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 A pre-election conference was called.

During such, the

SUPREMECOURT parties agreed to delete from the list of workers
THIRD DIVISION prepared and submitted by APEX numbering One
Thousand Seven Hundred Sixteen (1,716), the names
G.R. No. 80882 April 24, 1989 of nineteen (1 9) managerial employees and seventy-
three probationary employees who were statutorily
SOUTHERN PHILIPPINES FEDERATION OF LABOR disqualified from voting. Petitioner Union objected to
(SPFL), petitioner, the inclusion in said list of the following: (1) Supervisor
vs. I, II, and III employees; (2) employees under
HONORABLE PURA FERRER CALLEJA, Director, Bureau confidential/special payrolls contending that they
of Labor Relations, Department of Labor and are disqualified from participating in the
Employment, public respondent. MINDANAO MINERS certification election since the Supervisors were
EMPLOYEE UNION SANDIGAN NG MANGGAGAWANG managerial employees while the last two were
PILIPINO (SANDIGAN), forced intervenor-private disqualified by virtue of their non-membership in
respondent. APEX MINING COMPANY, INC., employer- the Union and their exclusion from the benefits of
private respondent. the collective bargaining agreement.

 In view of the lack of agreement among the parties on

the list of qualified voters, Med-Arbiter Macasa issued
GUTIERREZ, JR., J.: an Order declaring the following as not included in the
list of employees qualified to vote in the consent
FACTS: Nature: Petition for certiorari election: 19 managerial employees; 73 probationary
employees, and 19 Supervisors.
 Petitioner Southern Philippines Federation of Labor filed
a petition for certification election among the rank-and-  On the day of the election, petitioner Union filed a
file employees of private respondent Apex Mining Motion for Reconsideration of Macasa's Order but the
Company, Incorporated with the Department of Labor, certification election proceeded.
Davao City
 Southern Philippines Federation of Labor
 The Med-Arbiter Macasa, Sr. issued an Order calling for obtained 614 votes while the Mindanao
the holding of the certification election among the Miners Employees Union
rank-and-file employees of APEX with the following (MMEU- Sandigan) obtained 528 votes.
choices: However, aside from the ballots that
were counted, there were 197 ballots
which were categorized as
l. Southern Philippines Federation of Labor
challenged ballots. Hence, MMEU-
Sandigan filed an Urgent Motion to Open
the Challenged Ballots, and to certify
2. Mindanao Miners Employees Union-Sandigan
them as the sole and exclusive collective
ng Manggagawang Pilipino (MMEU-Sandigan)
bargaining representative of all rank-and-
file employees and workers of Apex
Mining Company, Incorporated.
3. No union.
 Med-Arbiter Macasa issued an Order to HELD: No. Contentions have no merit.
open the challenged ballots.
 Only managerial employees are ineligible to join, assist
 Petitioner Union appealed Macasa's Order or form any labor organization. Therefore, regardless of
to the Bureau of Labor Relations. The BLR the challenged employees' designations, whether they
Director Pura Ferrer-Calleja issued an are employed as Supervisors or in the confidential
Order dismissing the appeal of petitioner payrolls, if the nature of their job does not fall under
SPFL and affirming with modification the the definition of "managerial" as defined in the Labor
order of the Med-Arbiter – that the 197 Code, they are eligible to be members of the
challenged ballots should be opened and bargaining unit and to vote in the certification election.
canvassed. Their right to self-organization must be upheld in the
absence of an express provision of law to the contrary.
 Med-Arbiter Macasa opened and It cannot be curtailed by a collective bargaining
canvassed the 197 challenged ballots with agreement.
the result as follows: SPFL – 12 votes and
SANDIGAN – 178 votes, No union – 2  Hence, it is important to determine whether the
votes, Spoiled – 4 votes, no ballot – 1 positions of Supervisors II and III are considered
vote. "managerial" under the law.

 As a consequence, the outcome of the As defined in the Labor Code:

certification election changed and
became: A managerial employee is defined as one who is vested with
powers or prerogatives to lay down and execute management
SPFL 626 votes policies and/or to hire, transfer, suspend, lay-off, recall,
SANDIGAN 706 votes discharge, assign or discipline employees, or to effectively
No Union 11 votes recommend such managerial actions. (Reynolds Phil. Corp. v.
Eslava, 137 SCRA [1985], citing Section 212 (K), Labor
___________ Code.)
TOTAL 1,343 votes
The test of "supervisory" or "managerial status" depends on
 Dir. Calleja dismissed the Motion for Reconsideration of whether a person possesses authority to act in the interest of
Petitioner SPFL and certified intervenor Mindanao his employer in the matter and whether such authority is not
Employees Union-Sandigan Ng Manggagawang Pilipino merely routinary or clerical in nature, but requires the use of
(MMEU- SANDIGAN) as the sole and exclusive independent judgment.
bargaining representative of the rank-and-file
employees of respondent Apex Mining Company, The records show that the questioned positions are not
Inc. and ordered APEX to conclude the collective managerial in nature because they only execute approved and
bargaining agreement (CBA)." established policies leaving little or no discretion at all
whether to implement the said policies or not. The respondent
ISSUE: WON the public respondent committed grave abuse of Director, therefore, did not commit grave abuse of discretion
discretion in allowing the 197 employees to vote in the in dismissing the petitioner's appeal from the Med-Arbiter's
certification election when, as alleged by the petitioner, they Order to open and count the challenged ballots in denying the
are disqualified by express provision of law or under the petitioner's motion for reconsideration and in certifying the
existing collective bargaining agreement. respondent Union as the sole and exclusive bargaining
representative of the rank-and-file employees of respondent
Apex .