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Wisnu Istanto, S.Pd., M.PBI

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TAHUN 2019

1. Give your preview at 2 paragraph!

This chapter discusses nutrition within the context of nursing, including

nutrition screening and how nutrition can be integrated into the nursing care process.
As a Maslow hierarchy, food and nutrition is really important as well as air in our life.
Food is loaded with personal, social,and cultural meanings that define our food
values, beliefs, and customs.Food that we consume is all about of what kind, how
much, how often, and why. Our each body has a different need of nutrition (it depends
on our condition). Food is also affected our mind, what we do is depends on what
food we consume. So consuming balanced food is really important for us.
As we know, nutritionists and the dietitians is a vital role in nutrition, yet we
never be aware that nurses is also have responsible in that role. They often serve as
the liaison between the dietitian and physician as well as with other members of the
health-care team. Nurses have far more contact with the patient and family and are
often available as a nutrition resource when dietitians are not, such as during the
evening, on weekends, and during discharge instructions. Nurses are intimately
involved in all aspects of nutritional care.

2. What are the main idea, supporting idea, and conclusion?

a. The main idea :
Food and nutrition is the major thing in our life. Without food we cannot think
well. When we consuming food, we have to thought about the nutrition and the
balancing food in our body.
b. Supporting idea :
Between nutritionists and nurses is very important to improve the health of
patients. But they work, in their own specifications. More intensive care to secure
and control the needs and health of patients. and nutritionists are more specific in
the field of food that helps clients such as losing weight, consuming sweet foods,
c. Conclusion :
Nurses and nutritionists are the same in the field of health, but nurses have the
ability and authority to take action to clients and nutritionis related to nutrition
contained in food.

3. Give your personal statement/argument!

Food is an essential part of everyone’s lives. It gives us the energy and nutrients to
grow and develop, be healthy and active, to move, work, play, think and learn. To
stay healthy we not only eat food, but we must having a balance diet. So, the nutrition
in our body would be fulfilled. Medical team plays an important role in nutrition
especially nutritionists and dietitians. But on the other hand we never thought about
one of the medical team, nurses. Nurses also plays an important role in our daily life
while we had sick or healthy. There are not enough dietitians and nutritionists
available to serve the entire healthcare industry. Nurses often fill the role of nutrition
counselors. Nurses do not receive extensive education about nutrition, but there are
great opportunities for nurses in nutrition, both as educators and researchers. One way
this can happen is through the use of nutrition assessment tools. Nurses who work in
hospitals and clinics are likely more concerned with nutrition as it relates to recovery
from illness, surgery or other treatments. For example, nurses can talk to patients at
the bedside and explain the special meals they have at the hospital that aid recovery,
as many patients will be on special diets during their stay. These nurses can also
gather informative and accurate literature to give patients when they are discharged.
Healthy eating goes far beyond the hospital, especially if the patient plans to stay out
of the hospital.