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Jane Austen Books
If all you know of me is that I am “Emma Woodhouse, handsome, clever, and rich,” I am sure that is
suitable for someone of your station. But if you feel compelled to be more acquainted with me, then by all
means purchase one of the many copies of Emma that I’ve selected for you.
10628 Glennon, Gordon. Emma. A delightful play small black and gilt label on spine, gray slipcase with paste down
based on the novel by Jane Austen. Performed at title. Monthly Letter of The Limited Editions Club is included, with
St James's Theatre with Anna Neagle in the lead. a bio of Jane Austen and a detailed description of the production
122 pages. Hb, dj. 1945. London. Macmillan & Co. of the book. Also included is the one page paper ad for the book,
Ltd. 1st ed. USED. $30.00 the ninth in the series. Designed by P. J. Conkwright. Printed by
Thistle Press of New York. Condition is Fine. The Limited Editions
14896 MacKaye, Marion Morse. Emma: A Play.
Club, 1964, Hb, Sc. USED. $75.00
With a Prefatory Letter to Jane Austen by Percy
MacKaye. Published under the Auspices of the Harvard Chapter of 90523 Emma (Japanese Translation).
Phi Beta Kappa. Set lllustrations by Mason Arvold. A most Japanese translation by Keiko Parker, a
excellent rendition, written in 1937 by an ardent lover of the novel devoted fan and author. Parker has studied
at the suggestion of her husband. The introduction in 1941 by said English literature in Japan, and this beautiful
husband addresses Miss Austen from the perspective of WWII, hardbound book is the result of her efforts.
with his wife dead and bombs falling on England. One copy has a While we can't read it, we're told by those
dust jacket - Cloth cover and dust jacket soiled, dj a little torn who can that it is a faithful representation of
around the corners. The other copy has no DJ, but is in excellent Emma, setting a new standard. Hb, beautiful
condition. A great collector's copy. 1941. USED. $45.00 dj. NEW. $45.00
90075 Emma. Emma. Introduction by Austin Dobson. Illustrated 90215 Emma. Emma. "Handy Library Edition." Two frontispieces,
by Hugh Thomson. Red cloth cover with gilt title on front and as two books in one volume. Green cloth with gilt title on spine.
spine, embossed floral design on front and back covers. Spine Top page edges gilt. Tight book, very clean, almost unread. Slight
faded, corners bumped. MacMillan and Co. Ltd,'s 1898 reprint of sun tint to spine. Not foxed, both tissues intact. Little, Brown and
their 1896 1st ed with Thomson illustrations. USED. $300.00 Co, Boston, copyright 1892, this re-issue probably 1903. 315 pgs.
Hb. USED. $150.00
90205 Emma. "The World's Best Reading" series. Illustrations by
C.E. Brock (color) and engravings by Joan Hassall. Afterword by 90250 Emma. Heritage Club letter Number X:32. Gorgeous color
Carroll Moulton. Large, clean attractive book, blue cloth with gilt illustrations by Fritz Kredel. Tasteful floral pattern cloth binding,
leaf pattern & title and illustration on front board. Includes special paper made for this printing, and other artistic touches
biographical pamphlet. Excellent condition. Reader's Digest, 1994. make this a collector's delight. Some copies include slipcase
391 pgs. Hb. USED. $35.00 and/or letter, please ask for more information. The Heritage
Press, 1964, Hb. USED. $45.00
90520 Emma. Celebrate Emma's 200th birthday
with this beautiful version of her novel. Edited 90455 Emma. Part of "Goldfinch Titles" series
by Austen scholar Juliette Wells, with treats like published by Nicholas Vane, London, 1948.
a comprehensive introduction, a glossary, tips Handsome black cover. Black dust jacket with a
for reading, and original contextual essays period illustration of a woman playing a harp, Other
covering topics from dancing to social classes, illustrations inside covers. Edges of DJ with small
maps of Austen's England, and facsimilies from tears and wear. Light areas browned. USED. $7.00
early editions from the Goucher College Special
90328 Emma. Perfect Easton Press Collector's Library "Famous
Collection. Lovely cover art by Dadu Shin to complement the
Edition". Brick leather with 22-kt gold characters and decorations,
fictional Emma's beauty. Perfect for students and experts.
6-ribbed spine, all page edges gilt, satin ribbon marker, red moire
Penguin. 2015. Paper. NEW. Special price. $15.00
end pages. Specially milled acid-neutral paper. Introduction by
90175 Emma. 3rd edition. The novel and other readings. Based Stella Gibbons, Janeite author of Cold Comfort Farm. Illustrations
on the 1816 first edition text. Background section includes Henry by Fritz Kredel include 32 color full-page plates, chapter-head
Austen's Biographical Notice, James Edward Austen-Leigh's cartouches, and delightful title cameo of Emma. Includes Notes
Memoir, excerpts of JA letters to Cassandra, excerpt from The from the Archives insert. 428 pgs, Hb. Easton Press, 2001. USED -
Watsons, writings from Virginia Woolf, Maggie Lane, JA's as new. $65.00
correspondence with J. S. Clarke, and JA's Plan
90076 Emma. Ruby Series. This late Victorian
of a Novel. Criticisms included in the book
issue of Emma has a teal blue cover with a girl in
are from Scott, Lewes, James, Bradley,
a bonnet, framed by vines on the front board,
Forster, Farrer, Litz, Donovan, Butler,
with vine pattern and gilt title on the spine. The
Poovey, Claudia Johnson, Watt, Wiltshire,
decorations are white, black, gilt, and a slightly
Ferriss, and Juhasz. Norton, 2000, Paper.
darker blue. The cover is a little stained, edges
USED. $6.00
worn, corners a little bumped. The last blank
90359 Emma. Color illustrations by endpaper is torn in half. The front blank
Franz Kredel, signed by the artist. endpaper is removed. There are several pages of Routledge ads in
Number 227 of 1500. Light gray-green the back. George Routledge and Sons, Limited, London. No date.
cloth with inset cameo on front board, USED. $200.00
Jane Austen Books
I am flattered and humbled to be asked to pay tribute to our most accomplished author and Lady Patroness,
Miss Austen, lately of Bath, where I had the pleasure of staying for some time, and where I had the good
fortune of meeting my charming wife. We were, however, unable to find ourselves in company with the
elusive Miss A, though we are told she only visits with the most exceptional company. I do hope to persuade
her to someday write of an English Clergyman, or perhaps to compose an Historical Romance illustrative of
the History of the august House of Cobourg. Something like that would just now be very interesting, I think.

90374 1856 Bentley Edition of Jane Austen's 90009 Jane Austen: Selected Letters. Selected, P. Elton
Novels. Five volumes as published by Bentley edited, and with very good introduction and notes, by Vivien
in 1856 with 1833 engraved frontispiece and Jones. Over two thirds of Austen's fascinating letters. OUP, 2009
title page bound in front of the 1856 title page. Reissue. Paper, 294 pgs. NEW. $11.00
The 1833 frontispiece and title page
90196 Jane Austen: Seven Novels. Jane Austen: Seven Novels.
illustrations are by Greatbatch after Pickering,
Gold, blue and white gilt floral pattern on green boards, gilt page
and reflect 1830's fashions. There are no
edges all around, silk ribbon page marker, ribbed spine. Excellent
tissue protectors present but slight
way to carry all the novels with you to meetings. B&N, 2007. Publ
appearance there may have been a half-sheet
at $23.97. NEW. $17.00
at some point. The set is expertly modern
bound in red cloth with two 90005-5 Jane Austen's Letters. Fourth edition
leather and gilt labels affixed to with new scholarship, new preface, new
each spine. The pages are biographical and topographical information, a
remarkably clean. Page edges new subject index. Collected & Edited by Deirdre
are marbleized. S&S includes Le Faye. Chronological order, with annotations
Henry Austen's Memoir of Miss and provenance for each letter. The most
Austen. Handsome, Fine, complete source available. Paperback version,
Rebound rare set. London: leaves more money for shopping. OUP. 667 pgs.
Richard Bentley, New Burlington NEW. $25.00
Street. 1856. USED. $1200.00
90230 Jane Austen's Letters. R. W. Chapman's collection of Jane
90474 The Complete Novels of Jane Austen. A beautiful new Austen's letters. Includes notes, maps, illustrations. Chapman's
collector's edition of all SEVEN novels (includes Lady Susan) second edition adds a few letters and makes a few changes that
slipcased in period floral design. Gilt embossed title plate on he describes in the Preface, otherwise similar to the 1932 first
slipcover plus Austen signature. Still sealed in publisher's plastic. edition. This 1959 printing of the second edition is "with
Size 9 3/4 x 6 3/4 x 2 3/4. New original introduction. Race Point corrections." Jacket is price clipped and has a few stains on it, now
Publishing. 2013. List price $35. NEW $29.00 protected in mylar. 1959. Hb, dj. OUP. USED. $50.00
90203 History of England by a partial, prejudiced & ignorant 90414 Jane Austen's Novels Edited by
Historian. Carr's Pocket Books. The little red booklet. 16 pgs. R. Brimley Johnson in Ten Volumes.
NEW. $5.00 Edited by R. Brimley Johnson with
coloured illustrations by C.E. and H.M.
90486 In Her Own Hand: Volume the First, Volume the Second,
Brock. This 1898/1900 10 volume set of
Volume the Third. This luxurious boxed set of three volumes will
the third Dent edition illustrated by the
thrill the experienced Austen collector, scholar, fan, as well as the
Brocks has been beautifully bound into
newbie who has read the novels and wants more. Each volume
five volumes by Sangorski & Sutcliffe.
has a full facsimile of the original notebook,
Front end pages marked "BOUND BY SANGORSKI & SUTCLIFFE,
followed by the complete transciption.
Each with a Fwd by Kathryn Sutherland: A
faded slightly green on spines. Five tooled ribs, embossed brilliant
Writer's Apprenticeship, Teenage Reading
gilt floral pattern, deep red inlay labels wtih gilt Jane Austen in the
and Rebellion, and A Novelist of Ideas.
second panel and gilt titles in the third panels on each volume
Abbeville Press. 2014. NEW. $70.00
make this stunning on the shelf. Front and rear boards with tooled
ALSO in single editions:
gilt borders. Squared headcaps. Top pages gilt. Pages very lightly
90487 Volume the 1st $22.00
browned and rare light foxing. Illustration colors are very good.
90488 Volume the 2nd $22.00
Binding appears to date from the early 20th century. Volume that
90489 Volume the 3rd $22.00
contains NA and P only names NA on the spine. Color illustrations
90261 Jane Austen The Complete Novels Folio Society. This is throughout. USED. $3200.00
beautiful set, like new. The 1996 printing of the 1975 Folio Society
90519 Love and Freindship and Other Youthful
edition. Introductions by Richard Church. Wood-engravings by
Writings. Edited with an Introduction and Notes by
Joan Hassall. Slip case is also like new. Handsome dark red spines
Christine Alexander. This lovely edition is well
and slip case, bamboo and leaf pattern paper, gilt titles on spines
annotated, with a new introduction. In attractive
with unique art for each volume. Includes 6 novels plus 7th
white cloth with pink shoes on the cover. Penguin
volume of Shorter Works. USED. $325.00
Random House. 2014, Hb. NEW. $20.00
Jane Austen Books
90515 Mansfield Park. Favorite edition for scholars and fans.
Edited with introduction and endnotes by Kathryn Sutherland.
Uses the first edition text of 1814! Penguin Classics. 2014. Paper.
NEW. $7.00
90517 Northanger Abbey. These editions
were strongly recommended by Brian
Southam for their notes, introductions, and
scrupulous texts. Based on the first edition of
1818. Edited with introduction and endnotes
by Marilyn Butler. Penguin Classics. 2003. The Cambridge Editions
Paper. NEW. $7.00 of the Works of Jane Austen
90496 The Novels of Jane Austen: Winchester 90452 Emma. Edited by Richard Cronin and Dorothy McMillan.
Edition. 10 Vols. Not to be confused with the Cambridge UP. 2005. First paperback edition 2013. NEW.
Holby Winchester Edition. Gilson E91 Reissued 1905-06 by John $24.00 OR 90140 Emma. Hb, dj. NEW. $110.00 OR 90140-1
Grant, printed by T. and A. Constable, Printers to His Majesty at Hb, dj. USED. $70.00
the Edinburgh University Press. However, this set has been 90450 Juvenilia. Edited by Peter Sabor. Includes Vol the First, Vol
specially bound, possibly at the time. Three quarter brown leather the Second, Vol the Third, facsimile of History of England,
over marbled boards, marbled end pages, gilt trim and titles on Examples of her Marginilia, Sophia Sentiment's letter, and
spine. Five ribs, "1906" at the bottom of each spine. Frontispiece continuations of Evelyn and Catherine by James Edward Austen
is the portrait from the Memoir, otherwise not illustrated. Top and Anna Lefroy. Cambridge UP. 2006. First paperback edition
pages gilt. Sides and bottom rough cut. No previous owner marks. 2013. NEW. $24.00 OR 90272 Juvenilia. Hb, dj. NEW. $50.00
Occasional small chips in marble paper. Title page of each volume
with an area of light foxing at top of page. Otherwise this set is 90451 Later Manuscripts. Edited by Janet Todd and Linda Bree.
near fine. Stunning display on the shelf. Unique set, great price. Includes Lady Susan, The Watsons, Sanditon, Jane Austen on
1906. USED. $2,250.00 fiction, poetry and charades, Sir Charles Grandison, more.
Cambridge UP. 2008. First paperback edition 2013. NEW. $24.00
90524 Persuasion (in Japanese). Life-long Austen scholar and fan
Keiko Parker continues her work to 90447 Mansfield Park. Edited by John Wiltshire. Includes Lover's
translate Austen faithfully in Japanese. Vows. End notes and extensive introduction. Cambridge UP.
Beautiful cover with Brock illustration on 2005. First paperback edition 2013. NEW. $24.00 OR 90139
jacket. 2015. Hb,Dj. NEW. $45.00 Mansfield Park. Hb, dj. NEW. $105.00

90516 Persuasion. These editions were 90449 Northanger Abbey. Edited by Barbara M. Benedict and
strongly recommended by Brian Southam Deirdre Le Faye. With summaries and extracts of Ann Radcliff's
for their notes, introductions, and novels. End notes, introduction. Cambridge UP. 2006. First
scrupulous texts. Edited with introduction paperback edition 2013. NEW. $24.00
and endnotes by Gillian Beer. Penguin 90448 Persuasion. Edited by Janet Todd and Antje Blank. Includes
Classics. 2003. Paper. NEW. $7.00 the cancelled chapter of Persuasion and Henry Austen's
90521 Pride and Prejudice. Classics Biographical Notice. End notes and extensive introduction.
Reimagined. Illustrated by Alice Pattullo. Cambridge UP. 2006. First paperback edition 2013. NEW. $24.00
You have to see this lovely book to OR 90280 Persuasion. Hb, dj. NEW. $50.00
understand it. Brightly colored illustrations, 90445 Pride and Prejudice. Edited by Pat Rogers. Appendices
embossed cover, page edges heavily tinted, include publication history, legal and military background, houses
and lots of extra touches. Like Mr Darcy's like Pemberley, more. End notes. Cambridge UP.
letter looks like a script letter on the page. 2006. First pb edition 2013. NEW. $24.00 OR
Humorous, whimsical, and entertaining, a 90377 Pride and Prejudice. Hb, dj.
true reimagining. Stiff paper. 371 pages. Rockport. 2015. Hb. NEW. $60.00
NEW. $25.00
90446 Sense and Sensibility.
90176-1 Pride and Prejudice. Pride and Prejudice. With Edited by Edward Copeland.
portraits of 7 characters in b/w by Chris Duke. 367 pgs. Red End notes and extensive
leatherette/gilt. The Franklin Library. 1980. NEW. $30.00 introduction. Cambridge
90514 Sense and Sensibility. Favorite UP. 2006. First paperback
edition for students and fans alike, with edition 2013. NEW. $24.00
Tony Tanner's introduction to the OR 90340 Sense and
original classic Penguin edition. Edited Sensibility. Hb, dj. NEW.
with endnotes, emendations to the text, $75.00
and introduction by Ros Ballaster.
Penguin 2003. Paper. NEW. $7.00

Jane Austen Books
Miss Woodhouse and I are delighted that you are all so interested in the finer aspects of high society! We
hope you will join us in our musical club. We shall have weekly meetings, either at her house, or ours. It
has been the greatest satisfaction, comfort, and delight to me, to hear what a musical society I am got into.
I absolutely cannot do without music. It is a necessary of life to me; and along with the fine arts I do
believe it is necessary for all fine women of good standing to maintain a certain level of perfection in
performance and appreciation. And I have also selected a few of my favorite books on fashion. Nothing
too fine, of course. A few bits of lace here and there, but nothing vulgar in any way. I have quite a horror
of finery. My caro sposo assures me that he has never seen a better selection of books on the topic. Better
by far than any he saw when last he was in town!
15769 Bullock, Alice-May. Lace and Lace Making. After a brief
history of the origins of lace making dating back to Egyptian tombs Mrs. Augusta Elton
and pre-Biblical times, Bullock describes the early history of
European lace making, and how European forms were adapted in 12214 Gammie, Ian & Derek McCulloch. Incipits from the
the famous lace making areas of England such as Devon, Manuscript Sources. Accompanies The Musical World of Jane
Buckinghamshire, and Bedfordshire. This cottage industry wsa Austen. Paper. 36 pgs. NEW. $14.00
devestated by the introduction of lace making machines in the 11669 Gammie, Ian & Derek McCulloch. Jane Austen's Music.
mid 18th century. Also deals with lace schools, laws regulating the The Musical World of Jane Austen. "Seen through the manuscripts
wearing of lace, and more. Profusely illustrated. VG condition. 160 and printed editions held by the Jane Austen Memorial Trust at
pgs. Hb, Dj. B.T. Batsford, Ltd. London. 1981, 1991. USED. $7.00 Chawton, with brief histories of contemporary composers and a
10323-2 Byrde, Penelope. Fashion in the catalogue of more than 300 musical works." Also incipits of
Works of Jane Austen. Jane Austen's several of the pieces. Corda Music Publications, Herts. UK.1996.
descriptions of fashion have been arranged in NEW. $20.00
6 chapters, with explanations. Includes a brief 14060 Hanley, Hope. Needlepoint. A large book of directions for
guide to textile terms. Byrde was curator of the over 50 canvas stitches which may be used alone or in
Museum of Costume in Bath until her combination. A comprehensive guide for amateur and expert alike
retirement in 2002. This book was originally working in wool and silk. Beautifully illustrated. Charles Scribner's
published as A Frivolous Distinction in 1979 by Sons, Hb, Dj, USED. $10.00
the Bath City Council. Still in demand, now
released in paper, with new 2008 intro by the author. Full of 10771 Holland, Vyvyan. Hand Coloured Fashion Plates 1770 to
wonderful period illustrations. Paper. NEW. $18.00 1899. An outstanding collection of fully sourced plates and
illustrations (some color, some b/w) offering a selection of the
12293 Caldwell, John. English Keyboard Music Before the fashions of the times. Holland was a son of Oscar Wilde. 1st ed.
Nineteenth Century. John Caldwell, Lecturer in Music at Oxford, B.T.Batsford, London, 1955. 200 pgs. USED. $95.00
provides a meticulously researched history of the development of
the keyboard, starting with the earliest known keyboard music, 11871 Hoskins, Lesley, Ed. The Papered
the Robertsbridge Codex (1325) to the beginning of the Wall: The History, Patterns and Techniques
nineteenth century, the harpsichord, and pedal organ. Samples of of Wallpaper. Orig publ 1999, new and
keyboard music throughout. Dover. Paper. NEW. $6.50 expanded edition 2005. Gorgeous oversized
book - international history of wallpaper,
15773 Cusick, Joyce Elizabeth. Crafting with Lace: More than 40 including current suppliers of historic
Enchanting Projects to Make. Popular guide for the hobbyist patterns, list of collections open to the
setting out to learn. Valuable notes inside back cover by previous public. 369 illustrations, 216
owner list contact information for material shops. Otherwise like in colour. Section on
new. Sterling Lark. 1993. USED. $3.00 rescue and care of wallpapers.
15908 Daumier, Honore. Humours of Index. Thames & Hudson,
Married Life. Introduction, catalog and London. Orig. Publ. $34.95. NEW.
notes by Professor Philippe Roberts- $23.00
Jones. Transl from the French by Angus 10815 Jackson, Mrs. E. Nevill.
Malcolm. Drawn for a newspaper, these Silhouette: Notes and Dictionary.
prints cover scenes trivial and important With 10 Plates in Colour and 93
about the life of a petty bourgeois in Monotone. Rare and
married couple. Each lithograph is collectible book. Oversized
translated in the back of the book, with hardback in red cloth. History
provenance and discussion of the social of silhouettes, beautiful
setting for the cartoon. Some run in series and some are opposites examples throughout.
- popular in the 19th century. Oversized, dramatic art book in Includes "Dictionary of Artists
excellent condition. Cover in mylar. Boston Book & Art Shop, in Silhouette." Pages good. We
1968. USED. $45.00 found two pencil underlines.

Jane Austen Books
Tissue paper still present for the color plates. First Edition. 13466 Piggott, Patrick. The Innocent
Methuen & Co. London. 1938. USED. $30.00 Diversion: Music in the Life and Writings of
Jane Austen. Jane Austen's own music, and
12009 Jarry, Madeleine and Maryvonne Dobry. Period
the way music was woven into people's lives
Needlepoint for Antique Furniture. History and instructions both
in her time, are explained in this book. The
in one book. Gorgeous color and b/w illustrations. Authentic
important musical scenes in the novels are
patterns, material lists, advice and instructions. 1976. VG
examined as well. We discover what might
condition. HB, dj. USED. $12.00
have been playing in the background during
14157 Lane, Maggie. A Charming Place: Bath key scenes. Originally published in 1979. We
in the Life and Novels of Jane Austen. are delighted this book is back in print.
Illustrations by Bridget Sudworth help bring Moonrise Press, 2011. Paper. NEW. $22.00
Regency Bath to life. Lane describes the
11265 Raynor, Henry. Music in England. A delightful history of
details of life Jane would have encountered,
English music written by a respected musicologist. From the
including shopping, enjoying public
Middle Ages to mid 20th century composers. Raynor takes the
entertainment, and taking the waters. Well
view that all music that is loved and performed is worth exploring,
grounded in Austen's writings. Millstream
and includes glees, catches, salons, clubs, and dances as well as
Books, 1988. Paper, USED. $12.00
church and politically important music. Interesting section on the
16003 Lathan, Sharon. Regency Prints Refined: Georgian and Regency periods. Green cloth, dust jacket. like new.
A Lady's Diversions. This collection of fashion Robert Hale Ltd., London. 1980. USED. $12.00
plates is taken from Costume Parisien, La Belle
14778 Rutherford, Emma. Silhouette: The Art of the Shadow.
Assemblee, Ackerman's Repository, and other
Fwd by Lulu Guiness. Rutherford is an art historian who specializes
magazines printed between 1790 and 1825. The
in silhouettes and portrait miniatures. This oversized art book is
prints have been graphically restored and
more than a gorgeous collection of silhouettes. It is also an
cleaned up. They were used to decorate tables
eduation on the social history of this rich art form. Rizzolo. Hb, Dj.
at the 2015 JASNA AGM in Louisville. With text
2009. Originally publ at $65. NEW. $25.00
and translated captions for each print. 56 pgs. TSBO Publications,
2015. Paper. NEW. $12.00 14002 Sutherland, Guilland, Editor. British Art 1740-1820; Essays
in Honor of Robert R. Wark. Portraits by Reynolds and others (full
13542 Morley, John. Regency Design 1790-1840: Gardens,
and miniature), politics and humor (Hogarth, Gillray, Caldwell,
Buildings, Interiors, Furniture. Excellent condition, beautiful
landscapes and illustrations (Blake) flush out this wonderful
book. Size 11.5x10.5x1.75 inch. Comprehensive study about
collection of essays published to mark the retirement of Wark as
everything Regency with extensively detailed descriptions &
curator of the Huntington Art Collections. Gray smooth cloth with
analysis. Color and b/w illustrations throughout. Index, notes to
gilt titles, gray DJ, color and b/w plates throughout. 239 pgs. Very
text. 473 pgs. Hb, Dj. Pub by Harry N. Abrams, 1993. USED.
good condition, collector's quality. Publ by Huntington Library,
San Marino, CA. 1992. USED. $15.00
11109 Nivelon, Francis. The Rudiments of
12983 Vermeer. Vermeer Paintings: 24 Art Cards. Vermeer
Genteel Behavior. Facsimile reprint of the
Paintings: 24 Art Cards. Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Love Letter,
unique edition of 1737. Foreword by Paul
The Music Lesson, and many more beloved paintings in
Holberton, Afterward by Hugh Belsey.
perforated sheets of art cards. NEW. $6.50
Designed by Roger Davies. Beautiful large
paper book with faux jacket. Illustrations show 15904 Wass, Ann Buermann and Michelle
how to walk, stand, bow, courtesy, give and Webb Fandrich. Clothing Through
take - all that is necessary for genteel society. American History: The Federal Era through
2003, paper. NEW. $20.00 Antebellum, 1786-1860. This is a textbook
style complete resource on the subject with
12031 Noakes, Aubrey. Waterhouse: John William Waterhouse.
full resource guides and index in the back.
Fifth edition. Introduction by Michael Kitson. Originally published
Actually two books in one, Wass being the
in 1953, this schorlarly yet
author of the first Vol (1786-1820) and
enjoyable book has
Fandrich the second. Both are acclaimed
become the standard
historians. Illustrations. 407 pgs. Hb. 2010. NEW. $80.00
source for
information on the 11566 Waterhouse, Ellis. Painting in Britain 1530 to 1790. This
period's art. Colour oversized art book is packed with gorgeous prints. Noakes
plates and b/w explores Waterhouse's late Victorian life and the popularity of his
photos supplement art in that period, along with its resurgence since the 1970's.
the text throughout. Waterhouse painted romance worthy of the epic poems of Greece
Book is in excellent and Rome, not to mention themes reminiscent of Sir Walter Scott
condition. Yale UP. and the tales of King Arthur. Gold dust jacket is a little curled,
1994. USED. $10.00 otherwise the book is in excellent condition. Black cloth cover.
Chaucer Press, London. USED. $20.00

Jane Austen Books
14762 Waterhouse, John William. The Women of Waterhouse: 13903 Whitehouse, David. English Cameo Glass. A stunning
24 Cards. John William Waterhouse (1849-1917) combined collection of 19th century cameos grace this lovely book, all from
classical mythology and European legend in his dramatic portraits the Corning Museum of Glass in New York. Chapters describethe
of wistful, long-haired maidens. This collection of 24 of his finest makers and the history of the development of this art form in
paintings is so beautiful, you may want to frame them rather than Britain. Heavy glossy paper, black cover with cameo illustraion on
mail them. Dover. NEW. $6.00 front. Published by the museum at $29.95. 1994, NEW. $10.00
13075 Watkins, Susan. Jane Austen In Style. Watkins worked with 11611 Wilkie, Angus. Biedermeier. Large
internationally acclaimed photographer Hugh Palmer to capture book covering the era that Biedermeier
the world a country gentlewoman would have seen 200 years ago. furniture was most popular (1815-1848).
From the arrangement of furniture to the shade of wallpaper, This book is truly "an essential sourcebook
furnishings, fashions, china, and building facades, experience for all concerned with nineteenth-century
Austen's world visually through 177 illustrations. The detailed text design." Abbeville Press, NY. 1987. Hb, dj.
will add to the fan's appreciation of period novels. 224 pgs, Paper. USED. $35.00
Thames and Hudson. 1990, 1997. USED. $20.00

Oh dear. That young lady did go on for quite a while. I hope you are not all too fatigued to have a look at some of the
books Mr Perry and I have set out for you. I do fear that some of the dishes recommended in them may be too rich
for my Emma, but she will take care to avoid those books. Perry assures me that he has recommended only the best
treatises on medicine, although some of the titles appear to me to be quite shocking. Perhaps I should tell Emma not
to include these after all. I would not wish for any of you to catch a chill.
– Mr. Woodhouse
15913 Anonymous. The Duties of a Lady's cookbook that was compiled on behalf of
Maid. With Directions for Conduct, and Thomas Knight for his sister, passed down to
Numerous Receipts for the Toilette. Intro by Edward Austen Knight. Manuscript C. 1793. An
Mary Ann O'Farrell, former Chawton House important manuscript in its own right, there are
Library visiting fellow. This advice book was also recipes here Jane Austen may have tasted as
published anonymously in 1825 as a guide for she visited her brother's house. Marbled cover
the Lady's maid, explaining all the things she and end pages, high quality paper. Even though
must know, the way she must behave, and full they were written so long ago, I find I can read
of practical advice. The author gives strict them quite well. Own a piece of Austen history! Benefits Chawton
fashion advice, instructions on proper speech, advice on keeping House Library. Hb. 2014. Chawton House Press. NEW. $35.00
secrets, on practicing religion, and quite a bit of theory on use of
14228 Ehrenreich, Barbara and Deirdre English.
color. With admonitions that you must observe in silence,
Witches, Midwives & Nurses. First published by
consider yourself as nobody, remember your rank, we also find
the Feminist Press in 1973, an essential book
recipes for hair treatments and cosmetics. It's a lovely little book
about the corruption of the medical
and we imagine the maid in training reading it, and as O'Farrell
establishment, revealing its historic roots in the
suggests, possibly giggling at the more pompous sections. Sales
demonizing of women healers. From witch hunts
benefit Chawton House Library. Hb, Dj. 2015. NEW. $20.00
of the Middle Ages to the contemporary role of
10208-2 Black, Maggie, and Deirdre medicine in relation to women's rights. Wtih a new
LeFaye. Jane Austen Cookbook. A selection introduction written for this edition that reviews changes since
of the recipes found in Martha Lloyd's the original publication. Paper. 2010. NEW. $5.00
collection that Jane and her family enjoyed.
10655 Grigson, Jane. Food with the Famous. Try Martha Lloyd's
Tested and modernized for today's cook.
curry! Charmingly written, now illustrated. Expanded from a
Also includes fancier fare they would have
series in "The Observer," explores cooking habits and diets of 10
consumed at balls and parties. LeFaye
famous people, including Jane Austen & Martha Lloyd, Pastor
offers historical background. Beautiful
Woodforde, Rev. Sydney Smith and John Evelyn. Recipes. London,
illustrations throughout. McClelland &
1991R. 220 pp. Hb, dj. Published at $35. NEW. $18.00
Stewart. 1995. Paper. NEW. $19.00
11940 Kitchiner, William, M.D. The Cook's Oracle and
14155 Boyle, Laura. Cooking with Jane Austen: Period Recipes
Housekeeper's Manual. Containing receipts for cookery and
Used in the Austen Household, Updated for Modern Kitchens.
directions for carving. Also, the art of composing the most simple
Share Jane Austen's world by trying these authentic recipes from
and most highly finished broths, gravies, soups, sauces, store
her own writings. Converted to make them easy in the modern
sauces, and flavouring essences; pastries, preserves, puddings,
kitchen. Forty recipes to help you host your own Regency party!
pickles, etc. With a complete system of cookery for Catholic
Paper. Trail Publishing. NEW. $20.00
families. The quantity of each article is accurately stated by weight
15125 Dow, Gillian. The Knight Family Cookbook. Preface by and measure; being the result of actual experiments instituted in
Richard Knight. Introduction by Gillian Dow. This is one of the the kitchen of William Kitchiner, M. D. Adapted to the American
most delectable books you'll ever own. A facsimile of the Public by a Medical Gentleman from the last London Edition. J&J
Harper, NY. 1832. USED. $325.00

Jane Austen Books
13498 Lamont-Brown, Raymond. Royal Poxes & Potions: The 15126 Smith, Elizabeth. The Compleat Housewife. Intro by
Lives of Court Physicians, Surgeons & Apothecaries. A previously Elizabeth Kowaleski Wallace. This big beautiful book is a reprint -
overlooked aspect of the monarchy. Covers the interesting not a facsimile - of the 18th c manual for domestic life first
relationship between monarchs and their physicians, from the published in 1753. Learn recipes, treatment of medical conditions,
instigation of the royal doctor in medieval times, to the present. how to make wine, and how to set the table. Spend time with Eliza
Their stories touch on murder, secrets, medical mishaps and Smith and find out what it was really like. From the Pope's Posset
ingenious advances. Sutton Publishing. 2002. Paper. NEW. $7.00 to Syllabubs, hashing a calf's head to pickling lemons. Benefits
Chawton House Library. 2009. Hb. NEW. $25.00
14681 Montanari, Massimo. Cheese,
Pears, & History in a Proverb. Translated 11464-2 Thompson, C. J. S. Quacks of Old London. Medical
from Italian by Beth Archer Brombert. Not history. 17th and 18th c. London was a Quack's paradise. Primary
just culinary history, this book gets into source material presented with humor. Woodcut prints
social class and snobbery, fashion, medical throughout. First ed. No dust jacket, otherwise VG. 356 pgs, Hb.
and military history, symbolism, and more. Brentano's Ltd., London, 1928. USED. $35.00
Columbia University Press. 2010. Hb, Dj.
13058 Tudor, Tasha. The Tasha Tudor Cookbook: Recipes and
List $33.25. NEW. $14.00
Reminiscences from Corgi Cottage, Featuring More Than 80 of
14937 Porter, Roy, Consultant Editor. Tasha Tudor's Favorite Family Recipes. The beloved children's
Medicine: A History of Healing. Ancient author and illustrator has written her cookbook! Some of the
Traditions to Modern Practice. Large recipes have been handed down through generations. She
illustrated paperback full of interesting information on the history developed others for her children and grandchildren. Her
of medicine and medical treatments. Different cultures and time gingerbread Christmas decorations have been featured on the
periods for each subject. Good overview of White House tree. Luscious deserts and homely hearty main
Western European developments. Ivy Press dishes make this a comforting cookbook you'll want to keep front
Ltd. 1997. USED. $4.00 and center in your kitchen. $10.00
14190 Rugg, Julie and Lynda Murphy. A 14039 Ulrich, Laurel Thatcher. A Midwife's Tale: The Life of
Food Lover's Treasury. This book is a Martha Ballard, Based on Her Diary, 1785-1812. Martha Ballard
compendium of excerpts from books, all [1735-1812] left a detailed yet restrained diary. Ulrich used the
about food. A read through demonstrates diary entries as starting points to describe the drama, details,
the underappreciated role that food plays in sorrows and joys of Martha's life as a midwife in New England.
literature. Fully indexed. Frances Lincoln, Includes maps, charts, endnotes, an appendix explaining the
2008. Orig $16.95. Hb, Dj. NEW. $10.00 medical terms Martha mentions, and more. 444 pgs, Paper.
Knopf, NY, 1990. USED. $7.00

Who wouldWho have

havethought of such
ever thought a wonderful
of such idea!idea!
a wonderful I am sure
I am I had
sure I hadthought
would have
have been our
our dear
Woodhouse, had it not been for Mrs. Elton’s telling me that it was quite her plan altogether. What a
Miss Woodhouse, had it not been for Mrs. Elton’s telling me that it was quite her plan altogether. What a lovely thought
this is indeed -- a book party! Well, indeed it puts me mind a great deal of the parties we had when I was younger, but
then you do not do those things so much nowadays it seems, I believe, for it seems to be the young people are
much more agreeably engaged in visiting and going about to the shops and the seaside. In fact Jane
wrote again this very morning, I shall read you the letter straight away – Oh, Hetty, you forget
yourself! Of course, we must not neglect Miss Woodhouse’s books! William Larkins came to
me just this morning , straight from Mr. Knightley it would seem, to inquire if I would like to
look at any of the books in his master’s collection, but I told him we are quite comfortable with our
own, quite comfortable ma’am, are we not? She does not hear. She always hears Jane, but then Jane
always speaks so distinct. Only imagine my being given the honor of being asked my opinion on books!
Mrs. Elton is all kindness itself, although I do not know that she is the one to whom I – I daresay I
should not be giving her the credit for – but then she is always so finely dressed and she speaks so
distinct! Oh dear, yes, I must be picking some books for you. I do have one that I have selected for you,
but I do not know where I have laid it. Oh! here it is. I was sure it could not be far off; but I had put my
houswife upon it, you see, without being aware, and so it was quite hid, but I had it in my
hand so very lately that I was almost sure it must be on the table. I was reading it to Mrs.
Cole, and since she went away, I was reading it again to my mother, for it is such a
pleasure to her – a good book is always such a great pleasure to us, and especially one so practical!
14662 Anderson, Kathleen and Susan Jones Jane Austen's Guide to Thrift: An Independent Woman's Advice on Living
Within One's Means. English professors Anderson and Jones have published essays in Persuasions and other academic
journals. They use lessons from Austen's novels and letters to give advice thrifty yet elegant living. A unique way to learn
about Austen's life and times. Penguin. 2013. Paper. NEW. $12.50

Jane Austen Books

Emma has asked me to select some books for you. -- Geo. Knightley
13145 Austen-Leigh, James Edward, Freydis and Southerland. excellent copy of this highly desirable book. Yale UP, 1978. 344
Life in the Country with Quotations by Jane Austen and pgs. Hb, Dj. USED. $25.00
Silhouettes by her Nephew James Edward Austen-Leigh.
15092 Goode, Mike. Sentimental Masculinity and the Rise of
Charming silhouettes JEAL created, often to amuse his children.
History 1790-1890. Goode dives into the development of modern
Contributions by Maggie Lane and Joan Ray, afterword by Joan
historical thought and finds that struggles
Austen-Leigh. British Library Board, London, 2008. 48 pgs. Hb, dj.
over definitions of masculinity played a
NEW. $24.00
major role. It's interesting to look at history
14780 Baker, Kenneth. George through the eyes of satirists, novelists,
III: A Life in Caricature. Comedy, cartoonists, and other non-historians of the
especially political and social period. Austen, Scott, Burke, Paine, Adam
satire, was a characteristic of Smith, Hazlitt, Gillray, Rowlandson, and
Austen's time. The famous many more artists and cultural
satirists of the day often worked commentators are studied. Cambridge UP.
in colorful cartoons. George III's Paper. 2014. NEW. $28.00
long reign (1760-1820), his
10789-1 Howard, Tom. Austen Country. Very light wear to jacket,
changing popularity, his
otherwise VG. No Austen fan should be without this beautiful
madness which resulted in the
oversized book full of pictures to accompany your travels,
long Regency, and family
whether of the armchair or train & car variety. Regency House
divisions all inspired a great deal of caricature, captured here in
Publishing, Smithmark, First US ed. 1995. Hb, dj. USED. $15.00
this oversized art book (10" by 10"). Still wrapped in publisher's
plastic cover. Thames & Hudson, 2007. Hb, Dj. Publ. at $45. NEW. 15906 Jarrett, Derek. England in the Age of Hogarth. Jarrett
$25.00 examines Hogarth's ruthless depictions of 18th century life
through his art and historical context, showing that the period was
14106 Castronovo, David. The English
violent and difficult, certainly not idyllic. Social history. Excellent
Gentleman: Images and Ideals in Literature
condition. Jacket is price clipped. Hb, Dj. Hart-Davis, MacGibbon.
and Society. An exploration of the concept of
London. 1974. USED. $15.00
"gentleman" and how this one word
encompasses so many meanings relating to 15909 Lees-Milne, Alvilde, Editor. The Englishman's Room.
personality, moral behavior, fashion, Photographed by Derry Moore. This beautiful oversized book
particular individuals, and more. How the idea looks inside the private rooms of a variety of "intelligent men,"
of a gentleman still influences us today. Ungar, including actors (ie Sir John Gielgud) and writers (Nigel Nicolson,
NY, 1987. Hb, DJ. USED. $15.00 who of course was also an Austen historian), politicians and
artists. Not all the rooms are in Britain. Each describes his room in
10362 Clarendon, Edward, Earl of. History of the Rebellion
his own words. Many of the rooms give one the impression that
(English Civil War). Originally written between 1646 and 1648,
not much has changed since the time of Mr Darcy and Mr
with later additions from his autobiography of 1670. The first full
Knightley concerning this critical feature of the home.Salem
history of the English Civil War. Clarendon was a player in the
House Publishers. 1986. Hb, Dj, mylar. Excellent condition. USED.
events of his day. Partial, as were all histories of the time. This
issue restored the text where it had been corrected or changed in
previous editions. Spelling has been regularized to the 1888 style. 11207-2 Plumb, J. H. The First Four Georges. With 35 illustrations
In 6 volumes. Some very light underlining in pencil. The Clarendon - portaits, cartoons, silhouettes. Historical analysis of the four
Press, Oxford. 1888. Good condition. $115.00 reigns in the 18th and early 19th centuries. Red cloth, no jacket,
excellent condition. Macmillan, NY 1957. 188 pgs. USED. $20.00
10565 Fletcher, Major Benton. Royal Homes Near London. With
43 Illustrations by the Author. Dedicated by Gracious Permission 11880 Rosenthal, Michael. Hogarth. Hogarth [1697-1764]
to Her Highness The Princess Maire Louise. Beautiful charcoal produced art that defined his time and place - 18th century
drawings accompany the text that describes the history and London. This is a gorgeous art book, full of color and b/w
interesting anecdotes about each location in this stunning book. reproductions, with Rosenthal's insightful text to elucidate
Red cloth, gilt title with crowns. Spine cover chipped top and Hogarth's parody, wit, and attention to detail. Chaucer Press,
bottom. Pages browning around edges. London 2005. Hb, dj. NEW. $20.00
Front hinge has failed but cloth cover still
15426 Uglow, Jenny. In These Times: Living in
holds. 220 pgs heavy textured paper. The
Britain through Napoleon's Wars, 1783-1815.
Bodley Head, London, 1930. USED.
Uglow looks at the world war that raged
during this period from the point of view of
12453-2 Girouard, Mark. Life in the folks who stayed behind - the "butchers,
English Country House. Gorgeous big bakers, and candle-stick makers" as well as
book full of beautiful pictures, interesting farmers, millwrights, labourers, gentry and
facts. DJ price cut, otherwise this is an the poor. Primary sources are drawn from
familiar voices like Austen, Wordsworth,
Jane Austen Books
Byron and Scott, to people forgotten by time. With period his social context, and his fellow artists and friends. B&w
illustrations. Austen and her family members make several illustrations throughout. Attractive cover. Heavy paper. Amberley
appearances. 740 pgs. Farrar, Straus and Publishing, Gloucestershire UK. Paper. NEW. $15.00
Giroux, NY. 2014. Hb, Dj. NEW. $36.00
11550 Walbank, F. Alan, ed. The English Scene: In the Works of
14625 Wade, Stephen. Rowlandson's Human Prose-Writers since 1700. Illustrated from Contemporary Pictures
Comedy: A Biography of the Regency Artist. and Prints - landscapes of England. Includes Jane Austen, George
Rowlandson's satiric illustrations and Eliot, H.G. Wells. Written in the midst of WW2, when all
caricatures of royalty and other important this was at stake. 2nd revised ed. 224 pgs.
figures help define the Georgian and Regency USED. $17.00
periods. This biography illustrates the artist,
I have chosen some rather informative titles because I feel it incumbent
upon me to demonstrate that there are some very good reasons why a man
may wish to avoid leaving his house upon an evening, simply to attend a
rather silly Christmas party, especially when he is not the particular
acquaintance of any of the principals in attendance.
10227 Borowitz, Albert. The Thurtell-Hunt Murder Case: Dark
-- John Knightley
growing interest
Mirror to Regency England. A sensational murder in 1823 became meshed with the
an inspirational source for many writers, even in our own times. evolution of popular
Here it is revealed in all its original detail for fiction. Explores
the first time. True crime buffs, as well of fans Defoe's narratives
of the time period, will enjoy this readable such as Moll
history. Louisiana State University Flanders, Fielding's
Press. 1987. Hb, dj. NEW. $12.00 double career as
14281 Borowitz, Albert. A Gallery of author and magistrate,
Sinister Perspectives: Ten Crimes and Godwin,
a Scandal. Borowitz has been called a Wollstonecraft, and Inchbald. Argues that crime narratives offer a
"sleuth upon the crossroads between way for individuals to grapple with the changes brought on by
literature and crime." This book modernity. One approach to understanding the backdrop to
examines several historical crimes Austen's time, although she is not mentioned. Publ at $57. JHUP,
linked to literature. An in-depth study of 2001. Hb, Dj. NEW. $25.00
Jane Austen's Aunt's shoplifting case. 12430 Hill, David. 1788: The Brutal Truth of the First Fleet. The
With a chapter on literary views on capital punishment. Hb, Dj, biggest single overseas migration the world had ever seen. The
plastic protector, some fading of spine, overall VG condition. Kent story of the first convict ships sent out from Portsmouth, crowded
State University Press, 1982. USED. $15.00 with people, loaded with supplies, sent to a place none of them
14633 Cruickshank, Dan. London's Sinful Secret: The Bawdy could begin to imagine. How they survived and triumphed.
History and Very Public Passions of London's Georgian Age. A Primary source material woven with novelist's craft into a best
massive tome at 654 pages, but eminently readable and seller. William Heinemann, Australia, 2009. Paper. NEW.
fascinating. Cruickshank convincingly argues that the engine of 10075 Linnane, Fergus. London, the Wicked
the sex trade had a huge impact on London - arts, culture, politics City; A Thousand Years of Vice in the Capital.
- during this period. Times were tough for women, and there were Linnane, Fergus. London, the Wicked City; A
few outlets for intelligent motivated women to excel, or for poor Thousand Years of Vice in the Capital.
women to survive. Period illustrations throughout, endnotes, "Academically sound, as well as being a good
index, extensive bibliography of period writings, and appendices read" - Independent. History of the sexual
"The Mob and Its Vengeance," "Women as Men," and "Dr James depravity to be found in London, over the
Graham." Two sections of color plates. St Martin's Press. 2009. Hb, past 1000 years. London: 2003. Hb, dj. NEW.
Dj. List $40.00. NEW. $15.00 $20.00
10583 Fullerton, Susannah. Jane Austen & 13913 Ludlow, Cate, Ed. Tales from the
Crime. There was plenty of crime in Jane Terrific Register: The Book of Wonders. All
Austen's England. Fullerton shows the manner of horrors are described in this book,
connections between Jane's youthful work, her originally published in 1825 and very popular
mature work, andthe darker side of life. Jones across England in its day. Fantastic animals,
Books, 2006. 248 pgs. Paper. NEW. $20.00 strange medical maladies, men battling
13674 Gladfelder, Hal. Criminality and sharks, you name it, someone thought of it.
Narrative in Eighteenth-Century England: Facsimile of original title page. List price
Beyond the Law. Toward the end of the 17th century, interest $16.95. The History Press. NEW. $7.50
rose in stories of transgression. Gladfelder shows how this

Jane Austen Books

Mr. Weston and I are so grateful that you could all attend our Christmas party. We know Frank will come
when he can. In the meanwhile, please enjoy the many holiday-themed books and gifts we have found for
you. The holiday season only comes once a year, and it is the time of year to cherish your family and friends.
-- Mrs. Weston
10023 Alcott, Louisa May. The Quiet Little 15883 Grace, Maria. A Jane Austen Christmas:
Woman: A Christmas Story. The Quiet Little Regency Christmas Traditions. What was
Woman: A Christmas Story. Beautiful red book, Christmas really like in Austen's time?
with heavy gold illustrated DJ. Three stories in Customs, music, recipes, everything you need
one: The Quiet Little Woman, Tilly's Christmas, to understand the pre-Victorian British
Rosa's Tale. First page is a built-in gift plate experience. This book was a favorite and sold
"Presented to:?". Endearing children's stories out at the 2015 JASNA AGM. White Soup
rediscovered in the 1990's. Tulsa: Honor Books. Press. 2014. Paper. NEW. $6.50
1999. Hb, dj. 122 pages. NEW. $7.50
13836 Grange, Amanda, with Sharon Lathan
15123 Barron, Stephanie. Jane and the Twelve and Carolyn Eberhart. A Darcy Christmas: A
Days of Christmas. Another work from one of Holiday Tribute to Jane Austen. Three warm
the best Austen-inspired authors, grounded in holiday novellas from best-selling authors
history. It's December 1814 and Jane Austen, included in this attractive softcover from
now 3 times a published author, is at The Vyne Sourcebooks. What a nice Christmas present!
for the Christmas holiday with family and Includes "Christmas Present" by Amanda
friends. Of course she has to solve a mystery, Grange, "A Darcy Christmas" by Sharon Lathan,
and prevent murder and mayhem. New in and "Mr. Darcy's Christmas Carol" by Carolyn Eberhart. 2010.
hardback. 2014. $20.00 NEW. $12.00
15214 Dickens, Charles. A Christmas Carol in 14239 Linnane, Fergus. Drinking for England:
Prose Being A Ghost Story of Christmas. The Great English Drinkers and Their Times. A
Perfect facsimile of the first edition in mint meticulously researched history into how the
condition. Exact size, type, color illustrations English weakness for alcohol has led to
by John Leech, all gilt edges, red leather with scandal, outrage, vomiting, ililcit sex, and
gilt embossed title and decorations. more. Do you ever wonder how they drink so
Experience the book the way the first readers much? Kings, knaves, Prime Ministers, artists,
did in 1843. Laid in note from facsimile eccentrics, and poets, to name a few, exhibit.
publisher J. G. Ferguson. Cjhicago. 1976. Hb. Lovely dust jacket. JR Books. London. List $39.95. Hb, Dj. NEW.
NEW. $30.00 $25.00
12046 Dickens, Charles. The Annotated 14703 Louise, Kara. Pemberley Celebrations: The First Year. A
Christmas Carol: A Christmas Carol in complation of delightful holiday stories - a year's worth of
Prose. Beautiful book, ideal Christmas celebrations. Join Darcy and Elizabeth for Christmas, New
present. 266 pages are packed with period Year's, St. Valentine's Day, and more. 2011. Paper. NEW.
illustrations, background material. $12.00
Embossed dust jacket and luxurious feel. 15897 Peterson, Julie. Mr. Darcy's
Illustrated by John Leech. Edited by Night Before Christmas. Inspired by
Michael Patrick Hearn. 2004, HB, Dj. New the poem "The Night Before
low price. NEW. $20.00 Christmas" this parody has Mr Darcy
catching a ride with Santa, who ends
11959 Dickens, Charles. Eleven Volume Set - Burt 1912. Eleven up at the Bennet house. Perfect slim
volume set from A. L. Burt, NY. No date but some volumes have size for a stocking stuffer, this cute
previous owner signature from 1912. Red cloth with gilt titles on book sold out at the 2015 JASNA AGM!
spine, titles a little faded. Embossed Illustrated by Sheryl Dickert. Gibbs-
block design on covers. Each Smith. Hb. 2015. NEW. 9.00
volume with a frontispiece
illustration. Overall 14343 Peterson, Valerie and Janice
attractive classic set. Sold as Fryer. Cookie Craft: From Baking to
set only. Christmas Stories, Luster Dust. Designs and Techniques
Pickwick Papers, Barnaby for Creative Cookie Occasions. This
Rudge, Little Dorrit, Oliver beautiful book is more than a
Twist, Bleak House, Great cookbook. It is full of artistic ideas you
Expectations, Our Mutual can use to make your cookies the talk
Friend, Martin Chuzzlewit, of the neighborhood. Looks great on
David Copperfield, Nicholas your shelf and has great pictures
Nickleby. USED. $40.00 inside, too. Storey Publishing. Hb.
2007. NEW. $18.00

Jane Austen Books
14344 Peterson, Valerie and Janice Fryer. 11267 Read, Miss. Christmas at Fairacre. In one
Cookie Craft Christmas. Dozens of Decorating volume: Village Christmas, The Christmas Mouse
Ideas for a Sweet Holiday. After cookie-baking and No Holly for Miss Quinn. Newly
tips, this book takes you right into cookie reprinted. Houghton Mifflin, Boston:
design as an art form, all with Christmas and 2007. 308 pgs. Hb, dj. NEW. $12.00
winter holiday themes. Gorgeous! Storey
13818 Read, Miss. Christmas at Thrush
Publishing. Hb, Dj. 2009. NEW. $14.00
Green. The first new Miss Read novel after
11221 Powys, T. F. Mr. Weston's Good Wine. Critically acclaimed a 10 year period. Thrush Green celebrates
novel, first published in 1927. Powys was part of a literary and Christmas in a timeless manner, but new
country parson family. The story is about a visit from a wine people and new
merchant to a Dorset village, set in 1923. The wine merchant is events constantly arise. Orion Books, London.
actually God. Black cloth with gilt decorations, red and white 2009. Hb, dj. NEW. $12.00
phoenix patterned dust jacket. Jacket is a little soiled and has
12043 Standiford, Les. The Man Who
small tears. Previous owners signatures on first endpaper. Chatto
Invented Christmas: How Charles Dickens's
and Windus, London. 1930. USED. $20.00
'A Christmas Carol' Rescued His Career and
15007 Quinn, Tess. A Fitzwilliam Legacy Volume Revived Our Holiday Spirits. Delightful story.
One: Seasonal Disorder. The Darcys have been Crown Pulblishers. HB, dj. NEW. $15.00
married just shy of a year and are all set to host
11526-1 Tennant, Emma. Pemberley or Pride and Prejudice
their first grand house party during the Christmas
Continued. Popular sequel. The Darcys plan their first Christmas
season. Of course their relatives will behave
house party and invite the family. Attractive book and dj. St
perfectly and everything will be lovely. First
Martin's Press, NY, 1993. Hb, Dj. NEW. $15.00
of a two-part series. 2013. NEW. $10.00
14213 Wondrich, David. Punch: The Delights
15008 Quinn, Tess. A Fitzwilliam Legacy
and Dangers of the Flowing Bowl. The history
Volume Two: New Year Resolutions. Part
of punch wittily told by renowned cocktail
two. It is the first Christmas season Darcy
expert, author of "Imbibed." Takes the
and Elizabeth are enjoying as a
reader deep into 17th and 18th
married couple, and things have already gone awry. Lady
century lives. Authentic recipes
Catherine de Bourgh shows up with daughter Anne in
scattered throughout. Great cover
tow. Darcy houseguests seem to find their way into
too. List $23.95. Hb. 2010. NEW.
trouble. Elegant language and characters true to
form grace this new Austen-inspired fiction. Trade
paper. 2013. NEW. $10.00

CD102 Classical Communications CD109 Classical Communications

Ltd. Gloria. Christmas music from Ltd. Music for My Lady: Favorite
England's great choral tradition Chamber Music. Songs of love
featuring Oxford's top boys choirs. from the 17th and 18th
The Choirs of Christchurch, Magdalen centuries. Lute, with violin solos,
College, and New College. Over 2 hours of harpsichord, and viol consort music. Over 1
music on 2 CD's. Booklet included. Classic hour on 1 CD. Classical Communications. Import. 2003. NEW.
composers and folk hymns. Publ by Classical $12.00
Communications Ltd., Oxfordshire. 2005. NEW. $20.00
CD118 Lexington Vintage Dance Society. Lady Caroline's Regency
CD104 Jane Austen Collection. Music from the Austen family Romp. Dance Music of the Early 19th Century. As soon as we
collection performed on historic instruments. London: 2000. heard the first few notes, we knew we were in for a treat! Includes
Soprano, flute, violoncello and square piano. 17 pieces includes 4 26 dance songs, some have never before recorded. Comes with a
audio excerpts from novels and letters. NEW. $15.00 booklet that gives dance instructions and a wonderful little
dicussion of each type of dance music you will hear performed.
CD105 Classical Communications Ltd. Jane Austen Entertains: 2
Country dances, waltzes, mazurkas, and quadrilles. Piano, violin,
CD set. Jane Austen Entertains and Jane Austen Piano Favourites
flute, cello, oboe, clarinet. Recorded at Central Chistian Church,
boxed together. Over 2 hours of music played
Lexington, KY. Total playing time 78:52. Produced by Pinnacle in
on contemporary instruments, most pieces
2005 for the Lexington Vintage Dance Society. CD. NEW. $16.00
from Austen's own library. 2008 Classical
Communications. Import fromUK. NEW. CD123 The Gift of Music. English Country
$21.00 Dances. Dance music from the 16th and 17th
centuries. Performed by popular group The
CD108 Classical Communications Ltd. More
Broadside Band on period instruments. All
tea Vicar? Music on the theme of tea, with a hint of coffee thrown
explained in great detail in the enclosed
in! Old favourites and familiar songs. Over 1 hour on 1 CD.
booklet! 2003 Classical Communications for
Classical Communications for The Gift of Music. Import from UK.
The Gift of Music. Import from UK. NEW. $12.00
2005. NEW. $10.00
Jane Austen Books
Ah, what good fun! Miss Woodhouse demands from each of you either one book very clever, be it prose or
verse, two books moderately clever, or three books very dull indeed, and she engages to laugh heartily at them
all. As for me, I offer the following books, though you must determine their cleverness, as I must just now
away to London to get my hair cut. -- F. C. Weston Churchill
10026 Aldrich, Elizabeth. From the Ballroom to Hell. Grace And and Disraeli among his friends. Then High Victorian propriety took
Folly in 19thC Dance. This oversized book uses illustrations, over. Abacus, London: 2003. Paper. NEW. $10.00
excerpts of music, etiquette and fashion manuals, and other
11850 Gardner, F. B. The Carriage Painters' Illustrated Manual.
historical sources to educate us on dance in Austen's time.
A little spiral comb bound book with red covers. Facsimile of the
Excellent resource for the writer, researcher, and dance fanatic,
1880 publication that gives the coach painter instructions on style,
or anyone who just likes to know what they were doing when they
stripes, colors, flocking, inlay, and more. S. R. Wells & Co. (orig)
performed this most critical social mating ritual. Witty and
Captiva Press (reprint facs), New York (orig) Sacramento (reprint
delightful. Northwestern University Press. 1991. Paper. List
facs), Like new. USED. $8.00
$24.95 NEW. $23.00
14900 Goold, Madeline. Mrs. Langshaw's
13625 Ashton, John. Humour Wit and Satire of the Seventeenth
Square Piano: The Story of the First Pianos and
Century. Talk a stroll back in time to Merrie Olde England. What
How They Caused a Cultural Revolution. The
were people singing and reciting a hundred years before Jane
life and times of a little Broadwood square
Austen was born? Lots of very funny stuff, it seems. No doubt
piano made in 1807 is uncovered by the author
some of these poems were still around in her time. Ashton says
in this delightful book. Her research takes her
he left out things that would shock the morality of his era. Red
into the history of pianos from 1760 on,
cloth with gilt title. Burt Franklin, NY. 1970 reprint of 1883 classic.
including the social history of their importance
NEW. $40.00
in England, the democratization of music, and
10055-2 Boswell, James. Boswell's London Journal 1762-1763. their distribution to America. Hb. Dj. Like new. BlueBridge, NY. List
The Yale Editions of the Private Papers of James Boswell. "Now $24.95. USED. $8.00
first published from the original manuscript - prepared for the
15861 Law, Susan C. Through the Keyhole:
press, with an introduction and notes by Frederick A. Pottle,
Sex, Scandal and the Secret Life of the Country
Sterling Professor of English, Yale University, with a preface by
House. This well-researched scholarly work
Christopher Morley." This first edition copy is in very good
dives into aristocratic scandals of the Georgian
condition. Rough cut pages, blue gilt on top, attractive blue paper
period (18th and early 19th centuries). Lives
on boards with dark cloth spine. No dust jacket. Map of London in
were both made and demolished by scandalous
Boswell's time inside covers. 1950: McGraw-Hill. USED. $16.00
behavior during this period. Primary sources
10361 Cheesman, Clive and Jonathan and endnotes satisfy the most serious scholar,
Williams. Rebels, Pretenders and Impostors. but the book reads like a series of novellas,
Cheesman and Williams are curators in the making it well worth your time even if you know the story. In other
Dept of Coins at the British Museum. This book words, you won't want to skip any chapters. Period illustrations
is a survey of people throughout history who on full color glossy plates. 1st ed. The History Press,
have sought to rule. Pictures of coins illustrate Gloucestershire. 2015. Hb, Dj. NEW. $23.00
the history. NY: 2000. Hb, dj, 192 pages. Good
14226 Linnane, Fergus. Lives of the English
condition. NEW. $8.00
Rakes. Born in the raucous days of Charles II's
15911 Damase, Jacques. Carriages: Pleasures and Treasures. Restoration, the rake lives on in our
Heavily illustrated history of carriages beginning with Greeks and imaginations. The romantic view of the rake
Romans and ending with the 19th century, with lots of period falls short of reality, as Linnane shows in this
illustrations especially of our era of interest. Phaeton, vis-a0vis, highly entertaining tour of the rogues, lechers,
berlin, the variety of vehicles that would have been available to and profligates of the 18th & 19th centuries.
Mr Thorpe and Mrs Elton's friends and relations is astounding! The Earl of Rochester, the Duke of Buckingham,
Small tear in DJ, otherwise VG. Hb, Dj. Putnam's Sons, NY. 1968. Colonel Charteris, and others famous and
USED. $10.00 infamous are intimately portrayed. 2010 Paper. List price in
Pounds Stirling £9.99. NEW. $10.00
15238 Fielding, Henry. Tom Jones. Oversized
book with slipcase. Illustrated by Lawrence 14407 Loesser, Arthur. Men, Women, & Pianos. Preface by
Beall Smith. Slipcase is worn. Random House Jacques Barzun. Foreword by Edward Rothstein. Traces the
1964. USED. $20.00. history and social importance of the piano and its forebears the
clavichord and harpsichord in the centuries leading up to the time
14218 Foulkes, Nick. Scandalous Society:
when recorded music filled the air. Lighthearted approach,
Passion and Celebrity in the Nineteenth
thorough and entertaining. This is a reprint of the 1954 book with
Century. In the 1830's and 40's, High Society
new foreword and introduction. Of course Jane Austen appears.
lived a raucous life of excess - duels, dandies, rakes, debtors,
654 pgs. Paper. Dover. 1990. NEW. $20.00
flamboyant fashion and outrageous scandal. Handsome Count
d'Orsay was at the center of it all, networking for authors and 11133 Opie, Amelia. Illustrations of Lying, in All Its Branches.
artists, counting the Duke of Wellington, Dickens, Napoleon III, Opie presents a book full of moral lessons to warn us about the
Jane Austen Books
pitfalls of falsehood. Each chapter covers a different aspect of the Political Romance. A Sentimental Journey, published in 1768,
sin, from Lies of Flattery to Lies of Convenience, Benevolence, makes fun of the popular travelogue of the time, as Tristan Shandy
Wantonness, and Fear, to name a few. After defining the lie, she makes fun of the 18th century novel. Essential to understanding
tells stories to illustrate the lie in action. My favorite might be "The the development of the novel and comedy, Sterne's writings take
Skreen, or Not At Home." Illustrated. Red cloth cover is worn, their place beside Fielding and Richardson in importance. Edited
spine edges chipped, pages foxed. But all in all very good shape with introductions by Ian Jack. Excellent condition green cloth
for its age. R. Carter & Brothers, New York. 1857. USED $25.00 with red and gilt title on spine. OUP hb with lightly worn dj. 1968.
USED. $17.00
11188 Peloubet, Don, Editor. Carriage and
Wagon Axles for Horse-Drawn Vehicles. A 12599 Sterne, Laurence. Tristram Shandy. Ed by James A. Work.
compilation of articles from late 19th century A verbatim reprint of the first London edition of each of the nine
journals published in America for the carriage volumes (as opposed to reprints from the edited posthumous
industry. With adverstisements and drawings 1780 version, which is not Sterne's own). Preserves the unusual
included. This oversized book takes you into the punctuation and grammar. Well annotated. Some underlining and
19th century world where you follow the marginalia, spine wrinkeld, but good condition for age. Originally
evolution of carriage making, and the problems published between 1759 and 1767 in 9 volumes. Humorous novel
of carriage maintenance. Compiled by the Carriage Museum of full of double entendre, digressions, and commentary on
America. Astragal Press, NJ. Paper. 2002. NEW. $12.00 language. Full of references to John Locke's theories and
metaphysical poets. Odyssey Press, NY 1955. 647 pgs. Paper.
14772 Phagan, Patricia. Thomas Rowlandson: Pleasures and
Pursuits in Georgian England. With essays by Vic Gatrell and
Amelia Rauser. Oversized art book. Rowlandson (1757-1827) 10091 Summerville, Christopher. Regency
recorded London life with humor and a human touch. The intro, Recollections: Captain Gronow's Guide to
captions, and essays provide important background. Political and Life in London and Paris. Import. Captain
social satire at its best. What were Tom Bertram and his friends Gronow's writings illuminated by
up to? Giles. Hb, Dj. Publ at $59.95. NEW. $48.00 Christopher Summerville. Gronow knew the
Prince Regent, Beau Brummell, and
11397 Sharp, Cecil J. The Country Dance Book Containing a
everyone else who was anyone. You've read
Description of 18 traditional dances collected in country villages.
his quotes in other books, now hear from
First Vol Revised and Editied by Maud Karpeles. Three volume set.
the man himself. Find out what to wear, how
Vol 1 contains "A Description of Eighteen Traditional Dances
to be invited to a ball, and how to get along
Collected in Country Villages." Vol 2 contains "Thirty Country
in high society Regency London, from the ultimate insider, in his
Dances from the English Dancing Master 1650-1728." Vol 3
own words. Ravenhall Books, 2006. Hb, dj. NEW. $10.00
contains "Thirty-Five Country Dances from The Engolish Dancing
Master,,." Dances are given in notation with sketches. Extensive 12967 Tinniswood, Adrian. The Verneys: A True Story of Love,
text accompanies the dances, including history and discussion of War, and Madness in Seventeenth-Century England. The
various aspects of the dance, the music and layout of the room. Verneys: A True Story of Love, War, and Madness in Seventeenth-
Dark blue cloth with some wear. Previous owner made an artistic Century England. For 400 years, the Verneys kept every document
checkmark in the top corner of some pages. Originally published in their family records, giving us incomparable insights into their
ranging from 1909 to 1912. lives. Respected researcher and lecturer Tinniswood brings to life
This set is 1934 and 1927. the generations who lived in the 17th century. Full of humanity,
Novello and Company, Ltd., this fascinating true epic will keep you enthralled to the last page.
London. USED. $75.00 Notes, bibliography, index. Hb, dj. NEW. $12.00
11673 Sharp, Cecil J. 14390 Walker, Richard. Savile Row: An
Country Dance Tunes Illustrated History. From the time of James I to
from The English the 1980's, Savile Row has been the location
Dancing Master (1650- where the fashionable go for "bespoke" or
1728). Original scores tailored clothes. Learn how the Savile community
from 1650-1728. links Beau Brummel to Elton John, Princes to pop
Arranged by Cecil J. stars, American movie stars and politicians. This
Sharp.Set VII through Set beautifully illustrated book includes stories about the famous
XI bound in one book as tailors as well as their customers. Like new with gorgeous
published. Sheet music illustrated jacket. Hb, Dj. Rizzoli, NY. 1989. USED. $48.00
for piano, copyrights
15828 Wallace, Carol McD., and Don McDonagh, Jean L.
1916 through 1922.
Drueselow, Luarence Libin, and Constance Old. Dance: A Very
Spine is splitting down
Social History. Big coffee table book with beautiful illustrations.
one side. Pages are clean.
Published to coincide with an exhibition at the Met. Four authors
Novello and Company,
look at dance from four different points of view. Balls and dancing
London. USED. $120.00
parties of Europe, England and America. Dance steps themselves.
13958 Sterne, Laurence. Evolution of ball gowns and and dance costumes. Depictions of
A Sentimental Journey. dance in art. VG. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Rizzoli. 1986. Hb,
With The Journal to Eliza and A Dj. USED. $15.00
Jane Austen Books
I think it the duty of every young woman to expand her mind through rigorous study of a serious scholarly

-- J. Fairfax
nature. For one, especially, who is destined to the office of instruction and the cultivation of young minds,
education is never an unwelcome companion during hours of solitude.

14713 Alexander, Christine, and Juliet McMaster. The Child 14884 Butler, Marilyn. Jane Austen and the
Writer from Austen to Woolf. Many of our favorite great writers War of Ideas. A must-have for Austen
began to write as children. This collection of essays explores scholars. First published in 1975. An attempt
young authors such as Jane Austen, Byron, Elizabeth Barrett, to set Austen in her times, looks at her art as
Charlotte and Bromwell Bronte, George Eliot, Louisa May Alcott, both conservative and radical. With a lengthy
Lewis Carroll, John Ruskin, and Virginia Woolf. With an annotated introduction Butler wrote in 1987, responding
bibliography, detailed introduction, index. Hb, Dj. Cambridge UP, to the new wave of feminist literary criticism.
2005. Paper. List price $45.00. NEW. $35.00 Print on demand. Oxford UP. Paper. NEW.
$50.00 ALSO 14884-1 Some underlining.
12128 Anonymous. The New Female Instructor or Young
Affordable way to acquire this book that is
Woman's Guide to Domestic Happiness. First published 1834.
now print-on-demand. Oxford UP. Paper. USED. 15.00
"How to be an intelligent and pleasing companion." This is an
abridged facsimile that "concentrate[s] on the chapters which 15892 Chaney, Jen. As If! The Oral History of Clueless. As Told by
discuss the appropriate conduct for a young lady of good standing Amy Heckerling, the Cast, and the Crew. Pop culture journalist
as well as the practical hints on how she should run her Chaney celebrates the 20th anniversary of the classic film's
household." Dress, fashion, manners, employment of time, release with the first book of its kind, weaving original interviews
conversation, letter-writing, education of children, and much with writer and director Amy Heckerling, key cast members, and
more. Rosters Ltd, London, 1988. Hb, Dj. Intro by Rosemary Burr. key crew. She explores how Heckerling used Austen's Emma as
NEW. $25.00 the framework for the film. Get out your plaid skirts and knee
socks and just... "whatever." Simon and Schuster. 2015. Paper.
15878 Apperson, George Latimer. A Jane Austen Dictionary.
NEW. $15.00
Apperson [1857-1937] was editor of The Antiquary from 1899 to
1915, and a major contributor to the Oxford English Dictionary. 12622 Chapone, Hester and Dr. John Gregory. Letters on the
His goal for this work was to include "the name of every person, Improvement of the Mind, Addressed to a Lady; And A Father's
place, book and author named in Austen's novels, fragments and Legacy to His Daughters (1808). Facsimile is actual size so while
juvenilia." He also added biographical information from the 1913 the pages of the book are trade paperback size, the text is quite
Jane Austen: Her Life and Letters. This fascinating resource, small. Nonetheless this is an excellent resource. Kessinger copies
originally published in 1932, is reproduced digitally in facsimile as rare books and publishes them in facsimile. 1808 original
part of the Cambridge Library Collection, Cambridge UP. Paper. reprinted in this format in 2009. NEW. $22.00
2015. NEW. $25.00
15905 Craig, Sheryl. Jane Austen and the
10142 Bagchi, Barnita. Pliable Pupils and State of the Nation. Craig is an Austen
Sufficient Self-Directors. Narratives of scholar who has written many popular
Female Education by Five British Women articles. In this book she mines Austen's
Writers 1778-1814. Featuring Lady Mary novels for references to upheavals and crises
Hamilton (prev. Lady Mary Walker); Clara of her time. Craig shows us how the
Reeve; Elizabeth Hamilton; Mary Brunton; recession, bank failures, war, poverty,
and the early Jane Austen. India: 2004. 196 national debt, minimum wage debates, Corn
pages, Hb, dj. NEW. $30.00 Laws, and other issues of her time are dealt
with in Austen's prose in ways her
14851 Beresford, John. Gossip of the
contemporaries would have recognized.
Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries.
Palgrave Macmillan. 2015. Hb. List $90. NEW. $69.00
Studies of the lives and characters in chronological order.
Beresford attempted to preserve the language to give one a 14720 Davidson, Jenny. Hypocrisy and the Politics of Politeness:
feeling of the past. John Donne the Younger, Ann Hyde, Reign of Manners and Morals from Locke to Austen. When is politeness a
Queen Anne, Holy Mr. Herbert. 1924. Alfred A. Knopf. Spine a little virtue and when is it hypocrisy? What role does hypocrisy play in
faded, bottom of paper label has broken away. USED. $15.00 the lives of women and servants during the late 18th and early
19th centure? A fascinating section on Mansfield Park, causing us
10237 Bradbrook, F. W. Studies in English
to look at Fanny Price anew. The benefits of hypocrisy and the
Literature 3: Jane Austen: Emma. A heroine
costs to Fanny are demonstrated in Austen's novel. An important
whom no one besides her creator might
work dealing with "revolutions in female manners." Cambridge
much like, Emma is nonetheless an example
UP. 2004. Paper. List $45. NEW. $39.00
of unequaled perfection, as Bradbrook
illustrates in this wonderful little book. His 14229 Davies, Emily. The Higher Education of
wide-ranging observations tackle the Women (1866): A Classic Victorian Argument for
author's intent and result. Edward Arnold the Equal Education of Women. First published in
Publishers, London, 2nd printing 1963 1866, argues for the professional and university
(1961). Hb, Dj. USED. $12.00 education of women. Emily Davies was the founder
of Girton College, the first to give women a
Jane Austen Books
university education, which opened in Hitchin in 1869 and moved 14324 Hillan, Sophia. May, Lou & Cass: Jane
to Cambridge in 1873. She was also a leading early campaigner for Austen's Nieces in Ireland. Marianne, Louisa
women's suffrage. Spine of DJ is faded a little, pages are a little and Cassandra Knight aka May, Lou, and Cass,
brown, otherwise, this little book is in excellent condition. were Jane Austen's nieces. She read to them
Originally published at $60. 193 pgs, Hb, Dj. NEW. $10.00 when they were children and wrote about them
in her letters. Drawing from manuscripts and
15442 Doody, Margaret. Jane Austen's Names: Riddles, Persons,
letters, this book follows their lives as they
Places. Doody brings all her expertise to this discussion of the
encountered romance and tragedy, and left
names of people and places in Austen's fiction. We learn even
Regency England for troubled 19th c. Ireland.
more about our favorite author's sense of humor and sense of
Family tree, color plates, timeline, notes. Blackstaff Press, Belfast.
history. From a lifetime of studying literary and historical
2011. NEW. $34.00
resources, Doody puts herself in Austen's time to catch nuances,
riddles, and sideways glances, and invites us to the party. At 438 10791 Howells, W. D. Heroines of Fiction. Analyzes heroines of
pages, this lovely book is fun and informative! University of fiction including Austen, Dickens, Bronte, Edgeworth, Burney,
Chicago Press. Hb, Dj. 2015. NEW. $34.00 Ferrier, Opie, Radcliffe, Thackeray, Kingsley, Reade, Eliot,
Trollope, more. Plates scattered throughout both volumes,
14227 Ehrenreich, Barbara and Deirdre English.
various artists. Red and gold gilt lettering on green cloth. 2 vols.
For Her Own Good: Two Centuries of the
HB. Harper, Londond and NY. 1901. $50.00
Experts' Advice to Women. Professional experts
since the early 19th century have been telling 15437 Lane, Maggie. Growing Older with
women what to do with their bodies, their Jane Austen. Lane follows the theme of
minds, and their souls. First published in 1978, growing older in Austen's novels and letters.
now revised and updated, reveals the Tying references to aging in Austen's novels
constraints placed upon women by science. to Austen's own life experiences, the book
Paper. Anchor Books. 2005. NEW. $12.00 brings new inight to both the life and the
works. Topics range from old maids,
15907 Enright, D. J., Editor. Fair of Speech: The Uses of
dowagers and spinsters, to young people just
Euphemism. Highly entertaining study of euphemism: historical,
losing the blush of youth. Beautifully written,
literary, military, religious, official and casual. With 17 essays,
this unique approach to Austen's work is a
including one by Patricia Beer called "Elizabeth Bennet's Fine
must-read for us all. Robert Hale, London. Hb, Dj. NEW. $25.00
Eyes" that explores euphemism in literature, and uses some great
examples from Austen's novels. (Mrs Elton is declared 10892 Lane, Maggie. Literary Daughters. Lane explores the
"textbook.") Excellent condition. Hb, Dj. OUP. 1985. USED. $15.00 influence of their fathers on famous women writers. Read how
George Eliot, Fanny Burney, Virginia Woolf, Emily Dickinson,
14721 Gaylin, Anna. Eavesdropping in the Novel from Austen to
Maria Edgewoth, Beatrix Potter, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Proust. Eavesdropping in the novels of Austen, Balzac, Dickens,
dealt wtih both encouragement and disapproval as they
Collins and Proust. In an era of increasing information technology,
weathered success in a patriarchal society. VG condition. St
heightened displays of private life in public, and more access to
Martin's Press, NY. 1989. Hb, DJ. USED, $15.00
information for everyone, eavesdropping became an interesting
device in novels. While the section on Austen focuses on P&P, we 10942-1 Lodge, David, Ed. Jane Austen. Emma: A Selection of
can't help thinking about the Misses Steele and the turn of the Critical Essays. Opens with the comments collected by Jane
plot of S&S that depends upon the sisters' use and abuse of Austen. Includes essays by Ferrier, Mitford, Scott, Bronte,
secrets. Listen in! Cambridge UP. Paper. 2007 reprint of 2002 Trollope, Lord Brabourne, Mudrick, Trilling, and many more.
original. List price $50. NEW. $43.00 Hardbound with dj with protective cover. Slight yellowing and
some faint pencil marks. VG. Macmillan, 1968. USED. $15.00
12422 Gleeson, Janet. Privilege and Scandal:
The Remarkable Life of Harriet Spencer, Sister 15444 Malcolm, Gabrielle, Editor. Fan
of Georgiana. Color illustrations. Harriet's Phenomena: Jane Austen. Essential reading
sister Georgiana was mother of Lady Caroline for Austen admirers. A collection of essays
Lamb, distant relatives of Diana, Princess of from writers and critics that consider the
Wales. Harriet's life reads like a novel. Hb, dj. culture surrounding Austen's novels.
2006. NEW. $10.00 Alexandra Edwards, Jennifer Malia, Scott
Caddy, Carl Wilson, Rebecca White, Lindsay
10652 Grey, J. David, Mg Ed. The Jane Austen
Seater, Allison Thompson, Joanna Turner,
Companion. With Consulting editors A. Walton Litz and Brian
Gabrielle Malcolm, Eleonora Capra, Chris Loutitt. Topics from fan
Southam. With A Dictionary of Jane Austen's Life and Works by H.
fiction and mashups to Austen in the Digital Age, Darcymania,
Abigail Bok. 65 essays by 40 respected experts on a variety of
crafts a la Austen, and much more. U of Chicago Press. 2015. Pb.
topics. Must-have for Austen fans. Hb, dj. VG condition. 511 pgs.
NEW. $20.00
Macmillan, NY, 1986. USED. $70.00
14578 Monaghan, David, Ed. Emma. New Casebooks. Critical
11232 Hecimovich, Gregg A. Austen's Emma. Lively, insightful,
essays, intro, index. Stovel, Duckworth, Beatrice Marie, D. A.
student-friendly guide to Emma. With guidance on historical
Miller, JMQ Davies, Litvak, James Thompson, Ruth Perry, Nancy
context, literary influences, language, style, form, critical history,
Armstrong, Paul H. Fry. Mint condition, DJ in plastic cover. St.
adaptations, including movies. Ideal for undergraduate students.
Martin's Press. 1992. USED. $50.00
2008. 119 pp. Paper. NEW. $15.00
Jane Austen Books
11082 Muir, Percy. English Children's Books 1600 to 1900. A and brings to light new material about the
scholarly and entertaining account that doesn't bother with the Austen family's life as well as the economic
"improvement" type books but goes into great detail on books facts of the time. Woodpigeon Publishing,
written with children's entertainment in mind. Invaluable for the Gaithersburg. Paper. 2015. NEW. $11.00
collector. Disputes the commonly held idea that Newbery
15912 Spacks, Patricia Meyer. Gossip. "A
originated children's books in 1740. Fills in the gaps. Great
celebration and defense of the art of "idle
illustrations assist in identification for the collector and are just
talk"; a brilliant exploration of its role in
gorgeous on their own merit. Third edition. B. T. Batsford. Ltd.,
literature (novels, memoirs, letters, journals)
London. 1985. Hb, Dj. USED. $40.00
as well as in life." Gossip is not literature, but
11206 Plasa, Carl. Textual Politics from Slavery to is it a form of fiction? Thinking about gossip and literature
Postcolonialism: Race and Identification. In Chapter 2, the author together, Spacks explores gossip in novels and by novelists, from
discusses the colonial consciousness in Mansfield Park as the Johnson and Richardson to Austen, Trollope, Woolf, Walpole (of
(mostly) unspoken yet underlying theme of the novel. Equiano, course) and many more. Emma Woodhouse finds her way into this
Charlotte Bronte, Rhys, Fanon, Toni Morrison and Tsitsi book. And we're not surprised! A little wear to dj, otherwise VG.
Dangarembga.St. Martin's Press, NY: 2000. Hb, dj. List 59.95. Hb, Dj. 1985. Alfred A. Knopf. USED. $9.00
NEW. $25.00
11483 Tobin, Beth Fowkes. Superintending the Poor: Charitable
15446 Pliscou, Lisa. Young Jane Austen: Ladies and Paternal Landlords in British Fiction, 1770-1860. With
Becoming a Writer. A Biography of Jane material from JA's Emma and Mansfield Park, Dickens's Bleak
Austen as a Child. Although this is a serious, House, Godwin's Caleb Williams, Bage's Mount Henneth. Yale UP.
sourced biography, with timeline, 1993. Hb, dj. USED. $21.00
annotations, and index, it's like nothing else
13022 Toft, Robert. Tune Thy Musicke to Thy Hart: The Art of
in our collection. All pages have a background
Eloquent Singing in England 1597-1622. A study that attempts to
decoration based on period cloth patterns,
bridge the gap between modern performances and the actual
with a yellowed page pattern on top for the
sounds of late Elizabethan, early Jacobin singing. A thorough
text. Illustrations by Massimo Mongiardo
treatise. 194 pages. Includes the graces. Music passages
throughout. Sectioned into chapters and extensive annotations. A
throughout. Rare. Hb. Clean white pages. Beatiful cover.
gem for adults, also delightful for precocious youngsters and
University of Toronto Press, 1993. USED. $250.00
teens. Wyatt-MacKenzie, 2015. Paper. NEW. $16.00
14583 Vickery, Amanda. Behind Closed
11214 Porter, Roy. Flesh in the Age of
Doors: At Home in Georgian England. What
Reason: the Modern Foundations of Body
was it really like to live in Georgian Britain?
and Soul. With fwd by Simon Schama.
How did people set up home, where did
Exploration by this well-known medical
they get their furniture, and how did they
historian of the way the Enlightenment,
run their home? Would you like to get
especially in England, changed our view of
inside their homes, inside their thoughts? If
the body, and our view of the soul. Studies
you've ever seen Amanda Vickery on the
include Locke, Swift, Johson, Gibbons,
BBC, you know how her charm and wit
Wollstonecraft, Godwin, Blake, Byron. NY,
make history so very entertaining. The
London: 2003. 574 pages. Hb, dj. NEW.
opposite of that "tiresome" history
described by Catherine: "the men all good for nothing, and hardly
15443 Sabor, Peter, Ed. The Cambridge Companion to Emma. any women at all." Here are interesting women and men enough
Cambridge issued this gem just in time for Emma's 200th birthday. to fill 382 pages. Yale University Press. Paper. List for $28.00.
She'd be so pleased! With essays by Fergus, Tandon, Sachs, Hume, Signed by author. NEW. $22.00
Copeland, Bree, Wiltshire, Barchas, Perry, Heydt-Stevenson, Dow,
15866 Vickery, Amanda. The Gentleman's Daughter: Women's
and Lynch. Covers topics from the literary to the historical, from
Lives in Georgian England. Highly acclaimed, award winning,
music to charades. Cambridge UP. Paper. 2015. NEW. $24.00
beautifully written, grounded in solid scholarship. We really can't
12350 Schantz, Ned. Gossip, Letters, Phones: The Scandal of say enough about this serious history book, full of quotes from
Female Networks in Film and Literature. Schantz explores the primary sources, that is as engrossing to read as a good novel. Yale
role of gossip in culture, as found in art. Reading such works as UP. 1999. Paper. List price $28. NEW. $22.00
Clarissa, Evelina, and Emma, delving into films like Terminator and
11545 Viveash, Christopher. James Stanier Clarke. Readers of
You've Got Mail, Schantz shows how female networks provide
Jane Austen's Letters are very familiar with Mr. Clarke, the
structure as well as substance. "Witty, surprising, and brilliantly
recipient of a few of her missives. Folks who read the bios know
observed." Hb, dj. OUP. 2008. Publ. at $65. NEW. $35.00
him as the Regent's librarian, who took her on a tour of the royal
15425 Slothouber, Linda. Jane Austen, Edward Knight, & library, and informed her of HRH's permission for the dedication
Chawton: Commerce & Community. Explores the economic side in Emma. But they don't know as much of him as Mr. Viveash,
of Edward Knight's inheritance, especially Chawton, where Austen who has written a "modest study" of his life. Included is a never-
lived during the period her works were published. Here, at the before published observation of Mr. Clarke's on the genius of Jane
estate of her brother, Austen experienced the lives of the people Austen. Includes Index. Paper, 91 pgs. NEW. $17.00
she wrote about. Slothouber's book is entertaining and instructive

Jane Austen Books

Dear me, I had no idea there were so many books of such a romantic nature from which to choose! And so
many clever books as well. Riddles, and quizzes! Dear Miss Woodhouse has given me the lot to choose
from, she is so kind! I am sure I do not know where I will start. I cannot make out half the titles, but surely
you will not have any trouble. -- H. Smith
12369 Adams, W. Davenport. English Epigrams. With 10204 Birchall, Diana. Mrs Elton in America and other stories
Introduction, Notes, and Notices of the Epigrammatists. Great inspired by characters created by Jane
selection of Epigrams with index by first line. Published by George Austen and herewith comprising THE
Routledge and Sons, London, NY. No date but late 19th c (1879). COMPLEATE MRS ELTON. In which, Mrs
422 pgs. Hb. USED. $30.00 Elton goes to America with her caro sposo
and children, where she encounters
12617 Archer, Juliet. The Importance of Being Emma. Witty
northern hospitality, southern slavery,
modern retelling of Emma. Back in England, taking her place in the
western Indians, and much more! Egerton
family company after finishing her MBA at Stanford, Emma
House. UK: 2004. Paper. NEW. $16.00
Woodhouse is over her old crush on neighber and family friend
Mark Knightley. He's back from India, temporarily without his 10245 Briggs, L. B.R. Original Charades.
gorgeous model girlfriend. And noticing that Emma has grown up. Some of these charades will put Mr Elton's
Choco Lit, UK: 2008. Paper. NEW. $10.00 to shame. Luckily the answers are in the back or we'd never figure
them out! Green cloth on boards with silver and gold gilt design
10117 Austen-Leigh, Joan. A Visit to Highbury:
and title, gilt pages, a pretty little book, condition very good for a
Another View of Emma. Epistolary novel looks at
book that is over 100 years old. 72 pages. Scribner's. NY: 1891. Hb.
life in Highbury through the eyes of Mrs.
USED. $50.00
Goddard. Joan Austen-Leigh, co-founder of
JASNA, author and playwright, manages to 11857 British Martial. The British Martial; or an
capture the true Austen spirit in her Anthology of English Epigrams: Being the Largest
Highbury novels. NY: 1993. 182 pages. Hb, Collection ever Published. With some Originals. A 2
dj. May have library mark and/or dj wear. vol set of epigrams collected by an unnamed editor.
USED. $30.00 Black with gilt title on spine. Richard Phillips, London,
1806. USED. $190.00
10118 Austen-Leigh, Joan. Later Days at
Highbury. Later Days at Highbury. Mrs 10552-1 Filippi, Rosina. Duologues and Scenes from
Goddard continues to share information about Highbury with her the Novels of Jane Austen Arranged and Adapted for
sister in London, who has interesting problems of her own to Drawing-Room Performance. Like one-act plays
discuss! Mr Woodhouse has passed on, the Knightley's have "suitable for amateur performance." The first adaptation for
moved to the Abbey, and someone new now occupies Emma's stage, by a Victorian actress. Shows an appreciation of the
childhood home. St Martin's Press, NY, 1996. 206 pgs, Hb, dj. theatrical nature of dialogue in Austen's novels. Illustrated. Green
Signed by author. NEW. $30.00 silk with gilt design front and spine. VG condition, hinges and spine
tight, spine a little faded. Very clean first edition of this lovely
12501-1 Barton, Helen. The Jane Austen Quiz Book. One of the
book. Dent, London. 1895. HB. 139 pgs. USED. $200.00
most popular quiz books about Austen. Souvenir from Jane
Austen's House Museum in Chawton. Originally published in 1997, 15864 Hemingway, Collins. The Marriage of
this is a 2008 reprint. Paper. Corners bent due to shipping Miss Jane Austen. Hemingway moves from
damage. NEW. $10.00 business writing (most famously "Business @
the Speed of Thought" coauthored with Bill
15867 Bebris, Carrie. The Suspicion at
Gates) to historical fiction in this historically
Sanditon. The charming, intelligent Darcys
intriguing novel. Not content to leave Austen
visit Sanditon where they meet the
in the country village "Dear Jane" mode,
eccentric characters of Austen's unfinished
Hemingway sets her in the world of her times
book. Dying of her mysterious illness,
- rapid social change, war, scientific
Austen gave us just enough of these folks to
advancement, and exploration. Fictional
make us want more. Bebris handles the cast
letters are used frequently as a vehicle to move the story,
and story with the care we've come to
sometimes from her brothers at sea. Interesting to non-Austen
expect from her entertaining mystery
fans as well as those of us who indulge constantly. Authorhouse.
sequels. Tor. 2015. Hb,
2015. Paper. NEW. $14.00 ALSO 15864-1 Hb, dj. $23.00.
DJ. NEW. $$21.00
11994-1 Henderson, Lauren. Jane Austen's Guide to Dating.
12230 Birchall, Diana. In Defense of Mrs. Elton
"Which Jane Austen character are you most like? Complete the
A Serial Story, First Told on the Austen-L
quiz and find your romantic match!" Advice inspired by JA novels.
Internet List. Laugh and cry with Mrs Elton as
Pretty paperback. 2005. USED. $5.00
her fortunes - and those of her caro sposo - take
strange and fascinating twists and turns. 16002 Lathan, Sharon. Darcy & Elizabeth: A Season of Courtship.
Illustrations by Juliet McMaster. Paper. NEW. From one of the most popular authors of Austen-inspired fiction.

Jane Austen Books
Covering the time between the accepted proposal and the slave trade and to learn the cotillion. Witty watercolour
wedding. Paper. 2014. NEW. $10.00 illustrations. 2006. Hb, dj. NEW. $14.00 ALSO. Hb, dj. Excellent
condition, some witih edge damage or slight shelf wear to jackets.
11128 Oliver, Peter & Katharine. A Galaxy of Disagreeable
USED. $8.00
Women. Vignettes of fictional women, including two of Jane
Austen's - Lady Catherine and Mrs. Bennet. Published in 1937 by 14183 Smith, Lori. The Jane Austen Guide to Life. Thoughtful
the authors, limited to 500 copies. Art Dj of pressed paper. USED. Lessons for the Modern Woman. Suitable for the young women in
$75.00 your life, this book takes valuable life lessons from Austen's real
life as well as from her fiction. Chapter topics include Finding a
15876 Reay, Katherine. Dear Mr. Knightley.
Good Man, Marrying Well, Living Your Dreams, Cherishing Family
23 year old orphan and English major Sam
and Friends, and many more. Sober advice indeed, yet rooted in
reads Austen, Dickens, and Shakespeare. Life
humour and joy, as it can only be when derived from Jane Austen.
changes for her when an anonymous
Hb, Dj. 2012. Skirt! List $21.95. NEW. $17.00
benefactor, calling himself Mr. Knightley,
offers to put her through university. All she 13996 Wells, Carolyn. A Book of Charades. We find basic rules in
has to do is provide letters updating her the forward, such as the acceptable use of "my last" and "my
progress. Christian/modern. Thomas Nelson. first." Then we have 100 charming and maddening charades.
2013. Paper. NEW. $14.00 Answers in the back. Yellow cloth, no dj. Some soiling of cover,
overall VG. George H. Duran, 1927. USED. $25.00
15891 Reay, Katherine. Lizzy & Jane: A Novel. While Elizabeth
works in New York City chefing her own restaurant, Jane stays 15077-1 Williams, Marcia. Lizzy
behind in Seattle raising a family. Now that Jane is ill, the sisters Bennet's Diary. This is not a book, it is
are thrown together again when Elizabeth goes home to nurse an experience. We'd give it as a gift to
her. And to meet her own Mr Darcy. Thomas young Janeites, but we might need to
Nelson. 2014. Paper. NEW. $14.00 keep it for ourselves. With pasted in
letters and notes to open, as well as lots
11327 Ross, Josephine. Jane Austen's Guide to
of colorful illustrations. Entries follow
Good Manners: Compliments, Charades &
the events of the novel. Hardcover,
Horrible Blunders. Period colour drawings by H.
illustrated and decorated. Candlewick
Webb. Written as if for an aspiring socialite of that
Press, Somerville, MS. First US ed.
time, complete with advice not to speak of the
2014. NEW. $16.00
It is such a pleasure to me to have the charge of so many good-natured young
children. I recommend reading to any children you may have in your care, as it
has proven highly beneficial to the young ladies at my establishment.
14815 Adams, Jennifer. Edgar Gets Ready
for Bed. Illustrated by Ron Stuki. Another
translated from Latin to English in 1532. -- L Goddard
Covers how to dress, how to behave at
quirky take on exposing little ones to great table, how to bow, converse with elders, good posture, and some
literature from an early age. "Nevermore!" advice on how to play. Still relevant today. Includes a few pages
replies little raven Edgar when told to finish of facsimile from Erasmus's Latin pub. Hardbound in blue cloth
his vegetables, clean up his room, or go to with gilt title. Illustrations and decorations. Preface Publishing,
bed. Hb, Dj. Gibbs-Smith. 2014. NEW. $15.00 London, 2008. Import. NEW. $15.00
10803 Bonavia-Hunt, Madeline. Pen's Perplexities. 19th century 14009 Lawson, Carol. The Complete Stories of
children's book. Gorgeous b/w illustrations throughout. All page The Upstairs Downstairs Bears. Lovely
edges gilt. Red cloth with gilt title, black vine pattern. Spine is a oversized children's book. The upstairs bears
little faded but overall book is in excellent condition. Inside front keep the downstairs bears busy in these stories
cover note signed by the principal of London University to a based on Edwardian lifestyles in England.
student for regular attendance during the year ending Christmas Originally published separately, includes The
1886. Cassell & Company, Ltd., London, Paris & NY. USED. $32.00 Teddy Bear Hunt, The Upstairs Downstairs
15895 Coombs, Katie. Goodnight Mr. Bears on Holiday, and The Upstairs Downstairs
Darcy. A delightful sleepy time BabyLit Bears at Christmas. Beautiful illustrations.
book based on the story of Pride and Egmont Children's Books Limited, London, 2000, for Borders. Like
Prejudice. Lovely illustrations by Alli new! USED. $10.00
Arnold. Board book. Gibbs-Smith. Hb. 14379 Milne, A. A. Winnie-the-Pooh by A.A. Milne with
2015. NEW. $9.00 ALSO 15896 in Decorations by Ernest H. Shepard. E.P. Dutton and Company,
hardback with dust jacket. NEW. $15.00 1926. Slight bumping to top and bottom of spine, gilt letters on
13869 Erasmus of Rotterdam. A Handbook on Good Manners for spine faded. Dark green cloth with gilt title and gilt illustration of
Children. This first treatise in Western Europe on the education of Christopher Robin with Pooh. Red-on-white map of Hundred Acre
children was the best-selling book in the 16th century. Newly Wood illustration on paste-downs and endpapers, front and back.
translated by Eleanor Merchant, linguist, Latin teacher, and B/w illustrations throughout. No dustcover. Previous child's
mother of three hooligans of her own, the book was first bookplate in front. Beautiful copy. USED. $200.00
Jane Austen Books
14801 Emma. 14350 Wang, Jack & Holman. Cozy
14799 Mansfield Park. Classics Jane Austen's Pride and
14798 Northanger Abbey. Prejudice. Board book for little ones
14800 Persuasion. with twelve beautiful photos of felt
14632 Pride and Prejudice. figures showing scenes from the
14631 Sense and Sensibility. book. Each figure is accompanied by
Tavner, Gill. Real Reads. one word. The entire story of P&P is
Illustrated by Ann Kronheimer, told in twelve words! And it really
these adaptations for children works. From Cozy Classics. 2012.
include thought-provoking questions NEW. $8.00
and background at the end of the book, as
15921 Wang, Jack & Holman. Emma.
well as a book list for further age-
Emma told through twelve one-word
appropriate reading. Real
scenes, reenacted with adorable felt dolls.
Reads Ltd., Gloucestershire,
From Cozy Classics. 2013. Board book. NEW. $8.00
UK. Paper with faux dj. NEW. $6.00
M19292 Mr. Darcy BabyLit Puzzle. The perfect
M19275 Mr. Darcy Doll from BabyLit. This companion for your BabyLit Jane Austen
cotton stuffed canvas Darcy is 15 inches collection. Mr Darcy stands with cane and
tall. He comes ready to be propped in the top hat. This 30 piece puzzle finishes at 10
corner of any playroom or crib and be 1/4 by 14 1/4 inches. Gibbs Smith. 2015.
silent, disdainful, and adorably above his NEW. $10.00
company. NEW $15.00

BabyLit Boardbook Primers introduce your children to basic concepts through bright colors, beautiful pictures, and
the world’s best literature. By Jennifer Adams, art by Alison Oliver.

15894 Emma. Emma's friends give 14415

your little one a study in emotions, Sense and Sensibility.
illustrated by the colorful art of Alison Opposites. $9.00
Oliver. Another in our favorite series
for little children, BabyLit! Gibbs-
Pride and Prejudice.
Smith. 2015. Hb. NEW. $9.00
Counting. $8.00

14684 Sherlock Holmes in The Hound of the

Baskervilles. Sounds $9.00
14686 Jane Eyre. Counting $9.00
15917 Romeo & Juliet. Counting $9.00
15916 Treasure Island. Shapes $9.00
14685 Moby Dick. Ocean $9.00
14687 Wuthering Heights. Weather $9.00
14688 A Christmas Carol. Colors $9.00
15919 The Jungle Book. Animals $9.00
15918 Don Quixote. Spanish $9.00
14895 Anna Karenina. Fashion $9.00
15915 The Secret Garden. Flowers $9.00
15920 The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn.
Camping $9.00

Jane Austen Books

"Ha! this must be the very shop that every body attends every day of their
lives, as my father informs me. He comes to Highbury himself, he says, six
days out of the seven, and has always business at Ford's. If it be not
inconvenient to you, pray let us go in, that I may prove myself to belong to
the place, to be a true citizen of Highbury. I must buy something at Ford's.
It will be taking out my freedom. I dare say they sell gloves."

M19288 Antiquarian Bookplates. Design by M11202 Jane Austen

Danielle Deshenes. Lovely boxed set of 55 Puzzle. 500 piece jigsaw
premium bookplates. Seven varieties included puzzle features a Regency
decorated in antique patterns. Fine gift or indulge period gentleman standing
yourself! Random House. 2010. NEW. $12.00 before a seated lady - could
it be Darcy proposing to
M10231 Bookplates. Pack of 20 gummed bookplates
Elizabeth? With JA portrait
in attractive blue and yellow striped package printed
and JA quotes also in the
"Jane Austen's House Museum, Chawton,
design. Completed puzzle
Hampshire." Bookplates say "I declare after all there
measures 18" by 14". Lovely
is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one
box made to look like a book so the puzzle can
tires of anything than a good book! When I have a house of my
reside on your bookshelf with other
own, I shall be miserable if I have not an excellent library."
Austen treasures. Design by
Superimposed over a silhouette. NEW. $10.00
Jim Massey. Potter Style,
M19130 From the Desk of Jane Austen: 100 2009. NEW. $14.00
Postcards. With 25 different quotes on these
M10105 Jane Austen Watch.
postcards (4 of each), you'll never run out of
Lady's slim formal watch. Smooth style genuine leather
Austenian messages to send! Quotes come from
band. Small black and white portrait of Jane Austen on
her personal correspondence as well as her
face. Roman numerals 1-12 on gold tone outer face. Gold
fiction. Patterns are elegant. From Potter Style,
tone hour, minute, and second hands. Comes with gift
who have also brought us lovely notecards.
box. $28.00
They come in a beautiful keepsake box that will
look handsome on your bookshelf or desk. 2013. NEW. $19.00 13754 Puzzle Society, The. Pocket Posh Jane
Austen. Crosswords, name games, pathfinders,
15869 Welland, Freydis Jane, Editor. Jane
and more - 100 puzzles and quizzes in all in this
Austen Daybook. This lavishly illustrated
beautifully decorated rose design, pocket-sized
daybook is the perfect gift for your Austen-
treat from The Puzzle Society. With elastic
loving friends. It was put together by Freydis
band. Simon & Schuster. NEW. $7.00
Welland, an Austen family descendant, for the
British Library, and will work for any year. 15127 What Would Jane Do? Quips and
Beautiful Regency era lady of fashion on the Wisdom from Jane Austen. A pocket-sized
cover. Gold silk page marker. British Lib. 2015. Hb. NEW. $15.00 book you can carry in with you so Jane's helpful (and snarky)
remarks are always nearby. Like having
M19202 Jane's Papers. Jane Austen Novel
Jane Austen as your ever present best
Journal. Lovely hardback journal with lined pages.
friend! From letters and novels. Each
Jane Austen quotes and little bits of original
quote fills a page. Beautiful colors, gilt
artwork scattered throughout. Chronicle Books.
spine, gold ribbon page marker. Gift for
2013. NEW. $14.00
a friend! Potter Style. 2014. NEW. $9.00
M19201 Jane's Papers. Jane Austen Novel
M19163 Jane Austen Playing Cards by Prospero Art. Play
Notecards. Beautiful notecards with envelopes. 16 cards,
whist Austen style! These playing cards are
4 of each design. Jane Austen quotes. Chronicle Books.
decorated with Hugh Thomson and Chirs Hammond
2013. NEW. $14.00
illustrations and quotes from Austen's novels.
14936 Jane-a-Day 5-Year Journal. Spades are Persuasion, Diamonds are Sense &
With 365 Witticisms by Jane Sensibility, Clubs are Emma, and Hearts are Pride
Austen. This pocket sized diary (4 & Prejudice. Frank Churchill is the Jack of Clubs,
1/2 x 6 1/4 by 1 1/2) will go with Emma Woodhouse is the Queen. Mr. Collins is one
you everywhere and yes, it will be your of the Jokers. And we don't
companion for 5 years. With an Austen quote want to give the rest of it
every day and plenty of room to write on each away! Prospero Art, 2013.
lined page. Page edges gilt all around, ribbon marker. Embossed M19163 Gold Back $9.00
hard cover. Design by Danielle Deschenes. 2012. NEW. $16.00 M19148 Copper Back $9.00

Fall 2015 Jane Austen Books Catalog 146

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