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WINTER 2018 Jane Austen Books CATALOG 150
By Jane Austen
90536 Catharine and Other Writings. Edited by 90580 Jane Austen: The Chawton Letters Edited by
Margaret Anne Doody and Douglas Murray. Intro by Kathryn Sutherland. The thirteen letters in Jane
Doody. Volumes the First, Second and Third, Plan of Austen's House Museum collection range from 1801
a Novel, Verses, and Prayers. 87 pages of to Cassandra's letter written days after her death in
Explanatory Notes! Plus textual notes, bibliography, 1817. They are presented here in both facsimile and
chronology. Oxford UP. Paper. 2009 reprint. List type. Sutherland's insightful introduction to the collection is
$14.95. NEW. $12.00 followed by another touching introduction for each letter.
Chronology, index. Beautiful presentation makes this a treasure.
90173 CRW Complete Novels This gorgeous
Bodleian Library, University of Oxford, with Jane Austen's House
oversized book comes in a matching red slipcase,
Museum. 2018. Hardbound. List price $25. NEW. $20.00
weighs 6.3 pounds, and is packed full of color Hugh
Thomson illustrations. Collector's Library, CRW 90005-4 Jane Austen's Letters Fourth edition
Publishing, Limited, De Luxe Edition. London, 2007. with new scholarship, preface, biographical
720 pgs. NEW. $75.00 and topographical information, a new
subject index. Collected & Edited by Deirdre
90573 Emma Introduction by Alison Fraser.
Le Faye. Chronological order, with
Chronology "The Life and Times of Jane Austen" and
annotations and provenance for each letter.
"Further Reading." Beautiful patterned soft book
The most complete source available. Hb, Dj.
with elastic band. Knickerbocker Classics. Race
OUP. 2011/2014. 667 pgs. NEW. $42.00
Point Publishing, 2015. NEW. $15.00
ALSO 90005-5 Paperback. $25.00
90554 Emma (1881) Gilson E57. "New Edition." Half
90551 Jane Austen's Manuscript Works Edited
leather marbled boards. Five-ribbed leather spine is
by Linda Bree, Peter Sabor, and Janet Todd. A
faded and worn. Bookplate "Gregory Anthony King
wonderful collection of the "other" Jane Austen -
Notary Public London. Penn Road House, Croydon"
the Juvenilia; unfinished works Sanditon and The
inside front board. Also small sticker "T. Shaw,
Watsons; and the very wicked Lady Susan.
Bookbinder & Stationer, High St., Wimbledon." Last
Valuable appendices include excerpts from
page stamped "W. H. Smith & Son, Printers, London" with date "6-
Austen's letters that discuss her writing;
9-81." Lovely classic antique from the Victorian period of Austen
continuations by family members of her works
revival. Ward, Lock & Co., Warwick House, Salisbury Square, E. C.,
"Evelyn" and "Catharine;" comparisons between "Love and
London. 1881. Priced to sell. USED. $75.00
Friendship" and Burney's Evelina; excerpts from the writings of
90412 Emma: An Annotated Edition Mary Wollstonecraft; Scott's review. Broadview Editions. 2013.
Annotated and edited by Bharat Tandon. Paper. NEW. $16.00
Luscious period illustrations throughout. The
90286 Jane Austen's 'Sir Charles Grandison'
Belknap Press of Harvard University Press,
Transcribed and Edited by Brian Southam,
Cambridge and London, 2012. Hb, Dj. List
Foreword by Lord David Cecil. Jacket may have
$35. NEW. $28.00
light sun fading to spine. Clarendon Press, Oxford,
90071-6 Everyman's - Persuasion Published to 1980. 150 pgs. Hb, dj. USED. $75.00
coincide with the Sony film starring Amanda Root and
90519-1 Love and Freindship and
Ciaran Hinds. Judith Terry, Intro. Hb, Dj. Like new or
Other Youthful Writings Edited with an
new. $20.00
Introduction and Notes by Christine Alexander.
90581 Illustrated Quotations Beautiful souvenir Well annotated, with a new introduction.
style book printed on heavy paper with faux Penguin Random House. 2016. Paper. NEW.
jacket, mostly humorous juxtaposition of Austen $13.00
quotes and period illustrations, facsimiles, and a
90541 Mansfield Park:
few other images. The Bodleian Library, Oxford.
An Annotated Edition. Editor Deidre
Paper. 2017. List price $16.00. NEW. $14.00
Shauna Lynch provides an extensive
90008-1 Jane Austen: Selected Letters 1796-1817 introduction exploring issues such as the
Introduction by Marilyn Butler. Taken from the psychological aspects of the novel and the
Chapman edition, 1932, as well as Brabourne many themes. Gorgeous illustrations give
edition of 1884. OUP, 1984. 226 pgs. Paper. USED. history on the publications of this
$5.00 most serious of Austen's works.
Belknap (Harvard). Hb, Dj. 2014. NEW. $30.00
90550 Jane Austen: Teenage Writings Edited,
Introduction, Notes by Kathryn Sutherland and Freya 90064 Northanger Abbey and Lady Susan Volume VI of a
Johnston. Bibliography, Chronology. Family set of "Jane Austen's Works" from Charles C. Bigelow &
continuations - Evelyn by James Edward Austen, Co., NY. B&W Brock illustrations. Top pages gilt. Paper
Evelyn by Anna Lefroy, Kitty or the Bower by James label. No date. Some pages uncut, unread. USED. $20.00
Edward Austen. Also includes the Sophia Sentiment
letter. Paper. 2017. NEW. $12.00

WINTER 2018 Jane Austen Books CATALOG 150
90560 Northanger Abbey and Persuasion 90531 Persuasion 9th impression. Tight, clean copy
Collector's early paperback. Cover design by with distinctive Zodiac dust jacket. Zodiac Press,
George Giusti. Cover drawing by Elizabeth Skilton. London. 1988. Hb, Dj. USED. $12.00
Includes the original bio that Henry wrote for the
90561 Persuasion Introduction by
posthumous publication. Slight crease in spine, a
Deborah Lutz. Beautiful patterned soft
little browning. "A Dolphin Master." Doubleday.
book with elastic band. Knickerbocker Classics. Race
No year given but pre-mid 1960's. USED. $10.00
Point Publishing, 2018. NEW. $15.00
90462 Northanger Abbey: An Annotated
90571 Persuasion Pretty hardback
Edition. Editor Susan J. Wolfson adds insights
with François Gerard painting on the jacket. Barnes
into many areas of Austen's thought revealed by
& Noble. 1999. USED. $4.00
this witty gothic mock-up, perhaps least known
of the novels today. Belknap (Harvard). Hb, Dj. 90015-4 Persuasion Intro note by
2014. NEW. $30.00 Alan Hodge. Black cloth spine, balance of cover is
orange calico paper with circled flowers. Nd but c.
The Oxford Illustrated Editions of the works of Jane Austen
1948. Gilson E238. Slight residue of a sticker on
front board, plus a few spots on cover, and some
pages have a fold in them. Otherwise VG, colors still
brilliant. USED. $15.00
90158-1 Persuasion Green silk with gold
embossed shield, title, J. Austen signature.
90024 The six major novels plus a volume of Minor Works. Reprint
Edited by R. Brimley Johnson, Illustrations by
of the third edition with all Chapman's notes and the original
William C. Cooke, Ornaments by F. C. Tilney.
illustrations from 1923's first edition. The definitive text. 1980's
Private bookplate inside front. Tissue paper
editions with blue and yellow/cream dust jackets. Oxford
protectors intact. Vol X of 10 volume set. Spine
University Press. Hb, Dj. $15.00 for each volume/$90 set.
faded, worn, darkened. Gilson E75. London: J.
90024-1 Sense & Sensibility 90024-4 Emma M. Dent & Co. 1893. USED. $240.00
90024-2 Pride and Prejudice 90024-5 Northanger Abbey &
90024-3 Mansfield Park Persuasion 90524 Persuasion (Japanese translation) Life-long Austen scholar
90024-6 Minor Works and fan Keiko Parker continues her work to
translate Austen faithfully in Japanese. Beautiful
16677 Persuasion Edited with an information- cover with Brock illustration on jacket. 2015. Hb,
packed introduction by Juliette Wells. A beautiful Dj. NEW. $45.00
cover with faux jacket designed by Dadu Shin.
Materials include Map of Austen's England, 90389 Persuasion: A Norton
Glossary, Illustrations from early editions, Critical Edition Based on first
Contextual essays. Penguin Classics Deluxe edition text. Includes the two canceled chapters
Edition. 2017. Pb. NEW. $15.00 and excerpt from 1785 "Essay on Old Maids" by
William Hayley. Letters Jane wrote to Fanny
90199 Persuasion Introduction and Notes by Susan Knight, Henry Austen's memorial tribute to Jane,
Ostrov Weisser. Pocket-sized paperback. Barnes & 19th c critical works by Kavanagh and Goldwin
Noble. 2003. NEW. $4.00 Smith, excerpt by Austen biographer Geraldine
90270 Persuasion Introduction by Edith Mitton. Current scholarship by Bree, Gottlieb, Wiltshire,
Richard Church. Wood-engravings Monaghan. Norton. Paper. 2013. NEW. $17.00
by Joan Hassall. No slipcase. The 90416 Persuasion: An Annotated Edition.
Folio Society, London, 2003. 308 pgs. Hb. USED. Edited by Robert Morrison. The Belknap Press
$20.00 of Harvard University Press, Cambridge and
90361 Persuasion Twenty-four coloured London, 2011. List at $35. NEW. $30.00
illustrations by C.E. Brock. Beautiful green silk 90562 Pride and Prejudice
cloth, spine and front heavily tooled and gilt Introduction by Deborah Lutz.
with floral basket, flowers and leaves. Top Beautiful patterned soft book with elastic band.
pages gilt. End pages faded. Inside hinges Knickerbocker Classics. Race Point Publishing, 2018.
cracked. Spine darkened and worn at ends. NEW. $15.00
Pages slightly browned at edges, prints white
and clear. Captain Wentworth is so handsome. 90521-1 Pride and Prejudice. Classics Reimagined.
Printed by The Temple Press. Austen's classic text illustrated in a completely new
London: J. M. Dent & Co. New York: E. P. Dutton. design by Alice Pattullo. Humorous, whimsical, and
1909. USED. $200.00 entertaining. Now available in paperback.
Rockport. 2015. NEW. $14.00
90365 Persuasion VG reading copy by Brandywine
Studio Press. Oversized paperback, clean with 90304 Pride and Prejudice: An Annotated Edition. Edited by
slightly curled covers. USED. $3.00 Patricia Meyer Spacks. Illustrations, introduction, reading list.

WINTER 2018 Jane Austen Books CATALOG 150
Belknap Press of Harvard UP, Cambridge, Press: John Wilson and Son, Cambridge, USA. Published by Little,
Mass. and London. Issued at $35. NEW. Brown and Company. Boston. 1906 (1892 copyright by Roberts
$25.00 Brothers; this is a Reprint of Gilson E76). USED. $240.00
90574 Sense and 90537 The Prayers of Jane Austen Introduction &
Sensibility Introduction by Commentary by Terry Glaspey. With beautiful
Christina Bartolomeo. unattributed illustrations, Brock, Thomson, and
Chronology "The Life and Times of Jane Austen" others. Lovely small book with deep blue cloth
and a list of "Further Reading." Beautiful cover, pretty place for gift inscription or owner's
patterned soft book with elastic band. signature in the front. Harvest House. Hb. 2015.
Knickerbocker Classics. Race Point Publishing, NEW. $9.00
2015. NEW. $15.00
The Cambridge Editions of the Works of Jane Austen
90152 Sense and Sensibility (Czech translation)
90446 Sense and Sensibility. Edited by Edward
Translation by Eva Kondrysova, 1989, 1996.
Copeland. End notes and extensive introduction.
Epilogue by Radoslav Nenadal, 1996. Academia,
Cambridge University Press. Paper. 2006. First
Czec Rebublic, 2004. Hb. Dj. NEW. $25.00
paperback edition 2013. NEW. $24.00
90059-1 Sense and Sensibility
90445 Pride and Prejudice. Edited by
(German translation) German
Pat Rogers. Appendices include
edition of Sense and Sensibility with dust jacket art
publication history, legal and military background,
by Ingrid Schuppan. Transl. by Erica Groger. Pages
houses like Pemberley, more. End notes. Cambridge
yellowing. Buch Club 65, Berlin, Germany. Hb, Dj.
University Press. Paper. 2006. First paperback
1978. USED. $20.00
edition 2013. NEW. $24.00
90552 Sense and Sensibility Edited with
90447 Mansfield Park. Edited by John Wiltshire.
Introduction and Notes by John Mullan. Mullan's
Includes Lover's Vows. End notes and extensive
perceptive and illuminating introduction, together
introduction. Cambridge University Press. Paper.
with his "just right" endnotes, make this a
2005. First paperback edition 2013. NEW. $24.00
wonderful addition to our library. Oxford UP. Hb,
no jacket as published. List $24.95. NEW. $21.00 90452 Emma. Edited by Richard
Cronin and Dorothy McMillan.
90456 Sense and Sensibility: An Annotated
Cambridge University Press. Paper. 2005. First
Edition. Edited by Patricia Meyer Spacks.
paperback edition 2013. NEW. $24.00
Illustrations, introduction, reading list.
Belknap Press of Harvard UP, Cambridge, 90448 Persuasion. Edited by Janet
Mass. and London. Issued at $35. NEW. $25.00 Todd and Antje Blank. Includes the
cancelled chapter of Persuasion and Henry
90327 The Annotated Persuasion Edited by David
Austen's Biographical Notice. End notes and
Shapard. Indispensable and affordable resource
extensive introduction. Cambridge University
for all who love Persuasion. 508 pgs + maps.
Press. Paper. 2006. First paperback edition 2013.
Anchor Books, 2010. Paper. NEW. $14.00
NEW. $24.00
90563 The Jane Austen
90449 Northanger Abbey. Edited by Barbara M.
Collection (Boxed Set) Boxed
Benedict and Deirdre Le Faye. With summaries and
set of all 6 Austen major novels
extracts of Ann Radcliffe's novels. End notes,
in bright colors and modern covers. Arcturus
introduction. Cambridge University Press. Paper.
Publishers Ltd. 2016. Hb, Sc. List price $59.95.
2006. First paperback edition 2013. NEW. $24.00
NEW. $38.00
90450 Juvenilia. Edited by Peter
90039-5 The Letters of Jane Austen Selected from
Sabor. Includes Vol the First, Vol the Second, Vol
the Compilation of her Great Nephew Edward,
the Third, facsimile of History of England, Examples
Lord Brabourne The Letters of Jane Austen. Edited
of her Marginalia, Sophia Sentiment's letter, and
by Sarah Chauncey Woolsey. Lord Brabourne is
continuations of Evelyn and Catherine by James
misspelled as Lord Bradbourne on title page.
Edward Austen and Anna Lefroy. Cambridge
Green cloth with gilt floral designs. Spines faded
University Press. Paper. 2006. First paperback
to soft gold. Little, Brown & Co., 1899 (1 copy is
edition 2013. NEW. $24.00
later issue - 1905; all are reprints
from Gilson E76). USED. $150.00 90451 Later Manuscripts. Edited by Janet Todd and
Linda Bree. Includes Lady Susan, The Watsons,
90039-3 The Novels of Jane Austen: Persuasion
Sanditon, Jane Austen on fiction, poetry and
Green cloth with gilt decorations. Top pages gilt.
charades, Sir Charles Grandison, more. Cambridge
Spine faded to soft gold. Illustration after
University Press. Paper. 2008. First paperback
Edmund H. Garrett. First page of novel is loose.
edition 2013. NEW. $24.00
Adverts in the back for works by Austen, George
Eliot, and Miss Ferrier. Printed by University

WINTER 2018 Jane Austen Books CATALOG 150
Austen & Her World 10345-1 Cecil, Lord David The Fine Art of Reading
The prolific academic and biographer discusses
16760 Amy, Helen Jane Austen Jane Austen in her Shakespeare, Austen, Conrad, women's letters,
own words & the words of those who knew her. Amy and more. Constable, London. 1957. Hb, Dj in
assembles a beautiful biography in chronological mylar. USED. $10.00
order with heavy quotes from original material.
Useful appendices include Austen family after 1817, 16716 Chawton House
words of wisdom, and places to visit. Appendix. Printed on heavy Chawton House Library
paper. Beautiful color plates. Amberley Publishing, Beautiful 48 page guide gives the history of
Gloucestershire, UK. 2013. Hb, DJ, NEW. $29.00 the house as well as information about the
collections. Sales benefit Chawton House.
16686 Amy, Helen The Jane Austen Marriage Scala Arts & Heritage. 2016. NEW. $12.00
Manual Traces the many stages and rules of
marriage in Austen's time, including examples from 16761 Collins, Sophie Biographic Jane Austen
her novels and her life. Brock illustrations (b&w) Biography told in Infographics. Beautiful
throughout. Amberley Publishing, Gloucestershire, artwork throughout. Great introduction to
UK. 2017. Paper. NEW. $14.00 Austen for your young friends. Ammonite
Press. Lewes, UK. 2017. Hb. NEW. $14.00
14285 Barchas, Janine Matters of Fact in Jane
Austen: History, Location, and Celebrity. A careful 16685 Davidson, Jenny
study of the names Austen used and words she Reading Jane Austen
selected shows how historical, political and glam Davidson is a novelist and a
themes are present throughout Austen's novels. This Professor of English and Comparative Lit at
knowledge makes them even funnier, even more prescient, and Columbia. She explores Austen's works
even deeper than we already knew! Johns Hopkins, 2012. Hb, Dj. through the viewpoint of a writer, discussing
NEW. $50.00 ALSO 14285-2 Paperback. $22.00 narration and composition as well as social and
women's history, morals and manners.
16722 Bell, Lindy Jane Austen Celebrates: Cambridge UP. 2017. Paper. NEW. $16.00
Holidays and Occasions Regency Style Enjoy an
entire year with the author, a JASNA member and 16736 Davis, Kathryn E. Liberty in Jane Austen's
Regency enthusiast, as she explores each special Persuasion. Davis shows how Austen's novel
day. Learn about the customs and activities Jane engaged in the debates of her time, interacting
Austen and her family and friends enjoyed. Create with poets, theologians, and philosophers of the
your own Regency experience! A wonderful gift for long 18th century. Austen shared with her readers,
your Janeite friend. Day Agency. 2017. Hb, Dj. NEW. $18.50 including the future king of England, a new
approach to Liberty. Lehigh University Press. 2016.
13170-1 Butler, Marilyn Romantics, Rebels, and Paper. List price $42.99. NEW. $38.00
Reactionaries: English Literature and its Background
1760-1830 Why do we still spend so much time and 16650 Devito, Carlo A Jane Austen Christmas:
energy studying the period 1760-1830? Butler's Celebrating the Season of Romance, Ribbons &
important study brings European and English Mistletoe This lovely little book covers the
literature of the period into context with history and shows how traditions and activities of Christmas in Austenland
the rapidly changing culture shaped literary art. An important based on Austen's letters, novels, family memoirs
work hard to find in this excellent condition. Oxford University and her life experiences. As-new condition. Cider
Press. 1982 printing. Hb, Dj. USED. $30.00 Mill Press, Maine. Hb, Dj. 2015. USED. $8.00

14967 Butt, John and Geoffrey Carnall The Age 14308 Emsley, Sarah Jane Austen's Philosophy of
of Johnson: 1740-1789. An important book for the Virtues. An examination of the religious and
readers who wish to understand the background philosophical content of Austen's novels. Emsley
against which Austen wrote. An entire chapter shows that Austen's characters engage with
on Johnson, plus sections on poetry, travel classical and theological traditions from Aristotle
writing, memoirs, biography, essays, letters, to Aquinas. A very readable book that adds to our
discussions of Richardson, Fielding, Sterne, and appreciation of Austen as classicist and moralist.
much more. Completed by Carnall after Butt Palgrave Macmillan, 2005. HB. List price $89. NEW. $69.00
died. Hb, Dj in plastic, excellent clean book. 1990 reprint of the 13188 Emsley, Sarah, Ed. Jane Austen and the
1979 original. 671 pgs. OUP. USED. $30.00 North Atlantic. Essays from the 2005 JAS
16569 Byrne, Paula Genius of Jane Austen Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia held on the
Updated with additional chapter. Originally bicentenary of Charles Austen's maiden voyage to
published in 2003 as Jane Austen and the Theatre, Halifax. Austen and the Navy, her naval brothers,
which is now out of print. Explores numerous her connections to North America. Eminent
Austen adaptations over the years, including essayists are Brian Southam, Peter Graham, Sheila
spinoffs like Clueless. Why is Austen's work so Kindred and Emsley. Excellent condition. 61 pgs, Paper. 2006.
amenable to adaptation for stage and film? NEW/USED. $12.00
Paperback. HarperCollins. 2017. NEW. $15.00

WINTER 2018 Jane Austen Books CATALOG 150
13198 Freeman, Jean Jane Austen in Bath. Library 1923 edition includes the Preface to the First Edition and
Originally published in 1969 by C. Mills & Co., Alton Preface to the Third Edition (1923), all the illustrations, and the
for the Jane Austen Society. This is a 1983 reprint by index. Charmingly done with attractive dust jacket. Dover. 2018.
photo-lithography by Biddles Ltd, Surrey. Green NEW. $18.00
striped cover. Pristine copy. Collector quality. 1983.
16884 Hollingsworth, Paula The Spirituality of Jane
USED. $15.00
Austen. Hollingsworth gives a chronological
16678 Fullerton, Susannah Happily Ever After: biography in which she examines Austen's works,
Celebrating Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice letters, and connections to explore her commitment
Celebrate the novel's travels from the trenches to the Anglican faith of her father. Lion Hudson Ltd.,
of WWI to Hollywood! Packed full of info: Oxford, UK. 2017. Paper. NEW. $10.00
Austen's first draft before it was P&P; Reactions
16746 Hubback, Catherine An Englishwoman in
to the novel by other writers and famous folks;
California: The Letters of Catherine Hubback
International translations; Various P&P-inspired
1871-76. Edited by Zoe Klippert. Hubback [1818-
mash-ups, crazy gifts, television miniseries, movies, games, and
1877] was a daughter of Jane Austen's brother
sequels; Book illustrations, some you're bound not to have seen.
Francis and his wife Mary Gibson. When her
Susannah heads the Jane Austen Society of Australia. Republished
husband became ill, she had to take care of
with new jacket. Frances Lincoln Ltd. 2013, Hb, Dj. NEW. $22.00
herself and her children with help from family.
15361 Hardy, Barbara A Reading of Jane Austen Catherine followed one of her sons to live in
Scarce in hardback. Hardy presents Austen as the Oakland, California, where she witnessed a wondrous era of the
originator of the modern novel. An important Bay Area. Klippert adds notes on people and places, and rounds
contribution to Jane Austen studies. One copy has out Catherine's life in her introductory bio. A successful writer and
Bath Library Sticker in front. Peter Owen, London. novelist, Catherine also wrote great letters! The Bodleian Library,
Hb, Dj. 1979. USED. $65.00 Oxford. 2010. List price $40. NEW. $35.00
12226 Harris, Jocelyn A 16573 Kindred, Sheila Johnson Jane Austen's
Revolution Almost Beyond Transatlantic Sister: The Life and Letters of
Expression: Jane Austen's Persuasion. Fanny Palmer Austen Explores the life of Fanny
Persuasion reveals Austen's patriotism, her Palmer Austen, who married Jane Austen's
pioneering lyricism, and her hopes for sexual youngest brother, Captain Charles, and may
equality. Important for everyone's library, this have supplied Austen with information about
analysis of Austen's political, historical, and seafaring naval wives. McGill-Queen's University
gender views focuses on her dialogue with other Press. Hb, dj. NEW. 2017. $34.00
writers and thinkers of her time such as Burke and Scott.
16882 Kipling, Rudyard Debits and Credits A
Incorporates and answers previous critical works that have placed
volume of short stories that includes "The
Austen on both sides of the political spectrum. HB, List price $85.
Janeites" and "Jane's Marriage." Embossed
NEW. $63.00
decorations on cover. Light foxing. Doubleday,
16391 Harris, Jocelyn Satire, Celebrity, and Page & Company. 1926. USED. $16.00
Politics in Jane Austen. Harris argues that
13228 Lane, Maggie Jane Austen
Austen was a satirist, celebrity-watcher, and a
and Lyme Regis. Jane Austen
keen political observer, and she backs up her
visited Lyme with her parents and sister in 1803.
analysis with plenty of examples from Austen's
She used the pretty little town in her book
works. Laugh, groan, and sigh alongside Austen
Persuasion written 12 years later. Maggie Lane
as you enjoy the connections between her
describes the history of Austen's visit to Lyme and
works and the current events that surrounded
includes a town trail with map, and a description
her. We find Harris's books indispensable to
of sites you can visit today that were part of the Lyme Regis that
understanding the true nature of Austen's courage. Bucknell
Jane Austen knew. Jane Austen Society, Chawton. 55 pgs, Paper.
University Press/Rowman & Littlefield. Hb. 2017. NEW (list price
2007. NEW. $15.00
$110). $85.00 (Also available in paperback as Item# 16391-1 at
$42.00). 12122-2 Lane, Maggie Jane Austen's England
Experience England as Jane did, from Steventon
16749 Hill, Constance Jane Austen: Her
to Winchester. Contemporary illustrations
Homes & Her Friends First published in 1902.
accompany excerpts from Austen's letters and
Constance Hill [1844?-1929] and her sister
novels. Lane also points out how Britain has
Ellen took the original Janeite pilgrimage,
changed. An important book for historians and
following in Austen's footsteps by carriage and
Austen fans alike. 1986. Robert
on foot through Hampshire, Bath, Lyme,
Hale, London. USED. $25.00
London, anywhere they could find Jane had
been. They were given access to previously 14938 LeFaye, Deirdre Jane Austen's Country Life:
unpublished manuscripts and letters and spoke to folks who Uncovering the Rural Backdrop to Her Life, Her
carried tales handed down from Jane Austen's time. Ellen drew Letters, and Her Novels. Rich information brings
the illustrations. This Dover unabridged re-issue of the Bodleian you into the Hampshire countryside of the late 18th

WINTER 2018 Jane Austen Books CATALOG 150
and early 19th century, and deepens your understanding of Starting with the revolution in female heroes in Sir Walter Scott
details in Austen's novels. Gorgeous book printed on heavy paper and Jane Austen, she follows through Eliot, James, and others.
with beautiful illustrations. Frances Lincoln, London. Hb, Dj. List Almost like new. Oxford University Press. 1989. Hb, Dj. USED.
$29.99. NEW. $27.00 $35.00
16692 Leithart, Peter Miniatures & Morals: The 14973 Mudrick, Marvin Jane Austen: Irony as
Christian Novels of Jane Austen. Leithart, a Fellow of Defense and Discovery. Near fine. Mr. Mudrick
Theology and Literature at New St. Andrews College, threw out 100 years of thinking about Austen when
Moscow, Idaho, examines Austen's characters and he published this analysis of her development of a
themes from theological and literary angles. Includes personal style of irony, which he presents as the
review and thought questions for each section. You'll vital principle of her art. Princeton University Press,
love the title of the first chapter: "Real Men Read Austen." Canon 1952 1st ed, Hb, Dj, Mylar cover. USED. $75.00
Press. 2004. Paper. NEW. $14.00
14310 Mullan, John What Matters in Jane Austen?
10936-1 Litz, A. Walton Jane Austen: A Study of Twenty Crucial Problems Solved. A fun exploration
Her Artistic Development. A critical milestone, of underlying meanings in Austen's works. Explains
Litz's evaluation looks at Austen's entire career, the significance of money, age, blunders, illnesses,
from juvenilia to Sanditon, and places her firmly in sex, weather, the seaside, and shows how these
both the 18th and 19th centuries. He sees her as kinds of topics spoke in subtle and not-so-subtle
the bridge between early and modern novels. ways to Austen's contemporary readers. Hb, Dj. Bloomsbury
Essential to the collector. First ed, excellent condition, clean DJ. Press. NEW. $25.00 ALSO 14310-1 Paperback. $15.00
OUP. 1965. Hb, dj. USED. $30.00
13319 Nicolson, Nigel The World of Jane Austen
13305 MacDonagh, Oliver Jane Austen: Real and Photographs by Stephen Colover. Takes you to the
Imagined Worlds. Full of b/w illustrations and places Jane Austen lived and visited with beautiful
photos. MacDonagh has set himself the task of photos and accompanying illuminating text.
illuminating English history through Austen's novels, Paperbound, glossy paper. Weidenfield &
and also illuminating her novels through history. Like Nicolson. London. 1995. Pb. USED. $20.00
new. Yale UP, 1991. Paper. USED. $10.00
12153-1 Nicolson, Nigel The World of Jane
16765 Marsh, Kelly A. The Submerged Plot and Austen. Photographs by Stephen Colover. Takes
the Mother's Pleasure: From Jane Austen to you to the places Jane Austen lived and visited
Arundhati Roy. A study of the mother-daughter with beautiful photos and accompanying
relationship in Victorian courtship novels and illuminating text. First published by Weidenfield &
their 20th century heirs. The absent mother, the Nicolson in 1991. This paperback 1997/1998 by
injured daughter, and submerged plots of Phoenix Illustrated, London. USED. $20.00
sexuality inform Marsh's contribution to feminist
14847 Nixon, Lauren Jane Austen: A Celebration
lit crit. She shows how the twin plots of mothers and daughters
of Her Life and Work. Foreword by Josephine Ross.
are intertwined in the narrative progression of several novels,
Contributions by John Wiltshire, Maggie Lane,
starting with Austen's Persuasion. The Ohio State University Press,
Caroline Sanderson, and Ross. Lavishly illustrated
Columbus, OH. 2016. Paper. NEW. $29.00
oversized book covers many topics from Austen's
16609 Mitton. G. E. Jane Austen and her Times life and times. Also dives into each novel, letters,
Facsimile of Methuen & Co. 1905 first edition. and Lady Susan. Explores modern film adaptations too. Printed on
Copy used for the scan is from Brigham Young heavy paper. 240 pgs. Worth Press, UK. 2011. Hb, Dj. LIKE NEW!
University Library in Utah, with marginalia picked USED. $30.00
up in the process. As with all of these issues, the
11111-1 Nokes, David Jane Austen: A Life.
illustrations lose some clarity and quality in the
Extensive biography, 578 pgs. Attention to detail,
process. A window into turn-of-the-century
with some reveals in family secrets. Plates of
thinking on Austen. Forgotten Books. 2015. Paper. NEW. $15.00
family portraits. Some with shop wear. Some Used
16694 Moler, Kenneth L Jane Austen's Art of but Like New. 1997 edition. Farrar Straus & Giroux.
Allusion Deals with 18th and 19th century literature Hb, dj. NEW/USED. $17.00
likely to have influenced Austen. Devotes a chapter
16595 Sanderson, Caroline Jane Austen: Pocket
to each of Austen's novels, showing how Aus-ten
Giants. Attractive paperback biography that is
interacted with and played off of the literary
short and sweet at 127 pages, perfect for sharing
conventions of her time. Critical for those seeking
with young folks. The History Press,
access to the author's intentions by studying contemporary
Gloucestershire, UK. 2014. NEW.
context. Jacket with some distress, otherwise
book is good condition. U of Nebraska Press. 1968.
Hb, Dj. USED. $45.00 16617 Scheinman, Ted Camp Austen: My Life as
an Accidental Jane Austen Superfan. Scheinman
16696 Morgan, Susan Sisters in Time: Imagining
describes growing up as the son of a lifelong Jane
Gender in 19th Century British Fiction. Morgan
Austen scholar and his experiences attending two
explores works that feature female heroism.

WINTER 2018 Jane Austen Books CATALOG 150
AGM's and JA summer programs. Scheinman has written for top 16737 Sutherland, Kathryn, Editor Jane
periodicals, and he may have danced with you at his first AGM, as Austen: Writer in the World. Display book,
gentlemen were in short supply and he was willing to oblige. at 10 1/5 by 9 1/2 inches, printed on heavy
Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Paper. NEW. $14.00 paper. Period illustrations and photos of
items from Austen's life. Chapters by
11366 Schelling, Felix E. Appraisements and
Thomas Keymer, Jeanice Brooks, Hilary
Asperities: As to Some Contemporary Writers
Davidson, Deidre Lynch, Fraya Johnston,
Schelling, Professor of English Lit at University of
Susan Owens, and Sutherland on topics
Pennsylvania, wrote this series of articles that
ranging from "Women Writing in Time of War" to "Jane Austen at
originally appeared in The Evening Public Ledger
200," all focused on bringing us into Austen's physical world and
of Philadelphia. The essay on Austen is called
her time. A lovely combination of scholarship and beauty. The
"The Veritable Queen of English Fiction" and
Bodleian Library, Oxford. 2017. List $50. NEW. $39.00
deals with a defense by "Miss Austen-Leigh." Our favorite quote:
"The subject is nothing; it is the degree to which the thing 11519 Tave, Stuart M. Some Words of Jane Austen
undertaken approaches perfection that counts." Discusses many Focuses on the words such as sensibility,
other writers. J. B. Lippincott Co, Philadelphia and London. 1922. imagination, exertion, mortification, affection,
USED. $12.00 amiable, and delicate. He describes the scope of
meaning of these words to help us understand the
16738 Schofield, Mary Anne, and Cecilia
depth of Austen's fictional reality. Explains how her
Macheski, Editors Fetter'd or Free? British
characters understand or misunderstand the words
Women Novelists 1670-1815. Twenty-three
they and others use, and exactly what these words mean to the
essays by Backscheider, Staves, Doody, Spacks,
author. A few lines in the margins in this copy. U of Chicago, 1973.
many more. Evaluating writers like Eliza
Hb, Dj. USED. $15.00
Haywood, Charlotte Smith, Sarah Fielding, Fanny
Burney, and Jane Austen, these scholars apply 16528 Todd, Janet The Jane Austen Treasury: A
historical, textual, psychological, and literary Delightful Collection of Insights into Her Life, Her
methods. Ohio University Press, Athens Times, and Her Novels. Autobiographical
Ohio and London. 1986. USED. $19.00 information, excerpts from her writing including
juvenilia and letters, reviews by contemporaries,
16937 Smith, Rebecca, and Katy Dockrill
Austen Cult, many other topics. Previously published in 2013.
Where's Jane? Look carefully to find Jane
Beautifully decorated green cloth cover. Andre Deutsch, London.
hiding among lovely scenes from her novels
2017. Hb. NEW. $14.00
depicting the Georgian and Regency world.
Includes summaries of the novels. Detailed 14270 Wallace, Tara Ghoshal Jane Austen and
artwork by illustrator Katy Dockrill. Kane Narrative Authority Examines how authorship both
Miller. 2018. HB. NEW. $19.00 liberates and constrains Austen's feminine power.
Evaluates heroines from each novel in terms of their
13015 Steeves, Harrison R. Before Jane
covert and overt authority. Wonderful endnotes and
Austen: The Shaping of the English Novel in
bibliography. St. Martin's Press, 1995. Hb, Dj. Excellent condition.
the Eighteenth Century Deals with the years
USED. $50.00
when novels were still experiments - from the
period when novels did not exist, until they 16567 Wells, Juliette Reading Austen in
were prolific, ends with Austen because she America In this highly anticipated, lavishly
helped form the transition to modern novels illustrated history of Austen's reception in
and modern culture. Holt, Rinehart and America, Wells finally solves the mystery of the
Winston. VG condition; DJ may have small first Austen published in the States (Emma in
tears. Hb, Dj. 1965. USED. $26.00 1816). Then, with delightful anecdotes and
engrossing details, she takes us through two
11495 Sullivan, Margaret C. The Jane Austen
centuries of growing respect and love for Austen
Handbook Delightful handbook by the editrix of
in North America. A welcome addition to Austen studies from one
Austenblog, who spent much time virtually living
of our favorite scholars. Bloomsbury. 2017. Paper. NEW. $22.00
in Georgian England to inform you how Jane
Austen would have acted. Quirk Books. 2007. 16763-1 Zohn, Kristen Miller The Currency
NEW. $15.00 of Taste: The Gibbons Georgian Silver
Collection of the Lauren Rogers Museum
11628-1 Sutherland, Kathryn Jane Austen's
of Art. Gorgeous over-sized art catalog
Textual Lives: from Aeschylus to Bollywood.
gives detailed descriptions of each item
Sutherland explores three histories. 1) the
pictured, including historical context and
transmission of Austen through manuscripts,
artist bios. Detailed intro to each of the
critical editions, biographies and adaptations, 2)
chapters on dining, tea and coffee, alcohol
the development of English Studies as a discipline,
and household luxuries. Zohn spoke at the
and 3) the role of OUP in shaping a canon of English
2018 AGM. Lauren Rogers Museum of Art, Laurel, MS. 2018.
texts in the 20th c. Hb, beautiful dj. 2005, OUP. NEW. $90.00 ALSO
Paper. NEW. $24.00
11628-2 Paperback $33.00.

WINTER 2018 Jane Austen Books CATALOG 150
British History relationship between literary figures and political
figures during this critical period of early modern
16661 Berry, Erick The Four Londons of Hogarth history. Political actions of Pope, Swift, Young, Gay,
Rediscover the London Hogarth found along with the Thomson, and Fielding are considered together. X-
man's life, from his dreams of being a grand painter, Lib but in very good condition with mylar-protected
to his reality of inventing his own use of art as social jacket, sun faded on spine. University of Nebraska
commentary. Plates of illustrations in center of book. Press. 1976. USED. $7.00
1st ed. Excellent condition. David McKay Company, Inc., NY. 1964.
Hb, Dj. USED. $20.00 16671 Hagstrum, Jean H. Sex and Sensibility:
Ideal and Erotic Love from Milton to Mozart.
16744 Brand, Emily The Rhinebeck Panorama Hagstrum supports the idea that the 18th century
of Nelson's London c. 1806 This intricate saw the rise of individualism with a new stress on
watercolor map was discovered in the upstate emotions and tenderness, particularly within the
NY town of Rhinebeck in the 1940's. It was family. He finds evidence in art, music, and
created by unknown artist(s) between 1806 and literature of the period to support this idea. He
1810. The original is in 4 panels and extends sees Milton as a precursor to Pope and Richardson, and finds the
almost 9 feet in length. This reproduction is 11 development of deep heterosexual friendships as part of this
by 39 inches, enough to see the beautiful details development. In this view, The Age of Reason is also an age of
of a city primed for war, with the Thames crowded with ships and profound changes in our concept of emotion and love. Of course
industry lining its banks. In a cardboard case with explanatory text Jane Austen is one of the authors he deals with. Cover has some
by Brand. Old House w the Museum of London. 2013. NEW. $9.00 sun-fading, otherwise a good, clean copy. University of Chicago
16356 Brewer, John The Pleasures of the Press, 1980.Paper. USED. $6.00
Imagination: English Culture in the Eighteenth 16708 Hardyment, Christina Writing Britain:
Century. This landmark book shows how artists, Wastelands to Wonderlands. This unique literary
amateurs, entrepreneurs, and audiences study examines how some of Britain's greatest
transformed England by building a thriving national authors have been inspired by, and even
culture. Literature, music, and the theatre all redefined, their country. From cities to wild places,
explored. Not only giants of the age - Johnson, from Chaucer to Bram Stoker, Elizabeth Gaskell and Jane Austen.
Reynolds, Garrick, Handel, but also lesser-known Lavishly illustrated. Like new. British Library, London. 2012. Paper.
figures are covered. 712 pgs. Packed with USED. $25.00
illustrations. Extensive bibliography and index. Very
good condition. Farrar Straus Giroux, NY. Hb, Dj. 14949 Hensel, Margaret English Cottage
USED. $20.00 Gardening for American Gardeners. Foreword by
Tasha Tudor. With garden plans by Gordon
16618 Brimacombe, Peter Capability Brown: The Pitkin Morrison. Cultural Chart with help of Gary Koller.
Biographical Series Delightful review of Brown's influence on 18th This oversized treasure is full of color photos and
century England. Map of locations and lots of pictures, bio, diagrams. Proves that English cottage gardens are
timeline. Pitkin Unichrome. 2001. USED. $4.00 possible in America. Learn the secrets! Or just enjoy the pictures
15196 Bryant, Arthur The Age of Elegance 1812- and ideas. Stunning, beautiful as-new condition. W. W. Norton.
1822. History of the end of the Napoleonic war and 1992. Hb, Dj. USED. $15.00
peacetime, especially good for the experiences of 16672 Herbert, Eugenia W Flora's Empire: British
the British military & naval life. VG condition. Hb, dj. Gardens in India When India gained its
RS The Reprint Society, London. 1954. 439 pgs. independence in 1947, the British left behind a
USED. $15.00 lasting legacy of gardens. This volume shares the
16656 Delderfield, Eric R. British Inn Signs and story of the colonial gardener in India, operating
Their Stories Entertaining anecdotes and historical from homesickness as well as from a desire to
associations accompany the illustrations that pack "tame" the Indian continent, and covers the long history of these
this unique book of inn signs. Ideal for the collector. endeavours, from 18th c. nabobs to Victorian civil servants' well-
David & Charles, Newton Abbot. Hb, Dj, mylar. trimmed lawns. Ideals of the colonial project are found in gardens.
1972 edition of 1965 original. USED. $15.00 Generously illustrated. University of Pennsylvania Press. 2011. Hb,
Dj. USED. $40.00
16654 Downes, Kerry Christopher Wren Sir
Christopher Wren [1632-1723] was a founder of 16240 Hill, Douglas A Hundred Years of
the Royal Society as well as the architect who Georgian London: From the accession of
helped refashion London after the Great Fire of George I to the heyday of the Regency. Full
1666. This beautifully illustrated book is well- of b/w period illustrations and political
preserved in near fine condition, just like many of cartoons. Also modern photos of buildings
Wren's contributions to Britain. Allen Lane the and locations. Near fine. London Weekend
Penguin Press, London. 1971. Hb, Dj. USED. $15.00 Television, Ltd., Macdonald & Co., Ltd. 1970.
USED. $15.00
16627 Goldgar, Bertrand A. Walpole and the Wits: The Relation
of Politics to Literature, 1722-1742 Unique examination of the

WINTER 2018 Jane Austen Books CATALOG 150
16643 Keynes, Geoffrey Kt. The Gates of Memory river walks. Detailed text on the itinerary of each walk. VG
Younger brother of Maynard, Keynes is known to condition. Webb & Bower, Devon. 1988. Hb, Dj. USED. $8.0
Austen scholars for his Austen bibliography, as well
16706 Taylor, Patrick One Hundred English
as his extensive work on William Blake. A surgeon
Gardens: The Best of the English Heritage Parks
during WW1, later Senior Consultant Surgeon to
and Gardens Register. These gardens range from
the RAF in WW2, he found time to pursue his love
formal to sublime, from royal parks to arboretums.
of literature. Somewhere along the way he climbed
The lively text gives background and guide to each
with Mallory! His varied interests and experiences make his
garden, explaining historical significance as well as
autobiography fascinating. Excellent condition. Clarendon at
describing the splendour. Leading British garden photographers
Oxford. 1981. Hb, Dj, Mylar. USED. $25.00
took the pictures. Index, county map. Like new 1st ed. Headline
14519 Neale, R. S. Class in English History 1680- Book Publishing, Breslich & Foss, London. Hb, Dj. 1995. USED.
1850. Neale begins by describing the history of $20.00
class consciousness. He uses this crucial period of
16607 Van Der Kiste, John George III's Children
English history to discuss a five class model. In the
King George III and Queen Charlotte had 13
process he discusses the works of various artists
children who survived to adulthood. The Prince
of the period, including Austen, Blake, Hogarth,
Regent was not the only fascinating character.
Hannah More, Sarah Scott, and others. Barnes and
Covers their relationships with each other, their
Noble, New Jersey, 1981. Hb, Dj. USED. $15.00
parents, their liaisons, legitimate and
16314 Newman, Gerald, Editor Britain in the illegitimate children, much more. 61
Hanoverian Age, 1714-1837: An Encyclopedia. illustrations. Slight curl of cover at edges. Sutton,
This massive tome, oversized with 871 pages, is Gloucestershire. Paper. 1999. USED. $4.00
in excellent condition with only a few light
16666 Van Doren, Mark, Ed The Selected Letters of
scuffs on the cover. Attractive cover sports a
William Cowper Cowper's letters stand out, writing
Hogarth street scene. The entry on Austen is
as he was in an age known for great letters, for his
written by Deborah Kaplan. Certainly anything
intimacy, charm, and for the revelation of his inner
you want to know about the age leading up to Austen's life and
sufferings. Austen's favorite poet, known for his
her own times can be found in this gem. Garland Publishing, Inc.
focus on the little things, shown in this collection to
NY & London. Hb. 1997. USED. $25.00
be focused on much more. Previous owner plate and signature.
16662 Nicolson, Adam The National Trust Book of Great condition! The Great Letters Series. Farrar, Straus and
Long Walks in England, Scotland and Wales Young, Inc., NY. 1951. Hb, Dj. USED. $20.00
Photographs by Charlie Waite. Adam is the son of
16193 Werkmeister, Lucyle A Newspaper History of
Nigel Nicolson. This NT book is gorgeous, printed on
England, 1792-1793. Derived from newspapers in the
heavy paper, with a thorough index so you can find
Burney Collection of the British Museum. Objective is
anyplace Jane Austen is mentioned or anything else
to view the world through the eyes of a London
you're keen on. Maps and tons of photos to help you on your Long
newspaper reader from this year. From politics to
Walk. If Anne's sister Mary would not be up to it, we would gladly
theatre, from war to fashion. Well annotated, illustrated, and with
take her place. Harmony Books, NY. 1981. Hb, Dj. USED. $9.00
an index that is like a library. Dive in! 585 pages. In excellent
16232 Rowse, A. L. The Illustrated History of condition. Jacket is price clipped and protected in mylar.
Britain. A beautiful oversized book with 180 color University of Nebraska Press. 1967. Hb, Dj. USED. $17.00
illustrations, many full page, plus another 40 b/w.
Starts with the Roman records of Britain and ends Sea and War History
with the two world wars (with a brief epilogue). VG 16347 Bennett, Geoffrey Nelson the Commander.
condition. Gorgeous jacket. Great for older kids. Crescent, NY. This classic biography by Captain Bennett, himself a
1979. Hb, Dj. USED. $7.00 graduate of the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, is
16667 Sansom, William Grand Tour Today A noted for its vivid descriptions and excerpts from
traveler’s tale as a snapshot in time as the author eye-witness accounts of sea battles, as well as
embarks on an updated version of the British Grand incisive portraits of Emma Hamilton and others who
Tour tradition in the late 1960's. An accomplished form part of the Nelson legend. Drawings, charts, maps, and
travel writer, Sansom does not offer photographs or sections of plates including many period portraits and battle
maps. It's all in his witty writing. Wonderful jacket scenes. With very slight edge wear to jacket and two previous
illustration. Near fine. The Hogarth Press, Ltd., London. 1968. Hb, owners noted inside the front cover. Charles Scribner's Sons, NY.
Dj, Mylar. USED. $15.00 1972. Hb, Dj. USED. $7.00

16704 Somerville, Christopher Christopher 10102 Bennett, Geoffrey The Battle of Trafalgar
Somerville's Fifty Best River Walks of Britain. With Period paintings (b&w), maps, diagrams to illustrate
maps from Ordnance Survey. Over 150 color photos the operation of the ships. Detailed description of
and maps. Guide to landscape, flora and fauna, and the battle, includes details about life of sailors.
urban and industrial development along Britain's Nelson and his tactics. Captain Bennett served in the
Royal Navy and is a highly regarded naval historian.
Import. Pen & Sword Military Classics. Paper. NEW. $12.00

WINTER 2018 Jane Austen Books CATALOG 150
11980 Bullen, Frank T., First Mate The Cruise of the Nelson biography, most dramatically as regards one
Cachalot: Round the World After Sperm Whales First of the most famous love triangles of British history.
account given of whaling from the perspective of the Downer's storytelling heightens the experience. Lush
seaman. Includes letter from Kipling in front. color illustrations. Smithsonian Books, Washington
"Authorized edition." Green cloth with cover 2004. 424 pgs. Hb, dj. NEW. $20.00
illustration and gilt stamped titles. 379 pp. Boards loosening. D.
16192 Emsley, Clive British Society and the
Appleton, NY, 1899. USED. $40.00
French Wars 1793-1815. It is impossible to read
12167 Carlyle, Thomas The French Revolution. The Jane Austen's novels without noticing the
full work was first published in 1837. This version movement of the militia or the Naval officers,
originally published in 1930 by Cambridge the presence of war hovering in the background.
University Press. Admired by generations of readers Emsley argues that 22 years of warfare was of
for bringing the main players to life, Carlyle has kept the most profound importance to the social
his reputation intact in modern times as the great history of Britain of the time. Extensive reference list and very
historian of the era. Abridged and Edited by A.H.R. good index. Previous book owner's stamp, otherwise near fine.
Ball. Paperbound. Dover, 2005. NEW. $7.50 Rowan and Littlefield, Totowa, NJ. 1979. USED. $9.00
14242 Carlyle, Thomas The French Revolution: A 12628 Farmer, J. S. The Regimental Records of the
History by Thomas Carlyle Introduction by Cecil British Army 1660-1901 Victorian military historian
Brown. Illustrations by Bernard Lamotte. Carlyle Farmer gathers all the regiments of the British Army
wrote in 1837 of events of 1789 that were already from inception following the Restoration in 1660 of
legend. The recognized timeless biography of the His Majesty's Own Troop of Guards to the close of
revolution, here printed in a gorgeous oversized book Victoria's reign in 1901. With b/w and color illustrations. Titles,
in red leather and blue cloth. The slipcase is covered in gold foil. campaigns, honors, uniforms, badges, nicknames, more. Color
Number 920 out of 1500 printed. The Limited Editions Club, New illustrations by Richard Simkin. Crecy Books, Bristol, 1984. Hb, Dj.
York, 1956. Hb, Sc. USED. $35.00 USED. $20.00
12160 Chartrand, Rene Gibraltar 1779-83. 12405 Fremont-Barnes, Gregory Trafalgar 1805:
Beautifully illustrated by Patrice Courcelle. A Nelson's Crowning Victory. Campaign 157 in the
thrilling story of the siege, the strategies that led to series. Illustrations by Christa Hook and period
British victory, and the heroism displayed. Osprey illustrations. Glossary of naval terms. Author holds a
Publishing, 2006. Paper. List $26.95. NEW. $7.00 doctorate in Modern History from Oxford. Paper.
Osprey Club, Oxford, 2005. NEW. $12.00
16222 Cook, Don The Long Fuse: How England
Lost the American Colonies, 1760-1785. An 12416 Herman, Arthur To Rule the Waves: How the
investigation of the American Revolution from the British Navy Shaped the Modern World. Brings
British side. Draws from primary sources, history to life. The rise of the Navy, overthrow of
including personal correspondence and political empires, defeat of Napoleon, foundations of
material. Lively account. Book is in excellent today's world order, with maps. HarperCollins.
condition. Atlantic Monthly Press. 1995. Hb, Dj. 2004. Hb, dj. NEW. $9.00. Also available in Paper
USED. $5.00 (Our item# 12416-1) $6.00.
13593 Cordingly, David Cochrane: The Real Master 11665-1 Howarth, David and Stephen Lord Nelson
and Commander. Patrick O'Brian, C. S. Forester, and Illustrations, index. Well-drawn biography of Lord
Captain Marryat all based their fictional heroes on Nelson. Penguin. Paper. USED. $5.00
Lord Cochrane. But, as David Cordingly reveals,
11665 Howarth, David and Stephen Lord
Cochrane's true story far exceeds the daring and
Nelson: the Immortal Memory. Index,
romanticism of his fictional counterparts, Cordingly
illustrations. Well-drawn biography of Lord Nelson.
was Keeper of Pictures and Head of Exhibitions at the National
Conway Classics, London: 1997. Hb, dj. NEW. $13.00
Maritime Museum in Britain for 12 years. Originally published at
$32.50, 1st US ed. Bloomsbury Press. 2007. Hb, dj. NEW. $15.00 16080 Jacobs, Major James Ripley, and
Glenn Tucker The War of 1812: A Compact History.
14188 Daughan, George C. If by Sea: The Forging of
Editorial coordination by Historical Evaluation and
the American Navy - From the Revolution to the War
Research Organization. Clean book with one bent
of 1812. The story of the origin of the American Navy.
corner, jacket a little ragged around the edges.
From controversy over whether to invest in a Navy at
Otherwise very good. A war with profound
all to the decisive role played in the War of 1812, this
consequences for the US and its relationship to Britain. Hb, Dj.
is a great story, fun to read, and full of surprises.
1969. USED. $2.00
Excellent resource too, with an extensive index and bibliography.
Attractive dust jacket. Perseus, 2008. Hb, Dj. 536 pgs. Orig. 14653 Johnson, David Napoleon's Cavalry and Its Leaders.
$30.00. NEW. $12.00 Illustrations, diagrams, map. Recently republished, this is the 1978
original hardcover book, scarce in new condition. From the cover:
12356 Downer, Martyn Nelson's Purse: The Mystery of Lord
"Dressed in outrageously romantic uniforms, led by a flamboyant
Nelson's Lost Treasures. A treasure of correspondence lay
clique of aristocrats and ex-troopers, Napoleon's cavalry had a
dormant for almost 200 years. The discovery has transformed

WINTER 2018 Jane Austen Books CATALOG 150
picturesque quality that belied its ruthless ports, and naval history. Philip Wilson
methods and tremendous service record." This Publishers. The National Maritime Museum.
book fulfills all the promises inherent in that 1999. London. 176 pgs. Hb, Dj. USED. $25.00
introductory sentence. Holmes & Meier, NY.
16733 McGuane,
USED. $26.00
James P. Heart of Oak:
12299 Knight, Roger The Pursuit A Sailor's Life in
of Victory: The Life and Nelson's Navy. Inspired by reading Patrick
Achievement of Horatio Nelson. O'Brian's fiction, the author visited small
A definitive biography that puts to rest many museums along the English coast and
myths that have formed around Nelson in the past private collections to capture these
200 years. Knight was the chief curator and deputy stunning photographs of artifacts from
director of the National Maritime Museum, London, from 1988 to sailors and officers of the Royal Navy in the Napoleonic era. W.W.
2000. Also professor of naval history at Greenwich. This is a Norton. 2002. Hb, Dj. List $49.95. NEW. $45.00
gorgeous, big book. 874 pgs. Published at $35. Hb, dj. NEW.
13230 Moorhouse, E. Hallam Nelson's Lady
Hamilton With 51 portraits. Methuen, 1908. USED.
12499 Lefebvre, Georges Napoleon from Tilsit to $8.00
Waterloo 1807-1815. Translated by J. E. Anderson.
12470 Nelson, Admiral Horatio
The second part of a two-volume translation of
Nelson's Last Diary and the Prayer
Lefebvre's classic history of the Napoleonic era. Not
Before Trafalgar: a facsimile introduced by Oliver
a focus on Napoleon so much as a study of life under
Warner. With transcription. Great dust jacket. Kent
his rule, as well as a look at how those not part of
State University. 1971. Hb, dj. USED. $25.00
the empire carried on their lives. Columbia University Press, NY.
1969. Hb, Dj. USED. $7.00 12631-2 Nicolson, Adam Seize the Fire: Heroism,
Duty, and the Battle of Trafalgar. Using primary
14204 Leiner, Frederick C. The End of Barbary
sources, the author takes us into the hearts and
Terror: America's 1815 War Against the Pirates of
minds of the men who were there. He uses the
North America In the early 19th century, to be at
Battle as a gateway to an examination of the cult
sea was to be at risk of encounters with pirates from
of the hero and our modern ideas of heroism.
the region of Algiers. The infant American Navy and
Beautiful fold-out dust jacket, gorgeous color
the new country it represented had to meet this
illustrations, excellent bibliography. HarperCollins, UK: 2005.
challenge. The story told here is both personal and
Paper. NEW. $10.00
epic, mundane and heroic. OUP, 2006. Paper. NEW. $10.00
13477 Nicolson, Nigel Napoleon: 1812
12511 Lincoln, Margarette Naval Wives &
Distinguished author Nigel Nicolson, a fellow
Mistresses 1750-1815. From a range of primary
Janeite, here explores the events of 1812, when
sources - letters, trial reports, popular prints, and
Napoleon's march on Russia turned the course of the
love tokens. A history of the women who stayed at
war. Orig publ at $16.95. Harper & Row, NY, 1985.
home while their men were at sea, from all walks of
192 pgs, Hb, Dj. NEW. $4.00
life. National Maritime Museum, London, 2007. 218 pgs. Hb, dj.
NEW. $25.00 14527 Pope, Dudley The Devil Himself: The Mutiny
of 1800. Pope, a historian, was encouraged by C. S.
12635 Marquardt, Karl Heinz Anatomy
Forester try fiction, and his writing skills show in this
of the Ship: Captain Cook's Endeavour.
exciting true story. The British crew of the captured
This plan of the ship is sure to delight the
French corvette Danae commit mutiny, then sail her
sea-faring reader - even if all the sea-
back to France, and turn her over to Napoleon for a
faring is done from the armchair. Step
cash reward. Find out what happened next! McBooks Press,
onto the ship in your mind and
Nonfiction History Library, 2003. Paper. USED. $10.00
understand what it was really like.
Revised edition, complete with 1/96 scale fold-out plan of the 16311 Rathbone, Julian Wellington's War: His
entire ship (inside the dust jacket!). Hb, dj. NEW. $30.00 Peninsular Dispatches. Rathbone has made
selections from Wellington's war dispatches and
14785 Martin, Joseph Plumb Memoir of a
letters and added his own narrative to present
Revolutionary Soldier: The Narrative of Joseph Plumb
the information in a novelist's style. How did the
Martin. This is an unabridged reprint of the memoir
British wrest the Iberian Peninsula from the
that was originally published in 1830. Called one of the
French between 1808 and 1813? Foreword by
best firsthand accounts of war by private soldier. It's
Wellington's 4X great-nephew Field Marshal Lord Carver. VG
not all grim. Insight into daily life in 1775-1783
condition. Michael Joseph, London. Paper. 1994.
America. Dover. Paper. NEW. $6.00
USED. $9.00
13128 McCreery, Cindy Ports of the World: Prints from the
12129 Rea, Robert R., Intro The Log of H.M.S.
National Maritime Museum, Greenwich c. 1700-1870 Beautiful
Mentor, 1780-1781. The HMS Mentor played an
color plates showcase naval prints from the height of the maritime
important role defending the British (cont’d p. 14 >>)
age. Discussed from the perspective of art, exploration history,

WINTER 2018 Jane Austen Books CATALOG 150
garrison at Pensacola. This log records the day-to-day events of of Nelson, this is the one to have. VG condition, like new. National
the Battle of Pensacola. Includes an excellent appendix of names Maritime Museum. 1995. Paper. USED. $28.00
and technical terms. Extensive introduction. James A. Servies, Ed.
11544 Vincent, Edgar Nelson: Love & Fame A
University Presses of FLA, Pensacola, 1982. Hb, Dj. 207 pgs. NEW.
thrilling & complete biography. The personal,
emotional man behind the legend. Full of color
16748 Rodger, N. A. M. The Wooden World: An photos, maps and diagrams, full index. Gorgeous
Anatomy of the Georgian Navy. Acclaimed as a dust jacket. 620 pgs. Yale University Press. 2003.
highly readable yet scholarly book about the 18th NEW. $15.00
c British Navy and its historic achievement. Shows
15159 Whipple, A.B.C. The Seafarers: Fighting
how studying the Navy sheds light on the entire
Sail. One of 22 volumes in the Time-Life Seafarers
society of the period; valuable for writers wanting
series. Handsome cover and gorgeous color
to get their facts straight. Norton. 1986. Paper.
illustrations. Drawing from primary sources, the
USED. $25.00
authors delve into the Napoleonic Wars, the naval
12310 Ronald, D.A.B. Young Nelsons: Boy Sailors battles leading up to Trafalgar, and of course the
during the Napoleonic Wars. Fwd by Alexander great battle. Learn about the experiences of Austen's brothers.
Kent. Follows the lives of the little boys who entered Time-Life Books. 1978. USED. $5.00
the Navy, grew to be men in that unique world, and
16732 Willis, Sam In the Hour of Victory: The
made the British Empire possible. Primary sources
Royal Navy at War in the Age of Nelson. When
include Austen's sailor brothers. Period color plates,
Napoleon eventually died in exile, the Lords of the
index, notes, sources. Osprey, Oxford & NY. 2009. Hb, dj. NEW.
Admiralty ordered the original dispatches from
$20.00 ALSO 12310-1 One copy, USED. $5.00
seven major fleet battles be gathered and
16881 Roosevelt, Theodore The Naval War of 1812 presented to the nation. Letters written home
At age 23, this future US President established during the war by admirals, captains, surgeons, boatswains, were
himself as a skilled military scholar with this bound in an immense volume. Naval historian Willis stumbled
detailed analysis of naval combat in 1812-1815. across this mostly forgotten collection in the British Library in
Unbiased, thorough assessments of political and 2010. Here he publishes selections of the material against a
social history as well as a balanced chronicle of the backdrop of political and naval history, character portraits, and
war, it remains standard reading at the US Naval Academy. Orig thrilling details of life in battle at sea. WW Norton. 1st US Edition.
publ 1882. Paper. Dover 2017. NEW. $14.00 2014. Hb, Dj. List $35. NEW. $32.00
13683 Russell, William Clark Pictures from the Sea and War Fiction
Life of Nelson Russell, a popular author of nautical
novels and short tales, wrote a full length 14506 Cooper, James Fenimore Sea Tales: The Pilot,
biography of Nelson. For this book, he pulled the The Red River. Kay Seymour House and Thomas L.
best action-packed stories from Nelson's life and Philbrick wrote the notes for this volume. Near fine.
applied his novelist's skill to bring thrills to laymen. Lovely slip case, ribbon marker, clean white pages.
If you like O'Brian, here is the real thing. Originally Green cloth. The Library of America, 1991. Hb, Sc.
published in 1897. Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, 2005. Hb, Dj. USED. $18.00
Pub at $29.95. NEW. $15.00 16726 Kent, Alexander The Darkening Sea 1st
13791 Simms, Brendan Three Victories and a edition of the 21st Richard Bolitho novel. The hero
Defeat: The Rise and Fall of the First British returns to England after the Martinique in a brief
Empire Covers the period from 1558 to 1783 in respite from war. Collector quality. William
great detail from the perspective of imperialism. Heinemann Ltd, London. 1993. Hb, Dj. USED. $27.00
New analysis explains how Britain's relationships 14052 Marryat, Captain The Phantom Ship
in Europe - from having German kings to making Captain Marryat’s sea stories served as models
enemies - were really behind her Imperial for the Horatio Hornblower and Aubrey/Maturin
experiences during this period. Several maps, endnotes and index. series. His writings have been admired by the
Perseus, NY, 2007. Hb, Dj. Publ at $39.95. NEW. $10.00 likes of Virginia Woolf and Joseph Conrad. This
11486 Strawson, John Beggars in Red: The British novel takes the Flying Dutchman story on some
Army 1789-1889 Illustrations, maps. Description of twists, focusing on the son rather than the
this important period in British regimental history. captain, and relics of the cross rather than true love as the spell-
From Napoleon to Asia, Africa, and the creation of breaker. Orig publ in 1839, this Nonsuch edition publ in 2006.
Pax Britannia. Import from UK. 2003. Paper. NEW. Paper. NEW. $5.00
$12.00 10989 Marryat, Captain Frederick Mr. Midshipman
16312 Van Der Merwe, Peter, Editor, with Roger Easy Introduction and notes by Evan L. Davies.
Morriss, Brian Lavery and Stephen Deuchar Marryat served with distinction in the Napoleonic
Nelson: An Illustrated History. Gorgeous wars. As a captain retired from the Royal Navy, in
oversized paperback full of illustrations (235 total, 1836 he published his novel, set during the war.
210 in color). If you only want one illustrated bio Young Mr Easy has adventures and learns lessons in the Navy

WINTER 2018 Jane Austen Books CATALOG 150
before inheriting his parents' estate. Attractive blue cloth, silk This edition is a facsimile reprint of the 1949 first. Liverpool
marker. No jacket. Naval Institute Press, Annapolis. Hb. 1990. University Press. 2005. Paper. NEW. $12.00
USED. $20.00
16674 Wilkinson, C. S. The Wake of the Bounty
12428 Nordhoff, Charles, and James Norman Hall Unusual book explores the theory that Fletcher
The Mutiny on the Bounty Trilogy. The publishers Christian survived Pitcairn and returned to England.
have combined the three parts of this best of Was Christian the model for Coleridge's Ancient
historical novels into one volume in a crisp new Mariner? Connections and coincidences intrigue this
affordable book with an attractive dust jacket. If you literary sleuth. Retells the mutiny story, then goes about proving
haven't read these works, why not indulge - our favorite time his point. Illustrations, index, map. Cassell & Company LTD,
period brought to life with stunning realism. 691 pgs., Hb, Dj. London. 1953. Hb, Dj in mylar. Excellent condition. USED. $20.00
Konecky & Konecky. NEW. $10.00
Food & Fashion
14373 O'Brian, Patrick Blue at the Mizzen Napoleon
has been defeated at Waterloo, but Captain Jack 10001 Ackermann, Rudolph Ackermann's
Aubrey's hard work continues. W. W. Norton. Costume Plates. Women's Fashions in England
Hardback, dust jacket. NEW. $12.00 1818-1828. Ed. by Stella Blum. Necessary for 19th
10082-1 O'Brian, Patrick Master and century dressmakers as well as for ladies to keep
Commander Paper. NY: 1990. Has been read, but in up on Paris happenings, beautifully drawn, here
good condition. USED. $5.00 ALSO 10082-2 Norton represented for our perusal, are 88 plates, 16 in
full color. Long out of print. Oversized, paper, excellent condition.
Paper, 1992. NEW. $10.00
DOVER. 1978. USED. $15.00
13525 O'Brian, Patrick Post Captain Life on 16936 Austen, Jane and Martha Stewart Jane
shore? Not as good as expected. But things Austen's Pride and Prejudice: A Book-to-Table
never stay the same, and war is resumed. W. W. Classic "The classic novel with recipes for modern
Norton. 1990. Paper. USED. $6.00 ALSO 13525- teatime treats by Martha Stewart." The novel is
1 Harper Perennial, 2007. Paper. NEW. $6.00 illustrated with beautiful and sumptuous pictures
10084 O'Brian, Patrick The Commodore Maturin's of artistically iced treats. Recipes are interspersed
wife is missing. Aubrey must deal with the slave and include such yummy delights as Sugar-and-Spice cake, Cream
trade and threats of French invasion in Ireland. Hb, Scones with Currants, French Almond Macaroons, and Petits
dj, good condition. NY: 1994 USED. $15.00 Fours. Perfect gift for Jane Austen fans and baking fiends alike!
Gorgeous colors and fun decorated cover. Puffin Plated, 2018. Hb.
16675 O'Brian, Patrick The Far List price $25. NEW. $19.00
Side of the World. The War of 1812 continues and
Jack Aubrey sets sail for Cape Horn to intercept a 16720 Bernstein, Aline Masterpieces of Women's
powerful American ship. 366 pgs. W. W. Norton. Costume of the 18th and 19th Centuries Thirty-two
Paper, 1984. NEW. $10.00 ALSO 16675-1 W. W. authentic complete costumes and 3 blouses shown
Norton. Paper, 2003. NEW. $10.00 in both color and b&w, faithfully interpreted by
theatrical designer Bernstein. Detailed descriptions
13596 O'Brian, Patrick The Fortune of War Captain and line drawings of the actual patterns of the costumes, along
Aubrey is appointed to the fastest & best-armed with gloves, hats shoes, and hair styles. Orig. 1959. Unabridged.
ship in the Navy. Aubrey and Maturin encounter the Dover. 2001. Paper. NEW. $16.00
War of 1812. Norton. Hb, dj. 329 pgs. NEW. $10.00
16762 Bruzzone, Catherine, and Hennie Haworth
10083 O'Brian, Patrick The Hundred Dress-Up Jane Austen. Fashion Paper Dolls. The
Days Napoleon has escaped from Elba. The Navy is first 19 pages set place and period, and provide
scrambling to rearm. Aubrey is now the mature lots of fashion information, all with detailed
commodore. First Ed. 1998. Hb, dj. drawings that are just cool to look at. She has 9
USED. $10.00 outfits, he has 5, and they both have lots of
14051 O'Brian, Patrick The Surgeon's Mate Stephen accessories. Small Publishing Ltd., UK. 2017. NEW. $9.00
must flee American privateers. Harper paperback 16571 Field, Suzette A Curious Invitation: The Forty
edition published 2007. Like new. USED. $5.00 Greatest Parties in Literature. Gatecrash 40 parties,
13824 Parkinson, C. Northcote Portsmouth Point: some real, some imagined, from great writers
The Navy in Fiction 1793-1815 Renowned naval including Austen, Defoe, Dickens, Waugh, Plato,
historian Cyril Northcote Parkinson, author of more Douglas Adams, many more. Hb, Dj. Picador. 2012.
than 60 books (including The Life and Times of USED. $5.00
Horatio Hornblower), collected this anthology of 16572 Gehrer, Julienne Dining with Jane
fiction about life at sea during the Napoleonic wars. Austen Much more than a cookbook, this book
Each chapter is organized around a different aspect of naval life at brings together for the first time Martha Lloyd's
the time, such as food, daily routine, crew, officers, naval dialect. Household Book and the Knight Family
Contemporary authors revealed information about topics from Cookbook. Gehrer uses Austen's letters as the
press gangs to recipes. Excellent resource for literary research. starting point to explore what she would have

WINTER 2018 Jane Austen Books CATALOG 150
been eating, then provides a recipe you can follow in your modern 11876 Seleshanko, Kristina 60 Civil War-Era
kitchen. Gorgeous color illustrations throughout. Printed on heavy Fashion Patterns. Assembled from issues of a
paper. Proceeds benefit Jane Austen's House Museum and popular 19th-century periodical, these patterns
Chawton House Library in Hampshire. Ash Grove Press. Paper. include dresses, pants, jackets, and other apparel
NEW. $32.00 for women and children, plus suggestions for
employing modern tools and techniques. 120
16934 Harlan, Susan and Becca Stadtlander
pgs, Dover, Minneola, NY. NEW. $14.00
Decorating a Room of One's Own: Conversations
on Interior Design with Miss Havisham, Jane Eyre, 16605 Synge, Lanto Antique Needlework Heavily
Victor Frankenstein, Elizabeth Bennet, Ishmael, illustrated from private and public collections. Gives
and Other Literary Notables. Gorgeous background to many forms of needlework through
illustrations. Harlan spoofs decorating cutlure by history, including ecclesiastical vestments, Tudor
visiting the homes of famous literary characters and interviewing and Stuart embroidery, blackwork and stumpwork,
them. What was Lady Macbeth's favorite room in the castle? crewelwork bed hangings, upholstery coverings,
Discover the design inspiration behind Jay Gatsby's McMansion. samplers, and much more. Blandford Press, Poole, Dorset. 1982.
Inspiring! Harry N. Abrams. 2018. Hb. NEW. $16.00 Hb, Dj. USED. $20.00
16352 Holmes, Lindsay Making Georgian & 13398 Tierney, Tom Empire Fashions Coloring
Regency Costumes for Women. Includes a History Book. 1789-1815 fashions delightfully and
of Women's Dress from 1710 to 1830. Holmes expertly drawn with detailed description on
makes historically accurate costumes for each page and introduction by artist. 48 pgs,
museums and heritage sites as well as live and paper. 2001. NEW. $4.50
filmed performances. This book combines
16718 Tierney, Tom Marie
instructions and patterns, information on fabrics,
Antoinette Paper Dolls Tierney
tools, techniques, pattern alteration. The Crowood Press, Ltd.,
applied his extensive fashion expertise to Marie
Wiltshire. 2015. Paper. NEW. $50.00
Antoinette [1755-1793] and the revolutionary
16759 Kay, Emma The Georgian Kitchen. Today's fashion period she led, along with her legendary
food-obsessed culture has its roots in the Georgian dressmaker Rose Bertin. Introduction and
period. The author describes how the British were description of each plate. Dover. 2001. NEW. $11.00
inspired by increasing trade and travel to fall in love
16606 Whiteaker, Stafford English Countryside
with food and create culinary arts as we know them
Needlepoint: A Treasury of Over 50 Designs
today. Inset of color plates of period illustrations and
Originally published in the UK as "English
artifacts. Amberley Publishing, Paper. 2015. NEW. $11.00
Countryside Embroidery." These beautiful patterns
12035 Mattox, Brenda Sneathen Pride and are full page color illustrations, accompanied by
Prejudice: Paper Dolls Eight paper dolls with 48 total lovely descriptions. Extensive illustrated
costumes. Fashions include "long-sleeved, empire- introduction with stitch technique tutorial. Ballantine Books, NY.
style church-wear dresses, simple day gowns with Hb, Dj. USED. $15.00
gardening aprons, elegant ball gowns, and bridal
gowns. For the gentlemen, formal eveningwear, Books and Art
greatcoats, a military uniform, and morning coats with breeches 12238 Barchas, Janine Graphic Design, Print Culture,
and top boots." Dover. List $8.99 NEW. $6.00 and the Eighteenth-Century Novel. How did novels
16596 Nicoletti, Cara Voracious: A Hungry look and feel in the first half of the 18th century,
Reader Cooks Her Way Through Great Books. when they were the newest pop culture? Defoe,
Illustrated by Marion Bolognesi. Butcher, cook, Swift, Richardson, the Fieldings, and other early
and writer Nicoletti offers background, including novelists experimented with design. Illustrated. Cambridge
food history and information about the source University Press, 2003. Paper. NEW. $42.00
books, along with recipes. Sources include Nancy 16637 Basbanes, Nicholas A. Among the Gently
Drew, Tolstoy, Didion, Melville, Burnett, scores more. Wonderful Mad: Strategies and Perspectives for the Book
illustrations. Perfectly boil eggs for Mr Woodhouse! Originally Hunter in the Twenty-First Century. Are we mad?
$28. Little, Brown and Co. 2015. Hb, Dj. NEW. $12.00 Probably. Learn from the gently mad pros about
16687 Percoco, Cassidy Regency Women's shopping for books as investments or collectibles.
Dress: Techniques and Patterns 1800-1830 From internet shopping to old-fashioned book fairs, auctions, and
Book of 26 patterns from Chemise to Ball library sales, lots of tips. Like new condition. A John Macrae Book;
Dress. Morning dresses, evening dresses, Henry Holt and Co. LLC, NY. Hb, Dj. USED. $5.00
Spencers, Corset and Stays. Each pattern is 16700 Boux, Dorothy All the World's a Stage:
accompanied by text that gives the Speeches, Poems and Songs from
provenance of the original garment, with Shakespeare Written in Calligraphy
discussions about the fabric, buttons, and Illustrated by Dorothy Boux. In
binding, more. Batsford, London. 2015. this unusual work of art, Boux has
Paper. List price $35.00. NEW. $29.00 selected passages from Shakespeare and turned

WINTER 2018 Jane Austen Books CATALOG 150
them into Elizabethan-influenced visual treasures. Includes Homer to Woolf. Austen's chapter is delightful, because he gets
occasional handwritten music. Near fine/like new. Shepheard- her, and he gets why she is in the canon. Touchstone. 1997. Paper.
Walwyn Publishers Ltd., London. 1994. USED. $35.00 USED. $4.00
13084 Buchanon-Brown, John Early Victorian Illustrated Books: 14974-1 Dobson, Austin The Ballad of Beau
Britain, France and Germany 1820-1860. Beautiful book printed Brocade and Other Poems of the XVIII Century. Dark
on heavy paper includes 258 reproductions of illustrations. A green cloth with elaborate stamped gilt decorations
survey of the art form that also describes the development of on the cover. Beveled boards. All page edges gilt.
technique. Publ at $98, now at half price. 320 pgs, Hb, Dj. The The ballads are delightfully
British Library and Oak Knoll Press. NEW. $45.00 illustrated throughout with 50 Hugh
Thomson illustrations. 3rd ed, very clean,
16633 Carpenter, Kenneth E., Editor Books in Society
near fine. London: Kegan Paul, Trench,
and History: Papers of the Association of College
Trubner & Co. 1892. USED. $50.00
and Research Libraries Rare Books and Manuscripts
Preconference. The ACRL Books and Manuscripts 16670 Eaton, Seymour, Ed. Charles Dickens
This image cannot currently be displayed.

section brought together scholars from both sides of Rare Print Collection Connoisseur Edition.
the Atlantic for its 1980 conference in Boston. What is the role of Issued for Private Circulation. No. 483. Folio
books in Western Society? Robert Darnton, Elizabeth Eisenstein, includes 10 folders, each with several sheets enclosed with
Henri-Jean Martin, Katherine F. Pantzer, Bernhard Fabian, photographs, drawings, and other art, including work by Phiz, Boz,
Raymond Birn, John P. Feather, Frederic Barbier, James J. Barnes, Thackeray, Cruikshank, Ward, Bryan, Gill, more. Folio has some
Paul Raabe. Excellent condition. R. R. Bowker Company, NY. Hb, chips in coating, cloth ribbons are intact. Folder 8 is split at spine.
Dj, Mylar. 1983. USED. $40.00 Some documents have some light foxing or browning at edges;
most are clean. Previous owner's bookplate inside front cover. R.
16634 Chappell, Warren A Short History of the
G. Kennedy & Co., Philadelphia. 1900. USED. $75.00
Printed Word Heavily illustrated, addresses the
earliest to the mid-20th century formation of 16632 Eisenstein, Elizabeth L. Divine Art, Infernal
alphabets and letters, the technology of printing, and Machine: The Reception of Printing in the West from
the skilled crafts involved. Approaches printing as an First Impressions to the Sense of an Ending.
art form; a loving history. Excellent condition! Dorset Press, NY, Technology and culture shifts are intimately related,
Hb, Dj. 1970. USED. $12.00 and perhaps nothing affected the last 500 years of
history as much as the advent of printing. Engaging history
16699 Colonial Williamsburg The Bookbinder in
explores our relationship with the printed word. Like new.
Eighteenth-Century Williamsburg: An Account of
University of Pennsylvania Press. 2011. Hb, Dj. USED. $15.00
his Life & Times, & of his Craft. Illustrated 31 page
historical survey based largely on a study prepared 14398 Engle, Elliot A Dab of Dickens and a Touch
jointly by C. Clement Samford, book-binder in the of Twain: Literary Lives from Shakespeare's Old
restored Printing Office, and John M. Hemphill II, of England to Frost's New England. These essays
the Colonial Williamsburg research staff. Colonial Williamsburg. contain fascinating anecdotes about great
1959. Pamphlet. USED. $5.00 authors that bring them to life for the casual
reader. Chaucer, Austen, Wilde, Hardy,
16638 Darnton, Robert The Case for Books: Past,
Fitzgerald, Poe, and many more are covered in
Present, and Future Darnton, "a pioneer in the
this volume with wit and flair. The author admits
history of the book and the director of the Harvard
to being a Dickensian, but handles Austen quite well indeed.
University Library," talks about the future of print,
Simon & Schuster. Paper. 2002. NEW. $10.00
libraries, books in general, and how our new
information age fits into the long history of books. In as-new 15907 Enright, D. J., Ed. Fair of Speech: The Uses
condition! PublicAffairs (Perseus), NY. 2009. Paper. USED. $3.00 of Euphemism. Highly entertaining study of
euphemism: historical, literary, military, religious,
16631 Darnton, Robert The Forbidden Best-Sellers
official and casual. With 17 essays, including one
of Pre-Revolutionary France. Undermining the King,
by Patricia Beer called "Elizabeth Bennet's Fine
the Church, or conventional morality, could ensure a
Eyes" that explores euphemism in literature, and
book was banned. So could pirating and other forms
uses some great examples from Austen's novels.
of thievery. The struggle was passionate and full of
(Mrs Elton is declared "textbook.") Excellent
intrigue. Darnton reveals the shadowy subculture
condition. Hb, Dj. OUP. 1985. USED. $15.00
that provided the actual best-sellers of the period, and
undoubtedly contributed to the Revolution that followed. Paper. 14125 Goldstone, Lawrence and Nancy Slightly
VG condition. Norton. 1996. USED. $9.00 Chipped: Footnotes in Booklore Following on their
first book about book collecting, Used and Rare,
16517 Denby, David Great Books: My Adventures
this book tells further adventures the couple had as
with Homer, Rousseau, Woolf, and Other
they became obsessed with the Bloomsbury group,
Indestructible Writers of the Western World. New
experimented with online book shopping, and
York Times Bestseller. Denby returns to school after
travelled around generally exploring the wacky
30 years and takes Literature Humanities. He
world of books. The Goldstones are also fiction and nonfiction
describes his experiences being a sort of non-student-
authors of renown. St. Martin's Press. Hb, Dj. USED. $7.00
yet-student as the course travels through Western Lit, from

WINTER 2018 Jane Austen Books CATALOG 150
16644 Goldstone, Lawrence and Nancy Used and Charles Grandison. Abbey School
Rare: Travels in the Book World. Popular first book Library, Colorado, stickers, black library
about books by this couple; describes their dive label on spine of each book, red library
into finding and collecting books with love and stamp on title page of each book. Top
humor. Excellent condition. St. Martin's Griffin, NY. pages gilt. Boards worn. Printed for
Paper. 1997. USED. $7.00 William Miller, Albemarle Street; and
James Carpenter, Old Bond Street, 1811. USED. $295.00
16702 Heintzelman, Arthur W. The Watercolor
Drawings of Thomas Rowlandson. From the 16651 Trubeck, Anne A Skeptic's Guide to Writers'
Albert H. Wiggin Collection in the Boston Public Houses An "anti-travel guide" where the author
Library. Heintzleman was Keeper of Prints at the begrudges literary locations but visits them all anyway.
Library and writes an extensive biography, as well She's disgruntled that some who enshrine authors
as commentary on each print providing great and obscure might never have read their works.
contextual and artistic insight. Around 60 full size From shore to shore, she explores house museums with a keen
prints. Book size 10x13 inches. Jacket is present but very eye and humorous insight. Like new. University of Pennsylvania,
distressed. Cream cloth cover very good, pages with light 2011. Hb, Dj. USED. $10.00
browning around edges but prints are clear. Watson-Guptill
Publications, Inc. NY. 1947. USED. $25.00 Austen-Inspired
16630 Houston, Keith Shady Characters: The Secret 13841 Bebris, Carrie The Deception at Lyme (Or, the
Life of Punctuation, Symbols, & Other Perils of Persuasion). The Darcys find a body at the
Typographical Marks. A two thousand year history Cobb at Lyme, and gallant Captain Wentworth helps
of punctuation. The relationship between writing them solve a family mystery. Another installment in
and printing plays a role, as does invention, cross- the Mr and Mrs Darcy mystery series. One of our
cultural interactions, graffiti, international intrigue, and more. favorites! Tor, 2011. Hb, Dj. NEW. $12.00
Like new. Norton. 2013. Hb, Dj. USED. $8.00 16933 Boyd, Christina, Ed. Rational Creatures The
12619 LeFontaine, Joseph Raymond The third Quill Collective anthology of Austen-inspired
Collector's Book-shelf: A Comprehensive Listing of fiction by Goodreads authors. Foreword by
Authors, Their Pseudonyms, and Their Books. Find Devoney Looser. Short stories set in Georgian
the names of additional books written by an England pay homage to Austen's strong female
author, even when the author used pseudonyms. lead characters. The Quill Ink.
Over 33,000 book titles listed from 931 authors, majority 20th c 2018. Paper. NEW. $13.00
works. Oversized. 1st edition. Prometheus Books. Buffalo. 1990. 16593 Butler, Nancy and Janet Lee Marvel Emma
Hb, Dj. USED. $20.00 All five volumes of this gorgeously illustrated
16346 Nazar, Hina Enlightened Sentiments: classic comic book are collected into a single
Judgment and Autonomy in the Age of Sensibility. paperback book. By the same artist and writer
A serious examination of the function of sensibility team who created P&P and S&S for Marvel. NEW.
in Enlightenment thought and its influence on long $10.00
18th c. literature. Major writers in this study 16237 Carbone, Courtney Darcy Swipes Left. IMHO U
include Samuel Richardson, Jane Austen, David will want 2 #treatyourself to this OMG AUSTEN! book.
Hume and Hannah Arendt. Fordham University If only to see Mary Bennet's occasional memes
Press, NY. 2012. Originally published at $60. Hb, Dj. NEW. $21.00 because they are #socuuute. Small hardback. Random
11987 Norville, Barbara Writing the Modern House. 2016. NEW. $9.00
Mystery A practical aid to mystery writing. 16241 Carroll, Chellie Jane Austen's Pride
Reference for the novice and accomplished author. and Prejudice: A Coloring Classic. Beautiful
Writer's Digest Books, Cincinnati. Paper. 1986. adult coloring book uses P&P quotes as
USED. $4.00 inspiration. Stunning illustrations waiting for
16729 Richardson, Samuel The History of Sir Charles your creative expression! Little Tiger Press.
Grandison Abridged from the Works of Samuel 2016. NEW. $15.00
Richardson, Esq. Author of PAMELA and CLARISSA. 16755 Cox, Constance Pride and Prejudice: A Play
The original epistolary novel Sir Charles Grandison, Cox [1912-1998] was a British playwright who
cited by Austen family members as a favorite of Jane Austen's, adapted books by Dickens and other classic lit. Her
was published in 1753. You may have heard it was a long book. works continue to be performed. J. Published by
This book is a reprint of a 1794 abridged version - a VERY abridged Garnet Miller Ltd., Worcestershire. 1972. Like new.
version - published in Boston. Forgotten Books Classic Reprint USED. $20.00
Series. 2012. Paper. NEW. $9.00
16712 Furman, Katherine Emoji Pride &
11305 Richardson, Samuel The Works of Samuel Richardson in Prejudice The kids loved this one. Epic tales in
Nineteen Volumes. With a sketch of his Life and Writings, by the tiny texts. #abridged, #instantausten,
Rev. Edward Mangin, M. A. First collected edition. 19 volume X #greatestlovestory, #epictales, #tinytexts. Jane
library. 1/2 leather and marbled paper. Pamela, Clarissa, and Sir

WINTER 2018 Jane Austen Books CATALOG 150
Austen Sent from my iPhone. Race Point Publishing, Quarto. 2016. Should she just give up and be the wild girl everyone thinks she is
Hb. NEW. $12.00 anyway? Triple Berry Press. 2017. Paper. NEW. $11.00
16752 Strand, Mary The Bennet Sisters: Mary. Being Mary
16709 Hyde, Katherine Bolger Arsenic with Austen.
Bennet Blows. Seventeen-year-old Mary Bennet doesn't want to
A Crime with the Classics Mystery. A widowed
be like THAT Mary Bennet and she wishes Jane Austen had never
professor inherits a Victorian mansion in a sleepy
written that book! Will she be able to be herself at last? Triple
coastal town in Oregon. She finds herself
Berry Press. 2017. Paper. NEW. $11.00
unexpectedly pulled into the potential revival of a
long-ago romance, a murder mystery, and a cast of 16681 Tse, Po Manga Classics Jane Austen
characters who remind her of Jane Austen's own inventions. Coloring Book Irresistible Manga-style
Minotaur Books, NY. 2016. Hb, Dj. Like new. USED. $12.00 illustrations to color based on three novels -
Pride and Prejudice, Emma, and Sense and
16728 Kablean, Carrie What Kitty Did Next. While
Sensibility. 2016. NEW. $12.00
visiting her newly married sisters, Kitty Bennet
realizes she is more than just Lydia's sidekick. After 16594 von Purl, Trixie
experiencing a great deal of fun and pain, she Pride & Predu-Knits: Twelve Genteel
eventually comes of age. Excellently written, with Knitting Projects Inspired by Jane Austen.
beautifully drawn characters that stay true to Instructions to knit major characters from
Austen's legacy. A real treasure! RedDoor Publishing. Import. P&P, S&S, Emma and Persuasion. Also
Paper. 2018. NEW. $14.00 Available in September 2018 includes instructions for many items of
Regency attire, and props so that you can
16714 Kessel, John Pride and Prometheus On the
recreate the scenes in the illustrations. Knit
200th anniversary of Mary Shelley's masterpiece, an
a tiny parasol, tophat, fan, cape, British redcoat, and much more.
intelligent mashup between Austen
Lovely illustrations with the instructions, accompanied by quotes
and Shelley! Mary Bennet falls for
from the novels. HarperCollins. 2015. NEW. $12.00
Victor Frankenstein and befriends his
monster. Gothic horror and Regency romance 16522 Walker, Wal Jane & D'Arcy: Jane Austen &
combined, plus, of course, a novel for much- D'Arcy Wentworth. Volume I - Folly is not always
neglected middle sister Mary Bennet. Simon & folly. Walker has meticulously researched primary
Schuster. Hb. 2018. List $27.99. Introductory low sources to support the theory that there was a secret
price $21.00 romance between Jane Austen and D'Arcy
Wentworth. Wentworth went to Australia. Both
16608 Mason, Zachary Tripping on Cinderella’s Corset Adults
Wentworth and Austen never married. Walker believes they
only! Characters from Northanger Abbey, Persuasion, Sense and
eloped to Scotland. Could this explain all the destruction of letters
Sensibility, and Mansfield Park have an over-the-top erotic Gothic
and the secret nature of the Austen family about their author
adventure. Includes X-rated material. Hahn Printing. 2016. NEW.
daughter? Endnotes, Index. Arcana Trust, Australia. Paper. 2017.
NEW. $32.00
16602 Poynter, Rae Meryton High A retelling of
16523 Walker, Wal Jane & D'Arcy: Jane Austen &
P&P set in a modern high school, written while
D'Arcy Wentworth. Volume II - Such Talent & Such
Poynter was actually in high school. In her first
Success. Walker continues to follow the parallel lives
novel, Poynter shows that the lessons of P&P
of Jane Austen in England and D'Arcy Wentworth in
are still relevant today. Northernwords Press.
Australia, and manages to pull the reader into the
2017. Paper. NEW. $14.00
very real world of the times, as Wentworth was
16591 Schroeder, Anngela A involved in much important contemporary history. Well-told and
Lie Universally Hidden Will heavily supported by primary sources. End notes, index. Arcana
Darcy and Elizabeth be kept apart by Trust, Australia. Paper. 2017. NEW. $32.00
circumstances outside of their control? This P&P
11020 Warner, Oliver His Cunning or Hers: A
variation is suitable for teens and up. 2016. NEW.
Postscript to Persuasion. Illustrations by Juliet
McMaster. Collectors will delight in this short
16753 Strand, Mary The Bennet epistolary work. The communications of Penelope
Sisters: Cat. Cat Bennet, Queen of Nothing. Cat's Clay and William Walter Elliot finally reveal whose
twin sister is in reform school and it should be her cleverness prevailed. Produced in conjunction with
turn to shine, but it's not turning out that way. the 1993 JASNA AGM in Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. Publ by U
And the novel Pride and Prejudice is assigned in of Alberta, 1993. Hb. USED. $20.00
school and now she's got to prove she is not
16727 Watts, Jeanette Jane Austen Lied to Me.
THAT Kitty Bennet. Triple Berry Press. 2017.
College student Elizabeth finds herself in situations
NEW. $11.00
that remind her of the JA novels she loves. But things
16751 Strand, Mary The Bennet Sisters: Lydia
don't ever turn out as expected! Won't anyone
Livin' La Vida Bennet. Lydia comes home to
follow the script? A clever modern twist on all 6 of
Woodbury, Minnesota after a year in reform
Austen's novels. 2017. Paper. NEW. $10.00
school and can't seem to convince her old friends,
family, and that one guy that she has changed.

WINTER 2018 Jane Austen Books CATALOG 150
Kid's Corner to servants, and their surroundings, with great charm. The author
lets us in on the information the drawings convey, including
15894 Adams, Jennifer Little Miss identities, social standing, conventions of dress, and more. Victor
Austen: Emma. An Emotions Primer. Gallancz LTD, London. 1983. Hb, Dj. USED. $11.00
Emma's friends give your little one a
study in emotions, illustrated by the 16723 McMaster, Juliet Fazan Blades Against the
colorful art of Alison Oliver. Gibbs-Smith. Dark A group of youngsters hiding out in a neglected
2015. Hb. NEW. $9.00 volcanic crater struggle to free their East African
island country from the well-armed general who has
16599 Bryksenkova, overthrown their government in a coup. McMaster
Yelena Classics has long written about and for young writers. This
Unfolded, Romeo and Juliet Fold-out panels tell debut YA novel also draws on her experience as a competitive
the entire story in 14 beautiful illustrations, fencer, mountain climber, and on her memories of growing up in
each a work of art. Last page tells a 30 second Kenya. FriesenPress. 2017. Paper. NEW. $15.00
version, and a 5 words version of the novel.
Folded paper in illustrated box. Frances Lincoln. 11082 Muir, Percy English Children's Books 1600 to
2015. NEW. $8.00 1900. A scholarly and entertaining account that
doesn't bother with the "improvement" type books
16570 Clarkson, Stephanie Jane Austen's Pride but goes into great detail on books written with
and Prejudice Baby Lit Illustrated by Annabel children's entertainment in mind. Invaluable for the
Tempest. This board book to read aloud with collector. Disputes the commonly held idea that Newbery
your child tells the entire story of P&P and uses originated children's books in 1740. Fills in the gaps. Great
some big words like mischievous and studious, illustrations assist in identification for the collector and are just
and includes some direct text from the novel. gorgeous on their own merit. Third edition. B. T. Batsford. Ltd.,
Gibbs Smith. 2017. NEW. $12.00 London. 1985. Hb, Dj. USED. $40.00
15896 Coombs, Katie Goodnight Mr. Darcy. 16684 Pliscou, Lisa Brave Jane Austen: Reader,
A delightful sleepy time BabyLit book based Writer, Author, Rebel. Illustrated by Jen
on the story of Pride and Prejudice. Lovely Corage. For readers 7 - 10 years/ 2nd - 5th
illustrations by Alli Arnold. Gibbs-Smith. Hb, grade. This beautifully illustrated biography of
dj. 2015. NEW. 15.00 Austen for young readers gives accurate details
16663 Eyre, Frank British of Austen's life and conveys inspiration to
Children's Books in the Twentieth Century young writers. Several prettily decorated reference pages in the
Originally published in 1952 as "20th Century back. Quotes by other authors such as JK Rowling, Fay Weldon.
Children's Books" this edition was updated to add "From the pen of Jane Austen." "Learning more about Jane
material after 1950. Near fine condition. Charming Austen" provides information about resources for further
illustrations throughout from books discussed. E. exploration - Chawton, the Jane Austen Society, the Jane Austen
P. Dutton & Co., NY. 1971. Hb, Dj. USED. $10.00 Literacy Foundation, and the Jane Austen Centre in Bath. Henry
Holt and Company, NY. Hb, Dj. 208. NEW. $17.00
16679 Fabiny, Sarah Who was Jane Austen?
Illustrated by Jerry Hoare. This series of books for 14800 Tavner, Gill Persuasion. Illustrated by Ann
kids about important figures in history offer a Kronheimer. Your budding classic-reader will love
thorough but brief biography fully illustrated, sure this fun adaptation for kids. Like all the Tavner
to capture the imagination of young folks from adaptations, there are thought-provoking questions
around the world. 107 pgs. Penguin Workshop - and background at the end of the book and a book
Penguin Young Readers Group. 2017. Paper. NEW. $5.00 list for further age-appropriate reading. Check our
website or call - we have all six of Austen's novels covered by
16682 Hopkinson, Deborah Ordinary, Tavner. Real Reads Ltd., Gloucestershire, UK. Paper. NEW. $6.00
Extraordinary Jane Austen Beautifully illustrated by
Qin Leng. While this brief biography for young 16735 Vegara, Isabel Sanchez Little People, Big
readers is accurate, it is also affectionate. We love Dreams: Jane Austen Illustrated by Katie Wilson.
children's books that do not talk down to them. Very From a series of biographies for children, this
well done indeed! With a chronology, brief summaries of the 6 delightful view of Austen's life will make your
major novels, and a short list of resources. HarperCollins. 2018. youngster want to be a writer! Lincoln Children's
Hb, Dj. NEW. $17.00 Books. 2018. List 14.99. NEW.
16695 Lasdun, Susan Making Victorians: The
Drummond Children's World 1827-1832. Eight 15921-1 Wang, Jack & Holman Cozy Classics Jane
Drummond children born between 1810 and Austen's Emma. Emma told through twelve one-
1820 were raised in privilege at the dawn of word scenes, reenacted with adorable felt dolls.
the Victorian age, being contemporaries of From Cozy Classics. Chronicle Books Reissue,
Princess Victoria herself. The girls of the family 2016. Board book. NEW. $8.00
were also child artists, creating a slew of
watercolors illustrating the people around them, from aristocrats

WINTER 2018 Jane Austen Books CATALOG 150
Women Writers and Evelina must leave provincial life and head for fashionable
London. She finds herself under attack from selfish, vulgar
Women’s History relatives, and has many adventures while losing her naiveté.
10140 Backscheider, Paula R., Ed. Revising Epistolary novel, surely delighted the Austens. Dover Thrift. 2015.
Women: 18th Century Women's Fiction and Paper. NEW. $6.00
Social Engagement Collection of essays by 16883 Burney, Frances, and Hannah More
feminist critics reviewing literature with focus on Considerations on Religion and Public Education
historical context. Austen, Behn, Radcliffe, and Brief Reflections Relative to the Emigrant
Gaskell, Burney, and many others discussed. French Clergy. Publication Number 262 of the
Includes essay "Jane Austen and the Culture of the Augustan Reprint Society. Excellent Introduction by
Circulating Library" by Barbara Benedict. Illustrated. John Hopkins Claudia Johnson discusses the way these two
University Press, 2000. 273 pages. Hb, dj. NEW. $25.00 remarkable political essays came to be published, as French priest
10146 Bainbridge, Beryl According to Queeney In refugees fleeing the revolution arrived in England. More's
1764, Dr. Sam Johnson attends a dinner and beyond facsimile is from the 1st American Edition of 1794. Burney's piece
expectations is taken into the social orbit of Mrs. was published in 1793 and never reprinted until this issue.
Thrale. Queeney is the wry eldest daughter of Decorated beige heavy paper covers. Near fine condition. 1990.
Hester Thrale (later Piozzi), and mostly narrates this USED. $17.00
historical novel. NY: 2001. 216 pages, Hb, Dj. 16758 Carlile, Susan Charlotte Lennox: An
Originally published at $22. NEW/USED. $10.00 Independent Mind. The "foremost living expert" on
10153 Banks, Lynne Reid Path to the Silent Country the author of The Female Quixote has produced a
- Charlotte Bronte's Years of Pain. Follow-up to The valuable, extensive biography of an 18th-century
Dark Quartet, continues the story of Charlotte in a woman of genius writing in spite of a difficult life.
fictional but fact-based novel. Hb, Dj. 1977. USED. Valuable as a study of professional authorship in the
$25.00 period. Reviews by Devoney Looser, Isobel Grundy. University of
Toronto Press. 2018. Paper. List $44.95. NEW. $42.00
10054 Bell, Maureen; George Parfitt, and Simon
Shepherd A Biographical Dictionary of English 16622 De Selincourt, Ernest Dorothy Wordsworth Classic
Women Writers 1580-1720. Dictionary entries complete biography includes folding maps and plates,
are concise and informative. Excellent illustrations, extracts from letters. 428 pages. No jacket. Very
introduction. Critical appendices include "Men good condition. Oxford at the Clarendon Press. 1933. USED.
as 'gatekeepers'" "Women in the book trade" $15.00
etc. Boston: 1990. Hb, just jacket. Near fine. 16612 Foreman, Amanda Georgiana's World: The
NEW. $30.00 Illustrated Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire
11172 Besser, Gretchen Rous Germaine De Stael Oversized and packed full of color illustrations of
Revisited A balanced view on Stael's work and life, the Regency era. Portraits and satirical cartoons
her involvement with leading political and social bring the biography to life. Experience the rich &
changes during her time, and her influential, popular famous of Austen's era "up close and personal."
novels. Includes lesser known works. Review copy. HarperCollins, London. 2001. Hb, Dj. USED. $9.00
Light sun fading of spine. Hb, Dj. Twayne Publishers 16680 Fullerton, Susannah, Amanda Jones and
World Authors Series. 1994. NEW. $15.00 Joanna Penglase Georgette Heyer, Complete to a
16614 Blodgett, Harriet, Editor Capacious Hold-All: Shade: A Celebration. An anthology of memories,
An Anthology of English-women's Diary Writings. thoughts, influences, and impressions of Heyer
Noted scholar Harriet Blodgett chose and edited given by readers, fans, relatives, publishers,
these excerpts from diaries that open windows into biographers. With Regency period illustrations.
the past as experienced by a variety of women in Compiled to coincide with the Georgette Heyer Conference held
various social positions. 16th - 20th century, in Sydney, Australia in 2016. Some copies are signed by Susannah
separated by topic. Excellent condition. University Press of Fullerton. Paper. NEW. $12.00
Virginia. Charlottesville and London. 1991. Paper. USED. $8.00 13199 Gaskell, E. C. The Life of Charlotte Bronte Friend and
16636 Bronte, Emily Wuthering Heights With fellow novelist Gaskell published her famous bio of
Lithographs by Barnett Freedman. No date. Charlotte Bronte in 1857, 2 years after Bronte's death.
Gorgeous illustrations. Includes John Winterich's Supplemented with information provided by the family.
"How This Book Came to Be," Biographical Notice Green cloth, gilt title on spine. Illustrated. John Grant,
of Ellis and Acton Bell, Editor's Preface to 1850 Edinburgh. 1907. USED. $15.00
edition. Plain black slipcase has been a little 14225 Gordon, Charlotte Mistress Bradstreet: The
abused, but the book is pristine. The Untold Life of America's First Poet. America's first
Heritage Press, NY. USED. $15.00 poet rescued from obscurity by this wonderfully
16719 Burney, Fanny Evelina; Or, the History of a whimsical, feminist, sensitive biography of a Puritan
Young Lady's Entrance into the World. Burney's first woman in truly NEW New England. 2005. List $27.95.
novel, published anonymously in 1778. At 17, orphan Hb, Dj. NEW. $15.00

WINTER 2018 Jane Austen Books CATALOG 150
16697-1 Gordon, Charlotte Romantic Outlaws: made gardening their own in the 20th century. Beautiful jacket
The Extraordinary Lives of Mary Wollstonecraft protected in mylar. Near Fine. 1997. Virago Press, London. USED.
and Mary Shelley. For the first time, the $35.00
biographies of these two pioneering women are
10913 Lee, Sophia The Recess: or, a Tale of Other
combined into one book. Sadly, Wollstonecraft
Times. Edited by April Alliston. Sophia Lee [1750-
died from childbirth and never knew her daughter.
1824] was headmistress of Bath's finest school for
Their stories are covered in alternating chapters
girls. One of the earliest gothic novels, her book
that weave through Revolutionary France and Victorian England.
portrays women involved in political intrigue,
Random House. Trade Paperback. 2016. NEW. $16.00
overseas journeys, and warfare, during the reign of
10711 Haywood, Eliza Selected Fiction and Drama Elizabeth I. Features as narrators twin daughters by a secret
of Eliza Haywood. Edited by Paula marriage of Mary Queen of Scots. Bibliography, notes, and
Backscheider. Haywood [1693-1756] is a critical emanations. Originally published in 1783. U Press of Kentucky
early woman writer. Includes A Wife to be Lett; reprint 2000. 364 pp. Paper. NEW. $20.00
The Opra of Opera; Invisible Spy, and more.
10921 Leonardi, Susan J. Dangerous by Degrees:
OUP, 1999, Paper. NEW. $7.00
Women at Oxford and the Somerville College
15366 Haywood, Eliza Selections from The Novelists Oxford granted its first degrees to women
Female Spectator Edited by Patricia Meyer in 1921. The period immediately before and after
Spacks. Haywood was the most important female writer of the WW1 is examined. Each novelist's fiction is
early 18th century after Aphra Behn. She wrote novels and edited analyzed against the background of their difficult
several serial newspapers. This fully annotated collection of experiences breaking through barriers. Chapters on
articles is selected from The Female Spectator. Includes a broad novelists Sayers, Jaeger, Wallace, Kennedy, Holtby, and Brittain.
range of works. Oxford University Press. 1999. Paper. NEW. $7.00. Rutgers University Press. 1989. Hb, Dj. USED. $15.00
16626 Hunt, Margaret; Margaret Jacob, Phyllis 16756 Lushington, Louisa 'The Journal of Louisa
Mack, and Ruth Perry Women and the Lushington' (1821-1822) with an introduction by
Enlightenment Previously neglected material. Linda Slothouber. First transcription of
Ruth Perry on Mary Astell. Hunt's essay "Hawkers, Lushington's chatty, casual, and detailed journals.
Bawlers, and Mercuries: Women and the London Slothouber's extensive research and insightful
Press in the Early Enlightenment." Jacob on introduction help bring us into Lushington's world.
"Women, Freemasonry, and the Paradox of the Louisa talks about reading Byron and Radcliffe and describes a
Enlightenment." Mack offers an in-depth discussion. Like new, as visit to Godmersham Park where she stays with Edward (Austen)
publ without dj. Typically $75 - $120. The Institute for Research in Knight and family. Sales benefit publisher Chawton House in
History and the Haworth Press, Inc. 1984. USED. $50.00 Alton, Hampshire. 2017. Paper. NEW. $15.00
16734 Justice, George The Manufacturers of 16412 Nicolson, Nigel Portrait of a Marriage: V.
Literature: Writing and the Literary Marketplace in Sackville-West & Harold Nicolson. Nicolson's
Eighteenth-Century England. An exploration of how acclaimed biography of his mother Vita, her love for
writers, readers, and publishers took advantage of Violet and later Virginia Woolf, and the devoted
the unique opportunities presented in 18th century marriage of his parents, is partly a skillful
Britain to create a new art form, a new form of social discourse, presentation of letters and diaries, and partly a loving
and created our modern ideas of art for a more general public. presentation of history. 1973, Paper. USED. $4.00
Explore the stage that was set for Austen's work. University of
14561 Nicolson, Nigel Virginia Woolf: A Penguin
Delaware Press/ Associated University Presses. 2002. Hb, Dj. List
Life. Woolf developed a new way of writing and
Price $99.00. Special price $68.00
changed literature. Nigel Nicolson, distinguished
16750 Justice, George and Nathan Tinker, Editors son of British writers Harold Nicolson and Vita
Women's Writing and the Circulation of Ideas: Sackville-West, opens the book with personal
Manuscript Publication in England, 1550-1800 memories of hunting butterflies around Knole with
Where were the women writers in Renaissance Woolf. His memories are woven into this affectionate story of her
and early modern England? They were writing, but life. Illustrated. First US edition. Hb, Dj. Penguin. 2000. NEW.
rather than publishing in print, their works were $15.00
circulated by hand. This discovery has led to a new
11114 Norton, Caroline The Letters of Caroline
understanding of literary history. The editors and several others
Norton to Lord Melbourne. Edited by James O. Hoge
contribute essays. Ends with Fanny Burney. Cambridge University
and Clarke Olney. Norton [1808-1877] was a British
Press. Orig. publ. 2002. Paper version 2010. NEW. $40.00
social beauty as well as a social reformer interested
16658 Kellaway, Deborah, Editor The in women's rights. Her grandfather was Richard
Illustrated Virago Book of Women Gardeners Brinsley Sheridan. In their divorce, her husband legally kept the
Originally read on BBC radio. This second earnings from her writings, and worse, their children. She fought
edition is a gorgeous oversized book and adds a tough battle. Read her own words to her friend. Clean, pretty
Illustrations by women photographers. From decorations, illustrated. The Ohio State University Press, 1974.
designers to weeders and diggers, women Hb, dj in mylar. USED. $18.00

WINTER 2018 Jane Austen Books CATALOG 150
16603 Nugent, Lady Lady Nugent's Journal of her 16649 Sibbald, Susan The Memoirs of Susan
residence in Jamaica from 1801 to 1805. Ed. by Sibbald (1783-1812) Ed. by Francis P. Hett. Mrs.
Philip Wright. First published in 1907. This 4th ed. Sibbald [1783-1866] was the wife of a colonel and
has an excellent introduction, footnotes, map, index daughter of a naval officer. At age 70 she wrote
of persons with biographical notes, general index, this memoir about the first 29 years of her life.
20 plates. The diarist was wife of the Governor of Hett adds notes throughout to help us identify
Jamaica during the Napoleonic Wars. Colonial culture, slavery, references that would have been meaningful to
servants, all described in highly accessible prose. Institute of people in her time period, but would otherwise be lost on us. This
Jamaica. Protected in mylar. Hb, Dj. 1966. USED. $20.00 memoir was quite popular when first published. Illustrations. The
Paget Press Facsimile Edition 1980. Hb, Dj. USED. $25.00
16628 Nussbaum, Felicity A. The Brink of All We
Hate: English Satires on Women, 1660-1750 16660 Spender, Dale, Editor Living by the Pen:
Illuminates the long tradition of antifeminist satire Early British Women Writers Groundbreaking
and its expression during the Restoration period collection of essays includes "A Vindication of the
and into the 18th century. You may never look at Writing Woman," several essays that focus on the
Restoration and 18th century poets, satirists, writings of Behn, Edgeworth, Sarah Fielding,
playwrights and novelists the same way again. VG condition. The Brunton and Baillie, Haywood, Inchbald,
University Press of Kentucky. 1984. Hb, Dj. USED. $15.00 Charlotte Smith, Lennox, Burney. Section on
issues such as maternal authority and violence against women in
16757 Rioux, Anne Boyd Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy: The
the novels. A section on the novel form. A great deal of Austen.
Story of Little Women and Why It Still Matters.
Thorough index, including a subject index, and sources given
Rioux, a professor at the University of New Orleans,
throughout. Excellent condition. Teachers College Press, NY.
covers why Alcott wrote the novel and its reception
1992. Paper. USED. $20.00
over the last 150 years, including admiration,
controversies and denigrations, as well as its influence on 16655 Stanford, J. K., Editor Ladies in the Sun: The
generations of women writers. W.W. Norton. 2018. Hb, Dj. List Memsahibs' Inda, 1790-1860 The expat lady faced
$27.95. NEW. $23.00 many challenges during the period of cholera,
dysentery, and fevers. Colonial service meant
16647 Rogers, Deborah D. Ann Radcliffe bio-
short life expectations and hard days. Explore
bibliography A biography covering what little is
every aspect of their activities, dress, gossip,
known about Radcliffe's life is followed by a
wishes and fears in this exploration of
thorough bibliography, including reviews and critical
contemporary journals, letters and diaries. Scarce first edition.
studies of Radcliffe. Extremely popular in her time,
Light wear to jacket now protected in mylar, otherwise excellent
Radcliffe is credited with furthering the novel as a
condition. The Galley Press, London. 1962. USED. $35.00
popular art form. Near fine Hb with no jacket. Collector's find.
Greenwood Press, CT. 1996. USED. $45.00 16642 Toller, Jane The Regency and Victorian
Crafts, or, The Genteel Female - Her Arts and
16713 Shelley, Mary Frankenstein: The 1818
Pursuits Shell work, paper work, feather work,
Text. Intro and Suggestions for Further Reading by
hair-work, felt-work pictures, fluted-embroidery
Charlotte Gordon. "How to Read" and Chronology
work, wax modelling, 'Drizzing' or parfilage. Intro,
by Charles E. Robinson. Printed to celebrate the
bibliography, index. B/w illustrations. Cover
200th anniversary of Mary Shelley's most famous
protected in mylar, condition very good. Ward
production, this edition reverts to the original
Lock, London. 1969. USED. $9.00
text, described as more edgy, witty, and
politically-charged. Gordon convincingly argues that Shelley's 16725 Wise, Thomas J. A Shelley Library
feminism is on display, in spite of the absence of strong women in Catalogue of printed books, manuscripts,
the story. Penguin. 2018. Paper. NEW. $9.00 autograph letters by Percy Bryce Shelley and his
two wives Harriet and Mary Wollstonecraft
16724 Shelley, Mary Maurice or the Fisher's Cot In
Shelley. Wise was the collector and put the book
1820 Mary Shelley wrote this story for the 11 year
together. Originally published in 1924. Haskell
old daughter of Lady Mountcashell. The story lay
House Publishers, Ltd., NY. 1971. Hb. USED. $45.00
unpublished for almost 200 years. Claire Tomalin
provides a full, fascinating introduction that is as 11775 Wollstonecraft, Mary and William
valuable as the manuscript itself. Penguin. Paper. Godwin A Short Residence in Sweden; and
1997. Like new. USED. $7.00 Memoirs of the Author of 'The Rights of
Woman' Edited by Richard Holmes. To say that
16715 Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft Frankenstein or
Godwin's account of Wollstonecraft's life
the Modern Prometheus. Celebrate 200 years of
written a few weeks after her death was
Mary Shelley's masterpiece! VG with Sandglass
controversial is to vastly underestimate its
Number v:18 included. Purple slipcase has some
effect. Accompanying his passionate ground-
bumping. Intro. by Edmund Lester Pearson,
breaking tribute to his wife is her Romantic masterpiece of longing
Illustrations by Everett Henry. Beautiful edition of this classic.
about her search for happiness in Scandinavia. Together these
Heritage Press, NY, 1934. Hb, Slipcase. USED. $20.00
books reveal the meeting of these great 18th c. creative minds.
Penguin, 1987. Paper. NEW. $5.00

WINTER 2018 Jane Austen Books CATALOG 150
Games and Quizzes 16616 Urbain, Jeanatte Rainy Day Diversions.
Compilation & design by Meredith Barnes. 12 games
12501 Barton, Helen The Jane Austen Quiz Book. to test your Austen knowledge. Crosswords, charades,
One of the most popular quiz books about Austen. word search and more. Like new. JASNA Puget Sound
Souvenir from Jane Austen's House Museum in Chapter. 2001. USED. $7.00
Chawton. Originally published in 1997, this is a
M19148 Prospero Art Jane
2008 reprint. Paper. NEW. $15.00
Austen Playing Cards: Copper
10245 Briggs, L. B. R. Original Charades. Some of Back. Play whist Austen style!
these charades will put Mr Elton's to shame. Luckily These playing cards are
the answers are in the back or we'd never figure decorated with Hugh Thomson
them out! Green cloth on boards with silver and gold and Chirs Hammond
gilt design and title, gilt pages, a pretty little book, illustrations and quotes from Austen's novels. Spades are
condition very good for a book that is over 100 years Persuasion, Diamonds are Sense & Sensibility, Clubs are Emma,
old. 72 pages. Scribner's. NY: 1891. Hb. USED. $50.00 and Hearts are Pride & Prejudice. Frank Churchill is the Jack of
M19635 JASI Games Jane Clubs, Emma Woodhouse is the Queen. Mr. Collins is one of the
Austen's Sweethearts 2 Card Jokers. And we don't want to give the rest of it away! Prospero
Games. "A game of chance Art, 2013. NEW. $9.00 ALSO M19163 Gold Back. NEW. $9.00
about love and marriage." For
3 or more players. Box contains Audiobooks
2 decks of 108 cards each and
instructions. The introductory game can be played by anyone as AB028 Jane Austen: The BBC Radio Drama
all the clues are there. The advanced game is for those who know Collection All 6 novels in the canon,
Austen's novels really well. 2014. JASI Games, Australia. $25.00 unabridged, on 15 CD's with a total running
12202 Lane, Maggie The Jane Austen time of 15 hours and 30 minutes, dramatized
Quiz and Puzzle Book. Entertain your JA by an all-star cast including David Tennant,
fan friends with this much-loved quiz Benedict Cumberbatch, Julia McKenzie, Juliet
book that delights us all! Abson Books, Stephenson, Eve Best, and Jenny Agutter. BBC
London, 2000. NEW. $12.00 Radio. 2016. NEW. $36.00

Meisel, Carol Puzzle Books for Readers: Carol Meisel's puzzle AB029 Jones, Charlotte, and Jane Austen Pride
books are now available in a new, smaller edition in paperback. and Prejudice BBC Dramatisation BBC Radio
This delightful set of ingenious puzzles will keep the Austen fan in performance dramatized from the novel by
your life busy for hours! Crosswords, word scrambles, more, all Jones, directed by Sally Avens. Total running time
created by a dedicated JASNA member. 2018 ed. NEW. $10.00 ea. 3 hours. Cast includes Amanda Root, David
Troughton, and Samantha Spiro, among others. BBC Radio. 2016.
NEW. $22.00
AB030 Mansfield Park BBC Radio 4 Full-Cast
Dramatisation. Felicity Jones, Benedict
Cumberbatch, and David Tenant in starring roles.
16267-1 Emma 16270-1 Mansfield Park 2 CD's. Running time 2 hours 30 minutes. 2014.
16268-1 Northanger Abbey 16271-1 Sense and Sensibility NEW. $18.00
16269-1 Pride and Prejudice 16272-1 Persuasion
M19292 Oliver, Alison Mr. Darcy BabyLit Puzzle. The
perfect companion for your BabyLit Jane Austen
For our Music and Film collections
collection. Mr Darcy stands with cane and top hat.
This 30 piece puzzle finishes at 10 1/4 by 14 1/4
inches. Gibbs Smith. 2015. NEW. $10.00
M20001 Robert Frederick, Ltd. Pride & Prejudice
500 Piece Puzzle. 500 piece jigsaw puzzle of a
drawing of Elizabeth Bennet sitting by a window
reading a letter right before Mr. Darcy comes to
make his infamous first proposal. Robert Frederick,
Ltd., Bath. 2011. NEW. $14.00
12244 Sutherland, John and Deirdre LeFaye So You
Think You Know Jane Austen? A Literary Quizbook.
Ace literary detective Sutherland joins forces with Le visit
Faye in this challenge for the Austen fan. The quiz www.janeaustenbooks.net/
starts easy and grows progressively more difficult. collections/cds-and-dvds
Excessively diverting. OUP 2009 reissue. NEW. $9.50

11269-2 Farewell to Fairacre 1st US 11281 Tyler's Row Trade paperback,
edition, beige cloth and bright blue Houghton Mifflin. NEW. $10.00
Dora Jessie paper with (damaged) John S. Goodall
13339 Village Affairs Houghton Mifflin
Saint MBE illustrated dust jacket. Houghton Mifflin,
paper reprint. NEW. $9.00
1993. USED. $12.00
[1913-2012] 13339-2 Village Affairs Collectible
11269-3 Farewell to Fairacre Michael
was a school- condition. 1st US Ed. Houghton Mifflin,
Joseph, London. VG condition. 1993.
teacher and Boston. Hb, Dj. 1978. USED. $15.00
USED. $15.00
beloved nov- 11271-2 Farther Afield. Houghton
13339-3 Village Affairs DJ with light
elist who wear. 1st US Ed. Houghton Mifflin,
Mifflin. 2007. Paper. NEW. $4.00
Boston. Hb, Dj. 1978. USED. $12.00
wrote under 12616 A Fortunate Grandchild.
11282-1 Village Centenary 1st US Ed.
the pen name Miss Read. She is Houghton Mifflin Co, Boston. 1st US ed.
Houghton Mifflin, Boston. 1981. VG
best known for her Fairacre and Hb, Dj. 1983. USED. $15.00
condition. USED. $15.00
Thrush Green novels set in the 12616-1 A Fortunate Grandchild.
11282 Village Centenary Houghton
Houghton Mifflin Co, Boston. 1st US ed.
British countryside. She wrote Mifflin. Paper. Good. USED. $5.00
Hb, Dj. 1983. USED. $10.00
gentle social comedies about a few 11282-3 Village Centenary Penguin,
11270-1 Friends at Thrush Green First
families in a small village, and American Edition. Houghton Mifflin.
Paper. USED. $5.00
named Jane Austen as an 1991. Hb, dj. USED. $15.00 16220 Village Diary. Originally published
influence. in 1957. Chicago Academy Publishers.
13333 Miss Clare Remembers The
Paper. 1986. USED. $4.00
11266 Affairs at Thrush Green. Riverside Press, Cambridge. 1963. Hb, Dj,
Houghton Mifflin. 1984. Hb, dj. USED. mylar. USED. $12.00 11283-1 Village School Houghton
$15.00 Mifflin. 2001. Trade paperback. Like
11273 News from Thrush Green No
new. USED. $10.00
13933 Battles at Thrush Green jacket, otherwise VG. Houghton Mifflin.
Houghton Mifflin 2008 reprint of the 1971. 240 pgs. Hb. USED. $7.00 13697 Winter in Thrush Green Orion
1975 original. Paper. NEW. $12.00 Fiction, London. Paper. NEW. $7.50
11276-1 Over the Gate Houghton
13696 Celebrations at Thrush Green Mifflin. 1965. Hb, dj. Illustrated. USED. 13697-1 Winter in Thrush Green
Houghton Mifflin, Paper. NEW. $9.00 $15.00 Academy Chicago Publishers. Paper.
USED. $7.00
13696-2 Celebrations at Thrush Green 11276-2 Over the Gate Large Print
Collectible Condition. Hb, Dj. 1st US Ed. edition. GK Hall, Thorndike, ME Hb, Dj. 16653 The World of Thrush Green Highly
Houghton Mifflin, 1992. USED. $15.00 USED. $5.00 desirable collectible in mint condition.
Michael Joseph Ltd, London, 1988. Hb,
11267 Christmas at Fairacre. In one 11276-3 Over the Gate NO JACKET.
Dj. USED. $40.00
volume: Village Christmas, The Houghton Mifflin. 1965. Hb. Illustrated.
Christmas Mouse and No Holly for Miss USED. $7.00 11284 The Year at Thrush Green Near
Quinn. Newly reprinted. Houghton fine. Houghton Mifflin, Boston. 1996.
12075-1 A Peaceful Retirement.
Mifflin, Boston: 2007. 308 pgs. Hb, dj. Hb, Dj. USED. $17.00
Houghton Mifflin Co, Boston. 1996. Hb,
NEW. $12.00 Dj. USED. $15.00
11268-2 Chronicles of Fairacre: A Miss 11277-2 Return to Thrush Green
Read Omnibus. Including Village School,
Angela Thirkell
Houghton Mifflin, Boston. First American
Village Diary, Storm in the Village. 1st Edition, 1979. Hb, Dj. USED. $15.00 [1890-1961] was
US edition, 1977. Jacket with mild an English and
distress. USED. $10.00 11278 The School at Thrush Green
Houghton Mifflin, Boston. 1988. Hb, Dj. Australian novel-
11268-1 Chronicles of Fairacre: Three USED. $15.00 ist who set most
Great Novels In one volume: Village
School, Village Diary, and Storm in the 11279 Summer at Fairacre Penguin, of her work in
Village. Import. Orion, London 2005. Paper. 1986. USED. $5.00 Trollope’s fic-
Paper. 595 pgs. NEW. $15.00 16641 Tales from a Village School. tional Barsetshire, but in the 20th
11272 Fairacre Affairs. A compilation - Michael Joseph, London. Hb, Dj, in century. She mostly wrote about
Village Centenary and Summer at Mylar. 1994. USED. $15.00
the time period between the
Fairacre in one volume. Michael Joseph, 11280-2 Thrush Green Academy Chicago
London: 1980. 474 pgs. Hb, dj. USED. world wars and after WW2. Her
Publishers. Paper. USED. $5.00
$16.00 satirical social comedies make
11280-1 Thrush Green Penguin. Paper.
11269-1 Farewell to Fairacre Penguin, USED. $5.00
everyday life fascinating.
London: 1994. $7.00

11536-1 August Folly Originally in Mylar, otherwise VG. Toronto: The 11546-1 Peace Breaks Out No jacket.
published in 1936. Harper & Row pocket Musson Book Company. Hb, Dj. 1944. Has had paste-ins inside the covers that
sized paperback. USED. $2.00 USED. $27.00 have been removed. Alfred A. Knopf.
1997. USED. $6.00
11536-2 August Folly The village of 11543-2 Growing Up 1st American Ed.
Worsted is staging Hippolytus and No dj. Spine sun bleached. New York: 11457 Pomfret Towers Harper & Row
absurd romances bloom. No dj. Alfred A. Alfred A. Knopf. 1944. USED. $22.00 pocket-sized paperback. 1979. Originally
Knopf, New York. 1937. USED. $7.00 published in 1938. USED. $2.00
11543-3 Growing Up A story of ladies
11536-3 August Folly A Barsetshire and gentlemen keeping the war at bay in 15450 Private Enterprise. Originally
novel. Carroll Graf, NY. 1995. Paper. the English countryside. Moyer Bell published in 1947. Beautiful cover.
NEW. $8.00 paperback. 1997. USED. $6.00 Barsetshire map. 463 pgs. Moyer Bell.
Paper. 2003. NEW. $10.00
11537 Before Lunch The Middleton 15452 Happy Return. Mid-century visit
family get mixed up in several love to Barsetshire introduces new 13008 Three Houses Autobiographical
affairs. Harper & Row 1979 pocket-sized characters as three generations deal work. Thirkell describes her late
paperback of this 1940 gem. USED. $2.00 with the aftermath of war and new Victorian childhood in terms of three
beginnings. Moyer Bell. 1952. Paper. houses - the home of her grandfather,
12189-2 The Brandons Dj has some
NEW. $10.00 Pre-Raphaelite painter Edward Burne-
distress, in mylar. Alfred A. Knopf, New
Jones, her parents' home in Kensington
York, 1939. USED. $6.00 15452-1 Happy Return. Alfred A Knopf.
Square, and the Burne-Jones seaside
1952. Hb, Dj. USED. $6.00
11539-3 Coronation Summer Oxford retreat located across the green from
University Press. Hb, No jacket. 1953, 15452-2 Happy Return. Moyer Bell. her cousin Rudyard Kipling. Oxford
USED. $15.00 1952. Paper. USED. $5.00 University Press, London: Humphrey
Milford. 1931 1st ed. No jacket. Spine
11539-1 Coronation Summer: A Novel of 12191 High Rising Harper pocket sized
worn. Missing front end page. All pages
1838 London and Eaton as they were paperback published in 1980. Original
and illustrations clear. USED. $26.00
when Queen E's great-great- novel published in 1933. USED. $2.00
grandmother was crowned. Illustrated. 15454 Three Score and Ten. The last
15461 Jutland Cottage. Mourning the
Hb. Dj. Hamish Hamilton. London. 1953. novel of the29-book Barsetshire series
death of King George VI, and dealing
USED. $35.00. concludes the long tale that crosses
with the new Rector in town. Moyer Bell.
generations, set in a landscape
11539-2 Coronation Summer: A Novel of 1998. Paper. NEW. $10.00
borrowed from Trollope. Finished by her
1838 Dust jacket has chipped and worn
12192 Les Vacances de Mary Preston close friend C. A. Lejeune after her
edges but is now properly preserved in
French transl. of "Wild Strawberries." death. Moyer Bell. Paper. Still wrapped
mylar. Otherwise, vg condition. Alfred A.
Paperback with jacket in plastic cover. in publisher's plastic. 1995. NEW. $10.00
Knopf. 1953. Hb, Dj. USED. $35.00
Some foxing. Spine is slightly cocked.
15454-1 Three Score and Ten. Moyer
12210 The Demon in the House The Nicholson & Watson Ltd., London,
Bell. Paper. Still wrapped in publisher's
adventures of charming troublemaker Brussels. 1947. USED. $45.00
plastic. 1995. USED. $6.00
12-year-old Tony Morland. 1/4 leather,
15752 Love Among the Ruins. Another
navy with dark blue cloth. Hamish 12283 Tribute for Harriette: The
in the wonderful books about English
Hamilton, London. 1934. USED. $15.00 Surprising Career of Harriette Wilson.
country life in the early and mid-20th c.
Common Reader Edition. This is the only
14253-1 A Double Affair Moyer Bell. A 1948 Knopf first edition. Spine is sun
biography Thirkell wrote. The career of
Paper, 2000 reprint of 1957 book. USED. faded. Maps inside the covers of
the Regency courtesan who counted the
$5.00 Barsetshire. No Dj. USED. $10.00
Duke of Argyll, the Duke of Wellington,
15460 The Duke’s Daughter. The 13369 Love at All Ages The last novel in and the Marquis of Worcester among
intrusion of the post-war government Thirkell's 20th century version of her paramours. Told as only Angela
annoys the gentry. Another in the series Barsetshire. Moyer Bell. Paper. 2001 Thirkell can tell a story. Akadine Press,
of Barsetshire novels. Moyer Bell. 1998. issue; first publ. 1959. USED. $5.00 NY, 1999, Paper. USED. $6.00
Paper. NEW. $10.00
15462 Miss Bunting. Miss Bunting, 12194 Trooper to the Southern Cross
12190-1 Enter Sir Robert Originally governess to most of the county's upper Originally published in 1934 under
published in 1955. Thirkell's fiction spans class, helps the older generation adapt pseudonym "Leslie Parker." Told
over 40 years of British village life. Moyer to change. Barsetshire novels. Moyer through the voice of an WWI Australian
Bell. 1999. Paper. NEW. $10.00 Bell. 2001. Paper. NEW. $10.00 army officer. Definitely not Barsetshire!
A rough-and-tumble sea story. First
12190-2 Enter Sir Robert 1973. Pyramid 11546 Peace Breaks Out Peace brings
American Edition. The Akadine Press, NY.
Books, New York. Paper. USED. $2.00 change, as well as celebration. And
2000. Paper. USED. $15.00
eligible young men returning home from
11543-1 Growing Up First Canadian
the battlefront. No jacket. Has had 13009 Wild Strawberries A Barsetshire
Edition of this Barsetshire Chronicle
paste-ins inside the covers that have family entertains a summer party full
installation. Thirkell's Barsetshire is
been removed. Alfred A. Knopf. 1944. of intrigues. Harper & Row PB.
based on Trollope's updated to the early
USED. $9.00 1980. USED. $1.00
20th century. Tears in DJ, now protected

Winter 2017 Jane Austen Books Catalog 149

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