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Spring 2009 Jane Austen Books Catalog 133

90017 Amelia Webster and The Three Sisters. Signed by one. 2 page fold-out letter and two title pages. Pull out plans
Juliet McMaster. "This little edition of two of Jane Austen's of Bath, Chawton and Kent. Dozens of glossy illustrations. With
juvenilia, probably written at ages twelve and fifteen, has been all the indexes: Notes, Jane Austen's Family, Other Persons,
Novels, Juvenilia, produced as a class project by the members of English 455 (and Places, and the irreplaceable General Topics as well as Authors,
others) at the University of Alberta, under the general editorship Books and Plays. Spine: Jane Austen Letters 1796-1817. OUP.
Fragments and of Juliet McMaster." 1993, paper. USED. $15.00 1932. 2 Vols in one, India paper. Excellent condition. USED.
Unfinished Works
90157 Complete Novels. Illustrations by Hugh Thomson.
Collector's Library Editions. 12" by 9 1/4 by 2" oversized 90005-1 Jane Austen's Letters. Collected & Edited by
attractive book. Red paper on boards with color Thomson Deirdre Le Faye. Complete re-editing. 116 pages of notes to the
Persuasion illustration front and spine, matching dust jacket. Full letters. New materials that came to light since Chapman's 1952
of b/w illustrations. Silk pg marker. Unattributed biographical edition. A great book to own! Witty phrases you've been
notes includes a paragraph on each sibling. Extra S&H due to quoting for years. Biographical, topographical and other
weight. NEW. $39.00 indexes. 3rd ed. OUP. 1995. Hb, dj. Black w/gilt title. Attractive
By Jane Austen
dust jacket. NEW. $23.50
90037 Emma. Illustrated by Philip Gough. Red leather on
boards, gilt title on spine. Fascinating color and b/w illustrations. 90005-2 Jane Austen's Letters. Collected & Edited by
Some underlining & notations by previous owner. First plate Deirdre Le Faye. Gorgeous collector's edition, bound in silk - a
loose. 2nd impression 1950. Macdonald & Co. USED. $15.00 floral Regency fabric design. Red slipcase. Color illustrations.
Every detail has been attended to by the Folio Society to make
90071 Everyman's Library. Modern editions of the 6 a stunning display. 6 by 9&3/4 by 2". London, 2003. 642 pgs.
novels plus one volume Sanditon and Other Stories. Publish dates NEW. $85.00
1991 & 92. Various introductions including Claudia Johnson,
Marilyn Butler, Peter Conrad. Range from $12 to $25 depending 11442 Jane Austen's 'Sir Charles Grandison'. Tran-
on issue & condition. Various covers or dust jackets - SS has scribed and Edited by Brian Southam, Foreword by Lord David
picture of Emma Thompson's movie, others have neat black and Cecil. Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1980. 150 pgs. Hb, dj. USED. $75
white covers. USED. $12 - $25
90146 Jane Austen's Works. 6 novels in 5 volumes, all 5
90004 Five Letters from Jane Austen to her niece Fanny with half-title reading: Jane Austen's Works [flower on stem]
Knight Printed in Facsimile. Richard West, Oxford At The and title. Bound by Riviere. Printed at Cambridge by the
Clarendon Press. 1978 reprint of 1924 original. Green cover with Sundics of the Press at the University Press. (Alt: by the Temple
silver title on spine. This book measures 10 x 12 inches in Press at Letchworth). 6 band spine, author/title/device.
facsimile, the same as the original. No DJ 34 pgs, hb. USED. $75 Bookplates of Mary Andrews Kilgour. Complete set seldom if
ever available! Drawings dated 1899, this would seem to be a
90023 Four Pieces from Jane Austen's Juvenilia. Titles: predecessor to the Holby edition of 1905, if not at the same
The Adventures of Mr. Harley, Sir William Mountague, Memoirs time. Gilson mentions Riviere quite often in the first editions.
of Mr. Clifford, and Amelia Webster. Postscript by David Gilson, Perhaps these are reprints. No date but 1908. USED. $675.00
1987. Illustrated sketch of St. Nicholas Church, Marino Romero,
1983. JASNA, NY, 1987. Paper. USED. $40.00 90020-2 Lesley Castle. The Juvenillia Press. Edmonton,
Alberta. Ed. by Jan Fergus. Illus. by Juliet McMaster. Signed by
90021 Frederic & Elfrida. With an Illustration by Edward Jan Fergus to Ruth & signed by Juliet McMaster. 1998 USED.
Bawden. Numbered from first edition of 350. Condition as new. $15.00
1987, Kit-Cat Press, Gloucestershire. Paper. USED. $65.00
90011-2 Love and Freindship and Other Early Works.
90022 Henry & Eliza. With an Illustration by Edward Intro by Geraldine Killelea. 1991. Paper. USED. $8.00
Bawden. Numbered from 350 copies. Condition as new. 1984,
Kit-Cat Press, Gloucestershire. Paper. USED. $55.00 90105-2 Love and Friendship and Other Early Works.
Preface by G. K. Chesterton. Plum colored background with glit
90108 Jack & Alice: A Novel. Signed by Juliet McMaster, floral design on boards. Maroon on spine with gilt lettering.
editor. University of Edmonton. Staple-bound, red cardboard Some sun fading. Cassandra's illustrations of the royals in front
cover. 1st ed. 1992. USED. $15.00 and back covers. Chatto & Windoss. Third Impression, 1922.
USED. $32.00
90041 Jane Austen's Lady Susan: A Facsimile of the
Manuscript in the Pierpont Morgan Library and the 1925 Printed 90014 Love and Friendship: a new illustrated edition.
Edition. Preface by A. Walton Litz. 1925 portion includes Ed. by Juliet McMaster & others, Illustrated by Juliet McMaster
anonymous preface by R. W. Chapman. Part 1: The facsimile of and Sherry Klein. 1995, Paper. USED. $9.00
the original manuscript of Lady Susan in Austen's handwriting as
presented to her niece Lady Knatchbull by Cassandra Austen. 90086 Mansfield Park. Illustrations by Charles E.
Part 2: Text of Lady Susan by Jane Austen, written about 1805, Brock. Very slight waviness to first few pages, otherwise good
first published in 1871, now reprinted from the manuscript at condition. Dent, London/Toronto/NY, 1922. USED. $45.00
Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1925. Austen made this fair copy 1805
or later, but the novel is believed to have been written ca.1894. 90110-4 Mansfield Park. Dark green cloth with
Attractive beige and green cloth. No jacket as issued. 9x11" embossed designs on front and back cover and gilt title and
NEW. $90 design on spine. Previous owner signature in front, Blanche
Nicolette 1880. Pages intact, spine bumped at top and bottom.
90006-2 Jane Austen's Letters to her sister Cassandra and Some foxing. Richard Bentley & Son, London, 1877 "New
Others. Ed. by R. W. Chapman. Two volumes were combined into Edition" 413 pgs. USED. $260.00
Catalog 133 Jane Austen Books Spring 2009
90129 Mansfield Park. Porter & Coates, nd. 431 pgs. Alta Edition. 90120 The Novels of Jane Austen. Macdonald and Jane's. Red leather
Illustration. Ex-library. Blue cloth, black and gilt decorations. USED. $50.00 boards with attractive gilt titles on spine and gilt silhouette on frontcovers
contained in red leather box. 6 volumes, including illustrations throughout,
80207-1 My Dear Cassandra: The Letters of Jane Austen. Selected and Lady Susan and The Watsons in the S&S volume and biographical note in
introduced by Penelope Hughes-Hallett. Excerpts from the novels and the Emma volume. Reproductions of 1st editions or 2nd editions (author's
corrections). 1974. New. $250.00.
letters, beautiful Regency illustrations. Light brown cover with gilt lettering
on spine. VG condition. 1990. Hb, dj. USED. $18.00
90070 The Annotated Pride and Prejudice. Ed. by David Shapard. More
than 2300 annotations. "Any reader who sticks with the program and
90038 Persuasion. Beautiful color Brock illustrations. Blue cloth, spine absorbs the wealth of material that Mr. Shapard offers will…read PP as it
faded, bumped. Pages browned but color plates clear & in excellent was read and understood at the time of its publication, with all the period
condition. 1922. J. M. Dent & Sons Ltd. USED. $275.00 details in place and correctly interpreted." Multi-page review, NYT, 3/16/08.
Pretty paperback. 2007. NEW. $16.00
90158-1 Persuasion. Green silk with gold embossed shield, title, J. Austen
signature. J. M. Dent & Co. 1893. Edited by R. Brimley Johnson, Illustrations 90003 The Complete Novels of Jane Austen. Dark blue cover. Beautifully
by William C. Cooke, Ornaments by F. C. Tilney. Private bookplate inside illustrated DJ. The Modern Library. NY. 1941. 1,365 pgs. Hb, dj. $50.00
front. Tissue paper protectors intact. Vol X of 10 volume set. Beautiful little
book. USED. $240.00
90047 The Novels of Jane Austen. "The Text based on Collation of the
Early Editions by R. W. Chapman. With Notes Indexes and Illustrations From
90031 Pride and Prejudice. Adapted by Diana Stewart. Illustrated by Contemporary Sources in Five Volumes." Brick red cloth. Paper title label on
Helen Cogancherry. Abridged condensed children’s version with delightful spine. Rough cut front and bottom page edges. Clarendon Press, Oxford.
color illustrations. Raintree Publishers, 1981. Hb. USED. $32.00 1933. No dj. USED. Set of 5 volumes $300.00

90034 Pride and Prejudice. Ed. by Richard Bain. Cambridge University 90104 The Novels of Jane Austen. The Text based on Collation of the
Press. 382 pgs, 34 pgs resource notes plus glossary, intro, activities. Colin Early Editions by R. W. Chapman. With Notes Indexes and Illustrations From
Firth & Jennifer Ehle on cover. Paper. 1996. NEW. $16.00 Contemporary Sources. 1926 Clarendon Press, Oxford. Five volume set.
Maroon cloth with gold gilt titles in script on spine and small urn and branch
90144 Pride and Prejudice. Intro and notes by Dr Ian Littlewood. design on front cover. USED. $450.00
Paperback book, lightly annotated. Comes with CD that features chapter
summaries, maps, key themes, a timeline with beautiful illustrations, more. 90103 The Novels of Jane Austen. The Text based on Collation of the
Great for students. Wordsworth Interactive Editions. Hertfordshire. 1999 & Early Editions by R. W. Chapman. With Notes Indexes and Illustrations From
2001. NEW. $5.00 Contemporary Sources. 3rd edition, 4th and 5th impressions. 1948-9
Clarendon Press, Oxford. Five volume set. Green cloth with gold gilt title on
10132 Pride and Prejudice. Intro by Constance Garrett. Popular Classics spine. MP spine worn, cloth splitting. Good condition. USED. $85.00
of the World, Caxton House, NY. No date, possibly 1930's. Break in edge of
front board. Red cloth, black title on spine. USED. $25.00 90025 The Oxford Illustrated Jane Austen. Oxford University Press.
1980's editions. Blue and yellow dust jackets. Based on the 1926 R. W.
10129 Pride and Prejudice. Unusual color and b&w illustrations by Chapman editions. Priced individually at $12.00. NEW.
Edgard Cirlin. Intro by May Lamberton Becker. Rainbow Series. Ex-Library,
some staining and pencil marks, otherwise good condition. 1946, The World 90043 The Works of Jane Austen in Ten Volumes. Each book 3 1/4 by 5".
Publishing Company- Cleveland and NY. 435 pgs. USED. $45.00 10 volumes in lidded box. Unusual set from Robert Fredericks of Bath
without name, date or place (RF on spine). All edges gilt, heavy paper, silk
90119 Pride and Prejudice: The Godmersham Edition. Nottingham Court page markers, attractive gift set, green boards. NEW. $95.00
Press, London, 1985. With line drawings by John Ward originally made in
1948 inside covers and throughout text. Copy #593 of this limited edition of 90092 Volume the First. The Jane Austen Library. Includes Foreword by
750. This lovely book was published to commemorate a festival weekend Lord David Cecil, Preface Brian Southam, Preface R. W. Chapman. Jane
held as a benefit for Godmersham Church. A copy of the original pamphlet Austen's entertaining early works: Frederic & Elfrida, Jack & Alice, Edgar &
for the event is included. Light brown cloth with gilt sketch of woman Emma, Henry & Eliza, Mr Harley, Sir William Mountague, Mr Clifford, The
holding an envelope on front cover & gilt title on spine. Large attractive Beautiful Cassandra, Amelia Webster, The Visit, The Mystery, The Three
book in VG condition. Top page edges gilt light red. USED $120.00 Sisters, Detached pieces, Ode to Pity. 1984, London. Hb, dj. Signed by
Southam. Pub at $100. Our price signed $45.00, unsigned $40.00
90051 Sanditon: An Unfinished Novel by Jane Austen. Intro by B. C.
Southam."Reproduced in Facsimile from the Manuscript in the Possession 90100 Volume the Second. Introduction B. C. Southam. F18. This title
of King's College, Cambridge." Clarendon Press, Oxford. 1975. USED. $50.00 first printed 1922 as Love and Freindship. One of 8 volumes of Austen's
Minor Works, not issued as a set. The drawings include Richard III, not
80206 Sense & Sensibility. Illustrated by Hugh Thompson. Intro by Austin included in L and F. Contents include that title, Lesley Castle, History of
Dobson. Red 1/2 leather, inside covers marbled. Attractive ridged spine England, Collection of Letters and Scraps. Notes pp 209-236. Blue-gray
with gilt decorations. Pages gilt on top, rough cut on edges. Red silk ribbon paper on boards, 1/4 natural linen and paper labels. Clarendon Press,
bookmark. Pages tight, spine tight, boards and hinges are good. MacMillan Oxford, 1963. Dj repaired. Previous owner and other notes in first sheet.
and Co., Limited. London, 1909. 342 pgs. USED. $145.00 USED. $60.00

90110-1 Sense and Sensibility. Dark green cloth with embossed designs on 90101 Volume the Third. "Now first printed from the manuscript."
front and back cover and gilt title and design on spine. First few pages Preface by R. W. Chapman. Includes Evelyn and Catharine ("Kitty" or "the
loose. Soiling to some pages. Spine loosening. Richard Bentley & Son, Bower") important as Austen's first serious literary attempt. Also Anna
London, 1882 "New Edition" 322 pgs. USED. $110.00 Lefroy's contribution to Evelyn. Blue-gray paper on boards, 1/4 natural linen
and paper labels. Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1951. No dj. Very good
condition. USED. $65.00

Spring 2009 Jane Austen Books Catalog 133
10003 Adams, Carol, Douglas Buchanan, & Kelly Gesch. includes much new information, expanded and revised by
The Bedside, Bathtub & Armchair Companion to Jane Austen. Dierdre Le Faye. She had access to family archives. This edition
Delightful overview of all things Austen. From biographical has become the standard biography. Red cloth with attractive
information to insider interviews with authors Joan Ray and Karen protected DJ has photo of the quilt on display at Jane Austen's
Biographies Fowler. Take the Quizzes! Revel in pop culture! Share your love of House, Chawton, made by Mrs Austen, Jane and Casandra.
Austen with other fans! Have fun! 2008. Paper. NEW. $19.95 British Library: 1989. 326 pages. Hb, dust jacket. NEW. $25.00
10004 Adams, Oscar Fay. Story of Jane Austen's Life. 10145 Bailey, John. Introductions to Jane Austen. These
Critical Works
Facsimile of charming 1891 biography which covers the life and are the original 7 introductions to the Georgian edition of Jane
works. Illustrated. Publication of this facsimile limited to 100. Austen's novels, plus L&F, and S. Includes new material: a short
1974. Hb. NEW. $20.00 study of Jane Austen's Letters. London, Oxford: 1977R, original
1931. 147 pages, Hb. USED. $15.00
10024 Aldington, Richard. Jane Austen. Richard
About Jane Austen
Aldington's brief essay on Jane Austen. He spends several pages 10313 Burrows, J. F. Jane Austen's Emma. Wonderfully
debunking excessive admiration of Jane Austen, then delves into detailed analysis of Austen's "perfect" book. Sydney University
his own version of admiration. Hard-to-find first edition. (Gilson Press. 1968. 132 pages, Hb, dj. Good condition. USED. $25.00
M576) Pasadena: The Ampersand Press. 1948. 16 pages. Hb.
USED. $40.00 10316 Bush, Douglas. Jane Austen. Part of the series
Masters of World Literature. Bush sets Austen in her historical
10035 Allen, Walter. The English Novel: A Short Critical period, describes her family life, then examines her work,
History. Includes wonderful essay on Austen and Scott in the chapter by chapter. Includes early writings & fragments.
section on 19th Century. Sample quotes - "Did Miss Austen know Entertaining analysis. Hb, dj. NY: Macmillan, 1975. USED. $15
what she was doing?...She knew exactly what she was doing.
Perfection is not obtained by blundering…" and "…she is, with Dr. 10323-2 Byrde, Penelope. Fashion in the Works of Jane
Johnson, the most forthright moralist in English...". NY: Dutton, Austen. Jane Austen's descriptions of fashion have been
1955. Hb, 454 pages. Underlined throughout by previous owner. arranged in 6 chapters, with explanations. Includes a brief guide
USED. $6.00 to textile terms. Byrde was curator of the Museum of Costume
in Bath until her retirement in 2002. This book was originally
10109 Auerbach, Emily. The Courage To Write: Women published as A Frivolous Distinction in 1979 by the Bath City
Novelists of 19th-Century Europe. A Guide for Readers. Council. Still in demand, now released in paper, with new 2008
Encouragement for women writers, using the example of past intro by the author. Full of wonderful period illustrations.
great writers. Chapter dedicated to each author - Austen, Bronte, Paper. NEW. $18.00
Shelley, Sand, Eliot. Board of Regents University of Wisconsin:
1991. 151 pages, paper. Signed by author. 8 1/2 X 11. Beautiful 10324 Byrne, Paula. Jane Austen and the Theatre.
lace print cover, Jane Austen profile on front cover. $20.00 Explores home theatricals, professional theatre, and the
influence of theatre on Austen's novels. 2002. Paper. NEW.
10115 Austen-Leigh, James Edward. A Memoir of Jane $29.95
Austen by her Nephew. Handsome facsimile of the 1882 edition.
However, Lady Susan and The Watsons are not included. Folcroft 10335 Castellanos, Gabriela. Laughter, War and
Library Editions: 1979. Hb. Tightly bound in boards covered with Feminism: Elements of Carnival in Three of Jane Austen's
royal blue cloth. Gilt title on spine only. Some foxing. NEW. $45 Novels. Focuses on Austen's feminist themes, emphasizing her
iconoclastic laughter. NY: 1994. 241 pages. Hb. Shop worn.
10124 Austen-Leigh, Mary Augusta. Personal Aspects of NEW. $10.00
Jane Austen. A daughter of James Edward Austen-Leigh, Mary
Augusta sought to show Jane Austen was more well-rounded and 10346-1 Cecil, David. A Portrait of Jane Austen. David
knowledgeable than some critics and biographers like to portray. Cecil was Professor of English Literature at the University of
If you are collecting biographies, this is an excellent addition, not Oxford from 1948 to 1970. He is known for his biographies of
easy to find. Some wear to cover, light foxing, spine loose with William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne, and this bio of Jane
age, otherwise good condition. London: John Murray, 1920. Hb. Austen. NY: 1979. 208 pages, Hb, dust jacket. Like new. USED.
$65.00 $15.00

10134 Austen-Leigh, William and Richard Arthur. Jane 10367 Cleary, Kristen, and Robyn Sommer. A Jane
Austen: Her Life and Letters. A Family Record. Intro by Sarah S. Austen Miscellany - Sisters - Suitors - Families - Friends. A well-
G. Frantz.This reprint of the 1913 edition does not include done compilation. $8.00
revisions by Le Faye. NY: Barnes & Noble, 2006, paperbound.
NEW. $7.00
10380-2 Collins, Irene. Jane Austen and the Clergy. Irene
is a wonderful writer. No JA library is complete without her
10127 Austen-Leigh, William and Richard Arthur. Jane books. This book examines the clergy and Jane Austen's and
Austen: Her Life and Letters. A Family Record. The son and explains the clergy in her novels: Patronage, Manners and
grandson of James Edward Austen-Leigh worked together, using Morals, the Clergy and the Neighborhood, more. Beautifully
new materials that came to light after J.E.A-L's Memoir, to create illustrated on glossy paper. Notes, bibliography, appendix,
this newer history of Jane Austen. NY: Dutton, 1913, 1st edition. index. NEW. $12.00
Hb. Cover worn, foxing. USED. $95.00
10397 Cornish, Francis Warre. Jane Austen. Biography
10135 Austen-Leigh, William and Richard Arthur. Jane and critique of the novels. Part of series called "English Men of
Austen: Her Life and Letters. A Family Record. Revised by Dierdre Letters." Macmillan & Co. London 1926. Hb, 240 pgs. $20.00
Le Faye. First published in 1913, this 1989 re-issue

Catalog 133 Jane Austen Books Spring 2009
10383-1 Craik, W. A. Jane Austen: The Six Novels. Analyzes the novels afterword by Joan Austen-Leigh. British Library Board, London, 2008. 48
to decipher the principles upon which Jane Austen based her writing. pgs. Hb, dust jacket. NEW. $24.00
London. 1965. 210 pgs. Hb. $20.00
10584 Fullerton, Susannah, and Anne Harbers. Jane Austen:
11670 Day, Malcolm. Voices from the World of Jane Austen. Antipodean Views. A collection of passages & quotes from Australians and
Attractive dust jacket. Book is packed full of quotes from the time period New Zealanders on Jane Austen. Illustrates why Jane Austen is so popular
placed in context against Austen's novels & letters. Good introduction to "down under". Wellington Lane Press, 2001. Paper. NEW. $15.00
the period. B/w illustrations throughout and some excellent period color
plates. Caution, we noticed some inaccuracies when quoting from Austen's 10583 Fullerton, Susannah. Jane Austen & Crime. There was plenty
novels (ie who said what). 2006. 288 pgs. Hb, dj. Pub. at $24.99. NEW. of crime in Jane Austen's England. Fullerton shows the connections
$18.00 between Jane's youthful work, her mature work, and the darker side of life.
Jones Books, 2006. 248 pgs. Paper. NEW. $20.00
10444 Doody, Prof. M. A. and Prof. D. Murray. A Portrait of Jane
Austen. Navy covers, 8 1/4 X 11 1/2. Scarce pamphlet detailing history of 11669 Gammie, Ian & Derek McCulloch. The Musical World of Jane
the portrait owned by the Rice Family. 1995. 21 pgs. NEW. $25.00 Austen. "Seen through the manuscripts and printed editions held by the
Jane Austen Memorial Trust at Chawton, with brief histories of
10450 Duckworth, Alistair. The Improvement of the Estate: A Study contemporary composers and a catalogue of more than 300 musical
of Jane Austen's Novels. Johns Hopkins, 1994. 250 pgs. Paper. Publ. at works." Also incipits of several of the pieces. Corda Music Publications,
$18.95. NEW. $7.00 Herts. UK.1996. NEW. $20.00

10479-4 Edwards, Anne-Marie. In the Steps of Jane Austen. 10624-2 Gilson, David. A Bibliography of Jane Austen. This is the only
Traveller's guide, updated & revised. Photos, maps, a must-have. Jones bibliography you will ever need - and you will wonder how you managed
Books, 2006 3rd ed. NEW. $18.95 without it. Arranged in sections so that you can easily find any book. Read
about the various editions, and the famous owners of her books. Also bios
10483 Ehrenpreis, Irvin. Acts of Implication: Suggestion and Covert and critical works. The first edition was published in 1982 and included
Meaning in the Works of Dryden, Swift, Pope, and Austen. An insightful works up to 1978. This edition has a new front section adding important
reading of Austen. Unusual view of her novels in context with the famous works up to 1995. Oak Knoll Press, 1997, Hb, dj. 877 pgs. NEW. $55.00
dramatist, essayist, and poet. University of California Press. 1980, Hb, DJ,
158 pgs. USED. $8.00 10636 Gooneratne, Yasmine. Jane Austen. Important critical
introduction to Jane Austen's writings, including her letters, minor works,
10533 Fergus, Jan. Jane Austen: A Literary Life. This is an excellent and the 6 novels. Focus on structure and intentions of the works.
work on Austen's career as a writer. Fergus is a favorite of Austen fans. Cambridge University Press. 1970. Paper. USED. $15.00
Softbound. Includes note signed by author. USED. $50.00
10652 Grey, J. David, Mg Ed. The Jane Austen Companion. With
10555 Firkins, Oscar W. Jane Austen. Originally published 1920. Consulting editors A. Walton Litz and Brian Southam. 65 essays by 40
Examines Jane Austen the novelist, the realist, and the woman. Includes the respected experts on a variety of topics. Must-have for Austen fans. Hb, dj a
poem "To Jane Austen" by the author. Russell & Russell, NY. 1965. Hb. VG little worn. USED. $70.00
condition, green cloth, gold gilt lettering on spine. Some pgs still uncut.
USED. $31.00 10678-1 Halperin, John, Editor. Jane Austen: Bicentenary Essays.
Facsimile of this out of print book, printed in 1991 by University Microfilms
10562 Fitzpatrick, William J. Jane Austen's Emma and Mansfield International on acid-free paper. Selected essays, various writers. Some
Park. Study guide. "A critical guide providing complete understanding of the underlining and margin comments in bright colored ink. 1975. Paper. USED.
great works and ideas - an in-depth analysis of the form, meaning, and style $8.00
by means of: complete background, plot discussion, theme development,
character analysis, critical commentary, questions & answers, guide to 10677-1 Halperin, John. The Life of Jane Austen. Johns Hopkins
research." Monarch Press, NY. 1965. 107 pgs. Paper. UESD. $20.00 University Press. Full length biography, well written. Treats each novel as to
origin and intent, proposes how her life led to her fiction. 1984. Hb, dj.
10564 Fleishman, Avrom. A Reading of Mansfield Park: An Essay in USED. $12.00
Critical Synthesis. Johns Hopkins Press. 1970. Paper. USED. $30.00
10682 Handley, Graham. Jane Austen. Criticism in focus. A survey
11624 Fletcher, Chris. 1000 Years of English Literature: A Treasury of main books and most influential articles. First responses, early bio,
of Literary Manuscripts. With Roger Evans and Sally Brown. 200 emergent classics, letters, appraisals, centenary evaluations. NY. 1992. Hb,
illustrations in full color, many large, grace this lovely large book (8.5X11), dj. USED. $20.00
printed on heavy paper. Facsimiles of manuscripts and drawings & paintings
of the authors from hte British Library collections, with short biographies of 10685 Hannon, Patrice. Dear Jane Austen: A Heroine's Guide to Life
the authors. A gorgeous book by three curators of literary manuscripts at and Love. Not a novel. A modern-day conduct book. Jane Austen answers
the British Library. From Beowulf to Ted Hughes (Jane Austen is on page the questions that perplex heroines-in-training. 2005. Paper. NEW. $10.00
114). Abrams, NY: 2003. 191 pages, Hb, dust jacket. NEW. $27.00
10689 Hardwick, Michael. A Guide to Jane Austen. A writer writing
10571 Folsom, Marcia McClintock, ed. Approaches to Teaching about Austen's TEN novels - because he treats The Watsons, Lady Susan,
Austen's Emma. Plus essays by 18 eminent Austen scholars, including Love and Freindship, and Sanditon, with due respect. Encyclopedic entry for
Jonathan Gross. NY. 2004. Paper. NEW. $19.00 every character. Great fun as well as excellent reference. 1973. Hb, dj.
USED. $30.00
11229 Freydis, Jane Welland and Eileen Southerland, Editors. Life in
the Country: with Quotations by Jane Austen and Silhouettes by her 11232 Hecimovich, Gregg A. Austen's Emma. Lively, insightful,
Nephew James Edward Austen-Leigh. Charming silhouettes JEAL created, student-friendly guide to Emma. With guidance on historical context,
often to amuse his children. Contributions by Maggie Lane and Joan Ray, literary influences, language, style, form, critical history, adaptations,
including movies. Ideal for undergraduate students. NEW. $15.00
Spring 2009 Jane Austen Books Catalog 133
10761 Hodge, Jane Aiken. Only a Novel: The Double Life of Jane Bronte, C Rossetti, R Bonheur, M de Stael, Ellizabeth Fry, Mary Lamb, Jane
Austen. Excerpts from Austen's letters enhance this biography. Slight foxing Austen, Empress Josephine, and Mary Shelley. His description of his late
on edges. DJ worn. 1972. USED. $18.00 19th c visit to Steventon is wonderful. His bio of Jane Austen is a little off for
those who have read so many well-researched works from the 20th
10767 Holbrook, David. The Novel and Authenticity. Excellent century, but it is fun and personable and brings Austen to life, and who can
accessible criticism. Includes essay on morals and Mansfield Park. Also complain about that? G. P. Putnam's Sons, London & NY, 1897. USED.
essays on Henry James, E. M. Forster, Alan Sillitoe. 1st US ed. 1987. 204 pgs, $40.00
Hb, dj. Like new condition. USED. $30.00
11238 Johnson, Claudia. Equivocal Beings: Politics, Gender and
10780 Holms, John and Karin Baji. Bite-Size Jane Austen: Sense and Sentimentality in the 1790's. Essays on Wollstonecraft, Burney, Radcliffe
Sensibility from one of England's Great Writers. John Holms and Karin Baji and Austen. Catherine R. Stimpson wrote the forward. U of Chicago Press.
compiled this collection and included a bite-size biography! St. Martin's 1995. Paper. NEW. $26.00
Press, NY. 1999. 94 pgs. Hb, dj. NEW. $13.00
10832-1 Johnson, Claudia. Jane Austen: Women, Politics and the
10777 Honan, Park. Jane Austen: Her Life. Beloved biography, one Novel. "Best (and best-written) book about Austen." Nina Auerbach. U of
of our favorites. St. Martin's Press, NY. Hb, dj. 1897. USED. $10.00 Chicago Press, 1988, Hb, Dj. NEW. $20.00

10789-2 Howard, Tom. Austen Country. Beautiful oversized book full 10838 Johnson, R. Brimley. Jane Austen: Her Life, Her Work, Her
of pictures to accompany your travels, whether of the armchair or train & Family, and Her Critics. llustrated, includes maps drawn by Miss Blanche
car variety. Caxton Ed. London, 2000, 80 pbs. Hb, dj. NEW. $15.00 MacManus of fictional locations. Inlcudes JA portrait and various other
illustrations. Also, of course, inlcudes the excellent insights of R. Brimley
Johnson. Dent, Dutton. 1930. 285 pgs. USED. $75.00
10795-2 Hubback, J. H. and Edith C. Jane Austen's Sailor Brothers:
Being the Adventures of Sir Francis Austen, G.C.B., Admiral of the Fleet
and Rear-Admiral Charles Austen. A 1986 reprint of the 1906 book written 10854 Kaye-Smith, Shella and G. B. Stern. More About Jane Austen.
by grandson and great-granddaughter of Frances Austen. NEW. $75.00 Kaye-Smith and Stern explore Austen again. They had so much fun with the
first book, they had to write another! 1949. Hb, dj. 1st US ed. USED. $45.00
10795-1 Hubback, J. H. and Edith C. Jane Austen's Sailor Brothers:
Being the Adventures of Sir Francis Austen, G.C.B., Admiral of the Fleet 10855 Kaye-Smith, Shella and G. B. Stern. Speaking of Jane Austen.
and Rear-Admiral Charles Austen. Gilson M275. First edition. Written by Two women, novelists themselves, have a great deal of fun exploring Jane
grandson and great-granddaughter of Frances Austen. First published Austen's works and life, which they share with us in alternating chapters
reproduction of Cassandra's watercolor sketch of Jane Austen. Foxing. that seem almost like a conversation. Hb, dj, 1944, 286 pgs. 1st US ed.
Previous owner bookplate (Fardell) and notes on one page in front. Some USED. $45.00
wear to edges of spine and corners, else VG. John Lane The Bodley Head.
1906. 294 pgs. USED. $220.00
10869 Kestner, Joseph A. III. Jane Austen: Spatial Structure of
Thematic Variations. Salzburg studies in English Literature under the
10796 Hubbard, Elbert. Little Journeys to the Homes of Famous
direction of Professor Edwin A. Sturzl. Looks at the themes of improvement,
Women. Do not expect a travel book. The author [1856-1915] wrote mini-
intimacy, concealment, imagination, silence, and shyness. Universitat
biographies to accompany his brief prosaic travel tales. This book covers
Salzburg. Austria. 1974. 145 pgs. Review copy, sun faded. USED. $60.00
Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Madame Guyon, H Martineau, Charlotte

Further Reading About Jane Austen’s Family

10100 Austen, Edward (Knight). Jane Austen's Brother Abroad: The Grand Tour Journals of Edward Austen. Ed. by John Spence. Beautiful little book,
fully illustrated. Edward, unlike his brothers, didn't go to college. Instead, he went on the Grand Tour. Jane and Cassandra must have enjoyed living vicariously
through his letters. We can't help but admire brother Edward's writing style, knowing the talent that runs in his family. JASA Press, 2005. Paper. NEW. $22.00

10112 Austen, James. The Complete Poems of James Austen. Ed., Intro and Notes by David Selwyn. Jane's eldest sibling James [1765-1819] was a prolific
poet, yet none of his verse was published in his lifetime; except for excerpts in letters, most are in print here for the first time. Includes 42 pages of explanatory
notes. JAS: 2003. 191 pages. Paperbound. NEW. $22.00

10971 Mackinnon, Sir Frank Douglas. Grand Larceny: Being the Trial of Jane Leigh Perrot, Aunt of Jane Austen. Complete work with illustrations and the
actual trial report. Oxford University Press. 1937. 131 pgs, hb. USED. $85.00

11250-2 Wilson, Margaret. Almost Another Sister: The family life of Fanny Knight, Jane Austen's favourite niece. A biography of Fanny Knight, Jane’s
favorite neice. Plates, 3 family pedigrees (Knight, Knatchbull, Austen.) Wilson is an authority on Kent. Some shelf wear. NEW. $15.00

11251 Wilson, Margaret. Eva: An Aspiring Victorian: The life of Eva Knatchbull-Hugessen, great-great-niece of Jane Austen. Margaret Wilson, author
of "Almost Another Sister" a book about Fanny Knight, here has given us the story of Evan Knatchbull-Hugessen, daughter of Lord Brabourne, grand-daughter of
Fanny Knight. Eva's story helps illuminate the politics of the time, including issues of women's education and ability to pursue a career. Eva also wrote children's
fiction. 2008. Paper. NEW. $20.00

Catalog 133 Jane Austen Books Spring 2009
10901-1 Lascelles, Mary. Jane Austen and Her Art. One of the best famous, letters, essays, critical reviews. MacMillan. 1976. Good condition.
books about Austen ever written, a classic. OUP, London, 1st ed. 1939. No USED. $20.00
dj. (Also available in other editions for as low as $20.) USED. $50.00
11444 Southam, Brian. Jane Austen. A Students' Guide to the Later
11627 LeFaye, Deirdre. Jane Austen: A Family Record. The Manuscript Works. Some of the work herein was prepared for the new
definitive biography, based on the wealth of information held by the family. Cambridge Edition, which contract "was later terminated." The Later Pieces
Deirdre LeFaye was entrusted with this task by the heirs of Richard Austen- does not include the Juvenilia. Southam is an expert in this area; perhaps
Leigh and William Austen-Leigh. Illustrated. Small remainder mark. 2004. some remember his speech at an AGM on the Minors. The Prayers, the
NEW. $28.00 Poems, the larger fragments. 2007. Paper. NEW. $35.00

10980 Mansell, Darrel. The Novels of Jane Austen. Mansell analyzes 11440-1 Southam, Brian. Jane Austen: The Critical Heritage. A survey
the novels from the argument that they are all about the reformation of the that has become one of the most important books on Austen. Starting wih
heroine, and all other material of the books serves this purpose. Argues review of SS(1811), PP, MP, E, and NA and P, continuing with important
that this overriding theme depletes the realism of the novels. Lavish essays through 1870. This book became known as Volume 1 of the Critical
footnotes and index. Macmillan, London, 1978. Hb, dj. 226 pgs. USED. Heritage. 1st ed. 1968. Hb, dj. NEW/USED. $85.00
11240 Southam, Brian. Jane Austen's Literary Manuscripts.
10081 Myer, Valerie Grosvenor. Jane Austen: Obstinate Heart. Includes discussion of the connection between Austen's life and art.
"Jane Austen spent her entire life as a poor relation…she lived on the Increases our appreciation of Jane Austen's development as an artist.
outside looking in." A thorough, clear biography, certainly not all doom and Juvenilia, minor works. Athlone Press, London 2001. Paper. NEW. $39.95
gloom as this quote from the author suggests. 16 pages glossy illustrations
including family, landscapes, costumes, and the quilt. Myer stays close to 11443 Southam, Brian. Writers and Their Work: Jane Austen. Add
the letters and history, while bringing Jane and her family to life. 1997, hb, to your Southam/Austen collection. Longman, Essex, 1975. 60 pgs, paper.
dj. NEW. $15.00 One signed copy $18.00. USED. $15.00

11235 Poovey, Mary. The Proper Lady and the Woman Writer: 11446 Spacks, Patricia Meyer. The Adolescent Idea: Myths of Youth
Idealogy as Style in the Works of Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary Shelley, and and the Adult Imagination. Novelists often evoke adolescents who resist
Jane Austen. University of Chicago Press, 1984, Paper, NEW. $26.00 the social order. Spacks analyzes their conflicts and their resolutions. Jane
Austen is included with her representations of generational conflict. 1981,
11229 Quin, Vera. Jane Austen Visits London. Most popular book at hb,dj. May be shop worn. NEW. $10.00
the 2008 AGM! Illustrated by Veronique Avon-Yapp. Paperback. NEW.
$20.00 11454 Spence, John. A Century of Wills from Jane Austen's Family
1705-1806. This book starts with a facsimile of Jane Austen's will, in her
10836 Rostvig, Maren-Sofie. Ed. Fair Forms: Essays in English own hand. 16 wills - Austens, Leighs, Perrots, Philadelphia Hancock, etc.
Literature from Spenser to Jane Austen. Essays of structural analysis of Fascinating to scholars and readers who can't get enough background on
literature, as applied to textural analysis, to enhance understanding of the Jane Austen. Foreward by Maggie Lane. JASA, 2001. Paper. $20.00
author's basic themes. The very good essay on Austen, "Mistaken conduct
and proper 'feeling': A study of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice" is written 11455 Spence, John. Becoming Jane Austen. Another Austen
by Grete Ek. Cambridge, 1975, 248 pgs. Hb. USED. $15.00 biography to add to our collection (we need them all, don't we?). Spence
consulted on the recent movie Becoming Jane . There was quite a bit of
11326 Roth, Barry & Joel Weinsheimer. An Annotated Bibliography fantasy in the movie - the bio is of course more grounded in history.
of Jane Austen Studies, 1952-1972. The definitive listing. People, subjects, Continuum. Paper. NEW. $14.00
books, all indexed. Indispensable. University of Virginia Press. 1973. Hb.
USED. $9.00 11471 Steinbach, Alice. Educating Alice: Adventures of a Curious
Woman. Award-winning columnist roams the world in pursuit of learning.
11411-1 Shields, Carol. Jane Austen: A Penguin Life. A popular In the chapter "Sense and Sensible Shoes," Steinbach visits Chawton and
biography. 2001, Hb, dj. NEW. $12.00 meets Miss Bowden, Helen Lefroy, and Deirdre LeFaye. Random House, NY,
2004. Hb, dj. NEW. $8.00
11411-2 Shields, Carol. Jane Austen: A Penguin Life. A popular
biography. 2005, Paper. NEW. $10.00 11628 Sutherland, Kathryn. Jane Austen's Textual Lives: from
Aeschylus to Bollywood. Sutherland explores three histories. 1) the
11427 Smith, Goldwin. A Life of Jane Austen. First published in transmission of Austen through manuscripts, critical editions, biographies
1890. Ushered in a new age of reviewing Austen by applying formal and adaptations, 2) the development of English Studies as a discipline, and
criticism to her work. Just a little worn, a little foxed, binding good. The 3) the role of OUP in shaping a canon of English texts in the 20th c. Hb,
Walter Scott Publishing Company, NY: 1908, 195 pges. USED. $42.00 beautiful dj. 2005, OUP. NEW. $135.00

90062 Southam, B. C. Editor. Jane Austen: Northanger Abbey and 11516 Tanner, Tony. Jane Austen. Tony Tanner presents 20 years of
Persuasion. Casebook Series. A great resource. Selection of Austen his collected thoughts on Jane Austen. He deals with the issues of authority,
criticism. One of a three part set. Southam himself, plus Mudrick, Harding, power, and the position of women. He analyzes Austen's novels in an
Butler, Kavanagh, Oliphant, Lewes, Lascelles, Woolf, others. From a variety accessable, readable way. An introductory scholarly companion to Austen's
of source material. MacMillan. 1976. Good condition. USED. $20.00 works. Macmillan, London, 1986, Hb, dj. Corners bent, otherwise good.
USED. $22.00
90061 Southam, B. C. Editor. Jane Austen: Sense and Sensibility,
Pride and Prejudice and Mansfield Park. Casebook Series. A collection of 11483 Tobin, Beth Fowkes. Superintending the Poor: Charitable
opinions expressed about Jane Austen's art, starting with her own Ladies and Paternal Landlords in British Fiction, 1770-1860. With material
comments on her work and ending in the 1960's. From contemporaries from JA's Emma and Mansfield Park, Dickens' Bleak House, Godwin's Caleb
Scott, Lewes, Oliphant, to Kavanagh, Mudrick, Tanner, this is a brilliant Williams, Bage's Mount Henneth. Yale UP. 1993. Hb, dj. USED. $21.00
collection packaged in an unassuming little paperback. Anonymous to
Spring 2009 Jane Austen Books Catalog 133
11525-1 Tucker, George H. Jane Austen the Woman: Some 11614 Williams, Michael. Jane Austen: Six Novels and Their
Biographical Insights. Well researched, excellent footnotes, entertaining Methods. Discusses the methods Austen used to construct the novels. NY.
bio. 1994, hb, dj. USED. $18.00 St.Martin's Press. 1986. Hb. Dust jacket faded edges and corners. USED.
11567 Watkins, Susan. Jane Austen's Town and Country Style. 177
illus., 77 in color. 7x10 1/2. Luscious full-page depictions of the fashions, 11249-2 Wilson, Kim. Tea with Jane Austen. Gorgeous pictures,
the foods, the interiors, the customs. NY, 1990, hb, dj. USED. $35.00 bibliography, index. A charming - and charmingly illustrated - (gift!) book
about tea - not just another beverage, but the center of social ritual in 18th
11585-1 Weldon, Fay. Letters to Alice on first reading Jane Austen. and 19th C England. History, recipes, excerpts from the novels and letters,
Fay Weldon explains the art of reading and writing to a fictional niece, Alice. illustrations from the time. Illustrated boards. 2004. NEW. $16.00
London: 1984. 127 pages, Hb, dust jacket. 1st ed. Very Good condition.
USED. $18.00

History & Culture Architecture, Fashion,

Politics, Food,

Food 11243 Wilson, C. Anne, Ed. Food and Society: 'Waste Not, Want
Not' Food preservation from early times to the present day. "Papers from
10194 Beeton, Mrs. Isabella. A Victorian Alphabet of Every Day the Fourth Leeds Symposium on Food History and Traditions, April 1989."
Recipes. Red cloth, red decorated dust jacket. All pages plates. A lovely Food preservation in the middle ages to present times, various authors.
illustrated little cookbook. NEW. $10.00 Edinburgh University Press. Hb. $35.00
11241 Wilson, C. Anne. Food & Drink in Britain: From the Stone
10208 Black, Maggie, and Dierdre LeFaye. Jane Austen Cookbook. Age to the 19th Century. Illustrated, b/w photos, drawings, etc. 472 pages,
LeFaye offers historical background. Chicago Review Press. 1995. Hb, dust Paper. Academy of Chicago Publishers. 2003. NEW. $21.00
jacket. Like new. USED. $25.00

10524 Farmer, Fannie Merritt. The 1896 Boston Cooking-School

Cook Book. A facsimile of the original edition. Gramercy, NY. 1997. Hb,dj.
NEW. $15.00
10655 Grigson, Jane. Food with the Famous. Try Martha Lloyd's 10017 Ainsworth, William Harrison. Ainsworth's Magazine: A
curry! Charmingly written, now illustrated. Expanded from a series in "The Miscellany of Romance, General Literature, & Art. 3 vols (1840's). Previous
Observer," explores cooking habits and diets of 10 famous people, including owner's inscriptions "bound November 25 1884." Some foxing. Brown 1/2
Jane Austen & Martha Lloyd, Pastor Woodforde, Rev. Sydney Smith and leather and pebbled boards. Gilt on spine, bands. Complete novels, stories,
John Evelyn. Recipes. London, 1991R. Hb, dj. Published at $35. NEW. $18.00 poems. Illustrated by George Cruikshank. 1842-3. USED. $300.00

10656 Grossman, Anne Chotzinoff and Lisa Grossman Thomas. 10040 Andrew, Donna and Randall McGowan. The Perreaus and
Lobscouse and Spotted Dog, Which It's a Gastronomic Companion to the Mrs Rudd: Forgery and Betrayal in 18th Century London. This true crime
Aubrey/Maturin Novels. Aubry and Maturin being, of course, the heroes of book "…tells the remarkable story of a complex forgery uncovered in
Patrick O'Brian's historical novels - adventures with the British Navy during London in 1775…" by professors of history. Must-read for anyone interested
the Napoleonic Wars. Authentic recipies from the late 18th and early 19th in the time period and the place, or crime history. University of California
centuries. Exceprts from the novels, historical notes on the origins of the Press, 2001. 346 pages. Hb, dust jacket. NEW. $15.00
dishes, advice on preparing roasts, puddings, and pies. 1997. Hg, dj. NEW.
10051 Andrews, Jonathan and Andrew Scull. Undertaker of the
Mind: John Monro and Mad-Doctoring in Eighteenth-Century England. You
10725 Hewett, Edward & Axton, W. F. Convivial Dickens: The Drinks may have heard about Monro in relation to some of his famous patients,
of Dickens and His Times. Wonderful period illustrations. Badly sun faded esp King George III. Methods we today consider bizarre and barbaric. In-
DJ. Otherwise, like new. Ohio University Press. 1983, Hb, Dj. USED. $15.00 depth look at Monro's work and the trade of insanity in England in the 18th
century. University of California Press. 2001. 364 pages. Hb, dj. NEW. $13.00
11242 Wilson, C. Anne, Ed. Food and Society: 'The Appetite and the
Eye' Visual aspects of food and its presentation within their historic 10102 Bennett, Geoffrey. The Battle of Trafalgar. Period paintings
context. "Papers from the Second Leeds Symposium on Food History and (b&w), maps, diagrams to illustrate the operation of the ships. Detalied
Traditions, April 1987, with additional papers." Papers on Mediaeval, Tudor, description of the battle, includes details about life of sailors. Nelson, his
Stuart, Victorian, range from table setting to furniture, social settings, etc. tactics, the events of the battle. Captain Bennett served in the Royal Navy
Edinburgh University Press. 1991. Paper. $24.00 and is a highly regarded naval historian. Scholarly yet entertaining. Import.
Pen & Sword Military Classics. Paper. NEW. $13.95

Catalog 133 Jane Austen Books Spring 2009
10227 Borowitz, Albert. The Thurtell-Hunt Murder Case: Dark 11182 Crane, Walter. The Decorative Illustration of Books. Survey
Mirror to Regency England. A sensational murder in 1823 became an of book illustrations up to 1896 when it was originally published. Fully
inspirational source for many writers, even in our own times. Here it is illustrated. Shop worn, slightly yellowed. London. 1994. Paper. NEW. $10.00
revealed in all its original detail for the first time. True crime buffs, as well
of fans of the time period, will enjoy this readable history. Louisiana State 10399 Cummins, John. The Art of Medieval Hunting: The Hound
University Press. 1987. Hb, dj. NEW. $15.00 and the Hawk. Illustrated. Everything you could ever want to know about
hunting in Medieval and Renaissance times. Lays foundation for hunting as
10245 Briggs, L. B. R. Original Charades. Some of these charades sport in later times. Castle Books. 2003. 306 pgs, hb, dj. NEW. $10.00
will put Mr Elton's to shame. Luckily the answers are in the back or we'd
never figure them out! Green cloth on boards with silver and gold gilt 10485 Elder, Melinda. The Slave Trade and the economic
design and title, gilt pages, a pretty little book, condition very good for a development of 18th century Lancaster. 18th Century Lancaster's
book that is over 100 years old. 72 pages. Scribner's. NY: 1891. Hb. USED. "commercial revolution" from agriculture to sea port here evaluated
$50.00 through study of the African slave trade. Illustrated, charts, graphs, maps,
index. Ryburn Publishing, Halifax, 1992. Hb, dj, originally publ. at $50. NEW.
10289 Burke, Edmund. On Empire, Liberty, and Reform - Speeches $20.00
and Letters. Ed. David Bromwich. The great statesman speaks. Bromwich
adds a concise introduction to each item, placing it in context. "This is a 10519 Faderman, Lillian. Scotch Verdict* Miss Pirie and Miss
reader's not a scholar's edition." New Haven & London: Yale University Woods v. Dame Cumming Gordon. *A verdict of not proven that is allowed
Press. 2000. 524 pages, paper. NEW. $16.00 by Scottish law in some cases, or any inconclusive decision. A
reconstruction of the real-life drama of the 1811 Edinburgh trial. A student
10290 Burke, Thomas. The English Townsman as He Was and as He accuses her schoolmistresses of having sex together which leads to the
Is. Fully illustrated. Fascinating dust jacket. The Londoner from medieval withdrawal of all students and collapse of the school. The women accused
times to the present day (mid 20th century). There is an index. Jane Austen sue for libel. This book is a "remarkable work of scholarship and a brilliant
is here! London, Toronto, NY: B.T. Batsford Ltd. 1947 2nd ed. 151 pages, Hb, illumination of a crucial moment in women's history." Quartet Books. 1985.
dust jacket. USED. $22.00 320 pgs. Paper. USED. $10.00

10312 Burton, Elizabeth. The Pageant of Georgian England. 10520 Fairs, Geoffrey L. Annals of a Parish: A Short History of Hay-
Illustrated by Felix Kelly. Houses, furniture, medicine, clothes, gardening, on-Wye. Published in 1994, the 1050th anniversary of the first known
very complete study, also fun to read. Charles Scribner's Sons. NY: 1967. mention of the town. Hay-on Wye (Y Gelli in Welsh) lies in Wales at the
USED. $25.00 border with England. Paper. 1994. 1st ed. USED. $14.00

10336 Carrell, Jennifer Lee. The Speckled Monster: A Historical Tale 10527 Fay, C. R., M.A. Life and Labour in the Nineteenth Century.
of Battling Small Pox. Carrell tells this story so well, you will not want to put First published 1920. "Being the Substance of Lectures Delivered at
the book down once you begin. From the opening lines: "Early in December Cambridge University in the Year 1919 to Students of Economics, Among
1694, an assassin emerged from the streets of London to sneak westward Whom were Officers of the Royal Navy and Students from the Army of the
across the park, slip unseen through the halls of Kensington...". The assassin United States." Greenwood Press, NY. 1969. Hb. 319 pgs. USED. $21.00
was a virus, and its victim the Queen. Dutton, 2003. Hb, dust jacket. NEW.
$16.95 10528 Fay, Stephen. Portrait of an Old Lady: Turmoil at the Bank of
England. Book about the Bank of England, revealing secretive history,
10352 Chandrasekhar, S. "A Dirty, Filthy Book" - The Writings of exploring the present (1987) and future. Viking, NY. 1987. Hb, dj. USED.
Charles Knowlton and Annie Besant on Reproductive Physiology and Birth $26.00
Control and an Account of the Bradlaugh-Besant Trial. Courageous and
intelligent Annie Besant [1847-1933] published Knowlton's book on 10559 Fisher, Trevor. Prostitution and the Victorians. Illustrations.
reproductive physiology and birth control in Britain in 1877. She and her Magazine format. Meticulous study from newspapers, journals, diaries and
cohort Bradlaugh were charged with publishing obscenity. This book letters. Sutton, London, 1997. Paper. USED. $12.00
includes the original Fruits of Philosophy by Knowlton, The Law of
Population by Besant, and Theosophy and the Law of Population by Besant,
10577 Fosten, Bryan. Wellington's Infantry (2). History and
as well as an account of the trial. Hb book, like new, dust jacket slightly
uniforms of the light infantry troops who served under Wellington.
worn at top and bottom of spine. USED. $20.00
Numerous illustrations in full colour. Includes 1812 chart of regimental
distinctions. Oxford, 1982, 40 pgs, paper. NEW. $12.00
10361 Cheesman, Clive, and Jonathan Williams. Rebels, Pretenders
and Imposters. Cheesman and Williams are curators in the Dept of Coins at
11622 Gatrell, Vic. City of Laughter: Sex and Satire in Eighteenth-
the British Museum. This book is a survey of people throughout history who
Century London. Compilation of satirical prints from the Georgian and
have sought to rule. Pictures of coins illustrate the history. NY: 2000. Hb, dj,
Regency era - 1170-1830. This lewd, vicious comedy, poking shockingly at
192 pages. Good condition. NEW. $12.00
celebrities, politicians, and financial leaders, makes Mary Crawford's
comment about "rears and vices" seem tame indeed. Well researched by
10379 Collier, Jane. An Essay on the Art of Ingeniously Tormenting. the author, Prof of Brit History at the University of Essex. Every cartoon is
Edited by Katharene A. Craik. Collier [1715-1755] created this fascinating described and explained - a great resource. Be prepared for low humor. Hb,
glimpse into 18th C daily life in 1753. Deals with the treatment of servants dust jacket. Color illustrations. 696 pages. NY: 2006. Pub at $45. NEW.
and dependents and the bringing up of children. "Thrilling precursor to the $30.00
art of Jane Austen." Oxford World Classics. 2002. NEW. $12.00
11237 George, M. Dorothy. London Life in the 18th Century. A
10394 Coote, Stephen. Napoleon and the Hundred Days. social history and impeccably documented reference work. The change in
Entertaining historical biography. Illuminates personalities from Napoleon social attitudes between 1700 and 1800. Academy Chicago Publishers.
to Josephine to Wellington. Coote has also written other popular historical 2000. 457 pgs. Paper. NEW. $19.95
biographies. Da Capo Press. 2005. Hb, dj, NEW. $20.00
10637 Gooneratne, Yasmine and Brandon. This Inscrutable
Englishman. We recognize Goonerante for her writings about Jane Austen.
Spring 2009 Jane Austen Books Catalog 133
This book covers Sir John d'Oyly [1774-1824] and his work on the gaderyngs, card games, archery, bowls, and something that would set us all
annexation of Sri Lanka's Kingdom of Kandy in 1815. Gives insight into the up for life…sea bathing! Books for Libraries Press. 1949/1968. Hb. 182 pgs.
process of colonial rule in the period of Austen's life, from the perspective USED. $10.00
of the colonizer and the colonized. 1999, London. Paper. USED. $10.00
10771 Holland, Vyvyan. Hand Coloured Fashion Plates 1770 to
10663 Gupta, Shri Anil Chandra Das, editor. The Days of John 1899. An outstanding collection of fully sourced plates and illustrations
Company: Selections from Calcutta Gazette 1824-1832. Chosen excerpts (some color, some b/w) offering a selection of the fashions of the times.
divided into chapters - Official, Editorial, Advertisement. Includes Holland was a son of Oscar Wilde. 1st ed. B.T.Batsford, London, 1955. 200
fascinating letters to the Editor. 758 pages + index. Hb, dj. Calcutta, West pgs. USED. $95.00
Bengal Government Press. 1959. $65.00
10069 Horowitz, Helen Lefkowitz. Rereading Sex: Battles over
10691 Harper, Ida Husted. The History of Woman Suffrage, Vol V & Sexual Knowledge and Suppression in Nineteenth-Century America.
VI. The History of Woman Suffrage is comprised of six volumes averaging Illustrations, photos. Exposes the 19th century American culture wars over
about one thousand pages each, of which the two just finished are the last. how and whether sexuality can be discussed. There is a lot of material here,
Volumes V & VI cover the years 1900-1920. NY. National American Woman showing there was more open discussion going on than we might think.
Suffrage. 1922. Edges foxed. USED. $70.00 Alfred A. Knopf. 2002. 524 pgs. Hb, dj. NEW. $15.00

10698 Harrison, Shirley. The Channel: Dividing Link between 10797 Hudson, Roger, Editor. The Grand Tour. Organized by
Britain & France. The love-hate relationship of the French and English. destination. The 18th c gentleman's education often involved the Grand
Hundreds of period illustrations (black & white) including ships, lighthouses, Tour. Where did they go, what did they see on the Continent, and how did
maps, and major defensive works. 1986. Hb, dj. Like new. USED. $6.00 this affect their education? Descriptions by contemporaries. Boswell,
Smollett, Lady Montagu, Gibbon, more. Lavishly illustrated with
10704-1 Hawkings, David T. Criminal Ancestors: A Guide to Historical contemporary paintings and drawings, color. Beautiful cover, cloth on
Criminal Records in England and Wales. Reference document. boards, with slipcase. The Folio Society, London, 1993. Hb. 270 pgs. Hb,
Photographs, tables, charts, letters, various other records of criminals. Slipcase. USED. $20.00
Taken from all county and borough record offices, the public record office,
police archives. Alan Sutton. Stroud. 1992. Hb, dj. 458 pgs. USED. $35.00 10799 Hughes, Kathryn. The Victorian Governess. James Tait Black-
prizewinner presents a sparkling & scholarly study of life in the home
10708 Haythornthwaite, Philip J. Wellington's Army: The Uniforms schoolroom, using official reports, conduct manuals, periodicals, memoirs,
of the British Soldier, 1812-1815. 60 plates, all in colour, by Chas. Hamilton novels. About 25,000 women actually worked as governesses during this
Smith depicting Peninsular War and Waterloo. Text by Phillip J time. Hambledon, UK, 2001. Paper. NEW. $18.00
Haythornthwaite. Plates showing general officers, cavalry, artillery,
engineers, foreign regiments, royal marines, troops of the East India 10798 Hughes, Kristine. Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in Regency
company, etc. 14"x10". 2002. Hb, dj. NEW. $25.00 and Victorian England. Social life, private life, the courts. Great source for
historical fiction writers. 1998, Paper. NEW. $22.00
10709 Hazelwood, Nick. The Queen's Slavetrader: John Hawkyns,
Elizabeth I, and the Trafficking in Human Souls. Traces origins of American 10808 Hyde, Stella. Literary Lust. The Sexiest Moments in Classic
slavery to project of Elizabeth I. Biography of first Atlantic slave trader, Fiction. Atria Books, NY, 2006. Hb, dj. NEW. $18.00
Hawkyns. 16th century Anglo-Spanish rivalry. Paper, 2004. NEW. $12.00
10847 Johnston, R.M. editor. In the Words of Napoleon: The
10744 Hibbert, Christopher. The English: A Social History 1066- Emperor Day by Day. With new material by Philip Haythornwaite. Derived
1945. Wonderful illustrations. Chapters on subjects such as Schoolboys and from letters, other writings, and recorded speech, put into the form of a
Schoolgirls, Manners and Dress, Marriage and Divorce, Town Life, etc. 1987. journal or diary, this book allows the reader to get into Napoleon's mind as
Hb, dj. 785 pgs. USED. $25.00 events move quickly. Covers 1769-1815. Greenhill. London. 2002. 416 pgs.
Hb, dj. NEW. $37.00
10751 Hill, Christopher. Intellectual Origins of the English
Revolution. Ground-breaking book delves into the motivations behind the 10866 Kermode, Jenny & Garthine Walker, Ed. Women, Crime and
English Revolution and Civil War. How the English revolted against Charles I the Courts in Early Modern England. Essays by various experts. Glossary,
and the church, and executed their king. Panther, London, 1972. 333 pgs, bibliography, index. U of NC Press, Chapel Hill & London, 1994. hb, black
Paper. Used. Good condition. $45.00 cloth w/gilt title, VG. USED. $20.00

10068 Hochschild, Adam. Bury the Chains: Prophets and Rebels in 10071 Knapp, Lisa. Fabulous Pugs. This is a great gift for anyone
the Fight to Free an Empire's Slaves. Gripping history of the people who who loves pugs. Charlie the pug patiently endures photo shoots as such
dared to defy their times to promote the end of slavery in the British noteworthy persons as Lady Godivapug, Queen Victoriapug, Napoleon
Empire. (We know Jane Austen was a fan of some of the heroes of this Bonapug, Pugahontas, and so on. One can only imagine how Lady Bertram
book. Food for thought, especially for those who might still insist she was might have raised her eyebrows. Hb, dj. 2006. NEW. $15.00
apolitical and intellectually sheltered. Slight Austen Ref p. 90) Houghton
Mifflin, 2005. Hb, dj. NEW. $20.00 10072 Leach, MacEdward, Editor. The Book of Ballads. Text
recording of ballads - old English and Scottish, British, and American.
10762 Hodge, Jane Aiken. Passion & Principle: The Loves and Lives Informative introduction, notes, index of titles, index of first lines. Selected
of Regency Women. Historical work shows Regency women trying to find & Edited by MacEdward Leach, Illustrated with woodcuts by Fritz Kredel.
love in a world made to deny them. Features daughters of George III among Comes with 1967 article from Heritage Club describing the book. Read the
others. Fun, gossipy book. John Murray, London, 1996, 230 pgs, Hb, Dj. Very ballads as folk poetry. Fifteen Ships on George's Banks, John Henry, Thomas
good condition. USED. $45.00 the Rhymer, Proud Lady Margaret, etc. NY: Heritage Press, 1967. Hb, case.
USED. $25.00
10769 Hole, Christina. English Sports and Pastimes. Tudor pastimes
through modern times. Includes bull running, hurling, cricket, training
hawks, riding at the Quintain, bear-baits, mop fairs, cock fighting,
Catalog 133 Jane Austen Books Spring 2009
10075 Linnane, Fergus. London, the Wicked City; A Thousand Years an ancient institution struggles for meaning in a modern world." BBS Public
of Vice in the Capital. "Academically sound, as well as being a good read" - Affairs, NY: 2007. Hb, dj. NEW. $20.00
Independent. History of the sexual depravity to be found in London, over
the past 1000 years. London: 2003. Hb, dj. NEW. $20.00 11205-2 Planche, J. R. History of British Costume: From Ancient
Times to the Eighteenth Century. This faithful reprint of 1834 ed. uses the
10933 Linnane, Fergus. Madams: Bawds & Brothel-Keepers of same b/w line drawings. Large 9" with detailed look at civil, religious,
London. During the 17th-18th-19th Cs there were almost no career military British garb, armor & body decoration. Senate, Middlesex, 2001.
openings for women. Yet a group of intrepid and gifted females scaled the 376 pgs, Paper. NEW. $12.00
heights of what was literally a man's world - they became bawds. From
court records, letters, diaries. 2005. Hb, dj. NEW. $14.00 11214 Porter, Roy. Flesh in the Age of Reason: the Modern
Foundations of Body and Soul. With fwd by Simon Schama. Exploration by
10947 Lord, W. B. The Corset & the Crinoline: An Illustrated this well-known medical historian of the way the Enlightenment, especially
History. Unabridged republication of the work originally published in 1868 in England, changed our view of the body, and our view of the soul. Studies
by Ward, Lock, and Tyler, London. An illustrated history of female include Locke, Swift, Johson, Gibbons, Wollstonecraft, Godwin, Blake,
undergarments. Over 50 B&W engravings. Dover Publications. Mineola. Byron. NY, London: 2003. 574 pages. Hb, dj. NEW. $17.00
2007. Paper. NEW. $11.50
11218 Potter, Harry. Hanging in Judgment: Religion and the Death
10960 Macaulay, Thomas Babington. The History of England from Penalty in England. Traces how the church first helped to maintain and
the Accession of James II. Belford, Clarke & Co. Chicago, No date. 5 volume later helped to eliminate the death penalty in Britain. Hb, dj. London:1993.
set. Brown cloth on boards, good condition. USED. $50.00 NEW. $16.50

10077 Martin, S. I. Britain's Slave Trade. "Drawing on extensive 11223 Putnam, Emily James. The Lady: Studies of Certain
research and personal testimonials… uncovers the enormous legacy of the Significant Phases of Her History. History of societies and cultures is often
slave trade on the society, culture and politics of Britain. For example, it illuminated by the position of women. Emily James Putnam examines
demonstrates how the abolitionists laid the way for many political "Ladies" from various cultures over a 2500 year period. Greek, Roman, Lady
movements…". London, Channel 4 Books. 2000. 167 pgs, paper. NEW. $6.00 Abbess, Lady of the Castly, Lady of the Renaissance, Lady of the Salon, the
Blue-Stockings, and Lady of the Slave States. University of Chicago, 1970.
11657 Milford, Humphrey Sumner, collector. The Oxford Book of Hb, dj, very good condition. USED. $16.50
Regency Verse 1798-1837. Hundreds of poems - Scott, Wordsworth,
Shelley, Coleridge, Keats, Blake, Browning, Tennyson, Mitford, etc, also 11307 Rigby, Nigel and Pieter van der Merwe. Captain Cook in the
lesser known poets of the period. OUP, 1928. 888 pges. X-library, good Pacific. Published by the National Maritime Museum after the opening of a
condition, tight pages. USED. $18.00 new gallery at Greenwich. Heavily illustrated with colorful paintings,
diagrams, maps, most from the museum collection. Emphasizes the
10079 Moore, Lucy. Liberty: The Lives and Times of Six Women in advances in art, science, and exploration of other cultures that came out of
Revolutionary France. From Germaine de Stael's salon to working class Cook's voyages. Paper. Import. NEW. $25.00
women, describes how women struggled to partake of the freedom
promised by revolutionary thinking of the time. Vivid personal stories set in 11230 Rogers, Nicholas. The Press Gang: Naval Impressment and
historical context. B/W and color photos, packed with illustrations. its opponents in Georgian Britain. "Explains exactly how the press gang
HarperCollins, NY 2007. 464 pgs, hb, dj. NEW. $15.00 worked, whome it was aimed at and why and how many people opposed its
activities." An expert on British 18th c social history unpacks impressment.
11066 More, Hannah. Strictures on the Modern System of Female Continuum, 2007, paper. NEW. $29.00
Education, with a View of the Principles and Conduct Prevalent among
Women of Rank and Fortune. Two volumes bound in one. George Long, NY, 10088 Sadie, Stanley, General Editor. The Billboard Illustrated
1813. Modern 1/4 calf & marbled boards. Some foxing throughout. Very Encyclopedia of Opera. Fwd by Philip Langridge. Gorgeous book. History of
good condition. USED. $220.00 opera from ancient Greece to modern times. More than 200 synopses. Over
500 illustrations. 10 1/2 by 11 1/2 inches. Written by experts but
11109 Nivelon, Francis. The Rudiments of Genteel Behavior. recommended for neophytes. Use as a reference, or just to read for fun. Hb,
Facsimile reprint of the unique edition of 1737. Foreword by Paul dj. NEW. $20.00
Holberton, Afterward by Hugh Belsey. Designed by Roger Davies. Beautiful
large paper book with faux jacket. Illustrations show how to walk, stand, 11362 Saunders, Dorothy Lynne. Costuming the Amateur Show: A
bow, courtesy, give and take - all that is necessary for genteel society. 2003, Handbook for Amateur Producers. Practical advice on styling, budgeting,
paper. NEW. $20.00 planning, selecting and obtaining materials, creating perfect costumes for
various situations. Published in 1937, still relevant for the production of
10085 Owen, Robert. A New View of Society. Facsimile high school musicals or other productions. Ex-library with stamps, stickers,
reproduction of third edition printed in London in 1817. Owen [1771-1858] and paper in back cover. Silk cover, good condition. USED. $35.00

was a social reformer. He believed the environment formed the character 11365 Sayles, George O. The King's Parliament of England.
of the man. These essays put forth his ideas. The Free Press, no date but Historical Controversies: A Norton Series. Describes the development of
probably 1950's. Hb, 184 pgs. USED. $15.00 workable democracy as it exists in the modern world. The modern
parliament grew out of the evolution of assemblies and councils that
blossomed in the 12th and 13th centuries. Norton, NY. 1998. Paper. USED.
10086 Pack, Captain James, OBE RN. Nelson's Blood - the Story of
Naval Rum. With forward by the Admiral of the Fleet Lord Lewin.
Illustrated. Long history of grog (which did not end until 1970, by the way)
and how it affected wars and empire. Royal Naval Museum Publications, UK 11635 Schama, Simon. Rough Crossings: Britain, the Slaves and the
1998R. Paper. NEW. $14.00 American Revolution. If you were a slave during the American
Revolutionary War, whom would you want to win? Best-selling history
professor Schama digs deep into previously unexposed history revealing the
10087 Paxman, Jeremy. On Royalty: A Very Polite Inquiry into
mass exodus of Americans with a dream of freedom as they crossed
some Strangely Related Families. "…a billiantly witty investigation into how
Spring 2009 Jane Austen Books Catalog 133
through the lines of war to reach the British, only to be ultimately betrayed. 11494 von Stutterheim, Kurt. The Press in England. Transl. by W. H.
478 pgs. Hb, dj. HarperCollins, NY. 2006. NEW. $11.00 Johnston. History of English press from 16th c. to 20th c. between the Wars.
1st ed. in English. George Allen & Unwin; London: 1934. USED. $27.00
11396 Sharman, Julian. A Cursory History of Swearing. Originally
published 1884, reprinted 1968. Offers curious facts about the history of 11581 Weiner, Margery. The French Exiles 1789-1815. A fascinating
oath-taking and using swear words, delightfully obscured in Victorian prose. view into the life of the aristocrats who escaped the French Revolution to
Hb. NEW. $20.00 settle temporarily, some permanently, in England. John Murray, London,
1960. Hb, dj. USED. $15.00
11425 Smith, Denis. The Prisoners of Cabrera: Napoleon's
Forgotten Soldiers: 1809-1814. This is just a gem of a book, well 11620 Wilson, Ben. The Making of Victorian Values: Decency &
documented, full of illustrations. Hb, dj, 2001. NEW. $15.00 Dissent in Britain: 1789-1837. This is a well-written study of the generation
of Brits "born in the wake of the American and French revolutions" - the
11428 Smith, Godfrey. English Companion: An Idiosyncratic Guide parents of the Victorians. Explores how crises can lead to change and
to England and Englishness from A to Z. Short encyclopedic entries from realignment of society's values. Witty and entertaining as well as
"Abroad" to "Zulika Dobson." Hb, dj. NY: 1984. 282 pgs. USED. $9.00 instructive. Hb, dust jacket. 445 pages. NY: 2007. NEW. $21.00

11439 Soresby, Arnold, M.D., Editor. Tenaments of Clay: An

Anthology of Medical Biographical Essays. Includes glossary, illustrated. People
Covers various patients including Noah, Henry VIII, Shakespeare, Milton,
10037 Alsop, Susan Mary. Lady Sackville: A Biography. Biography
Swift, Johnson, Jane Austen's last illness, King George III, Beethoven,
of Victoria Sackville-West, the daughter of Lionel Sackville-West, a British
Napoleon, Darwin, Lincoln. 1974. Hb, dj. USED. $20.00
diplomat, and his Spanish gipsy mistress. Read how Victoria was taken from
her hidden, illegitimate early life and brought into the aristocratic world
11466 Stanley, Jo, Ed., with contributions from Anne Chambers, where she "became intimately associated with some of the most illustrious
Dian H. Murray and Julie Wheelwright. Bold in Her Breeches: Women men of her day." Devon: Readers Union. 1979. 275 pages. Hb. Pages a little
Pirates Across the Ages. Harper, 1995. Hb, dj. USED. $15.00 yellowed. USED. $20.00

11486 Strawson, John. Beggars in Red: The British Army 1789- 11380 Anderson, W. E. K., ed. The Percy Letters. The letters back &
1889. Illustrations, maps. Description of this important period in British forth between Percy [1729-1811] and Anderson [1750-1830] read like an
regimental history. From Napoleon to Asia, Africa, and the creation of Pax epistolary novel. The letters deal with the literary world of that time period.
Britannia. Import from UK. 2003. Paper. NEW.$12.00 Yale University Press. 1988. 345 pages, Hb. NEW. $20.00

10090 Strong, Roy. Lost Treasures of Britain: Five Centuries of 10049 Askham, Francis. The Gay Delavals. True story of a
Creation and Destruction. Author was formerly Director of Victoria and fascinating, eccentric English family. Roughly 1715-1815 time period. The
Albert Museum, and National Portrait Gallery. This beautiful museum- story is so intriguing, you will not notice how much you are learning about
quality book is full of color photos showing treasures that are lost, or in the the details of life in England during the 18th century. Appendices contain
process of failing. Sir Roy Strong asks hard questions about our fascination such delicious details as 4 lbs. wax candles required for the dining table
with the past and wonders if we are sacrificing current creativity to alone during an evening of private theatricals. 1956, 310 pages, Hb, Dust
preservation. 9 X 11 1/2. London: 1990. 232 pgs, hb, dj. NEW. $25.00 Jacket. Condition - Worn, DJ torn in places. Some foxing. Otherwise good.
USED. $12.00
11520 Taylor, Antony. 'Down with the Crown' British Anti-
monarchism and Debates about Royalty since 1790. Well illustrated history 10048 Aspinall, A. Mrs. Jordan and her Family - Being the
reveals & explores the anti-monarchist trends usually neglected. London: Unpublished Letters of Mrs. Jordan and the Duke of Clarence later William
1999. Hb, dj. NEW. $35.00 IV. Letters of the popular actress, Dorothea Bland (Mrs Jordan) [1761-
1816], who bore the Duke of Clarence 10 children. The actress and Duke
10093 Trussler, Simon. Cambridge Illustrated History: British come alive in their love for each other & their children. London: Arthur
Theatre. Development through the ages of plays and playwriting, staging, Baker Ltd. 1951. 295 pages. Hb, dust jacket. USED. $25.00
acting. Fully illustrated. 8X10. Cambridge University Press, 2000. 404 pgs,
paper. Remainder mark. NEW. $10.00 10138 Avery, Gillian. The Echoing Green: Memories of Regency
and Victorian Youth. Based on diaries and memoirs, a study of what it was
11531 Turner, E. S. Amazing Grace: The Great Days of Dukes. A like to be a child in Regency and Victorian times. Illustrated. Index. Notes,
history of dukedom good and bad, in the 18th & 19th centuries. Illustrated. sourced. London: 1974. 255 pages, Hb, dust jacket. DJ is worn. USED. $15
Sutton, 2003. 316 pgs. Paper. NEW. $8.00
10150 Banfield, Edwin. Visiting Cards and Cases. The author is an
11538 Vane, Brian. The Audacious Admiral Cochrane: The True Life antiques collector who has made a study of Regency and Victorian visiting
of a Naval Legend. Cochrane’s career was marked by controversy and cards and their cases. This is a complete survey, loaded with B&W photos.
disputes with eminent men of the period. Late in life, he published a series Historical context, detailed descriptions. UK: 1989. 149 pages. Hb, dust
of autobiographies which have been accepted, unquestioned, as an jacket. Very good condition. USED. $25.00
accurate version of events. Conway Maritime Press, London. 2004. Hb, dj.
NEW. $15.00 10176 Barry, Iris. Portrait of Lady Mary Montague. Biography, with
plates. Indianapolis: 1928. Spine faded. Pages good. Library stickers. USED.
11544 Vincent, Edgar. Nelson: Love & Fame. A thrilling & complete $10.00
biography. The personal, emotional man behind the legend. Impressive
color photos and illustrations, maps and diagrams, full index. A beautiful 10188 Bernier, Olivier. Secrets of Marie Antoinette. Letters by and
book, with a gorgeous dust jacket. 620 pgs. Yale University Press. 2003. about Marie give us an intimate view of her life. Bernier's expertise on 18th
NEW. $15.00 c France gently guides us through the correspondence. 1985: NY. Hb, dust
jacket. Has been sealed in plastic. NEW. $25.00

Catalog 133 Jane Austen Books Spring 2009
10189 Bess of Hardwick. Of Household Stuff: The 1601 Inventories 10292 Burne-Jones, Georgiana. Memorials of Edward Burne-Jones
of Bess of Hardwick. Describes life and holdings of a gifted 16th C. countess with a new introduction by John Christian Vol. 1 1833-1867 Vol. 2 1868-
widowed 4 times. Chatsworth & Hardwick Hall Old & New. National Trust. 1898. Reprint of classic work from 1904. Biography of painter Edward
London: 2001. 71 pages, Paper. NEW. $10.00 Burne-Jones written by his wife Georgiana shortly after his death in 1898.
Lund Humphries, London. 1993, hb, dj. 2 volumes. NEW. $50.00
10056 Betcherman, Lita-Rose. Court Lady and Country Wife; Two
Noble Sisters in Seventeenth-Century England. Biography of the Percy 10296 Burney, Doctor Charles. Memoirs of Doctor Charles Burney
sisters, important figures in during the reign of Charles I and the English 1726-1769. Edited by Slava Klima, Garry Bowers, Kerry S. Grant. Wonderful
Civil War. Center color plates. William Morrow. NY: 2005. 384 pages. Hb, annotations. Dr. Burney was one of the foremost music historians of the
dust jacket. NEW. $20.00 enlightenment, not to mention the father of Fanny. Of interest to musical
historians. Original unaltered manuscripts, some not discovered until the
10221 Bonaparte, Felicia. The Gypsy-Bachelor of Manchester: The 1950's. University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln & London: 1988. 233 pages,
Life of Mrs. Gaskell's Demon. Biography of Mrs Gaskell proposes that she Hb, dj, as new. $35.00
was not such an ideal Victorian woman as has been thought. She was really
a "gypsy bachelor" and found a voice for her free spirit in her fiction. 10317 Butler, Charles, Intro. Female Replies to Swetnam the
University Press of Virginia. 1992. Hb, dj. NEW. $21.00 Woman-Hater. In 1615, a misogynistic tract was published in London. It
became quite popular. The author was discovered to be Joseph Swetnam.
10248 Broadley, A. M. & Melville, Lewis. The Beautiful Lady Craven: This book reproduces in facsimile some of the responses, written by
The Original Memoirs of Elizabeth Baronness Craven afterwords women, that followed. Excellent introduction. (Readers note Old Style "S"
Margravine of Anspach and Bayreuth and Princess Berkeley of the Holy and 17th century spellings.) Thoemmes Press, Bristol. 1995. Paper. NEW.
Roman Empire (1750-1828) (2 vols). Elizabeth Berkeley, married to Lord $8.00
Craven when just a girl, traveled the Courts of Europe and met Louis XVI,
Marie Antoinette, Frederick the Great, etc. She remarried and returned to 10320 Byrne, Muriel St. Clare, Editor. The Lisle Letters. The Lisle
England where she was the center of a great social circle. Later in her life letters were assembled originally to be used in the trial of Lord Lisle,
she was famous for her theatricals. This collection includes the memoirs accused of treason. Written from 1533 to 1540, they give us a hearty dose
she wrote a few years before she died, plus letters and history constructed of Tudor life. Author's notes enlighten and add to the enjoyment. University
by Broadley and Lewis. London: Bodley Head, 1914. USED. $60.00 of Chicago Press. 1983. Hb, dust jacket. $20.00

10275 Brown, Beatrice Curtis. Elizabeth Chudleigh: Duchess of 11236 Cadigan, Mary. Women with Wings: Female Flyers in Fact
Kingston. Fascinating biography of a cosompolitan society woman of the and Fiction. The advent of flying coincided with a new kind of freedom for
18th century - Elizabeth Chudleigh 1720-1788. NY, Viking Press, 1928. 187 women. Read about these 20th century heroines of the air. Illustrated, b/w
pages, Hb. USED. $30.00 photos, drawings. Academy Chicago Publishers. 2002. 278 pgs. Paper. NEW.
10279 Bruce, Ian. The Nun of Lebanon: The Love Affair of Lady
Hester Stanhope and Michael Bruce - Their newly discovered letters. Ian 11381 Carlyle, Jane Welsh. I Too Am Here: Selections from the
Bruce, the great grandson of Michael Bruce, discovered the letters. London, Letters of Jane Welsh Carlyle. Edited by Alan Simpson and Mary McQueen.
1951. 415 pages Hb. Dust jacket is abused, otherwise book in good Jane Welsh Carlyle (1801-1866) was the wife of Thomas Carlyle, Victorian
condition. USED. $15.00. essayist. She is famous for her letter-writing, which time has proven as
valuable as her husband's essays, and perhaps more enduring. Cambridge
10283 Buckle, Richard. The Prettiest Girl in England: The Love Story University Press. 1977 Hb, dj. USED. $20.00
of Mrs. Fitzherbert's Niece From Journals. Illustrated biography, 19th
century love affair, excerpts from her journals. London: John Murray. 1958. 10353 Chapman, Hester. Caroline Matilda, Queen of Denmark
241 pages, Hb, good condition, includes worn dust jacket. USED. $35.00 1751-1775: A Tale of Adultery Murder & High Treason. Sister of King
George III, Caroline married Denmark's Christian VII, a sadistic lunatic. Her
10286 Bulliet, C. J. Venus Castina: Famous Female Impersonators tragic story, her passionate affair with Johann Stuensee, and her disgrace.
Celestial and Human. Illustrated by Alexander King. First published in 1928 Hb, dust jacket. London: Jonathan Cape Ltd. 1971. 221 pages. USED. $18.00
in a limited edition of 960 numbered copies priced at $15. This is an exact
reprint. NY: Bonanza. 1956. USED. $35.00 10363 Chapple, J.A.V. and Anita Wilson, editors. Private Voices: The
Diaries of Elizabeth Gaskell and Sophia Holland. First critical edition of
10288 Burghclere, Lady. A Great Lady's Friendships. Letters to Gaskell's diary and first printing of Holland's diary. Compare notes with
Mary, Marchioness of Salisbury, Countess of Derby 1862-1890 with Victorian mums as they deal with "modern" motherhood. NY: St. Martin's
Introductions and notes by Lady Burghclere. A compilation of letters that Press. Hb, dust jacket, 1996. 125 pages. NEW. $37.00
reveal intimate thoughts of important people of Lady Derby's time. Queen,
Duke, Ambassador, Dean, Cardinal, reveal they were also real people. 10360 Chedzoy, Alan. A Scandalous Woman: The Story of Caroline
London: Macmillan and Co. 1933. 503 pages, Hb. Dust jacket. USED. $40.00 Norton. When Caroline Norton was separated from her abusive husband,
she lost custody of her children. Caroline fought back and changed British
10293 Burne-Jones, Edward. Letters to Katie from Edward Burne- law, helping women keep their children & property after being widowed,
Jones with an introduction by John Christian. The Pre-Raphaelite painter divorced, or separated. London: Allison & Busby, 1992. 312 pages, paper.
also made light-hearted drawings to entertain his family and friends, $31.00
including Katie Lewis. Heavily illustrated facsimiles. British Museum
Publications. 1988. 95 pages, Hb, dust jacket. USED. $10.00 10359 Childe-Pemberton, W.S. The Romance of Princess Amelia,
Daughter of George III (1783-1810). "Including extracts from private and
10294 Burne-Jones, Edward. Pocket Painters: Burne-Jones 1833- unpublished papers." The youngest of 15 children, reputed to have been
1898. Tiny pocket-size book of Pre-Raphaelite paintings by Sir Edward Coley her father's favorite. She loved a man she could not marry. Her early death
Burke-Jones. Text by Steve Dobell. London: 1995. 47 pages, Hb. Good devestated the king. Some foxing, bumping at spine. London: 1910. USED.
condition. USED. $40.00 $55.00

Spring 2009 Jane Austen Books Catalog 133
10370 Christie, Victor J. W. Bessie Pease Gutman: Her Life and 10478 Edwardes, Michael. Warren Hastings, King of the Nabobs.
Works. Beautiful book, packed full of Bessie Gutman's illustrations and "One of the most baffling figures to emerge from the chaotic history of
moving paintings. Biographical material throughout. Bessie had a long, eighteenth-century India…". 1976, hb, dj, 208 pgs. USED. $15.00
prolific life [1876-1960]. Hb, DJ. 1990. NEW. $32.00
10514 Erauso, Catalina De. Memoir of a Basque Lieutenant Nun:
11184 Cronin, Vincent. The Romantic Way. "An illuminating study Transvestite in the New World. Transl. Michelle Stepto & Gabriel Stepto,
of four women in pursuit of love and high adventure…" Caroline, Duchess Fwd. Marjorie Garber. Catalina [1585-1650] escaped from a convent
de Berry, Marie d'Agoult, Eve Hanska, Marie Bashkirtseff. Wild and crazy dressed as a man at age 14, then travelled to the New World where she
lives in the 19th century. Houghton Mifflin. Boston. 1996. Hb, dj. NEW. continued to pass for a man, was a soldier, dueller, gambler, and all-around
$10.00 trouble-maker. This is her autobiography, with extensive forward by Garber.
1996. Hb, dj. Shop scuffed. NEW. $15.00
11186 Crosland, Maragert. Sade's Wife; The Woman Behind the
Marquis. The woman we never hear about, who married the Marquis and 11652 Erickson, Carolly. Lillibet: An Intimate Portrait of Elizabeth II.
loved him, forgave him everything, all against the background of pre- Highly acclaimed biography of the Queen by a gifted historical biographer
revolutionary France, the Revolution and what came after, the dissolution and scholar. St. Martin’s Press, 2004. Hb, dj. 1st ed. Orig publ at $27.95.
of the ruling classes, complex family problems. 1995. Hb, dj. NEW. $25.00 NEW. $12.00

10401 Cullwick, Hannah. The Diaries of Hannah Cullwick, Victorian 10516 Evelyn, John. The Diary of John Evelyn [1620-1706]. Intro &
Maidservant. Ed. by Liz Stanley. Hannah Cullwick [1833-1909] is mostly Notes by Austin Dobson. 3 Vols. Includes index, pedigree chart, map,
prolific and detailed, at other times apparently too busy to do more than illustrations. First printed 1818 by Colburn. Evelyn was a contemporary and
list chores performed. Letters, diaries, excellent introductions by editor. correspondent of Pepys, recording many of the same events. Civil war,
This woman's story gets a little kinky. Rutgers University Press. Hb, 1984, death of King Charles I, plague, fire, Restoration. Routledge, London, 1996R.
327 pgs. Xlib. USED. $22.00 Hb. NEW. $75.00

10406 Cust, Mrs. Henry. Wanderers: Episodes from the Travels of 10523 Falk, Bernard. "Old Q's" Daughter: The History of a Strange
Lady Emmeline Stuart-Wortley and her daughter Victoria 1849-1855. One Family. Biography of Mary Emily Fagnani, mother of 4th Marquis of
of Queen Victoria's Maids of Honour, earlier in life, travels with her mother Hertford, grandmother of Sir Richard Wallace, known for Wallace Collection
to America, Mexico. 1850's travel period. Assembled, edited & explained by of fine art. Cedric Chivers Ltd. Bath. 1970. Hb, dj. 316 pgs. USED. $30.00
the daughter/granddaughter, who was herself a sculptor, poet, and writer
of histories. The ladies have interesting opinions of the Americas, not 10522 Falk, Bernard. The Way of the Montagues. The history of the
always in line with other English of their time. NY: 1928. Hb, 364 pgs. USED. Montagu family, mostly the 17th and 18th centuries. 34 illustrations, B/W
$30.00 plates. Hutchinson & Co. Hb, dj. $16.00

10407 D'Abrantes, Duchess. The Secret Memoirs of The Duchess 10526 Fayette, Madame de la. The Secret History of Henrietta,
D'Abrantes 1784-1838. Ed by Robert Chantemesse. Transl. by Eric Sutton. Princess of England First Wife of Philippe, Duc d'Orleans Together With
Illustrations. No date, probably 1927. Much like a biography, the editor tells Memoirs of the Court of France for the Years 1688-1689. 264 pgs. Hb, dust
the story and selects excerpts from the memoirs. Very readable drama, jacket. Translated with an introduction by J. M. Shelmerdine. Dutton,
romance, Napoleonic wars. DJ worn. Prev owner's signature in front. USED. NY:1929. Foxed. USED. $37.00
10538 ffrench, Yvonne. Mrs Siddons: Tragic Actress. A biography of
10413-2 David, Saul. Prince of Pleasure: The Prince of Wales and the Siddons [1755-1831] the best-known actress of her generation, most
Making of the Regency. A new study post Christopher Hibbert's version. At famous for her portrayal of Lady Macbeth. Includes family tree, llustrations.
once farce, tragedy and melodrama. Atlantic Monthly Press. 1998. Hb, dj. Dj London: 1954. 256 pgs, Hb, dust jacket. USED. $21.00
is shop worn. NEW.$12.00
10539 ffrench, Yvonne. Ouida: A Study in Ostentation. Ouida was
10436 Dimbleby, Josceline. May and Amy, A True Story of Family, the pen name of the English novelist Maria Louise Rame. A wonderful
Forbidden Love, and the Secret Lives of May Gaskell, Her Daughter Amy, biography. Appleton, NY, London. 1938. 191 pgs. Hb. USED. $21.00
and Sir Edward Burne-Jones. Hamrony Books, NY: 2004. 370 pgs. Hb, dj.

10062 Druett, Joan. She-Captains: Heroines and Hellions of the

Sea. Have fun reading the true adventures of courageous women captains
of early seafaring days. Simon & Schuster. 2001, 304 pgs, paper. NEW.
$7.50 Downsizing? Moving?
10448-1 Du Barry, Comtesse. Memoirs of the Comtesse Du Barry
with Minute Details of her Entire Career as Favorite of Louis XV. Intro by Need room for your new books?
Robert Arnot, M.A. M. Walter Dunne, Publisher, NY and London: 1903. 445
pgs. Hb. $18.00

10455 Durova, Nabezhda. The Cavalry Maiden: Journals of a

Female Russian Officer in the Napoleonic Wars. Transl. & Intro by Mary
Fleming Zirin. First known female officer in the Russian military. One of the
earliest autobiographies in the Russian language. Maps, Pictures, index.
Angel Books, London. 1988. 242 pgs, hb, dj. USED. $12.00

Catalog 133 Jane Austen Books Spring 2009
11187 Field, Ophelia. Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough: novel. During the 13th century, the four fascinating sisters here described -
The Queen's Favourite. The glamorous and controversial founder of the Marguerite, Eleanor, Sanchia, and Beatrice, rose to become queens of four
Spencer-Churchill dynasty; Princess Diana and Sir Winston were her direct different countries and wield power across Europe. Hb, dust jacket. 337
descendants. Sarah lived from 1660-1744. 1st US ed. St Martin's Press, NY. pages. May have remainder mark. NY: 2007. NEW. $19.00
2003. 560 pgs. Hb, dj. NEW. $15.00
10694 Harrison, Colin. John Malchair of Oxford: Artist and
10554 Finley, Ruth E. The Lady of Godey's Sarah Josepha Hale. Musician. A catalog of Malchair's art, with essays by Susan Wollenberg,
With 9 reproductions in color and 24 illustrations. Sarah J Hale [1788-1879] Julian Munby. Malchair [1730-1812] was a violinist, watercolorist, and
campaigned 40 years to make Thanksgiving an American holiday. 1931, Hb. engraver. Full of illustrations, mostly b/w. Published with 1998 Ashmolean
USED. $20.00 Museum show. 1998. Paper. Like new. USED. $35.00

10568 Fletcher, Sheila. Victorian Girls: Lord Lyttleton's Daughters. 10702-1 Haslip, Joan. Lady Hester Stanhope. Lady Hester Stanhope
8 pp. glossy plates. The letters and diaries of Meriel, Lucy, Lavinia and May, was Pitt's niece and hostess at 10 Downing Street. She "queened it over
daughters of George, 4th Lord Lyttelton and the nieces of prime minister Georgian London with a disregard for convention that shocked society."
William Gladstone, make it possible for us to know them in extraordinary This biography shows she had one of those lives that prove reality can be
detail. Hambledon. 2001. 249 pgs, paper. USED. $10.00 more exciting than fiction. Appears 1934, no date. Hb. 284 pgs. USED.
10569 Fleury, Comte. Memoirs of the Empress Eugenie. 2 Vols.
Compiled from Statements, Private Documents and Personal Letters of the 10703 Hawksley, Lucinda. Lizzie Siddal: Face of the Pre-
Empress Eugenie From Conversations of the Emperor Napoleon III and from Raphaelites. Biography, explores world of the model for many of the
Family Letters and Papers of General Fleury, M. Franceschini Pietri, Prince nineteenth century's most famous paintings. Tragic story reveals that she
Victor Napoleon and Other Members of the Court of the Second Empire. D. was also an artist and poet. Interesting to students of art history and
Appleton & Co. NY & London. 1920. Hb, no dj. VG. USED. $35.00 women's history but also fascinating as a story in its own right. 2004:
Walker & Co., NY. Hb, dj. NEW. $14.00
10574 Foreman, Amanda. Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire.
Includes Spencer and Cavendish family trees and chronology. Winner of the 10715 Healey, Edna. Lady Unknown: The Life of Angela Burdett-
Whitbread Prize for Biography. NY: Random House. 454 pgs. Hb, dj. Slight Coutts. 1st Baroness Burdett-Coutts [1814-1906] was at one time the
wear to Dj. USED. $25.00 wealthiest woman in England. She collected paintings. She also spent her
inheritance on scholarships, endowments, and other philanthropic causes.
10581 Fraser, Flora. The Unruly Queen: The Life of Queen Caroline. At age 67, she shocked society when she married her 27 year old secretary.
Story of the ill-treated Regency period queen [1768-1821] who was 1984. Paper. USED. $10.00
ridiculed and satirized. A squalid tale, superbly told. Consort of King George
IV. University of California Press. 1997. 537 pgs. Paper. NEW. $12.00 10723 Henry VIII. Letters of Henry VIII, 1526-29: Extracts from the
Calendar of State Papers of Henry VIII. Official papers which have not
11654 Gansler, Laura Leedy. The Mysterious Private Thompson: previously been available in a popular form. The Stationery Office, London,
The Double Life of Sarah Emma Edmonds, Civil War Soldier. Thrilling 2001. Paper, 238 pgs. NEW.$10.00
history of a woman who went to extraordinary lengths to survive. Living as
a man after escaping from a bad marriage, young Sarah enlists and fights 10746 Hibbert, Christopher. Queen Victoria in her Letters and
for the Union Army, and has a remarkable career. Free Press, 2005. Hb, dj. Journals. 1st US Ed. 1985. Hb, dj. 374 pgs. USED. $11.00
Orig Pub at $25.00. NEW. $15.00
10747 Hickey, William. The Prodigal Rake: Memoirs of William
10064 Gauntlett, Alison. Diana: The Illustrated Biography. Diana's Hickey. Edited by Peter Quennell. Illustrated 18th century memoir by a
life celebrated in photos provided by the Daily Mail, with explanatory text. contemporary of Austen (1749-1830). Hickey writes an entertaining and
Beautiful oversized book. Every page covered in pictures. 2008: vividly detailed memoir that covers his youthful debaucheries in London
Hertfordshire. Hb, dj. NEW. $25.00 and his subsequent travels to Calcutta, Madras, and Jamaica. NY: 1962. 452
pgs. Hb, dj. USED. $20.00
10602 Gelbart, Nina Rattner. The King's Midwife: A History and
Mystery of Madame du Coudray. In 1759, King Louis XV commissioned 10067 Hickman, Katie. Courtesans. Extremely accomplished women
Madame du Coudray to teach midwidery to peasant women. She brought of the 18th and 19th centuries "…rose from impoverished obscurity to
professionalism to midwifery. Illustrated. University of Califormia Press. positions of power, independence, and wealth." Takes you into the demi-
1998. Paper. USED. $12.00 monde, their parallel world where they ruled. Shows how their power
spilled over into important events and movements of their time.
10605 Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire. Georgiana: Extracts from HarperCollins, London, 2003. Hb, dj. NEW. $25.00
the Correspondence of Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire. Edited by The
Earl of Bessborough P.C., G.C.M.G. Extracts from her correspondence. John 10748-1 Hickman, Katie. Daughters of Britannia: The Lives and Times
Murray, London. 1955. USED. $15.00 of Diplomatic Wives. London. 2000. Paper. USED. $10.00

10609 Gervat, Claire. Elizabeth: The Scandalous Life of the Duchess 10753-2 Hill, Constance. Juniper Hall: A Rendezvous of Certain
of Kingston. Elizabeth Chudleigh married the Duke in 1769 while married to Illustrious Personages During the French Revolution Including Alexandre
Augustus Hervey. London: Century. 2003. Hb, dj, 306 pgs. NEW. $15.00 D'Arblay and Fanny Burney. Letters, sketches, portraits, from "this French
'salon' on English soil." John Lane, The Bodley Head. Blue cloth, pages rough
10611 Gibbs, Lewis. The Admirable Lady Mary: The Life and Times cut. 1905. USED. $45.00
of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu (1689-1762). Biography of an author and
traveller, best known today for her letters. Illustrated. NY: William Morrow 10772 Holland, Lady Elizabeth. Elizabeth, Lady Holland To Her Son
and Company. 1949. 255 pgs. Hb, dj. USED. $10.00 1821-1845. Ed. by Earl of Ilchester. Lady Holland's letters bring us into the
period, and introduce us to some of the famous people of the time. Hb.
11623 Goldstone, Nancy. Four Queens: The Provencal Sisters Who John Murray 1946. X-library, War Economy book. USED. $10.00
Ruled Europe. Well-researched historical biography that reads like a good
Spring 2009 Jane Austen Books Catalog 133
10779 Hook, Rosalie. Woman Behind the Painter: The Diaries of place in his reign. His cruelties, his faults and failures, are also covered.
Rosalie, Mrs. James Clarke Hook. Edited by Juliet McMaster. Rosalie [1819- London, 1973. Hb, dj. USED. $10.00
1897] was the wife of artist James Clarke Hook. Her diaries give an inside
view of their life together. The book is full of sketches by James, and also 10987 Marshall, Dorothy. The Life and Times of Victoria. Originally
includes some of Rosalie's art. Juliet McMaster provides insight. University published in 1972 in the UK, this beautifully illustrated book focuses on
of Alberta Press, 2006. Paper. $39.00 Victoria's public and private life. An entertaining look at Britain's longest
reigning monarch. Lovely dust jacket is a little shopworn, otherwise in great
10784 Hopkins, Mary Alden. Dr. Johnson's Lichfield. His early years condition. 1992. NEW. $15.00
in Lichfield form a part of Johnson's life neglected by Boswell. Hopkins
skillfully pulls us into the life there, the relationships of the people, and of 11120 Outhwaite, R. B. Scandal in the Church: Dr. Edward Drax
course we can't resist Johnson himself. Illustrations. 1st ed. Hastings House, Free, 1764-1843. Dr Free was a rather rowdy clergyman who caused
NY, 1952. Hb, dj. USED. $20.00 enough trouble to be defrocked in 1830. Could this have been our
Wickham? This is the shocking true story, in all its details. Illustrated.
10788 Howard, Cecil. Mary Kingsley. Mary Kingsley [1862-1900] Hambledon Press, 1997. Hb, dj. NEW. $30.00
was an intrepid African traveller, writer, and publicist. Mary's letters appear
throughout the text - some not previously published. London, 1957, Hb, dj, 11222 Priestley, J. B. The Prince of Pleasure and his Regency, 1811-20.
231 pgs. USED. $25.00 Profusely illustrated, a history not just of the Prince of Wales but of the art,
literature, and fashion of the era. Hb, dust jacket. NY: 1969. 304 pages.
10839 Johnson, R. Brimley, intro. Bluestocking Letters. Letters Good condition, dj worn. USED. $18.00
selected by R. Brimley Johnson from Mrs. Montagu, Mrs. Vesey, Mrs.
Boscawen, Mrs. Chapone, Miss Carter. 1st ed. John Lane the Bodley Head, 11371 Schopenhauer, Johanna. A Lady Travels: Journeys in England
London, 1926. USED. $25.00 and Scotland from the Diaries of Johanna Schopenhauer. Translated from
the German and edited by Ruth Michaelis-Jena and Willy Merson. Johanna
10850 Jordan, Rugh. Sophie Dorothea: A Biography. Sophie [1766-1838] was a German author and mother of philosopher Arthur.
Dorothea [1666-1726] married (against her wishes) the man who became Famous for her travelogues. Her Weimar salon included Goethe. London.
George I, and had a miserable time, surrounded by intrigue. She had an 1988. Hb, dj. Some shop wear. USED. $20.00
affair that ended in tragedy. 1972. Hb, dj. USED. $18.00
11391 Seward, Desmond. Eugenie - The Empress and her Empire.
10863 Kelly, Ian. Beau Brummell: The Ultimate Man of Style. "From 1853 to 1870 Eugenie de Montijo was Empress of the French, sharing
Brummell [1778-1840], contemporary of Austen. The first man of fashion. the Second Empire with her husband Napoleon III." Highly acclaimed
"The first metrosexual - 200 years before the word was invented." More biography. Import. Illustrated. Sutton Publishing, Gloucestershire, 2005. 306
than a biography, a great history of the times. BBC Radio 5 review: "The pgs, paper. NEW. $10.00
best book ever written about London." Hb, dj. 2006. NEW. $17.00
11426 Smith, E. A. A Queen on Trial: The Affair of Queen Caroline.
10864 Kelly, Linda. Juniper Hall: An English Refuge from the French The wife of George IV did not have the best marriage. This book details her
Revolution. Juniper Hall, in Surrey - Where Madame de Stael, Narbonne, trial for adultery. Illustrated. Oversized book. Alan Sutton, Stroud, 1994, 210
Talleyrand, and General d'Arblay stayed during the Terror, and where Fanny pgs, paper. $12.00
Burney met d'Arblay. The author presents selections from letters and
writings to bring us into their strange world of exile. Illustrations. Hb, dj, 11432 Smith, Sydney. The Selected Letters of Sydney Smith. Sydney
135 pgs. USED. $20.00 Smith [1771-1845] was an Anglican clergyman, author and lecturer whose
wit (that contemporaries compared to Swift's) and sincerity won many
10899 Larg, David Glass. Madame De Stael: Her Life as Revealed in friendships. OUP, 1981. 303 pgs, paper. NEW. $6.00
her Work 1766-1800 A Biographical Study of a Mind and Soul. Transl.
Veronica Lucas. Index and appendices included. Her childhood, character, 11433 Smith, Warren Hunting. Originals Abroad: The Foreign
involvement in drama and novels, life at Versaille and Paris, involvment Careers of some Eighteenth-Century Britons. Life & letters of both famous
with Rousseau, French Revolution, political involvement, and more. Alfred and unknown British people who lived mostly abroad during the 18th c.
A. Knopf, NY 1926. 332 pgs. USED. $40.00 Yale University Press. 1952. Hb. Like new. Black cloth on board with gilt
title. Ding in front cover. USED. $14.00
10074 Lever, Evelyne. Marie Antoinentte: The Last Queen of
France. Import. Translated from French. Evelyne Lever has written several 11448 Spain, Nancy. Mrs. Beeton and Her Husband. Written by her
historical biographies. This one offers a more balanced view of the last great-niece, constructed from family knowledge and documents. Mrs.
queen of France. Well researched, index. Like the best biographies, fun to Beeton was the author of the classic book on household management.
read as well as informative. Paper. 2006. NEW. $12.00 London. 1948. Hb, dj. USED. $26.00

10981 Manvell, Roger. Sarah Siddons: Portrait of an Actress. The 10091 Summerville, Christopher, Ed. Regency Recollections:
story of this great actress brings us into the world of 18th century theatre. Captain Gronow's Guide to Life in London and Paris. Import. Captain
Book in very good condition, dust jacket worn. 1st US Ed. Putnam's, NY, Gronow's writings illuminated by Christopher Summerville. Gronow knew
1971. Hb, dj. USED. $10.00 the Prince Regent, Beau Brummell, and everyone else who was anyone.
Find out what to wear, how to be invited to a ball, and how to get along in
10982 Markham, Sarah. John Loveday of Caversham 1711-1789: high society Regency London, from the ultimate insider, in his own words.
Life and Tours of an Eighteenth-Century Onlooker. 7 maps, 16p. plates. Ravenhall Books, 2006. Hb, dj. NEW. $35.00
Diaries and correspondence from an eyewitness account of the arrival in
Manchester of the Young Pretender. Hb, dj. USED. $22.00 11490 Tomalin, Claire. Samuel Pepys: The Unequalled Self.
Entertaining biography goes beyond the diaries to give us the real man.
10984 Marlow, Joyce. The Life and Times of George I. Antonia Highly acclaimed by critics. Takes you right into the daily life of the
Fraser, General Editor. Full of beautiful color and b/w illustrations. In-depth Restoration period. Alfred E. Knopf, NY: 2003. Hb, dj. 470 pgs. NEW. $15.00
study of England's first Hanoverian king and the improvements that took

Catalog 133 Jane Austen Books Spring 2009
11541 Victoria, Queen. Queen Victoria: Leaves from a Journal: A 10042 Arnold, Dana. The Georgian Villa. A whole chapter titled
Record of The Visit of The Emperor and Empress of The French to The "Jane Austen's Aversion to the Villa" by Philippa Tristram graces this
Queen and of The Visit of The Queen and H.R.H. The Prince Consort to The wonderful book of essays. Full of illustrations. Covers the artchitects of the
Emperor of The French 1855. Faded spine, red faded cloth. Farrar, Straus & period and how Britain's landscape was changed by the ideas of the times.
Cudahy. NY 1961. Hb. $28.00 Sutton, 1998. 180 pages. Paper. NEW. $40.00

11545 Viveash, Chris. James Stainer Clarke: Librarian to the Prince 10053 Automobile Association. Walks Through Britain's History.
Regent, Naval Author, Friend of Jane Austen. In this book we meet Mr. Eye-catching, colorful travel book. Includes detailed instructions with
Clarke, the clergyman who insisted in his correspondence with Jane Austen illustrated, annotated route maps for over 100 walks organized
that his life story was worthy of an Austen novel. Here, Chris Viveash chronologically, covering prehistory through modern times. London: 2001.
reveals that Clarke’s life was in fact rather compelling, from his time at sea 70 pages, paper, 9X11.5 inches. NEW. $18.00
to his librarian position with the Prince Regent. Viveash’s enjoyable
biography of Clarke captures the life of an obseqious sycophant. Included is 10240 Bradley, A.G. The Rivers and Streams of England. With 75
a never-before published observation of Mr. Clarke's on the genius of Jane colour plates by Sutton Palmer. Beautiful book. Good condition. 190 pages.
Austen. Includes Index.Paper, 91 pgs. NEW. $17.00 London: Bracken Books. 1993. Hb, dust jacket. USED. $10.00

10094 Waller, Maureen. Ungrateful Daughters: The Stuart 10058 Clabburn, Pamela. The National Trust Book of Furnishing
Princesses Who Stole Their Father's Crown. The true story of the daughters Textiles. Fully illustrated with examples from National Trust houses. History
of Stuart King James II, Mary and Anne, key actors in the palace coup that of furnishing textiles from Middle Ages to present. Some wear on edge of
led to the end of a dynasty. Waller is an excellent historian, but this book spine and cover. Pages very good. 1989. USED. $15.00
isn't stuffy - it reads like historical fiction. Hodder and Stoughton, London.
2002. Hb, dj. NEW. $15.00
10059 Cliffe, J. T. The World of the Country House in Seventeenth-
Century England. Beautifully illustrated throughout, color and b/w. This
11581 Weiner, Margery. The French Exiles 1789-1815. A fascinating view book is concerned with the houses of the gentry, not of the nobility.
into the life of the aristocrats who escaped the French Revolution to settle Includes lifestyle issues such as intellectual pursuits, scandals, tutors, as well
temporarily, some permanently, in England. John Murray, London, 1960. as gardens, architecture, service, and other topics. Hb, dj. Yale University
Hb, dj. USED. $15.00 Press. NEW. Originally published at $65, now $30.00

11244 Wilson, Frances. The Courtesan's Revenge: Harriette Wilson,

10382 Colquhuon, Kate. "The Busiest Man in England" A Life of
the Woman who Blackmailed the King. Biography of Harriette Wilson
Joseph Paxton, Gardener, Architect & Victorian Visionary. Paxton became
[1786-1845]. 37 plates in colour, 26 illustrations in the text. With index,
head gardener and architect at Chatsworth, later designed the Crystal
bibliography and notes. London, 2003. Hb, dust jacket. USED. $18.00
Palace for the Exhibition of 1851. This is the story of his life, personal and
public. Boston: 2006. Hb, dust jacket. NEW. $30.00
11246 Wilson, Harriette. The Memoirs of Harriette Wilson, Written
by Herself. Illus with portraits from contemporary sources. Privately printed
11183 Crawford, David. British Building Firsts: The First Castle to
for Navarre Soc. Ltd. Silk moire/gilt covers, gilt edges, page marker.
the First Airport. Full of b/w illustrations. How Britain led the world in many
Wonderful illus. 2 vols., cloth, slipcase. Top edge gilt, other edges rough cut.
artchitectural developments, from Roman times to present. London. 1990.
Hinges somewhat delicate. 696 pages in 2 volumes. 1924. USED. $37.00
Hb, beautiful dust jacket. $20.00

11247 Wilson, John Harold. A Rake and His Times: George Villiers
10403 Cunliffe, Barry. The City of Bath. History of Bath from
2nd Duke of Buckingham. Personal & up close biography from the
prehistoric to modern times. 135 B/W illustrations - photos and period
Restoration time period. The duke's roller coaster life, court intrigue & sex
drawings, archealogical reconstructions. Both scholarly and entertaining.
scandals, duels, war and politics. Buckingham was a rogue, yet an advocate
Yale University Press. 1987. Hb, dj. Like new condition. USED. $18.00
of religious freedom. Hb, torn and worn dust jacket. NY: 1954. 280 pages.
USED. $20.00
10408 Daiches, David and John Flower. Literary Landscapes of the
British Isles; A Narrative Atlas. From Chaucer, Shakespeare, Dr Johnson,
Places into the 20th century. Maps, illustrations, atlas, index, geographical index.
Includes Austen locations. Hb, dj, 287 pages. Paddington Press, NY &
10002 Adair, John. The Royal Palaces of Britain. Coffee-table book, London, 1979. USED. $15.00
heavily illustrated with photographs and illustrations. Covers intimate
history of the royal dwellings, including Hampton Court, Winslow, 10525 Fawcett, Trevor. Bath Administer'd. Drawings. Over 100
Whitehall, St James's, Holyrood, Brighton, Kensington, Buckingham, entries. Corporation Affairs at the 18th C. Spa. If anyone ran Georgian Bath
Greenwich, The Tower. Very gently used, good condition. 1981. Hb, dust it was the Corporation. In alphabetical format, this book traces every aspect
jacket. USED. $20.00 of local government (Guildhall) in everyday spa life from managing the vital
hot springs to preserving law and order. Even Jane Austen's aunt, the
10005 Addison, William. English Spas. Addison writes a fascinating municipal swans and the Abbey organ blower put in brief appearance. Bath,
history of English spas, which reached their highest importance for British 2001. 141pgs, Paper. NEW. $10.00
society in the 17th and 18th centuries. Quotes Jane Austen among many
other writers. Descriptions of Bath, Tunbridge, and lesser known spas. 10529 Fea, Allan. Old English Houses: The Record of a Random
Generously illustrated with photos and contemporary drawings. 1951. Itinerary. With over 100 illustrations from photos taken by the author. Fea
Library stamp in front of book, good condition, hb, dj. USED. $20.00 has an interest in finding out-of-the-way places that have not been affected
by modern times or restoration. Charles Scribner's Sons, NY 1910. 273 pgs,
10018 Airs, Malcolm. The Tudor and Jacobian Country House: A Hb. USED. $50
Building History. Luxuriously illustrated scholarly work. Entertaining
descriptions of great houses. From design to labour, everything about these 10065 Gibbs, James. Gibbs' Book of Architecture: An Eighteenth
houses that formed the settings for some of our favorite novels. Hb. 1998. Century Classic. An abridged reproduction of the 1728 work by Gibbs. Pages
Surrey: Bramley Books. Hb, dust jacket. NEW. $15.00 of designs, including various drawings and blueprints of exposures, floor

Spring 2009 Jane Austen Books Catalog 133
plans, and decorative features. Perfect gift for an architecture student. 11233 Parker, Rowland. The Common Stream: Two Thousand Years
Dover, NY. 2008. Paper. NEW. $18.00 of the English Village. Detailed history of sample village of Foxton in

10625 Girouard, Mark. The English Town: A History of Urban Life. Cambridgeshire, based on author's extensive research. B/W drawings of
From Georgian cathedral towns to elegant Regency spas, explore the buildings and maps. Academy Chicago Pubs. 1994. Paper, sealed in plastic.
history of English towns in this entertaining and sumptuously illustrated NEW. $14.95
book. 1990: Yale University Press. 330 pgs. Hb, dj. USED. $20.00
11632 Quindlen, Anna. Imagined London: A Tour of the World's
10627-1 Girouard, Mark. The Victorian Country House. Revised and Greatest Fictional City. A delightful wander through London Past, Present,
Enlarged Edition. Yale University Press. 1979. 467 pgs. Hb, dj. USED. $20.00 and Fictional with an American anglophile novelist and journalist.
Illustrated, map. National Geographic Directions, Washington DC, 2004. Hb,
10629 Gloag, John. English Furniture. The Library of English Art dj. NEW. $14.00
Series. Covers AD 1500-1934. Focus is on furniture that is well
proportioned. How furniture design changes with national taste. With 11626 Spencer, Charles. Althorp: The Story of an English House.
twenty-four plates from photographs and seventeen line drawings by E. J. Earl Spencer has been guiding tours of Althorp since he was 12 years old.
Warne. 1946. USED. $37.00 Here he combines his love of the house with his appreciation for history and
takes you on a personal tour. Full of color photographs, many
10750 Hill, Adrian. Drawing and Painting: Architecture in commissioned for this work. Paintings, architecture, grounds. Printed on
Landscape. Packed full of wonderful illustrations! Blandford Press Ltd. heavy paper, beautiful prints, lovely dust jacket. Hb. St Martin's Press, NY.
London, 1966. 80 pgs. Hb. USED. $12.00 1998. 167 pages. NEW. $20.00

10757 Hillaby, John. Journey Home: A Walk About England. 10092 Symonds, R. W. Masterpieces of English Furniture and
Illustrated. The author and his new wife Katie go for walks from the Lake Clocks. "A study of Walnut and Mahogany Furniture, and of the associated
Country to London. Take the book along on your own walks! 1983. 319 pgs. crafts of the Looking-glass Maker and Japanner, together with an account of
Hb, dj. $11.00 Thomas Tompion and other famous Clock-makers of the 17th and 18th
Centuries." 1986 reprint of 1940 limited edition. 10X13. DJ protected by
mylar. 130 b/w plates and photos plus 8 color plates, chosen from private
10770 Hole, Christina. Haunted England: A Survey of English Ghost-
collections. Studio Editions, London. 184 pgs. USED. $45.00
Lore. A brief selection (since a complete survey of English ghosts would
require an entire library) of stories of the disembodied spirits and
apparitions of English lore. 1951. 184 pgs. Hb. USED. $14.00 11532 Turner, Roger. Capability Brown and the Eighteenth-Century
English Landscape. 1985, Hb, Dj. Ex-library. USED. $21.00
10823 Jeffery, Paul. The City Churches of Sir Christopher Wren.
Beautiful book filled with b&w illustrations, photos, drawings, church 10095 Ward-Jackson, Peter. English Furniture Designs of the
layouts. Includes a gazetteer of all Wren's churches. Architecture, history. Eighteenth Century. Includes 366 illustrations catalogued, with notes.
Wonderful guide for visitors and so much more. 1996. Paper. NEW. $35.00 Victoria & Albert Museum. 1984. 336 pgs. Paper. VG. USED. $35.00

10080 Mowl, Timothy. Gentlemen & Players: Gardeners of the 11611 Wilkie, Angus. Biedermeier. Large book covering the era that
English Landscape. English landscape garden, 18th century. Historian Biedermeier furniture was most popular (1815-1848). This book is truly "an
argues that the famous gardeners (Inigo Jones, Capability Brown, Humphry essential sourcebook for all concerned with nineteenth-century design."
Repton, others) were not the true innovators. Rather, he shows, the Abbeville Press, NY. 1987. Hb, dj. USED. $35.00
innovators were the amateurs. Beautiful book full of illustrations. Sutton,
UK: 2000. 218 pgs, hb, dj. NEW. $30.00 11616-1 Williamson, Tom. Polite Landscapes: Gardens & Society in
Eighteenth-Century England. Hb. USED. $20.00
11625 Muir, Richard. The Villages of England. Muir wrote the text
and took most of the pictures. A beautiful study of the traditional village, its 11617 Wilson, Angus. England. Large photo book with intro by
history, the layout, names, landscape, homes, and social development. Very Angus Wilson, photographs by Edwin Smith, and notes on the plates by
pretty book, perfect for the Anglophile. Thames & Hudson, NY: 2004. 224 Olive Cook.Viking, NY, 1971. Hb, 224 pages. USED. $35.00
pages, paper. NEW. $19.00
11252 Wilson, Richard and Alan Mackley. The Building of the
11124 O'Connell, Sheila. London 1753. Heavily illustrated British English Country House. 1660-1860 time period. Explores the fascination of
Museum exhibition book. Red cloth on boards, no dust jacket. 1st US ed. the English nobility and gentry with building and rebuilding their houses.
David R. Godine, Boston, 2003. 272 pgs. Hb. NEW. $45.00 Drawings, photos, charts. Highly readable. Details include how the work
was done and what it cost. Paper. Continuum, 2007. 428 pages. NEW.

R e me mbe r, y ou ca n brows e a n y t ime on ou r we bs it e , www.JaneAustenBooks.net .

Catalog 133 Jane Austen Books Spring 2009
10021 Alcott, Louisa May. A Double Life: Newly Mystery novel - Lois wrote four. Also of interest to collectors of
Discovered Thrillers of Louisa May Alcott. Ed by Madeleine WWII era detective stories. This one has Cambridge, Scotland
Stern. Five of Alcott's thrillers were published under her name Yard, an eccentric elderly spinster, and of course a murder!
for the first time in this book. Original illustrations reprinted London: 1938. Hb. Rust red cloth on boards with black trim.
Books By and About here. Boston: Little, Brown and Company. 1988. Hb, Dust Jacket. Foxing, otherwise good. USED. $70.00
NEW. $20.00
Our Other Favorite
10144 Bailey, J. C. Studies in some famous letters. The
Authors 10020 Alcott, Louisa May. Her Girlhead Diary. Ed & author selects letters and places them in context. Lts of
Compiled by Cary Ryan. Excerpts from Alcott's diaries, most from Cowper, Gray, Lady M W Montagu, Swift, Johnson, Gibbon,
her childhood and some from early adutlhood. Cary Ryan ties Lamb, Edward Fitzgerald. London: Thomas Burleigh, 1899. 308
the entries together with biographical information. Lovingly pages, Hb. Cover bumped at corners and head & tail of spine.
illustrated by Mark Graham. Hb, dust jacket. 42 pages. 1993. USED. $50.00
NEW. $7.50
10146 Bainbridge, Beryl. According to Queeney. Novel
10023 Alcott, Louisa May. The Quiet Little Woman: A (with review in the New Yorker!) In 1764, Dr. Sam. Johnson
Other Writers
Christmas Story. Beautiful red book, with heavy gold illustrated attends a dinner and beyond expectations is taken into the
DJ. Three stories in one: The Quiet Little Woman, Tilly's social orbit of Mrs.Thrale. Queeney is the daughter of Hester
Christmas, Rosa's Tale. First page is a built-in gift plate Salusbury Lynch Thrale later Piozzi. NY: 2001. 216 pages, Hb,
"Presented to:…". Endearing children's stories rediscovered in dust jacket. Originally published at $22. NEW. $10.00
the 1990's. Tulsa: Honor Books. 1999. Hb, Dust Jacket. 122
pages. NEW. $7.50 10149 Balzac, Honore de [1799-1850]. Physiology of
Marriage Coolly. Examines economics and power relationships
10022 Alcott, Louisa May. Unmasked: Collected of seduction and love. With introduction by Sharon Marcus.
Thrillers. This is not Little Women - In one volume, several This book brought him his first fame as a writer. English trans-
thrillers Alcott wrote as serial cliffhangers in weekly papers lation originally published 1904; book dates from 1826. John
between 1863 and 1870. With titles like "Pauline's Passion and Hopkins University Press: 1997. 354 pages, paper. NEW.
Punishment" and "Betrayed by a Buckle" how can you go wrong? $10.00
Boston: Northeastern University Press. 1995. Paperbound. 754
pages. Slightly shelf worn. NEW. $14.00 10151 Banks, Mrs. G. Linneaus. The Manchester Man.
Mrs. Banks, 19th century poet and novelist, here wrote a
10025 Aldis, Janet. The Queen of Letter Writers: historical novel describing the life of Jabez Cregg, from the
Marquise de Sevigne, Dame De Bourbilly 1626-1696. Biography Napoleonic Wars to the first Reform Act. Mrs Banks was
of Marquise de Sevigne famous for the witty letters she wrote, involved in women's rights. She was admired by Anthony
most of them to her daughter. London: G. P. Putnam's Sons, Trollope. London: 1897. 350 pages. Hb. Very dark green
1907, 313 pages. Hb. Dark green cloth on board covers. Rough leather & brown cloth, some faded, otherwise cover in good
cut pages. Bumped corners, some browning of the pages. USED. condition. Pages loosening, slight browning. Label inside front
$24.00 cover - this was a prize given for attendance and support by
P.M.E. Society, 1898. $50.00
10033 Alexander, Christine, and Jane Sellars. The Art of
the Brontes. A complete study of the drawings and paintings of 10178 Barker, Jane. The Galesia Trilogy and Selected
the Bronte sisters and their brother Branwell. History, notes, Manuscript Poems of Jane Barker. Ed. by Carol Shiner Wilson.
plates, plus complete detailed, illustrated catalog. Cambridge Jane Barker [1652-1732] was a Jacobite exile in France,
University Press. 1995. Paper. 484 pages. Some wear to corners, unmarried by choice. These 3 novels feature Galesia as
inside very good and clean, spine tight. USED. $35.00 narrator and heroine. Also includes several poems never
before published. Oxford University Press: 1997. 332 pages,
10108 Auden, W. H. The Dyer's Hand and Other Essays. paper. NEW. $55.00
NY: Random House. 1962. 527 pages. Hb, dust jacket. Cloth on
boards. VG condition. DJ is torn at one corner and top of spine. 10159 Barrett, Eaton Stannard. The Heroine. Intro by
USED. $45.00 Michael Sadlier. Jane Austen mentions enjoying this burlesque
of the gothic novel in an 1814 letter. It is often compared to
10121 Austen-Leigh, Joan. Stephanie at War. A sequel Northanger Abbey. Originally published 1813, this edition
to Canadian best-seller Stephanie. Stephanie goes to England in 1927. London: Elkin Matthews & Merrot. Hb. USED. $50.00
1939 and is caught up in WWII, where she must learn to handle
her internal conflicts as well as survive the conflict around her. 10163 Barrington, E. The Irish Beauties. Historical
1987, paperbound. Shopworn. Signed by author. NEW. $25.00 fiction set in 18th century. NY: 1931. 310 pages, Hb. Good
condition, some browning of pages, some wear to cover, now
10123 Austen-Leigh, Lois. The Incredible Crime. This is protected in plastic. USED. $30.00
Lois Austen-Leigh's first crime novel. Scarce book, one of the
four mystery novels written by Lois Austen-Leigh in the 1930's. 10162 Barrington, E. The Gallants. Writing under a
She is a granddaughter of James Edward Austen Leigh. London: pseudonym, Elizabeth Moresby (1862-1931) writes
1931, Hb, 304 pages. Spine faded. Beginning to loosen. Clean entertaining historical fiction, delightfully combining fact and
pages. Stamp inside front cover. USED. $70.00 fantasy. Boston: The Atlantic Monthly Press, 1924. 308 pages,
Hb, dust jacket. Has a previous owner's name inside front
10122 Austen-Leigh, Lois. The Gobblecock Mystery. cover. Book is in very good condition. DJ protected by plastic.
Books for the Austen completist. Scarce. Lois was a Beautiful gilt blue cloth cover. $35.00
granddaughter of Jane's nephew James Edward Austen Leigh.

Spring 2009 Jane Austen Books Catalog 133
10164 Barrington, E. The Ladies. Writing under a pseudonym, 10277 Brown, Molly. Invitation to a Funeral: A Tale of Restoration
Elizabeth Moresby (1862-1931) writes entertaining historical fiction, Intrigue. Crime novel set in 1676 London. Aphra Behn, novelist and
delightfully combining fact and fantasy. This book includes the hilarious tale playwright finds herself in the middle of a murder mystery. St. Martin's
"The Darcys of Rosings" - brings together favorite Austen characters from SS Press. NY: 1995. 288 pages. Hb, dust jacket. USED. $7.50
and PP in a madcap story reminiscent of Jane's Juvenilia. Shocking! Boston:
The Atlantic Monthly Press,1922. 268 pages, Hb. Blue cloth, good condition. 10136 Bunson, Matthew. The Complete Christie: An Agatha
$35.00 Christie Encyclopedia. Reference work contains everything you ever need
to find - characters, locations, plot summaries. A comprehensive, well
10174 Barros, Carolyn and Johanna M. Smith, Editors. Life Writings researched guide, in the form of an entertaining, illustrated encyclopedia. A
by British Women 1660-1815. Autobiographies, letters, journals, fun book! NY: Pocket, 2000. NEW. $15.00
testimonies, appeals - various writings by various women reveal much
about their lives. Fanshawe, Beaumont, Lady MW Montague, Bellamy, 10287 Buono, Carmen Joseph Dello, M. A., editor. Rare Early Essays
Wollstonecraft, Radcliffe, many more, from famous women to unkonwn on George Eliot. Seven early essays. Norwood, 1980. 211 pages, Hb, good
servants. Illustrations. Northeastern University Press: 2000. 418 pages. condition. USED. $20.00
Paper. Slight corner bumps. NEW. $27.00
10303 Burney, Fanny. Fanny Burney: Selected Letters and Journals.
10177 Barry, Joseph. Infamous Woman - the Life of George Sand. Oxford Letters and Memoirs. Oxford University Press. Oxford: 1987. 366
Readable biography by a skilled writer. NY: Doubleday, 1964. 461 pages, Hb, pages, paper. $7.50
dust jacket. DJ a little worn, otherwise very good condition. USED. $15.00
10304 Burney, Fanny. The Diary and Letters of Frances Burney,
10101 Beahm, George. Fact, Fiction, and Folklore in Harry Potter's Madame D'Arblay (2 Vols). If you've only read her novels, you don't know
World. An Unofficial Guide. Hampton Roads, 2005. 256 pgs, paper. NEW. what you're missing. Her diaries are fascinating. Ed. by Sarah Chauncey
$12.00 Woolsey. Roberts Brothers, Boston: 1880. Hb, green cloth. USED. $35.00

11656 Ben-Zvi, Linda. Susan Glaspell: Her Life and Times. Critical 10301-2 Burney, Frances. Evelina. Burney's first novel, published
biography brings this now forgotten playwright back to her rightful position anonymously in 1778, still entertaining today. Of course, Jane Austen also
in American literature. OUP, 2005. Hb, dj. Orig Publ $65. NEW. $35.00 enjoyed reading about Evelina's troubles. 1994, paper. 110 pgs. NEW. $9.00

10223 Bonnell, William. Sherlock Holmes Victorian Cookbook. 10311 Burney, Frances. Journals and Letters. Fanny's letters and
Favorite recipes of the great detective and his friend Dr Watson. 1997. Dust journals are always so entertaining. This selection is no different. She kenw
jacket. Good condition. $20.00 everyone, went everywhere, and recorded her experiences with a novelist's
flair. Penguin Books, 2001. Paper. 589 pgs. NEW. $15.00
10228-1 Boswell, James. Boswell's Life of Samuel Johnson. Complete
and unabridged copy of what many people still consider the best biography 10058 Butts, Dennis. Mistress of our Tears. A literary and
ever written. No Date, but1940's. Nice hard bound edition, blue-green bibliographical study of Barbara Hofland [1770-1844]. Woman writer
cloth, Random House Modern Library art deco embossed on spine and front famous for her children's books. Contemporary of Maria Edgeworth. Title
cover. 1200 pages. USED. $15.00 from quote by Mary Russell Mitford: "You are the mistress of our tears, as
Miss Austen is of our smiles, and I think you have the advantage." Hb, dj,
10055 Boswell, James. Boswell's London Journal 1762-1763. The 1992. Scholar Press, Hampshire, England. Orig. Published $49.95. NEW.
Yale Editions of the Private Papers of James Boswell. "Now first published $8.00
from the original manuscript - prepared for the press, with an introduction
and notes by Frederick A. Pottle, Sterling Professor of English, Yale 10321 Byron, Lord. Childe Harold and Other Poems. T. Nelson and
University, with a preface by Christopher Morley" This first edition copy is in Sons, Paternoster Row, 1862. 450 pages, Hb. Dark blue cloth on boards
very good condition. Rough cut pages, blue gilt on top, attractive blue paper heavily decorated with gilt embossed, faded gilt portrait of author on front
on boards with dark cloth on spine, one corner of book is worn. Binding is cover. Gilt edges, some light pencil marks. Owners name inside front. Small,
tight. Map of London in Boswell's time inside covers. 1950: McGraw-Hill. attractive book but has suffered some handling damage and moisture.
USED. $16.00 USED. $15.00

10231 Bowen, Burgess, Cecil, Greene, O'Brien. The Heritage of 10363 Chapple, J.A.V. and Anita Wilson, editors. Private Voices: The
British Literature. Each author takes on a different aspect of British Literary Diaries of Elizabeth Gaskell and Sophia Holland. These diary entries
history. Elizabeth Bowen, Anthony Burgess, Lord David Cecil, Graham provide a fascinating view of motherhood that will be familiar to mothers
Greene, Kate O'Brien. Illustrated. Contains quite a bit of Bowen on Jane today. The development of Elizabeth's talent for writing can be found in her
Austen in the section on Novelists. Originally published in 1944 as diaries. Annotated. NY: St. Martin's Press. Hb, dj. 1996. 125 pgs. NEW.
Impressions of English Literature in UK and The Romance of English $15.00
Literature in US. This reprint includes additional material from Lord David
Cecil and Anthony Burgess. 1983. Hb, dust jacket. USED. $20.00
10369 Chudleigh, Lady Mary. The Poems and Prose of Mary, Lady
Chudleigh. Ed. by Margaret J. M. Ezell. Series "Women Writers in English
10032 Bronte, Charlotte. Charlotte Bronte's High Life in the 1350-1850". Chudleigh [1656-1710] was a Restoration writer who stayed
Verdopolis. Charlotte Bronte wrote this romance when she was 17 years true to her belief in "education for women and the necessity for self-
old. This edition includes her own illustrations, as well as some copies of her determination." OUP. Paper. 1993. Published at $60. NEW. $52.00
manuscript pages. Beautiful little book with 15 pages notes. London: The
British Library. 1995. 103 pages, Hb, dust jacket. NEW. $22.00.
10364 Clarke, Norma. Dr. Johnson's Women. Investigates the lives
and writing of 6 leading female authors Johnson knew well: Elizabeth
10271-2 Brooke, Francis. The Excursion: Eighteenth-Century Novels Carter, Charlotte Lennox, Elizabeth Montagu, Hester Thrale, Hannah More
by Women. Edited by Paula R. Backsheider and Hope D. Cotton. Frances and Fanny Burney. The inside story! Dr Johnson was willing to treat women
Brooke [1724-1789] based her plot on Burney, Haywood, Fielding, but as intellectual equals and to promote their careers, something ignored by
differed in that the heroine has literary aspirations. Brooke is sometimes Johnson's famous biographer, James Boswell. Hb, dust jacket. London:
said to foreshadow Jane Austen. Paper, 1997. NEW. $16.00 2000. NEW. $15.00
Catalog 133 Jane Austen Books Spring 2009
11640 Clarke, Susanna. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell: A Novel. A 10465-1 Edgeworth, Maria. Castle Rackrent. Ed. by Marilyn Butler.
unique reading experience. It is 1806, England is at war with France, and Penguin, 1992. Paper. USED. $4.00
magic is out of practice - or so it is thought. Mr Norrell emerges, followed
by Mr Strange. The magicians go into battle with Wellington and have other 10465-5 Edgeworth, Maria. Castle Rackrent; an Hibernian Tale.
adventures. Mr Strange risks all in his quest for greater magic. Fantasy Taken from facts and from the Manners of the Irish Squires before the
world based in recognizable history. You will want to read every footnote. year 1782. Third Edition. London: for J. Johnson & H. Bryer 1801, xvi &
2004. Hb, dj. NEW. $14.00 214pp, sm. 8vo, modern ¼ calf & marbled boards w/raised bands.
Occasional minor foxing, else VG. USED. $245.00
10371 Cohen, Paula Marantz. Jane Austen in Scarsdale or, Love,
Death and the SATs. By a professor at Drexel U. in Philadelphia, the author 10470 Edgeworth, Maria. Popular Tales. Preface by Richard Lovell
of Jane in Boca. A glimpse at the admissions process - and a retelling of Edgeworth, her father. "The Ruby Series." Green binding, worn intricate
Persuasion. If in the first few pages you find your mind drifting to Lyme designs. George Routledge & Sons Ltd. London, NY. No date but late
Regis - you've got it! NEW. $23.00 Victorian. 436 pages, Hb. USED. $32.00

10373-1 Cohen, Paula Marantz. Much Ado about Jessie Kaplan. Find 10480 Edwards, Anne-Marie. Walking with William Shakespeare.
the Austen references. Enjoy! Hb, dust jacket. NEW. $23.00 Traveller's guide, follow in the bard's footsteps. Take it along on your trip to
England. Eleven walks described to transport you to Elizabethan times.
11621 Crafts, Hannah. The Bondwoman's Narrative: A Novel. Ed. Paper. 195 pgs. Jones Books, 2005. NEW. $16.95
by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Professor Gates of Harvard made an astonshing
discovery - an unpublished novel, presumed autobiographical, written by a 10481 Edwards, Averyl. Fanny Burney 1752-1840 : A Biography.
slave woman in the 1850's. Possibly the first novel written by a black Delightful biography. Burney's life proves as interesting as that of any of her
woman. Great intro by Prof Gates, and a thrilling read, as Hannah - the heroines! Staples Press, 1948. 170 pgs, Hb. USED. $18.00
name she gave her character and herself - escapes and makes her way to
freedom. Hb, dj. 1st printing, NY: 2002. May have remainder mark. NEW.
10482 Edwards, Caterina. A Whiter Shade of Pale and Becoming
Emma: Two Novellas by Caterina Edwards. Edwards is an important new
voice in Canadian literature. Her first book, The Lion's Mouth (1982) was
11185 Crozier, Alice C. The Novels of Harriet Beecher Stowe. Much- followed by these novellas and other plays, stories, and creative non-fiction.
cited research work. Oxford University Press. 1969. Hb. $30.00 NeWest Press, Edmonton. 1992. Paper. NEW. $5.00

10411 Danziger, Kathleen. Dr Johnson's Mrs Thrale. "An imaginary 10495 Eliot, George. Felix Holt, the Radical. Text printed in two
monologue to be read or acted based on Mrs Thrale's own diaries and columns. Facsimile letter in front from George Eliot May 20, 1869 regarding
reminiscenses of Dr Johnson." From Mrs Thrale's memories as she this publication. Fields, Osgood & Co. Boston 1869. 278 pgs. $20.00
aniticipates her 80th birthday celebration. Smalll, attractive illustrated
book. Century Pub, London, 1984. Hb, dj. NEW. $15.00
10497 Eliot, George. George Eliot's Complete Works, Illustrated:
Romola and Silas Marner. 2 vols of Romola and 1 vol Silas Marner bound
10427 de la Torre, Lillian. Dr. Sam: Johnson, Detector. The late together. Thomas Y Crowell & Company, NY & Boston, no date. 402 pgs.
historical mystery sleuth's most popular work, this is a collection of fictional Also shows University Press, Cambridge, John Wilson & Son in back page.
tales depicting Johnson & Boswell. "Being, a light-hearted Collection of USED. $40.00
Recently reveal'd Episodes in the Career of the Great Lexicographer
narrated as from the Pen of James Boswell." Hb. Knopf. NY. 1946. USED.
10500 Eliot, George. Works of George Eliot. Bound together - The
Spanish Gypsy; The Legend of Jubal and Other Poems, Old and New. Essays
and Leaves from a Notebook. Illustrated. Cover page states "The Only Large
11463 de Stael, Madame. Corinne; or, Italy. Translated by Isabel Type Edition." Spine states "Library Edition" Caution - we would not
Hill; with metrical versions of the odes by L. E. Landon. Originally published consider this "large type" today! William L. Allison, Pub, NY. No Date. 210
in 1807, this novel is considered one of the early examples of Romantic pgs. USED. $15.00
writing. Beautiful poet Corinne is too independent and complicated for her
erstwhile lover. Includes de Stael's insights from her travels in Italy and
10486 Elledge, Paul. Lord Byron [1788-1824] at Harrow School:
Germany. Albert Mason, NY: 1879. Hb. 391 pgs. USED. $35.00
Speaking Out, Talking Back, Acting Up, Bowing Out. Illustrated. Covers
1801-1805. The four critically formative years. Biography with historical
11462 de Stael, Madame. Ten Years of Exile. Transl. by Doris Beik. context. Johns Hopkins, 2000. 221 pgs, hb, dj. NEW. $18.00
Intro by Peter Gay. The fascinating account of her conflict with Napoleon as
related in her memoir. Previous owner signature. Hb, dj, 248 pages.
10504 Ellis, Mrs. (Sarah). The Select Works of Mrs Ellis. The Women
Saturday Review Press. NY: 1972. $18.00
of England, Wives of England, Daughters of England, Poetry of Life.
Designed to Promote the Cultivation of the Domestic Virtues. Sarah Ellis
10433 Dickens, Charles. The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick [1799-1872] supported education for women, temperance, domestic skills
Club. Frank F. Lovell & Co., NY. No date, probably 1890's. Decorative cloth for women. Large book, brown cloth with gold gilt lettering. Spine ends
cover, brown with black inlay, gilt inlay on spine. Foxing, brown. Good worn, binding loosening from the spine but pages together. Fisher & Son,
condition. USED. $15.00 London & Paris, 1843. hb. USED. $60.00

10432 Dickens, Charles. David Copperfield. Frank F. Lovell and 10506 Emerson, Ralph Waldo. Essays: First Series. Hurst & Co.
Company, NY. No date. Pages brown and fragile. Probably 1890's. Attractive Publishers, NY, no date. 254 pages, hb. Browned pages. Loose but still
red cloth on boards with black embossed decorations on front cover and attached front cover. Dark blue embossed cover. USED. $7.00
spine. "Sterling Edition" on front cover. 520 pgs. Hb. USED. $15.00
10513 Equiano, Olaudah. The Interesting Narrative of the Life of
10435 Dickens, Charles. Four Complete Novels - Great Olaudah Equiano. Intro by Rebecka Rutledge Fisher. Equiano [1745-1797]
Expectations, Hard Times, A Christmas Carol, A Tale of Two Cities. Dark was stolen from his home in Africa at age ten and sold as a slave, from one
blue leather with gilt work, gilt edged paper. Luxuriously illustrated owner to another. Eventually, he served under a captain in the British Royal
w/woodcuts. Nice gift book. Gramercy, NY: 1982. NEW. $25.00 Navy, fighting in several battles. Later, Equiano became successful and
Spring 2009 Jane Austen Books Catalog 133
wrote this highly acclaimed, literary autobiography to further the 10643 Grant, Sir William Kent. Memoirs of an American Lady with
abolitionist movement in England. Barnes & Noble. 2005. Paper. NEW. sketches of manners and scenery in America as they existed previous to
$9.00 the Revolution. Facsimile of 1808 printing (London: Longman, Hurst, 1808).
By the author of "Letters from the Mountains." Grant was Master of the
10535 Fern, Fanny. Shadows and Sunbeams and Other Stories: Rolls. Recollected in 2 volumes. No dj. Red cloth, as new condition. 1970.
Being the Second Series of Fern Leaves from Fanny's Port-Folio. Donohue, USED. $45.00
Henneberry & Co. Caxton Edition. Chicago. 1890. 371 pgs. Previous owner
signed inside. USED. $25.00 10676 Halliday, R. E. Doctor Johnson and his World. With 154
Illustrations. Accessible pictorial biography. 1968. Hb, dj. USED. $12.00
10534 Fern, Fanny. Ruth Hall and Other Writings. Ed and Intro by
Joyce W. Warren. American Women Writers Series. Sara Willis Parton aka 10711 Haywood, Eliza. Selected Fiction and Drama of Eliza
Fanny Fern [1811-1872] was a popular columnist and author of children's Haywood. Edited by Paula Backscheider. Includes A Wife to be Lett; The
stories. Ruth Hall was her best-known work. Rutgers, 1990. 391 pgs, Opra of Opera; Invisible Spy, and more. OUP, 1999, paper. $7.00
softbound. USED. $15.00
10970 Hazlitt, William. The Spirit of the Age or Contemporary
10540-1 ffrench, Yvonne. Mrs Gaskell. A biography of the author. Portraits. Edited by E.D. Mackerness. Hazlitt [1778-1830] writes critically of
Green cloth with gold gilt on front cover. DJ. Alan Swallow, Denver, 1st ed. all the notables of his time from a political perspective. Scott, Godwin,
112 pgs. USED. $32.00 Irving, Byron, Southey, Wordsworth, Malthus, Wilberforce, and many more.
Mackerness adds 150 pages of notes, index, bibliography, plus preface and
11637 Fielding, Helen. Cause Celeb. This is Fielding's first novel introduction, all placed outside the body of the text for your enjoyment.
(orig. 1994). Bridget Jones isn't here, but Bridget's fans will also love this 448 pgs. Clean pages & boards, dj a little worn. 1969, Hb, dj. USED. $50.00
book. Satire on celebrity fundraising. Hb, dj. NEW. $12.00
10728 Heyer, Georgette. Black Sheep. Dutton, NY, 1967. 255 pgs.
10553 Finch, Anne. Selected Poems of Anne Finch, Countess of Hb, dj. USED. $12.00
Winchilsea. Ed by Katharine M. Rogers. Anne Finch [1661-1720] is one of
the earliest published women poets in England. Her poetry is delightful. 10727-1 Heyer, Georgette. Charity Girl. 1st US ed. Dutton, NY. 1970.
Frederick Ungar Publishing Co. NY 1979. Hb, faded dj, otherwise like new. 254 pgs, Hb, Dj. USED. $15.00
USED. $12.00
10729 Heyer, Georgette. Cotillion. Putnam's, NY, 1953. 316 pgs. Hb.
10579 Fowler, Karen. The Jane Austen Book Club: A Novel. A novel USED. $5.00
about people who read novels, and their relationships with one another.
Friends read Jane Austen and meet to discuss her books. We learn about 10734 Heyer, Georgette. Powder and Patch. Book of the Month
their lives as the novel unfolds. NY, 2004, hb, dj. Some shop worn. Signed by Club, NY. 1992. 233 pgs. Hb, dj. NEW. $20.00
author. NEW. $20.00
10755-2 Hill, Reginald. Pictures of Perfection. NY. 1994. Hb. Yes, you
10580 Fowler, Karen. Wit's End: A Novel. Another entertaining do recognize the title! Hill writes witty, intelligent crime novels & he knows
novel from the author of The Jane Austen Book Club. NY: G.P. Putman's his Austen. This 1990's story is set in Enscombe. 1994. Hb. 278 pgs. USED.
Sons. 2008. 324 pgs, hb, dj. NEW. $24.95 $15.00

10597 Gaskell, Elizabeth. North and South. Ed and Intro by Patricia 10756-2 Hill, Reginald. There Are No Ghosts in the Soviet Union: A
Ingham. Paper, 451 pgs. 2003: London. Penguin. NEW. $10.00 Novella and Five Stories. A brilliant collection from this entertaining,
intelligent author. Hb, dj. 278 pgs. 1988, A Foul Play Press book, Woodstock,
10063 Gaskell, Mrs. Further Letters of Mrs Gaskell. Newly updated 1st US Ed. USED. $45.00
in paperback. Letters from different times in Mrs Gaskell's life, including
new material brought to light by the editors. Manchester University Press. 10766 Hogg, James. The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a
2003. 332 pgs, Paper. NEW. $20.00 Justified Sinner. James Hogg (1770-1835) published this book anonymously
in 1824. Strangely modern, experimental psychological novel, neglected for
10604 Georgiana [Spencer], Duchess of Devonshire. Emma; Or the over a century. Cannongate Classics, London, 1996. 218 pgs, Paper. Shop-
Unfortunate Attachment. A Sentimental Novel. Jonathan Gross, Editor. worn. NEW. $7.00
Published anonymously in 1773 and attributed to Georgiana, this epistolary
novel explores the "unfortunate attachment" of Emma Egerton to William
10775-1 Holtby, Winifred. South Riding: An English Landscape.
Walpole. Orig. published when author only 16, long out of print. Like Jane
Holtby's best-known novel, set in a fictional part of Yorkshire. Semi-
Austen's PP, explores dangers of 1st impressions and arranged marriages.
autobiographical. Orig. published after her death in 1936. St. James's
SUNY Press, NEW. $21.95
Library, 1950, London. Hb, dj. USED. $20.00

10623 Gilmour, Ian. Byron & Shelley in Their Time: The Making of
the Poets. Compelling history & biographical material. 2003: NY. 402 pgs. 10778 Honan, Park. Author's Lives: On Literary Biography and the
Hb, dj. NEW. $14.00 Arts of Language. Enjoyable collection of Honan's essays on literary
biography, plus a dialogue on Shakespeare's life. Includes his personal
experiences as a biographer. NY, 1990. Hb, dj, 279 pgs. USED. $15.00
10066 Glendinning, Victoria. Anthony Trollope. Entertaining,
thorough biography of Trollope. Reads like a novel. Alfred A. Knopf. 1993:
NY. 551 pgs, Hb, dj. USED. $15.00 10790-1 Howells, Coral Ann. Love Mystery and Misery: Feeling in
Gothic Fiction. A look at gothic novels written between 1790 and 1820,
when Gothic was the most popular kind of fiction in England. Discussions
10632 Godwin, William. Imogen: A Pastoral Romance. From the
include Northanger Abbey, the Mysteries of Udolpho, The Monk, Melmoth
Ancient British. Reprinted from the 1784 Edition. With an Introduction by
the Wanderer and Jane Eyre. Athlone, London, 1995, Paper. NEW. $12.00
Jack W. Marken and Critical Discussion by Martha Winburn England, Burton
R. Pollin, and Irwin Primer. NY: 1963. Paper. USED. $5.00

Catalog 133 Jane Austen Books Spring 2009
10802 Hufstader, Alice Anderson. Sisters of the Quill. Focuses on galore. Philadelphia. Chilton Book Company. 1972. 330 pgs. Hb, dj. USED.
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, Mary Granville Delany, Elizabeth Robinson $15.00
Montagu, and Fanny Burney. NY: 1978, 329 pgs, Hb, Dj. USED. $12.00
10977 Manley, Seon, and Gogo Lewis. Ladies of the Gothics: Tales
10812 Irving, Washington. The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, of Romance and Terror by the Gentle Sex. Excerpts from various women
Gent. "World's Famous Books" also on title page. No date but appears writers show the popularity of the gothic - including a piece from
about 1900. Includes tales and essays, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," "The Northanger Abbey "Novels, Gothic Novels." Also Bronte, Radcliffe, Shelley,
Specter Bridegroom", "Rip Van Winkle" etc. Merrill and Baker. USED. $20.00 others. 1st ed. NY: Morrow. 1975. Hb, dj. USED. $8.00

10833 Johnson, Claudia. The Cambridge Companion to Mary 10983 Markham, Beryl. West with the Night. Poetic, unusual and
Wollstonecraft. Addresses all aspects of W's momentous and tragically brief thrilling autobiography of Kenya's woman airplane pilot and premier horse
career. Noted contributors include Janet Todd, Mitzi Myers, Mary Favret, trainer, from her childhood adventures hunting with warriors to her record-
Vivien Jones, Anne Mellor, others &Johnson herself, discussing the letters, breaking flight across the Atlantic. Although born in Britain, Beryl became
education, literary reviews. Cambridge, 2002. Paper. NEW. $10.00 an integral part of her adopted land. North Point Press, SF, 1983.
Softbound. USED. $5.00
10837 Johnson, R. Brimley. Fanny Burney and the Burneys.
"Additions to Madame D'Arblay's diary; Letters by Susan Burney; A journal 11674 Maslen, R W, and Schmidt, Michael. The Shakespeare
of the Worcester Burneys; Selections from the works of Dr. Burney, his Handbook: The Bard in Brief. Illustrated display reference book. One page
children, and grandchildren; New portraits of the family and drawings by summary of each play, plus key text selections. Each entry illustrated by a
Edward F. Burney." Red cloth, gilt titles (black and/or gold). Yellowed pages full page photo of a play, movie, or painting. Index. Olivier as Hamlet on the
and edges of books worn but holding up well. Stanley Paul & Co. Ltd. DJ, also on the bookplate. Quercus, London, 2008. Hb, dj. NEW. $25.00
London, 1926. 407 pgs. USED. $40.00
11000 Maugham, W. Somerset. Catalina: A Romance. Maugham’s
10404 Johnson, Samuel. A Johnson Sampler. Edited by Henry Darcy last novel, a satirical treatment of the Inquisition, told from the viewpoint of
Curwin. Witty excerpts. Do your own analysis of the influence of Johnson on 16 year old Catalina. Doubleday, NY 1948. Hb. USED. $5.00
Jane Austen. Boston, 2002, Paper. NEW. $12.00
10078 McKenna, Neil. The Secret Life of Oscar Wilde: An Intimate
10843 Johnson, Samuel. Dr. Johnson's Prayers. Ed Elton Trueblood. Biography. Oscar Wilde's intimate life, his experiences in Victorian London's
Wonderful little book (6 1/2 X 5) that can be easily carried for reference. sexual underworld, the secrets his contemporaries did not know. McKenna
Arranged by theme and date. Black cloth, previous owner's bookplate inside is a respected journalist in the gay press in Britain and the US. Adults only.
front cover. Slight wear to cover, pages very good. 1947. 66 pgs. Hb. USED. Basic Books, NY, 2005. 539 pgs, hb, dj. NEW. $22.00
11231 Nel, Philip. J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter Novels. Includes
10842 Johnson, Samuel. Samuel Johnson's Dictionary: Selections bibliography. Reader's guide, has not been authorized by Rowling or
from the 1755 Work that defined the English Language. Ed Jack Lynch. Warner Brothers. Continuum, NY 2003. NEW. $12.95
Written 2 decades before Jane's birth, here is her language! Convenient size
(9X6), easy to use. Excellent introduction.Slight shop wear. NEW. $10.00 10082 O'Brian, Patrick. Master and Commander. Imagine Jane's
brothers’ lives in the Navy. Thrill with O'Brian's hero of the high seas as the
10841 Johnson, Samuel. Selected Essays from the Rambler, masterful storyteller takes you back in time to those days of glory and
Adventurer, and Idler. Ed by W. J. Bates. Still wrapped in original plastic. danger. Aubrey is young and brash and full of confidence. Paper. NY: 1990.
Yale U Press. Paper. $10.00 Has been read, but in good condition. USED. $5.00

10848 Johnston, Joanna. The Life, Manners, and Travels of Fanny 10084 O'Brian, Patrick. The Commodore. Another of O'Brian's
Trollope: A Biography. Hawthorn Books NY 1978. Hb, dj. NEW. $15.00 brilliant stories. Historical novel that lets us live vicariously in the British
Navy of Austen's time period. Maturin's wife is missing. Aubrey and Maturin
10073 Lellenberg, John; Daniel Strashower; Charles Foley, Editors. are dispatched to the Gulf of Guinea. Aubrey must deal with the slave trade
Arthur Conan Doyle: A Life in Letters. Annotated letters, previously and threats of French invasion in Ireland. Hb, dust jacket, good condition.
unpublished, with enlightening, sympathetic notes. Conan Doyle's life is NY: 1994 USED. $15.00
fascinating, his accomplishments impressive. He is a sympathetic, warm,
open correspondent. Penguin: NY, 2007. Hb, dj. NEW. $25.00 10083 O'Brian, Patrick. The Hundred Days. Napoleon has escaped
from Elba. The Navy is scrambling to re-arm. What happens now? Aubrey is
10969 Mackay, Constance D'Arcy. The Beau of Bath and other One now the mature commodore. Hb, dust jacket. USED. $10.00
Act Plays. One-act plays in verse, "dramatic miniatures of some of the
notables of the eighteenth century in England." Characters include Beau 11243 Pym, Barbara. Crampton Hodnet: A Novel. Mr Latimer, the
Nash, Fanny Burney, Horace Walpole, Maria Linley, Richard Greville, new curate, who is not married, lodges with Miss Doggett and her
Edmund Burke, George Romney. American playwright Mackay [1887-1966] companion, Miss Morrow. Oxford between the wars. This novel was
worked on a political pageant to support the National Child Labor published posthumously in 1985, originally written around 1940. NY: 1985.
Committee during the time this book was published. During WWI she Hb, dj, good condition, some sun bleaching of dust jacket. USED. $20.00
worked for the War Camp Community Service, consulting for all-male
performances for the camps. Very good condition. Previous owner's notes 11249 Pym, Barbara. The Sweet Dove Died. Leonora decides to
in back inside cover dated 1915. 1st ed. Henry Holt and Co, NY. 1915. 90 bypass her suitor Humphrey in favor of his 24 year old nephew. Paper, good
pgs, hb. USED. $40.00 condition. NY: 1978. USED. $2.00

10978 Manley, Seon and Susan Belcher. O, Those Extraordinary 11255-1 Radcliffe, Ann. The Confessional of the Black Penitents. (aka
Women! of the joys of literary lib. What does it mean to be a woman The Italian) Beautiful wood engragings by Philip Ross. Intro by Unknown but
writer? Wonderful tales about our favorites. Austen, Hanah More, Mary has JA quote from NA. The Folio Society, London. 1956. 404 pgs, Hb. VG.
Wollstonecraft, Virginia Woolf, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, Fanny Burney, USED. $30.00
Lady Hester Stanhope, Mary Shelley, George Sand, and others. Illustrations
Spring 2009 Jane Austen Books Catalog 133
11255-3 Radcliffe, Ann. The Italian. 3 vols. 1st ed. Rare book. T. Cadell on lawyers, who caused her much grief, in 1798. U of Kentucky Press, 1999,
and W. Davies, London. 1797. Marbled and leather. Modern 3/4 calf Paper. NEW. $17.00
boards, expert binding. Slight foxing. Gutter tear page 47-48 volume 2. Turn
the pages of the "real book" as the Austens would have read it. USED. 11429 Smith, Marisa, and Kristin Graham, Editors. Monologues
$1200.00 from Literature: A Sourcebook for Actors. This is a fascinating book for
readers even if we are not actors. In addition to the monologues, there is an
11268 Read, Miss. Chronicles of Fairacre: Three Great Novels. appendix that allows you to select entries by source, author, time period,
Import. in one volume: Village School, Village Diary, Storm in the Village. publication date, setting, type of role, character, and age range. Of course
Orion, London 2005. Paper. 595 pgs. NEW. $15.00 there are entries from Austen's novels. Also Douglas Adams, Dorothy
Parker, Tom Wolfe, Charles Dickens, George Eliot, Charlotte Bronte, and
11347 Sadleir, Michael. The Northanger Novels: A Footnote to Jane more.1990, Hb. USED. $12.00
Austen. (Engl. Assoc. pamphlet #68. November 1927.) 23 pages in addition
to facsimile title pages of the Horrid Novels. M482. Limited ed of 100. 11449 Spark, Muriel and Derek Stanford. Emily Bronte: Her Life and
Oxford 1985. USED. $12.00 Work. At the height of their collaboration, Spark and Stanford's excellent
biography of Emily. 1960, hb, dj. Photographs. Dust jacket damaged but
11360 Sapiro, Virginia. A Vindication of Political Virtue: The book is sound. USED. $32.00
Political History of Mary Wollstonecraft. The first full-length treatment of
Wollstonecraft's political theory. Professors of political thought can find 11450 Spark, Muriel and Derek Stanford. My Best Mary: The
here for the first time analysis of the broad fully developed philosophy from Selected Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. Mary Shelley has a
which sprang Wollstonecraft's theories on feminism, women's rights, and fascinating and tragic life, growing up in the shadow of her radical mother,
gender. U of Chicago Press, 1992. Paper. NEW. $24.00 who was both hailed as a reformer and condemned for her sexual attitudes
that were revealed in the honest biography the grieving Godwin wrote
11672 Scott, Sarah. Millenium Hall. Published anonymously in 1762 shortly after her death. Mary reveals her unique view in her letters where
by Sarah Scott [1723-1795]. In this novel, 6 women who have rejected she writes in original ways about her travels and experiences. She also
society’s limits create a sort of commune at Millenium Hall. They reject combines her opinions about the world with her personal concerns. Good
marriage as the only solution, a revolutionary idea. Paper, 1986. A little condition. 1951. Hb, 239 pages. USED. $20.00
worn, pages yellowing but binding good. USED. $5.00
11459 Spielmann, M. H. & Jerrold, Walter. Hugh Thomson: His Art
11378-2 Scott, Sarah. The History of Sir George Ellison. Ed. by Betty His Letters His Humour and His Charm. Full of color and black and white
Rizzo. Sarah Scott (1723-1795). Scott’s sequel to Millenium Hall. From the plates and inserts. A beautiful collection. Early years in Ireland, work for The
18th Century Novels by Women collection. U of Kentucky. 1996. Paper. English Illustrated Magazine, his later work, and a bibliography of his
(Also available Hb.) NEW. $20.00 printed work. A. & C. Black, Ltd., London 1931. 269 pgs. USED. $175.00

11671 Scott, Sir Walter, Bart. Waverley Novels, Fair Maid of Perth 11464 Stanley, Diane & Peter Vennema. Charles Dickens: The Man
and The Antiquary. Includes introductions, notes, and index. DeWolfe, Fiske Who Had Great Expectations. An excellent biography of Charles Dickens for
& Co, Boston. Probably 1890's. Decorative cloth cover, rust color with black children with beautiful illustrations by Diane Stanley, one of the authors.
and gilt decorations. Some foxing. Good condition. USED. $15.00 William Morrow, NY, 1993. Slight shelf wear. USED. $15.00

11379 Scott, Sir Walter, Bart. Waverley or 'Tis Sixty Years Since. 11504 Swift, Jonathan. A Complete Collection of Genteel and
Black leather with gilt embossed decorations. Silk bookmark. Illustrated. Ingenious Conversation, According to the Most Polite Mode and Method
Some foxing. Good. Thomas Neslon and Sons, 1904. 574 pgs. USED. $20.00 Now Used at Court, and in the Best Companies of England. Jonathan Swift
(alias Simon Wagstaff, Esq.) Facsimile of 1755 edition. Thoemmes Press,
Bristol, 1995. Shop wear. NEW. $8.00
11393 Seymour, Miranda. Mary Shelley. Highly praised biography
of Mary Shelley, reveals the background to her work as well as her personal
struggles. Illustrated with engravings, photographs, silhouettes. Grove 11474 Thrale, Mrs. The French Journals of Mrs. Thrale and Doctor
Press, NY, 2000, Hb, Dj. NEW. $15.00 Johnson. Edited from the original manuscripts in the John Rylands Library
and in the British Museum with Introduction and Notes by Moses Tyson,
M.A., Ph.D. keeper of the Western manuscripts in the John Rylands Library
11394 Shakespeare. As You Like It. The Arden Shakespeare. Intro
and Henry Guppy, M.A., Litt.D. librarian of the John Rylands Library.
xxiii. Very thorough and helpful Notes p. 101-172, App A-C, Glossary. Some
Manchester U Press, 1932. 274 pgs, Hb, Dj. USED. $55.00
writing in front and back end pieces, includes original owner's name and
address. Worn cover, embossed green cloth. DCHeath & Co. 1916, 200 pgs.
USED. $10.00 11549 Wain, John. Samuel Johnson. Intelligent and lively treatment
of Johnson that allows readers to fall in love with the man, faults and all.
Wain was awarded the 1974 James Tait Black Memorial Prize for this
11407 Sheridan, Richard Brinsley. The Rivals and The School for
excellent book, and readers are still raving about it.Viking Press, NY: 1975.
Scandal. Intro by Augustan Birrell, QCMP. Illus. by Edmund J Sullivan -
388 pgs, Hb, dust jacket. USED. $8.00
beautiful pen & ink drawings. Cloth on boards, gold lettering on front cover,
pgs gilt 3 sides. Previous owner signature in front. Chipped at top of spine,
boards bumped. Tissue paper on title page. Binding tight. Macmillan and 11587 West, John. Memoir of Mrs. John West who died at Chettle,
Co. London, 1896, 1st thus. 365 pgs. USED. $50.00 Dorset, March 23, 1839. John West wrote this memoir of his late wife,
largely through her letters and poetry. John was rector of Chettle &
Farnham, Dorset. Dark brown cloth on boards. Spine badly faded. Cracked
11410-2 Sherwood, Frances. Vindication. Highly acclaimed novel
hinges. Dusty top page edges. London, 1842, 2nd edition. USED. $21.00
based on the life of Mary Wollstonecraft. About a young woman who
leaves home and tries to make her own way in the world in mid-18th
century. NY, 1993. Hb, dj. 435 pgs. USED. $25.00 11588 West, Paul. Lord Byron's Doctor. Novel based on John
Polidori, Byron's travelling companion. London. 1992. Like new condition.
Paper. USED. $9.00
11422 Smith, Charlotte. The Young Philosopher. Ed. & Intro by
Elizabeth Kraft. Charlotte Smith [1749-1806] published this novel, a satire

Catalog 133 Jane Austen Books Spring 2009
10096 Wharton, Edith. A Backward Glance. Intro by Louis 11608 Wilde, Oscar. The Picture of Dorian Gray. "Tower Books
Auchincloss. Edith Wharton's autobiography. 1998: New York. Paper. Cover Edition," "Books in Wartime" with War Production Board ruling for
shop worn. NEW. $6.00 conserving paper paragraph inside. Includes quote "Books are the weapons
in the war of ideas - President Roosevelt." Pages browning. DJ back cover
10097 Wharton, Edith. The Letters of Edith Wharton. As the case inside states "send this book to a boy in the armed services anywhere for
with many writers, Wharton's letters show us a person as interesting as any only 4 cents postage." The World Publishing Company, Cleveland, NY: 1944.
of her characters. The editors chose 400 letters that range in time from her Hb, dj. USED. $10.00
childhood to the end of her life. With the notes, becomes an intimate
biography of sorts. Shop worn, and remainder marked. Pages clean, book is 11609 Wilde, Oscar. A House of Pomegranates. Includes: The Young
tight. B/W plates. 1994. Paper, 654 pages. NEW. $9.00 King, The Birthday of the Infanta, The Fisherman and his Soul, The Star-
Child. Methuen & Co. London: 1920. 179 pgs, Hb. USED. $25.00

Scholarly Pursuits Literary Criticism and


10034 Allen, Dennis. Sexuality in Victorian Fiction. Allen illustrates how 10140 Backscheider, Paula, ed. Revising Women: 18th Century
sexuality pervades Victorian fiction. He looks at 4 novels from the 19th Women's Fiction and Social Engagement. Collection of essays by feminist
century - Pride and Prejudice (Austen), Cranford (Gaskell), Bleak House critics reviewing literature with focus on historical context. Austen, Behn,
(Dickens), and Picture of Dorian Gray (Wilde). University of Oklahoma Press. Radcliffe, Gaskell, Burney, and many others discussed. Includes essay "Jane
1993, 160 pages, paperbound. Good condition. $20.00 Austen and the Culture of the Circulating Library" by Barbara Benedict.
Illustrated. John Hopkins University Press, 2000. 273 pages. Hb, dj. NEW.
10038 Anastaplo, George. The Artist as Thinker From Shakespeare $25.00
to Joyce. Essays on Shakespeare, Milton, Bunyan, Austen, Mary Shelley,
Dickens, Melville, Matthew Arnold, Lewis Carroll, Mark Twain, Gilbert & 10142 Bagchi, Barnita. Pliable Pupils and Sufficient Self-Directors.
Sullivan, Robert Louis Stevenson, James Joyce. 130 pages of notes included. Narratives of Female Education by Five British Women Writers 1778-1814.
Chicago, Athens, London: Swallow Press. 1983. 499 pages. Paperbound. Featuring Lady Mary Hamilton (prev. Lady Mary Walker); Clara Reeve;
USED. $30.00 Elizabeth Hamilton; Mary Brunton; and the early Jane Austen. India: 2004.
196 pages, Hb, dust jacket. NEW. $30.00
10039 Anderson, Amanda. Tainted Souls and Painted Faces: The
Rhetoric of Fallenness in Victorian Culture. Cornell University Press. 1993. 10148 Baker, Joseph E., editor. The Reinterpretation of Victorian
250 pages, paper. NEW. $10.00 Literature. "The Victorian Literature Group of the Modern Language
Association of America, at the 1939 meeting in New Orleans, agreed to put
10107 Atwood, Margaret. Negotiating with the Dead - A Writer on out this volume to further the reinterpretation of a literature of great
Writing. Cambridge University Press, 2002. 219 pages, Hb, dust jacket. NEW. significance for us today." Princeton University Press: 1950. 236 pages. Hb.
$18.00 Very good condition, blue cloth on boards. USED. $25.00

10052 Auerbach, Nina. Private Theatricals - the Lives of the 10155 Barker-Benfield, G.J. The Horrors of the Half-Known Life.
Victorians. Beautiful little book explores how the Victorians thought about Male Attitudes Toward Women and Sexuality in Nineteenth-Century
life in terms of acting a part. Harvard University Press: 1990. 132 pages, Hb, America. Caution - exposes some unpleasant aspects of 19th c surgery.
dust jacket. Sticker damage to dust jacket, otherwise VG condition. NEW. Author argues attitudes diminishing the place of women grew out of
$22.00 separation of the sexes, a development of American culture. NY: Harper &
Row, 1976. 352 pages, Hb, dust jacket. USED. $10.00
10110 Auerbach, Nina. Our Vampires, Ourselves. Learning about
culture and history through each era's stories about vampires. Great read if 10179 Bateson, F. W. Editor. Cambridge Bibliography of British
you are not afraid! University of Chicago Press: 1995. 231 pages, Hb, dust Literature. Five volume set - four history plus the supplement. Good
jacket. NEW. $10.00 condition. USED. $85.00

10111 Auerbach, Nina. Woman and the Demon: The Life of a 10182 Beasley, Jerry. Novels of the 1740's. "The decade of the
Victorian Myth. Myths of womanhood explored. Research into literature, art, 1740's is the most important single period in the early history of the novel."
biographies. Harvard University Press: 1982. 255 pages. Hb, dust jacket. Richardson, Fielding, Smollett, and the 6 major novels of this decade. Highly
USED. $17.00 readable, unique way to look at the emergence of the novel. Sets
developments in history. University of Georgia Press. 1982. 238 pages, Hb, dj.
10137 Avery, Gillian. Nineteenth Century Children: Heroes and Ex library, very good condition. USED. $18.00
Heroines in English Children's Stories 1780-1900. Avery writes children's
novels set in Victorian times. For this book, she has studied the evolving 10054 Bell, Maureen; George Parfitt, and Simon Shepherd. A
attitudes toward children as shown in the evolution of juvenile fiction. Well- Biographical Dictionary of English Women Writers 1580-1720. Dictionary
researched. Index, Biographical Notes. Illustrated. UK: 1965. 260 pages. Hb, entries are concise and informative. Excellent introduction. Critical
dust jacket. DJ is worn, previous owner signed inside cover. USED. $15.00
Spring 2009 Jane Austen Books Catalog 133
appendices include "Men as 'gatekeepers'" "Women in the book trade" etc. 10507 Ender, Evelyne. Sexing the Mind: Nineteenth-Century
Boston: 1990. Hb, dj. Slight shelf wear. NEW. $30.00 Fictions of Hysteria. Studies medical and literary discourses, focuses mainly
on literature of Henry James, George Sand, George Eliot. Draws on Freud and
10217 Bloom, Clive. The "Occult" Experience and the New Foucault. Development of the concept of gender as represented by Hysteria.
Criticism: Daemonism, Sexuality and the Hidden in Literature. Chapter 2 is Women own passion, emotion, sensitivity, but not "mind"... Cornell
on Mansfield Park. Dust jacket is a little shop-worn. 1986. Hb, dj. NEW. $8.00 University. 1995. 307 pgs, hb. NEW. $15.00

10291 Burn, W. L. The Age of Equipoise: A study of the Mid- 10511 Enright, D. J. The Alluring Problem: An Essay on Irony. Fun
Victorian Generation. Classic study of mid-19th century British social, book, great topic. The author discusses not just what irony IS, but what it
economic structures. Great reference book for those interested in Victorian DOES - why and how we use it. Discusses Shakespeare, Goethe, Proust,
ideas. NY: 1965. 340 pages, paper. Fair condition. USED. $5.00 James, Dickens, Swift, Fieldings, Conrad, Austen is here too. All the usual
suspects plus some that may surprise you. OUP, 1986. 178 pgs, hb, dj shop
worn. NEW. $25.00
10057 Butt, John. English Literature: The Mid-Eighteenth Century.
All facets of literature of the period, with a large section on Johnson. Drama,
poetry, etc. Period that preceeded and influenced Jane Austen.Excellet 10512 Ensign, Georgianne. Great Beginnings: Opening Lines of
readable reference. Oxford at the Clarendon Press.1980. 671 pgs, hb. USED. Great Novels. "Including: Giant, Madame Bovary, Doctor Zhivago, Bellefleur,
$12.00 The Stranger, Lonesome Dove, Catch-22, U.S.A., Vanity Fair, Slaughterhouse
Fice, Billy Bathgate, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and more…". So many more! These
"great beginnings" are fun to read, inspirational for writers, and a great
10319 Byrne, Mrs. Mrs. Byrne's Dictionary. Six thousand of the
teaching aid. Index of titles and index of authors. Harper Collins,NY: 1993.
weirdest words in the English language. If you quetch at grobianism, you may
Hb, dj. USED. $10.00
find a corrigent within this book. 1974. Hb, dj. $7.50

10558 Fisher, Judith L. and Stephen Watt, Editors. When They

10347-2 Cecil, David. The Early Victorian Novelists. David Cecil's
Weren't Doing Shakespeare: Essays on Nineteenth-Century British &
essays on Victorian fiction, based on lectures he delivered at Oxford 1931-2.
American Theatre. 20 illus. 18 critical essays covering vast expanse of
Important work presents many early 20th century ideas on the era. Essays on
"other" theatre. Published at $35. NEW. $9.00
Dickens, Thackeray, Charlotte and Emily Bronte, Mrs. Gaskell. 1935. Hb. 1st
US edition. USED. $17.00
10570 Folter Collective. Women Critics 1660-1820. Anthology of
criticism edited by academic members of the Folger Collective. Features 41
10344 Cecil, David. The Young Melbourne. Famous among our
writers, including Jane Austen, Aphra Behn, Mary Wollstonecraft, and others
group for his biography of Jane Austen, Cecil also studied Melbourne. This
less known. Indiana University Press, 1995. Paper. 410 pages. USED. $15.00
was JFK's favorite book. USED. $12.00

10589 Garber, Marjorie. Quotation Marks. A group of essays on the

10376 Colby, Vineta and Robert. The Equivocal Virtue: Mrs.
importance and power of language. Hilarious and serious by turns. "The Jane
Oliphant and the Victorian Literary Market Place. Mrs Oliphant [1828-1897]
Austen Syndrome," pp. 199-211, Shakespeare, Jewishness, vegetables,
wrote prodigiously. The Colbys studied her unpublished as well as her
among other topics. 8p. color plates. Routledge. 2003. 306 pg. Paper. NEW.
published words to "round out" her story. First ed., 1966, signed by authors.
USED. $20.00

10661 Grundy, Isobel, and Susan Wiseman, editors. Women,

10060 Conley, John J., S.J. The Suspicion of Virtue: Women
Writing, History 1640-1740. Several essays on women writers from the time
Philosophers in Neoclassical France. This book describes aristocratic women
period. Signed by Isobel Grundy. University of Georgia Press, 1992, Paper.
philosophers who made important contributions to the development of
NEW. $12.00
modern thought. During the mid to late 17th century, they held court in
salons, anticipating such notables as Madame de Stael. Cornell University
Press. 2002. Hb, dj. NEW. $25.00 10787 Houston, Gail. Royalties: The Queen and Victorian Writers.
Dissects the anomaly of the queen and her effect on dominant cultural
attitudes and gender. Demystifies such canonized authors as Dickens,
11180 Creighton, Joan V. Margaret Drabble. Scholarly review of a
Browning and Oliphant by examining the way they encounter Victoria in their
20th century writer of "women's books." Methuen, London, 1985. Paper.
writings. Six illustrations. UPVA, 1999, 192 pgs, Paper. NEW. $18.00
USED. $8.00

10070 Kinne, Willard Austin. Revivals and Importations of French

10400 Cruse, Amy. The Golden Road in English Literature.
Comedies in England 1749-1800. A 1967 reprint of the 1939 Columbia UP
Gorgeous and fun color illustrations by Honor C. Appleton. A glorious
printing. Drury Lane, Covent Garden, Haymarket. Why would English theatre
compendium, includes Jane Austen. Index. Xlib. USED. $30.00
import so much material from the French during the 18th c? Great fun for
those who love this period of theatre. NY: 1967. USED. $11.00
10061 Dobree, Bonamy. English Literature: The Early Eighteenth
Century. All facets of literature of the period. Defoe, Thomson, Pope, etc.
10877 Kirkham, Margaret. Jane Austen, Feminism, and Fiction. This
Drama, poetry, science, philosophy. Excellent readable reference. Oxford at
is an excellent readable critical book about Austen's treatment of woman's
Clarendon Press. 1995R. 701 pgs, Hb. Handsome dark blue cloth cover with
role in society, perhaps the best you will ever read. Minor editing problems.
gilt title on spine. No marks anywhere, pages clear, binding solid. List $59.
Merthuen, NY, 1986. 187 pgs. Paper. Orig publ at $130. USED. $35.00
USED. $22.00

11234 Kramp, Michael. Disciplining Love: Austen and the Modern

10484 Ehrlich, Eugene. The Highly Sensitive Thesaurus for the
Man. Examines the social function of masculinity in Austen's novels. How
Extraordinarily Literate. Introduction by Noah Adams of "All Things
men of the rising classes had to be taught the proper way to discipline their
Considered." If you'd rather "expatiate" than talk, "deprecate" than deride,
emotions in order to take their place in the preservation of post-Revolution
this is the thesaurus for you. No derivations to interfere, just words. You can,
England. Index, bibliography, and notes. The Ohio State University Press,
after all, use your dictionary for the rest! Hb, dj, 1994. NEW. $12.00
2007. 202 pgs, Hb. NEW. $37.95

Catalog 133 Jane Austen Books Spring 2009
10076 Lucas, John, Editor. Writing and Radicalism. In Crosscurrents 11483 Stout, Janis P. Strategies of Reticence: Silence and Meaning
series. Various essays - Milton, Mather, Paine, Jacobins, Chartism, Women in the Works of Jane Austen, Willa Cather, Katherine Anne Porter, and Joan
after the Restoration, etc. Austen references are from Emma and Mansfield Didion. This excellent work focuses on the use of silence & covert criticism as
Park, to show Austen as a "force for conservatism." Longman, London: 1996, subversive weapons women authors employ to assault patriarchal power
358 pgs. Cover slightly worn, otherwise like new. Paper. USED. $10.00 structures. UP of VA. 1990. 228 pgs, Hb, dj. VG condition, some wear on DJ.
USED. $35.00
10975 Mahl, Mary R. and Helene Koon, editors. The Female
Spectator: English Women Writers before 1800. Women's writings between 11540 Vernon, John. Money and Fiction: Literary Realism in the
1350 and 1800 - diaries, travel sketches, speeches, poems, letters - proof that Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries. Concentrating on novels by
women were writing throughout the centuries. Centlivre, Herbert, lesser Austen, Balzac, Dickens, Dostoevsky, Eliot, Trollope, and others, understands
known women, plus more famous like Catherine Parr, Aphra Behn, are the world of the 19th c novel through the theme of money. Cornell
represented. Indiana University Press. 1977. 310 pgs. Paper. USED. $15.00 University Press. 1984. Hb, dj faded. USED. $17.00

11024 Miller, Stephen. Conversation: A History of a Declining Art. 11550 Walbank, F. Alan, Editor. The English Scene: In the Works of
History of conversation, many references to Johnson, Hume, Swift, others. Prose-Writers since 1700. Illustrated with Contemporary Pictures and Prints
Yale UP, 2006. Hb, dj. NEW. $12.00 - landscapes of England. Includes Jane Austen, George Eliot, H.G. Wells.
Written in the midst of WW2, when all this was at stake. 2nd revised ed. 224
11328 Roussel, Roy. The Conversation of the Sexes: Seduction and pgs. USED. $17.00
Equality in Selected Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Texts. Draws
conclusions about seduction through examinations of the writings of Donne 11584 Weissman, Judith. Half Savage and Hardy and Free: Women
(songs & sonnets), Cleland (Fanny Hill), Richardson (Pamela), Laclos (Les and Rural Radicalism in the Nineteenth-Century Novel. Weissman argues
Liaisons Dangereuses), and Congreve (the four comedies). OUP, 1986, 178 that a Wordsworth/Shelley rural Radicalism, present in Austen, Hawthorne,
pgs. Hb, dj. USED. $18.00 and Forster, is a feminist theme found in 19th century English and American
works. Wesleyan University Press. 1989. 342 pages. Paper. NEW. $12.00
11447 Spacks, Patricia Meyer. The Female Imagination. Literary
analysis of women writers. How being a woman shapes our imagination.
1975. Hb,dj. USED. $9.00

Ap p a r el
{about which even Lady Catherine will not make us uneasy}

M10103 T-shirt. "Call M10104 T-shirt. Mr. Darcy

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M10101 Pajamas. I Dream of Darcy. M10102 Pajamas. I'd rather be

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Cotton/poly t-shirt with dreamy picture Color coordinated comfy pj bottoms in cotton or
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cotton pajama bottoms. $30.00

Spring 2009 Jane Austen Books Catalog 133
10007 Aidan, Pamela. An Assembly Such as This. Popular 10119 Austen-Leigh, Joan. Mrs. Goddard, Mistress of a
novel, first of the trilogy told from the viewpoint of Mr. Darcy. School. Third installment of the novels that take Mrs Goddard's
Includes interview with author, reading group guide. Paper. NEW. point of view. Epistolary novel. 1993, 178 pages, paperbound.
Sequels, Fantasies, $12.00 Signed by author. NEW. $35.00

Theatricals, Movies and

10009 Aidan, Pamela. Duty and Desire. Second of trio told 10120 Austen-Leigh, Joan. Our Own Particular Jane: A
Much More from Mr Darcy's viewpoint. Reading Group Guide at back. Paper, piece of theatre based on The Life, Letters and Literature of
2006. NEW. $12.00. Jane Austen. Cover notes author is Joan Mason Hurley - pasted
underneath is a stock "nee Joan Austen-Leigh." 1975. 45 pages.
10011 Aidan, Pamela. These Three Remain. Third of the Paperbound. Fair condition. $25.00
trio told from Mr Darcy's viewpoint. Paper, 2005. NEW. $12.00
10139 Aylmer, Janet. Darcy's Story. First published 1996
Sequels & Adaptations
10012 Aiken, Joan. Eliza's Daughter. Sequel to S&S by one with same title. This book is one of the first really well-written
of the best-loved sequel writers. Special due to shop wear of dust parallel tellings of Pride and Prejudice from Darcy's point of
jacket. 1994, NEW. $15.00. view. Most of Darcy's utterances are written by Jane Austen -
the rest is Aylmer. NY: Harper, 2006. 227 pages, Paper. NEW.
10014 Aiken, Joan. Jane Fairfax. Much loved novel told
from Jane Fairfax's perspective. Very lightly used, good condition.
Hb, dust jacket. 1990, USED. $25.00 10141 Bader, Ted and Marilyn. Desire and Duty: A Sequel to
Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. This Sequel to P&P focuses
on Georgiana. The authors attempted to follow the clues Jane
10015 Aiken, Joan. Lady Catherine's Necklace. One of the
Austen left as far as her plans for the continuation of the
most popular of the Austen-inspired novelists, Joan Aiken writes
characters' lives. Denver: 1997. 286 pages, Hb, dust jacket.
an exciting story set at Rosings. Good condition. Paper, 2001.
Signed by authors. NEW. $16.00
USED. $20.00
10158 Barrett, Julia (pseudo., Julia Kessler). The Third Sister:
10016 Aiken, Joan. Mansfield Revisited. Well done sequel A Continuation of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. Story of
to Mansfield Park. Book has a Winnipeg Library stamp. Good Margaret Dashwood. Margaret has more potential than is
condition. Hb, dust jacket. 1985. USED. $25.00 apparent in S&S. NY: 1996. 247 pages, Hb, dj. USED. $15.00

10104 Aston, Elizabeth. Mr. Darcy's Daughters. 20 years 10160-1 Barrett, Julia. Presumption: an Entertainmnent.
after PP, Elizabeth has 5 daughters of her own. What trouble can Fun Sequel to Pride and Prejudice. Georgiana's love interests,
they find in London? NY, 2003. 362 pages, Paper. NEW. $12.00 Bennet family travails. NY: 1993. 238 pages, Hb,dj. NEW. $20.00
Also in paperback, 10160-2. NEW. $10.00
10105-1 Aston, Elizabeth. The Exploits & Adventures of
Miss Alethea Darcy. Alethea's love of music gets her into trouble! 10161 Barrett, Julia. Jane Austen's Charlotte. A
Romance and a trip to Venice during George IV's reign. London: completion of Sanditon. JA's fragment occupies the first 74
2004. 376 pages, Hb, dust jacket. NEW. $15.00 pages. NY: 2000. Uncorrected proof. $15.00
Also in paperback, 10105-2. NEW. $12.00
10173-1 Barron, Stephanie. Jane and His Lordship's
11633 Aston, Elizabeth. The Second Mrs. Darcy. The story Legacy: Being a Jane Austen Mystery. Jane has moved to
of a single woman in possession of a good fortune - a young Chawton Cottage, but does not escape corpses and mysteries
Darcy cousin is left a widow. NY, 2007. May be remainder marked. and international intrigue! NY: Bantam, 2005. Hb, dj. NEW.
NEW. $12.00 $15.00

10106 Aston, Elizabeth. The True Darcy Spirit. Lady 10167-1 Barron, Stephanie. Jane and the Genius of the
Catherine's grand-daughter a painter in Bohemian London? What Place. The Canterbury Races and international intrigue! Signed
did Anne de Bourgh do to deserve this fate? Ah, but there will be by author. London: 1999. 310 pages, Hb, dj. NEW. $14.00
some intrigue, involving the Prince Regent no less! NY: 2006. 341
pages, paper. NEW. $12.00
10166-1 Barron, Stephanie. Jane and the Man of the
Cloth: Being the Second Jane Austen Mystery. Jane in Lyme
10118 Austen-Leigh, Joan. Later Days at Highbury. Mrs Regis! NY: 1997. 274 pages. Hb, dj. Signed by author. NEW.
Goddard continues to share information about Highbury with her $14.00
sister in London, who has interesting problems of her own to
discuss! Mr Woodhouse has passed on, the Knightley's have
10170-1 Barron, Stephanie. Jane and the Prisoner of
moved to the Abbey, and someone new now occupies Emma's
Wool House: Being the 6th Jane Austen Mystery. Together with
childhood home.... NY: 1996. 206 pages, Hb, dust jacket. Signed
brother Frank Austen, Jane solves a sailor's mystery. NY: 2001.
by author. NEW. $35.00
291 pages, Hb, dj. NEW. $15.00

10117 Austen-Leigh, Joan. A Visit to Highbury: Another

10172 Barron, Stephanie. Jane and the Wandering Eye:
View of Emma. Epistolary novel looks at life in Highbury through
Being the 3rd Jane Austen Mystery. Drama and intrigue in Bath:
the eyes of Mrs. Goddard. Joan Austen-Leigh, co-founder of
more than meets the eye. NY: 1998. 261 pages, Hb, dj. NEW.
JASNA, author and playwright, manages to capture the true
Austen spirit in her Highbury novels. NY: 1993. 182 pages. Hb,
dust jacket. May have library mark and/or dust jacket wear. USED.

Catalog 133 Jane Austen Books Spring 2009
10185-1 Bebris, Carrie. North by Northanger (Or, the Shades of 10552 Filippi, Rosina. Duologues and Scenes from the Novels of
Pemberley). Elizabeth is learning her way around Pemberley when a letter Jane Austen Arranged and Adapted for Drawing-Room Performance. Like
from Darcy's mother Lady Anne raises some interesting questions about the one-act plays "suitable for amateur performance." An early adaptation that
past. Elizabeth can't resist a mystery. By the time the mystery is solved, shows an appreciation of the theatrical nature of dialogue in Austen's
Lady Catherine has visited Pemberley, and the Darcys have met Mr Tilney. novels. Illustrated. Green silk with gilt design front and spine. VG condition,
Delightful tale, true to the characters we love. Hb, dust jacket. NEW. $21.00 hinges and spine tight. This is just a lovely little book, wonderful to hold.
Dent, London, 1895. 139 pgs. USED. $200.00
10183-2 Bebris, Carrie. Pride and Prescience (Or, The Truth
Universally Acknowledged). The newly wed Mr and Mrs Darcy must solve a 10670 Hale, Shannon. Austenland. A New Yorker secretly obsessed
strange mystery involving Caroline Bingley and other members of their with Mr Darcy goes to an estate in England, kind of a Jane Austen theme
extended family. Spooky and fun. First in the series by Carrie Bebris. Paper. park. The game involves pretending to be in Regency times, including
NEW. $10.00 wearing the clothes and playing the part. So what are the men up to? NY,
2007, Hb, dj. New low price. NEW. $14.00
10184-1 Bebris, Carrie. Suspense and Sensibility (Or, First
Impressions Revisited). Kitty seems to have found the perfect fiancee - until 11296 Reynolds, Abigail. Pemberley by the Sea. Marine biologist
surreal events change everything. Only intrepid Elizabeth can unravel the meets modern-day Mr. Darcy. Set in Cape Cod. Sourcebooks, 2008. Paper.
truth! (New secrets about the Dashwood family are revealed.) Hb, dust NEW. $14.95
jacket. NEW. $21.00
11308-1 Rigler, Laurie Viera. Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict.
10541 Bebris, Carrie. The Matters at Mansfield (Or, the Crawford Goes back in time and lives like Jane Austen. The adventure has its ups and
Affair). Lady Catherine is arranging the perfect marriage for her daughter downs! 2007. Hb, dj. NEW. $24.00
Anne. Perfect in her mind, not in Anne's mind. Elizabeth's desire to help
involves the Darcys in another mystery, involving murder, mayhem, and 11499 Trees, Andrew. Academy X. A teacher at an elite private
mistaken identity. Hb, just jacket. NEW. $21.00 school tries to teach Jane Austen's Emma while dealing with his own
romantic crisis. A clever use of Austen's wit and genius in a modern novel.
10187 Berdoll, Linda. Darcy & Elizabeth, Nights and days at NEW. $21.00
Pemberley: Pride and Prejudice continues. This is a "bawdy" sequel. Mr and
Mrs Darcy enjoy married life! They raise babies, they make new friends.
Steamy cover promises romance within. Adults only. Paper, NEW. $12.95

10186 Berdoll, Linda. Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife: Pride and Prejudice
Continues. Sexy sequel to Pride and Prejudice. Explicit romance. As the
cover says, hold onto your bonnet! Adults only. Paper. NEW. $5.00

10204 Birchall, Diana. Mrs Elton in America and other stories

inspired by characters created by Jane Austen and herewith comprising A Charming New Item
THE COMPLEATE MRS ELTON. In which, Mrs Elton goes to America with her
caro sposo and children, where she encounters northern hospitality,
southern slavery, western Indians, and much more! Egerton House. UK:
2004. Paper. NEW. $16.00 Available Now for the
10205 Birchall, Diana. Mrs Darcy's Dliemma: A Sequel to Jane First Time in the U.S.
Austen's Pride and Prejudice.Twenty-five years after PP left off, Elizabeth
must deal with the beginnings of the Victorian era and juggle children,
family, and the (still wonderful) Mr Darcy. Egerton House. UK: 2004. NEW.
The Beautifull Cassandra and Other
10206 Birtwistle/Conklin. The Making of Pride and Prejudice.
Limited number of copies signed by Andrew Davies, the screenwriter. A Early Writings.
great book - still selling after all these years! Picture-story of making of the
A&E P&P starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. Color shots, costume
sketches, maps. London: 1995. Paper. Shop worn. NEW. $28.00
Read by Teresa Gallagher.
AB 10001 A most delightlful presentation of Jane
10395 Corringham, Mary. I, Jane Austen. Written 1965. Poeticized
biography in Rime Royal, used by Chaucer. New ed with memoir and 40 Austen's juvenilia! We can shut our eyes and imagine we
pages of notes to the text by a descendent, H. P. Henningham. RDU Books, are listening to young Jane herself reading to the family at
Aus, 2001R. 105 pgs. Paper. NEW. $10.00 Steventon. Interludes of music Jane Austen played are
spaced between the pieces, performed on the piano at
10459 Eckstut, Arielle, and Dennis Ashton. Pride and Promiscuity.
Lost Sex Scenes of Jane Austen. A silly little book with a few good parts. The
Chawton Cottage. Includes Jack and Alice, Mr Harley, Henry
missing scenes are from the 6 novels and The Watsons. These authors are and Eliza, Amelia Webster, and A History of England, as well
rather good scholars. 2001, Hb. NEW. $12.00 as the title piece. With introduction by Jean Bowden
(retired curator of Jane Austen House). Crimson Cats, 2006.
10531 Fenton, Kate. Vanity and Vexation: A Novel of Pride and
79 minutes on one CD. $18.00
Prejudice. A TV production company comes to the village to film Pride and
Prejudice and interesting romantic mayhem commences. First US edition of
this funny take on PP. Published in UK in 1995 under name Lions and
Liquorice. 2004, 277 pgs. Hb, dust jacket. NEW. $22.00
Spring 2009 Jane Austen Books Catalog 133

Weldon's PP with Elizabeth Garvey and David Rintoul, the "jazzy" NA, Ann
M10107 DVD - Pride & Prejudice 10th Anniversary Limited Collector's Fairbank as Emma. All 6 novels dramatized by BBC for television, boxed set.
Edition. Directed by Simon Langton. Starring Colin Firth & Jennifer Ehle. 3 $50.00
DVD set widescreen film w/120p souvenir "making of" book. Packaged in
M10140 DVD - Emma. Gwyneth Paltrow, Ewan McGregor, Alan
green cloth gilt case. Sale, $38.00
Cumming, Toni Collette. Widescreen. 121 minutes. $13.00
M10108 DVD - Mansfield Park. Widescreen. Directed by Patricia
Rozema. Miramax, 1999. 112 minutes. Controversial among Janeites -
among other liberties with the novel, casts Fanny as a bold author-in-
training. Beautiful film & intelligent take on the underlying social messages
in MP. Sale $12.00 AB 10001 The Beautifull Cassandra and Other Early Writings. Read by
Teresa Gallagher. A most delightlful presentation of Jane Austen's juvenilia!
M10115 DVD - A&E Biography: Jane Austen. Features Claudia We can shut our eyes and imagine we are listening to young Jane herself
Johnson, Joan Klingel Ray, Stephanie Barron. Gurinder Chadha (Bride and reading to the family at Steventon. Interludes of music Jane Austen played
Prejudice Director) talks about parallels between Austen's England and are spaced between the pieces, performed on the piano at Chawton
modern Indian culture. Azar Nafisi (author of Reading Lolita in Tehran) Cottage. Includes Jack and Alice, Mr Harley, Henry and Eliza, Amelia
discusses reading as a subversive activity in Iran. Excerpts from some of the Webster, and A History of England, as well as the title piece. With
popular modern films throughout. $12.00 introduction by Jean Bowden (retired curator of Jane Austen House).
Crimson Cats, 2006. 79 minutes on one CD. $18.00
M10120 DVD - Sense and Sensibilty. Gorgeous Ang Lee movie starring
Academy Award Winners Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet. Widescreen M10131 Audiobook - Thrush Green by Miss Read. Complete &
with extra features. Packaged together with a slim DVD-sized paperback of Unabridged. Read by June Barrie. Five CD's in attractive ring binder case.
Austen's novel. Two-in-one special makes a nice gift to introduce a teenager BBC Audiobooks of America, 2005. 6 hrs 18 mins. $70.00
to Jane Austen. $15.00
M10132 Audiobook - Storm in the Village & Fairacre Festival by Miss
M10125 DVD - The Jane Austen Collection: Northanger Abbey, Pride Read. Complete & Unabridged. Read by June Barrie. 8 CD's in attractive ring
and Prejudice, Persuasion, Mansfield Park, Emma, Sense and Sensibility. binder case. BBC Audiobooks of America, 2002, 2004. 9 hrs 35 mins.
Produced in 1971, 1972, 1981, 1986, 1987. Total 1336 minutes. Includes Fay $120.00

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You can also call us M-F during business M10126 Address Book - Beautiful small illustrated, tabbed address
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Catalog 133 Jane Austen Books Spring 2009

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