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Jane Austen Books
90452 Emma. Ed. Richard Cronin and
NEW! 90546 The Annotated Mansfield reprint of 2005. NEW. $24.00
Park. Annotated by David M. Shapard, OR 90140 Emma. Hb, Dj. 2005.
these paperback editions are favorites $110.00
with our customers. The text of the
90450 Juvenilia. Ed. Peter Sabor. Vol
novel is on the left side page, the
the 1st, Vol the 2nd, Vol the 3rd,
annotations on the right side page.
Even the Austen expert will learn more
facsimile of History of England,
new information from this 885 page Examples of her Marginilia, Sophia
paperback. Historical context, citations Sentiment's letter, continuations of
from other writings, definitions and Evelyn and Catharine by James
clarifications, literary comments and Edward Austen & Anna Lefroy. Paper.
analysis, maps, intro, bibliography, and 2013 reprint of 2006. NEW. $24.00
detailed chronology. Illustrated. Anchor Books, Penguin. 2017. OR 90272 Juvenilia. Hb, Dj. 2006. $50.00
NEW. $16.00
90451 Later Manuscripts. Ed. Janet Todd and Linda Bree.
90385 The Annotated Emma. 2012. NEW. $16.00 Includes Lady Susan, The Watsons, Sanditon, Jane Austen on
90438 The Annotated Northanger Abbey. 2013. NEW. $16.00 fiction, poetry and charades, Sir Charles Grandison, more.
90327 The Annotated Persuasion. 2010. NEW. $14.00 Paper. 2013 reprint of 2008. $24.00
90070-2 The Annotated Pride and Prejudice. 2007. NEW. $15.00
90349 The Annotated Sense and Sensibility. 2011. NEW. $16.00. 90447 Mansfield Park. Ed. John Wiltshire. Includes Lover's
Vows. End notes and extensive introduction. Paper. 2013
OR 90139 Mansfield Park. Hb, Dj. 2005. $105.00
These oversized coffee-table books are filled with gorgeous
imagery and edited by top Austen scholars. 90449 Northanger Abbey. Ed. Barbara M. Benedict and
Deirdre Le Faye. With summaries and extracts of Ann
90412 Emma: An Annotated Edition Bharat Radcliffe's novels. End notes, introduction. Paper. 2013
Tandon, ed. Hb, Dj. 2012. List reprint of 2006.
$35. NEW. $28.00 OR 90493 Northanger Abbey. Hb, Dj. 2006. $85.00
90541 Mansfield Park: An
90448 Persuasion. Ed. Janet Todd and Antje Blank. Includes
Annotated Edition. Deidre
Shauna Lynch, ed. Hb, Dj. the cancelled chapter of Persuasion and Henry Austen's
2014. NEW. $35.00 Biographical Notice. End notes and extensive introduction.
Paper. 2013 reprint of 2006. NEW. $24.00
90462 Northanger Abbey: An Annotated OR 90280 Persuasion. Hb, Dj. 2006. $50.00
Edition. Susan J. Wolfson, ed. 90445 Pride and Prejudice. Ed. by Pat Rogers. Appendices
Hb, Dj. 2014. NEW. $30.00
include publication history, legal and military background,
90416 Persuasion: An houses like Pemberley, more. Paper. 2013 reprint of 2006.
Annotated Edition. Robert OR 90377 Pride and Prejudice. Hb, Dj. 2006. $60.00
Morrison, ed. Hb, Dj. 2011.
List at $35. NEW. $30.00 90446 Sense and Sensibility. Ed. Edward Copeland. End notes
and extensive introduction. Paper. 2013 reprint of 2006.
90304 Pride and Prejudice: An Annotated OR 90340 Sense and Sensibility. Hb, Dj. 2006. $75.00
Edition. Patricia Meyer Spacks, ed. Hb, Dj.
2010. Issued at $35. NEW. $25.00 OXFORD ILLUSTRATED EDITIONS
90456 Sense and Sensibility: 90162 The Oxford Illustrated Jane Austen. This 6 vol set of the
An Annotated Edition. novels and minor works is the definitive text. This new printing
Patricia Meyer Spacks, ed. of the third edition has the early 19th century
Hb, Dj. 2013. Issued at $35. NEW. $25.00 illustrations and Chapmans's detailed notes.
Dark blue cloth, attractive gray and colored
dust jackets.
90360 The Old Manor House Edition. 10 volume set by Frank S. 90162-3 Emma. NEW. $15.00
Holby, published 1906. Brown cloth with paper spine labels. "The 90162-4 Mansfield Park. NEW. $15.00
Old Manor House Edition" limited to 1000, this is number 801. 90162-1 Northanger Abbey and Persuasion.
Ed. by R. Brimley Johnson. Brock color illustrations. Tops gilt, NEW. $15.00
sides and bottom rough cut. Paper labels have varying degress of 90162-2 Pride and Prejudice. NEW. $15.00
browning, one has a tear, otherwise the set is near fine. USED. 90162-5 Sense and Sensibility. NEW. $15.00
Jane Austen Books
90496 The Novels of Jane Austen: FOREIGN LANGUAGE EDITIONS
Winchester Edition. 10 Vols. Not
to be confused with the Holby 90483 Amour et amitie French language Love and
Winchester Edition. Gilson E91 Freindship. Translation and annotations by Laurent
Reissued 1905-06 by John Grant, Folliot. G. K. Chesterton Preface also in French.
printed by T. and A. Constable, Rivages Poche / Petite Bibliotheque. 2014. Paper.
Printers to His Majesty at the NEW. $11.00
Edinburgh University Press. 90523 Emma (Japanese
However, this set has been Translation). Japanese translation
specially bound, possibly at the time. Three quarter brown by Keiko Parker, a devoted fan and author.
leather over marbled boards, marbled end pages, gilt trim and Parker has studied English literature in Japan,
titles on spine. Five ribs, "1906" at the bottom of each spine. and this beautiful hardbound book is the result
Frontispiece is the portrait from the Memoir, otherwise not of her efforts. While we can't read it, we're told
illustrated. Top pages gilt. Sides and bottom rough cut. No by those who can that it is a faithful
previous owner marks. Occasional small chips in marble paper. representation of Emma, setting a new
Title page of each volume standard. Hb, beautiful dj. NEW. $45.00
with an area of light
foxing at top of page. 90524 Persuasion (in Japanese) Life-long
Otherwise this set is Austen scholar and fan Keiko Parker continues
near fine. Stunning her work to translate Austen faithfully in
display on the shelf. Japanese. Beautiful cover with Brock
Unique set, great price. illustration on jacket. 2015. Hb,Dj. NEW.
1906. USED. $2,250.00 $45.00

LETTERS 90484 Raison et sentiments. French language

90296-2 The Illustrated Letters Sense and Sensiblity. Translation by Jean Privat.
of Jane Austen Selected and Biographical notes by Jacques Roubaud. 10/18
introduced by Penelope Christian Bourgois Editeur. Paper. NEW. $12.00
Hughes-Hallett. Excerpts from 90152 Rozum a cit (Sense and
the novels and letters, packed Sensibility) Academia, Czec
full of beautiful Regency Rebublic, 2004. Hb. Dj. NEW.
illustrations. Attractive $25.00
oversized book with period
portrait of two sisters on front 90154 Sanditon: un roman de Jane Austen
cover. This is the paperbound version. VG condition, barely used. acheve par une autre dame. French version of
Clarkson Potter, NY. Paper. 1990. USED. $14.00 ALSO 90296-3 Sandtion continued "by another lady." JC
Corners curled. Clarkson Potter, NY. Paper. 1990. USED. $7.00 LattŠs, France. Paper. 1997. USED. $23.00

90005-4 Jane Austen's Letters Fourth JUVENILIA AND MINOR WORKS

edition with new scholarship, new preface, 90017 Amelia Webster and The Three Sisters Amelia Webster
new biographical and topographical and The Three Sisters. Signed by Juliet McMaster. "This little
information, a new subject index. Collected edition of two of Jane Austen's juvenilia, probably written at
& Edited by Deirdre Le Faye. Chronological ages twelve and fifteen, has been produced as a class project by
order, with annotations and provenance for the members of English 455 (and others) at the University of
each letter. The most complete source Alberta, under the general editorship of Juliet McMaster." 1993,
available. Hb, Dj. OUP. 667 pgs. NEW. paper. USED. $15.00
$42.00 OR 90005-5 Paperback version,
leaves more money for shopping. OUP. 667 90186 A Collection of Letters A Collection of
pgs. NEW. $25.00 Letters. Edited and preface by Juliet McMaster,
Ill. by Laura Neilson. Introduction by Heather
90009 Jane Austen: Selected Letters Selected, Harper. Annotated. Young Jane's wit becomes
edited, and with very good introduction and more sophisticated in this piece from Volume
notes, by Vivien Jones. Over two thirds of the Second. Juvenilia Press, Edmonton. 44 pgs.
Austen's fascinating letters. OUP, 2009 Reissue. G. USED. $7.50 NEW $12.50
Paper, 294 pgs. NEW. $11.00
90223 Frederic & Elfrida Ed by
90039-5 The Letters of Jane Austen. Edited by Peter Sabor, Sylvia Hunt, and Victoria Kortes-
Sarah Chauncey Woolsey. Selected from the Papp. Illustrations by Juliet McMaster. Not an
compilation of her Great Nephew Edward, Lord ordinary 12-year-old's sense of humor! Some
Brabourne. Green cloth with gilt floral designs. Spines faded to copies signed by Juliet McMaster. Juvenilia Press,
soft gold. Little, Brown & Co.,1899 (1 copy is later issue - 1905). 2002, Edmonton. NEW. $10.00
USED. $150.00

Jane Austen Books
90182-2 Henry and Eliza Henry and Eliza. Ed. By cover, pretty place for gift inscription or owner's signature in the
Karen L. Harnick, with Catherine Gowl, Maggie front. Harvest House. Hb. 2015. NEW. $9.00
Harnick, Ann Kelly, Cassie Marlantes, and Rachel
90220 Three Mini-Dramas Continue your exploration of Jane
M. Brownstein. Explanatory notes, intro, preface.
Austen by enjoying her childhood forays into theatre. "The Visit"
Juvenilia Press, 1996, Edmonton. NEW. $10.00 OR
"The Mystery" and "The First Act of a Comedy." Ed by Juliet
90182-1 Second printing, USED. $7.00
McMaster and Lesley Peterson. Illustrated by Juliet McMaster,
90184 The History of England The History of Zoe Share and Allison Yung. Description of staging, extensive
England. Jan Fergus, Ed. Juvenilia Press, Aus, 2003. USED. $15.00 notes and works cited. Juvenilia Press, Sydney, 2006. NEW.
90228 The History of England & Cassandra's
Portraits Edited by Annette Upfal and Christine 90274 Three Prayers and a Poem by Jane Austen. Illustrations
Alexander. Illustrations by Cassandra Austen and by John Ward, CBE. Unattributed introduction. Austen's Rose
others. Goes beyond the typical appreciation of poem. Chronology of Jane Austen and Godmersham. Readers
the book as a critique of historians the girls who own the Godmersham Ed.of Pride and Prejudice will be
studied in the schoolroom. Examines the family thrilled to see more of Mr. Ward's work. Born 1917, he died
likenesses in Cassandra's sketches, and the back while this was on the press. Publ by Friends of
stories involving family and friends that add Godmersham Church, 2007. 20 pgs paper,
nuance to the sisters' collaboration. 74 pgs. Juvenilia Press, tassel. NEW. $20.00
Sydney, 2009. NEW. $15.00
90222 The Three Sisters Ed by Joseph
90019-2 Jack & Alice Illustrated by Juliet McMaster. Ed. Joseph Wiesenfarth, Laura Maestrelli and Kristin
Wiesenfarth. Comes with Intro and explanatory notes. Some Smith. Illustrated by Juliet McMaster. Notes,
copies signed by Juliet McMaster. Juvenilia Press, 2001, works cited, notes on the illustrations.
Edmonton. NEW. $10.00 Juvenilia Press, Sydney, 2004. NEW. $10.00
90341 Jane Austen's Lady Susan. Edited by Christine Alexander
and David Owen, with illustrations by Juliet McMaster. An
excellent introduction and endnotes provide clarification and
context for the modern reader. This epistolary novel stars a 15888 Amy, Helen Jane Austen in Her Own
female Lovelace (the rake in Richardson's Clarissa). She is Words & the Words of Those Who Knew Her.
captivating and cruel. This novel was a marvelous achievement A lovely biography drawing on contemporary
for the very young Austen, and is an excellent bridge between sources throughout. With color and b/w
her juvenilia and mature novels. Juvenilia Press, Sydney. 110 illustrations, both period and modern
pages. Paper. NEW. $15.00 illustrations of locations. Printed on glossy
heavy paper. Pretty book, great gift for
90014 Jane Austen's Love & Friendship: A New
someone looking for the next level
Illustrated Edition. Ed. by Juliet McMaster &
biopgraphy. Bibliography, index, glossary,
others, Illustrated by Juliet McMaster and Sherry
comments on the novels, and other resources in the back.
Klein. Austen's rollicking parody of the novel,
Amberley, Gloucestershire, UK. 2014. Paper. NEW. $14.00
written in letters when she was a teenager, is one
of the funniest stories you'll ever read. 2014. 13145 Austen-Leigh, James Edward, Freydis
Juvenilia Press. Sydney. NEW $10.00 and Southerland Life in the Country with
Quotations by Jane Austen and Silhouettes
90224 Jane Austen's Men "The Adventures of
by her Nephew James Edward Austen-Leigh.
Mr. Harley" "Sir William Mountague" "Memoirs
Charming silhouettes JEAL created, often to
of Mr. Clifford" and The Generous Curate." Young
amuse his children. Contributions by Maggie
Jane Austen treats men with a wicked pen in
Lane and Joan Ray, afterword by Joan
these short works. Ed. by Sylvia Hunt and others.
Austen-Leigh. British Library Board, London, 2008. 48 pgs. Hb, dj.
Illustrations by Juliet McMaster. Includes
NEW. $24.00
Explanatory Notes, intro. Juvenilia Press, Sydney,
2007. NEW. $10.00 10124 Austen-Leigh, Mary Augusta Personal Aspects of Jane
Austen. A daughter of James Edward Austen-Leigh, Mary
90020-2 Lesley Castle The Juvenillia Press.
Augusta sought to show Jane Austen was more well-rounded
Edmonton, Alberta. Ed. by Jan Fergus. Illus. by Juliet McMaster.
and knowledgeable than some critics and biographers like to
Some signed by Jan Fergus or Juliet
portray. If you are collecting biographies, this is an excellent
McMaster. Jane Austen's incredible early
addition, not easy to find. Llight foxing, spine faded, otherwise
talent shines in her teenage Gothic spoof!
good condition. John Murray, London, 1920. Hb. $65.00
1998 NEW. $10.00
10127-1 Austen-Leigh, William and Richard Arthur Jane Austen.
90537 The Prayers of Jane Austen.
Her Life and Letters. A Family Record. The son and grandson of
Introduction & Commentary by Terry
James Edward Austen-Leigh worked together, using new
Glaspey. With beautiful unattributed
materials that came to light after J.E.A-L's Memoir, to create this
illustrations, Brock, Thomson, and others.
Lovely small book with deep blue cloth

Jane Austen Books
newer history of Jane Austen. NY: Dutton, 1913, 1st edition. Hb. 12231-3 Lane, Maggie Jane Austen's World: The Life and Times
Cover worn, foxing. USED. $95.00 of England's Most Popular Author. Special new printing in honor
of Pride and Prejudice's 200th birthday. Gorgeous over-sized
16343 Dickson, Rebecca Jane
book full of color illustrations. Intro by Brian Southam. Chapters
Austen: An Illustrated Treasury.
on topics such as Rich and Poor, The Accomplished Woman,
This beautiful oversized
Slave Trade and Transportation, Poetry, The Letters, Love and
"scrapbook" style volume includes
Friendship, Housekeeping, The Rights of Woman, Seaside
facsimile removable memorabilia
Resorts, and more! Import. Carlton Books, London 2013. HB, DJ,
(letters and drafts). Gorgeous
NEW. $24.00
photos throughout enhance the
text, taken from book illustrations, 13441 Lane, Maggie, and David Selwyn, Eds. Jane Austen: A
movie adaptations, and actual locations in England. Austen's Celebration. A fascinating collection of individual testimonies to
own life and each of her major novels are covered. Includes Jane Austen. Includes novelists, teachers, politicians, actors, and
bibliography and photo credits. VG condition. Metro Books, NY. others. Introduction by HRH The Prince of Wales. Fyfield Books,
2010. USED. $10.00 JAS, Chawton House Library. Manchester, UK. 96 pgs, Paper.
NEW. $20.00
13220 Jane Austen Memorial Trust and Jarrold Colour
Publications/Jarrold Printing Jane Austen's House. Lovely little 14714 LeFaye, Deirdre A Chronology of Jane Austen and Her
souvenir book. Cardboard covers, color illustrations throughout. Family. For the Austen scholar or fan who wants to know
Jarrold Colour Publications, Norwich, 1988. USED. $8.00 everything. A day-by-day chronology of every little detail known
about Jane Austen and her family. Intimate details pulled from
13508 Jane Austen Society Jane Austen Society Collected
numerous sources. Ends in 2003. Family trees carry descendants
Reports 2001-2005 Articles on a wide variety of Austen topics,
into the 20th century. Detailed index. 776 pages. Paper.
including JAS AGM speakers Irene Collins, Kathryn Sutherland,
Cambridge UP. 2006. NEW. $45.00 OR 14714-2 Hb, Dj.
Sandy Lerner, and Brian Southam. Paper. NEW. $45.00
Cambridge UP. 2006. The Hb sells new from Cambridge UP for
13511 Jane Austen Society Jane Austen Society Collected $150. This copy is clean and barely read, with both top corners
Reports 1976-1985 76-85 addresses include an outstanding cast - lightly bumped. Great opportunity to own the Hardcover book.
Tony Tanner, Juliet McMaster, Marilyn Butler, David Cecil, USED $75.00
Elizabeth Jenkins, L. L. Kissing, Chrsitopher Ricks, Betty Askwith,
16381 Le Faye, Deirdre Jane Austen: The British Library Writers'
Margaret Lane, A. Walton Litz. The collections include all the
Lives. Gorgeously illustrated on heavy glossy paper, this
illustrations, history of the Society, and other reports from the
biography brings in people, places, and facts about life in
individual years. Jane Austen Society (UK). NEW. $35.00
Austen's period to give ample background to her novels. In near
13512 Jane Austen Society Jane Austen Society Collected fine condition. Orig 1998, this is the first paperback edition
Reports 1966-1975 The 66-75 collection includes B. C. Southam published in 2000. Oxford University Press. USED. $32.00
and Elizabeth Bowen among others. 1975 bicentenary report.
14938 LeFaye, Deirdre Jane Austen's Country
The England of Jane Austen, JA's Readers, more. Jane Austen
Life: Uncovering the Rural Backdrop to Her
Society UK. NEW. $35.00
Life, Her Letters, and Her Novels. The
16403 Klingel Ray, Joan. Simply Austen. Austen is a subject for "country" history of the area around the two
doctoral dissertations and a favorite of fan fiction writers, has villages where Jane Austen spent most of her
been translated into dozens of languages, has inspired many life. The concerns of her brother the
plays, movies, and television adaptations, landowner and the agricultural community
and is counted as one of the greatest around her are described and intertwined
writers of all time. Combining meticulous with information from Austen's life and
research with entertaining wit, past JASNA novels, so that we discover, for example, why November is a
President Joan Ray explores why Austen, a particularly important month for many of Austen's characters, or
country parson’s daughter with little formal which neighbors of Austen's were known for their magical
education, remains relevant to modern medical cures. This rich information will bring you into the
readers 200 years after her death. Packed Hampshire countryside of the late 18th and early 19th century.
with facts; great resource for established Frances Lincoln, London. Hb, Dj. List $29.99. NEW. $27.00
Janeites and new fans alike. Simply Charly,
10917 Lefroy, Helen Jane Austen Biography of our favorite
2017. Paper. NEW. $8.00
author by a descendant of her dear friend Mrs Lefroy.
15437 Lane, Maggie Growing Older with Jane Austen. Lane Illustrations in b/w, 8 pages glossy plates, photographs and
follows the theme of growing older in Austen's novels and contemporary engravings. Paper. 112 pgs. NEW. $11.00
letters. Tying references to aging in Austen's novels to Austen's
13327 Pool, Daniel What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens
own life experiences, the book brings new inight to both the life
Knew. From Fox Hunting to Whist - the Facts of Daily Life in
and the works. Topics range from old maids, dowagers and
19th-Century England. A fun book full of details about the world
spinsters, to young people just losing the blush of youth.
our favorite characters - and their creators - inhabited. Calendar,
Beautifully written, this unique approach to Austen's work is a
money, government, food, clothes, social rules, and more. Simon
must-read for us all. Robert Hale, London. Hb, Dj. NEW. $25.00
& Schuster, 1993. Publ at $16. Paper. NEW. $12.00

Jane Austen Books
11327 Ross, Josephine Jane Austen's Guide to
Good Manners: Compliments, Charades &
Horrible Blunders Period colour drawings by H. 13151 Austen Family Jane Austen. The Collected
Webb. Written as if for an aspiring socialite of Poems and Verse of the Austen Family. David
that time, complete with advice not to speak of Selwyn, Ed. Fyfield Books; JAS. 110 pgs., Paper.
the slave trade and to learn the cotillion. Witty 1996. NEW. $15.00
watercolour illustrations. 2006. Hb, dj. NEW.
$14.00 12087-2 Austen, Caroline My Aunt Jane Austen:
A Memoir Purple and white striped paper cover.
11454-1 Spence, John A Century of Wills from This is a 1957 reprint of the 1952 first edition. My include
Jane Austen's Family 1705-1806. This scarce book starts with a pprevious owner's name inscribed inside the front cover and
facsimile of Jane Austen's will, in her own hand. 16 wills - light foxing. Printed by Spottiswoode, Ballantyne & Co. Ltd. for
Austens, Leighs, Perrots, Philadelphia Hancock, etc. Fascinating the Jane Austen Society. 1952. Paper. USED. $20.00
to scholars and readers who can't get enough background on
Jane Austen. Foreword by Maggie Lane. JASA, 2001. 120 pg 12087-4 Austen, Caroline Reminiscences of
paperback. NEW/USED. $25.00 Jane Austen's Niece Caroline Austen Intro by
Deirdre Le Faye. Orig publ 1986, revised 2004.
11495 Sullivan, Margaret C. The Jane Austen Handbook Illustrated. Caroline's delightful memories are
Delightful handbook by the editrix of Austenblog. Margaret, who an invaluable part of our library. Paper, 86 pgs.
lies in PA., has scoured the resources of Georgian England to Jane Austen Society. NEW. $15.00
inform you how Jane Austen would have acted. Quirk Books.
2007. NEW. $15.00 13154 Austen-Leigh, James Edward and
Others A Memoir of Jane Austen and Other
12244 Sutherland, John and Deirdre LeFaye So You Think You Family Recollections. Edited with intro and
Know Jane Austen? A Literary Quizbook. Ace literary detective notes by Kathryn Sutherland, this book brings together J.E.
Sutherland joins forces with Le Faye in this challenge for the Austen-Leigh's memoir with Henry's biographical notice, Henry's
Austen fan. The quiz starts easy and grows progressively more own memoir, Anna Lefroy's Recollections, and Caroline Austen's
difficult. Excessively diverting. OUP 2009 reissue. NEW. $9.50 Memoir. With all five pieces together, this is a great bargain and
11491-1 Tomalin, Claire Jane Austen: A Life One of our favorite a unique collection. Endnotes, genealogy, chronology. Paper,
biographies. Tomalin sets Austen's world firmly in place, 2002. Reissued in 2008. OUP. NEW. $12.00
exploring her family history, family life, and details of her world 10135-3 Austen-Leigh, William and
that bring us as close as possible to the woman and author. Richard Arthur Jane Austen. A Family
Excellent condition, large illustrated volume. 341 pgs. 1997. Hb, Record. With Deirdre Le Faye's additions
dj. USED. $20.00 and editing. Quilt on the cover. Barnes &
16368 Thompson, Olivia How to win the mating game! The Noble, 1996. Hb, Dj. USED. $24.00
manners and customs of life in Jane Austen's time. Olivia 15093 Austen Leigh, William and Montagu
Thompson works freelance for Chawton House Library and Jane George Knight Chawton Manor and Its
Austen's House Museum in her mission to bring 21st century Owners: A Family History. Originally
students to 18th-century English literature. This delightful 15 published in 1911, this is the history of the
page pamphlet explains the rules and etiquette of dating, with Knight family home from
lovely Hugh Thomson illustrations. Bibliography and the Norman Conquest to 1879. Even if this
acknowledgments. Jarrold Publishing, Whitefriars, Norwich. wasn't the home Edward Austen Knight
2005. USED. $10.00 inherited, that came with the cottage where
12396-1 Tucker, George H. A Goodly Heritage: The History of Jane Austen wrote her novels, this would be a
Jane Austen's Family. The very readable, remarkably well fascinating history. This is a digitally printed
researched study of Austen's family that we all need in our home republication complete with illustrations,
library. One copy has a previous owner's bookplate inside front appendices and index. Cambridge UP. Paper.
cover. Otherwise Near Fine. Carcaret New Press, Manchester. 2014. NEW. $28.00
UK. 1983. Hb, Dj. USED. $40.00 10910 Lefaye, Deirdre Jane Austen's 'Outlandish cousin', the
12232-1 Tyler, Natalie The Friendly Jane Life and Letters of Eliza de Feuillide [1761-1813] Jane's cousin
Austen. Enjoy this glorious collection of Eliza brought news of the wide world to her pretty cousins at
snippets from Austen's life, works, critics, Steventon. Presented at the French court, married to a French
scholars, and fun-loving fans. Viking. 1999. Hb, Count (or reasonable enough version of one) who died on the
dj. USED. $10.00 guillotine, eventually married to Jane's own brother Henry, Eliza
was a joyful woman who openly loved flirting and fun. One of
11567 Watkins, Susan Jane Austen's Town and our favorite books. Eliza's welcoming correspondences brings us
Country Style 77 in color illustrations. into the family, and Le Faye's light additional historical context
Oversized 7x10 1/2. Luscious full-page brings her to life. British Library. 2002. Hb, Dj. NEW. $35.00
depictions of the fashions, the food, the interiors, the customs.
NY, 1990, hb, dj. USED. $32.00 10916 Lefroy, Anna Austen Jane Austen's Sanditon: A
Continuation by her niece, together with "Reminiscences of

Jane Austen Books
Aunt Jane." Written circa 1840. Anna Lefroy was the daughter 15089 Wilson, Kim At Home with
of Jane's brother James. She inherited the original manuscript of Jane Austen. Foreword by Mary
Jane's incomplete novel Sanditon, and decided to finish it. This Guyatt, Curator, Jane Austen's House
book is the result. But she didn't complete it either! Transcribed, Museum. Another lovely book from
edited, with introduction by Mary Gaither Marshall. Limited/500 one of our favorite authors. This
copies (many destroyed in flood). First printing. Listed in the new oversized book is full of gorgeous
Gilson p. xlviii. The Chirion Press. 1983. Hb; dj. NEW. $40.00 new photos and period art, as well as
fresh enlightening text describing the
13440 Lefroy, Mrs The Letters of Mrs Lefroy Edited by Helen
places Austen lived and visited through-
Lefroy and Gavin Turner. How wonderful to have access to this
out her life. Much more than a travel book, this book combines
collection of letters from 1800-1804. Mrs Lefroy writes of social
Austen's own words with rich historical detail. Abbeville
and family life interspersed with important national and
Press/Frances Lincoln. Hb, Dj. 2014. NEW. $25.00
international events. Helen Lefroy is a descendant of Mrs Lefroy.
Published by the Jane Austen Society, 2007. Paper. 258 pgs. 11251 Wilson, Margaret Eva: An Aspiring Victorian: The life of
NEW. $20.00 Eva Knatchbull-Hugessen, great-great-niece of Jane Austen
Margaret Wilson, author of "Almost Another Sister" a book
15425 Slothouber, Linda Jane Austen,
about Fanny Knight, here has given us the story of Eva
Edward Knight, & Chawton: Commerce &
Knatchbull-Hugessen, daughter of Lord Brabourne, grand-
Community. Explores the economic side
daughter of Fanny Knight. Eva's story helps illuminate the politics
of Edward Knight's inheritance,
of her time, including issues of women's education and ability to
especially Chawton, where Austen lived
pursue a career. Eva also wrote children's fiction. 2008. Paper.
during the period her works were
NEW. $15.00
published. Here, at the estate of her
brother, Austen the experienced lives of the 11250-1 Wilson, Margaret Almost Another Sister: The family life
people she
people she wrote about. Slothouber's book is of Fanny Knight, Jane Austen's favourite niece. The intimate life
entertaining and instructive and brings to light new material story of Fanny Knight, later Knatchbull. Plates, 3 family pedigrees
about the Austen family's life as well as the economic facts of the (Knight, Knatchbull, Austen.) Wilson is an authority on Kent. Kent
time. Woodpigeon Publishing. Paper. 2015. NEW. $11.00 County Council Arts & Libraries, 1990. Paper. NEW. $15.00 OR
11250-2. Like new. USED. $15.00
14629 Erickson, Carolly Our Tempestuous Day: A
History of Regency England. Originally published
14656 Adkins, Roy and Lesley Adkins Jane in 1986, this in-depth, lively portrait of the period
Austen's England. The daily lives of ordinary 1810-1820 brings to life diverse aspects of the
people in Austen's time. Birth, marriage, times.Heroes and fashionable women, street life,
religion, sexual practices, hygiene, novel-reading and writing, the glorious debt of
superstitions. Chores, work, crime and the upper classes, reform, evangelicalism, and
punishment, wealth, leisure, fashion and filth much more covered in this fun, wide-ranging text.
are all described in vivid detail by these Harper, 2011. Paper. NEW. $8.00
wonderful historians and archeologists. The 13702 Facer, Ruth Mary Bacon's World: A Farmer's Wife in
husband-wife team also brought us Nelson's Eighteenth-Century Hampshire An 18th c. farmer's wife, a
Trafalgar and The War for All the Oceans. Awesome dust jacket. contemporary of Jane Austen living in Hampshire, Mary recorded
Viking. 2013. Hb, Dj. List 27.95. NEW. $23.00 anything of interest in her ledger. Recipes, medicinal cures,
12110 Austen-Leigh, Emma Jane Austen and Bath. Red leather weather, religious musings. Chawton House Library associate
with gold title on spine. Illustrations, index, family trees, and bibliographer Ruth Facer discovered her ledger and here
chronology, insights gleaned from family letters. Spine is tight, presents the material with additional background, plus a
book is like new. Folcroft Library Editions 1976 reprint facsimile selection of beautiful color plates and b&w illustrations. A
of the 1939 original. USED. $44.00 treasure for anyone interested in the details of life in Hampshire
during Austen's time. A one-of-a-kind experience! UK: Threshold
12104-2 Austen-Leigh, Emma and R. A. Jane Press, 2010. Paper. NEW. $28.00
Austen and Lyme Regis. Started by Emma and
completed by her brother after her death. Light 16344 Farmar, Hugh A Regency Elopement. Hugh Farmar
blue cardboard covers. 58 pgs. Illustrations and discovered the story behind the character "Aunt Anne" he heard
map inside covers. Spine has sun-softened to tan. about as a child, and put together this wonderful survey of Anne,
Spottiswoode, Ballantyne & Co. Ltd., London & her scandalous disappearance in 1815, the "husband' with whom
Colchester. 1946. USED. $35.00 she was found, all with links to aristocrats and the Prince Regent.
Jacket designed by Osbert Lancaster, is stained but is now
13171 Carpenter, T. Edward and John Coates A Guide to Jane protected in mylar. Illustrations and pages are all clear. 1st ed.
Austen's Chawton Home. Paper guide to the home where Michael Joseph, London. 1969. Hb, Dj. USED. $15.00
Austen polished and composed her published novels. With heavy
paper covers. Eight pages plus family tree. Excellent condition. 11076 Moritz, C. P. Journeys of a German in England in 1782
USED. $15.00 Translated and edited by Reginald Nettel. Karl (or Carl) Philipp
Moritz [1756-1793] travelled to England from Germany in 1782

Jane Austen Books
and was converted to an Anglophile. He describes his who now lives in Dorset, spent
experiences in Dr Johnson's London and his travels to the years soaking up Hampshire for
Midlands with wide-eyed enthusiasm. Holt, Rinehart & Winston, this project. Halsgrove
NY. Hb, Dj. 1965. USED. $14.00 Publishing, Somerset. Hb, Dj.
IMPORT. 2014. NEW. $35.00
14678 Nicolson, Nigel Was Jane Austen Happy in Bath? 24 page
pamphlet accompanied a lecture given at The Holburne Museum 16290 Tuberville, A. S. English
of Art on 27 June 2002. Printed on heavy card with faux DJ cover Men and Manners in the 18th
in attractive blue. Small tear in front cover. Otherwise very clean Century. Illustrated. An
copy. Holburne Museum, Bath, 2002. USED. $15.00 excellent guide to understand
Austen's contemporary setting.
12153-1 Nicolson, Nigel The World of Jane Austen. Photographs First published in 1926. This 1961 printing follows the 2nd edition
by Stephen Colover. Takes you to the places Jane Austen lived with its additions and corrections from 1929. Glue is a little
and visited with beautiful photos and accompanying illuminating brittle. Spine creased. Oxford University Press, A Galaxy Book,
text. Paperbound, glossy paper with folded covers (faux dj). First NY. Paper. USED. $3.00
published by Weidenfield & Nicolson in 1991. This paperback
15426 Uglow, Jenny Living in Britain through
1997/1998 by Phoenix Illustrated, London. USED. $20.00
Napoleon's Wars, 1783-1815. Uglow looks at
12212-1 Quennell, Marjorie and CHB Quenell, Written and the world war that raged during this period
Illustrated by A History of Everyday Things in England, 1733- from the point of view of folks who stayed
1851. This lively and brightly illustrated book tells the history of behind - the "butchers, bakers, and candle-
"ordinary men and women... the food they ate, the clothes they stick makers" as well as farmers, millwrights,
wore, how they travelled, the houses they lived in, and the labourers, gentry and the poor. Primary
scientific advances which most affected their lives at each sources are drawn from familiar voices like
period." The illustrations alone are invaluable, with many Austen, Wordsworth, Byron and Scott, to
drawings explaining the text, and reproductions of contemporary people forgotten by time. With period illustrations. For our
art. X-Library, no jacket, some pencil marks on title page. Binding customers, Austen and her family members make several
is sturdy in dark green cloth. Charles Scribner's Sons, NY. 1934. appearances. 740 pgs. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, NY. 2014. Hb,
Hb, USED. $8.00 Dj. NEW. $36.00
16292 Robbins, Caroline The Eighteenth Century 15866 Vickery, Amanda The Gentleman's Daughter: Women's
Commonwealthman. Originally published by Harvard UP. This Lives in Georgian England. Highly acclaimed, award winning,
3rd reprinting in paperback includes some corrections and beautifully written, grounded in solid scholarship. We really can't
"reflections" by the author. Social, intellectual, and philisophical say enough about this serious history book, full of quotes from
history during the Whig era, the era of George I - IV, underpins primary sources, that is as engrossing to read as a good novel.
many of our current ideas about rights and freedoms. The author Yale UP. 1999. Paper. List price $28. NEW. $22.00 ALSO 15866-1
gives insights into the personalities, correspondences, and Like new. Yale UP. 1998. Hb, Dj. USED. $25.00
exchange of ideas of the men who drove change in that time.
15058 Waldram,
Paper. 1968. USED. $3.00
Richard Overton in
12140-1 Schmidt, Shannon McKenna and Joni Regency Times. From
Rendon Novel Destinations: Literary an exhibition during
Landmarks from Jane Austen's Bath to Ernest the Overton Regency
Hemingway's Key West. Fwd by Matthew Sheep Fair 2008.
Pearl. Literary Landmarks from Jane Austen's With illustrations by
Bath to Ernest Hemingway's Key West. A Rosemary Trollope. A
luxurious travel book. Whether you are in lovely big (11 3/4 by
Prague, London, Bath, New York, or Moscow, there is bound to 8 1/8) colorful book
be a site of literary interest around the corner. This book is full of full of information about Jane's stomping grounds, including the
information for the travelling book-lover. Published by National census, topics like poverty, churches, schools, farming, industry,
Geographic. 2009. Paper. NEW. $11.00 the militia, and a painting of the home of brother James Austen
before he inherited Steventon. Publ by Richard Waldram, printed
16300 Stebbins, Lucy Poate London Ladies: True Tales of the
and published in Hampshire. 2008. NEW. $15.00
Eighteenth Century. Insight into Austen's period oozes out of the
pages in this book of brief biographies of several famous women. 14151 Willoughby, Rupert Sherborne St. John and the Vyne in
Martha Ray, Elizabeth Inchbald, Amelia Opie, Sally and Maria the Time of Jane Austen This is the story of Sherborne on the
Siddons, Dorothea Lieven, Jane Welsh. Extensive bibliography for brink of change. The medieval landscape and way of life that still
each chapter. Black cloth, no jacket, spine slightly faded. VG existed during Austen's lifetime was soon to change forever
condition. Columbia University Press, NY. 1952. USED. $12.00 under Squire Chute of the Vyne. Published by the Author in
15098 Townsend, Terry Jane Austen's Hampshire. A journey of Hampshire, England. 67 pgs. Paper. NEW. $20. ALSO 14151-1
discovery through the lovely iconic English shire where Jane Signed by Author. 67 pgs. Paper. USED. $20.00
Austen spent most of her life and where she wrote. This fresh
new display book is full of lush color illustrations. The author,

Jane Austen Books
Wonderful collection of writings by such notables as Brian
Southam, Lionel Trilling, John Wiltshire, E.M.Forster, Fay
15878 Apperson, George Latimer A Jane Weldon, Virginia Woolf, Anna Quindlen, Kingsley Amis... Lovely
Austen Dictionary. Apperson [1857-1937] was dust jacket too. Random House, NY. 2009. NEW. $15.00 ALSO
editor of The Antiquary from 1899 to 1915, 2010. Paper. NEW. $10.00
and a major contributor to the Oxford English 12236 Chapman, R. W. Jane Austen: A Critical Bibliography May
Dictionary. His goal for this work was to be X Lib or but all copies in VG condition. Important for
include "the name of every person, place, bibliographical collections. Oxford at the Clarendon Press. 1953,
book and author named in Austen's novels, 1955. Small Hb. USED. $35.00
fragments and juvenilia." He also added
biographical information from the 1913 Jane 14872 Chapman, R. W. Jane Austen: Facts and Problems. The
Austen: Her Life and Letters. This fascinating resource, originally Clark Lectures. The Clark Lectures. Trinity College, Cambridge,
published in 1932, is reproduced digitally in facsimile as part of 1948. Chapman described this collection of essays as "neither
the Cambridge Library Collection, Cambridge UP. Paper. 2015. biography nor systematic criticism, but an attempt to marshal
NEW. $25.00 the evidence and state the problems, biographical or critical,
that confront the inquiring Janeite." Dark blue cloth cover, gray
16194 Bander, Elaine A Commonplace Book for Fanny Price. dust jacket. Bibliography, chronology, iconography, a survey of
Published for the Montreal AGM. Mansfield Park in Montreal: criticism to 1948, and notes on the novels. Excellent condition.
Contexts, Conventions & Controversies. Bander puts her years of 224 pgs. Hb, Dj. USED. $35.00
research into Austen, the time period, and Fanny Price to
assemble this imagined but well-informed Commonplace Book 12567 Collins, Irene Jane Austen the
to illustrate what Fanny might have read and copied into her Parson's Daughter. Shows how Austen's
treasured journal. With an extensive introduction describing the upbringing in her clergyman father's
commonplace book and books of extracts. List of sources home formed her thoughts and her
includes lesser-known writers and anonymous entries. Bander writing. Delves into issues of class, the
figures you can fill in Johnson, Cowper, and Scott. 38 pages, 8 war, religion. Signed by author to
1/2 x 11. Hartfield Editions, Montreal. 2014. NEW. $8.00 previous owner. Hambledon Press. Hb,
dj. USED. $25.00
14285 Barchas, Janine Matters of Fact in Jane
Austen: History, Location, and Celebrity. 10380-1 Collins, Irene Jane Austen and
Shows us how Jane Austen was clued into the the Clergy. Irene Collins is a wonderful
celebrity popular culture and history of her writer and her books have long been
times. A careful study of the names she used favorites of ours. No JA library is complete without them.
and words she selected shows how historical, Illustrations, notes, bibliography, appendix,
political and glam themes are present index. This book examines the importance of
throughout Austen's novels. This knowledge Jane Austen's clerical background and explains
makes them even funnier, even more the clergy in her novels: Patronage, Manners and
prescient, and even more deep than we Morals, the Clergy and the Neighborhood, more.
already knew! Johns Hopkins, 2012. Hb, Dj. NEW. $40.00 Hb, Dj in excellent condition. Hambledon Press,
London and Rio Grande. 1994. USED. $35.00
13861 Brownstein, Rachel M. Why Jane
Austen? Fay Weldon calls this book a "vital 12099-1 Copeland, Edward & Juliet McMaster,
handbook for Janeites" and "both a Eds. The Cambridge Companion to Jane Austen With seven new
storehouse of diverting facts and a history of essays! Updated for the 21st century reader. Cambridge
literary obsession...". Through her own University Press, paper, 2nd Edition, 2011. NEW $25.00.
experiences as Austen teacher, fan, and
14312 Dow, Gillian and Clare Hanson, Eds. Uses of Austen. Jane
student, and through her rigorous research,
Austen has been important to soldiers in times of war, paraded
Brownstein enhances our appreciation for for
as a feminist, deemed most conservative, found to be the first
Austen by showing us how she has been
modern novelist, and read as classical. Now she has gone beyond
apprecicriticized, and exploited. Columbia
appreciated, revered, postfeminist and is on the global stage, in policital discoure on
University Press, NY. Hb, Dj. NEW. $27.00 ALSO 13861- 1 Paper. the internet, a symbol for Englishness and for Western ideals.
NEW. $20.00 This collection of essays explores these developments. Dow is
14884 Butler, Marilyn Jane Austen and the War of Ideas. A Director of Research at Chawton House Library and Lecturer in
must-have for Austen scholars. First published in 1975. An English at Uniof Southampton. Hanson is
attempt to set Austen in her times, looks at her art as both Professor of 20th c Lit at Uni of Southampton.
conservative and radical. With a lengthy introduction Butler Palgrave Macmillan, Hb. NEW. $79.00
wrote in 1987, responding to the new wave of feminist literary 14729 Duquette, Natasha and Elisabeth
criticism. Print on demand. Oxford UP. Paper. NEW. $50.00 Lenckos, Eds. Jane Austen and the Arts. This
12333 Carson, Susannah, Ed. A Truth Universally superb collection of essays is a must-have for
Acknowledged: 33 Great Writers on Why We Read Jane Austen. serious Austen scholars. These essays explore
Foreword by Harold Bloom. Introduction by Susannah Carson. Austen's connections to Edmund Burke, Adam

Jane Austen Books
Smith, Geothe, Madame de Stael, Rousseau, and many other Austen used in her novels. Paper. Signed by author to previous
writers involved in debating the intellectual judgment of art. owner. Blaise Books, Bristol: 2002. 79 pgs. Paper. USED. $15.00
Austen emerges as a artist who created her own post-
12351-2 LeFaye, Deirdre Jane Austen: The World of Her Novels
Enlightenment aesthetic system. Contributors include Diane
Gorgeous book with beautiful illustrations & maps throughout.
Capitani, Jeffrey Nigro, Lenckos, and others. Lehigh University
Gives an overview of the times, discusses England's place in the
Press. List price $80.00. Hb. NEW. $70.00
world, and delves into each novel. Paperback edition on heavy,
14573 Evans, Mary Jane Austen and the State. Argues that glossy paper. Frances Lincoln, London, 2003. NEW. $19.00
Austen does not endorse conservative views in her writing.
12141 Lynch, Deirdre, Ed Janeites: Austen's Disciples and
Rather, she finds that Austen advances a radical critique of
Devotees Leading scholarship has branched out from studying
bourgeois capitalism, with concern for women's rights and views.
Jane herself to studying her disciples. This excellent collection of
Morality and politics. Tavistock Publications Ltd., with Methuen,
essays explores her reception from the beginning to the late
London and NY. 1987. Paper. Previous owner's name inside
20th century. Benedict, Favret, Fraiman, Galperin, Claudia
front, otherwise near fine. USED. $25.00
Johnson, Lynch, O'Farrell, Sales, Trumpener, and Tuite.
10624-2 Gilson, David A Bibliography of Jane Princeton. 2000. Paper. USED. $20.00
Austen. This is the only bibliography you will
15444 Malcolm, Gabrielle, Ed. Fan
ever need - and you will wonder how you
Phenomena: Jane Austen. Essential reading
managed without it. Arranged in sections so
for Austen admirers. A collection of essays
that you can easily find any book. Read all
from writers and critics that consider the
about the various editions of Jane's works -
culture surrounding Austen's novels.
read stories of the famous and celebrated
Alexandra Edwards, Jennifer Malia, Scott
owners of her works. Includes books about
Caddy, Carl Wilson, Rebecca White, Lindsay
Jane as well as her own works. The books are
Seater, Allison Thompson, Joanna Turner,
categorized A through M. This edition is an exact reprint of the
Gabrielle Malcolm, Eleonora Capra, Chris
first edition (books listed to 1978, published in 1982), with a new
Loutitt. Topics from fan fiction and mashups
front section summarizing important works published after that
to Austen in the Digital Age, Darcymania, crafts a la Austen, and
date to 1995. Out of Print. Oak Knoll Press, 1997, Hb, dj. 877 pgs.
much more. U of Chicago Press. 2015. Pb. NEW. $20.00
NEW. $95.00
14973 Mudrick, Marvin Jane Austen: Irony as Defense and
15079-1 Hawkridge, Audrey Jane and her Gentlemen: Jane
Discovery. Near fine. Mr. Mudrick threw out 100 years of
Austen and the Men in Her Life and Novels. The author of
thinking about Austen when he published this analysis of her
several books about Austen has delved into her relationships
development of a personal style of irony, which he presents as
with men - not just brothers, father, cousins, but also romantic
the vital principle of her art. Princeton University Press, 1952 1st
relationships and friendships outside the family - to show how
ed, Hb, Dj, Mylar cover. USED. $75.00
she developed her keen understanding of the world of men. And
of course, how she developed the most beloved heroes of all 10081-1 Myer, Valerie Grosvenor Jane Austen: Obstinate Heart
time in her novels. Clean paperback. Owen Publishers, London: "Jane Austen spent her entire life as a poor relation. She lived on
2002. Paper. $10.00 the outside looking in." A thorough, clear biography, certainly
not all doom and gloom as this quote from the author suggests.
14108 Johnson, Claudia Jane Austen's Cults and Cultures.
16 pages glossy illustrations including family, landscapes,
Johnson here delivers a masterpiece on the development of the
costumes, and the quilt. Myer stays close to the letters and
Cult of Austen, from soldiers in the trenches of both World Wars
history, while bringing Jane and her family to life. Arcade, 1997,
to Hollywood fans.U of Chicago. Hb, Dj. 2012. NEW $35.00 ALSO
hb, dj. NEW. $15.00
14108-1 Paper. NEW $22.00
11220 Powell, Violet A Jane Austen Compendium. Lady Violet
16392 Kelly, Helena Jane Austen, the
Powell takes the reader through each of the six novels with a
Secret Radical. Oxford professor Kelly
keen eye and clear reporting. She views the characters as
brings us straight into Austen's life,
personal friends. Very good condition 1st edition. Top of pages
appealingly, novelistically, and packing in
stained green to match dj and boards. Handsome gilt title on
the history to convince us that Austen's
spine. Ribbon bookmark. Tasteful jacket. A real collector's
fiction was not only a serious artistic
treasure. Hb, Dj. Heinemann: London, 1993. USED. $25.00
treatment of the novel, pushing it
forward into modern times, but also 11709 Quin, Vera In Paris with Jane Austen.
radical, roiling with subjects pulsing just Takes us to Paris and Geneva where Austen's
under and not-so-under the surface. work was published in translation soon after its
Corruption in the church, the mortality English debut. Quin also explains the world in
of motherhood, the poverty induced by enclosure, the evil crime which these novels were launched, French
of slavery, all are brought forward in this very readable narrative. women writers of the time, the background of
Alfred A. Knopf first US edition, 2017. Hb, Dj. NEW. $25.00 the French Revolution, religious and political
issues that affected Austen's reception. With
13110 Lane, Maggie Jane Austen and Names. Desirable and
beautiful maps by Veronique Yapp, so you can visit sites
difficult to find. Background on history of names up to Austen's
mentioned in the text on your walking tours. Paper. 2005. NEW.
time, Austen's own taste in names, and analysis of all the names
Jane Austen Books
13889 Rowlatt, Bee and May Witwit Talking About Jane Austen 11240 Southam, Brian Jane Austen's Literary Manuscripts.
in Baghdad: The True Story of an Unlikely Friendship May is an Includes discussion of the connection between Austen's life and
Iraqi professor teaching Brit Lit to university women. Bee is a art. Increases our appreciation of Jane Austen's development as
London mum of three. When Bee contacts May for an interview, an artist. Juvenilia, minor works. Athlone Press, London 2001.
the women develop a confiding correspondence and hatch a Paper. NEW. $37.00
daring plot. This book is a collection of their emails. A true,
11443 Southam, Brian Writers and Their Work: Jane Austen Add
timely story of friendship that is in turns poignant, frightening,
to your Southam/Austen collection. This is the 1976 reprint of
and funny. Penguin, Paper. 2010. NEW. $12.00
the 1975 1st ed, with additions to the bibliography. With light
15443 Sabor, Peter, Ed. The Cambridge penciled marginalia that enhances the text by the previous
Companion to Emma. Cambridge issued this owner. Longman, Essex, 1976. 60 pgs, paper. USED. $15.00
gem just in time for Emma's 200th birthday.
11444 Southam, Brian Jane Austen. A Students' Guide to the
She'd be so pleased! With essays by Fergus,
Later Manuscript Works. Some of the work herein was prepared
Tandon, Sachs, Hume, Copeland, Bree,
for the new Cambridge Edition, which contract "was later
Wiltshire, Barchas, Perry, Heydt-Stevenson,
terminated." "The Later Pieces" does not include the Juvenilia.
Dow, and Lynch. Covers topics from the
Southam's expertise will be sorely missed. The Prayers, the
literary to the historical, from music to
Poems, the larger fragments. 2007. Paper. NEW. $35.00
charades. Cambridge UP. Paper. 2015. NEW.
$24.00 15128 Sullivan, Maggie Jane
Austen Cover to Cover: 200
11366 Schelling, Felix E. Appraisements and Asperities: As to
Years of Classic Covers. Every
Some Contemporary Writers Schelling was Professor of English
booklover's dream! Full color
Lit in the Uni of Pennsylvania. The book is a series of articles that
illustrations of covers from
originally appeared in columns of The Evening Public Ledger of
various publishers, combined
Philadelphia. The reviews cover poetry, fiction, essays and
with historical commentary
drama, biography, anthropology, philosophy and education. The
and trivia about Austen and
essay on Austen is called "The Veritable Queen of English
her novels. The range of design is inspiring. 224 pages. Blue cloth
Fiction" and deals with a defense by "Miss Austen-Leigh." Our
spine with paper covers. Perfect gift, but you'll want your own.
favorite quote: "The subject is nothing; it is the degree to which
Quirk Books. 2014.List $24.95. NEW. $20.00
the thing undertaken approaches perfection that counts." With
commentary on Walpole, Johnson, Scott, Henry James, many 16266 Tandon, Bharat Jane Austen and the Morality of
more. 200 pgs. Blue paper, beige cloth spine, worn paper labels, Conversation. An investigation of how Austen worked with and
loosening spine, clean white pages, stamp from a college library played upon the issues current in her time
inside front cover. J. B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia and regarding the art of polite conversation. Gives
London. 1922, USED. $12.00 historical context to her wit and wisdom. The
result is increased appreciation of Austen's
16333 Scott, Jennifer After Jane: A Review of the Continuations
status. Tandon also evaluates readers's
and Completions of Jane Austen's Novels. In 1998 it was still
reactions to Austen over time, up to the early
possible to put together a booklet like this
21st century. Lively and accessible. Anthem
in 71 pages. A compilation that focuses on
Press. 2003. Paper. NEW. $29.00
continuations and completions only (no
fiction that features Jane herself, for 13479 Teachman, Debra Student Companion to Jane Austen Full
example). Price reduced due to condition. length critical study of her works. Includes bio, novels, criticism.
Cover with light stain, light pencil marks Beautiful cover on this sturdy hardback. Greenwood Press,
throughout. Published by author in Westport and London. 2000. NEW. $30.00
Lincolnshire. 1998. Pamphlet. USED. $7.00
13482 Teachman, Debra Understanding Pride and Prejudice: A
11388-2 Selwyn, David Jane Austen and Student Casebook to Issues, Sources, and Historical Documents.
Leisure. Austen's novels portray a leisured Combines excerpts from primary documents of Austen's own
society of gentlemen and ladies who do time with analysis of P&P. Etiquette guides, legal documents,
not need to work. The proper use of leisure, where family and moral treatises, newspapers and other sources give background
marriage for the propertied was of central importance, was a to the novel. Each section contains study questions, topics for
vital test of character. Topics of music, dancing, seaside resorts, research papers and class discussion, and further reading. The
books, theatricals, needlework, and more. 50 pgs notes. Digitally Greenwood Press "Literature in Context" Series. 163 pgs, Hb.
reprinted 2004 from the 1999 copyright. This time published Greenwood Press, West Haven, London. 1997. NEW. $50.00
without dust jacket, with beautifully illustrated cover. Hb. NEW.
13480 Thompson, James Bewteen Self and World: The Novels of
Jane Austen. A detailed historical analysis of Austen's novels
11440-1 Southam, B. C. Ed. Jane Austen. The Critical Heritage. exploring the relationship between private and public life
Southam was the expert. A survey that has become one of the characteristic of her time. Relates many aspects of her writing to
most important books on Austen. Starting wih review of the emerging sense of the individual. Pennsylvania State Uni
SS(1811), PP, MP, E, and NA and P, continuing with important Press, University Park and London. 216 pgs. Hb, Dj. 1988. USED.
essays through 1870. This book became known as Volume 1 of $40.00
the Critical Heritage. 1st ed. 1968. Hb, dj. NEW/USED. $85.00
Jane Austen Books
15445 Thompson, James Jane Austen and Modernization:
Sociological Readings. The development and institutionalization
of sociology runs parallel to a major development in thinking 16386 Anonymous Advice to the Officers of the British Army.
about Austen, and the way people think about the worth of the "With the Addition of some Hints to the Drummer and Private
individual. Thompson claims it took sociologists a century to Soldier." No publisher given. This 1975 facsimile reprent of the
catch up wtih Austen. Six major sociological thinkers from late 1783 Sixth Edition appears as it would have in 1783.This cynical
19th to mid-20th centuries are treated in this text. Palgrave treatment of military pomposity and avarice, with its emphasis
Macmillan. 2015. Hb. List for $90. NEW. $65.00 on the hypocrisy that certainly arises when position is more
13380 Todd, Janet, Ed. Jane Austen in Context. often determined by "connection" than by merit nonetheless
(Cambridge Ed. of Works of Jane Austen.) was still popular well into the 20th century. Any officer or soldier
Generously illustrated collection of 40 short may read it with delight, except for the chapter that refers to his
essays covering biography, bibliography, own rank, of course. Pristine except the cover has a few small
criticism, fashion, transportation, and more. A stains and sticker stain. We are positive Wickham kept one in his
great reference readers will return to again and pocket and had many a fine laugh over its pages. Blue wrap small
again. By trusted sources including David paperback. No publisher, all is anonymous. USED. $20.00
Gilson, Maggie Lane, Deirdre Le Faye, Jan 14998 Besant, Sir Walter London in the Eighteenth Century. A
Fergus, Paula Byrne, David Selwyn, and many massive book (11 1/2 by 9 by 2 1/2 inches). Burgundy pebbled
more. Cambridge UP. 2005. Paper. NEW. $35.00 cloth. Gilt title. 667 pgs plus foldout map pasted in the back.
14715 Todd, Janet, Ed. The Cambridge Originally published in 1901. Packed full of b&w illustrations.
Companion to 'Pride and Prejudice.' The first Very slight fading to the spine and a little bumping at top and
time Cambridge has published a book in their bottom, otherwise in beautiful condition. Social history
Companion series dedicated to just one novel. addressing everything from church to clothes to the French
This is evidence of the influence and Revolution. Cost of living, food and drink, street conditions,
importance, as well as the popularity of superstitions, imports and exports, there is a chapter on
Austen's most translated, adapted, filmed, "coarseness" and plenty more on manners. A & C Black, London.
staged, and read novel. Chapters and essays 1925. USED. $75.00
on crtical reception, adaptations, fandom. Key 16356 Brewer, John The Pleasures of the
themes and topics explored in detail. Cambridge UP. 2013. Imagination: English Culture in the
Paper. List price $24.99. NEW. $21.00 Eighteenth Century. This landmark book
12490 Wiltshire, John Recreating Jane Austen. John Wiltshire is shows how artists, amateurs, entrepreneurs,
one of our favorite authors. In this book he explores the way and audiences transformed England by
Jane Austen is interpreted today in film and television building a thriving national culture. Literature,
adaptations that bring her work into our culture. More relevant music, and the theatre all explored. Not only
than ever. Cambridge UP, 2001, Paper. List price $32.99. NEW. giants of the age - Johnson, Reynolds, Garrick,
$30.00 Handel, but also lesser-known figures are
covered. 712 pgs. Packed with illustrations. Extensive
14717 Wiltshire, John Jane Austen and the bibliography and index. Very good condition. Farrar Straus
Body. One of our favorite Austen scholars Giroux, NY. Hb, Dj. USED. $20.00
shows how her novels really are full of the
physical, from Mrs Bennet, Mary Musgrove 16358 Brill, Edith Cotswold Ways. Illustrated by Michael
and Mr Woodhouse complaining to Stainton in beautiful pen & ink drawings. Describes life in the
descriptions of young ladies' health. Think of 20th century in this lovely area of Britain, steeped in history.
contrasting characters like Emma Woodhouse Jacket sunned. Robert Hale Limited, London. Hb, Dj. USED.
and Lydia Bennet. Wiltshire examines how talk $10.00
about health operates in contexts of politics, 16382 British Heritage British Heritage November 2004 Feature
gender, and social concerns. Reprint of the 1992 original. article "Jane Austen: At Home in Hampshire" by Jim Hargan. Also
Cambridge UP. Paper. 2006. List price $39.99. NEW. $35.00 includes "Harry Potter's Scotland," an article on portraitists from
15091 Wiltshire, John The Hidden Jane Austen. 18th century Bath, and mosaics of Roman Britain. Excellent
A new book from one of our favorite authors! condition. USED. $7.00
Repeat readers of Austen know she was the first 16383 British Tourist Authority In Britain: The
psychologist before psychology was invented. Magazine of the BTA January 1997. Colin
Wiltshire unpacks the careful structure of her Firth and Jennifer Ehle on the cover as Mr
novels' passages, showing how she choses her Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. Feature article
words to create the illusion of simple surface visits locations from the filming of the popular
events and thoughts, while conveying a wealth TV series, with behind-the-scenes information
of complexity below the surface. You'll want to read all the about the making of the movie. Includes 7
novels one more time. Cambridge UP. paper. 2014. NEW. $27.00 additional articles about the UK plus the
regular In Britain features. Excellent
condition. USED. $8.00

Jane Austen Books
15767 Collins, Marie and William Caxton Caxton: The 16357 Kelly, Thomas History of Public Libraries in Great Britain
Description of Britain. Caxton scoured a 14th century Middle 1845-1965. The development of the library is one of the most
English translation of the Latin Polychronicon (Universal History) important processes that led to modern culture. Illustration,
for all references to Britain, which he compiled and published in extensive bibliography, index. Excellent condition. The Library
1480. It immediately became a best-seller. Collins has Association, London. 1973. Hb, Dj. USED. $20.00
modernized the text to make it available to modern readers for
16299 Kolpas, Norman, Consulting Editor
the first time. Enjoy this delightful view of British history from
Britain: The Queen, Cricket, Sherlock
the perspective of the Late Middle Ages, accompanied by color
Holmes, and Other Things Indubitably
medieval illustrations, with modern illustrations and aerial
British. Oversized illustrated display of
photographs to boot. On quality heavy paper, bright and clean.
photos with text written by a team of British
Jacket with slight shelf wear, and gift inscription inside front
experts, this book gets to the heart of
cover to previous owner. Great fun for the serious historian and
sophistication and pop culture, history and
casual Anglophile alike. Weidenfeld & Nicolson, NY. 1988. Hb, Dj.
literature, fashion and music, and of course some fish and chips
USED. $8.00
and lager ale, or high tea if you prefer. Other than a few slight
16306 Cooper, Michael 'A More Beautiful wrinkles in the jacket and previous owner's name inside front,
City': Robert Hooke and the Rebuilding of excellent condition. Running Press. 1987. Hb, Dj. USED. $9.00
London after the Great Fire. This beautiful
16263 McApline, Fraser Stuff Brits Like: A
book, full of illustrations, brings to the
Guide to What's Great about Great Britain.
forefront Robert Hooke, a great architect who
Prepare for the next pub quiz. Or, a witty,
has been overshadowed historically by his
highly entertaining way to prepare for your
contemporaries Christopher Wren and Sir Isaac
relocation to the UK. Penguin. Paper. 2015.
Newton. Endnotes, bibliography, index. Printed
NEW. $7.00
on heavy paper. Like new, barely opened.
Sutton Publishing, UK. Hb, Dj. 2003. USED. $10.00 12392-2 Morgan, Kenneth O. The Oxford
Illustrated History of Britain. It's been described as the last
16398 Fussell, G.E. and K. R. The English
history of Britain that needed to be written. This beautifully
Countrywoman: Her Life in Farm and Field
illustrated volume covers 2000 years in 640 pages. Consensus
from Tudor Times to the Victorian Age.
and conflict, culture, nationality and patriotism, the influence of
Originally published in 1953, this reprint dates
being part and yet not part of Europe, all these factors form
from 1981. A thoroughly researched resource
threads that flow through this entertaining yet thorough volume.
on lives of English women of manor, cottage,
Almost like new. Oxford UP. 1984. Hb, Dj. USED. $15.00
or farmhouse. Women worked in field, dairy,
still-room, and kitchen. Details of child- 14844 Morley, Frank Literary Britain: A Reader's Guide to Its
rearing, servants, cooking, clothing, social Writers and Landmarks. The illustrious author, no doubt both a
customs and attitudes toward marriage are all covered in detail. bibliophile and an anglophile, has created a lovely thick book
Illustrated. Beautiful jacket protected in mylar. VG condition. that is about the development of the English language and
Orbis Publishing, London. Hb, Dj. USED. $15.00 literature from local places, Not at all just a travel book. A key
ingredient for your literary library. Several Austen references.
16385 Head, Mrs. Henry The Weather Calendar; or A Record of
Hb, Dj. Harper & Row. 1980. USED. $20.00
the Weather for Every Day of the Year. Scarce, seldom available.
1998 reprint of 1917 edition. Small blue wrap 159 pg. paperback. 16401 Nicolson, Adam Sissinghurst: An Unfinished History. "The
Starting January 1, diary entries describing the weather pulled Quest to Restore a Working Farm at Vita Sackville-West's
from a variety of sources between the mid 16th and the mid Legendary Garden." A moving personal and family biography,
19th centuries. Among the contributors are Austen,Boswell, that also takes in the long history of this lovely location, from
Delany, Johnson, Pepys, Piozzi, Scott, Swift, Walpole, Dorothy ancient times to his modern struggles to turn a frozen tourist
Wordsworth. Near fine, hardly opened, with sticker residue on attraction back into a working farm. Nicolson is such a skilled
back cover. Pryor Publications, Whistatble, Walsall. Paper. USED. author of his own right, showing that he inherited more than his
$45.00 love for the castle's land from his famous grandmother. Like
new. 1st US edition. Viking. 2010. Hb, Dj. USED. $12.00 AND
16281 Horn, D. B. English Historical Documents 1714-1815.
16402 Like new. 1st Canadian edition. McClelland & Stewart.
"Being a selection by D. B. Horn, Professor of Modern History in
2008. Hb, Dj. USED. $12.00
the University of Edinburgh of documents from English Historical
Documents Volumes X and XI published by Eyre & Spottiswoode 10776 Palmer, William T. The English Lakes: Black's Popular
Ltd." This compilation of documents is intended to support Series of Colour Books. Paintings by A. Heaton Cooper. Every
teaching the fifth and sixth form, but is also a lively resource for plate in this book is a beautiful little painting. Blue cover is
non-students interested in the history of the period. Enclosures, embossed in a repeating shield pattern. Gilt title on spine. Large
Methodists, the anti-slavery movement, Warren Hastings, the stain on back cover, otherwiseVG. All pages, text and paintings
Treaty of Paris, parliamentary reform, colonies, and many other are clear, clean and bright. A & C Black Ltd, London. 1925. USED.
topics are illuminated by use of original documents. Illustrated. $10.00
Very good condition. DJ price clipped and with a few small tears.
16384 Realm Realm: Britain's Rich Past and Historic Present
Methuen, London. 1967. Hb, Dj. USED. $15.00
April 2008. "Authors at Home: Jane Austen" by Jane Peyton
covers locations in Hampshire, Chawton, Portsmouth,
Jane Austen Books
Winchester, Vyne House, Bath. Describes the JA Heritage Trail. 402 pgs. Also shows University Press, Cambridge, John Wilson &
Additional articles cover the Lake District, the Chilterns, a London Son in back page. USED. $40.00
guide, much more. USED. $7.00
16286 Kent, David A. and D. R. Ewen, Editors
14724 Rocque, John and John Pine Rocque's Romantic Parodies, 1797-1831. Foreword by
Map of Georgian London 1746. This plan of Linda Hutcheon. First collection of literary
mid-18th century London was the most parodies that focuses on this narrow period. No
detailed of its time. A collaboration between Romantic writer was untouched by parody, as
renowned surveyor John Rocque and subject, author, or both. Most parodies were
engraver John Pine, first published in 1746, it written to discredit the Romantics. Discover the
extends from Vauxhall to Knightsbridge and rich background to the most clever parody of all,
Hyde Park. Four sheets. Over 5500 street and Austen's Northanger Abbey, which is barely mentioned in this
place names, churches, markets, barracks, book. Like new, signed by authors in 1992. Fairleigh Dickinson
parks, bridges, workhouses, schools, prisons, much more. Clearly University Press. 1992. Hb, Dj. USED. $45.00
an aid to research. When you are working on your novel, make
11151 Parrott, E. O., Ed. How to Become Ridiculously Well-Read
sure your locations are correct! Comes in a beautifully decorated
in One Evening: A Collection of Literary Encapsulations.
box. 2013. List $39.95. NEW. $35.00
Entertaining poems of novels by various authors, in alphabetical
11384 Sedgwick, Henry Dwight Madame Recamier: The order by novelist, take the student (whomever the student
Biography of a Flirt. Madame Recamier was a girl duing the happens to be) through literature at whirlwind speed. A single-
Frnech Revolution, grew up during the Napoleonic Wars, and verse sonnet captures Pride and Prejudice. Waiting for Godot
lived into the era of the Second Republic and the Bourbons. She takes about a page. Portnoy's Complaint is eight couplets. Quick
knew many important people of the period, often to her joy and and humorous way to digest about 150 of the best-known books
sometimes to her detriment. The Bobs-Merrill Co., Indianapolis. in English, with a few foreign books thrown in. Hb, Dj. Viking.
1940. First Edition. Hb, Dj. VG. USED. $18.00 1985. USED. $5.00
16351 Seyler, Dorothy U. The Obelisk and the 16309 Phillips, A. H. Georgian Scrapbook, Being a Most
Englishman: The Pioneering Discoveries of Diverting Miscellany of Divers Curious Items Pertaining to Their
Egyptologist William Bankes. The British dove Most Excellent Majesties the Four Georges of Gt. Britain and
into Egyptology in the early nineteenth century. Hanover. A compilation of the writings of "historians, editors,
Bankes was a leading player in this movement diarists, letter-writers and Grub Street scribblers" combined with
both in Egypt and later in England. He explored contemporary cartoons and artwork by the likes of Gillray and
areas no other European had visited, making Rowlandson combine to make this "light-hearted attempt at
drawings and site plans along the way. An letting a lusty era speak for itself." T. Werner Laurie Limited,
engaging tale of Regency England. Prometheus Books, 2015. Hb, London. Hb, Dj protected in mylar. 1949. USED. $25.00
Dj. NEW. $14.00
14803 Royal, Sarah and Jillian Hofer Thou Spleeny Swag-Bellied
16359 Shelley, Henry C. Untrodden English Ways. Miscreant: Create Your Own Shakespearean Insults. This is too
This perfectly preserved guide to lesser known much fun. A pretty ring binder decorated with the Bard's
treasures of England has many full-page plates, portrait, with tons of great Shakespearean words arranged so
some color. The pale blue cloth cover is that you can flip them to construct an almost infinite variety of
decorated with a gilt embossed sketch. Chapters insults. It just fell open to
like Bunhill Fields, Bath and its Baths, Fair Devon, "cankered muddy-mettled Jack-
John Keble's Hursley, In the Lincolnshire Fens, anapes." Here's another one -
and many more. Little, Brown, and Company, "Pernicious Fly-bitten Bum-
Boston. 1908. Protected in mylar. USED. $20.00 baily." We could keep going all
day! Running Press. 2014. NEW.
12643 White, Colin, and The 1805 Club The
Trafalgar Captains: Their Lives and Memorials.
Nelson's fame has overshadowed those who 11383 Sedgwick, Catharine Maria Hope Leslie, or Early Times in
served with him at Trafalgar. Lushly illustrated Massachusetts. First published in 1827, this historical romance
book includes brief biographies of the 38 officers, set mostly in 1643 involves Puritans, Native Americans, women's
with descriptions and photos of their graves and rights, and other stunningly modern ideas. Some Underlining.
monuments. With directions to visit the graves, Mary Kelley, Editor. Rutgers UP. 1987. Hb, Dj. USED. $10.00
also serves as a travel guide. Naval Institute Press,
12968 Vare, Robert, Ed. The American Idea: The Best of the
Annapolis, MD. 2005. Paper. NEW. $18.00
Atlantic Monthly. 150 Years of Writers and Thinkers Who
Shaped Our History. Articles, poems, and fiction by Oliver
Wendell Holmes, Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King Jr., Saul
10497 Eliot, George George Eliot's Complete Works, Illustrated. Bellow, W.E.B. DuBois, Albert Einstein, and many more illustrious
Romola and Silas Marner. Illustrated: Romola and Silas Marner. authors who wrote for the Atlantic between 1857 and 2007.
2 vols of Romola and 1 vol Silas Marner bound together. Leather Their defining articles shaped the values of public life, pluralism,
maroon gilt decorated spine with marbled boards. Front board and democracy that created the American experience. Publ. at
loosening. Thomas Y Crowell & Company, NY & Boston, no date. $35. 2007. Hb, dj. NEW. $10.00

Jane Austen Books
was transforming to become noted for style and pleasure rather
than for need. Natural simplicity evolved in the 20th century.
16380 Coombs, Katherine The Portrait Miniature in England. Large paperback full of photos. Front top corner bent. Penguin.
Features pieces from the V&A collection. Highly readable yet 1970 reprinted 1987. USED. $4.00
authoritative account of the history of this art form that 12034 Ince, William and John Mayhew
flourished in Britain for nearly 400 years. Oversized art book. Authentic Georgian Furniture Designs:
Bottom of DJ a little wrinkled. Black cloth, gilt title. V&A Universal System of Household Furniture,
Publications, London. 1998. Hb, Dj. USED. $10.00 1762. An unabridged republication of the
16285 Davidson, Caroline A Woman's Work is Never Done: A original 1762 publication titled "The Universal
History of Housework in the British Isles 1650-1950. Illustrated. System of Household Furniture." 1998. Dover.
Academic, deeply sourced with rich endnotes and index, yet Paper. NEW. $14.00
wonderfully entertaining. The effects on women's lives of rapid 16003 Lathan, Sharon Regency Prints Refined: A Lady's
urbanization and industrialization, the way the development of Diversions. This collection of fashion plates is taken from
utilities affected domestic life, and other topics are covered in Costume Parisien, La Belle Assemblee, Ackerman's Repository,
depth for the three centuries when Britain, before any other and other magazines printed between 1790 and 1825. The prints
country, entered the industrial age. VG condition. Previous have been graphically restored and cleaned up. They were used
owner signature. Jacket is like new. Chatto & Windus, London. to decorate tables at the 2015 JASNA AGM in Louisville. With
1982. Hb, Dj. USED. $25.00 text and translated captions for each print. 56 pgs. TSBO
10612 Gilbert, Christopher Late Georgian Publications, 2015. Paper. NEW. $12.00
and Regency Furniture. Become a collector. 13633 Parissien, Steven The Georgian House in America and
Or, make sure the descriptions of furniture Britain An expert describes the development of Geogian style,
in your Regency romance novel are correct. describes each element of the house, and gives practical advice
Includes chapter explaining how the for the preservationist, architect, or decorator. A beautiful book.
furniture was made. Illustrations and 240 pgs, Hb, Dj. Rizzoli International Publ. 1995. Sealed in
descriptions of the furniture Austen's publisher's shrink wrap. NEW. $35.00
contemporaries would have known and
loved. Country Life Collector's Guides. Little 14772 Phagan, Patricia Thomas Rowlandson:
book to slip in your pocket. Distributed in Pleasures and Pursuits in Georgian England.
US by Transatlantic Arts, Inc. 1972. Hb, Dj. Mylar. USED. $6.00 With essays by Vic Gatrell and Amelia Rauser.
Oversized art book. Rowlandson (1757-1827)
16360 Hartcup, Adeline Children of the Great Country Houses. recorded London life with humor and a
Insight into the lively top floor of great houses of the 19th human touch. The intro, captions, and essays
century, where nurses, governesses and tutors ruled. Examines provide important background. Political and
relationships with parents, education, religion, death, health, social satire at its best. What were Tom
rank and class, and more. The second part of the book zeroes in Bertram and his friends up to? Giles. Hb, Dj.
on five families: the Cecils, Howards, Russells, and Lytteltons, Publ at $59.95. NEW. $48.00
and Gladstones. Full of illustrations that follow the century's
evolution from paintings to photography, as we go from 14131 Poole, Julia E. English Pottery Each of the 64 plates in this
Lawrence's portrait of Lord Byron as a boy (when butter couldn't luxurious book are on the right-hand page. The left-hand page
melt in his mouth) to photos of nurses pushing prams through contains the illuminating text, with history, context, method,
Hyde Park. Bibliography and index. Beautiful jacket. Excellent artist all explored. With a helpful introduction and glossary.
condition. Sidgwick & Jackson, London. 1982. USED. $9.00 Fitzwilliam Museum Handbooks. Cambridge University Press,
1995. Hb, Dj. NEW. $20.00
16352 Holmes, Lindsay Making
Georgian & Regency Costumes for 14778 Rutherford, Emma Silhouette: The Art of the Shadow.
Women. Includes a History of Women's Fwd by Lulu Guiness. Rutherford is an art historian who
Dress from 1710 to 1830. Holmes specializes in silhouettes and portrait miniatures. This oversized
makes historically accurate costumes art book is more than a gorgeous collection of silhouettes. It is
for museums and heritage sites as well also an eduation on the social history of this rich art form.
as live and filmed performances. This Rizzolo. Hb, Dj. 2009. Originally publ at $65. NEW. $25.00
book combines instructions and 16188 Spencer-Churchill, Henrietta
patterns, information on fabrics, tools, Georgian Style and Design For
techniques, pattern alteration. The Contemporary Living. By the eldest
Crowood Press, Ltd., Wiltshire. 2015. daughter of the 11th Duke of
Paper. NEW. $50.00 Marlborough, whose family home is
16372 Hyams, Edward English Cottage Gardens. With Blenheim Palace. Beautiful oversized book
photographs by Edwin Smith. "The fascinating story of the illustrates how Georgian style can be
evolution of an intrinsic part of our English heritage - the cottage applied to all rooms in a home, including
garden." From the 14th to the 19th century, the cottage garden home offices, media rooms and fitness
changed little. By the beginning of the 19th century, however, it rooms. How to apply classic design approaches to the family-

Jane Austen Books
friendly, less formal modern home. Still wrapped in plastic!
Published at $50. 2008. Hb, Dj. NEW. $15.00
16280 Adams, Samuel & Sarah, Butler & Housekeeper The
15904 Wass, Ann Buermann and Michelle Complete Servant: Regency Life Below Stairs. A thorough and
Webb Fandrich Clothing Through American engaging guide first published in 1825. Much copied, and
History: The Federal Era through Antebellum, credited with inspiring Beeton's book a generation later, it was
1786-1860. This is a textbook style complete not published again until this edition in 1989. Various household
resource on the subject with full resource positions are described. Cooking instructions, uses of wines,
guides and index in the back. Actually two remedies, gardening, and any other topic required is covered. In
books in one, Wass being the author of the almost new condition other than previous owner's bookplate
first Vol (1786-1820) and Fandrich the second. and back cover with one corner bent. Southover Press, Lewes,
Both are acclaimed historians. Illustrations. East Sussex. 1989. Paper. USED. $20.00
407 pgs. Hb. 2010. NEW. $80.00
16355 Watkin, David and Philip 10208-2 Black, Maggie, and Deirdre LeFaye.
Hewat-Jaboor, Editors Thomas Hope: The Jane Austen Cookbook A selection of
Regency Designer. Most the recipes found in Martha Lloyd's
comprehensive study to date of the collection that Jane and her family enjoyed.
man who created the style that we Tested and modernized for today's cook.
know today as the Regency. Hope Also includes fancier fare they would have
[1769-1831] took a 10 year Grand consumed at balls and parties. LeFaye offers
Tour, assembling a remarkable art historical background. Beautiful illustrations
collection along the way. His family throughout. McClelland & Stewart. 1995.
fled Holland following the French Paper. NEW. $19.00
invasion of 1794, relocating in
England, where Hope installed his collection in the heart of 15125 Dow, Gillian The Knight Family
London. This oversized book (over 12" by 10" and 536 pgs long) Cookbook. Preface by Richard Knight.
includes 15 in-depth essays as well as index, foreword, Introduction by Gillian Dow. A facsimile of
introduction, and catalogue. Color pictures, some of items never the cookbook that was compiled on behalf
before published, abound, demonstrating Regency fashion in of Thomas Knight for his sister, passed
painting, sculpture, art, architecture, clothing, and furniture. down to Edward Austen Knight.
Published in conjunction with an exhibtion held at The Bard Manuscript C. 1793. An important
Graduate Center and at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2008. manuscript in its own right, there are also
Originally sold for $100.00. Yale University Press. NEW. $45.00 recipes here Jane Austen may have tasted
as she visited her brother's house.
11568 Watkinson, Ray William Morris as Designer Morris [1834-
Marbled cover and end pages, high quality
1896] was an English textile designer, poet, novelist, translator,
paper. Even though they were written so long ago, I find I can
and social activist. He helped inspire the Arts and Crafts
read them quite well. Benefits Chawton House Library. Hb. 2014.
movement in architecture, helped establish interest in fantasy
Chawton House Press. NEW. $35.00
literature, and was close with the Pre-Raphaelite artists. He
incorporated medieval designs into wallpaper, fabrics and 16341 JASNA Washington DC Metropolitan Region Such Things
stained glass that are the focus of this book. Loaded with as Please My Own Appetite: Food and Drink in Jane Austen's
beautiful illustrations. Jacket has a few wrinkles. Trefoil Time. Delightful 40 page pamphlet includes essays by Eileen
Publications, London. 1990. Hb, Dj. USED. $10.00 Sutherland, Linda Slothouber, Ellen Moody, and Debra Roush.
12151 Wilson, Kim In the Garden with Jane Also includes recipes, advice, and tidbits of historical
Austen. Delightul book uses quotes from Jane information. JASNA DC Metro Region. USED. $10.00
Austen as the basis for exploring various kinds
of gardens - from country estates to Bath and 16389 McKendry, Maxime Seven Hundred Years of English
London. Ends with suggestions on how to Cooking. Want to try your hand at Medieval or Georgian or
create your own Jane Austen garden. Regency era British cooking? This wonderful book has an
Beautiful photos and illustrations throughout, introduction to each section that puts food into political and
printed on heavy glossy paper. Softbound economic context. The evolution of dishes becomes apparent.
with folded covers. Perfect gift for Austen The recipes are given so that you can try them, with helpful hints
fans. 2008. NEW. $18.00 so that you can come as close as possible to the original taste.
11249-2 Wilson, Kim Tea with Jane Austen. VG condition. Treasure Press, London. 1985. Hb, Dj. USED. $9.00
Gorgeous pictures, bibliography, index. A
charming - and charmingly illustrated - (gift!) 16289 Stead. Jennifer Food and Cooking in 18th Century Britain:
book about tea - not just another beverage, History and Recipes. Illustrations by Peter Brears. A complete
but the center of social ritual in 18th and 19th guide with a section on ingredients, culinary methods, meals,
C England. History, recipes, excerpts from the and more. Pristine 51 page pamphlet from English Heritage:
novels and letters, illustrations from the time. Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England.
Illustrated boards. 2004. NEW. $16.00 1985. USED. $8.00
Jane Austen Books
16265 Ingrassia, Catherine, Editor The
Cambridge Companion to Women's Writing
14101 Abrams, M. H. A Glossary of Literary in Britain, 1660-1789. Essays on 18th century
Terms. Essays give the meanings of terms, their women writers and genres illustrate how
history, and examples. Bibliographies provided. critical women's role was in the literature and
Paper, 1988. USED. $5.00 culture of the period. As well as 14 essays,
includes guide to further reading, chronology
12975 Bradley, Henry. The Making of English. and index, and excellent introduction.
First published in 1904, this book explains in Cambridge UP. 2015. Paper. NEW. $25.00
simple terms the relationship between English
and Greek, Latin, German, Spanish and French. 15441 Looser, Devoney, Ed. The Cambridge
Wonderful resource and fascinating to read. Dover, 2006. 167 Companion to Women's Writing in the
pgs, Paper. NEW. $7.50 Romantic Period. During this time period,
professional women wrtiers began to flourish.
13170 Butler, Marilyn Romantics, Rebels, and Long neglected, many of these women were
Reactionaries: English Literature and its very popular writers in their time. Along with
Background 1760-1830 Why do we still spend the famous names like Austen, Wollstonecraft,
so much time and energy studying the period Radcliffe, Edgeworth, More, and Shelley, are
1760-1830? Butler's important study brings those history has tended to forget. Fifteen
European, English literature of the period into works by familiar scholars, including Looser herself. Cambridge
context with history - time, place, culture, all UP. 2015. Paper. NEW. $29.00
were changing rapidly. An important work but
no longer easily acquired, this newly printed paperback edition is 10978 Manley, Seon and Susan Belcher O, Those Extraordinary
listed at $55.00. OUP. 1981-2011. NEW. $40.00 Women! of the joys of literary lib. What does it mean to be a
woman writer? Wonderful tales about our favorites: Austen,
16279 Cutting-Gray, Joanne Woman as 'Nobody' and the Novels
Hanah More, Mary Wollstonecraft, Virginia Woolf, Lady Mary
of Fanny Burney. The author describes how Burney worked with
Wortley Montagu, Fanny Burney, Lady Hester Stanhope, Mary
female namelessness in her early novels and used it to create her
Shelley, George Sand, and others. Illustrations galore.
fluid heroines. She also devotes a chapter to a postmodern
Philadelphia. Chilton Book Company. 1972. 330 pgs. Hb, dj.
reading of each novel. Evelina, Cecelia, Camilla, culminate in The
USED. $12.00.
Wanderer, with a heroine "Incognita" who refuses to name
herself. A fascinating entry into a deeper appreciation of one of 16362 Murphy, Arthur The Lives of Henry Fielding and Samuel
Austen's favorite authors. Excellent condition, with mylar Johnson together with Essays from The Gray's-Inn Journal.
protector. University Press of Florida. 1992. Hb, Dj. 1992. USED. Facsimile reproductions with an introduction by Matthew Grace.
$30.00 Murphy [1727-1805] was famous as a dramatist and actor in his
own time. He has been recognized for his sharp wit and his work
16283 Demers, Patricia From Instruction to
as biographer and critic. This volume includes facsimiles of The
Delight: An Anthology of Children's Literature
Gray's-Inn Journal in The Works of Arthur Murphy [1786], "An
to1850. Although children's literature as we
Essay on the Life and Genius of Henry Fielding" [1762], and "An
know it today did not exist until the mid 18th
Essay on the Life and Genius of Samuel Johnson" [1792]. Grace's
century, poetry and prose was read to children
introduction is helpful. 465 pages hardbound in dark red cloth.
from medieval times. Demers walks us through
Like new. Orig 1968, was reprinted in 1992. Scholars' Facsimiles
the development of this literature in this
& Reprints, Delmar, NY. USED. $35.00
expanded second edition of this landmark study.
Oxford UP. Paper. USED. $12.00 16346 Nazar, Hina Enlightened Sentiments: Judgment and
10570 Folger Collective Women Critics 1660-1820. Anthology of Autonomy in the Age of Sensibility. A serious examination of
criticism edited by academic members of the Folger Collective. the function of sensibility in Enlightenment thought and its
Features 41 writers, including Jane Austen, Aphra Behn, Mary influence on long 18th c. literature. Major writers in this study
Wollstonecraft, & others less known. Indiana University Press, include Samual Richardson, Jane Austen, David Hume and
1995. Paper. 410 pages. USED. $15.00 Hannah Arendt. A more nuanced view of the role of sentimental
judgment in the development of modern thought. Fordham
16278 Green, Katherine Sobba The Courtship Novel, 1740-1820: University Press, NY. 2012. Originally published at $60. Hb, Dj.
A Feminized Genre. Green gives historical background for the NEW. $21.00
courtship novel, describing the disruption of established ideas
about courtship. As marriage quickly evolved during this period 14934 Parrinder, Patrick Nation & Novel:
from parental arrangements regardless of feelings, to the The English Novel from Its Origins to the
expectation of affection, a new art form was required to bridge Present Day. Examines the dialogue between
the adjustment. Most of these authors were women. Green novels and the development of the English
explores Haywood, Collyer, Lennox, Richardson, Brooke, Burney, nation. Almost 200 novelists are discussed.
Wollstonecraft, West, Brunton, Edgeworth and Austen, as well as From late medieval beginnings to today. 502
others. Enjoyable to read. Excellent condition. University of pgs. Oxford University Press. Paper. 2006.
Kentucky Press. 1991. Hb, Dj. USED. $20.00 NEW. $27.00

Jane Austen Books
11154 Pascoe, Judith Romantic Theatricality: Gender, Poetry, of South Asia. Sources range from the Royal Society to the novels
and Spectatorship Scarce book. Focuses on how the theater and of Jane Austen. He traces the origins of substances like mortar,
public fascination with it shaped literary culture in the 1790's. ice, paper, and sources of knowledge like inoculation. Fordham
Pascoe maintains that women writes of the late 18th and early University Press. 2016. Paper. List $25. NEW. $23.00
19th centuries were inspired by actors like Sarah Siddons and
16215 Sussman, Charlotte Consuming
public events like trials. Excellent condition. Hb, Dj. Cornell
Anxieties: Consumer Protest, Gender & British
University Press. 1997. USED. $140.00
Slavery, 1713-1833. Examines the history of
16096 Quiller-Couch, Sir Arthur Cambridge Lectures. No. 974 in consumer protests against colonialism, from the
Everyman's Library. Starting with an introductory lecture from Treaty of Utrecht to the abolition of slavery in
1913. Titles such as "On the Lineage of English Literature," "The the British Caribbean. Women played a critical
Art of Reading," "The Commerce of Thought," "W.S. Gilbert," and role in the dynamic influences of consumerism
more. Bring the famous thoughts of this close friend of R.W. during this period. Analyzes the way colonialism
Chapman to your library. Pocket sized Hb in orange cloth with permeated public and private spheres. Near
distressed jacket. 1944. USED. $4.00 fine, as new. Jacket is in mylar. 1st ed. Stanford University Press.
2000. USED. $55.00
16364 Rodden, John, Editor Lionel Trilling &
the Critics: Opposing Selves. With foreword by 16258 Tennenhouse, Leonard The Importance of Feeling
Morris Dickstein. A collection of 70 essays and English: American Literature and the British
reviews of Trilling as writer and critic, with a Diaspora, 1750-1850. Tennenhouse argues
thoughtful introduction by Rodden. Described that there was never a clean break, but a
as "perhaps the most influential American gradual drift, before a recognizably distinct
cultural critic of the twentieth century," British and American literary tradition
Trilling becomes more accessible through emerged. From Richardson's Clarissa to
wriings by so many, including Edmund Wilson, Austen's Emma, from Walpole to Melville,
Robert Penn Warren, FR Lewis, Bruno Bettelheim, Cornel West, he makes his case. Princeton UP. Paper.
Denis Donoghue, Roger Sale. Austen is, of course, mentioned by 2007. NEW. $24.00
many of these writers as they explore Trilling's perspective.
12196 Thomas, Frank The Last Will & Testament: Wills, Ancient
Excellent condition. Paper. University of Nebraska Press. 1999.
and Modern. Wills of famous people like Napoleon, Wellington,
USED. $10.00
George Washington, Aristotle, William the Conqueror, all
11714 Rodway, Allan English Comedy: Its Role and Nature from provided context and described with intelligence and wit by the
Chaucer to the Present Day. With chapters by period - Medieval, author. Austen's will is not included, but her description of the
Renaissance, Augustan, Regency, Brave New World. Features treatment of a father's last wishes given in S&S is explored. David
such notables as Shakespeare, Jonson, Wycherly, Dryden, Pope, & Charles, Newton Abbot, Devon UK. 1972. Hb, Dj. USED. $7.00
Austen, Peacock, Swift, Fielding, more. Attempts to develop a
12565 Todd, Janet Women's Friendship in Literature. From
theory of comedy, to set comedy in relation to culture and
sources as different as Fanny Hill and Clarissa, and including
chronological history. The chapter on Austen and Peacock deals
Emma and Mansfield Park, Todd examines 18th c depictions of
convincingly with Austen as a comic writer. And it is an
women's friendships, placed in historical and literary context.
entertaining book. UC Press Berkeley 1975. HB, dj. USED. $22.00
Adds immensely to our appreciation of the novels explored.
11322 Room, Adrian Tuttle Dictionary of Dedications This tome Columbia UP, 1980. 434 pgs, Hb, Dj. USED. $15.00
presents dedications from hundreds of the world's most popular
11584 Weissman, Judith Half Savage and Hardy and Free:
authors, from Abbott to Zangwill. Austen's juvenilia and her
Women and Rural Radicalism in the Nineteenth-Century Novel
mature novels are included, right after Auden. A useful reference
Weissman argues that a Wordsworth/Shelley rural Radicalism,
but also fun to read. 1992, Paper, Tuttle, Boston. NEW. $7.00
present in Austen, Hawthorne, and Forster, is a feminist theme
11450 Spark, Muriel and Derek Stanford My Best Mary: The found in 19th century English and American works. Wesleyan
Selected Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. Mary Shelley University Press. 1987/1989. 342 pages. Paper. NEW. $12.00
had a fascinating and tragic life, growing up in the shadow of her
11613 Williams, Ioan The Realist Novel in England: A Study in
radical mother, who was both hailed as a reformer and
Development Describes the development of the realist novel
condemned for her sexual attitudes that were revealed in the
through major writers such as Dickens, Thackaray, Scott, Eliot,
honest biography the grieving Godwin wrote shortly after her
Austen and Meredith. Contributors include Ian Watt, Arnold
death. Mary reveals her unique view in her letters where she
Kettle, Georg Lukacs, Marilyn Butler, Edward Said, Mikhail
writes in original ways about her travels and experiences. She
Bakhtin. Includes a great deal of discussion on Austen. Unversity
also combines her opinions about the world
of Pittsburgh Press. Hb, Dj. 1975. USED. $20.00
with her personal concerns. Good condition.
1951. Hb, 239 pages. USED. $20.00 16377 Young, Philip Revolutionary Ladies. Various 18th century
women from all backgrounds are featured in this iintimate
16236 Sudan, Rajani The Alchemy of Empire:
history. All Loyalists, they suffered various reversals during the
Abject Materials and the Technologies of
War of Independence. A beguiling mixture of scholarship and
Colonialism. Sudan argues the Enlightenment
scandal that traces these women's hidden stories, and uncovers
was born largely from Europe's sense of
an intense, sometimes bawdy revolution. X Library. Alfred A.
inferiority when encountering new cultures
Knopf. Hb, Dj. 1977. USED. $3.00
Jane Austen Books
16261 King, Stacy and Po Tse Manga Classics: Sense and
Sensibility. Delightfully illustrated manga style adaptation of
10120 Austen-Leigh, Joan (Joan Mason S&S. Read from the back to the front, and pages from left to
Hurley) Our Own Particular Jane: A piece of right. 306 pgs, the complete novel plus a few extras. Udon
theatre based on The Life, Letters and Entertainment. 2016. Paper. NEW. $16.00
Literature of Jane Austen Cover notes author 16349 McDermid, Val. Northanger Abbey. Latest installation in
is Joan Mason Hurley - pasted underneath is a the series of adaptations that includes McCall Smith's Emma.
stock "nee Joan Austen-Leigh." A Room of Very true to the original novel. In fact, McDermid seems to have
One's Own Press,1975. 45 pages. set out to prove to us that, with only slight adjustments
Paperbound. Fair condition. $25.00 (replacing horses with sports cars, adding a cell tower blackout
16332 Bander, Elaine In Defence of Fanny around Northanger Abbey to explain lulls between
Price. Bander defends Fanny as a true Austen heroine, as she correspondence, substituting modern text shortcuts for Regency
struggles for self-knowledge. Along the way Bander discusses the slang) the novel totally works. Catherine is adorable. A fun read.
reviews that Austen collected, and her comments about them, Grove Park, NY. Hb, Dj. NEW. $9.00
and other sources to get at the heart of Austen's intentions for 16350 Moore, Amy Clarke, Editor The Best of Jane Austen Knits:
MP. 28 pg pamphlet stapled and tied with blue string. 2006. 27 Regency-Inspired Designs. This book of Regency knitting
JASNA. USED. $7.00 projects also includes a little history of knitting, fabrics, and
15867 Bebris, Carrie The Suspicion at clothing styles from the Regency era (1795-1837), history of
Sanditon. The charming, intelligent Darcys Austen's life, and connections between the patterns and
visit Sanditon where they meet the eccentric Austen's novels. Interweave, 2015. Paper. NEW. $15.00
characters of Austen's unfinished book. Dying 14708 Petkus, Jennifer Jane, Actually, or Jane
of her mysterious illness, Austen gave us just Austen's Book Tour. "With the invention of the
enough of these folks to make us want more. AfterNet, death isn't quite the end to a literary
Bebris handles the cast and story with the career it once was, and Jane Austen, the
care we've come to expect from her grande dame of English literature, is poised for
entertaining mystery sequels. Tor. 2015. Hb, a comeback with the publication of Sanditon,
DJ. NEW. $$15.00 the book she was writing upon her death in
15867-2 Bebris, Carrie The Suspicion at Sanditon. The charming, 1817." In Petkus's third novel, she finds a way
intelligent Darcys visit Sanditon where they meet the eccentric to bring Austen to the AGM to speak, and
characters of Austen's unfinished book. Dying of her mysterious Austen is mostly pleased to meet some of her modern fans. A
illness, Austen gave us just enough of these folks to make us must-read, fun and just a little bit crazy. Mallard Sci-Fi, Denver,
want more. Bebris handles the cast and story with the care 2013. Paper. List price $16.95. NEW. $14.00
we've come to expect from her entertaining mystery sequels. 16253 Stillman, Whit Love & Friendship: In
Tor. 2015. Pb. NEW. $10.00 Which Jane Austen's Lady Susan Vernon is
16336 Clayton, Averil A Letter from the Elysian Fields: Entirely Vindicated. The first half of the book is
Austensibly by Jane Austen. With two wood-engravings by the filmmaker's own version of events, told as
Katharine Skillen. Presented at the Jane Austen Society Kent novels should be told, by a knowing, wry,
Branch Annual Dinner 10th November 1999 at Wye College, Kent omniscient narrator. The second half is Austen's
as a note of thanks to the guest of honor, Tom Carpenter, own epistolary novel. Is Lady Susan's character,
curator of Jane Austen's House at Chawton, Hampshire. Limited as revealed in her letters, different after reading Stillman's
edition, this is number 27 of 300. Marbled paper wraps with background? Let us know what you think! And don't miss the
printed labels to spine and front cover. Typeset and printed by movie starring Kate Beckinsale. Little, Brown and Co., NY,
Katharine Skillen. Collector's item in PRISTINE/FINE condition. Boston, London. 2016. Hb, Dj. NEW. $21.00
Derrymount Press, 2003. USED. $125.00 15440 Woolsey, Steffany A Jane Austen Devotional. Devotional
10579 Fowler, Karen The Jane Austen Book Classics Series. More than 100 devotions accompanied by
Club: A Novel A novel about people who scriptures, paired with excerpts from Austen's novels. A path to
read novels, and their relationships with one Christian englightenment. Countryman. Beautifully illustrated
another. Friends read Jane Austen and meet cloth cover. Hb. 2012. NEW. $15.00
to discuss her books. We learn about their 14399 Yaffe, Deborah Among the Janeites: A
lives as the novel unfolds. Putnam's Sons: Journey Through the World of Jane Austen
NY. 2004. 288 pp. hb, dj. Some shop worn. Fandom. We all know that Jane Austen scholars
Some are signed by author. USED and NEW. and fans are the best people around. Yaffe, a
$6.00 lifelong fan herself, researched her book by
10821 James, Syrie The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen. With hanging out with Janeites. She helps us
Reader's Guide. A fictionalized memoir, written by "Jane understand the endearing appeal of Austen, and
herself," found hundreds of years after her death. Clever book, the friendships and fulfillment lovers of Austen
with lots of historical detail. Paper, 2007, 303 pgs. NEW. $12.00 find in sharing their obsession. Paperback. 2013. $12.00

Jane Austen Books
Elizabeth, Jane, Lydia, Mrs. Bennet, Mr.
Bingley, Mr. Darcy, Lady Catherine, and Mr.
MAGNETIC POETRY Wickham. Dover. NEW. $6.00
M19301 Magnetic Poetry Pride & 14768 Miller, Eileen Rudisill Jane Austen
Prejudice: A Jane Austen Kit. Over 200 Paper Dolls: Four Classic Characters. Elizabeth
magnetized words and word fragments Bennet, Mr Darcy, Elinor Dashwood and
related to Jane Austen's novels to put on Edward Ferris with 24 Regency costumes for
your fridge, locker, file cabinet, or play travel, weddings, balls, and country walks. 17
word games with your friends. 2015. plates. New in 2014. Dover. $9.00
NEW. $12.00
13019 Tierney, Tom Fashions of the Regency
M19302 Magnetic Poetry Shakespeare: Period: Paper Dolls Out of print book, one of
Provideth thy steely surfaces with Tierney's finest. Fastidious George and
Elizabethan rime. Over 200 magnetized words and word beautiful Jane wear a variety of outfits for
fragments from Shakespeare to put on your fridge, locker, file every occasion. Each numbered plate is
cabinet, or play word games with your friends. 2015. NEW. described in great detail in the covers for one
$12.00 of the best lessons in Regency era dressing you
M19306 Jane Austen Books Jane Austen Word Magnets. Words will find anywhere, including the
related to Austen novels for your refrigerator. Supplement your undergarments. Swansdown bands, cotton battiste, nankeen
magnetic poetry with this kit. 2016 AGM favors! NEW. $4.00 britches, a Carrick coat, chitterlings, all these words that are
mysterious to most of us these days, meticulously illustrated so
COLORING BOOKS now you can visualize in context. 16 plates. Slight bend to top
16241 Carroll, Chellie Jane Austen's Pride cornerbarely noticeable browning. Dover, 1996. USED. $18.00
and Prejudice: A Coloring Classic. Beautiful
adult coloring book uses P&P quotes as
inspiration. Stunning illustrations waiting for Puzzlebooks by Carolyn Meisel
your creative expression! Little Tiger Press. This delightful set of ingenious puzzles will keep the Austen fan
2016. NEW. $15.00 in your life busy for hours! Crosswords, word scrambles, even a
map with Emma locations, created by a dedicated JASNA
16252 King, Katrina Jane Austen's Pride and member. 8.5 x 11 spiral bound. 2015. NEW. Special price $15.00
Prejudice: The Adult Coloring Book. Hugh Thomson illustrations
on the right side, text on the left, make this coloring book lots of
fun. CreateSpace. 2015. NEW. $9.00
16256 Nakamura, Hana Anouk Classic Coloring:
Jane Austen. Illustrations based on Austen's
letters and novels. 55 beautiful removable
coloring plates on stiff paper. You may end up
framing your art, or giving it as gifts. Abrams, NY. 16267 A Puzzlebook for Readers of Emma.
2016. NEW. $12.00 16268 A Puzzlebook for Readers of Northanger Abbey.
16269 A Puzzlebook for Readers of Pride and Prejudice.
13398 Tierney, Tom Empire Fashions Coloring
16270 A Puzzlebook for Readers of Mansfield Park.
Book. 1789-1815 fashions delightfully and
16271 A Puzzlebook for Readers of Sense and Sensibility.
expertly drawn with detailed description on
16272 A Puzzlebook for Readers of Persuasion.
each page and introduction by artist. 48 pgs,
paper. 2001. NEW. $4.50 M20001 Robert Frederick, Ltd. Pride & Prejudice
Puzzle. 500 piece jigsaw puzzle of a drawing of
Elizabeth Bennet sitting by a window reading a
PAPER DOLLS letter right before Mr. Darcy comes to make his
16354 Hilton, Kyle Literary Paper Dolls. infamous first proposal. Robert Frederick, Ltd.,
Sixteen presentations on heavy card you can Bath. 2011. NEW. $14.00
cut out with scissors, or just enjoy as they are.
M11202 Potter Style Jane Austen Puzzle 500 piece jigsaw puzzle
Shakespeare, Austen, Poe, Dickens, the
features a Regency period gentleman standing before a seated
Brontes, Dickinson, Twain, Stein, Woolf, Kafka,
lady - could it be Darcy proposing to Elizabeth? With JA portrait
Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Hughes, Orwell,
and JA quotes also in the design.
Kerouac, Capote. Each doll comes with props.
Completed puzzle measures 18" by
Bonus page includes Colin Firth as Mr Darcy in
14". Lovely box made to look like a
the shirt" - you know which one we mean.Chronicle Books. 2015. book so the puzzle can reside on your
NEW. $10.00
bookshelf with other Austen
12035 Mattox, Brenda Sneathen Pride and Prejudice: Paper treasures. Design by Jim Massey.
Dolls Eight paper dolls with 48 total costumes. Featuring Potter Style, 2009. NEW. $14.00

Jane Austen Books
M19635 JASI Games Jane Austen's Sweethearts 2 Card Games. DVD063 Artsmagic Jane Austen's Society.
"A game of chance about love and marriage." For 3 or more Explores the social world of Austen's time,
players. Box contains 2 decks of 108 cards each and instructions. taking off from her novels and letters to
The introductory game can be played by anyone as all the clues explore Bath and Brighton, medicine, religion,
are there. The advanced game is for those who know Austen's politics, art and literature. Visits places and
novels really well. 2014. JASI Games, Australia. $25.00 explores people. 60 minutes. Artsmagic Ltd.
NEW. $14.00
M19148 Prospero Art Jane
Austen Playing Cards: DVD081 BBC America/
Copper Back. Play whist Acorn Media Beau Brummell:
Austen style! These playing This Charming Man "The dashing designer of
cards are decorated with modern dress... and disgrace." Directed by
Hugh Thomson and Chirs Philippa Lowthorpe. Based on Ian Kelly's
Hammond illustrations and biography. The dandy of Regency England is
quotes from Austen's novels. Spades are Persuasion, Diamonds played by James Purefoy. The 79 minute film
are Sense & Sensibility, Clubs are Emma, and Hearts are Pride & follows Brummell's friendship with the Prince
Prejudice. Frank Churchill is the Jack of Clubs, Emma Woodhouse Regent, his fascination with Lord Byron, and his rise and fall in
is the Queen. Mr. Collins is one of the Jokers. And we don't want society. NEW. $15.00
to give the rest of it away! Prospero Art, 2013. NEW. $9.00 OR DVD080 The BBC Shakespeare 400th Anniversary Gift Set. Nine
M19163 Prospero Art Jane Austen Playing Cards: Gold Back. disc set includes Hamlet (David Tenant and Patrick Stewart), An
NEW. $9.00 Age of Kings (15-part BBC miniseries based on Shakespeare's
MUSIC history plays with many stars including Sean Connery and Judi
CD105 Classical Communications Ltd. Jane Dench), Shakespeare Retold (modern interpretations of 4 plays),
Austen Entertains: 2 CD set. Jane Austen and Bill (farce of Shakespeare's lost years from Britain's Horrible
Entertains and Jane Austen Piano Favourites Histories). Incl. framable frontispiece. 2016. BBC. NEW. $35.00
boxed together. Over 2 hours of music played
on contemporary instruments, most pieces
DVD077 Stillman, Whit Love & Friendship.
from Austen's own library. 2008 Classical
BluRay version of this acclaimed adaptation of
Communications. Import from UK. NEW. $21.00
Lady Susan, who is too kindly played by
ALSO Sold separately as CD107 Jane Austen Piano Favourites.
beautiful Kate Beckinsale. With Chloe Sevigny
NEW. $14.00 AND CD106 Jane Austen Entertains: Music from
as her dear friend Alicia. 2016. NEW. $30.00
her Own Library. NEW. $14.00
ALSO Available in DVD format. DVD078 NEW.
CD108 Classical Communications Ltd. More $22.00
tea Vicar? Music on the theme of tea, with a
hint of coffee thrown in! Old favourites and DVD030 BBC The Jane Austen Collection (1971
familiar songs. Over 1 hour on 1 CD. Classical through 1987). BBC series includes lovely
Communications for The Gift of Music. Import leading ladies and charming gentlemen.
from UK. 2005. NEW. $10.00 Elizabeth Garvie, David Rintoul, Sabrina
Franklyn, Clare Higgins, Priscilla Morgan,
CD123 The Gift of Music English Country Natalie Ogle. DVD (North America region).
Dances. Dance music from the 16th and 17th Released 2004. $40.00
centuries. Performed by popular group The
Broadside Band on period instruments. All DVD014 Mansfield Park (1999).
explained in great detail in the enclosed Miramax. NEW. $12.00
booklet! 2003 The Gift of Music. Import from
DVD012 Jane Austen's Mansfield Park (2007).WGBH Boston.
UK. NEW. $12.00
NEW. $20.00
CD124 The Gift of Music Suites & Solos. Chamber music from
DVD013 Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey (2008). WGBH Boston.
the Georgian era by leading composers of the day played on
NEW. $20.00
period instruments. Handel, Stanley, Pleyel, Sterkel. Inlcudes a
chamber version of Handel's Water Music transcribed from an DVD017 Persuasion (1995).
18th c manuscript in Christ Church. 2008. NEW. $12.00 BBC Films. NEW. $11.00
CD104 Jane Austen Collection. Music from DVD020 Pride and Prejudice (1995).
the Austen family collection performed on Digitally remastered in 2010. BBC. NEW.
historic instruments. London: 2000. $20.00
Soprano, flute, violoncello and square
DVD023 Lee, Ang Sense and Sensibility: The
piano. 17 pieces includes 4 audio excerpts
Feature Film and the Book that Inspired It (1996). Book and DVD
from novels and letters. NEW. $15.00
boxed together, gift-ready. B&N. 2009. NEW. $14.00

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