

 Deliver the syllabus with confidence with topic-based teaching and learning strategies
® Save time with lots of ideas for practicals, activities and worksheets

English as a Second Language

Authors: Shubha Koshy, Mike Gould, Alison Burch, Emma Watkins
Consultant Editor: Lorna Pepper

Skills-building support and practice to support the latest

Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language syllabus.
Student Book:
Help students progress with skills-building activities organised by topic, and assessment practice
Support for your lower ability students with scaffolded tasks across all skills and with write-in workbooks
Engage students with a rich variety of authentic, engaging listening and reading texts with a global,
multicultural focus
Endorsed by
Help students develop their listening skills with audio recordings and scripts included on a CD that Cambridge International
supports listening activities in the book Examinations
Teacher Guide: The Teacher Guide has not
been through the Cambridge
 Save time with comprehensive lesson plans, photocopiable practice tests and activities and ideas for endorsement process.
differentiation and extension
 Provide lesson starters and discussion points with a DVD that includes video clips relevant to the topics
Biology Student Book 9780007592524 £21.99
in the Student Book
Biology Teacher Pack 9780007592647 £100.00
Student Workbook: TITLE ISBN PRICE Chemistry Student Book 9780007592654 £21.99
 Enable your students to consolidate their knowledge Student Book 9780007438860 £22.99 Chemistry Teacher Pack 9780007592661 £100.00
with a write-in full-colour workbook
Teacher Guide 9780007438877 £87.50 Physics Student Book 9780007592678 £21.99
Set homework quickly and easily as well as setting
Student Workbook 9780007456895 £7.99 Physics Teacher Pack 9780007592685 £100.00
tasks within the classroom

6 7
Cambridge IGCSE® Maths Cambridge IGCSE® ICT
Collins Cambridge IGCSE® Maths Collins Cambridge IGCSE® ICT
Author: Chris Pearce Authors: Paul Clowrey and Colin Stobart Endorsed by
Cambridge International
Consultant Editors: Brian Sargent, John Reeves
Helping you to deliver high-quality and engaging Examinations

Cambridge IGCSE Maths lessons. Combine theory and practical skills to help all students
progress with resources fully and comprehensively
Student Book: updated to match the latest Cambridge IGCSE ICT syllabus.
Help your students work independently and monitor Endorsed by
their own progress with plenty of exam-style practice Cambridge International Student Book:
Enable students to develop problem-solving skills, Examinations Engage your students by linking theory and practice with relevant scenarios and skills-building activities
with questions based on real-life, international contexts Provide thorough preparation as students build up to exam-style tasks and are supported with practice
questions and answers
Engage students in every topic with exciting chapter
openers and examples showing how maths is used in the Support students further with source files for practical tasks, practice questions and answers and further
real world information sheets on an accompanying CD-ROM

Teacher’s Pack: Teacher Guide:

Save preparation time and be confident you are Comprehensive planning support with lesson plans to match every unit in the Student Book, as well as
worksheets and ideas for differentiation
delivering all the objectives with comprehensive lesson
plans, also available as editable Word documents Support your planning with a suggested two-year scheme of work and answers to every activity and
question in the Student Book
Raise standards with extra practice sheets on the
CD-ROM with consolidation questions to support less Create exciting ICT lessons with editable versions of all lesson plans and worksheets and PowerPoint
able students and extended questions to stretch high presentations on the accompanying CD-ROM

Assessment Pack:
Assess your students’ progress throughout the The Teacher’s Pack and Assessment Pack
have not been through the Cambridge
course with customisable tests and tracking documents endorsement process.

Also available The Teacher Guide has not been through

the Cambridge endorsement process.

Collins Cambridge IGCSE®

Maths Revision Guide
Author: Jim Newall
Give your students the flexibility to revise in a way that suits
them with a combined revision guide and workbook

Equip students with the skills they need to revise effectively

and perform well in the examination
The Revision Guide has not been through
Help students monitor their own progression with ‘track your the Cambridge endorsement process. TITLE ISBN PRICE
progress’ sheets Student Book – Second Edition 9780008120979 £23.99
Student Book 9780007410187 £24.99 Teacher Guide – Second Edition 9780008120986 £100.00

Assessment Pack 9780007410194 £115.00

Teacher’s Pack 9780007410200 £100.00
Revision Guide 9780007451272 £14.99

8 9
Cambridge IGCSE® and O Level Business Studies Cambridge IGCSE® Geography & Atlas
Collins Cambridge IGCSE® Business Studies Collins Cambridge IGCSE® Geography
Authors: Andrew Dean, Mark Gardiner and Denry Machin Authors: John Belfield, Jack and Meg Gillett and John Rutter
Endorsed by Endorsed by
Consultant Editor: John Belfield
Written and reviewed by experienced IGCSE Business Studies Cambridge International
Cambridge International
teachers from around the world, this series is fully matched Engage your students with an investigative approach
to the Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies syllabus. supporting the latest Cambridge IGCSE Geography syllabus.
Student Book: Student Book:
Deliver a course that reflects the modern business world with up-to-date examples and data An investigative approach to Cambridge IGCSE Geography, written in partnership
Put Business Studies in context with engaging real-life case studies from around the world for with the Geographical Association and consultant edited by an examiner
every topic
Prepare for success with full coverage of the core themes and skills, and exam New edition:
Build students’ skills in application, analysis and evaluation with targeted activities and practice techniques, questions and answers Revised and updated
Focus on assessment with exam-style questions and case studies with supporting questions for Help students manage their own learning with clearly highlighted learning for the latest
every section objectives and target information for success in their course Cambridge IGCSE
Help students take charge of their own learning with ‘Knowledge Check’ questions for every topic Geography syllabus
Teacher Guide:
Teacher Pack:  Comprehensive planning support with lesson plans to match double-page spreads
 Reduce planning time with a comprehensive Scheme of Work, editable lesson plans and worksheets in the Student Book, as well as worksheets and ideas for differentiation
The Teacher Guide has not been through
 Choose from engaging, varied lesson activities perfectly tailored to the syllabus objectives The Teacher Pack has not been through
Fully supports the investigative approach of the Student Book and the 0460 syllabus the Cambridge endorsement process.
the Cambridge endorsement process.
Create exciting geography lessons with editable versions of all lesson plans and worksheets
TITLE ISBN PRICE as well as photographs for classroom/whiteboard display from the weblink supplied in the book
Student Book 9780007507023 £21.99
Teacher Pack 9780007507030 £99.99
Student Book 9780007589067 £21.99

Collins Cambridge O Level Business Studies

Teacher Guide 9780007589074 £100.00

Authors: Andrew Dean, Mark Gardiner and Denry Machin Endorsed by

Cambridge International
Real-life international case studies and focused skills
Collins Cambridge IGCSE®

activities to help you deliver the Cambridge O Level

Student World Atlas
Endorsed by
Business Studies syllabus. Cambridge International
Student Book:
Deliver a course that reflects the modern business world with up to date examples and data Created specifically for students aged 14-16 years
Put Business Studies in context with engaging real-life case studies from around the world for every topic
studying the Cambridge IGCSE Geography syllabus.
Enable students to access the syllabus content with a fresh, visual design and language tailored to
English as a Second Language learners. An extensive world thematic map section introduces global issues such as the Human
Build students’ skills in application, analysis and evaluation with targeted skills activities and skills builders Development Index; economic topics such as world trade, exports and imports, and employment by
economic sector; health issues such as doctors per person, prevalence of HIV/AIDS, infant mortality;
Teacher Resource Pack: living standards such as access to safe water, literacy, school enrolment and poverty; and population
 Teach with local perspective with an extra bank of truly international case studies from a range of regions indicators such as urbanization, population change and growth

 Choose from interesting, varied lesson activities that clearly meet the syllabus objectives and are All maps are accompanied with graphs and tables using the most up-to-date statistics available
suitable for international classroom environments The Teacher Resource Pack has not Includes access to a FREE download of Collins World Factfile – A statistical view of the world
been through the Cambridge presented through graphs, maps, diagrams, data and imagery, with supporting explanatory text
 Create lessons to suit you and your students with editable lesson plans and worksheets that are endorsement process.
available in MS Word on the CD-ROM
Student Book 9780007532469 £21.99 TITLE ISBN PRICE
Teacher Resource Pack 9780007532452 £99.99 Cambridge IGCSE Student World Atlas 9780007443055 £10.99

10 11
Coming in Spring 2016 We are working with Cambridge International
Examinations towards endorsement of these
upcoming titles.

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Collins Cambridge
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Collins Cambridge
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Collins Cambridge
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Collins Checkpoint English

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