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Crane Initial Checklist

Site : Date:
Crane No : Capacity: Make: Type:

Remarks Corrective action

Check point done*
Obtain copy and check
1. Test certificate of the crane
Driving license & competency Obtain copy, Check for validity
certificate of the operator. & category

3. Self Load Indicator in the cabin Check for proper functioning

4. Anti Two block is functioning or not? Check

5. Audible overload indicator Check

6. Pulley Condition Physical inspection

Proper functioning of control levers,
7. Check with the operator
brakes, steering, acceleration etc.
8. Crane rope / Drum condition Physical inspection
Tyres in good condition and at
9. required pressure / Crawler track Physical inspection
Spring lock / Safety latch in the load
10. Check
Free from hydraulic oil/ water/ diesel Check for signs of leakage
leakage around the crane on arrival
Head lights/ signal lights (very
12. Physical inspection
critical during night)
13. Availability of the load chart Obtain copy and refer
Automatic reverse horn (Mobile
14. Check
Rear/ side view mirrors(as
15. Physical inspection
16. Fire extinguisher is available or not? Check
Operator to possess safety shoe
17. Check on arrival
and helmet
18. Others
The first 11 points are must required to pass in order to approve for usage.

Inspected by: Acknowledged By: Project Engineer

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