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May 2019: RDM Case Study Notes/Possible Questions

- Small City in Czech Republic (Location Choice?)

- Family run business (Private Limited Company)
- Decline stage of Product life cycle (Techniques to ensure life cycle extension takes
- Examine the decision of Private sector organizations becoming nationalized
- Examine the decision of enhancing product portfolio to manufacture medical
healthcare devices for large retirement population.
- Influence of STEEPLE factors for organizations in Prague (IT, Tourism, International
ties etc..)
- Analyze the decision of Jan to take over RDM?
- Regular change in leadership. Is it good for the organization?
- Construct the organizational structure of RDM based on the family details provided in
the case study.
- Evaluate the decision for automating the complete production of healthcare devices
in 2009.
- Customer designed specifications? Identify the production method used by RDM and
examine whether any other alternative production methods are more appropriate?
- Explain the like problems that Jan could face if the accounts and delivery
departments are also automated.
- Explain the role and impact of ICT in the operations of RDM.
- RDM Automation has lead to diversification of product portfolio from Gas stoves to
Health care devices to Alumnium bottles.
- Explain the consequences that RDM would have faced when downsizing its employees
from 500 to 117 employees.
- Is recruitment from Universities a appropriate source of employees? Suggest other
methods for Jan for hiring new employees.
- Skills of Workers: On the Job or Off the Job training would suit Jan?
- Compare and Contrast the Democratic and Paternalistic leadership styles used by Jan
and her father?
- Most suitable motivational theories for the conflict in motivation within the
- Leasing as a source of finance?
- Teams composing of various departments is what organization structure? Project
Based Org structure.
- Solution to employees complains on insufficient guidance and lack of focus?
- Motivational theory that is most suitable for RDM?
- Role of CSR at RDM?
- Consequences faced from the Union when downsizing the employees from 500 to
- Suggest the most suitable pricing strategy for RDM in the 700km radius (Appendix 2)
- Fixed Cost, Variable cost, Breakeven can come as calculations since the delivery
costs are being discussed.
- Examine CFO proposal to have a production facility in Europe? A big decision to make
( Could be Section C, 20 marks question).
- Analyze the choice of finance for the new branch (Share capital or loan capital) and
suggest alternatives.
- Should RDM go public? Examine the benefits and drawbacks of Pvt & PLC.
- Explain the role of the Vision communicated to the employees by Jan.
- Weak branch, no mission or vision statement, no marketing plan human resource
plan or operations mgmt??? (Endless possibilities to create any of the above plans for
Section C)
- Ways to enhance brand identity? Role of branding.
- Distribution channel, whole salers, retailers.
- Explain the role of stakeholders in the decisions taken by RDM.
- Appendix 1: Shows complete flow of production flow at RDM (Job Production). Can it
be enhanced to other production methods? (Cellular, Batch, Flow, Lean, C2C ETC..)
- Appendix 2: Location Choice, Strategies to utilize the regional resources, Expansion
strategies? Steeple factor complexities in the region.