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Roof-top Restaurant:

The opportinity of designing over the roof presents an essential aspect in the high density areas like
Gujranwala. The unique relationship of horizontal landscape with verticality is far more intriguing
than acquiring a ground based structure. Because the integration of verticality with existing
infrastructure encourages a parasitic relation which doesn’t only adopt the qualities of existing fabric
but rather embraces it by introducing novel qualities. The roof in the area of Gujranwala is
considered the most important part of the houses because of the cultural festival of “Basant”,
majorly celebrated over the roof-top. Most of the people spend their time for activities, like sleeping
during summer, interactions with neighbours, and etc.

Reflecting the context and existing parameters of site while acknowledging the gravity of the project,
design inclines toward a linear flow of events happening over the roof, similar to the local food
streets. Portraying the overall form of the restaurant as a container of events which doesn’t only
acquire the qualities of parastite but rather depicts the multiplicity. In this way,we introduce louvers
in the design so that we could control the light and shade in the interior. The character of container
includes lightness, expression of mobility and simplicity inspire this project.