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Momentum: Solving the variables p, m and v
Instruction: Solve the given problems in order to find the missing words.
Direction: Solve the problem and put the letter of the right answer on the given boxes below to find the missing
words. Choose the letter of the correct answer.

Hint: You say these whenever someone gave you a favor.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Problem sets:
1. Which has greater momentum a 2.0 kg hockey puck moving east at 2.5m/s or a 1.3kg hockey puck moving south
at 3.0m/s?
2. Calculate the momentum of a 700g ball that is rolling down a ramp at 4.6m/s.
3. What is the velocity of a 65 kg car if its momentum is 780 kg ∙ m/s?
4. Calculate the momentum of a 0.15 kg ball that is moving toward home plate at a velocity of 40m/s.
5. How heavy an object if its momentum is 28 kg ∙ m/s moving at 4 m/s?
6. A car possesses 2000 units of momentum. What would be the car’s momentum if you doubled the velocity?
7. A track athlete throws a discus that has a momentum of 42 kg∙ m/s into a field with a velocity of 21m/s. What is
the mass of the discus?
8. Calculate the momentum of 11.35kg wagon rolling down a hill at 12m/s.
Choose your answer here.

T1 – Hockey puck moving East M – 1000 units

U – 136.2 kg ∙ m/s A - 12 m/s
K – 7 kg Y – 4000 units
O – 2 kg T2 – Hockey puck moving West
H – 32.2 kg ∙ m/s N - 6 kg ∙ m/s