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A Proclamation of Moral Insurrection 
Dave Martel 
Sons of the Republic, once again the shackles of tyranny impede 
you. All that has been achieved by our forefathers has been torn 
from us, stepped on, spat on, and defiled beyond recognition. The 
elite cackle like hyenas as our birthright, the shining example of 
Liberty and Justice, is sucked dry by rootless lampreys and 
masochistic social revolutionaries.  
Our founders trudged through the mud, their coats stained with the 
blood of their slain brothers; every day facing their mortality against 
the world's most formidable military-might. Many of these brave 
men bled out miles from home in snow-blanketed fields obscured 
by clinging musket smoke. They willingly sacrificed their lives, 
leaving orphaned children and tearful widows so that you, the 
rightful heirs of the Republic could experience a life of prosperity 
never seen before in human history. These men, these heroes, flung 
themselves before God's gracious feet so no children would ever 
again feel the crushing boot of oppression; so no budding 
household would ever be exhausted by unfair taxes levied upon 
them; so no man would ever feel toothless when challenging elitist 
jackals that wish to see his livelihood taken to satisfy a despot’s lust 
for wealth. 
You have been given a gift, Son of the Republic, a gift forged on the 
battlefield and paid for with the blood of common men like 
yourselves: Farmers, Merchants, Shopkeeps, Fisherman, Tailors, and 
Butchers all took up arms and marched towards an inconceivable 
goal. Many never returned home. Your gift, your inheritance, is the 
most precious thing to ever be handed down from Father to Son. 
It’s a concept, an ideal, something few in history have witnessed, 
and most will never experience. This gift was never intended to be a 
privilege or a temporary anointment. From the sacrifice of 
ferociously heroic men you have been given the DIVINE RIGHT 
to Sovereignty, to Independence, to Liberty, to Freedom, and to 
Prosperity galvanized by the will of the all mighty God in Heaven.  
The Tree of Liberty was watered with the blood of Patriots and 
Tyrants. However, it's succulent fruits have been plucked before 
your time and eaten while you scour the barren landscape for petty 
scraps and gristle. The fruit has been devoured shamelessly by 
ungrateful, undeserving parasites. Never have you tasted the fruit of 
Liberty and never shall you drink of its golden nectar until you, too, 
are willing to invoke the flame of courage as your forefathers so 
selflessly have done. Your birthright, bonded by blood and heritage, 
has been stolen from you by covetous monsters in human costume. 
Time is against you. Do you want to reclaim what is yours? If not, 
go back to your mediocre existence. Place the chains of subjugation 
back around your neck. They will be even heavier for the generation 
that proceeds you. Your children will remember you as a coward 
that awarded them a festered carcass of a Nation. Terror, Misery, 
and Poverty await them if we do not fulfill our duty as free men -- as 
true Sons of the Republic.  
In the times of our founders, a Loyalist was he who still held 
allegiance to the Crown in opposition to the Republic. Now a 
Loyalist is he who holds allegiance to the principles of the Republic 
and Loyalty to the founding people. An American Loyalist is a 
Reactionary -- he who opposes the tyranny of the illegitimate 
Globalist State and its unquenchable thirst for worldwide power. 
The American Loyalist adheres to Morality, Liberty, and Justice. 
The American Loyalist defends his people against the subversive 
influence of International Financiers, Corporate profiteers, Military 
Industrialists, Anarchists, Social Revolutionaries, Rogue 
Government Agencies, and deviant subterfuge of degenerates and 
If you are reading this, you are the forgotten, the demoralized, the 
disenfranchised. You feel alien in this world you are supposed to call 
home. Pride, virtue and strength are mercilessly suppressed by those 
more fortunate than you. All the while your means of wealth are 
sapped and awarded to louts, foreign invaders, and rent-seeking 
vampires. You dream of a better world, homesick for a place you're 
not sure even exists. It does not exist. Recent generations stagnated 
in their decadence and passed their failures onto you, allowing all 
that is wholesome and natural to become perverse and hollow. 
Imagine looking in satisfaction as your loving wife leads your 
sparkling-eyed children through the swaying fields of a property you 
call your own. This woman now lies with another man -- one of 
many half-witted oafs who she has shared her bed with. Your 
children? Aborted. Before new life could be breathed into the child 
that bears your grandmother's eyes, he or she was terminated in the 
womb out of convenience and vacuumed out to be discarded like 
common trash. 
This is your reality. This is what what our founders look down 
upon from their thrones in Heaven. This is what we've done with 
our gift: We have become complacent. A complacent society 
becomes a degenerate society. A degenerate society becomes a 
conquered society. Conquered societies are only remembered if 
their conquerors are merciful and just. Ask yourself: are our enemies 
merciful? Are they just? Or will we be wiped from the history 
books? The ambition of other cultures is insatiable. You should 
never ask if there are barbarians at the gates. The guardians of 
civilization know that barbarians will never cease their siege and that 
the defense of Liberty is eternal. When a Varangian Rus had a son 
come of age, he would throw a sword at his feet saying "I leave you 
no property but what you can take with this sword”.  
What say you, Son of the Republic? Will you lie down and embrace 
your defeat? Will you watch as your enemies feast like gluttons on 
the fruit of Liberty? Will you let the heroes of yesteryear vanish into 
the mists of history never to be remembered? Or will you pick up 
your father's sword and carve out your place in this world so no 
child will feel the chains of subjugation impeding them as you do 
now? Are you a mediocre husk? Or are you something greater? 
From broken homes and checkered pasts, American Loyalists will 
rise. That future you thirst for will come to fruition. The road 
before us is a long one. It is one that will require resolve, cunning, 
and sacrifice. There is no doubt that those who oppose us are far 
more formidable than any olden tyrants. Their reach and influence 
extends in ways we cannot even fathom. However, they've grown 
fat and arrogant. American Loyalists will expose their wretched 
roots and ruthlessly hack them to splinters until their temples of evil 
come crashing to the Earth. There is no rest for the wicked; for the 
righteous hunt them without mercy.  
This is a different age and tyranny has evolved. However, the 
formula for our liberation remains as potent as when the first 
Americans began their insurrection. Enact these tenets however and 
wherever possible. Never lose focus. Exploit your own talents and 
contour to your means. No ability is without merit, and no 
contribution is too small for the goal of Freedom. Spread this 
manifesto far and wide to as many of our countrymen as possible. 
Ones of righteous spirit will awaken to the cause. You will be 
denounced and demonized with every tactic of defamation possible 
because they fear the American Loyalist. They know that these 
principles when carried out will dethrone them. Here is your 
father's sword, Son of the Republic. Swing it with all your might. 
God wills it.  
The Republic.​Never was Democracy a founding principle of this 
nation, nor should it be now. Karl Marx referred to Democracy as 
“Soft Communism” as it gives decision-making power to an 
unproductive underclass who will consistently vote to enrich 
themselves. It also gives nefarious political organizations and 
corrupt parties the tactic of importing new voting blocks via 
unchecked Immigration, all with the agenda of expanding their own 
power at the expense of the existing population. An American 
Loyalist rejects the idea of subsidized voters.  
The American Loyalist wants to return to the founding principle of 
the Republic. The more who vote, the less power a vote has. Those 
without children, those who rent, those who have committed 
egregious crimes, and new arrivals should NOT have decisive power. 
Those awarded this say should be restricted to third generation 
citizens who are Land-Owning Heads of Households in good 
standing as well as Combat Veterans. 
The idea of the temporary representative can and will lead to 
eventual corruption if term limits set forth in the Constitution are 
not strictly enforced. It is the duty of Free Men to ensure that their 
leaders are held accountable for their actions and are removed from 
office after their service is complete. To Represent the People is a 
civil duty and one that should be honored as such. Man, no matter 
his profession, will strive for upward mobility in his career path. 
This is the danger of an expanding State. It is filled with individuals 
who by human nature, will take whatever measures available to 
acquire more wealth. It was once said that diapers and politicians 
must be changed frequently, both for the same reason.  
A King is less likely to betray his people because he has ownership of 
the land and will pass it on to his offspring. A politician has no such 
allegiance and will use an extended stay in office to enrich himself, 
only to wipe his hands of his irresponsible mismanagement and walk 
away unscathed to his next appointment. If we are to have a 
Republic as Free Men, then the upward ladder of the Careerist 
Politician must be shortened and his stint as a civil servant must be 
restricted. When you award elected Representatives with lifelong 
reign you get all of the corruption of a Totalitarian Monarchy with 
none of the benefit. It is the worst of both worlds. 
Secession. ​Careerist Politicians will always strive for centralized 
power, amassing reach and authority wherever and however they 
can to further entrench themselves upon unethical thrones of 
leadership. The Federal Government and their various agencies are 
illegitimate, unconstitutional, and poisonous to a Free Society and 
the Prosperity of its people. The landmass of our Nation is far too 
vast for one-size-fits-all policy. Every state and region has their own 
unique customs and sentiments. Champagne sipping legislators in 
the Capitol couldn't possibly understand the needs and desires of 
every individual household.  
Smaller is always better when considering human interaction and 
social structure. Your local Mayor understands you more intimately 
than your State Representatives. Your Governor understands you 
more intimately than those in the Federal Government. The further 
removed your leadership, the more likely they will enact legislation 
that harms you, and the less ability you have to pressure them. Your 
fealty should never be to any Politician, Government, or Political 
Organization. The American Loyalist swears allegiance to his God, 
Family, and Community first and foremost; second to the ideal of 
Loyalism itself; and lastly to his fellow rightful Countrymen. Never 
shall a Loyalist huddle like a mindless flock around a flamboyant 
ideologue or accept deviation from the Loyalist ideal. The principles 
of Liberty have Divine clout and no fallible, earthly demagogue hath 
the autonomy to rewrite them. 
Politicians and Intellectuals are not your superiors. You are their 
employer and must act as such. When the situation is reversed, a 
governing entity devolves into unelected, rogue shadow agencies 
implementing policies and methods designed to socially engineer a 
society of Free Men into a permanent underclass of obedient 
consumerist cattle to harvest for resources. The CIA, NSA, TSA, 
Department of Education, Department of Homeland Security, 
Department of Agriculture, HUD, ATF, and all other agencies of 
the like are tentacles of the State designed to centralize, control and, 
manipulate every aspect of your existence. They answer to only their 
thirst for power and the whims of International Finance. They all 
must be dissolved ENTIRELY. Under the noses of our 
predecessors, the State has established the planks of Communism. 
The Tax Dollars extorted from you are used to fund the machine 
that enslaves and conditions your children. The American Loyalist 
works tirelessly to starve the beast and restore Sovereignty through 
means of Secession.  
Secede from the Federal Government; secede from the reach of State 
departments; secede from international agencies and corporate 
cartels. Get elected to local Government; then appoint fellow 
Loyalists to existing pointless programs and positions with the goal 
of minimizing, defunding, and eliminating as much of the 
bureaucracy as possible. Many who hold the position of building a 
righteous State will agree that this current State is cancerous and 
beyond repair. Therefore despite glaring disagreements, Nationalists 
of all leanings would be wise to be temporary Loyalist allies to 
achieve the mutual goal of usurping our common enemy with the 
hope of coming to a later compromise. Moral Men of virtuous cause 
should always strive for peace with rivals of pure intention. There is 
no greater travesty than when two sides of a conflict are made up of 
good Men.  
Humans are social creatures. Instinctively, we crave the comradery 
of an in-group. Tribe, Community, Family, and Friendship are 
crucial to the survival and happiness of man. The Loyalist is 
Individualist by Law and Collectivist in practice. The Loyalist 
voluntarily upholds his moral obligation as a pillar in the structure 
of humanity. No one is more charitable than a man with the means 
to do so. No one is more fruitful than a mother not obstructed by 
the chains of labor. The destruction of the family is by design. The 
family has been Culturally, Spiritually, and Financially deprived of 
momentum by way of social manipulation and State restriction of 
wealth. With wealth comes fertility. With wealth and fertility comes 
cultural momentum and Freedom to practice Tradition. The 
Loyalist understands that Tradition is sacred and must be preserved. 
With the practice of Tradition, a people develop mutual identity.  
Until the recent Modernist disease spread, education was the duty of 
a family or community’s Matriarch. The State's public education 
system and Academia as a whole is nothing more than a 
manufacturing plant to mold children into willing supplicants. 
Public schools are bloated, inefficient, and Marxist by design. The 
forefathers of Western academia, B.F. Skinner and John Dewey, 
implemented a process called “Operative Conditioning” developed 
by Psychologist Wilhelm Wundt. From its inception, the Western 
academic system has been and remains to be Paramount in the 
expansion of State powers. Universities are riddled top to bottom 
with deconstructionist intellectuals. Few institutions are more 
compromised than the Education system. Every aspect of it must be 
absolutely dissolved. Secede from it. Nothing is more akin to child 
abuse than sending our youth to State-controlled education camps. 
Free Market solutions, Homeschooling networks, and Community 
schoolhouses are viable alternatives. 
When full legislative, financial, cultural, and spiritual Secession is 
achieved, Natural Law organically takes hold, and the rightful 
people of the Republic will prosper on their own merit as we have 
since the beginning.  
Usury.​All of the world bends a knee to the global banking system. 
Any country that chooses to print their own money or implement 
financial Independence is destabilized and demonized in 
banker-controlled media. Any leader that doesn't relinquish their 
monetary Sovereignty is murdered, their family blown to pieces or 
jailed. All the while American masses clamor in rejoice as the corpses 
of these faux villains are paraded on their TV screens for all to scorn 
-- cheerleaders for the global banks that enslave them.  
The Devil is real. He walks the Earth in fleshly form. He commands 
the planet with an invisible hand and demands all bow before him. 
The Devil fabricates wars between brothers, puts a dagger in each of 
their hands, and sits back to profit from the bloodshed. He has no 
loyalty to any land or nation for his throne is at the top of the world. 
Royal bloodlines, Presidencies and Noble families are all tainted 
with his genes. The Devil is real and his name is Rothschild. 
The Federal Reserve is the arbitrator of the Devil's poison. The 
lifeblood of a society is its Dollar. What gives a man his 
Independence is his means of wealth. Wealth is freedom. It affords a 
man his living space, access to medicine, quality of diet, and most of 
all transgenerational upward-mobility for his children. The 1913 
Federal Reserve act eliminated the American Dollar’s inherent 
worth and placed it in the hands of the international banking 
system. The Federal Reserve answers to no authority and 
manipulates the value of the American Dollar whenever it suits 
them. By adjusting “Interest Rates” and printing money, the Federal 
Reserve fabricates inflation. Putting more money into circulation 
lowers the value of the Dollar thus decreasing the average man’s 
purchasing power. This strangles individual wealth and requires 
more labor in a depleted job market to acquire devalued dollars.  
Many are under the assumption that their tax dollars are allocated to 
the various expenses of the Government: Military spending, social 
programs, infrastructure, and so forth. Wrong. When the Federal 
Government requires revenue for their expenditures, a loan is taken 
out from the Federal Reserve. The Tax Dollars skimmed from the 
American people are used to pay off the interest placed on those 
loans. Under this unrelenting Keynesian cycle of printing, 
borrowing, and spending, a country will quickly slide into 
hyperinflation and accrue a gargantuan mountain of growing debt 
to be inherited by future generations. None of the debts will ever be 
atoned because the purveyors of Usury endlessly profit from interest 
until their host Nation is depleted beyond repair and inevitably 
collapses. The sole difference between Usury and slavery is the 
visibility of the chains. You are a slave. Your children will be slaves. 
Your masters live lavishly in their towers quietly awaiting for the 
structure to collapse. 
Taxation.​Taxes are touted as your morally garnished dues taken 
for the privilege of living in a civilized society. The reality is that 
taxation is a ceiling placed over the head of common man so that he 
may never ascend to the level of extravagant wealth, nor may he 
shake the leeches that cling to his underbelly. Perhaps these extorted 
funds could be rationalized if they did truly drive the betterment of 
society. Look around you. Do you feel your world is improving? 
Only a delusional twit would admit to such a fantasy. Taxes increase 
in every aspect, yet infrastructure is in shambles; social programs 
become more bloated; and the traveling murder-circus, that is the 
Military Industrial Complex, butchers foreign countries with 
reckless abandon, only to fling open our borders to welcome the 
downtrodden, destabilized people the state has displaced. This is the 
demographic war being waged against you. 
It would be common sense to assume that if one made payments on 
a car that said vehicle would be under the ownership of those who 
make the payments. However, weaponized revisionist history and 
Social Justice narratives have lead Americans to believe that any 
stranger who demands use of the vehicle has a moral right to drive it 
whenever they please and never replenish the fuel. Out of touch 
intellectuals and academics would have you believe that what you, 
your parents, your grandparents and every generation before you 
has paid for should be available to any newcomer that demands it. 
The scarce resources accrued and civilization that has been 
incrementally built over several generations must be redistributed 
without question to the supposed victims of the past. “Victims” 
who also engaged in the vicious struggle for land and resources. 
“Victims” who committed crimes of their own in humanity's war 
for survival. “Victims” who continue--out of choice--to commit 
barbaric crimes for wealth in their own countries. The American 
Loyalist rejects this false obligation to alien newcomers. Charity that 
isn't voluntary is not charity nor is it virtuous. It is extortion. 
When your dollars go into circulation, they are taxed. When you 
receive compensation for labor, it is taxed. When you place it into 
savings and then withdraw it, it is taxed twice. When you purchase 
goods for your family, those items are taxed. The purchase of 
property is taxed. Entertainment, services, trading, and everything 
else under the sun has the State's fingers plucking a cut out of your 
wealth. The Founders, if nothing else, stood for a man's property 
rights: The control of one's own wealth and the right to govern his 
own property was the utmost important principle to ensuring a 
society of Free Men. If you purchase property or inherit land from 
your Father, you must pay annual property taxes that can be raised 
at the whim of legislators. It doesn't matter if it is raised beyond 
your means to which you cannot afford. You must pay it. If and 
when these taxes are not paid, interest is added to the debt. When 
the State has deemed the debt levied has grown too large, they will 
garnish your wages, take your property as payment, or imprison 
you. If you object, they will crush you in their courts. And if you 
resist, they will murder you and violently take your property from 
your family without compensation.  
You are not free. Your property is not yours. Despite purchasing it 
with heavily taxed wealth you've earned by your own effort and 
cunning, the State forces you to rent it from them. Those who have 
never spent a minute contributing to your prosperity have given 
themselves the power to steal it from you and kill you if their 
illegitimate, unconstitutional fines are not paid in full. And of 
course these funds are funneled into the pockets of the State's 
overlords in the international banking cabal. The establishment 
media would have you believe that those overseas are your enemies. 
They are not necessarily evil. They are simply rivals competing for 
the same resources and fulfilling their human instinct of 
self-enrichment. However, many are expectedly capitalizing on the 
State's system of theft. These newcomers understand scarcity and its 
grim severity more so than any modern American. Westerners have 
grown soft and naive in their comfort and decadence. Meanwhile, 
third world newcomers have been hardened by their home 
environment and are driven to acquire resources for their offspring 
in the quickest, easiest way possible even if it means stepping on 
your corpse with the State as their boot.  
Taxation is the sword and Immigration is the battle. The end goal is 
ultimate power. The main intention of crushing Taxation isn't just 
wealth. The Globalist bankers already have endless wealth. The 
outcome of Taxation and redistribution is the true motivation. The 
common American man is who naturally opposes State expansion. 
The common American man raises children who oppose State 
expansion. How can Elitist vampires build eternal thrones over all of 
the world while generations of Free Men consistently stand in their 
way? They can't openly kill them en masse. As the Kalergi plan 
states, the common Western man must be killed incrementally. 
Their intention is to dysgenically breed a permanent underclass of 
supplicant, consumerist cattle that labor away and unknowingly 
choose to expand the power of those who enslave them. Taxation is 
the tool used to throttle the birth of Western children and subsidize 
the demographic growth of aggressive foreign newcomers with 
incompatible cultures.  
The 1965 Immigration act implemented Birthright Citizenship. 
Modernist Cultural masochists and Cultural Marxists will demonize 
anyone who questions this as “Unamerican” knowing full well that 
this idea was staunchly opposed by our Founders. The fabricated 
Refugee Crisis also plays into this scheme. It is no coincidence that 
those who advocate for unfettered third world Immigration are also 
those who fight tirelessly to increase Taxation upon existing 
American populations. Those with no obligation to children or 
family are the most willing to hand civilization away to strangers. 
The money stolen from you is being used to fund your own 
execution. Americans, like all other people around the world, have a 
right to exist. We have the God-given right to cultural identity, 
Sovereignty, and peace within our own lands. The right to Life, 
Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness is not up for negotiation. We 
will not accept the idea of being the world's soup kitchen, and the 
American Loyalist will oppose the system that Taxes us into 
subjugation. We will Secede and resist until our prosperity is 
returned to us. 
The American Loyalist believes that all people around the world 
have the absolute God-given right to the same Cultural, Spiritual, 
and Economic freedoms. The American Loyalist opposes Global 
intervention, war profiteering and supports others’ right to self 
determination. The American Loyalist respects true diversity and is 
saddened by the Cultural tensions of modern society. We say to 
foreign peoples that peace is our intention. The Global monsters 
that slaughter your countrymen and upset your way of life do the 
same to us but in different fashions. We pray that you hear our 
words and return with sentiments of peace and understanding so 
that we may work in parallel to achieve a better future for our 
families. However, if you wish to invade us and benefit from our 
extortion, you will suffer the same fate as the architects of our 
misery. We have no obligation to extend Constitutional rights to 
invaders, nor do we have obligation to extend them to traitors who 
wish to take them away.  
Free Enterprise.​It is impossible to address Taxation without a 
thorough mention of Immigration. It is equally necessary to 
mention Economic freedoms in relation to Taxation and Liberty as 
they are intertwined. Taxation limits personal prosperity as much as 
it limits the growth of economic development. The State does not 
produce; it only takes. The American Loyalist believes that a free 
society doesn't just include speech and means of violent self-defense, 
but also the unregulated trade of goods and services between 
consenting entities or individuals. In modern America, Taxation 
and Regulation are weaponized against competitors of those who 
aim to monopolize markets. In violation of antiTrust, a corporate 
entity will lobby government to impose crushing limitations that 
only they can afford. The goal is to ensure proprietary ownership of 
production or services. This is against American principles and a 
perversion of Free Enterprise. Anti-Capitalist Marxists will 
champion this as proof of the failure of Free Markets and the 
inevitable oppression that comes with a lack of Government 
intervention. But in reality, manipulation of the market is the 
antithesis of Free Enterprise and more akin to Corporatism or 
Planned Economy. This is the exact model that Fabian Socialists 
desire to implement. 
“Capitalism” is a propagandic moniker of Marxist invention 
designed to invoke visions of greedy industrialists in top hats who 
aim to maximize Capital at the expense of their lowly laborers. Out 
of the several hundred times that Marxist economic theory has been 
implemented, none have ever succeeded. In fact, most cases have 
ended in catastrophe, starvation, and collapse. Karl Marx had no 
experience with Economic theory, nor did he even labor alongside 
the working class that he so fervently wishes to liberate in his 
Manifesto. Karl Marx lived in filth and squalor as a resentful toad 
whose only achievement besides allowing two of his children die 
from neglect was co-creating a Political dogma that resulted in the 
death and misery of hundreds of millions of people. By following 
Marx’s doctrine, the working class was only liberated from 
something to eat. Americans of the past would have never accepted 
Marx’s hamfisted theories--which is why the Frankfurt School of 
Social Research have implemented it through subversion. Yuri 
Bezmenov was clear in his warnings which came to fruition before 
our eyes. 
The American Loyalist doesn't need rhetoric or propaganda to 
promote the principles of Free Enterprise. Economic theory is a 
science, and the result speaks for itself. The boogeyman Capitalist 
oppressing his workers is easily dispelled by recent American history 
and the formula of Aggregate Supply and Demand. It is absolutely 
impossible for a company or corporation to mistreat employees 
when they are at the mercy of the Free Market. In a competitive 
labor market, manufacturers and employers are forced to offer 
better wages and compensation in order to entice laborers to choose 
them over their competitors. In a competitive job market, inferior 
wages attract inferior employees who produce inferior products that 
generate inferior profits and result in inferior growth leading to 
failure. Like an ecosystem, the weak and unadaptable are replaced by 
the strong and innovative. Milton Friedman explained that the best 
way to ensure a vibrant job market is to create an environment 
where employers will choose what is good for the people because it 
is financially expedient.  
A flourishing labor market cannot be achieved when Taxes and 
Regulation are imposed upon business by a parasitic State at the 
behest of players aiming to manipulate the market. The role of the 
State in the arena of economics should be to regulate currency, 
uphold contracts, and oppose trade agreements detrimental to the 
industry of its Nation. The current American State does the 
opposite. It strangles business, inflates currency, and sells off 
industry in unfair trade agreements. The obvious result is laborers 
competing for depleted jobs in a market where employers have the 
leverage. To which the same lobbyist manipulators mobilize 
economically illiterate social activists to demand Living Wage or 
Minimum Wage increases which further chokes possible budding 
competition and widens their monopolies.  
Minimum Wage policies are a tactic to destroy small business, 
disguised as Social Justice. Social Revolutionaries rarely have a 
sound explanation for their protests. They're simply activated pawns 
molded and manufactured by the academic meat-grinder. To 
understand what their “movements” truly aim to accomplish, look 
for who loses money from their actions. Then consider the 
Economic competitor of the said loser. The tragic joke behind these 
fanatical people is that they're profiting from the bourgeoisie they 
are obsessed with destroying, and there's no amount of logic that 
will change their minds. They are lemmings, vessels of destruction, 
with only two outcomes clearly outlined by identical timelines in 
the past: One, a Reactionary movement rises to oppose them, crush 
them and restore order. Two, they achieve the goals they fight for 
and when the Authoritarian Communist tyrants reveal themselves 
and take power, Revolutionaries and Anarchists are the first to be 
lined up and have their skulls emptied by way of .30 caliber slugs. 
American Loyalists are the former and by far the more civil option.  
The biggest wrench to throw in the gears of social upheaval is that of 
Economic solutions. Wealthy people are peaceful people. A large 
aspect of obtaining functional wealth is maintaining purchasing 
power. The American Loyalist understands that a strong Economy 
is a dynamic one. Fair trade agreements ensure a balance between 
protection of homegrown industry as well as overseas dealings that 
provide some low cost materials to drive prices down. Currently, 
other countries send us goods that we accept without any penalty, 
while our goods are tagged with tariffs that render them too 
expensive in both our markets and abroad. American industry is 
buried in every direction and sucked out leaving rust belts and 
shambled ghost towns. Once shining examples of American 
exceptionalism and economic might are now reduced to ruin 
because of greedy politicians with no Loyalty to their own people. 
One of the most prolific crimes of Economic manipulation is 
agriculture. Family-owned local farms are suffocated and unable to 
compete with factory mega farms that mass produce filth addled 
with chemicals, hormones, pesticides, imported sugar alternatives, 
toxins, dyes, substitutes and all varieties of countless impurities that 
make us sick and fat; poison our children; and rape our lush green 
landscapes until they're barren deserts drained of nutrients. The 
American Loyalist is a Traditionalist. Tradition is the preservation 
of identity and one of the most beloved aspects of culture is its 
cuisine--dishes that are made of fresh, local ingredients that reflect 
the beauty and spirit of a region and the people who are rooted 
there. Local family farms are the staple of a community and are key 
to ensuring their health by harvesting nature's fruit the way God 
intended. Family farms should be relieved of all forms of Taxation. 
American Loyalists are also self-sufficient. Food not purchased from 
local providers should be grown on the Loyalist’s own property, 
hunted from surrounding forests, and fished from the lakes and 
rivers that decorate the land he calls home. Consuming local 
resources, goods, and services is beneficial to the economy but must 
be limited by virtue of moderation. If the source of a service is 
unethical or subpar, then the Loyalist seeks to provide for himself. If 
that option is not available, a true moral man will do without.  
Market forces of Free Enterprise are neither good nor evil. It has no 
morality, intention, agenda, or memory. Free Market is purely 
mechanical and drives the direction of the consumers that 
participate. Every dollar spent is a vote for that company, that 
product, or that service. If a service is demanded, no matter how 
healthy or sinful, a supplier will appear to fill the niche. When 
driven by moral people, a Market will produce quality services and 
generate competitive jobs and wages for the common man. When 
the common folk of humble class have access to acquisition of 
wealth, then and only then is society truly free. A wealthy man frees 
his wife from the chains of labor so she may focus her energies where 
they have the most importance-- maintaining a household, the most 
precious and crucial service in the world--from which healthy 
children are raised and strong families are forged,the very 
foundation of a successful country. However, when the market is 
driven by Materialists that covet possessions, a society can quickly 
descend into decadence and degenerate consumerism if that's what 
they demand. The American Loyalist participates in the Free 
Market ethically understanding that every purchase drives what is 
produced. You are what you eat. You become what you consume. 
Morality. ​The American Loyalist respects the Christian tradition as 
well as every Spiritual tradition in the grand ancestral timeline from 
the tribes of ancient Europe to the wisdom of Plato and the order of 
the Roman Empire. The Founders of this great country were 
scholars in the monumental history of our people and considered 
the endless divine truth found within their teachings. We stand 
upon the shoulders of Giants and share the blood of mythic heroes 
and Intellectuals without equal. Possibly the most profound 
Spiritual truths of our ancestors who later sailed to every corner of 
the world and were adopted by countless foreign cultures, is that of 
spiritual enlightenment. Whether it be through combat, meditation, 
discipline, or daily prayer to the all mighty God, the balance of 
Mind, Body, and Spirit is the key to unlocking spiritual 
transcendence. If you look at ancient depictions of these three 
aspects of being, a glowing light is placed over the head to represent 
a man's intellect or persona. A light hovers before the chest and 
heart to represent a man's spirit, essence, or energy. And the final 
light is around the groin and digestive track. In this area genitals and 
anus represent man's lowest form, his fleshly vessel and the primal 
reptilian desires that motivate it.  
No matter which spiritual path of historical significance is 
considered, the sentiments of virtue and excellence are the same: 
That in order to transcend above simply being animated meat and 
bones, you must master your earthly cravings and limit them with 
moderation in all forms. The seven deadly sins outlined in the Holy 
Bible are no different: Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, and so forth are 
descriptions of what contemporary thinkers and ancient wise men 
would refer to as “Materialism”. Materialist behavior is prioritizing 
more righteous, fulfilling, and intellectual pursuits over the flesh. 
Modernism goes far beyond simple Materialism. Modernism and 
the Political doctrines associated with it revere the flesh and scoff at 
higher ideals. The American Loyalist rejects Modernism, strives for 
spiritual growth, and recognizes that there is no path to victory 
while his countrymen relish in promiscuity, intoxicants, and 
gluttony. That no matter what system, political doctrine, 
philosophy. or economic model is implemented, a materialistic 
society never be anything but the lowest form of life.  
All around us we are bombarded with sin and deviancy. 
Entertainment is designed to normalize the most vile and lowly of 
human behaviors. Protagonists in film are often effete, cowardly, 
and borish. Big stage music acts peddle the most vulgar of themes to 
our youth so they may memorize them in melody. Children are now 
exposed to pornography and taught to idolize the most foolish and 
depraved worms that the Modernist clown world can conjure. The 
fight for Liberty is fought by moral men and must be maintained by 
a moral society. The agents of sin will hide behind the disguise of 
Libertarian in order to rationalize and promote homosexuality and 
drug use. They are not the Champions of Freedom, but the enemies 
of it. A Free Society is entirely reliant on its citizens voluntarily 
upholding morality and order. There is no room for worshippers of 
the flesh and their toxic selfishness. 
The American Loyalist shields his children from the cancers of the 
media. He is moderate in his use of intoxicants and never allows 
them to become an identity. He is faithful to his family and his wife 
fighting the urges of primates. He strives to keep his body strong 
and his mind enriched. The American Loyalist is righteous, 
disciplined, courageous, and passionate.  
A storm conjures in the distance. The vague rumbles of its thunder 
is warning that a ferocious natural force looms over the mountain 
crest. With it comes roaring winds of God's smiteful vengeance to 
engulf the Temples of evil that plague our country and reduce them 
to smoldering rubble. The wicked will be crunched like dry brush 
and cast into the primordial flames. When the howls subside and the 
dust settles, the clouds will drift apart. Within the womb of 
civilization a radiant seed grows. Its birth will heal our sickened 
society with the nourishing light of a thousand dawns. Grab your 
sword, Sons of the Republic. Victory awaits us. 
God Wills It