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DepEdROB ATA-F22 (C¥2018-01-0) Republic ofthe Philippines _ Department of Education @) RP REGIONAL OFFICE NO. VIII (EASTERN VISAYAS) as ‘AB Government Center, Candahug, Palo, Leyte — 450 9001:2015 CERTIFIED semmenaee! December 6, 2018 REGIONAL MEMORANDUM No. 655 — ,s.2018 UPDATES ON THE CONDUCT OF THE 2018 RFOT AND 2018 RSPC To: Schools Division Superintendents All Others Concerned 1 In view of the recent developments leading to the conduct of the 2018 Regional Festival of Talents (RFOT) and the 2018 Regional Schools Press conference (RSPC) in Ormoc City, this Office, through the Curriculum and Leaming Management Division (CLMD), announces the following important updates: a. The RFOT and RSPC Parade originally set at 1:00 p.m. shall now be held earlier at 11:30 am. to give ample time to the Host Division to prepare the venue for the back-to-back events. With this, all participants are reminded to take an early lunch as they are expected to be present at the Assembly Area at 11:00 a.m, b. The schedule of the 2018 RFOT and 2018 RSPC remains the same despite the release of DepEd Order No. 49. Series 2018 amending the School Calendar for School Year 2018-2019. In this connection, DepEd personnel, teachers, coaches, officials, and employees who are officially involved in the two activities shall gain ‘the equivalent leave credits or compensatory time, whichever is applicable, for each Saturday, Sunday, or non-working holiday that they render service or use for this, Purpose, Due to budgetary considerations, the format for the TV Broadcast presentation shall be based on the previous guidelines as provided in DepEd Memorandum 200, series 2018 wherein the output shall be taped as “LIVE” during the presentation. An orientation about the contest guidelines and mechanics shall be held prior to the conduct of the contest. d. The Committee on Complaints/Assistance Desk found in Enclosure 2, Terms of Reference for the Working Committeesin Regional Memorandum No. 564, s. 2018 shall now be chaired by Atty. Eleanor Calumpiano, Regional Legal Officer as per request from the Host Division. “sf LEAD, EMPOWER, AND ACHIEVE THROUGH DATA-DRIVEN DECISIONS APA --where LEADers create great schools a [EXD (053) 292-4025 | (059) 329.9054 regiont@seped gov ph |cmérepion8@deped com CLMD-OME Department of Education Regional Offce No. Vill (Eastern Visayas) DepEdROS ATA-F22 (CY2018-01-00) e. All members of the RFOT/RSPC Regional Management Team, Technical Working Group/Working Committees from the Host Division, and Officers of the RAESPA and RSSPAA shall meet on December 15, at 1:00 p.m. at the Division Convergence Zone of the Schools Division Office of Ormoc City to ensure that all plans and arrangements are covered and taken care of. The Officers of the RAESPA and RSSPAA, moreover, are tasked to help the Region in the preparation, retrieval, and iransportation of the materials used during the event. f. Attached in this Memorandum is the updated list of Billeting Schools assigned to the different divisions. 2. This Memorandum shall already serve as the Travel Order of the identified members of the Regional Management Team and Officers of the RFOT, RAESPA, and RSSPAA. 3. Other provisions of the previous issuances on the conduct of the 2018 RFOT and 2018 RSPC are still enforced. 4, Immediate dissemination of and strict compliance with this Memorandum are desired % nei UYTICO, Ed.D., CESO IV OIC - Regional Director|y~ Enclosure: Enclosure A: Bllting Schools for 2018 RFOTIRSPC Enclosure B: Updated Activity Matix forthe 2018 RFOTIRSPC References: RM 57%, 8.2018, RM611, S. 2018, RM 564, s. 2018, ‘To’ indicated in the Perpetual index under the felowing subjects: CAMPUS JOURNALISM CONTESTS RFOT RsPc 0 LEAD, EMPOWER, AND ACHIEVE THROUGH DATA.DRIVEN DECISIONS. ina) where LEADers create ea s2rcas Page 2013 “Prog Foss) 082-4825 | (059) 929-9854 reglont@@deped | depeccime@gmalicom — CLMO-DME LEAD = ° Department of Education Regional Ofce No. Vill Eastern Visayas) DepEaRO8 ATA-F22 (CY2018-01- Enclosure A to Regional Memorandum. BILLETING SCHOOLS FOR THE 2018 RFOT/RSPC. [No.[——~—*C*ELEGATION “BILLETING SCHOOL] 7 | Borongan City New Ormoc City HS [2] Maasin City [3 | Calbayog City 4 ‘Samar | Cogen cs 5 | Ormoc City ‘Ormoc City CS/SPED 6 | Tacloban City 7 | So. Leyte Tpil CS 8 | Catbalogan City pil NHS 9 | Leyte Punta ES & Alegria ES 10 | N. Samar Linao CS 11 | Baybay City Tinao NHS 12 | E Samar San Isidro ES 73 | Biliran ‘San Pablo ES 14 | TWG (RSPC) ‘Ormoc City Night HS 15 | TWG (RFOT) New Ormoc City NHS aft, SRPEeE gers yea omomoicecoos an Pz AP cs 000-4625 050) 223.2854 roponsenseped gov ph| depedcimaggmaicom — CLMD-OME LE D