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Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142

90385 The Annotated Emma. Annotated and cased boxed set. Single novels published by CRW (Import) or
Edited by David Shapard. We love this B&N. Each single novel $9, if we can make a set of loose novels,
affordable, delightful series of annotated set for $50. Some new, some used, all in excellent condition.
Austen. Here is Austen's "most perfect" NEW. $9.00
heroine, with every little question answered in
90142-3 The Complete Novels of Jane Austen. Beautiful
the notes on opposite pages, to enhance our
collections still lovely after all these years. Very pretty dust
appreciation. Illustrations from the times help
jacket protected in plastic. Modern Library G 8. 1396 pages.
immerse us in Emma's world. 897 pgs. Paper.
USED. $50.00
NEW. $16.00
90157 Complete Novels. Illustrations by
90438 TheAnnotatedNorthangerAbbey.Full
Hugh Thomson. Collector's Library
of insightful details! More than 1,200
Editions. 12" by 9 1/4 by 2" oversized
annotations on facing pages. Includes 225
attractive book. Red paper on boards with
illustrations. Enhance your appreciation of
color Thomson Persuasion illustration
Austen's references to other novelists, the
front and spine, matching dj. Full of b/w
background for Tilney's comments about
illustrations. Silk pg marker. Unattributed
marriage and the dance. Gain insight into John
biographical notes includes a paragraph on
Thorpe's already funny comments. Maps,
each sibling. Extra S&H due to weight.
index, extensive bibliography. Anchor Books.
NEW. $35.00
Paper. 2013. NEW, $16.00
90157-2 Complete Novels. Six novels - S&S, P&P, MP, E, P, NA.
90327 TheAnnotatedPersuasionEd. by David
Collector's Library Editions. 12" by 9 1/4 by 2" oversized
Shapard. Indispensable and affordable
attractive book. Rust cloth on boards with gilt title on spine.
resource for all who love Persuasion. Anchor
Gorgeous dust jacket with contemporary print and illustration
Books, 2010. 508 pgs + maps. Paper. NEW.
from 1809 Le Beau Journal on front. Red marbled endpieces. Top
of pages gilt. Full of b/w illustrations by Hugh Thomson. Rust silk
90070-2 The Annotated Pride and Prejudice. pg marker. Unattributed biographical notes includes a paragraph
Ed. by David Shapard. More than 2300 on each sibling and ends with the inscription from her grave.
annotations. Multi-page review, NYT, 3/16/08. Extra S&H due to weight. CRW Publishers Ltd., London. 2005.
Pretty paperback. Anchor Books, 2007. NEW. NEW. $42.00
90140 Emma Cambridge University Press. Richard Cronin and
90349 The Annotated Sense and Sensibility. Dorothy McMillan, editors. Janet Todd, General Editor. 2005.
Historical context, word definitions, literary NEW. $110.00
analysis, maps, illustrations, citations from
90175 Emma.3rd edition. The novel and other
Austen's letters and other writings,
readings. Based on the 1816 first edition text.
biographical context. You'll be the expert after
Background section includes Henry Austen's
spending time with this wonderful companion.
Biographical Notice, James Edward Austen-
Anchor, 2011, Paper, 742 pages. NEW. $16.00.
Leigh's Memoir, excerpts of JA letters to
90197 B&N Jane Austen Novels Ͳ Sense and Cassandra, excerpt from The Watsons, writings
Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield from Virginia Woolf, Maggie Lane, JA's
Park, Emma, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion. correspondence with J. S. Clarke, and JA's Plan
Handsome books with pretty dust jackets. of a Novel. Criticisms included in the book are
Each book has a good intro, endnotes, some reprints of early from Scott, Lewes, James, Bradley, Forster, Farrer, Litz, Donovan,
reviews, info on sequels and adaptations. From B&N Classics. Hb, Butler, Poovey, Claudia Johnson, Watt, Wiltshire, Ferriss, and
Dj. NEW. $7.50 each or $40.00 for set of 6 novels. Juhasz. Norton, 2000, Paper. USED. $6.00
90429 The Best of Jane Austen. This box set slipcased 90328 Emma. Perfect Easton Press Collector's Library "Famous
attractively by Reader's Digest includes Penguin Classics Emma Edition". Brick leather with 22-kt gold characters and
(Into by Ronald Blythe), S&S (Intro by Ros Ballaster), Persuasion decorations, 6-ribbed spine, all page edges gilt, satin ribbon
(Intro by D. W. Harding), and P&P (Intro by Tony Tanner). marker, red moire end pages. Specially milled acid-neutral paper.
Persuasion includes the Memoir by James Edward Austen-Leigh. Introduction by Stella Gibbons, Janeite author of Cold Comfort
Set is 1996. NEW. $9.00 Farm. Illustrations by Fritz Kredel include 32 color full-page
plates, chapter-head cartouches, and delightful title cameo of
90202-1 Collector's Library Novels. Illustrations by Hugh
Emma. Includes Notes from the Archives insert. 428 pgs, Hb.
Thomson. These are the little pocket-sized books with red cloth
Easton Press, 2001. USED - as new. $65
covers and red silk ribbon markers, gilt page edges, and lovely
dust covers. Beautiful books you can slip into your pocket. Each 90359 Emma. Color illustrations by Franz Kredel, signed by the
novel has a different Afterword author. Also available in slip- artist. Number 227 of 1500. Light gray-green cloth with inset

Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142
cameo on front board, small black and gilt label on spine, gray 90423 Mansfield Park. Penguin "Read Red" Index Books, UK.
slipcase with paste down title. Monthly Letter of The Limited Import. Paper. 2007. New. $6.00
Editions Club is included, with a bio of Jane Austen and a
90419 Mansfield Park. A beautiful little book in red cloth with
detailed description of the production of the book. Also included
colorful illustrated dust jacket. Hugh Thomson b&w illustrations
is the one page paper ad for the book, the ninth in the series.
throughout. Red ribbon page marker. Robert Frederick, North
Designed by P. J. Conkwright. Printed by Thistle Press of New
Parade Publishing Ltd, Bath, UK. 2010. NEW. $10.00
York. Condition is Fine. The Limited Editions Club, 1964, Hb, Sc.
USED. $75.00 90421 Northanger Abbey. A beautiful little book in red cloth
with colorful illustrated dust jacket. Hugh Thomson b&w
90140-1 Emma.Cambridge University Press. Richard Cronin and
illustrations throughout. Red ribbon page marker. Robert
Dorothy McMillan, editors. Janet Todd, General Editor. 2005.
Frederick, North Parade Publishing Ltd, Bath, UK. 2010. NEW.
Barely used, near fine condition. USED. $70.00
90165-2 Emma. Dover Thrift Ed., paper, 1999. 328 pgs. VG.
90390 Northanger Abbey: A Norton Critical Edition. Edited by
USED. $3.00
Susan Fraiman. Based on 1818 edition published by John Murray.
90412 Emma: An Annotated Edition. Extensive annotations, selections from Mary Wollstonecraft, Ann
Annotated and edited by Bharat Radcliffe, William Wordsworth, and other contemporary writers.
Tandon. Gorgeous oversized book with 13 critical commentaries, including Oliphant, Rebecca West,
annotations side-by-side on the page, Patricia Spacks, Claudia Johnson, Lee Erickson, Joseph Litvak.
a treat to the eyes. Luscious period 2004. Norton. Paper. NEW. $17.00
illustrations throughout. As Tandon
90162 The Oxford Illustrated Jane
himself states in his
Austen. This 6 vol set of the novels and
Acknowledgments, there is always
minor works is the definitive text. This
something new to learn. The Belknap
new printing of the third edition has the
Press of Harvard University Press, Cambridge and London, 2012.
early 19th c illustrations and Chapmans's
Hb, Dj. List $35. NEW. $28.00
detailed notes. Dark blue cloth, attractive
10043 Jane Austen. An Illustrated Anthology. Great Writers gray and colored dust jackets. Still sealed
series. Edited by Russell Ash and Bernard Higton. Concise volume together in plastic as a set. Orig publ at
offering a choice sampler and introduction. Small book to carry $175.00, price reduced! NEW. $90.00
in your pocket. Color illus. Like new. Crescent Books, NY, 1995. ORIndividualtitles:
64 pgs, Hb, Dj. USED. $10.00 90162-1 NorthangerAbbeyandPersuasion.NEW. $15.00
90162-2 PrideandPrejudice.NEW. $15.00
90196 JaneAusten:SevenNovels.Gold, blue and white gilt floral
90162-3 Emma.NEW. $15.00
pattern on green boards, gilt pages edges all around, silk ribbon
90162-4 MansfieldPark.NEW. $15.00
page marker, ribbed spine. Excellent way to carry all the novels
90162-5 SenseandSensibility.NEW. $15.00
with you to meetings. B&N, 2007. Publ at $23.97. NEW. $17.00
90270 Persuasion. Introduction by Richard Church. Wood-
90173 Jane Austen: The Complete Novels. This gorgeous
engravings by Joan Hassall. No slipcase. The Folio Society,
oversized book comes in a matching red slipcase, weighs 6.3
London, 2003. 308 pgs. Hb. USED. $20.00
pounds, and is packed full of color Hugh Thomson illustrations.
Collector's Library, CRW Publishing, Limited, De Luxe Edition. 90280 Persuasion.Highly desirable Cambridge edition with Janet
London, 2007. 720 pgs. NEW. $75.00 Todd and Antje Blank, editors. Includes cancelled chapters of
Persuasion with manuscript facsimiles, and brother Henry's
90005-4 Jane Austen's Letters Fourth edition
biographical notice. Lavish endnotes. List price $105. Special
with new scholarship, new preface, new
price while current supply lasts. Cambridge, 2006. Hb, Dj. NEW.
biographical and topographical information, a
new subject index. Collected & Edited by
Deirdre Le Faye. Chronological order, with 90416 Persuasion. An Annotated Edition. Edited by Robert
annotations and provenance for each letter. Morrison. Beautiful oversized book accompanies the Spacks
The most complete source available. Hb, Dj. annotation of P&P. Not only are these wonderful books lovely to
OUP. 667 pgs. NEW. $42.00 look at, they are full of information that enhances the experience
of reading, and rereading, our Austen. List at $35. NEW. $30.00
90301 Mansfield Park. Orange bamboo pattern. Slipcase incl.
Intro by Richard Church. Wood-Engravings by Joan Hassall. 90424 Persuasion. Pretty deep red leather spine with four ribs,
Excellent condition. The Folio Society. London. 1975. Hb, sc. gilt decorations, and black title panel. Black cover, marbled
USED. $30.00 endpapers. Pages lightly browned. The Booklovers Library,
Zodiac 1986. NEW. $15.00
90366 MansfieldPark.Edited by James Kinsley. Intro and Notes
by Jane Stabler. Gen.Ed. Viven Jones. Clean copy. Appendices on 90420 Persuasion. A beautiful little book in red cloth with
Lover's Vows, Rank and Social Status, Dancing, and Austen and colorful illustrated dust jacket. Hugh Thomson b&w illustrations
the Navy. Oxford World's Classics Paperback. 418 pgs. Great throughout. Red ribbon page marker. Robert Frederick, North
bargain! USED. $3.00 Parade Publishing Ltd, Bath, UK. 2010. NEW. $10.00

Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142
90389 Persuasion: A Norton Critical Edition. Based on first 90087 Pride and Prejudice: A Norton Critical Edition. Third
edition text. Includes the two canceled chapters, Excerpt from Edition. Edited by Donald Gray. Based on 1813 first edition text.
1785 "Essay on Old Maids" by William Hayley. Letters Jane wrote Biographical portraits by family members and biographers
to Fanny Knight, Henry Austen's memorial tribute to Jane, 19th c Honan, Tomalin, Nokes. 17 Austen letters. Samples of juvenilia.
critical works by Kavanagh and Goldwin Smith, excerpt by Austen Criticism includes 18 assessments including commentary on BBC
biographer Geraldine Edith Mitton. Current scholarship by Bree, TV adaptation. 2001. Paper. Norton. NEW. 17.00
Gottlieb, Wiltshire, Monaghan. Norton. 2013. NEW. $17.00
90304 Pride and Prejudice: An Annotated Edition. Edited by
90125 Pride and Prejudice. Ed w/intro by Tony Tanner. Patricia Meyer Spacks. This oversized gorgeous book will look
Illustrated by Hugh Thomson. Hb,dj. Dark blue leather, gilt title. good on your shelf, to be sure. But the real pleasure lies in
Interesting dj by Chuck Hamrick. Greenwich House, NY. 1982. revelations - yes, dear readers, there are more revelations in
USED. $10.00 store - for those of us who fancy ourselves knowledgeable about
the deeper meanings in Austen's text. This is a side-by-side
90427 Pride and Prejudice. A pretty cover with a lace pattern
annotation, with notes placed in the very wide margins of each
and a girl in a Regency styled dress against a sky blue
page. Illustrations, introduction, reading list. Belknap Press of
background. Lace pattern continues inside the covers. Be Classic
Harvard UP, Originally $35. NEW. $25.00
series. Geared to young people. Trade paperback. Puffin. 2011.
NEW. $5.00 90247 Pride and Prejudice: Insight Edition. Fwd Nancy Moser.
The Insight Edition has great comments scattered throughout
90176-1 Pride and Prejudice. With portraits of 7 characters in
the book, prepared by a team of editors. There are also
b/w by Chris Duke. 367 pgs. Red leatherette/gilt. The Franklin
questions at the end perfect for reading groups. Bethany House
Library. 1980. NEW. $30.00
Publishers, 2007. NEW. $10.00
90292 Pride and Prejudice. Sought-after 1894
90303 Sense and Sensibility. Beautiful
London edition of PP reproduced in facsimile
republication of the work originally published in
with Hugh Thomson's title page and
1899 by George Allen, Charing Cross, London.
inscription. Legendary 15p. introduction by
Includes the introduction by Joseph Jacobs and is
George Saintsbury, with first mention of
packed full of the delightful illustrations of Chris
"Janeites." 150 b/w illustrations Hugh
Hammond. Red cloth with attractive dust jacket. If
Thomson. Red cloth in DJ, E78. Larger than the
you have the Dover repub of P&P with Thomson
original, with readable typeface; cover is red
illustrations (our Item 90292), this book is the
cloth with gilt decorated spine exactly as
perfect companion. Hb, dj. NEW. $19.00
original. (Original was green cloth/gilt).
Beautiful dust jacket. (See accompanying SS, Item 90303) Dover, 90127 Sense and Sensibility. Unique illustrations by Helen
NY, 2005. NEW. $16.00 Sewell. Intro Stella Gibbons. Dark blue cloth with brown cloth
spine, gilt title on black label. Limited Editions Club, printed by
90176-3 Pride and Prejudice. Gorgeous ribbed spine. With the
Joseph Blumenthal at The Sprial Press, NY, 1957. This is number
Illustrations of Hugh Thomson. 46 b/w illustrations after the
304 of 1500 total printed. Very light soiling to spine, no box.
1894 originals. Dark red leatherette, heavily gilt embossed
USED. $125.00
decorations, satin endpapers, all page edges gilt, luxurious gold
ribbon page marker. Franklin Library. Limited edition. Hb. NEW. 90343 Sense and Sensibility. This beautiful edition of S&S is
$45.00 published in Bath to celebrate the bicentennial of Austen's first
publication. Features color plates and silhouettes by award-
90183-2 PrideandPrejudice.Thrift Edition. Easy to carry around
winning Folio edition artist Niroot Puttapipat for a refreshingly
and no guilt if you write all over it in class and stuff it with notes.
new artistic vision. New introduction by Katharine Reeve, author
Dover, 1995, Paper. NEW. $2.50
of Jane Austen in Bath, explores themes of love, social etiquette
90245-1 Pride and Prejudice. "The Special Contents of this and belonging, plus commentary on JA and Bath. First printing,
Edition are Copyright, 1940,1968 by The Heritage Press, Norwalk, first edition. Palazzo Press, Bath, UK, 2011. NEW. $24.00
Connecticut." Illustrations by Helen Sewell, Preface by Frank
90386 SenseandSensibility.Limited to 500. Oversized light sky
Swinnerton. Beige cloth with rust label, gilt title. Both slipcase
blue presentation box with certificate of authenticity,
and book are in pristine condition. "The Sandglass" pamphlet
reproduction of Austen family seal, 20 pge booklet written by
included. 411 pgs. The Heritage Press, CT. USED. $55.00
Kathryn Sutherland, and quill pen. Photographic reproduction of
uncorrected proof of first edition held at the Jane Austen's
90251-2 Pride and Prejudice. Illustrated by Isabel Bishop.
House Museum. Issued to celebrate 200th anniversary of first
Handsome cloth with dark brown spine, JA silhouette and
publication. NEW. $225.00
signature on front board, gilt title on spine, handsome slipcase
with illustration on one side and heavy ribbon pull inside. Top of 90400 Sense and Sensibility. With introduction by Austin
pages stained dark yellow. With biographical note about, and Dobson. 16th printing (first was 1902) of Hugh Thomson
afterword by, the Illustrator. Spine slightly faded. Slipcase with illustrations in Pocket Classics. Macmilland and Co., Limited,
slight tears in the paper at 2 corners, otherwise all is excellent London. 1951. Red cloth, gilt title on spine. Brown and black
for this copy of this collector's must-have. Dutton, 1976. 416 pgs, illustrated dust jacket. Jacket is price-clipped. Previous owner
Hb, Sc. USED. $45.00 name in front, otherwise very clean. USED. $60.00

Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142
90379 Sense and Sensibility: Insight Edition. Insight editions inch volume, all edges gilt, gold page marker, acid-free paper.
have very cool notes placed alongside the text, yet the notes are Intro by Philip S. Jennings. Barnes & Noble 1997. NEW. $10.00
not intrusive. They are fun and include trivia and comments in
90171-5 The Winchester Austen (Red Covers) Northanger
addition to history, context and inspiration. Bethany House
Abbey. 6 volume set of Austen's novels. Hugh Thomson color
Publishers, 2010. Paper. NEW. $10.00
illustrations. Introductions by Lane, Wiltshire, Josephine Ross,
90238 SixNovelSet.Brock color illustrations. Red leather, ribbed and Caroline Sanderson. With illustrated sections on Principal
spine, gilt title on spine with black inset really makes this a Characters, Timelines, features on geographical settings,
beautiful set on the shelf. Gold silk page marker. All page edges Regency Bath, transportation, the Church, the Army, the Navy,
gilt. Heavy endpages. Easton, 1996. NEW. $350 set or $65 each. Regency life. Beautiful color illustrations. Gorgeous set, with lots
of information. New design - red cloth covers but the inside is
90367 ThreeCompleteNovels:SenseandSensibility,Prideand
the same as the black edition. Named after Winchester, where
Prejudice, Emma Handsome dark blue leather 9 1/2 by 6 1/4
Jane Austen is buried. NEW. Set of 6, $120.00 or $20.00 each

90186 ACollectionofLetters.Edited and preface 14660 Jane Austen: Poems and Favourite Poems. A
by Juliet McMaster, Ill. by Laura Neilson. sophisticated look at poetry in Austen's life and works. All the
Introduction by Heather Harper. Annotated. poems we know she wrote are included in the book. Also, all the
Young Jane's wit becomes more sophisticated in poems she mentioned in her letters and novels are excerpted or
this piece from Vol. the Second. Juvenilia Press, repeated in full. The notes at the end give the source of her
Edmonton. 44 pgs. G. USED. $7.50 NEW $12.50 comment on each poem. Introduction, Chronology, Notes. J. M.
Dent, London. Paper. NEW. $3.50
90185-1 The Beautifull Cassandra. Juliet
McMaster's vividly colored illustrations 90272 Juvenilia. The desirable Cambridge edition in red dust
throughout. McMaster's afterword, Cassandra's jacket. Edited by Peter Sabor. Vols the First, Second and Third,
portrait on the front, the Rice portrait on the The History of England, Marginalia in Oliver Goldsmith's History
back. Printed on stiff paper. 1st ed thus. Sono Nis of Eng, Sophia Sentiment in the Loiterer, Continuations of Evelyn
Press, Victoria. Paper. NEW. $35.00 and Catherine by JEAL and Anna Lefroy. Extensive helpful notes.
U of Cambridge, 2006. Hb, Dj. NEW. Now at special price. $50.00
90229 Catharine or the Bower. Ed. by Juliet
McMaster and others. Illustrations by Reko 90193 LadySusan.Dover Thrift Edition. With introduction based
Serfozo. Annotations, notes, intro. Juvenilia on excerpts from J.E. Austen-Leigh's 1871 publication of the
Press, Sydney, 1996. NEW $10.00 Memoir 2nd edition w/Lady Susan &c. Paper. NEW. $4.50
90223 Frederic & Elfrida. Ed by 90072 ShorterWorks.Decorations by Joan Hassall. An excellent
Peter Sabor, Sylvia Hunt, and inclusive collection of Austen's shorter works. Includes Lady
Victoria Kortes-Papp. Illus. by Susan, Love and Friendship, The Watsons, Sanditon, Catharine,
Juliet McMaster. Not an ordinary The History of England, Lesley Castle, Evelyn, Frederic and
12-year-old's sense of humor! Elfrida, Jack and Alice, Edgar and Emma, Henry and Eliza, and The
Some copies signed by Juliet McMaster. Juvenilia Three Sisters. Red cloth covers with dark red leaves design. Black
Press, 2002, Edmonton. NEW. $10.00 spine with gilt title on spine. Spine a little faded. Top page edges
red but faded near spine. Slip case present but broken. Folio
90182-2 HenryandEliza.Ed. By Karen L. Harnick,
Society, London, 1963. USED. $18.00
with Catherine Gowl, Maggie Harnick, Ann Kelly,
Cassie Marlantes, and Rachel M. Brownstein. 90220 Three MiniͲDramas. Continue your exploration of Jane
Explanatory notes, intro, preface. Juvenilia Press, Austen by enjoying her childhood forays into theatre. "The Visit"
1996, Edmonton. NEW. $10.00 "The Mystery" and "The First Act of a Comedy."
Ed by Juliet McMaster and Lesley
90228 TheHistoryofEngland&Cassandra'sPortraits.Edited by
Peterson. Illus. by Juliet McMaster, Zoe
Annette Upfal and Christine Alexander. Illustrations by Cassandra
Share and Allison Yung. Description of
Austen and others. Goes beyond the typical appreciation of the
staging, extensive notes and works cited.
book as a critique of historians the girls studied in the
Juvenilia Press, Sydney, 2006. NEW.
schoolroom. Examines the family likenesses in Cassandra's
sketches, and the back stories involving family and friends that
add nuance to the sisters' collaboration. 74 pgs. Juvenilia Press, 90222 The Three Sisters. Ed by Joseph
Sydney, 2009. NEW. $15.00 Wiesenfarth, Laura Maestrelli and Kristin Smith. Illustrated by
Juliet McMaster. Notes, works cited, notes on the illustrations.
90203 HistoryofEnglandbyapartial,prejudiced& Juvenilia Press, Sydney, 2004. NEW. $10.00
ignorant Historian.  Carr's Pocket Books. The little
90131 The Watsons. Continued and completed by Edith (her
red booklet, imported from Jane Austen’s House
great grand-niece) and Francis Brown. Gray cover, blue spine.
Museum. 16 pgs. NEW. $3.00
Elkin Matthews & Marrot Ltd. London: 1928. USED. $75.00

Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142

90374 1856 Bentley Edition sides and bottom rough cut. Paper labels have varying degress of
ofJaneAusten'sNovels.Five browning, one has a tear, otherwise the set is near fine. USED.
volumes as published by $2100.00
Bentley in 1856 with 1833
90075 Emma.Introduction by Austin Dobson. Illustrated by Hugh
engraved frontispiece and
Thomson. Red cloth cover with gilt title on front and spine,
title page bound in front of
embossed floral design on front and back covers. Spine faded,
the 1856 title page. The 1833
corners bumped. MacMillan and Co. Ltd,'s 1898 reprint of their
frontispiece and title page
1896 1st ed with Thomson illustrations. USED. $300.00
illustrations are by
Greatbatch after Pickering, and reflect 1830's fashions. There are 90294 MansfieldPark.George Routledge and Sons. No date but
no tissue protectors present but slight appearance there may note in front cover reads "Frances Hunter from her Mother Xmas
have been a half-sheet at some point. The set is expertly modern 1883." Also bookplate in inside front from a previous owner.
bound in red cloth with two leather and gilt labels affixed to each Green cloth with brown and gold embossed decorations,
spine. The pages are remarkably clean. Page edges are "Peacock" ribbon and flower basket. Foxing throughout. Front
marbleized. S&S includes Henry Austen's Memoir of Miss Austen. hinge loose. USED. $125.00
Handsome, Fine, Rebound rare set. London: Richard Bentley,
90300 Mansfield Park. New Edition. 5" x 7 1/4" Green paper
New Burlington Street. 1856. USED. $1200.00
boards, quartered with red roan, gilt title, author and flower on
90033-1 HolbyͲTheNovelsofJaneAusten:PrideandPrejudice. spine. Top pgs gilt. Brown end papers are adverts for other
A beautiful set in brick cloth with paper labels on the spine, top authors, incl Anthony Trollope, Charles Dickens. Very slight
edges gilt. Missing SS, Letters, from original 12 vol. set. This is 8 foxing. Absolutely no sellers' marks, no previous owners' marks,
volumes - PP, MP, Emma are all 2 volumes. NA and P are 1 very clean. Slight crack front hinge, but tightly attached. Top and
volume each. Beautiful Color C.E. and H.M. Brock illustrations bottom of spine bumped, corners slight wear. Overall VG, very
with captions on the tissue protectors. One chip back board of clean. A real treasure to add to your collection. Chapman and
NA. Slight chip spine of Emma Vol 1. Otherwise VG. Ed. by R. Hall, London, 1870. Gilson E37. USED. $300.00
Brimley Johnson with Prefaces by Professor William Lyon Phelps,
90158-1 Persuasion.Green silk with gold embossed shield, title,
PhD. Frank S. Holby, NY and Philadelphia, 1906. USED. $550.00
J. Austen signature. J. M. Dent & Co. 1893. Edited by R. Brimley
90414 Jane Austen's Novels Johnson, Illustrations by William C. Cooke, Ornaments by F. C.
EditedbyR.BrimleyJohnson Tilney. Private bookplate inside front. Tissue paper protectors
in Ten Volumes. Edited by R. intact. Vol X of 10 volume set. Beautiful little book. USED.
Brimley Johnson with $240.00
coloured illustrations by C.E.
90264 PrideandPrejudice.Maroon cloth with black cloth spine.
and H.M. Brock. This
Previous owner recorded "Sept. 15th 1891" on front endpaper.
1898/1900 10 volume set of
Delicate floral patterned end papers. Frontispiece illustration of
the third Dent edition
Collins proposing to Elizabeth. Decorations at each chapter head
illustrated by the Brocks has
and finis. Light foxing. Hinges fragile. Top pages gilt. No date but
been beautifully bound into
old record "1883 Edition" pencilled in front. George Routledge
five volumes by Sangorski & Sutcliffe. Front end pages marked
and Sons, Limited. London. USED. $250.00
"ACID FREE LEATHER." Blue leather faded slightly green on 90240 SenseandSensibility&PrideandPrejudice.Volume One
spines. Five tooled ribs, embossed brilliant gilt floral pattern, of Complete Works of Jane Austen. Dark blue cloth with green,
deep red inlay labels wtih gilt Jane Austen in the second panel blue and gilt spine, very pretty on the shelf. Red endpapers. Top
and gilt titles in the third panels on each volume make this page edges stained green. Binding and hinges tight. No date. Hb.
stunning on the shelf. Front and rear boards with tooled gilt Carlton House. USED. $35.00
borders. Squared headcaps. Top pages gilt. Pages very lightly
90158-2 Sense and Sensibility. Green
browned and rare light foxing. Illustration colors are very good.
silk with gold embossed deocrations
Binding appears to date from the early 20th century. Volume
that contains NA and P only names NA on the spine. Color and title, J Austen signature on cover.
Bio by Reginald Brimley Johnson. 2
illustrations throughout. USED. $3200.00
volumes (I and II of original 10 vol set).
90360 TheOldManorHouseEdition.10 volume set by Frank S. Less common illustrations by William
Holby, published 1906. Brown cloth with paper spine labels. "The Cubit Cooke. Reprint. Dent, London,
Old Manor House Edition" limited to 1000, this is number 801. 1893. USED. $250.00
Ed. by R. Brimley Johnson. Brock color illustrations. Tops gilt,
Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142

14656 Adkins, Roy and Lesley Adkins Jane Books; JAS. 1996 110 pgs, hb, dj. NEW. $35.00 Also in paperback,
Austen's England. The daily lives of item 13151. 1996. NEW. $15.00
ordinary people in Austen's time, related to
12087-4 Austen,CarolineReminiscencesofJaneAusten'sNiece
events in her life. Birth, marriage, religion,
Caroline Austen. Intro by Deirdre Le Faye. Orig publ 1986,
sexual practices, hygiene, superstitions.
revised 2004. Illustrated. Caroline's delightful memories are an
Chores, work, crime and punishment,
invaluable part of our library. Paper, 86 pgs. Jane Austen Society.
wealth, leisure, fashion and filth are all
NEW. $15.00
described in vivid detail by the the husband-
wife historian/archeologist team who also 10112 Austen, James The Complete Poems of James Austen.
brought us Nelson's Trafalgar and The War Jane Austen's eldest brother. Ed., Intro and Notes by David
for All the Oceans. Awesome dust jacket too. Viking. 2013. Hb, Selwyn. Jane's eldest sibling James [1765-1819] was a prolific
Dj. List 27.95. NEW. $23.00 poet, yet none of his verse was published in his lifetime; except
for excerpts in letters, most are in print here for the first time.
10026 Aldrich,ElizabethFromtheBallroomtoHell.GraceAnd
Includes 42 pages of explanatory notes. Despite Jane's troubles
Folly in 19th C Dance. This oversized book uses illustrations,
with James's second wife Mary, James's interests certainly
excerpts of music, etiquette and fashion manuals, and other
influenced Jane's work as a novelist. JAS: 2003. 191 pages.
historical sources to educate us on dance in Austen's time.
Paperbound. NEW. $22.00
Excellent resource for the writer, researcher, and dance fanatic,
or anyone who just likes to know what they were doing when 10116-3 AustenͲLeigh,JamesEdwardAMemoirofJaneAusten
they performed this most critical social mating ritual. Witty and With Lady Susan and The Watsons, JEAL's affectionate biography
delightful. Northwestern University Press. 1991. Paper. List here printed in a new edition. Handsome paperback.
$24.95 NEW. $23.00 Wordsworth Reference, 2007. NEW. $10.00
14713 Alexander, Christine, and Juliet McMaster The Child 13145 AustenͲLeigh,JamesEdward,
WriterfromAustentoWoolf.Many of our favorite great writers Freydis and Southerland Life in the
began to write as children. This collection of essays explores Country with Quotations by Jane
young authors such as Jane Austen, Byron, Elizabeth Barrett, Austen and Silhouettes by her
Charlotte and Bromwell Bronte, George Eliot, Louisa May Alcott, Nephew James Edward AustenͲ
Lewis Carroll, John Ruskin, and Virginia Woolf. With an Leigh. Charming silhouettes JEAL
annotated bibliography, detailed introduction, index. Hb, Dj. created, often to amuse his
Cambridge UP, 2005. Paper. List price $45.00. NEW. $35.00 children. Contributions by Maggie
Lane and Joan Ray, afterword by
14582 Allen,LouiseWalking JaneAusten's
Joan Austen-Leigh. British Library
London: A Tour Guide for the Modern
Board, London, 2008. 48 pgs. Hb, dj. NEW. $24.00
Traveller. Gorgeous color illustrations
throughout, including period cartoons, 10134 AustenͲLeigh,WilliamandRichardArthur.JaneAusten.
paintings and current photos. Easy to follow Her Life and Letters. A Family Record. Intro by Sarah S. G.
maps take you on 9 walks. Correlations to Frantz.This reprint of the 1913 edition does not include revisions
her own life as well as the sites mentioned by Le Faye. NY: Barnes & Noble, 2006, Paper. NEW. $7.00
in her novels. See where Lydia Bennett
10135-3 AustenͲLeigh, William and Richard Arthur.  Jane
married Wickham, stroll past the homes of
Austen. A Family Record. With Deirdre Le Faye's additions and
Austen family friends. A big hit at the 2013 AGM. Shire Books,
editing. Quilt on the cover. B&N, 1996. Hb, Dj. USED. $24.00
UK. Paper. 2013. NEW. $12.00
10140-2 Backscheider, Paula R., Editor Revising Women: 18th
10109 Auerbach, Emily The Courage To Write:  Women
CenturyWomen'sFictionandSocialEngagement.Collection of
Novelists of 19thͲCentury Europe. A Guide for Readers.
essays by feminist critics reviewing literature with focus on
Encouragement for women writers, using the example of past
historical context. Austen, Behn, Radcliffe, Gaskell, Burney, and
great writers. Chapter dedicated to each author - Austen,
many others discussed. Includes essay "Jane Austen and the
Bronte, Shelley, Sand, Eliot. Board of Regents University of
Culture of the Circulating Library" by Barbara Benedict.
Wisconsin: 1991. 151 pages, paper. Signed by author. 8 1/2 X 11.
Illustrated. John Hopkins University Press, 2000. 273 pages. $29
Beautiful lace print cover, Jane Austen profile on front cover.
list. Paper. NEW. $19.00
University of Wisconsin, 1991. USED. $20.00
14285 Barchas,JanineMattersofFactinJaneAusten:History,
13862-2 Auerbach, Emily Searching for Jane Austen. Auerbach
Location, and Celebrity. Shows us how Jane Austen was clued
presents Jane Austen as the engaged, intelligent master of wit
into the celebrity popular culture and history of her times. A
and irony. She surveys 200 years of editing, censoring, and
careful study of the names she used and words she selected
minimalizing Austen's art. Illustrated. University of Wisconsin
shows that historical, political and glam themes are present
Press, 2004. Paper. NEW. $21.00
throughout Austen's novels. Johns Hopkins, 2012. Hb, Dj. NEW.
13150 Austen Family Jane Austen. The Collected Poems and $40.00 OR 14285-1 Now in paper. Johns Hopkins, 2012. NEW.
Verse of the Austen Family. Edited by David Selwyn. Fyfield $22.00

Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142
12501 Barton, Helen The Jane Austen Quiz Book. One of the 12311 Butler,NancyandHugoPetrusMarvelPride&Prejudice.
most popular quiz books about Austen. Souvenir from Jane All 5 installments in one volume. An entertaining graphic
Austen's House Museum in Chawton. Originally published in adaptation. Paper. NEW. $11.00
1997, this is a 2008 reprint. Paper. NEW. $15.00
14401 Byrne, Paula The Real Jane
10192 Becker,MayLambertonPresenting MissJaneAusten.A Austen: A Life in Small Things. An
delightful biography. Includes introduction to the 18th and 19th excellent addition to Jane Austen
c world, the family & friends. Discusses each novel. Suitable for scholarship and biography. Uniquely
young adults, if you are looking for a gift to introduce Austen to a arranged around themes that elucidate
young friend. Living History Library Series. 1st ed, good Austen's complex political, religious,
condition. Dodd, Mead & Co., NY, 1952. Hb, dj. USED. $20.00 social, literary and family world. B/w
illustrations and color plates. 1st US Ed.
14359 Bilger,AudreyLaughingFeminism:SubversiveComedyin
HarperCollins, 2013. Hb, Dj. List $29.99.
FrancesBurney,MariaEdgeworth,andJaneAusten.Focuses on
NEW. $25.00
comedy in the works of these wonderful artists as they dealt
variously and sometimes viciously with the sexist views they 14333 Carroll, Joseph, Jonathan Gottschall, John A. Johnson,
encountered in their world. Includes a chapter called "Limits of and Daniel J. Kruger Graphing Jane Austen: The Evolutionary
Sisterhood" that deals with satire of women, a chapter on Basis of Literary Meaning. A thoroughly original way to
mocking the men. A great way to explore the parallels between understand 19th c. novels using science and applying
these early women writers. Wayne State University Press. Hb, Dj. evolutionary theories about human behavior, likes and dislikes.
1998. NEW. $25.00 The authors have surveyed educated readers, have studied brain
reactions in MRI's, and have documented the results. With visual
10208-2 Black, Maggie, and
graphs scattered throughout the text, this warms the heart of
Deirdre LeFaye Jane Austen
the fact-seeking lover of literature, displaying real data behind
Cookbook. A selection of the
issues like whether gender matters more than morals, riches
recipes found in Martha Lloyd's
more than power. What is behind the genius of someone like
collection that Jane and her family
Austen? Palgrave MacMillan. Publ at $90. NEW. $82.00
enjoyed. Tested and modernized
for today's cook. Also includes 13659 Cartmell, Deborah Screen Adaptations: Jane Austen's
fancier fare they would have Pride and Prejudice; the Relationship Between Text and Film.
consumed at balls and parties. This study is both friendly and scholarly. It's great fun to read a
LeFaye offers historical serious analysis of your least & most favorite
background. Beautiful illustrations adaptations. The author skillfully deals with
throughout. McClelland & Stewart. subjects such as how the film tells as much
1995. Paper. NEW. $19.00 about the time period of the production as it
does about Austen's novel. Includes
10230 Bottomer,PhyllisFergusonSoOddaMixture:Alongthe
adaptations like Bridget Jones's Diary and The
Autistic Spectrum in 'Pride and Prejudice.' With Fwds by Tony
Jane Austen Book Club, a helpful list with
Attwood and Eileen Sutherland. Proposes that traits of
short reviews of all the major adaptations,
characters in Austen's fiction would today be classed as autistic.
and analysis of the way the films merge
2007. NEW. $15.00
Elizabeth's character with Jane Austen.
13861-1 Brownstein, Rachel M. Why Jane Austen? Paperback Methuen, London, 2010. 150 pgs, Paper. NEW. $19.00
edition. NEW. $20.00
14719 Cartmell, Deborah and Imelda Whelehan, Editors The
13861 Brownstein, Rachel M. Why Jane Austen? Fay Weldon CambridgeCompaniontoLiteratureonScreen.With Olivier and
calls this book a "vital handbook for Janeites" and "both a Garson on the cover playing Darcy and Elizabeth in the 1940
storehouse of diverting facts and a history of literary movie, we know Austen is going to be featured in this lovely
obsession...". Through her own experiences as Austen teacher, companion to fine literature adapted for film. Essays by many
fan, and student, and through her rigorous research, Brownstein writers familiar to us, including Troost, McFarlane, and Corrigan,
enhances our appreciation for Austen by showing us how she among others. Writers explore Austen, Shakespeare, Tolkien,
has been appreciated, revered, criticized, and exploited. children's literature, the effects of music, animation, and more.
Columbia University Press, NY. Hb, Dj. NEW. $27.00 Interview wtih Andrew Davies. Cambrige UP. 2007, 2010 reprint.
Paper. List $33.99. NEW. $30.00
14716 Burgess,MirandaJ.BritishFictionandtheProductionof
Social Order 1740Ͳ1830. Burgess examines what Romantic- 10346-1 Cecil,DavidAPortraitofJaneAusten.David Cecil was
period authors meant by the term "romance." Richardson, Scott, Professor of English Literature at the University of Oxford from
Austen and Wollstonecraft are evaluated in terms of political 1948 to 1970, and a past President of the Jane Austen Society.
economy and moral philosophy. She shows how these authors, He is known for his biographies of William Lamb, 2nd Viscount
by engaging in discourse with the ideas of their time, made Melbourne, and this bio of Jane Austen. DJ distressed. NY: 1979.
important contributions to the development of Britain's identity. 208 pages, Hb, dj. USED. $15.00
Cambridge UP. 2000. Paper. List price $55. NEW. $45.00

Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142
15000 Chwe, Michael SukͲYoung Jane 14312 Dow, Gillian and Clare Hanson, editors Uses of Austen.
Austen, Game Theorist. Humanities and Jane Austen has been important to soldiers in times of war,
social sciences collide in this economist- paraded as a feminist, deemed most conservative, found to be
style analysis of Austen's novels. The the first modern novelist, and read as classical. Nowadays she
characters interact strategically and has gone beyond postfeminist and is on the global stage, in
Chwe brilliantly shows how their policital discourse on the internet, a symbol for Englishness and
prudence and gamesmanship illuminate for Western ideals. This collection of essays explores these
game theory. A little African American developments. Dow is Director of Research at Chawton House
folklore and US foreign policy is thrown Library and Lecturer in English at Uni of Southampton. Hanson is
in for good measure. We all know Professor of 20th century Lit at Uni of Southampton. Palgrave
romantic relationships and social position Macmillan, Basingstoke. Hb. NEW. $79.00
are related to the worlds of business,
12360 Downing, Sarah Jane Fashion in
war, and statesmanship, because we read Jane Austen!
theTimeofJaneAusten.A truly delightful
Awesome dust jacket. Princeton. 2013. Hb, Dj. NEW. $28.00
book full of period illustrations. Explains
14577 Clark,Robert,EditorSenseandSensibilityandPrideand how fashion of the period was influenced
Prejudice:ContemporaryCriticalEssays.New Casebooks. Critical by egalitarian ideals, and how London
essays, intro, index. S&S - Duckworth, Butler, Leighton, D. A. briefly eclipsed Paris as the center of the
Miller, Poovey. P&P - Poovey, Judith Lowder Newton, Julia fashion world. Shire Library, Oxford UK,
Prewitt Brown, Armstrong, Brownstein, Newman. Pristine 2010. 64 pgs. Paper. NEW. $12.00
condition, Dj in plastic. St. Martin's Press, 1994. USED. $65.00
14318 Dryden,RobertG.JaneAustenfor
12099-1 Copeland, Edward & Juliet McMaster, Eds. The Beginners.Colorful cover. B/w comicbook
CambridgeCompaniontoJaneAusten.With seven new essays! style illustrations throughout. Looks behind the romance of the
Updated for the 21st century reader. Cambridge University novels to help the casual reader become a well-informed reader.
Press, paper, 2nd Edition, 2011. NEW $25.00. Explores issues of politics, money, industrialization, colonization,
imperialism, war, and more. All in a fun format. 169 pgs. 2012.
14718 Cottom,DanielTheCivilizedImagination:AStudyofAnn
Paper. List $16.99.NEW. $14.00
Radcliffe, Jane Austen, and Sir Walter Scott. A study of
literature as part of cultural change. Although the 3 authors 10450 Duckworth, Alistair The Improvement of the Estate. A
discussed are quite different, Professor Cottom shows us their Study of Jane Austen's Novels. With new introductions by the
common preoccupation with the changing relationships between author, recognizing the increased scholarship since his original
aristocratic and middle-class values. Digital reproduction of orig. publication in 1971, which may cause him to adjust but not
published in 1985. Cambridge UP. 2009. Paper. List price $30.99. withdraw his central argument. Important, perhaps seminal
NEW. $28.00 work, dealing with the Christian, moral, humanistic aspects of
Austen's thought as expressed in her novels. Includes "before
14720 Davidson,JennyHypocrisyandthePoliticsofPoliteness:
and after" view of the estate by Repton. Johns Hopkins, 1994.
MannersandMoralsfromLocketoAusten.When is politeness a
250 pgs. Paper. Publ. at $18.95. NEW. $7.00
virtue and when is it hypocrisy? What role does hypocrisy play in
the lives of women and servants during the late 18th and early 10479-4 Edwards,AnneͲMarieIntheStepsof
19th centure? A fascinating section on Mansfield Park, causing us Jane Austen. Traveller's guide, updated &
to look at Fanny Price anew. The benefits of hypocrisy and the revised. Photos, maps, a must-have, whether
costs to Fanny are demonstrated in Austen's novel. An important or not you are planning to make the
work dealing with "revolutions in female manners." Cambridge pilgrimage soon! Jones Books, 2006 3rd ed.
UP. 2004. Paper. List $45. NEW. $39.00 Paper. NEW. $16.00
12489 Deresiewicz, William Jane Austen and the Romantic 10555-1 Firkins,O.W.JaneAusten.Originally
Poets.Examines the differences in artistic development between published 1920. Examines Jane Austen the novelist, the realist,
her first phase of writing - NA, SS, PP - and her and the woman. Includes the poem "To Jane Austen" by the
second phase - MP, E, P - through the influence author. Russell & Russell, NY. 1965. Hb. VG condition, green
of the Romantic movement as expressed in cloth, gold gilt lettering on spine. Some pgs still uncut. USED.
Wordsworth, Coleridge, Scott and Byron. A $31.00
convincing argument. Hb, Dj. Columbia
14584 Flavin,LouiseJaneAustenintheClassroom:Viewingthe
University Press, 2004. NEW. $40.00
Novel/Reading the Film. A valuable tool for teachers and
13670-1 Deresiewicz, William A Jane Austen students of Brit Lit, Women's Literature, critical analysis of
Education:HowSixNovelsTaughtMeAboutLove,Friendship, literature and film, and Jane Austen. For teachers of high school
and the Things That Really Matter. This touching memoir and college. Paper. Peter Lang. 2004. NEW. $40.00
describes how the author discovered Austen, and how that
10571 Folsom,MarciaMcClintock,ed.ApproachestoTeaching
discovery changed his life forever. Deresiewicz, an award
Austen's Emma. Plus essays by 18 eminent Austen scholars,
winning writer and critic, weaves his own coming-of-age story
including Jonathan Gross. NY. 2004. Paper. NEW. $18.00
throughout his unique, accessible interpretation of Austen's
works. List $15. Paper. 2011. NEW. $12.00 10572-1 Folsom, Marcia McClintock, ed. Approaches to
Teaching Austen's Pride and Prejudice.  A readable, enjoyable

Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142
collection that is as much appreciated for its wit as for its 14711 Gay, Penny Jane Austen and the
scholarship. Not just for teachers and students, a great addition Theatre. Just because Fanny Price couldn't
to your JA library. Copeland, Prewitt Brown, Kaplan, Harris, act, some rumor abounds that Jane Austen
McMaster, Stovel, Bromberg and many more. Hardbound, No DJ. was anti-theatrical. Penny Gay shows that is
MLA, 1993. NEW.$30.00 not the case at all as she describes the rich
associations between Austen's novels and
14153 Forest, Jennifer Jane Austen's
contemporary drama. Cambridge UP. First
published 2002. Paper. List price $50.00.
Jane Austen's Novels. In this beautiful
NEW. $44.00
book, Forest uses excerpts from Austen's
novels and letters as starting points to 14721 Gaylin,AnnaEavesdroppingintheNovelfromAustento
reveal the world of the late 18th century Proust.Novels of Austen, Balzac, Dickens, Collins and Proust. In
accomplished woman. Sew, knit, paint or an era of increasing information technology, heightened displays
net 18 craft projects that are made by of private life in public, and more access to information for
Austen's characters. Murdoch Books, Imported from Jane everyone, eavesdropping became an interesting device in novels.
Austen's House Museum, Chawton. Paper with faux DJ. NEW. The section on Austen focuses on P&P. Listen in! Cambridge UP.
$25.00 Paper. 2007 reprint of 2002 original. List price $50. NEW. $43.00
12096 Freeman,JeanJaneAusteninBath. This excellent guide 10624-2 Gilson,DavidABibliographyofJaneAusten.This is the
to Bath, from the perspective of the Austen fan or scholar, has only bibliography you will ever need - and you will wonder how
been reprinted several times over the years due to its continuing you managed without it. Arranged in sections so that you can
popularity. Illustrated. Published by The Jane Austen Society easily find any book. Read all about the various editions of Jane's
(UK). NEW. $12.00 works - read stories of the famous and celebrated owners of her
works. Includes books about Jane as well as her own works. This
14320 Fullerton, Susannah A Dance with Jane Austen: How a
edition is an exact reprint of the first edition (books listed to
NovelistandHerCharactersWenttotheBall.Fwd by Deirdre Le
1978, published in 1982), with a new front section summarizing
Faye. A beautiful new book full of gorgeous illustrations. Relying
important works published after that date to 1995. Out of Print.
on primary sources including Austen's novels and letters,
Oak Knoll Press, 1997, Hb, dj. 877 pgs. NEW. $95.00
Fullerton takes the reader through the process of going to the
ball with Austen and her characters. Choose your gown, learn 14655 Harris, Jocelyn Jane Austen's Art of
your steps, fret over the shortage of gentlemen, sit down to Memory. In this landmark work originally
supper, and talk it all over with your friends tomorrow! Extensive published in 1989, Harris shows that Austen
bibliography. Frances Lincoln, London, 2012. Hb, dj. NEW. $22.00 immersed her works in allusions to her
predecessors in literature, including Locke,
14396 Fullerton, Susannah Celebrating
Richardson, Milton, Shakespeare, and Chaucer.
Pride and Prejudice: 200 Years of Jane
And, she did not restrict the sources of her
Austen's Masterpiece. Our dear friend
inspiration to literature. She absorbed, retained,
Susannah Fullerton has compiled a
and created new art. A must-read for all
wonderful story of one of the world's
who seek to capture, just a little bit better,
favorite and most famous books. From
Austen "in the act of greatness."
what we know of Austen's first draft, to an
Cambridge UP, 2003. Paper. List price
exploration of the things that make the
$29.99. NEW. $28.00
story so endearing. A history of reactions
to the novel by other writers and famous 12226Harris,JocelynARevolutionAlmost
folks, and a thoroughly modern exploration of the various mash- Beyond Expression: Jane Austen's
ups, crazy gifts, television miniseries, movies, games, and Persuasion "Persuasion reveals Austen's
sequels, all P&P-inspired. Celebrate the novel's travels from the patriotism, her pioneering lyricism, and
trenches of WWI to Hollywood and in translation around the her hopes for sexual equality." Important
world. With a collection of book illustrations scattered for everyone's library, this analysis of Austen's political,
throughout, some you're bound not to have seen. A stylized historical, and gender views focuses on her dialogue with other
peacock on the beautiful dust jacket completes the P&P writers and thinkers of her time such as Burke and Scott.
celebration. Susannah heads the Australian branch of the Jane Incorporates and answers previous critical works that have
Ausen Society. (Psst: You'll also want to buy her recent release placed Austen on both sides of the political spectrum. HB, DJ. List
"A Dance with Jane Austen," another beautiful book full of price $85. NEW. $63.00
information and lovely illustrations.) Voyageur Press, 2013, Hb,
11994 Henderson, Lauren Jane Austen's Guide to Dating.
Dj. List $25.99. NEW. $21.00
"Which Jane Austen character are you most like? Complete the
10583 Fullerton, Susannah  Jane Austen & Crime. There was quiz and find your romantic match!" Advice inspired by JA
plenty of crime in Jane Austen's England. Fullerton shows the novels. Pretty paperback. 2005. NEW. $11.00
connections between Jane's youthful work, her mature work,
10761-1 Hodge, Jane Aiken Only a Novel: The Double Life of
and the darker side of life. Jones Books, 2006. 248 pgs. Paper.
Jane Austen. Excerpts from Austen's letters enhance this
NEW. $20.00
beloved biography that celebrates Austen's double life. That
"Dear Aunt Jane" and formidably intelligent Miss Austen

Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142
coexisted is certain. Spine is creased. Paper. Fawcett, 1972. authors answered the premise of Burke that the future of
USED. $7.00 civilization depended on men expressing their feminine qualities
such as tenderness and sentiment. Essays on Wollstonecraft,
10777-3 Honan,ParkJaneAusten:HerLife.Beloved biography,
Burney, Radcliffe and Austen. Foreword by Catherine R.
one of our favorites. New publ. Max Press. London: 2007. Hb, dj.
Stimpson. U of Chicago Press. 1995. Paper. List price $32.50.
NEW. $16.00
NEW. $31.00
14619 Hopkins, Lisa Relocating Shakespeare and Austen on
10832-2 Johnson, Claudia  Jane Austen: Women, Politics, and
Screen.Austen and Shakespeare wrote at crucial moments in the
the Novel.  "Best (and best-written) book about Austen." Nina
history of colonialism. In this book, eight major film adaptations
Auerbach. U of Chicago Press, 1988, Paper. List price 22.50.
are discussed in terms of what they tell us about the meaning of
NEW. $18.00
these texts in modern times as well as the meaning of
Englishness, especially in the USA and India, two former colonies. 14311 Jones, Hazel and Maggie Lane Celebrating Pride and
Palgrave Macmillan. 2009. Hb. NEW. $55.00 Prejudice.In celebration of P&P's 200th anniversary in 2013, the
authors describe the extraordinary love for this book and its
10795-1 Hubback, J. H. and Edith C.  Jane Austen's Sailor
author that lives on today among fans and academics alike.
Brothers: Being the Adventures of Sir Francis Austen, G.C.B.,
Illustrated throughout, with Colin Firth on the cover. Landsdown
Admiral of the Fleet and RearͲAdmiral Charles Austen. Gilson
Media (publisher of Jane Austen's Regency World), Bath. Paper.
M275. First edition. Written by grandson and great-
2012. NEW. $12.00
granddaughter of Frances Austen. First published reproduction
of Cassandra's watercolor sketch of Jane Austen. Foxing. 12506 KennedyͲMcLuckie, Marcia Jane
Previous owner bookplate (Fardell) and notes on one page in Austen: TV and Film Locations Guide.
front. Some wear to edges of spine and corners, else VG. John Travel to the sites! Or just pretend to?
Lane The Bodley Head. 1906. 294 pgs. USED. $220.00 48 pgs, illustrated. Jane Austen Centre,
Bath. Trail Publishing. $15.00 Paper.
10795-2 Hubback, J. H. and Edith C. Jane Austen's Sailor
NEW. $15.00
Brothers: Being the adventures of Sir Francis Austen GCB
Admiral of the Fleet and RearͲAdmiral Charles Austen. A 1986 14526 Keynes,GeoffreyJaneAusten:A
reprint of the 1906 book written by grandson and great- Bibliography. With four illustrations from original engravings.
granddaughter of Frances Austen. Blue cloth. Hb. NEW $75.00 Number 392 of 875 copies, 200 of which were for the United
States. Among his other skills and abilities, Keynes was a noted
12516 Hurst,JaneJaneAustenandAlton:AWalkAroundJane
bibliographer, and he was the younger brother of the famous
Austen's Alton. Map, photos. Visit the town through Jane
economist. His preface discusses R. W. Chapman's recent work.
Austen's eyes. 36 pages. Paper. NEW. $14.00
Title page and half title page facsimiles of first, second, first
13448 Hurst, Jane Jane Austen and Chawton: A Walk around American, etc. are included. Valuable resource in excellent
Jane Austen's Chawton. A detailed walk with photos and map condition. Cream paper spine. Light blue cloth boards. Paper
identifying 34 sites with information about each explaining how label to spine, spare tipped in at the rear of the book. Top corner
Jane Austen would have seen them. Published by the author. 36 of front board rubbed. Light stain on bottom rear board. Printed
pages, Paper. 2009. NEW. $10.00 by R. & R. Clarke in Edinburgh. London: Nonesuch Press, 1929.
USED. $120.00
14680 Huxley, Victoria  Jane Austen &
Addlestrop: Her Other Family.  Jane 14712 KnoxͲShaw,PeterJaneAustenandtheEnlightenment.A
Austen visited her Leigh relatives in careful study of the Austen family's readings, the atmosphere at
Addlestrop several times and kept up Steventon, and Austen's Juvenilia and novels gives proof to Knox-
correspondence with them. She also Shaw's argument that Austen was firmly grounded in
visited Stoneleigh Abbey with her cousin Enlightenment thinking. Entertaining for the Austen fan as well
the Reverend Thomas Leigh, witnessed as the scholar. Adds complexity to a rereading of all the novels;
Repton's improvements, and had other brings up the influence of brother James that is often not
experiences that influenced her writing. credited enough. The Austen family was obviously reading
The village is explored, including Hume, Adam Smith, and other Enlightenment writers.
revelations about the changes it went Cambridge UP, paper. Orig. publ. 2004. List price $32.99. NEW.
through during Austen's life and its current state. This is a well $29.00
written, enjoyable and important addition to your Austen library.
12339 Lane, Maggie Jane Austen and
Illustrations, index, notes, maps. Windrush Publishing,
Regency Bath. Catherine Morland had a
Gloucestershire, UK. Paper. 2013. NEW. $20.00
great time in Bath, in spite of false friends.
10822-2 Jenkyns, Richard A Fine Brush on Ivory: An But Austen depicted Bath quite differently
AppreciationofJaneAustenWhat a pleasure to read this critical in Persuasion. Maggie Lane helps explain
work on Jane Austen's novels. Bright and sparkling, Jenkyns's Austen's relationship with the white city.
writing illuminates JA's style, use of irony, and technical Luscious illustrations. D. Allison, UK. 2007.
methods. We highly recommend this fine essay. This paper book 56 pgs. Paper. NEW. $15.00
released 2007, originally publ 2004. NEW. $20.00
13228 Lane, Maggie Jane Austen and
11238 Johnson, Claudia Equivocal Beings: Politics, Gender and LymeRegis.Jane Austen visited Lyme with her parents and sister
Sentimentality in the 1790's. Johnson explores how several in 1803. She used the pretty little town in her book Persuasion
Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142
written 12 years later. Maggie Lane describes the history of 13440 Lefroy, Mrs The Letters of Mrs Lefroy. Edited by Helen
Austen's visit to Lyme and includes a town trail with map, and a Lefroy and Gavin Turner. How wonderful to have access to this
description of sites you can visit today that were part of the collection of letters from 1800-1804. Mrs Lefroy writes of social
Lyme Regis that Jane Austen knew. Jane Austen Society, and family life interspersed with important national and
Chawton. 55 pgs, Paper. 2007. NEW. $15.00 international events. Published by the Jane Austen Society, 2007.
Paper. 258 pgs. NEW. $20.00
14287 Lane,MaggieUnderstandingAusten:KeyConceptsinthe
Six Novels. A fascinating study of Austen's language exploring 13029 Looser, Devoney Jane Austen and Discourses of
how her subtle choice of words illustrates her beliefs about Feminism. An important collection of essays critical to our
character and conduct. This work focuses on abstract words like understanding of Jane Austen in the ever-evolving discussion of
elegance, gentility, and propriety. Another gem from a favorite the female author's voice. One used copy is signed by the author,
Austen scholar. Robert Hale, London. 2012. List price $24.95. Hb, others new. St. Martin's Press. 1995. Hb. Publ at $90. NEW.
Dj. NEW. $21.00 $50.00
12231-3 Lane, Maggie Jane Austen's 14374 Macdonald,GinaandAndrewF.MacdonaldJaneAusten
World: The Life and Times of on Screen. A collection of essays that explores the literary and
England's Most Popular Author. cinematic implications of translating Austen's prose into film.
Special new printing in honor of Pride Contributors include John Mohser, David Monoghan, Ellen
and Prejudice's 200th birthday. Belton, Hilary Schor, Tara G. Wallace, Paulette Richards, Penny
Gorgeous over-sized book full of color Gay, Jan Fergus, Jocelyn Harris, Harriet Margolis, Kate Bowles,
illustrations. Intro by Brian Southam. Gaylene Preston, Roger Gard. With Alan Rickman and Kate
Chapters on topics such as Rich and Winslet from Emma Thompson's S&S adaptation on the cover.
Poor, The Accomplished Woman, Cambridge University Press, 2003. List $33.99. Paper. NEW.
Slave Trade and Transportation, $30.00
Poetry, The Letters, Love and Friendship, Housekeeping, The
13310 Martin, Joanna Wives and Daughters: Women and
Rights of Woman, Seaside Resorts, and more! Import. Carlton
ChildrenintheGeorgianCountryHouse.The story of the ladies
Books, London 2013. HB, DJ, NEW. $24.00
of Melbury, a great house of Dorset, and their friends, relations,
13441 Lane,Maggie,andDavidSelwyn,EditorsJaneAusten:A and servants, from 1730 to 1830. The women's own words are
Celebration. A collection of individual testimonies to Jane used whenever possible, from letters, journals and memoirs.
Austen. Includes novelists, teachers, politicians, actors. Many questions about country house living are explored. What
Introduction by HRH The Prince of Wales. Fyfield Books, JAS, people ate, how the household was organized, servants' roles,
Chawton House Library. Manchester, UK. 96 pgs, Paper. NEW. how rooms were used, and other intricate details of daily life.
$20.00 Book is Hb with Dj in protective sleeve. Hambledon and London,
2004. $28.00
14714 Le Faye, Deirdre A Chronology of Jane Austen and Her
Family. For the Austen scholar or fan who wants to know 14327 Michaelson,PatriciaHowellSpeakingVolumes:Women,
everything. This massive tome, this amazing achievement of Reading and Speech in the Age of Austen. Drawing on diaries,
scholarship from one who has been embedded in Austen family letters, conduct books, literature (primarily Austen's) and other
documents for decades, is a day-by-day chronology of every little primary source material, this book illuminates how women
detail known about Jane Austen and her family. The 1600's only strategized their use of language to claim their individual
have a few entries each decade, but by the time we reach the identities. Stanford U. Press. Paper. List $25.95. NEW. $22.00
late 1700's we find some time periods
14286 Michie, Elsie B. The Vulgar
with several details in a day. Records of
Question of Money: Heiresses,
neighbors show when Jane and her
mother and sister dined with them. The
from Jane Austen to Henry James.
Rev George Austen pays a bill for carpet
Focusing especially on the wealthy
materials. Jane loans a friend a book.
heiress, Michie explores how the rise of
Intimate details pulled from numerous
capitalism and the anxiety it created
sources. Ends in 2003 with family trees
was expressed in novels of Austen,
into the 20th century. Detailed index.
Trollope, Oliphant, and James. The
776 pages. Paper. Cambridge UP. 2013.
common theme of a wealthy man
List price $50.00. NEW. $45.00
marrying a poorer woman is examined.
10910 Lefaye, Deirdre Jane Austen's 'Outlandish cousin', the Johns Hopkins UP, 2011. Hb, Dj. NEW. $60.00
Life and Letters of Eliza de Feuillide [1761Ͳ1813]. Jane's cousin
14572 Monaghan, David Jane Austen: Structure and Social
Eliza brought news of the wide world to her pretty cousins at
Vision. Monaghan shows how Austen's use of social occasions
Steventon. Presented at the French court, married to a French
and various ways her characters exhibit their manners reveals
Count who died on the guillotine, eventually married to Jane's
her interest in the way the traditional values of the gentry
own brother Henry, Eliza was a joyful woman who openly loved
contrasted with the values of the emerging middle class. A
flirting and fun. One of our favorite books. Eliza's welcoming
scarce book, valuable to our understanding of Austen and to the
correspondences bring us into the family, and Le Faye's light
evolution of Austen criticism during the last few decades. Barnes
additional historical context brings her to life. British Library,
& Noble, 1980. Hb, Dj in plastic sleeve. Mint. USED. $45.00
London. 2002. Hb, Dj. NEW. $35.00
Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142
14578 Monaghan,David,EditorEmma.New Casebooks. Critical 11229 Quin, Vera Jane Austen Visits London. Follow in Jane
essays, intro, index. Stovel, Duckworth, Beatrice Marie, D. A. Austen's footsteps and see London through her eyes. Researches
Miller, JMQ Davies, Litvak, James Thompson, Ruth Perry, Nancy the references Austen made in her letters and literature, then
Armstrong, Paul H. Fry. Mint condition, DJ in plastic cover. St. takes us into her world. Illustrated by Veronique Avon-Yapp.
Martin's Press. 1992. USED. $50.00 Paperback. NEW. $20.00
13047-1 Mullan, John Anonymity: A Secret History of English 11709 Quin,VeraInPariswithJaneAusten.More scholarly than
Literature. The history of anonymity in English literature from her book on JA and London, this fascinating study takes us to
the 16th century to today. Authors have gone to great lengths to Paris and Geneva where Austen's work was published in
keep their identities secret; this book explores not only their translation soon after its English debut. Quin also explains the
motivations and methods, but how their anonymity affected world in which these novels were launched, French women
their audience and critics. 374 pgs, Hb, Dj. faber & faber import. writers of the time, the background of the French Revolution,
2007. NEW. $12.00 religious and political issues that affected Austen's reception.
With beautiful maps by Veronique Yapp, so you can visit sites
14310 Mullan, John What Matters in Jane
mentioned in the text on your tours. Paper. 2005. NEW. $30.00
Austen? Twenty Crucial Problems Solved.
2013 AGM Plenary speaker! A fun 11289 Reeve, Katharine Jane Austen in
exploration of underlying meanings in Bath: Walking Tours of the Writer's
Austen's works. Twenty chapters, each on a City. Charming! A good take-along size.
topic. Explains the significance of money, Four delightful walks, with numerous
age, blunders, illnesses, sex, weather, the stops along the way. Ties Jane's words
seaside, and shows how these kinds of from the novels to the city, the gardens,
topics spoke in subtle and not-so-subtle entertainment and shops along the way. 26 period illustrations
ways to Austen's contemporary readers. in color. Green cloth spine and corners, illustrated boards, green
And her scenes still speak to us today. Did she know how good ribbon page marker. Very pretty book makes an excellent gift for
she really is? Mullan tries to solve that problem, among others. the friend who is going on the pilgrimage. 7x5. Hb. NEW. $17.00
Notes, bibliography. Hb, Dj. List $30.00. Bloomsbury Press. NEW.
14661 Rodi, Robert Bitch in a Bonnet: Reclaiming Jane Austen
fromtheStiffs,theSnobs,theSimpsandtheSaps.Antidote for
10081-1 Myer,ValerieGrosvenorJaneAusten:ObstinateHeart. a postliterate society! Robert Rodi is a novelist, playwright, and
"Jane Austen spent her entire life as a poor relation. She lived on comic book writer who didn't want to cite Austen as inspiration
the outside looking in." A thorough, clear biography, certainly for his biting satire because she is reputedly chic-lit. Tired of how
not all doom and gloom as this quote from the author suggests. her genius has been co-opted and made into a consumerist
16 pages glossy illustrations including family, landscapes, slogan, he's now edited what he wrote originally as blog entries
costumes, and the quilt. Myer stays close to the letters and and published them in book form. This is great stuff. Walk
history, while bringing Jane and her family to life. Arcade, 1997, through Austen's novels with up-to-date honest criticism and
hb, dj. NEW. $15.00 revel in her social satire as she gleefully
exposes her masterfully made human
12505 Old, Terry Bath as Jane Austen knew
horrors. Get through the satire to the place
it. A Walking Tour of the City. Beautiful 48
where her novels reveal love, and it's the
page booklet from the Jane Austen Center.
deep, endearing real human stuff. Like the
NEW. $15.00
real sister love Elinor shows for Marianne
13443 Old,TerryBathasJaneAustenKnewIt when Reason meets Romance in the
Part 2: A Walking Tour of the Old City and boxing ring. This is Volume 1 and covers SS,
the New. See what Jane saw. With lots of PP, and MP. Can't wait for Vol 2! Self
color illustrations. 56 pgs, paper. NEW. $15.00 published. Paper. 2011. NEW. $16.00
14574 Page, Norman The Language of Jane Austen. An 14579 Simons, Judy, Editor Mansfield Park and Persuasions.
examination of the use of language in Austen's novels, to New Casebooks. Critical essays, intro, index. Butler, Miller,
illucidate the morals and meanings she intends to convey. Do we Auerbach, Yeazell, Poovey, Said, J. P. Brown, Gilbert and Gubar,
become accustomed to her meaningful use of certain words Claudia Johnson, Mooneyham, Wiltshire, Weissman. Mint
through repeat reading of her works, and do we then assign condition, DJ in plastic cover. St. Martin's. 1992. USED. $50.00
more moral value to them? A sophisticated and thought-
14570 Stewart, Maaja A. Domestic Realities and Imperial
provoking analysis. Basil Blackwell, Oxford. Hb, Dj in plastic
Fictions: Jane Austen's Novels in EighteenthͲCentury Contexts.
cover. VG, clean book. USED. $40.00
Stewart evaluates Austen's novels to reveal the way evolving
14722 Prince, Michael Philisophical Dialogue in the British empire penetrated every aspect of British life, including the
Enlightenment:Theology,AestheticsandtheNovel.A history of domestic space that was not isolated. Reading Austen's novels as
enlightenment dialogue on philosophy. Novelists such as conflicts between older and younger sons, exposing the conflicts
Fielding, Austen, Sterne and Johnson are placed in a between landed and mercantile, risk and security, gender, she
philosophical context. The development of the novel as part of shows how Austen's work demonstrates these struggles as they
shifts in philosophical thought, especially after Hume, are are played out between her characters. Out of print and scarce.
examined. Cambridge UP. Paper. Reprint of 1996 ed. List $50. University of Georgia Press. Hb, Dj. 1993. NEW. $750.00
NEW. $43.00
Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142
14534 Strasbaugh, Joan The List Lover's 13027 Tomalin,ClaireMrsJordan'sProfession:TheActressand
Guide to Jane Austen. Joan has done a the Prince. Dora Jordan was a great comic actress in the late
tremendous amount of research to put 18th century. The Duke of Clarence fell in love with her and
together this delightful little book of lists. convinced her to live with him. She bore him 10 children and
Where did she go? Who did she know? What often supported the household with her stage wages. Yet
did she read? What did she wear? Fun and eventually he abandoned her. A riveting biography. At the 2013
serious facts you'll gobble up non-stop. AGM, Jocelyn Harris asked us to consider whether Jordan was an
Whoever thought a book of lists could be so inspiration for Elizabeth Bennet. First American Edition. Alfred A.
hard to put down? Sourcebooks, 2013. Paper. NEW. $10.00 Knopf, 1995. Hb, Dj. USED. $10.00
14576 Sulloway, Alison G. Jane Austen and the Province of 11491-3 Tomalin, Claire Jane Austen: A Life. A favorite
Womanhood. Looks at Austen's thinking in terms of conduct biography. 347 pgs, Paper. Vintage Books, 1999. NEW. $12.00
books and male advice to women that was prevalent in her time.
14710 Tuite, Clara Romantic Austen:
Adds another dimension to our appreciation of Austen's irony.
Sexual Politics and the Literary Canon.
Still wrapped in original plastic. Hb, Dj. NEW. $32.00
Studies Austen's works within the traditions
13364 Tave,StuartM.SomeWordsofJaneAusten.Focuses on of Romanticism, arguing that she belongs in
the words that show Austen's moral concepts and values. Critical the Romantic movement by looking at
words include sensibility, imagination, exertion, mortification, sexual politics, nationhood, and heritage
affection, amiable, and delicate. He describes the scope of culture. Readings in her juvenilia, S&S and
meaning of these words to help us understand the depth of MP, and Sanditon. Digital reprint of the
Austen's fictional reality. Focuses on how her characters 2002 original. Cambridge UP, 2008. Paper.
understand or misunderstand the words they and others use, List $40.00. NEW. $36.00
and exactly what these words mean to the author. U of Chicago,
12151 Wilson, Kim In the Garden with Jane Austen. Delightul
1973. Paper. Almost like new, appears barely read. USED. $17.00
book uses quotes from Jane Austen as the basis for exploring
13446 Thomson, Hugh Hugh Thomson's Illustrations of Jane various kinds of gardens - from country estates to Bath and
Austen'sMansfieldParkandEmma.Edited by Jean Bowden. 20 London. Ends with suggestions on how to create your own Jane
pgs, paper. Published by the Jane Austen Memorial Trust and Austen garden. Beautiful photos and illustrations throughout,
Pitkin, 2010. NEW. $15.00 printed on heavy glossy paper. Softbound with folded covers.
Perfect gift for Austen fans. 2008. NEW. $18.00
13445 Thomson, Hugh Hugh Thomson's Illustrations of Jane
Austen's Sense and Sensibility, Northanger Abbey, and 11249-2 Wilson,KimTeawithJaneAusten.Gorgeous pictures,
Persuasion. The illustrations from the 1901-1903 MacMillan bibliography, index. A charming - and charmingly illustrated -
editions of the novels. Black drawings on heavy glossy paper with (gift!) book about tea - not just another beverage, but the center
original titles. Introduction by Jean K. Bowden, adapted for this of social ritual in 18th and 19th C England. History, recipes,
edition by Ann Channon. 20 pgs, paper. Publ by The Jane Austen excerpts from the novels and letters, illustrations from the time.
Memorial Trust and Pitkin Publishing, 2010. New. $15.00 Illustrated boards. 2004. NEW. $16.00
13375 Thomson, Hugh The Illustrated Pride and Prejudice 13391 Wilson, Margaret Jane Austen's Family and Tonbridge.
Companion. A collection of illustrations from the first edition Jane Austen's father's family's fascinating history in Tonbridge.
illustrated by Hugh Thomson in 1894. The illustrations have been Jane Austen Society, UK. 2001. 60 pgs. NEW. $15.00
tastefully colored. A bit of text accompanies each to give
14717 Wiltshire, John Jane Austen and the Body. One of our
context. Tea-rose illustrated hardcover. 57 pgs. Import. David &
favorite Austen scholars shows how her novels really are full of
Charles, Newton Abbot, UK. 2005. NEW. $10.00
the physical, from Mrs Bennet, Mary Musgrove and Mr
12193 Todd, Janet Jane Austen in Context. (Cambridge Ed. of Woodhouse complaining to descriptions of young ladies' health.
Works of Jane Austen.) Generously illustrated collection of Think of contrasting characters like Emma Woodhouse and Lydia
essays that introduce Austen's life and times, covering Bennet. Wiltshire examines how talk about health operates in
biography, bibliography, criticism, fashion, transportation, and contexts of politics, gender, and social concerns. Reprint of the
more. One of the Red Books. Cambridge UP. 2005. Hb, Dj. 467 1992 original. Cambridge UP. Paper. 2006. List price $39.99.
pgs. NEW. Publ at $104, Sale $60.00 NEW. $35.00
OR Item 13380 Paperback edition. List $39.99
14399 Yaffe,DeborahAmongtheJaneites:
NEW. $35.00
A Journey Through the World of Jane
14715 Todd, Janet, Ed. The Cambridge Austen Fandom. We all know that Jane
Companion to 'Pride and Prejudice.' The first Austen scholars and fans are the best
time Cambridge has published a book in their people around. Yaffe, a lifelong fan herself,
Companion series dedicated to just one novel. researched her book by hanging out with
This is evidence of the influence and importance, as well as the Janeites. She helps us understand the
popularity of Austen's most translated, adapted, filmed, staged, endearing appeal of Austen, and the
and read novel. Chapters and essays on crtical reception, friendships and fulfillment lovers of Austen
adaptations, fandom. Key themes and topics explored in detail. find in sharing their obsession. Paperback.
Cambridge UP. 2013. Paper. List price $24.99. NEW. $21.00 September 10, 2013. NEW. $15.95 SALE $12.00

Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142

13442 Arnold, June A Pleasant Diversion: M19148 Prospero Art Jane Austen Playing
The Jane Austen Acrostic Puzzle Book. One Cards.Play whist Austen style! These playing
of our most popular imports. A wonderful cards are decorated with Hugh Thomson and
gift for Austen lovers, too. Trail Publishing, Chirs Hammond illustrations and quotes
UK. 32 pgs, paper. NEW. $10.00 from Austen's novels. Spades are Persuasion,
Diamonds are Sense & Sensibility, Clubs are Emma, and Hearts
14404 Foley, Tim Literary Greats Paper
are Pride & Prejudice. Frank Churchill is the Jack of Clubs, Emma
Dolls. Laugh out loud! Virginia Woolf,
Woodhouse is the Queen. Mr. Collins is one of
Tolkein, Poe, Twain, the Bronte sisters, Ayn
the Jokers. And we don't want to give the rest
Rand, Dosteovsky, Dickens, Shakespeare,
of it away! Prospero Art, 2013. NEW. $9.00
Tolstoy, Emily Dickinson, Hemingway, the list goes on! Each
exquisitely drawn author is accompanied by 14406 Sun,MingͲJuGodey'sFashionsColoring
a quote and relevant outfits. Chaucer Book.Exquisitely adapted from Godey's Lady's
dresses as The Knight, The Wife of Bath, Book, these 19th century fashion illustrations
and The Miller. Mary Shelley of course gets beg for your colored pencil. Lace, bonnets,
to dress up like Frankenstein AND his bride. flowers, stunning details. 30 pgs. Dover. 2005.
35 dolls and lots of costumes. Paper. Dover, Paper. NEW. $3.50
2011. NEW. $12.00
13019 Tierney,TomFashionsoftheRegency
14679 JASNAAMostExcellentBall.Being a Short Guide to the Period:PaperDolls.Out of print book, one of
Art of Terpsichore for Ladies and Gentlemen of Fashion. Dance Tierney's finest. Fastidious George and
program from the ball at the 2001 AGM in Seattle. With a brief beautiful Jane wear a variety of outfits for
introduction to the country dance, instructions for several every occasion. Each numbered plate is
dances, and a glossary of terms. In fine described in great detail in the covers for one
condition. USED. $5.00 of the best lessons in Regency era dressing
you will find anywhere, including the
M19149 Marina Games The Jane Austen
undergarments. Swansdown bands, cotton battiste, nankeen
TriviaGame.Challenge your friends! Test
britches, a Carrick coat, chitterlings, all these words that are
your talents. Over 300 trivia cards, dice,
mysterious to most of us these days, meticulously illustrated so
instructions and scorecards. NEW. $12.50
now you can visualize in context. 16 plates. Slight bend to top
12035 Mattox, Brenda Sneathen Pride corner, barely noticeable browning. Dover, 1996.
and Prejudice: Paper Dolls. Eight paper USED. $18.00
dolls with 48 total costumes. Featuring
13398 Tierney, Tom Empire Fashions Coloring
Elizabeth, Jane, Lydia, Mrs. Bennet, Mr. Bingley, Mr. Darcy, Lady
Book. 1789-1815 fashions delightfully and
Catherine, and Mr. Wickham. Fashions include
expertly drawn with detailed description on each
"long-sleeved, empire-style church-wear
page and introduction by artist.
dresses, simple day gowns with gardening
48 pgs, paper. 2001. NEW. $4.50
aprons, elegant ball gowns, and bridal gowns.
For the gentlemen, formal eveningwear, 12982 Tierney, Tom. Napoleon and Josephine
greatcoats, a military uniform, and morning PaperDolls.The Emperor and Empress display a
coats with breeches and top boots." Dover. stunning variety of styles in this historically
NEW. $6.00 accurate rendering. NEW. $4.50

MagnetsfromJaneAusten’sHouseMuseum: M19156 BookmarksfromChawton.Heavy
M19153 AntiqueAustenBooks.NEW. $7.00 plastic bookmarks, some with Colin Firth and Darcy
M19152 ColinFirthasMrDarcy.NEW. $7.00 quotes, some with Austen's at Home Collection, a few
M19154 PeacockPrideandPrejudice Peacock P&P, all from Jane Austen's House Museum.
Design.With the 1894 P&P peacock. NEW. $5.00
NEW. $7.00
M19150 MagneticNotePad.
M10238 ChawtonChristmasCards Chawton'sJaneAusten'sAtHome
ͲCarriageRideinSnow.Five cards Collection.The Jane Austen's At Home
with envelopes. Cover is a a watercolor Collection features quilt designs and
of a gentleman and lady in a carriage in patterns from Austen's life. With
the snow circa 1810's in front of what is magnetic note pads on your fridge
now Jane Austen’s House Museum. you'll never forget a JASNA meeting!
Import. NEW. $12.00 Import. NEW. $10.00

Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142

M19130 From the Desk of Jane Austen: 100 M10105 Jane Austen Watch. Lady's slim formal watch. Smooth
Postcards. With 25 different quotes on these style genuine leather band. Small black and white portrait of
postcards (4 of each), you'll never run out of Jane Austen on face. Roman numerals 1-12 on gold tone outer
Austenian messages to send! Quotes come from face. Gold tone hour, minute, and second hands. Comes with gift
her personal correspondence as well as her box. $28.00
fiction. Patterns are elegant. From Potter Style.
M10217 Magnetic Note Pad Ͳ Jane Austen Centre. With this
They come in a beautiful keepsake box that will
magnetic note pad from the Jane Austen Centre (Bath) on your
look handsome on your bookshelf or desk. 2013. NEW. $19.00
refrigerator, you will remember to catch the next Jane Austen
M10153 JaneAustenAddressBook.NEW. $8.00
event! NEW. $10.00
M10230 JaneAustenBirthdayBook. $9.00
M19139 JaneAustenJournal(MiniJournal).$8.00 M10441 Northanger Abbey Singles Ad Magnet. Can stay
M10109 JaneAustenJournal. NEW. $10.00 together or be separated into 4 separate magnets. Two
M10201-1 JaneAustenNoteCards–P&P.$11.00 illustrated ads - young gentleman seeking young lady, and young
M10201-2 JaneAustenNoteCards–S&S. $11.00 lady seeking young gentleman. Inside jokes from NA so we
M19138 JaneAustenNoteCards. $11.00 Janeites know they are Henry and Catherine. One dollar from
M10419 JaneAustenNotePads.$9.00 every sale goes to JASNA Ohio North Coast's activities fund.
For more photos and details of your Potter Style favorites visit $4.00
M19202 Jane Austen Novel Journal. Lovely
M19201 Jane Austen Novel Notecards. hardback journal with lined pages by Jane's
Beatiful notecards with envelopes by Papers. Jane Austen quotes and little bits of
Jane's Papers. 16 cards, 4 of each design. original artwork scattered throughout. Chronicle
Jane Austen quotes. Chronicle Books. 2013. Books. 2013. NEW. $14.00
NEW. $14.00

DVD030  The Jane Austen Collection. Northanger 14416 Fellowes,JulianDowntonAbbey:

Abbey,PrideandPrejudice,Persuasion,Mansfield TheCompleteScripts,SeasonOne.Gives
Park, Emma, Sense and Sensibility. 1971 through the opportunity to follow the story in
1987. BBC series includes lovely leading ladies and more detail - or put on your own version
charming gentlemen. Elizabeth Garvie, David at home! Wtih color photos. Paper. 1st
Rintoul, Sabrina Franklyn, Clare Higgins, Priscilla Morgan, Natalie Ed. William Morrow. NEW. $18.00
Ogle. DVD (North America region). Released 2004. $40.00
14418 Fellowes, Jessica The World of
DVD036  Pride and Prejudice. Starring Elizabeth Downton Abbey.
Garvie & David Rintoul. Is there any better way to Photography Nick
relax than to curl up in your "I Dream of Darcy" Briggs. Fwd Julian
pajamas with a bowl of popcorn and Fay Weldon's Fellowes. Beautiful cover. Gorgeous
delightfully witty adaptation of your favorite book? photos throughout. This companion to
BBC 1980. Remastered & released on DVD 2004. the television series goes deeper into
$12.00 the life stories of the characters, social
DVD020  Pride and Prejudice. Jennifer Ehle and history, and plot. List price $29.99. St.
Colin Firth do P&P - the film that took the world by Martin's Press, NY. Hb, Dj. NEW. $27.00
surprise. Digitally remastered in 2010. Featurettes:
Lasting Impressions, Turning Point, Uncovering the 10206 Birtwistle, Sue and Susie Conklin
Technical Restoration Process. 2 DVD's. 5 hrs 23 Making of Pride and Prejudice. A limited
min + extras. BBC, 2010. NEW. $20.00 number are signed by Andrew Davies, the
screenwriter. Lovely book! Picture-story of
DVD052  Pride and Prejudice. Keira Knightley and the making of the A&E P&P starring Colin
Matthew McFadyen. Directed by Joe Wright. Special Firth and Jennifer Ehle. Color shots,
features, including "Jane Austen, Ahead of Her costume sketches, maps. London: 1995.
Time." Note: Judi Dench was born to play Lady Paper. NEW. $23.00
Catherine de Bourgh. NEW. $11.00

N For more movies & music, and more books about movies & music, visit www.janeaustenbooks.net/musicfilm N
Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142

13856 Adams, Jennifer Little Miss Austen.

Art by Alison Oliver. Your baby Janeite will
delight in this early introduction to Jane
Austen. A cardboard counting book.
Gorgeous illustrations based on P&P. We will
not spoil the fun by telling you what
represents the numbers 1 through 10. First 14415 Adams.Jennifer
14350 Wang,Jack&
Ed, published by Gibbs Smith, 2011. NEW. SenseandSensibility:A
$8.00 OR 13856-1 Little Miss Austen BabyLitOppositesPrimer.
CountingPrimerBookandPlayset. The baby Art by Alison Oliver.
PrejudiceBoard book
counting book now comes with 7 punch-out Engage your little Austen
for little ones with
cards featuring characters and scenes from lover! Adorable
twelve beautiful photos
the book. A carriage, buildings, animals, all in illustrations inspired by
of felt figures showing
a stylish box. Ages 3 and up. Gibbs Smith, S&S explain the concept
scenes from the book.
2013. List price $19.99. NEW. $16.00 of opposites: big/little,
Each figure is
happy/sad. Beautiful

Customer Favorites
accompanied by one
sturdy board book. 22
word. The entire story
pages. Gibbs-Smith,
of P&P in twelve words
2013 NEW. $9.00
2012. NEW. $8.00

14686 Adams, 14687

JenniferLittle Adams,
MissBronte: Jennifer
JaneEyre.Art LittleMiss
by Alison Bronte:
Oliver. A Wuthering
counting Heights.Art
primer board by Alison
book with chalk boards, drawings, Oliver. A weather primer board
towers, and other illustrations from book with short quotes from the
the classic novel. Baby Lit by Gibbs novel to augment the illustrations of
Smith, 2013. NEW. $9.00 Heathcliff's dwelling in rain, mist,
14684 Adams, snow, breeze, and more. Baby Lit by
JenniferLittle Gibbs Smith, 2013. NEW. $9.00
MasterConan 14688
Doyle: Adams,
Sherlock Jennifer
HolmesinThe Little
Houndofthe Master
Baskervilles. Dickens:A
Art by Alison Oliver. A sounds primer Christmas
board book based on hounds that Carol.Art
howl, gates that screech, boots that by Alison Oliver. A colors primer
scrape, and more. Baby Lit by Gibbs board book with drawings based on
Smith, 2013. NEW. $9.00 Dickens's classic. Great Christmas
gift for new parents! Baby Lit by
Gibbs Smith, 2013. NEW. $9.00

Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142

q Austen-Inspired r
14632 Tavner,GillPrideandPrejudice:RealReads.Wonderful illustrations by Ann Kronheimer. Illustrated
summary of the characters in the front and more to think about in the back. Perfect retelling for a pre-teen.
Real Reads Ltd., Gloucestershire UK. Paper with faux dj. 2012. NEW. $6.00 – ALSO 14631 Tavner,GillSense
andSensibility:RealReads.Real Reads Ltd., Gloucestershire UK. Paper with faux dj. 2008.
NEW. $6.00
90430 PrideandPrejudice.Skillfully and lightly abridged by Linda Jennings to appeal
to the precocious youngster. Cover illustration by Jean-Paul Tibbles. In excellent
condition. Previous owner's name inside front cover. Puffin Classics: The Essential
Collection. 378 pgs. Paper. 1995. USED. $3.00 – ALSO 90431 SenseandSensibility.In excellent condition. Previous
owner's name inside front cover. Puffin Classics: The Essential Collection. 319 pgs. Paper. 1996. USED. $2.50

14610 AbdelͲFattah,RandaTheFriendshipMatchmaker.The author is an Australian human rights

activist and litigator. Her main character, Lara Zany, is the self-appointed middle school friend
matchmaker. She organizes people into categories and makes everything work. She strives for perfection in her own life
to set a good example. Then a new person comes to town who doesn't follow Lara's rules and she has to rethink
her job. Really cute & fun book for kids, with just a hint of Emma. Hb, Dj. 2011. Bloomsburykids/ Walker &
Company, NY. List $15.99. NEW. $9.00
90163 Austen,JaneandCharlesDickensTheHistoryofEnglandandAChild'sHistoryofEngland.The History
of England and A Child's History of England. Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. One history written by an
unknown teenage girl, one by a Victorian author at the height of his fame, yet they come
together in this single volume in a pleasing combination of satire and irony. With excellent intro
by well-known historian David Starkey. Publ at $16.95. NEW. $12.00
11986 Bennett, Veronica Cassandra's Sister Historical novel for the younger reader. Explores
Austen's life as a child. 2007: Candlewick, Cambridge. 230 pgs. Hb, Dj. USED. $7.00
13588 Butler,NancyandSonnyLiewMarvelSense&Sensibility.Jane Austen's first published
novel adapted and illustrated in graphic form. The Dashwood sisters are adorable. Hb, Dj. 2010.
NEW. $18.00
14217 Harrison,CoraIWasJaneAusten'sBestFriendA touching tale for young teens (we loved it, too!). The author
takes a few liberties with a few facts to make her story work, which she explains in an endnote, but stays true to the
Austen family spirit and especially to Jane Austen's personality as it might have been. Historically accurate. Lovely
illustrations throughout by Susan Hellard. Told through the eyes of Austen cousin Jane Cooper. List $17.99. Hb, Dj. 2010.
NEW. $14.00 OR Paper. 2011. NEW. $7.50

12330 Frederick,HeatherVogelTheMotherͲDaughterBookClub:Pies&Prejudice.Emma moves

to England In this 4th book in the series, and the girls read P&P. JA references scattered throughout,
plus parallels to P&P in this fun teen/preteen adventure. 2010, Hb, Dj. NEW. $15.00
14558 Spyri,Coolidge,andSewell(adapted)FamousClassicsforGirls:Heidi,WhatKatyDid,Black
Beauty.Retold and abridged for younger readers. Preteen. Lovely violet and silver gilt cloth cover
with color illustration of Heidi on the front. Black banner pattern across front of cover. Black and violet illustrations
throughout and inside covers. 7 1/2 by 10 inch. Egmont Press, committed to ethical publishing, FSC certified. 192
pages. Import from UK. $12.00

Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142

q Classics and More r

10020 Alcott,LouisaMayHerGirlheadDiaryEd & Compiled by Beautiful illustrations. Egmont Children's Books Limited, London,
Cary Ryan. Excerpts from Alcott's diaries, most from her 2000, for Borders. Like new! USED. $10.00
childhood and some from early adutlhood. Cary Ryan ties the
14379 Milne, A. A.  WinnieͲtheͲPooh by A.A. Milne with
entries together with biographical information. Lovingly
Decorations by Ernest H. Shepard. E.P. Dutton and Company,
illustrated by Mark Graham. Hb, dj. 42 pages. 1993. NEW. $7.50
1926. Slight bumping to top and bottom of spine, gilt letters on
10023 Alcott, Louisa May The Quiet spine faded. Dark green cloth with gilt title and gilt illustration of
Little Woman: A Christmas Story The Christopher Robin with Pooh. Red-on-white map of Hundred
Quiet Little Woman: A Christmas Story. Acre Wood illustration on paste-downs and endpapers, front and
Beautiful red book, with heavy gold back. B/w illustrations throughout. No dustcover. Previous
illustrated DJ. Three stories in one: The child's bookplate in front. Beautiful
Quiet Little Woman, Tilly's Christmas, copy. USED. $200.00
Rosa's Tale. First page is a built-in gift
14043 Nesbit, E. Five Children and It
plate "Presented to:?". Endearing
Introduction by Laurel Snyder. With line
children's stories rediscovered in the
drawings from the original 1902 edition
1990's. Tulsa: Honor Books. 1999. Hb, dj.
by R. H. Millar. A ground-breaking
122 pages. NEW. $7.50
children's book, the predecessor to all
10547 Fielding,SarahTheGovernessorLittleFemaleAcademy the great 20th c. works that mingle
With intro and bio by Jill E. Gray. The earliest known full length magic with reality. Looking Glass Library,
novel written for children. A facsimile reproduction of the 1749 NY, 2010. Glossy Hb. NEW. $5.00
first edition. London: OUP. 1968. Hb, Dj. Like new. USED. $30.00
13095 Plante,CharlesAFrenchAlphabetBookof1814A French
13978 Gould, Jean Jane With delightful illustrations by Jean Alphabet Book of 1814. "...for Alfred Bourdier de Beauregard
Stahl. A book for girls, this biographical novel is firmly rooted in created by his uncle Arnaud at the Chateau de Beaumont de
things that could have happened. The books they would have Beauregard." This book is a rare survival of a wealthy child's
read, the plays they would have acted, the visit to Bath, schoolroom of the period, now recreated for us on sturdy plates.
delightful dances and even boy problems are all dealt with in a Beautiful watercolors illustrated his
style suitable for young teens. Deals with her entire life, not just lessons. Glossary in back gives the
her youth. Pages are yellow, binding loose from the spine, dust English translations for the captions.
jacket suffered some wear before someone covered it in plastic. Excellent introduction gives us
248 pgs, Hb, Dj. Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1947. USED. $30.00 insight into the layers of humor
present in the drawings. 2007. Hb,
14620 Jeon, HeyͲjin Lizzie Newton:
dj. NEW. $12.00
VictorianMysteriesVolume1.Art by Ki-
ha Lee. Translated by Lauren Na. Teen 14540 Thomas, Dylan A Child's Christmas in
graphic novel bound like a book. "A spot Wales. What would one expect from Dylan
of Jane Austen with a dash of Agatha Thomas but a lyrical heart-warming tale of
Christie in an all new series!" Gomanga, childhood? VG condition; although it has been
2011. Paper. NEW. $7.00 read, it is clean. Illustrated by Trina Schart
Hyman. Hb, Dj. 1985, USED. $9.00
13617 Lamb, Charles and Mary Tales
fromShakespeare:FamousStoriesfrom 14267 Vipont, Elfrida A Little Bit of Ivory: A
the Great Comedies and Tragedies. Life of Jane Austen An intelligent and
Charles & Mary brought Shakespeare's own language into the charming bio of Jane Austen suitable for
text often in this wonderful adaptation of several of his plays for advanced young teens. A collector's item in its own right, too.
children, first published in 1807. Sumptuously illustrated "with Beautiful dust jacket protected in plastic cover. No marks, near
original colored plates;" full page unattributed illustrations Fine. Hamish Hamilton London 1977. USED. $45.00
throughout, and one is on the cover. Previous owner's
14539 Woolf, Virginia The Widow and
inscription from Uncle Ralph to Phoebe and Elizabeth, etc., dated
the Parrot. Illustrated by Julian Bell. A
1925. Wonderful condition. One small tear in cloth near front
rediscovered tale that was written for
bottom corner, otherwise near fine, with tight spine. Green
her nephews Quentin and Julian Bell,
cloth. 323 pgs, Hb. Winston, Philadelphia, 1914. USED. $40.00
this is a Victorian tale about kindness to
14009 Lawson, Carol The Complete Stories of The Upstairs animals - but also displays Woolf's sly
DownstairsBearsLovely oversized children's book. The upstairs wit. Illustrated by her grandnephew
bears keep the downstairs bears busy in these stories based on Julian Bell and with notes by Quentin
Edwardian lifestyles in England. Originally published separately, about the origin of the story.Harcourt,
includes The Teddy Bear Hunt, The Upstairs Downstairs Bears on Brace, Jovanovich. Mint condition. First
Holiday, and The Upstairs Downstairs Bears at Christmas. edition, 1988. Hb, Dj. USED. $20.00 

Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142

14560 Ambrose, Tom Prinny and His Pals: basing the text around kitchen gardens in the South of England.
George IV and His Remarkable Gift of The author reaches back and gives historical background and
Friendship.The Prince - hated by Tories and sources for the renovations that she describes as she takes us
loved by cartoonists eager to satirize him - through medieval to modern times. Delightful line drawings
had some redeeming qualities after all. throughout, references and notes, glossary, bibliography, and
Ambrose explores his affectionate heart, index. Chapters on such topics as the frameyard, pinery, vinery,
love of his siblings, and care for his dearest seed room, potting shed, mushroom house, walls for fruit, and
friends who came from various walks of life other topics. Are you interested in the history of medicinal
and surprisingly various political views. herbs? How did new potatoes enter the English diet? Great for
Illustrated with a set of plates. Originally food or garden enthusiasts, fact-checking, and just plain fun
$23.95. Peter Owen, London. Paper. NEW. $10.00 reading. Frances Lincoln, 2005. 2nd improved edition. Paper. List
$29.95. NEW. $20.00
14524 Bonar, Andrew R. The Life of the Duke of Wellington.
Extended title: Life of Field Marshal His Grace the Duke of 13895 Cottom, Daniel Cannibals and Philosophers: Bodes of
Wellington. Maroon textured cloth with black and gold Enlightenment. A most intriguing look at how cannibalism
embossed decorations in Late Victorian style. Some pages mattered to the Age of Enlightenment. Cottom's knowledge of
browning around the edges. Previous owner's signature in front. the long 18th century is of course exhaustive and he slips easily
Excellent account of this contemporary of Austen's as viewed at from Captain Cook's adventures to DeFoe's portrayals of natives
the end of the 19th century. W. Nicholson & Sons, London. 335 to Austen's descriptions of Bath. Touted as the best book on
pgs, USED. $30.00 18th c. British culture in years, this text takes on what was in its
time a much-canvassed subject, often neglected today in our
14723 Brand,EmilyTheGeorgianBawdyHouse.Bawdy period
selective history. But then as Cottom explains, we have not yet
illustrations on every page accompany the text. An introduction
resolved the questions that were opened during that period of
to the issue of prostitution, courtesans, mistresses, whorehouses
exploration. Locke, Hume, Montaigne, Swift, Hegel, Gillray,
during the Long 18th Century from Nell Gwynn to Emma
Hogarth, and many more thinkers, artists, natural philosophers,
Hamilton. Emily Brand is a historian with special interest in the
and explorers dance across the pages of this thought-provoking
Regency era. Shire Library, UK. Paper. 2012. NEW. $12.00
and at times shocking work. John Hopkins U Press, 2001. Listed
14521 Brinton, Crane English Political Thought in the 19th at $50. Hb, Dj. NEW. $15.00
Century. Originally published in 1933. Sections are The
14633 Cruickshank, Dan London's Sinful
Revolution of 1832, Chartism, and The Prosperous Victorians. He
does not neglect personality's influence on politics. Bentham,
Passions of London's Georgian Age. A
Brougham, Owen, Cobbett, Coleridge, Mill, Cobden, Kingsley,
massive tome at 654 pages, but eminently
Disraeli, Newman, Carlyle, Bagehot, Acton, Green, Spencer,
readable and fascinating. Cruickshank
Bradlaugh, Morris, Maine, Kidd. Harper & Row. Harper
convincingly argues that the engine of the
Torchbooks. 1962. Spine a little dark, otherwise good for its age.
sex trade had a huge impact on London -
Paper. USED. $7.00
arts, culture, politics - during this period.
15005 Brown, Debra and M. M. Bennetts, Times were tough for women, and there
editors Castles, Customs, and Kings: True were few outlets for intelligent motivated
Tales by English Historical Fiction Authors. women to excel, or for poor women to survive. Period
What a fascinating idea! This book contains illustrations throughout, endnotes, index, extensive bibliography
hundreds of short factual essays written by of period writings, and appendices "The Mob and Its
over fifty authors of historical novels. To Vengeance," "Women as Men," and "Dr James Graham." Two
write their novels, these authors do a sections of color plates. St Martin's. 2009. Hb, Dj. List $40.00.
tremendous amount of research, and this NEW. $15.00
book offers a place for them to share the
14503 Egan, Pierce Real Life in London. Or, the Rambles and
results of their hard work. The editors have grouped these essays
Adventures of Bob Tallyho, Esq., and his Cousin, the Hon. Tom
into historical period - Roman Britain and Early Medieval, Late
Dashall, through the Metropolis; Exhibiting a Living Picture of
Medieval, Tudor, etc. Various topics are covered, including such
Fashionable Characters, Manners and Amusements in High and
things as how people dressed, what they ate, dancing, archery,
Low Life. By an Amateur. Embellished and Illustrated with a
nursery rhymes, heroic fables, true love stories, wigs, gossip,
series of coloured prints, designed and engraved by Messrs.
executions - there are literally hundreds of topics in this big
Heath, Alken, Dighton, Rowlandson, Etc. This issue, first
book. And because the authors write novels, each topic is
published in 1905, is founded on the Edition printed for Jones &
handled in an entertaining way. Madison Street Publishing, 2013.
Co. in the year 1821. Pierce Egan published his popular Life in
Paper. NEW. $17.00
London journal monthly between 1821 and 1828. These stories
14648 Campbell,SusanAHistoryofKitchenGardening.We are of clubmen and their slang, their gambling and other vices
always reading about walled kitchen gardens in English inspired plays, knock-offs, and helped propel George
literature. This book focuses on the history of these gardens, Cruikshank's rise as the new illustrator of comic satire replacing

Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142
Hogarth and Rowlandson. This edition in two volumes, red cloth only by a first name, to military personnel from various armies,
with paper labels to spine, 6 3/4 by 4 1/2 inches. The illustrations to diplomats and generals, and Bonaparte himself, a riveting
are colorful and clear. Some light browning of pages and foxing. treasure trove of quotable history. Jacket has a few tears but is
Labels are a little faded. Front top corner of second volume now protected in mylar. Oxford University Press, 1938. Hb, Dj.
bumped. Previous owner's bookplate in front of both volumes. USED. $35.00
Methuen & Co. London. 1905. Hb. USED. $50.00
11237 George,M.DorothyLondonLifeinthe
14629 Erickson, Carolly Our Tempestuous 18thCentury.Due to the tireless efforts of a
Day:AHistoryofRegencyEngland.Originally few brave souls, stark poverty and
published in 1986, this in-depth, lively degradation gave way to more order and
portrait of the period 1810-1820 brings to life cleanliness over the 18th c. A social history
diverse aspects of the times. Heroes and and impeccably documented reference work
fashionable women, street life, novel-reading on the change in social attitudes between
and writing, the glorious debt of the upper 1700 and 1800. Academy Chicago Publishers.
classes, reform, evangelicalism, and much 2000. 457 pgs. Paper. List 19.95. NEW. $18.00
more covered in this fun, wide-ranging text.
12453-1 Girouard, Mark Life in the English Country House.
Harper, 2011. Paper. NEW. $8.00
Highly desirable oversized book gives an overview of the past
13702 Facer, Ruth Mary Bacon's World: A Farmer's Wife in 500 years of English upper classes at home. Floor plans,
EighteenthͲCentury Hampshire. An 18th c. farmer's wife, a drawings, photos - sumptuously illustrated throughout in b/w
contemporary of Jane Austen living in Hampshire, Mary recorded and color. Section on Austen's time period. Excellent condition,
anything of interest in her ledger. Recipes, medicinal cures, clean. Penguin, Paper. 1980. USED. $10.00
weather, religious musings. Chawton House Library associate
14525 Gronow, Captain Selections from the Reminiscences of
and bibliographer Ruth Facer discovered her ledger and here
Captain Gronow. Edited and Introduced by Nicolas Bentley.
presents the material with additional background, plus a
Great illustrations. An index so you can find the society beauty,
selection of beautiful color plates and b&w illustrations. A
rake or dandy you're looking for. Material sorted by The
treasure for anyone interested in the details of life in Hampshire
Peninsular War, Waterloo, Wellington and the Bonapartes,
during Austen's time. A one-of-a-kind experience! UK: Threshold
Dramatis Personae, Blood Royal, Parisians, and more. Typical
Press, 2010. Paper. NEW. $28.00
lovely presentation from The Folio Society. Black cloth with gold
14955 Fordyce, Dr. James Sermons to Young gilt decorations and red label on spine, maroon slipcover.
Women.Mr. Collins was sure that nothing was so Slipcover corners stressed and a few dark spots on page edges,
advantageous to young ladies as instruction. This otherwise very good. 1977. USED. $16.00
contemporary conduct book, first published in
14554 Jennings,CharlesThemandUs:TheAmericanInvasionof
1776, has been reproduced as a paperback
British High Society. The truth behind Downton Abbey's Lord
facsimile of the 10th edition. Originally held in
and Lady. This is the gossipy story of the infusion of American
the rare books collection at Chawton House
women into British aristocracy that developed between 1880
Library. Introduction by Austen scholar and
and 1939. Sheer fun for the surface story, this is also a deeper
JASNA Persuasions Editor Susan Allen Ford. Chawton House
read as a view of class and society. Money for authenticity,
Press, 2012. Paper. NEW. $20.00
power for history, and the women who were bartered away in
14651 Foyle, Chistopher Foyle's Philavery. The author has the process. Jennings is a journalist and social commentator,
collected his favorite words. Entries include brief definitions, author of several other witty books and articles in various
pronunciations, and histories most fascinating. Feeling mardy? leading UK and US papers and magazines. Hb, Dj. Sutton
Perhaps the flapdoodle of your immorigerous friends amounts to Publishing, UK. USED. $20.00
sciolism. Outsmart them all with Foyle's in your pocket!
14653 Johnson, David Napoleon's Cavalry
Attractive red cloth spine and printed paper HB cover, no dj. List
andItsLeaders.Illustrations, diagrams, map.
15.95. Chambers, Edinburgh, UK, 2008. NEW. $10.00
Recently republished, this is the 1978 original
14557 Fraser, Kennedy Ornament and Silence: Essays on hardcover book, scarce in new condition.
Women's Lives. An award-winning writer, Fraser grew up in From the cover: "Dressed in outrageously
England but made New York her home for much of her adult life. romantic uniforms, led by a flamboyant
This book contains 14 essays, most originally published in The clique of aristocrats and ex-troopers,
New Yorker and Vogue, about women's voices in literature and Napoleon's cavalry had a picturesque quality
art. Germaine Greer, Miriam Rothschild, Virginia Woolf, Edith that belied its ruthless methods and
Wharton, Valentina, Nina Berberova, Louise Colet. The damage tremendous service record." This book fulfills all the promises
Paul Scott and Henri Matisse inflicted on the women in their inherent in that introductory sentence. Excellent writing,
lives. Hb, Dj. Knopf, NY. 1997. USED. $7.00 fascinating insights. Holmes & Meier, NY. USED. $26.00
14514 Frischauer, Paul England's Years of Danger. "A New 12382 Johnson, Kim K.P, Susan J. Torntore, and Joanne B.
History of the World War 1792-1815 dramatised in Documents." Eicher,Eds.FashionFoundations:EarlyWritingsonFashionand
Letters, speeches, newspaper reports, contemporary Dress. Writings from 1575 to 1940 with a full index and
descriptions, recorded conversations, decrees, and entries in chronological annotated bibliography. Berg, Oxford. 2007. Paper.
private diaries, all in chronological order. From sources known NEW. $25.00

Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142
14630 Leca, Benedict Thomas Gainsborough and the Modern 14502 Mayhew, Henry London Labour & the
Woman.Book accompanies exhibit by the same name. Explores London Poor: A Selected Edition. Edited by
how women, art and fashion came together to create a new Robert Douglas-Fairhurst. Mayhew [1812-
sense of women's role in society in the mid to late18th century. 1887] contributed 82 articles to the Morning
Gainsborough's celebrated portraits of famous women included Chronicle on the life of the poor and working
the elite as well as the notorious. These images made class of London. These and other articles he
progressive statements. Argues that fashion and fame as we wrote were collected and published in 1861-2.
experience them today are directly related to 18th c London. This edition features a cross-section of the
Gorgeous oversized art book is highly acclaimed for the detail original articles including illustrations, an introduction to
and clarity of the portraits as well as for the text. Hb, Dj. Still Mayhew, and endnotes. Mayhew interviewed hundreds of
wrapped in publisher's plastic. Cincinnati Art Museum. List people to find these personal stories of folks living through hard
$49.95. NEW. $22.00 times in Victorian London. OUP. 2010. Hb, Dj. NEW. $12.00
11892 Lovell, Mary S. Bess of Hardwick: Empire Builder. Bess 14033 Moody,JaneandDanielO'Quinn,EditorsTheCambridge
Hardwick [1527-1608] aka Elizabeth Talbot, Countess of CompaniontoBritishTheatre1730Ͳ1830.Essential guide to one
Shewsbury, wed four times, an ambitious woman in a dangerous of the most exciting and innovative periods in British theatrical
time. She built Chatsworth and counts among her many noble history. Leading international scholars address social, political,
descendants Katherine Hepburn. Her biography reveals the and cultural importance of theatre during the period. Cambridge
ruthless nature of Tudor times. Includes beautiful glossy plates. University Press. Hardcover. 285 pgs. Pub at $95. NEW. $25.00
Hb, Dj. Orig. Publ. $27.95. NEW. $14.00
14520 Mossiker, Frances Napolean and Josephine: The
14634 Lukacher,BrianJosephGandy: BiographyofaMarriage.Noted for her unique style of weaving
AnArchitecturalVisionaryinGeogian primary source material into a fascinating narrative, Mossiker
England. Gandy [1771-1843] was an focuses on the human relationship between these famous lovers
English artist, architect, draftsman, in this biography. Original dust jacket. Illustrations, index. 447
and design theorist. He partnered pgs. Hb, Dj. Simon & Schuster 1964. USED. $9.00
with Sir John Soane from 1798 to
14562 Muddiman, J. G., Editor Trial of King Charles the First.
1809. He was fascinated with the
Privately Printed for the Members of the Notable Trials Library in
sublime of Roman and Greek ruins
1990. Copy No. 10621. Introduction by Alan M. Dershowitz.
and is today considered an important
Beautifully done facsimile of William Hodge 1928 edition with
figure in the Romantic movement.
Foreword by the Earl of Birkenhead. Special paper, marbled
This oversized art book is packed with 203 illustrations, 49 in
endpapers designed exclusively for this book, quarter leather, 22
color. The author has taught at Vassar since 1986. This book
karat gold embossed decorations on the spine, and gilt page
inspired exhibitions in New York and London. Sealed in printer's
edges. Red leather ribbed spine and red cloth, wide red ribbon
plastic cover. Thames and Hudson, 2006. Hb, Dj. List $65. NEW.
place holder. Notable Trials Library bookplate in front. Mint
condition - tight, clean, like new. USED. $25.00
14647 Lynn, John A. II Women, Armies, and Warfare in Early
14607 Newbury, Tim Garden Design Bible. Newbury is a
Modern Europe. Covers 1500-1815 time period. A highly
bestselling garden design author and winner of several Chelsea
recognized specialist in military history tackles the often
Flower Show awards. The book is designed for anyone to be able
misunderstood and neglected contribution of women to ancient
to have a lovely garden, whether living in a rooftop apartment or
and early modern warfare. Including women who fought as
large estate, looking for a kitchen garden, low maintenance or
women, cross-dressed to fight as men, and far more numerous,
daily puttering, it's all here and well illustrated. 8 x 10 1/2 Hb
the fierce women who marched with armies and formed an
with Dj. Reduced price due to slight shelf wear of dust jacket.
integral and necessary part of campaigns. Cambridge UP. 2008.
Bounty, 2007. NEW. $5.00
Paper. NEW. $16.00
14529 Nicolson, Harold The Congress of Vienna: A Study in
14523 Macdougall, Elisabeth B., Editor John Claudius Loudon
Allied Unity 1812Ͳ1822. First UK edition. Illustrated. Map on
and the Early Nineteenth Century in Great Britain. A leader in
endpapers. While the author warns in his introduction against
garden design, Loudon was a popular author during his lifetime
drawing parallels between the war of his own time and the
[1783-1843] and afterwards. This book is a study of the sweeping
Napoleonic wars, the parallels are there. Previous owner
changes in gardens of the early 19th century. Illustrations. A list
signature (USAF) in front with note that he bought it in Bristol on
of Loudon's publications. Out of print. Dumbarton Oaks, Trustees
a 4 day leave in 1956. Jacket is complete and wrapped in plastic.
for Harvard University. Washington, 1980. Hb. No jacket as
First UK edition. Constable, London. 1946. Hb, Dj. USED. $25.00
issued. Excellent clean book. Green cloth with gilt title. USED.
$45.00 13633 Parissien, Steven The Georgian House
inAmericaandBritainAn expert describes the
14518 Marshall,P.J.TheOxfordHistoryoftheBritishEmpire:
development of Georgian style, describes
The Eighteenth Century. Vol. II: The Eighteenth Century. The
each element of the house, and gives practical
history of British worldwide expansion from the Glorious
advice for the preservationist, architect, or
Revolution of 1689 to the end of the Napoleonic Wars. 25 essays
decorator. A beautiful book. 240 pgs, Hb, Dj.
by distinguished historians, introduction, chronology and index.
Rizzoli International Publ. 1995. Sealed in
Traditional OUP black cloth with gilt title, beautifully illustrated
publisher's shrink wrap. NEW. $35.00
jacket. Publ at $45. OUP. 1998. Hb, Dj. NEW. $16.00
Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142
14559 Perrett,BryanTheRealHornblower:TheLifeandTimes from its building in the 1530's to the present. Scala Publishers
ofAdmiralSirJamesGordon,GCB.Was Hornblower based on a Ltd, London, 2010. List $45. Hb, Dj. NEW. $21.00
real person's history? If so, Admiral Gordon could be a good
14528 Street,LucieAnUncommonSoldier:APortraitofAdmiral
candidate. Here is his real-life story, his battles described, his
Sir William Penn. Admiral Penn's son is remembered as the
romances and family life told. While Forester's creation is his
founder of Pennsylvania. But the Admiral himself has an epic
own, the parallels between Hornblower and Gordon are
history, here brought to life by Lucie Steel. He invented the naval
fascinating. X-Lib. Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, 1997. Hb, Dj.
tactics that Nelson used to win at Trafalgar. He fought in the Civil
USED. $10.00
War, the Dutch Wars, and commanded Cromwell's expedition to
14555 Peters,RobertL.,EditorVictoriansonLiterature&Art.A Spain. He participated in the Restoration as he brought Charles II
selection of period prose shows the process great thinkers of the to England and was knighted on deck. He served in Parliament
time went through as theories of lit & art evolved. Carlyle, and was a close companion to Pepys. Quite a story, well told by
Ruskin, Hay, Mill, Wilde, Thackeray, Yeats, Swinburne, Whistler, Steel. Book in near fine condition, but jacket has had some
and more. Tear on back cover, otherwise almost like new in spite distress. The Kensal Press, 1986. Hb, Dj. USED. $20.00
of being over 50 years old! Previous owner's name in front.
13613 Strong, Roy A Country Life: At Home in the English
Goldentree Books, 328 Pgs. Paper. USED. $15.00
Countryside. Columns Strong wrote for the British magazine
14527 Pope, Dudley The Devil Himself: The Country Life between 1989 and 1994. With illustrations by Roy's
Mutinyof1800.Encouraged by C. S. Forester to wife Julia Trevelyan Oman. Bantam, 2002. 192 pgs, Paper. NEW.
apply his story-telling talants to fiction, Pope $8.00
was first a historian. The combination of story
14596 Turner, E. S. The Court of St. James's. A thousand year
telling talent and historical skill make this an
history of the English Court, richly illustrated (period pics in b/w).
exciting true story of mutiny. The British crew of
Although it starts with the conquest, there is more material as
the captured French corvette Danae mutiny, sail
the book approaches modern times. There is quite a bit on the
her back to France, and turn her over to
Georgian period, incl. a chapter on Fanny Burney's time serving
Napoleon for a cash reward. The fate of those involved makes
the Royal household. Excellent condition. Linen spine slightly
for a fascinating tale. McBooks Press, Nonfiction History Library,
tanned. Maroon paper VG. CLean white pages. Hb, no dj. St.
2003. Paper. USED. $10.00
Martin's. USED. $12.00
14542 Quinlan, Maurice J. Victorian Prelude: A History of
14583-1 Vickery, Amanda Behind Closed
English Manners 1700Ͳ1830. The appearance of Victorian
Doors: At Home in Georgian England.
manners was a slow process that evolved out of the 18th
What was it really like to live in Georgian
century, arguably a time of drunkenness, prostitution, gambling,
Britain? How did people set up home,
crime, and all around rude behavior. So how did the prudish
where did they get their furniture, and
Victorians arrive on the scene? Quinlan shows that the rise of
how did they run their home? Would you
good manners was gradual and involved public reaction,
like to get inside their homes, inside their
Evangelical writers like Hannah More, government concern over
thoughts? If you've ever seen Amanda
the French Revolution, and much more. Women's novels of the
Vickery on the BBC, you know how her
late 18th c. are mentioned, as is Jane Austen. Dr Johnson figures
charm and wit make history so very
prominently as do many others of interest. No DJ. Clean book.
entertaining. The opposite of that
Archon Books, Hamden, CT. 1965. Hb.USED. $15.00
"tiresome" history described by Catherine: "the men all good for
14724 Rocque, John and John Pine nothing, and hardly any women at all." Here are interesting
Rocque's Map of Georgian London women and men enough to fill 382 pages. Heavy paper, well
1746. This plan of mid-18th century illustrated, gorgeous book. Yale UP. List $45.00. Hb, Dj. NEW.
London was the most detailed of its $35.00 OR 14853 Paperback. List for $28.00. NEW. $22.00
time. A collaboration between
14625 Wade, Stephen Rowlandson's
renowned surveyor John Rocque and
Human  Comedy: A Biography of the
engraver John Pine, first published in
Regency Artist. Rowlandson's satiric
1746, it extends from Vauxhall to
illustrations and caricatures of royalty and
Knightsbridge and Hyde Park. Four
other important figures help define the
sheets. Over 5500 street and place
Georgian and Regency periods. This
names, churches, markets, barracks,
biography illustrates the artist, his social
parks, bridges, workhouses, schools,
context, and his fellow artists and friends.
prisons, much more. Clearly an aid to research. When you are
B&w illustrations throughout. Attractive
working on your novel, make sure your locations are correct!
cover. Heavy paper. Amberley Publishing, Gloucestershire UK.
Comes in a beautifully decorated box. 2013. List $39.95. NEW.
Paper. NEW. $15.00
13990 Wells, Juliette Everybody's Jane: Austen in the Popular
14598 Scott,KennethStJames'sPalace:AHistory.A stunningly
Imagination. Wells researched Jane Austen’s following for this
beautiful book printed on heavy stock, almost every page with
gentle, very readable study of fandom. She treats fan tourism,
period illustrations and color photos. The history is enthralling,
fan fiction, compulsive collecting, movies, book adaptations, and
weaving into the story of the palace the lives of the inhabitants,
mutations (like Jane the Vampire, Elizabeth the Zombie), with

Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142
mild respectful humor. The reader finds that where love of Jane End of Georgian England. Rich details especially about late 18th
Austen is concerned, the divide between scholarship and fandom and early 19th century life.The literature section only mentions
is a very fuzzy one, as studious amateurs and fun-loving male writers but all in all this book gives a handy reference for
academics already know. The book is also an excellent reference the period. X-lib with some stamps on the end pages. Corners
if you’re looking for the best titles to add to your collection! bumped and cloth torn around the top of the spine. No dj.
Continuum, 2012. Paper. List $29.95. NEW. $24.00 London: Batsford and NY: Putnam. 1963. USED. $14.00
14563 Whitaker, Anthony The 14328 Wilson, Cheryl A. Literature and Dance in NineteenthͲ
Regicide's Widow: Lady Alice Lisle Century Britain: Jane Austen to the New Woman. Dance was
andtheBloodyAssize.In 1685, Lady critical to social life and courtship, and had its own symbolic
Lisle was the last person to be rituals (as Henry Tilney so aptly expresses). This study of the way
beheaded in England, and the first authors such as Austen, Thackeray, Eliot and Trollope used dance
execution of the Bloody Assizes led in their novels is enhanced by 19th c. dance manuals and other
by notorious Judge Jeffries. Many felt materials. Cambridge University Press. Paper. NEW. $35.00
the trial was unfair, but the Lady was
13534 Worsley, Lucy The Courtiers:
probably guilty. James II's reaction to
Splendor and Intrigue in the Georgian
the Monmouth Rebellion involved
CourtatKensingtonPalace.Lucy Worsley
more than crushing the rebels. This
is chief curator at Historic Royal Palaces.
was also revenge. The trial and home
She structures this history around portraits
of Lady Lisle survived by coincidence
you can still see today at Kensington
and the author has put together a strong entertaining history of
Palace. A delicious delve into private lives
Restoration intrigue. Import. Sutton, Gloucestershire, 2006. Hb,
in the years leading up to the reign of
Dj. NEW. $15.00
George III. Walker & Co, NY, 2010. 402 pgs,
14515 Williams, E. N.  Life in Georgian England. English Life Hb, Dj. New price. NEW. $14.00
Series Edited by Peter Quennell. Chapters on Upper, Middle, and
Lower Class Life, Cultural Life, and the

14644 Burk, Kathleen Old World, New World. The US and UK Godmersham and Goodnestone. Fans of Thomson's illustrations
alliance helped save the world in WW2, and we are allies still, will appreciate the free style of his landscapes. MacMillan and
but our history is ever-changing, complex and Co., London, 1908. USED. $75.00
fraught with controversy. This highly regarded
lively history of four centuries digs deep into 14032 Louie,ElaineSavoirFareLondon:Stylish
the relationship. It takes 797 pages to do it! Diningforunder$25.00.Colorful illustrations by
Endnotes, bibliography, index. Atlantic Monthly Phil Nicholls. Introduces the reader to the places
Press. 2007. Hb, Dj. NEW. $10.00 Londoners love the best. 50 venues with address
and tube stop. With a little history of each
14643 Dobrzynski, Jan A Postcard from the
restaurant, insight into the style, setting, service
Cotswolds. 128 pages of postcards from the
and price, and great reviews of the food. Small
author's collection, each with a description. The History Press,
book to fit easily in your bag. 192 pgs. 2008, The Little
Gloucestershire. NEW. $10.00
Bookroom, NY. Paper with stiff covers. Publ. at $14.95. NEW.
14516 Graham, P. Anderson Highways and Byways in $8.00
Northumbria. With illustrations by Hugh Thomson. Fans of
14642 Turner, Keith and Jan Dobrzynski A
Thomson will love these drawings. Fold-out map in the back.
PostcardfromtheLakeDistrict.There are 128
Dark blue cloth with gilt titles. Top pages stained dark blue.
pages in this book and most pages have 2
Macmilland and Co., London. 1921. USED. $75.00
postcards. The cards are from the authors'
14512 Hillaby, John Journey Through Britain. Photographs by collection. Each is described with a little
Tim Stephens. Cloth pictorial cover photo of an aqueduct. paragraph. The History Press, Gloucestershire.
Gorgeous Folio Society book in near fine condition with fine NEW. $10.00
slipcase. Photos on glossy paper. 171 pgs. The Folio Society,
14334 JaneAusten'sHouseMuseum:AShortGuide.A foldout
1968. Hb, Slipcase. USED. $16.00
guide to the cottage, with a picture and description of each room
12109 Jerrold,WalterHighwaysandBywaysinKent.Illustrated and contents. Visit the museum at a big discount! 2011. Jigsaw
by Hugh Thomson. Packed with illustrations of an area Design, UK. NEW. $2.00 
connected closely to Austen, with passages describing

Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142

14409 Adams, Alexa First Impressions: A Tale of Less Pride & 13835 Doornebos, Karen Definitely Not Mr. Darcy Born two
Prejudice. A reimagining of Pride and Prejudice where Darcy centuries too late, Chloe finds a way to escape her stressful life
does not start off showing disdain for Elizabeth. Will all go and earn some cash when she wins a spot on a British TV show
smoothly or will other troubles interfere with their romance? about JA. But it turns out to be a reality dating show set in 1812.
Outskirts Press, 2010. Paper. NEW. $4.00 So, sans deodorant and cell phones, she plays the game - to
attempt to win Mr. Wrightman's hand in marriage, a prize worth
14662 Anderson,KathleenandSusanJonesJaneAusten'sGuide
winning, as it turns out! Penguin, 2011. Paper. NEW. $10.00
to Thrift: An Independent Woman's Advice on Living Within
One's Means. English professors Anderson and Jones have 15001 Doorenbos, Karen Undressing Mr.
published essays in Persuasions and other academic journals. Darcy American Vanessa Roberts is a
They use lessons from Austen's novels and letters to give advice thoroughly modern social media master.
on thrifty yet elegant living. A unique way to learn about She reluctantly agrees to handle public
Austen's life and times. Penguin. 2013. Paper. NEW. $12.50 relations for reserved, old-fashioned Julian
Chancellor, who has written a Darcy-
14707 Baker, Jo Longbourn: A Novel. What
inspired book as he tries to hang on to his
were the servants doing while Elizabeth and
crumbling estate. Things are reasonably
Darcy were falling in love? This moving novel
ho-hum until she watches his educational
imagines their lives. Follow orphaned
striptease show. Whoa! We follow Vanessa
housemaid Sarah on her rounds of scrubbing
as she deals with Austen fan-trips to England, a flirtatious pirate
her hands sore. Stern Mrs Hill prepares what
re-enactor, and lots of culture clash. How will this end?
the Bennets eat when visitors arrive. The
Doornebos’s first book was the best-seller at the 2011 AGM.
events of Austen's novel have their
Berkely 2013. Paper. Publish date: Dec 3rd 2013.
counterpart events below stairs, along with romance, heartbreak
and intrigue. Another view of Austen's world that is original and SPECIALOFFER–PREͲORDER UndressingMr.Darcy
gripping. Alfred A. Knopf. NY. Hb, dj. List $25.95. NEW. $19.00 for $11.00 now until Dec. 3rd, 2013.
OR purchase at our regular price of $15.00 $13.00 after Dec 3rd.
10222 BonaviaͲHunt,D.A.PemberleyShades.An opportunity to Pre-ordering is easy at www.janeaustenbooks.net.
own this delightful early sequel that Dierdre LeFaye considers
one of the few sequels worth reading. A dabble in gothic 13959 Farmer,AvaSecondImpressions.Set ten years after P&P,
darkness. Skillful treatment of the characters and early 19th c a historically accurate continuation in which Mrs Darcy befriends
prose. Sourcebooks. 2008. 376 pgs, Paper. NEW. $11.00 Anne Elliot, the Darcys tour post-Napoleonic Europe, Anne de
Bourgh plots revenge on Lady Catherine, and Georgiana falls in
14600 Brand, Emily Mr. Darcy's Guide to love. Benefits Chawton House Library. Hb, dj. First edition. 2011,
Courtship by Mr. Darcy. "The Secrets of Chawton House Press. NEW. $21.00
Seduction from Jane Austen's Most Eligible
Bachelor." Obviously written before Mr Darcy 14618 GrahameͲSmith, Seth Pride and Prejudice and Zombies:
was properly humbled by Miss Elizabeth TheGraphicNovel.Graphic version of the mash-up. Humorously
Bennett. Complete with a few "Ask Mr Darcy" turns Austen's masterpiece into zombie genre cartoon. Quirk.
Q&A advice letters at the end. Snarky and Paper. 2010. NEW. $9.00
always in character of the worst Mr Darcy we 10670 Hale, Shannon Austenland A New Yorker
meet in P&P, this gets a 5-star rating from our secretly obsessed with Mr Darcy goes to an estate
staff. Bibliography for those of you who'd like to find the source in England, kind of a Jane Austen theme park. The
of advice such as the use of Gowland's Lotion and other game involves pretending to be in Regency times,
cosmetics, proper letter writing, et al. Paper with faux jacket, including wearing the clothes and playing the part.
Random House. 2013. NEW. $14.00 So what are the men up to? NY, 2007, Hb, dj. New
13118 Brant,MarilynAccordingtoJaneWhat if Jane Austen's low price. NEW. $9.00 OR 10670-1 New movie tie-
ghost resided in your own mind, and let you know she was in, with a picture of the actors on the cover. NY, 2013, Paper.
there? Jane's voice speaks to Ellie throughout her coming-of-age. NEW. $9.00
And she does help Ellie avoid a lot of trouble. But is she always 14617 Hale, Shannon Midnight in Austenland. A follow-up to
right? Especially about the men in Ellie's life? Kensington Books, Austenland with a new heroine, fascinating new plot twists, and
NY. 2009. Paper. NEW. $12.00 edge-of-your seat romance. Bloomsbury. 2012. Hb, Dj. NEW.
14659 Dews, Margaret Pruned & Prejudiced and Other Novel $11.00
Verses Based on Jane Austen. Illustrated by J. Christine Fitton. 14683 Hamilton,MariaMr.DarcyandtheSecretofBecominga
All six of Austen's novels parodied in humorous verse that even Gentleman.How will Mr Darcy react now that he has to actually
the purist among us loves amazingly. Here is a delicious teaser: work hard for something he wants? In the aftermath of
"They'd hatched a plan to act a play while Fanny's Uncle was Elizabeth's refusal, he sets out to transform himself.
away...". From the Jane Austen Society Northern Branch (UK). Sourcebooks. Paper. 2011. NEW. $10.00
Paper. 2007. NEW. $12.00

Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142
14663 James, Syrie The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen. just a little bit crazy. Mallard Sci-Fi, Denver, 2013. Paper. List
Samantha finds a letter that she believes was written by Jane price $16.95. NEW. $14.00
Austen, and it refers to a previously unknown manuscript. Can
15006 Quinn, Tess Pride Revisited. Anthology of short stories
there be another JA novel? A love story within a love story.
that the author considers "interludes" - not rewrites of Austen's
Includes Readers Guide. Berkley Publishing. Paper. 2012. NEW.
plots and words, but little side stories to complement her work.
For example, we spend some time between Darcy's first and
12602 Klassen, Julie The Silent Governess. 2010 Christy Award second proposals to Elizabeth enjoying his relationship with his
winner for Historical Romance. Olivia Keene has her own secret, sister Georgiana, and we might learn of her own romantic
but now that she has overheard Lord Bradley's secret, he keeps interests. 16 stories in all. Trade paperback with peacock
her close for his own security. So, he hires her to care for his decorations. 2013. NEW. $10.00
children at Brightwell Court. Like new condition. Bethany House.
14670 Reynolds, Abigail Mr Darcy's Noble
2009. Paper. USED. $6.00
Connections. Mr Darcy's cousin flirts with
14674 Lathan, Sharon The Passions of Mr. Darcy. Dr. George Elizabeth Bennet to relieve his house-party-
Darcy, Fitzwilliam's uncle, is a renowned physician who travels to induced boredom. How will Mr Darcy protect her?
British East India to find meaning in his life. This is his story. Turns out the house party is anything but dull, as
Sourcebooks. 2013. NEW. $12.00 machinations and mayhem rule. Paper. List price
$14.99. NEW. 2013. Sale price $11.00
14672 Louise, Kara Only Mr. Darcy Will Do. In an alternate
telling of P&P, Elizabeth Bennet's father dies and she works as a 14202 Slater,MayaThePrivateDiaryofMr.Darcy.Follow Mr.
governess. Unfortunately the family she works for is connected Darcy's progress from Georgian snob to a man humbled by love.
to the Darcys and Bingleys! Will Mr Darcy still be interested in Learn about his friendship with mad, bad Lord Byron. Discover
Elizabeth? Does she want him to be? Sourcebooks. 2011. NEW. more about Wickham's wickedness. Norton. 2009. Paper. NEW.
$18.00 $10.00
14703 Louise, Kara Pemberley Celebrations: The First Year. A 14352 Solender, Elsa Jane Austen in Love: An Entertainment.
complation of delightful holiday stories - a year's worth of Beloved sister Cassandra voices her recollections in this
celebrations. Join Darcy and Elizabeth for Christmas, New Year's, biographical novel. With much love and care, former JASNA
St. Valentine's Day, and more. 2011. Paper. NEW. $12.00 President and highly entertaining speaker Elsa Solender captures
the family life and the youthful romances that nurtured Austen's
15016 Louise, Kara Pirates and Prejudice. Mr
genius. A must-have for all Austen fans at a special low price!
Darcy hides out near the docks in London and
Paper, 2012. NEW. $12.50
ends up on a pirating adventure. Elizabeth's
trip to the Lakes is cancelled and she goes on 14122 Webster, Emma Campbell Lost in Austen: Create Your
a sea voyage with her father, only to be OwnJaneAustenAdventure.Create your own P&P as you step
shipwrecked in a storm. A seafaring twist to into Elizabeth's shoes with the goal of making a good marriage -
Austen's most popular novel. Ahoy there! a great marriage. The decisions you make affect the outcome of
2013. Paper. NEW. $12.00 the story. Penguin. Paper. 2007. NEW. $9.00
15021 Louise,KaraMasterUnderGoodRegulation.The story of 14692 Webster, Emma Campbell Being Elizabeth Bennet:
Pride and Prejudice as seen through the eyes of Darcy's dog, Create Your own Jane Austen Adventure. British hardback
Reggie. Darcy picked Reggie out of a litter of English Spinger version of the book Lost in Austen. With a mirror on the front of
Spaniels when he was 15. He has seen him through years of the dust jacket. No ordinary book, we are assured, as you are
troubles and doubt, including losing his bid for fair Elizabeth required to make decisions along the way, which will determine
Bennet's hand in marriage. Will Reggie be able to help his master the outcome of your Elizabeth Bennet adventure. Put yourself
win the love he so desperately desires? 2006. Paper. NEW. inside Elizabeth's mind! You know we all want to. DJ is price
$12.00 clipped. Atlantic Books, London 2007. VG condition. USED. $7.00
14708 Petkus,JenniferJane,Actually,orJane 14704 White,T.H.DarknessatPemberley.T. H. White [1906-
Austen'sBookTour."With the invention of the 1964] is known for The Sword in the Stone and other
AfterNet, death isn't quite the end to a literary fantasies.But back in 1932 he wrote this mystery novel. A
career it once was, and Jane Austen, the detective story set in later days at Pemberley, with Elizabeth and
grande dame of English literature, is poised for Fitzwilliam Darcy descendants. A rare early sequel! This is a 1978
a comeback with the publication of Sanditon, Dover republication. Paper. USED. $5.00
the book she was writing upon her death in
15011 Winslow,ShannonTheDarcysofPemberley.First in this
1817." In Petkus's third novel, she finds a way
popular series. A year after their marriage, the Darcys are still
to bring Austen to the AGM to speak, and Austen is mostly
adjusting to married life and their romance. And what of Miss
pleased to meet some of her modern fans. A must-read, fun and
Georgiana Darcy? Paper. 2011. NEW. $12.00

Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142

14638 Alcott,AbigailMayMyHeartisBoundless.Edited by Eve Originally published in 1944 as Impressions of English Literature

LaPlante. The real Marmee left a collection of letters and diaries in UK and The Romance of English Literature in US. This reprint
that were discovered by her biographer and great-niece Eva includes additional material from Lord David Cecil and Anthony
LaPlante. She found that Alcott's mother was not the meek Burgess. 1983. Paper. List price $55. NEW. $45.00
housewife history portrays. Reading her words, we find a strong,
13904 Burnett, Frances Hodgson The
wise woman who encouraged her daughters to learn to support
Annotated Secret Garden. Wonderful
themselves. She dreamed of female independence. Free Press,
gift for a family to enjoy together.
2012. Paper. NEW. $10.00
Originally published at $35, this
12238 Barchas, Janine Graphic Design, Print Culture, and the gorgeous annotated edition is
EighteenthͲCentury Novel. How did novels look and feel in the indispensable for fans of FH Burnett.
first half of the 18th century, when they were the newest pop Annotations are on the wide margins on
culture? Defoe, Swift, Richardson, the Fieldings, and other early generous pages, with illustrations culled
novelists experimented with design. Illustrated. Cambridge from various editions and adaptations
University Press, 2003. Paper. NEW. $42.00 of the book. Brown leatherette cover with green gilt design,
embossed dust jacket with intricate patterns. Norton, 2007.
14550 Bate, Walter Jackson The Achievement of Samuel
NEW. $16.00
Johnson. Originally published by OUP in 1955, this important
work by a Harvard Prof of English focused on Johnson as a 10301-8 Burney,FannyEvelina,orTheHistoryofaYoungLady's
humanist and great thinker. He reviews the wide expanse of Entrance into the World. Read the novels Jane Austen and her
Johnson's essays to focus on specific themes - the human desire contemporaries enjoyed. 388 pgs. Norton, Paper. 1965. VG.
for novelty, the self-destructive nature of humanity, the concept USED. $5.00
of truth. Originally publ by OUP in 1955, this edition by Galaxy
14508 Cheney, Ednah D. Louisa May Alcott: Her Life, Letters
Press 1961. Excellent condition with a slightly wrinkled spine,
and Journals. Ed. by Ednah D. Cheney. Dedicated by Cheney to
clean pages. Paper. USED. $10.00
Mrs. "Anna B. Pratt, the sole surviving sister to Louisa May
14637 Beecher, Donald, Editor Characters: Alcott, and her never-failing help, comforter and friend, from
A Jacobean Miscellany. Items of news, birth to death." Miss Alcott's sister observed her wishes and
poems, and sketches of characters written destroyed most of her letters, and she herself edited her journals
by several hands, traced to Donne, Webster, before she died. Nonetheless, she left a fascinating trail of
Dekker, and Ford, among others. Includes a information. Cheney introduces and discusses the journals and
full study of "charactery" as a Jacobean letters and gives background biographical information. Two
phenomenon with roots in the theatre. photogravures of Alcott, two facsimiles of her work, and an
Generous endnotes, works cited, and engraving of Orchard House. Green cloth with red, gold, and
appendices, as well as a detailed black gilt and embossed designs. Book is cocked. Light foxing.
introduction. Dovehouse Editions, Ottawa, Copyright 1889 by J. S. P. Alcott. Boston: Roberts Brothers. 1889.
2003. Paper. NEW. $15.00 $120.00
14007 Behn, Aphra Oroonoko. Women before Austen - Aphra 14960 Crow, Donna Fletcher Glastonbury:
Behn was playwright, spy, and world traveller in Restoration The Novel of Christian England. This
England. The original text of Oroonoko as published in 1688 is massive tome tells a centuries-long saga
reproduced here with a collection of other writings. Historical circulating around Glastonbury, where
documents include 17th and 18th century writings about slavery characters ranging from Joseph of
and the New World. The criticsm section includes writings by Sir Arimathea to Roman soldiers, from King
Walter Scott and Virginia Woolf and others. A current critical Arthur to St Augustine, to King Henry VIII
section also accompanies this fine compilation. There are some pass through and wield influence. Crow has
margin notes made by a previous owner, otherwise VG won religious and secular awards for her historical novels. 859
condition. Norton, Paper. 1997. USED. $3.00 pgs. Paper. NEW. $20.00
14545 Bloom, Harold, Editor Clarissa Dalloway. A series of 14531 de Stael, Madame Corinne, or Italy. First published in
essays explores Viginia Woolf's most famous character in the 1807. Madame de Stael's love of Italy is expressed in this
novel that created a new way of portraying an individual through important classic novel. A Scottish peer is torn between his love
stream of consciousness. Intro and edited by Harold Bloom. for the Italian poet Corinne and respect for his dead father's
Some foxing on page edges. Chelsea House Publishers. 1990. Hb, wishes that he should marry traditional English Lucille. An early
Dj. USED. $5.00 example of a novel that emphasizes a woman's creative abilities.
French Revolutionary allegory. Why did Jane Austen turn down
10231-2 Bowen,Burgess,Cecil,Greene,O'BrienTheHeritageof
the opportunity to meet the author of Corinne, a woman famous
British Literature. Each author takes on a different aspect of
for her political involvement in France? New translation and
British Literary history. Elizabeth Bowen, Anthony Burgess, Lord
edited with explanatory notes by Sylvia Raphael. Introcution by
David Cecil, Graham Greene, Kate O'Brien. Illustrated. Contains
John Claiborne Isbell. Oxford University Press. Paper. 2008 issue.
quite a bit of Bowen on Jane Austen in the section on Novelists.
NEW. $15.00
Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142
12046 Dickens, Charles The Annotated 14530 Herbert, Christopher Trollope and Comic Pleasure. A
Christmas Carol: A Christmas Carol in different view of Trollope's comedy sure to interest fans. Argues
Prose. Beautiful book, ideal Christmas that Trollope's study of obscene, rude Jacobean theater
present. 266 pages are packed with informed his comedy. University of Chicago Press, 1987. Hb, Dj.
period illustrations, background List price $42. USED. $15.00
material. Embossed dust jacket and
15022 Herron,BonnieMyCourageRises.In 1918, Fiona Gilman
luxurious feel. Illustrated by John Leech.
is attacked near the Great Loch by a rich and powerful man's
Edited by Michael Patrick Hearn. 2004,
son. Difficulties follow this event, until Fiona leaves Scotland for
HB, Dj. NEW. $27.00
Canada. But even there, just as she begins to succeed, someone
14422 Eliot, T. S.  Animula This large-paper edition, printed on shows up in New York City who knows her secret, troubled past.
English hand-made paper, is limited to four hundred copies. This Fast-paced, moving novel that explores a young woman's
is Number 267. Signed by T. S. Eliot. Wood engravings by vulnerability in the 1920's. East Park Publishing, Victoria. Paper.
Gertrude Hermes. London: Faber & Faber Ltd. 1929. Paper cover 2013. NEW. $20.00
still taped over the yellow boards. Previous owner birthday
10763-1 Hodge, Jane Aiken The Private
message in front. First edition. $750.00
World of Georgette Heyer. Much loved
14614 Fedlman, Deborah Unorthodox: The Scandalous biography of the 20th century's most famous
Rejection of My Hasidic Roots. Deborah Feldman was raised in Regency Romance author. Draws on primary
an insular Brooklyn Hasidic Satmar neighborhood. She was sources. Illustrated. Sourcebooks 2011
taught to believe that, as a woman, she could not live or think reprint. Paper. NEW. $12.00
independently. She smuggled classic literature into her bedroom.
14698 James, Syrie and Ryan M. Forbidden.
Inspired by Jane Austen, Louisa May Alcott, and other writers,
This mother-son collaboration features Claire,
she began to believe that she could leave her world. This is her
whose mother has secrets, and Alex, with secrets of his own.
personal story. Simon & Schuster. Hb, Dj. 2012. NEW. $9.00
Both wind up at Emerson Academy where Claire hopes to hide
14609 Fischer,JeanACharlesDickensDevotional.Excerpts from her increasingly disturbing psychic powers, and Alex hopes to
Dickens followed by Christian analysis of the passage, scriptural hide from his "watcher" duties. A paranormal fantasy sure to
quote. Organized by topics such as On Parenting, Forgiveness, delight teen readers. Harper Teen. Paper. 2012. NEW. $8.00
Joy!, Regarding Change, etc. Intro and brief bio of Dickens.
14628 James, Vanessa Shakespeare's Genealogies: Plots &
Resource for sermon and Bible study ideas or personal
Illustrated Family Trees for All 42 Works. Stiff fold-out map in
reflection. Thomas Nelson, Nashville. Hb. 2012. List $15.99.
illustrated slipcase is over 17 feet long when fully opened,
NEW. $9.00
covered on both sides with plot outlines, charts organized by
13631 HammerschmidtͲHummel, Hildegard The Life and Times category of play. Great reference for the scholar or newbie just
ofWilliamShakespeare1564Ͳ1616.Translated from the German wanting to learn. Includes his own family tree and history.
by Alan Bance. Oversized black cloth with gilt titles presentation Illustrations include different actors who have portrayed his
book, printed on heavy paper with luxurious illustrations. most famous characters. By a renowned professor of theatre
Focuses on political and religious interpretations of Shakespeare arts. DK Publishing. Special price. NEW. $12.00
biographical material. Publ at 35 pounds. Chaucer Press, London.
14645 Jose, Nicholas and Thomas Keneally The Literature of
420 pgs, Hb, Dj. 2007. NEW. $20.00
Australia: An Anthology. Over two hundred years of Australian
14599 Hastings, Selina The Secret literature, including excerpts of fiction, poetry, drama, letters,
Lives of Somerset Maugham: A essays, speeches and diaries. 1464 pages. Norton. 2009. Hb, Dj.
Biography. Rave critical reviews call List $49.95. NEW. $15.00
this book a work of art. Learn about his
14556 Krutch,JosephWoodSamuelJohnson.Illustrated. Krutch
difficult childhood, his triumphs of
made the effort to put together a large all-inclusive overview of
page and stage, his courageous secret
Johnson's life, writings, and and character at a time when
intel work in both world wars, his
Johnsonian scholars abounded. From the Foreword, "...there is
disastrous marriage, his affairs with
probably no other English man of letters except Shakespeare
men. Hastings was granted access to
whom so many people acknowledge as the chief interest of their
private documents not previously
lives." Johnson is critical to understanding Austen's comedy as
known. Random House, 2010. List $35. Hb, Dj. NEW. $12.00
well. Red cloth, Hb no Dj., very clean. Henry Holt and Company,
14565 Hawksley,LucindaDickensCharlesDickens:TheDickens NY, 1944. USED. $12.00
Bicentenary1812Ͳ2012.In Association with the Charles Dickens
14652 LaPlante, Eve Marmee & Louisa: The
Museum, London. This 10 1/2 by 12 inch book is stuffed full of
Untold Story of Louisa May Alcott and Her
removable documents - facsimiles and replications of playbills,
Mother. Her mother arguably was the most
newspaper articles, photographs, and other memorabilia from
important influence on Alcott. This book
family collections. Color and b/w illustrations throughout.
combines the best of scholarly research and
Lucinda is the great-great-great granddaughter of Dickens and an
compassionate, heartwarming biography to
award-winning writer herself. This book is a must-have for
bring us into their relationship. Free Press,
Dickens collectors. Published at $39.99. 2011. NEW. $25.00
2012. Hb, Dj. NEW. $14.00

Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142
10916 Lefroy, Anna Austen Jane Austen's Sanditon: A 14561 Nicolson,NigelVirginiaWoolf:APenguinLife.Famous as
Continuation by her niece, together with "Reminiscences of part of the Bloomsbury group, Woolf developed a new way of
Aunt Jane."  Written circa 1840. Anna Lefroy was the daughter writing and changed literature. Nigel Nicolson, distinguished son
of Jane's brother James. She inherited the original manuscript of of British writers Harold Nicolson and Vita
Jane's incomplete novel Sanditon, and decided to finish it. This Sackville-West, opens the book with personal
book is the result. But she didn't complete it either! Limited/500 memories of hunting butterflies around Knole
copies (many destroyed in flood). First printing. Listed in the new with Woolf. His memories are woven into this
Gilson p. xlviii. The Chirion Press. 1983. Hb; dj. NEW. $40.00 affectionate story of her life. Illustrated. First
US edition. Hb, Dj. Penguin. 2000. NEW. $15.00
13671 Looser,DevoneyBritishWomenWriters
and the Writing of History, 1670Ͳ1820. Five 14676 Noble, Kate If I Fall.  Romance novel,
writers - Lucy Hutchinson, Lady Mary Wortley historical novel, international intrigue, a broken
Montagu, Charlotte Lennox, Catherine engagement, spy work and more. Set a little after Jane Austen's
Macaulay, Hester Lynch Piozzi, and Jane time. Pocket paperback. NEW. $7.00
Austen, are examined as writers of "real
14677 Noble,KateLetItBeMe.Smart historical romance about
solemn history" during a time when writing
music and love. Bridget goes to Venice to escape her social
history was not acceptable for women. The
situation and studies music. 1820's time period. Pocket
approach is enlightening and entertaining. The
paperback. NEW. $7.00
section on Austen is fascinating. JHUP, 2000, reprinted now at
$30 list. Paper, 272 pgs. NEW. $20.00 14951 Palgrave, Francis Turner, Editor The Golden Treasury of
the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language.
14587 Lovesey,PeterTheLastDetective.Introducing Detective
Selected and arranged with notes by Francis Turner Palgrave.
Peter Diamond. "The Lady in the Lake" is a corpse found floating
Dedicated to Alfred Tennyson, Poet Laureate. This pretty
nude in a reservoir near Bristol. In order to solve the mystery,
collection of lyrical poems is in excellent condition especially
Diamond must locate two missing Jane Austen letters and save
considering its age. Red cloth heavily worked on front and spine
an unjustly accused woman. Winner of the 1992 Anthony
with gold embossed decorations. All page edges gilt. Index by
Boucher Award for Best Mystery Novel. 1992, Bantam, Paper.
poet and by first lines in the back. From a variety of writers,
USED. $5.00 *$15 together with HB copy of Rough Cider signed
including Shakespeare, Sir W. Scott, Wordsworth, Cowper,
by Author.**
Dryden, Lamb. Goldsmith, Keats, etc, and even that elusive poet
14588 Lovesey, Peter Rough Cider. A Detective Peter Diamond Anonymous. Previous owner signature from 1896. Very pretty on
story set in Bath. Highly acclaimed. This is the first US ed. the shelf. Thomas Y. Crowell & Co., New York, 1888. USED.
published by Mystery Press, NY. Hb, Dj. Signed by the author, $10.00
dated 1993. USED. $12.00 *$15 together with PB copy of The
14522 Picard, Liza Dr. Johnson's
Last Detective by Lovesey.**
London. "Coffee-Houses and Climbing
14639 Manning,Sean.EditorBoundtoLast:30WritersonTheir Boys, Medicine, Toothpaste and Gin,
MostCherishedBook.Foreword by Ray Bradbury. Authors come Poverty and Press-Gangs, Freakshows
to the defense of the printed book with passionate, never- and Female Education." This is an
before- published essays. Karen Jay Fowler is one of the 30. Da uncorrected proof. The author of
Capo Press. Paper. 2010. NEW. $7.50 Restoration London returns with an
exploration of the details left out of
14546 McAdam, E. L. Jr., and George Milne Johnson's
most history books. How much of the
Dictionary: A Modern Selection. The first modern edition of
bosom was covered? Why would
Samuel Johnson's dictionary, this work focuses on words that are
people go to the prison to be married?
not found in modern dictionaries, words that show Johnson's
What kind of jobs did women have? Every page holds fascinating
personal biases, and words that help comprehend 18th and early
details. St. Martin's Press. Paper. 2001. USED. $8.50
19th c. literature. Gilray cartoon of Dr SJ in the preface. Very
clean book, excellent condition and a great read. Pantheon, 14627 Pritchard, R. E. Editor Shakespeare's England: Life in
1963. Hb, Dj. USED. $15.00 Elizabethan and Jacobean Times. Excerpts from the best and
wittiest 16th and early 17th century writing. Sources include
14611 Murnigham, Jack and Maura Kelly
plays, books, poems, letters, diaries, and pamphlets. Includes
Much Ado About Loving: What Our Favorite
descriptions of life in the country and in London, life as a writer,
Novels Can Teach You About Date
witches and spirits, tobacco, and more. Illustrated. The History
Press, UK import. Paper. NEW. $10.00
intheTimeofInternetPersonals.The subtitle
says it all - the authors are advice columnists 14649 Redmond, Christopher Sherlock Holmes Handbook 2nd
and book lovers. They have combined career Edition.Canadian scholar Redmond has spent his life researching
and hobby to produce this wonderful advice all aspects of Holmes. This is an update to the 1993 1st ed.
book on finding true romance in the modern Covers the history of original publications including setting and
world, all drawn from lessons in literature. From Austen to background, and quite a bit on Doyle. Modern film and television
Shakespeare to Dostoevsky, they trade back and forth to give us (but is pre-Cumberbatch). Illustrated. Index. Dundurn Press.
both the man and woman's perspective. Simon & Schuster. Paper. NEW. $18.00
2012. Paper. NEW. $9.00

Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142
11816-5 Richardson, Samuel Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded. and signed by Clement Clarke Moore [1779-1863], the author of
Richardson's novels started the ball rolling, and Pamela certainly the poem "Twas the Night Before Christmas." With several pages
generated controversy. Was this a moralist's tale or thinly of just published or soon coming out ads in the back, including
disguised pornography? Pamela fights off the advances of her the novels of "Miss Austen." Ad calls P&P "Elizabeth Bennet; or,
employer and writes copiously to her parents back home. Edited Pride and Prejudice." With quips by Sir Walter Scott, Miss
with Explanatory Notes by Thomas Keymer and Alice Wakely. Mitford, and excerpts from the Quarterly Review. In the
Very good clean copy. Great notes and glossary of interesting travelogue Mrs Trollope follows on her success from her book
words. Originally published in 1740. List $9.95. OUP 2001. Paper, about Americans. First American, Scarce. Front board is
546 pgs. USED. $7.00 detached, spine is chipped. Cloth on spine and paper cover are
worn and faded. Philadelphia: Carey, Lea, & Blanchard. 1834.
14589 Ross, Kate The Devil in Music. If you
USED. $50.00
would like your Regency mystery to be
adventurous, thrilling, and historically 14622 Underwood, Upton Uxbridge Poets
accurate, you can't go wrong if you follow Ranked by Beard Weight: The
Regency dandy and amateur sleuth Julian Commemorative Edition. With commentary
Kestrel on his 4th mystery. He has left London - by Gilbert Alter-Gilbert, and preface by Jack
this one is set in 1820's Italy. Penguin Mystery Passion, World Beard Champion. Underwood
paperback in VG condition. 1998. USED. $3.00 [1881-1937] wrote other books about beards.
He promotes his theory that the shape,
14591 Sayers, Dorothy Whose Body? Lord Peter Wimsey, the
texture and growth patterns of a man's beard
2nd son of a Duke, works with detective-story writer Harriet to
determine personality traits and strengths and weakneses in this
solve a mystery. A reprint of the Harper & Row 1932 orignal. Hb,
illustrated revival of the rare Edwardian pamphlet by the same
Dj. USED. $6.00
name. Includes additional beard esoterica. Skyhorse Publishing
14592 Seierstad,AsneandIngridChristophersesTheBookseller 2011. Paper with faux DJ. NEW. $6.00
ofKabul.The realities of Afghan life are made clear in this true
12169-1 Walpole,Horace,ClaraReeveTheCastleofOtranto&
story told by talented Norwegian reporter and writer Seierstad
The Old English Baron. Two gothic classics in one volume.
of her experiences when she lived for three months in the home
Walpole's novel is often considered the first Gothic novel. Reeve
of the bookseller. He has bravely struggled to bring books to the
wrote her book in response, to correct what she saw as its flaws.
people of Kabul despite the repressive society in which they live.
Paper. Nonsuch Classics. 2007. NEW. $5.00
This is also an intimate portrait of the lives of women who
survive in an extremely mysoginist world. Back Bay Books, Paper, 14547 Wilde,JeanT.TheRomanticRealist:CarolinedelaMotte
2004. VG. USED. $3.00 Fouque.Caroline [1775-1831] was a German author, married to
the German Romanticist Friedrich de la Motte Fouque, author of
14601 Smith, Charlotte The Poems of Charlotte Smith. Series -
Undine. This book describes her life and her literary
Women Writers in English 1350-1850. Edited by Stuart Curran.
contributions. She was a well-known author in her time and
Fwd by Susanne Woods, General Editor. Smith [1749-1806] was
associated with important philosophers, writers, and the court.
a Romantic poet and novelist who was critical to the
Index, Bibliography. DJ has several tears and spine is worn at top
development of the Romantic movement, Gothic fiction, and
and bottom, pages good. Bookman, NY, 1955. USED. $8.00
novels of sensibility, and to the revival of the sonnet. Smith truly
suffered because of the way women were treated in those days 13682 Wilson, Frances The Ballad of Dorothy Wordsworth: A
and wrote to support her family. She was a revolutionary writer. Life. A sensitive, honest biography that does not shrink from
This OUP paperback of her poems is scarce. Includes her own Dorothy the flawed human being. At the center of the Romantic
prefaces to the poems when they were published in the 1790's. movement, inspiration to her brother and Coleridge, this fiercely
1993. VG. USED. $15.00 independent woman became a recluse after her brother's
marriage. Orig. Publ. at $30. Farras, Straus and Giroux, 2008. Hb,
14640 Tocqueville, Alexis de Tocqueville on
Dj. NEW. $11.00
America after 1840: Letters and Other
Writings. Edited and translated by Aurelian 13687 Woodcock, George Aphra Behn: The English Sappho.
Craiutu and Jeremy Jennings. One in London, Woodcock's biography and analysis is accompanied by his
one at IU in Indiana, they worked on this evaluation of the period through his distinctly libertarian
project for many years. With endnotes and sensibilities. He presents Behn to us as the first writer to publish
index plus a very helpful generous introduction. a novel against slavery, the anticipator of Rousseau, women's
Tocqueville remains the starting point for anyone interested in emancipation, and the form of the modern novel. Behn's free
modern democracy, philosophy, and political development. loving life, not to mention her daring to write and live as if she
Cambridge University Press. Paper with faux dj. 560 pgs. 2009. were an equal with the men of her time, have obscured her
List $34. NEW. $13.00 place in history. This book does much to correct that error. 1989
but newly printed. Black Rose Books. Paper, NEW. $10.00
14215 Tomalin,ClaireCharlesDickens:ALife.A favorite literary
biographer brings Charles Dickens to life. List $36. Hb, Dj. 14586 Woolf, Virginia A Room of One's Own and The Voyage
Penguin, 2011. NEW. $15.00 Out.A Room of One's Own [1929] is a classic feminist essay. The
Voyage Out is Woolf's first novel. Intro by Sally Minogue,
14604 Trollope, Mrs. (Frances or Fanny) Belguim and Western
bibliography, endnotes. Wordsworth Classics, Hertfordshire.
Germany in 1833. Including Visits to Baden-Baden, Wiesbaden,
Paper. NEW. $4.00
Cassel, Hanover, The Harz Mountains, &c., &c. Previously owned
Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142

14509 Anderson, Gretchen The Louisa 14532 Kakuzo, Okakura The Book of Tea.
MayAlcottCookbook.Illustrated by Karen Learn about Japanese culture through the
Milone. This first edition is signed by both lessons of tea. Zen and the art of the tea-
the author and the illustrator. The author master. Originally written in 1956, a classic
chose food described in Little Women and that has been translated into many languages.
Little Men, researched cookbooks and Gold cloth spine, patterned paper, paper label
recipes of the period, and compiled these and green patterned slip case made in Japan.
recipes. They are graded by difficulty. Beautifully illustrated. Some fading to spine.
Book is near fine with good jacket in Charles Tuttle, 1995. Rutland and Tokyo. Hb with slip case. USED.
mylar. Little, Brown and Co, Boston and Toronto. USED. $35.00 $10.00
14564 Buehr, Wendy, Editor The Horizon Cookbook and 14681 Montanari, Massimo Cheese, Pears, & History in a
IllustratedHistoryofEatingandDrinkingThroughouttheAges. Proverb. Translated from Italian by Beth Archer Brombert. Not
This gorgeous two volume is set in pristine slipcase. One book is just culinary history, this book gets into social class and
a heavily illustrated history of food throughout the ages. The snobbery, fashion, medical and military history, symbolism, and
other is a collection of historical and international recipes. From more. Columbia University Press. 2010. Hb, Dj. List $33.25. NEW.
ancient prehistory, Greece and Rome to the early 20th c. $14.00
Presented in themed chapters roughly chronological, explores
14356 Olsen, Kirstin Cooking with Jane
the history of spices, tea, French cuisine, the Medieval hunt, and
Austen. Introductory chapters on cooking
Georgian England. Various historical menus are presented, and
and eating in Austen’s time, chapters on
recipes are organized by course. Near fine, appears not read.
types of food such as beef and veal,
American Heritage, 1968. USED. $20.00
seafood, pastries and sweets, and
14658 Foss,RichardRum:AGlobalHistory.Food historian Foss beverages. Over 200 modernized recipes.
gives an overview of 500 years of rum history. Not just for Extracts from Austen’s works and
pirates and slaves, rum also became a civilized drink enjoyed by cookbooks of her period. Special menus.
the likes of Charles Dickens. And it made the fortunes of Austen Glossary, bibliography. B&W illustrations
characters like Sir Thomas Bertram. This lovely little book is well throughout, many contemporary. A
illustrated in color, printed on heavy glossy paper, and written gorgeous cover. Note to previous owner inside front, otherwise
with humor. Recipes included. Hb, Dj. Reaktion Books, London. appears barely opened. Greenwood Press, CT. 2005. USED.
NEW. $16.00 $45.00
10768 Holden, Edith with Alison Harding The 12090 Vaughan,MargaretTeawiththe
Country Diary: Cookery Notes. Charming book Bennets: of Jane Austen’s Pride and
full of Edwardian era recipes. Place for notes Prejudice. “An Anthology of Recipes.”
opposite each recipe with quotes and Have tea with the characters of P&P.
illustrations of beautiful floral watercolors from Puddings, cakes, scones, biscuits, buns,
Edith Holden’s Country Diary of an Edwardian and loaves. 48 pgs Paper. Allison &
Lady. Hb. 1984. USED. $15.00 Alderson Associates, North Yorkshire.
NEW. $20.00

14549 Bentley, Phyllis Some Observations on the Art of 13980-2 Brownstein, Rachel M. Becoming a Heroine: Reading
Narrative. Miss Bentley broke the novel down into 3 parts – About Women in Novels. Explores how the heroines in English
description, scene, and summary – to take the novice writer novels both affect and reflect girls and women’s self image and
through the process. She uses examples from Austen, Defoe, life decisions. Columbia University Press, NY. $29.50 List. Paper.
Dickens, Tolstoy, C. Bronte, and many more to illustrate her NEW. $25.00
points. A classic writer’s workshop that says a lot about writing in
14641 CastleBooksWhyDoWeSayIt?TheStoriesBehindthe
50 pages. Dust Jacket has some tears but overall very good
Words, Expressions and Cliches We Use. In alphabetical order,
condition. Hb, Dj. Macmillan. 1948. USED. $5.00
dictionary style. From apex to ga-ga to maudlin, from getting the
willies to running the gamut, where did all these sayings come
14207 Brodey, Inger Sigrun Ruined by Design: Shaping Novels
from anyway? Hb, Dj. NEW. $9.00
and Gardens in the Culture of Sensibility. Lit crit at its finest
bridges art and culture. Brodey’s award-winning work unpacks 14553 Davis, Harding Richard Our English Cousins. The famed
the Sentimental movement in 18th c European culture and and fashionable journalist created this fascinating view of English
literature and shows how the rhetoric of ruins formed part of life, first published in 1894. Chapters: Three English Race
this movement and helped shape it. Newly available in paper Meetings, A General Election in England, Undergraduate Life at
2012. List $42.95. Routledge. NEW. $38.00 Oxford, London in the Season, The West and East Ends of
London. Illustrated throughout with wonderful unattributed
Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142
woodcuts that are full of details. Green cloth with red and gold 14952 Novobatzky, Peter and Ammon Shea Depraved English.
embossed decorations on spine. Book is very clean. Frontispiece Word lovers beware! You won't be able to put this one down.
tissue paper intact. Many pages have not yet been cut, including Words that have disappeared - where are words like
some of the illustrations. One problem – someone tried to cut pg carminative, hemothymia, meldrop, and screation when you
58 from 59 and botched it, so a couple of ragged edges there. need them? Another warning is necessary - some of the period
Harper, NY. 1903. USED. $10.00 illustrations are as naughty as the meanings of the words. X
Library. St Martin's Press. Hb, Dj. 1999. USED. $4.00
14650 Ellis,JeremyR.ComeAgain?RaceSlang,
Expletives, and Curses from Around the World. 14551 Tayler, Edward W., Editor Literary Criticism of 17th
The book of bad words and euphemisms. Century England. A survey of lit crit in the century that saw
Meaning, history, etymology and usage. Literary criticism go through a dramatic transformation to the modern
lewdness from Shakespeare to Joyce, political thought of Dryden. Ben Jonson, Sir Francis Bacon, John Milton,
profanity, foreign languages. From a free-speech Sir Thomas Carew, Abraham Cowley, George Herbert, Thomas
advocate. Stiff cover with excellent cartoon by Brian Peterson. Hobbes, Soames, Atterbury, Wilmot, Granville, Dryden and
Skyhorse, NY. 2012. NEW. $10.00 more. Arranged in chronological order by author. Appendix
"Samuel Johnson on Metaphysical Wit." Bibliography, index,
14699 JASNA News 1986 through 1996. Back issues of JASNA
helpful Preface. Some wrinkling of the spine but almost like new
News 1986-1996. Follow the evolution of the Jane Austen
book, clean and tight. Alfred A. Knopf. 1967. Paper. USED. $10.00
Society of North America, articles about conferences, book
reviews, news from England, and more. Check for issue 14709 Waldron, Mary Jane Austen and the
availability. USED. $2.00 Fiction of Her Time. Originally published in 1999,
AND 14700 JASNA News 1997 to present. Check for issue presents Austen as a radical innovator, exploring
availability. USED. $1.00 her relationship to the pop novelists of her time.
Looks at Austen family letters to support that they
14623 Moore,C.J.TheQueen'sEnglish:AnAto
critiqued novels together. Austen's enduring
Zed Guide to Distinctively British Words. Have a
appeal is also explored. Cambridge UP. Paper.
go at more than 100 commonly used British words
2001. List $36.99. NEW. $33.00
and phrases. Attractive little hardback with space
for gift inscription inside the front cover. Some you 14517 West,RebeccaTheCourtandtheCastle:TheInteraction
know, some you don't - but it's all made easy. of Political and Religious Ideas in Imaginative Literature.
Bob's your uncle! 2011. Hb. NEW. $8.00 Expansion of three lectures given by West at Yale. Novelist, critic,
poet, historian, travel writer and political commentator, West
14657 Morner,KathleenandRalphRauschNTC'sDictionaryof
[1892-1983] was truly a Renaissance Woman. A feminist who
LiteraryTerms.Nearly 600 terms, concepts, and critical theories.
housed Yugoslavian refugees in her manor during WWII, West
From basic to complex and avant garde. Perfect for the beginner
also wrote volumes of criticism. In this volume she relates the
or the expert. Are you reading lit crit and wondering about some
writings of Shakespeare (Hamlet), Fielding, Trollope, Proust and
of the terms? Words like euphemism, peripeteia, semiotics,
Kafka to the social and political climates of their times. London:
bowdlerize, mimesis defined. Movements like existential,
Macmillan, 1958 2nd printing. Hb, Dj in mylar. USED. $15.00
historical, feminist, and deconstructive criticism explained.
McGraw-Hill. Paper. NEW. $9.50 
14519 Neale, R. S.  Class in English History 1680Ͳ1850. Neale JAS & JASNA Journals
begins by describing the history of class consciousness. He uses
this crucial period of English history to discuss a five class model. 
In the process he discusses the works of various artists of the
period, including Austen, Blake, Hogarth, Hannah More, Sarah JaneAustenSocietyCollectedReports
Scott, and others. B&N, New Jersey, 1981. Hb, Dj. USED. $15.00 13510 1949Ͳ1965NEW. $35.00
13512 1966Ͳ1975NEW. $35.00
14608 Newman, Sandra The Western Lit
13511 1976Ͳ1985NEW. $35.00
SurvivalKit.This is a highly entertaining snarky
13509 1986Ͳ1995NEW. $35.00
overview of the Great Books of Western Lit
13513 1996Ͳ2000withIndex
that gives you the low-down in chapters with
of1949Ͳ2000NEW. $45.00
titles like "Greece: The Cradle of Greek
13508 2001Ͳ2005NEW. $45.00
Civilization" and "The Romantics: The Author
14332 TheJaneAustenSocietyAnnualReport
as (the Author's) Hero." In "William 'Look at
JAS Single years, Annual Reports. USED. $10.00
Me, I Get My Own Chapter' Shakespeare," we 

get some of the finest short summaries of the Bard's plays you'll JASNAPesruasions
find anywhere. Comedy of Errors in 4 sentences? Absolutely, and 14330 Issues 1 through 10. When
one of the sentences consists of one word. Details of the Great available. USED. $12.00
Writers' cultural and political surroundings, biographical facts, 14331 Issues 11 and up. USED. $10.00
it's all true, useful, and hilariously entertaining. We highly
recommend this book for its easy-to-follow history of literature Forjournaldetailsvisit
as well as for its entertainment value. Gotham Books. Paper. www.janeaustenbooks.net/journals
2012. List $18.00. NEW. $10.00 

Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142

Fall 2013 Jane Austen Books Catalog 142

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