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Year Professional Development Networking & Organizations Personal Development

Year One Grow my understanding of the Connect intentionally and actively with Join a reading and discussion
(2019 - 2020) history, philosophy and values a mentor assigned through ASCA. group outside of higher education
of the student conduct circles.
functional area. Attend a regional NASPA and/or
ASCA conference to connect with Begin journaling to reflect on my
Read: Student Conduct professionals working on the West daily experiences, celebrate my
Practice: The Complete Guide Coast. growth and monitor areas for
for Student Affairs development.
Professionals Join (a) NASPA knowledge community
for student government, student
Attend a Mental Health First disability work and/or student conduct
Aid training to better serve to grow my network.
students in crisis.

Year Two Attend the ASCA Gehring Seek institutional funding for an Take a course in graphic design or
(2020 - 2021) Academy - “Advanced AHEAD membership. printmaking to explore my interest
Restorative Justice” track. in the arts.
Join an ASCA or NASPA committee to
Read: Reframing Campus take on more of a leadership role within Begin taking kickboxing classes as
Conflict: Student Conduct our profession. a positive way to maintain my
Practice through a Social health.
Justice Lens Utilize Facebook and LinkedIn
communities to reach out to at least 2
Develop and implement a peer professionals a month who work in
“Support Person” training for student conduct and/or Title IX.
students serving as advocates in
conduct and Title IX cases.

Year Three Begin to consider pursuing a Present at an ASCA or NASPA Travel outside the US to reignite
(2021 - 2022) JD or alternative advanced regional or national conference. my joy for engaging in our global
degree useful in becoming a community.
Title IX Coordinator. Conduct one informational interview a
month with a Title IX coordinator Connect with the wider Seattle
Read: Restorative Justice: working at an institution type I am not community by becoming a CASA
Integrating Theory, Research familiar with (public colleges, volunteer.
and Practice community colleges, colleges with
Greek Life, etc.).
Attend the Social Justice
Training Institute to continue Maintain connections with Seattle U
growing my understanding of SDA community.
student conduct practices
through a social justice lens.