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READING (0.6 points).

Read the following paragraphs and choose the correct answer to complete the
Biofuels and the Environment

Leading investors have joined the growing chorus of concern about governments and companies rushing
into producing biofuels as a solution for global warming, saying that many involved in the sector could be
jeopardizing future profits if they do not consider the long-term impact of what they are doing carefully.
It is essential to build sustainability criteria into the supply chain of any green fuel project in order to
ensure that there is no adverse effect on the surrounding environment and social structures. The report
produced by the investors expresses concern that many companies may not be fully aware of the potential
pitfalls in the biofuel sector.

Production of corn and soya beans has increased dramatically in the last years as an eco-friendly
alternative to fossil fuels, but environmental and human rights campaigners are worried that this will lead
to destruction of rain forests. Food prices could also go up as there is increased competition for crops as
both foodstuffs and sources of fuel. Last week, the UN warned that biofuels could have dangerous side
effects and said that steps need to be taken to make sure that land converted to grow biofuels does not
damage the environment or cause civil unrest. There is already great concern about palm oil, which is
used in many foods in addition to be an important biofuel, as rain forests are being cleared in some
countries and people driven from their homes to create palm oil plantations. An analyst and author of the
investors' report says that biofuels are not a cure for climate change, but they can play their part as long as
governments and companies manage the social and environmental impacts thoroughly. There should also
be greater measure taken to increase efficiency and to reduce demand.

____ are worried about the boom in biofuels. Few people

Many people
Only these leading investors

Biofuel producers ____ know about the possible problems. do not

might not must not

Environmentalists believe that increased production of corn and soya

has destroyed rain forests.
may lead to the destruction of rain forests. will lead to the destruction of rain forests

Biofuels might
drive food prices up.
drive food prices down.
have little or no impact on food prices.

The increased production of palm oil just affects the environment.

just affects people.

affects both people and the environment.

The author of the report says that biofuels have no role to play in fighting global warming.
can be effective in fighting global warming on their own. should be part of a group of measures to fight
global warming.
7. It looks like the sky is (shining/clearing) up. It's going to be a beautiful day.

8. That man was S (struck/beaten) by lightning twice in the past year.

9. A (drought/draft) is a long period without any rain.

10. Summers in states like Tennessee are very hot and very (humidity/humid).

11. We got caught in the thunderstorm and got completely (socked/soaked).

12. The coastal areas of California have an (ideally/ideal) climate.

(forecast/foreplay) for tomorrow? Is it going to
13. Did you check the weather rain?

14. Q: Was it cold in Canada? A: Yes, it was 20 (under/below) zero.

15. Another word for "cloudy"
is (clouded/overcast).

PRONUNCIATION (1.2 points): Match the words in the box with the phonetic symbols

art dear dull fog four guest how ice made match snow work

16. dʌl dull 22. haʊ how

17. art art 23. aɪs ice

18. dɪr dear 24. meɪd made

19. fɑg fog 25. mæʧ match

20. fɔr four 26. snoʊ snow

21. gɛst guest 27. wɜrk work

VOCABULARY (0.7 points): Complete the sentences with during and while
28. He used to go to a bar during his lunch break

29. He always ate pizza while he was watching TV

30. He smoked cigarettes while he waited for the bus to work

31. while he was working, he used to drink lots of sweet coffee

32. He liked to relax in his backyard during the summer

33. At the movies, he always ate popcorn
during a movie
34. He never worried about his fitness e he was married

GRAMMAR (1 point): Choose the correct word to complete the following statements.
Nobody has come to see us ___________ we bought this small house.
A) Since B) For C) As D) Because

She has been a doctor ___since________ 1998.

Nobody has seen her ___since________ then.

They have all been ill ____since_______ last week.

Peter went to the library. He has studied there ____for_______ a long time.

It has been very foggy _____since______ early morning.

I’ve worked with you ____for_______ nine years.

He has been in prison ____for_______ two years.

She has worked in that office ___for________ a month.

He hasn’t eaten anything ____for_______ twenty-four hours.

GRAMMAR (1 point): Unreal conditionals. Put the verb into the correct tense:

If I __________were_______ (be) you, I ___would get____would get__________ (get) a new job.

If he ___were______________ (be) younger, he ______would travel___________ (travel) more.

If we _______weren´t__________ (not / be) friends, I ____would angry_____________ (be) angry with


If I ____had_____________ (have) enough money, I ___would buy______________ (buy) a big house.

If she __weren´t_______________ (not / be) always so late, she ____would be_____________ (be)

If we ___won______________ (win) the lottery, we ___would travel______________ (travel) the

If you _____had____________ (have) a better job, we ____would be_____________ (be) able to buy a
new car

If I _____spoke____________ (speak) perfect English, I _____would have____________ (have) a good


If we ____lived_____________ (live) in Mexico, I _____would speak____________ (speak) Spanish.

If she ____passed_____________ (pass) the exam, she ____would be_____________ (be) able to enter

GRAMMAR (0.6 points): Combine the sentences using defining relative pronouns. When the relative
pronoun is an object, it can be omitted (except with whose and where)

That's the girl. She spoke to me yesterday.

That's the girl who spoke to me yesterday.

The man smoked forty cigarettes a day. He died of a heart attack.

The man who smoked forty cigarettes a day died of a heart attack.

The car was stolen. It was a BMW.

The car that was stolen was a BMW.

I rent a house. It is very small.

The house (which) (that) I rent is very small.

We stayed in a hotel. The hotel was very expensive.

We stayed in a hotel which was very expensive.

The businessman was very rich. I saw him last night

The businessman (who) I saw last night was very rich.

LISTENING (1 point). Listen to the Curro talking about the most incredible building he’s ever seen.
Underline the correct information

What is the most incredible building he’s ever seen? The Colosseum / Alhambra

What is the origin of the name of the building? Italian / Arabic

Where is it? In the South of Spain / Rome

When did he first see this building? When he was eighteen / Two years ago

Who did he visit this building with? His brother / his father

When was it built? In the 13th or 14th century / In the 3rd or 4th century

What kind of building is it? The style is Moorish / It’s a modern building

What is so incredible about it? The location / the interior design

How many times has he been there? Only once / four times

70. What is his opinion about this building? It is one of the oldest building in the world / it
is one of the seven wonders of modern world

WRITING (15 points): Each student will receive a topic to write an essay. The essay should have the

following elements: Introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The essay should have
between 300 and 500 words. The essay will be evaluated with a rubric. The list of topics is attached.




SPEAKING (15 points): Students in a group of five will develop an authentic task which will be recorded
on video. This artifact will be a five-minutes length. Students will upload this video to Schoology for
summative and formative assessment. The content of the message angd the pronunciation will be
evaluated by using a rubric. The list of topics is attached.



f) estudiante

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