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Jane Austen Books
90186 A Collection of Letters. Edited and preface 90165-2 Emma. Dover Thrift Ed., paper, 1999. 328 pgs.
by Juliet McMaster, Ill. by Laura Neilson. VG. USED. $3.00
Introduction by Heather Harper. Annotated. Young
90215 Emma. "Handy Library Edition." Two
Jane's wit becomes more sophisticated in this piece
frontispieces, as two books in one volume. Green cloth
from Volume the Second. Juvenilia Press, Edmonton.
with gilt title on spine. Top page edges gilt. Tight book,
44 pgs. G. USED. $7.50 NEW $12.50
very clean, almost unread. Slight sun tint to spine. Not
90110-2 A Memoir of Jane Austen Together With foxed, both tissues intact. Little, Brown and Co, Boston
'Lady Susan: A Novel' &c. "A memoir of Jane Austen 1892. 315 pgs. Hb. USED. $150.00
by her nephew J. E. Austen Leigh Second Edition to
90218 Emma. Illustrated pocket classics. Intro Austen
which is added Lady Susan and fragments of two
Dobson, Illustrations Hugh Thomson. Pages clean,
other unfinished tales by Miss Austen." J.E.A.L.'s
illustrations very good. Back board bent, back hinge
preface November 17, 1870. This book also includes
loosening at outside corner but attached. Gilt decorative
the alternate ending of Persuasion. Undated
spine faded. Front board with good gilt floral design, title
newspaper clipping glued in back cover is an original
and Hugh Thomson credit. Top of pages gilt. Frontispiece
1871 book review. Dark blue/green cloth with
tissue foxed. Printed by R. & R. Clark, Limited, Edinburgh.
embossed designs on front and back cover and gilt
2 pp ads in back of book. 437 pps. MacMillan & Co. Ltd.
title and design on spine. Previous owner signature
London. 1902. USED. $45.00
in front. Spine loose but pages (except for first and
last) intact. Some foxing. Spine bumped at top and 90128 Emma. Intro by Austin Dobson, B/W illustrations
bottom. Richard Bentley and Son, London, 1871. by Hugh Thomson. Red pillowed cloth covers, rounded
USED. $300.00 edges. All page edges gilt. Book has light water stains on
bottom page edges throughout. Spine faded. MacMillan.
AB 10001 The Beautifull Cassandra and Other
London: 1927. $50.00
Early Writings. Read by Teresa Gallagher. A most
delightlful presentation of Jane Austen's juvenilia! 90165-3 Emma. Intro by Steven Marcus. Notes by
We can shut our eyes and imagine we are listening Victoria Blake. B&N. Paper. 2004. NEW. $6.00
to young Jane herself reading to the family at
90075 Emma. Introduction by Austin Dobson.
Steventon. Interludes of music Jane Austen played
Illustrated by Hugh Thomson. Red cloth cover with gilt
are spaced between the pieces, performed on the
title on front and spine, embossed floral design on front
piano at Chawton Cottage. Includes Jack and Alice,
and back covers. Spine faded, corners bumped.
Mr Harley, Henry and Eliza, Amelia Webster, and A
MacMillan and Co. Ltd.'s 1898 reprint of their 1896 1st ed
History of England, as well as the title piece. With
with Thomson illustrations. USED. $300.00
introduction by Jean Bowden (retired curator of Jane
Austen House). Crimson Cats, 2006. 79 minutes on 90121 Favorite Jane Austen Novels: Pride and
one CD. $18.00 Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Persuasion. 3
separate paperback novels slipcased, wrapped in plastic.
90185 The Beautifull Cassandra. 1st ed thus,
Dover. NEW. $8.00
signed by Juliet McMaster with dedication to
previous owner. Sono Nis Press, Victoria. Paper. 90004 Five Letters from Jane Austen to her niece
USED. $35.00 Fanny Knight Printed in Facsimile. Richard West, Oxford
At The Clarendon Press. 1978 reprint of 1924 original.
90016 Catharine. Small paper book. 62 pgs. Orion
Green cover with silver title on spine. This book measures
Books, Ltd. London. 1996. USED. $4.00
10 x 12 inches in facsimile, the same as the original. No DJ
90003 The Complete Novels of Jane Austen. Red 34 pgs, hb. USED. $75.00
and gilt cloth cover. Beautifully illustrated DJ in good
90023 Four Pieces from Jane Austen's Juvenilia. Titles:
condition in mylar cover. The Modern Library. NY.
The Adventures of Mr. Harley, Sir William Mountague,
1941. 1,364 pgs. Hb, dj. $60.00
Memoirs of Mr. Clifford, and Amelia Webster. Postscript
90157 Complete Novels. Illustrations by Hugh by David Gilson, 1987. Illustrated sketch of St. Nicholas
Thomson. Collector's Library Editions. 12" by 9 1/4 Church, Marino Romero, 1983. JASNA, NY, 1987. Paper.
by 2" oversized attractive book. Red paper on USED. $40.00
boards with color Thomson Persuasion illustration
90223 Frederic & Elfrida. Ed by Peter Sabor, Sylvia
front and spine, matching dj. Full of b/w illustrations.
Hunt, and Victoria Kortes-Papp. Illustrations by Juliet
Silk pg marker. Unattributed biographical notes
McMaster. Not an ordinary 12-year-old's sense of humor!
includes a paragraph on each sibling. Extra S&H due
Juvenilia Press, 2002, Edmonton. NEW. $10.00
to weight. NEW. $39.00
90021 Frederic & Elfrida. With an Illustration by
90140 Emma. Cambridge University Press. Richard
Edward Bawden. Numbered from first edition of 350.
Cronin and Dorothy McMillan, editors. Janet Todd,
Condition as new. 1987, Kit-Cat Press, Gloucestershire.
General Editor. 2005. NEW. $110.00
Paper. USED. $65.00

Jane Austen Books
90022 Henry & Eliza. With an Illustration by Edward Bawden. 90225 Jane Austen's Catharine or the Bower. An unfinished
Numbered from 350 copies. Condition as new. 1984, Kit-Cat novel by the young Jane Austen. Ed. by Juliet McMaster and
Press, Gloucestershire. Paper. USED. $55.00 others. Illustrations by Reko Serfozo. Annotations, notes, intro.
Juvenilia Press, Sydney, 1996. NEW $10.00
90182-2 Henry and Eliza. Ed. By Karen L. Harnick, with
Catherine Gowl, Maggie Harnick, Ann Kelly, Cassie Marlantes, 90041 Jane Austen's Lady Susan: A Facsimile of the
and Rachel M. Brownstein. Explanatory notes, intro, preface. Manuscript in the Pierpont Morgan Library and the 1925
Juvenilia Press, 1996, Edmonton. NEW. $10.00 Printed Edition. Preface by A. Walton Litz. The 1925 portion
includes an anonymous preface by R. W. Chapman. Part 1: The
90225 The History of England & Cassandra's Portraits. Edited
facsimile of the original manuscript of Lady Susan in Austen's
by Annette Upfal and Christine Alexander. Illustrations by
handwriting as presented to her niece Lady Knatchbull. Part 2:
Cassandra Austen and others. Goes beyond the typical
Text of Lady Susan by Jane Austen, written about 1805, first
appreciation of the book as a critique of historians the girls
published in 1871, now reprinted from the manuscript at Oxford,
studied in the schoolroom. Examines the family likenesses in
Clarendon Press, 1925. NEW. $90
Cassandra's sketches, and the back stories involving family and
friends that add nuance to the sisters' collaboration. 74 pgs. 90224 Jane Austen's Men. "The Adventures of Mr. Harley" "Sir
Juvenilia Press, Sydney, 2009. NEW. $15.00 William Mountague" "Memoirs of Mr. Clifford" and "The
Generous Curate." Young Jane Austen treats men with a wicked
90163 The History of England and A Child's History of
pen in these short works. Ed. by Sylvia Hunt and others.
England. Jane Austen and Charles Dickens. One history written
Illustrations by Juliet McMaster. Includes Explanatory Notes,
by an unknown teenage girl, one by a Victorian author at the
intro. Juvenilia Press, Sydney, 2007. NEW. $10.00
height of his fame, yet they come together in this single volume
in a pleasing combination of satire and irony. With excellent 11442 Jane Austen's 'Sir Charles Grandison'. Transcribed and
intro by well-known historian David Starkey. Publ at $16.95. Edited by Brian Southam, Foreword by Lord David Cecil.
NEW. $12.00 Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1980. 150 pgs. Hb, dj. USED. $75.00
90203 History of England by a partial, prejudiced & ignorant 90216 Jane Austen's Works. Reprint of the Roberts Brothers
Historian. Carr's Pocket Books. The little red booklet. 16 pgs. 1892 ed. (E76) Half leather with green marbled boards. 5-Ribbed
NEW. $3.00 spines with gilt titles and flowers. Tops of pages gilt.
Frontispieces illustrations by Edmund H Garrett, with tissue
90184 The History of England. Juvenilia Press, Aus, 2003.
guards. Binding tight, barely read, but some chipping of leather
USED. $15.00
and some hinges loose or fragile. Vol. I SS1 250, Vol. II SS2 298
90019-2 Jack & Alice. Illustrated by Juliet McMaster. Ed. [1900]; Vol. III PP1 275, Vol. IV PP2 287 [1899]; Vol. V MP1 308,
Joseph Wiesenfarth. Comes with Intro and explanatory notes. Vol. VI MP2 310 [1901]; Vol. VII E1 319, Vol. VIII E2 315 [1901];
Juvenilia Press, 2001, Edmonton. NEW. $10.00 Vol. IX NA 308 [1901]; Vol. X P 328 [1901]; Vol. XI LS, W, Memoir,
et al 352 [1899]; Vol. XII Letters 333 [1899]. Brabourne mispelled
90108 Jack & Alice: A Novel. Signed by Juliet McMaster,
Bradbourne. Very attractive set. Little, Brown & Co. Boston.
editor. University of Edmonton. Staple-bound, red cardboard
USED. $600.
cover. 1st ed. 1992. USED. $15.00
90193 Lady Susan. Dover Thrift Edition. With introduction
90008 Jane Austen: Selected Letters 1796-1817. Taken from
based on excerpts from J.E. Austen-Leigh's 1871 publication of
the Chapman edition, 1932, as well as Brabourne edition of
the Memoir 2nd edition w/Lady Susan &c. Paper. NEW. $4.95
1884. OUP, 1984. 226 pgs. Paper. Intro by Marilyn Butler. NEW.
$5.00 90093 Lady Susan. R. W. Chapman notes. Foreword Lord
David Cecil. Publisher's preface by Southam. One of the four
90009 Jane Austen: Selected Letters. Selected and edited by
volumes of JALibrary series. F5. Facsimile of Clarendon Press
Vivien Jones. OUP, 2004. Paper, 294 pgs. Good but slight shelf
1925. The Athlone Press, 1984R. NEW. $25.00
wear. NEW. $12.00
90020-2 Lesley Castle. The Juvenillia Press. Edmonton, Alberta.
90196 Jane Austen: Seven Novels. Gold, blue and white gilt
Ed. by Jan Fergus. Illus. by Juliet McMaster. Signed by Jan Fergus
floral pattern on green boards, gilt pages edges all around, silk
to Ruth & signed by Juliet McMaster. 1998 USED. $15.00 Also
ribbon page marker, ribbed spine. Beautiful volume on the shelf.
available unsigned copies NEW $10.00
Excellent way to carry all the novels with you to meetings. B&N,
2007. Publ at $23.97. NEW. $17.00 90011-2 Love and Freindship and Other Early Works. Intro by
Geraldine Killelea. 1991. Paper. USED. $8.00
90173 Jane Austen: The Complete Novels. This gorgeous
oversized book comes in a matching red slipcase, weighs 6.3 90014 Love and Friendship: a New Illustrated Edition. Ed. by
pounds, and is packed full of color Hugh Thomson illustrations. Juliet McMaster & others, Illustrated by Juliet McMaster and
Collector's Library, CRW Publishing, Limited, De Luxe Edition. Sherry Klein. 1995, Paper. USED. $9.00
London, 2007. 720 pgs. NEW. $75.00

Jane Austen Books
90221 Love and Friendship: a New Illustrated Edition. Intro by 90169 Persuasion. Book of the Month Club, Inc. NY: 1996. Hb,
Pippa Brush. Illus by Juliet McMaster and Sherry Klein. Juvenilia beautiful dust jacket. Hugh Thomson illustrations. NEW. $20.00
Press, Sydney, 2008. NEW. $10.00
90158-1 Persuasion. Green silk with gold embossed shield,
90086 Mansfield Park. Illustrations by Charles E. Brock. Very title, J. Austen signature. J. M. Dent & Co. 1893. Edited by R.
slight waviness to first few pages. Dent, London/Toronto/NY, Brimley Johnson, Illustrations by William C. Cooke, Ornaments by
1922. USED. $45.00 F. C. Tilney. Private bookplate inside front. Tissue paper
protectors intact. Vol X of 10 volume set. Beautiful little book.
90164 Mansfield Park. Beautiful dust jacket. Hugh Thomson
USED. $240.00
b/w illustrations throughouth. Book-of-the-Month Club, 1996.
Hb, dj. USED. $20.00 90172 Pride and Prejudice (Large Print Edition). Dover. Paper.
NEW. $8.50
90110-4 Mansfield Park. Dark green cloth with embossed
designs on front and back cover and gilt title and design on 90187 Pride and Prejudice and Northanger Abbey. Soft red
spine. Previous owner signature in front, Blanche Nicolette 1880. leather cover with gilt title, author, and publ. on spine with floral
Pages intact, spine bumped at top and bottom. Some foxing. design. Titled "PRIDE & PREJUDICE ETC." on spine. Page edges
Richard Bentley & Son, London, 1877 "New Edition" 413 pgs. very clean. Top page edges gilt. Gold silk page marker. Red
USED. $260.00 marbled endpapers. One frontispiece illustration sepia by G.C.
Hindley. Printed on India paper. Thomas Nelson and Sons. Nd,
90159 Mansfield Park. Intro by H. M. Daleksi. Toby Press
1903-07. USED. $175.00
hardbound, published without dj. NEW. $8.00
90122 Pride and Prejudice. Children's adaptation. Adapted by
90129 Mansfield Park. Porter & Coates, nd. 431 pgs. Alta
Fern Siegel. Illustrated by Joseph Miralles. Editors of Great
Edition. Illustration. Ex-library. Blue cloth, black and gilt
Illustrated Classics: Joshua E. Hanft & Rochelle Larkin. B&W
decorations. USED. $50.00
illustrations. Baronet Books, NY 1997. USED. $10.00
90225 Mansfield Park. R Brimley Johnson intro. Not
90117 Pride and Prejudice. Ed and Intro by Frank W.
illustrated. Soft red leather cover with gilt Dent/Dutton style
Bradbrook. Textual Notes and Bibliography by James Kinsley. Ex-
floral design on spine and imprint on front cover, clean pages.
Library. HB,dj. Red cloth, gilt title. OUP. 1970. USED. $25.00
396 pgs. Dent. 1910. USED. $95.00
90125 Pride and Prejudice. Ed w/intro by Tony Tanner.
90194 Northanger Abbey and Persuasion. Intro by R Brimley
Illustrated by Hugh Thomson. Hb,dj. Dark blue leather, gilt title.
Johnson. Red cloth, art nouveau inside covers Dent/Dutton
Greenwich House, NY. 1982. USED. $10.00
pattern. J.M. Dent & Sons and E.P. Dutton & Co. 1913 (3rd thus).
HB. USED. $45.00 90034 Pride and Prejudice. Ed. by Richard Bain. Cambridge
University Press. 1996. 382 pgs, 34 pgs resource notes plus
90177 Northanger Abbey. Intro by E. V. Lucas, Frontispiece by
glossary, intro, activities. Colin Firth & Jennifer Ehle on cover.
F. D. Bedford. A romantic little copy of Northanger Abbey. From
Paper. 1996. NEW. $16.00
the "Little Library." Red cloth with gold embossed hearts in each
corner on covers. Title and author on spine. Red silk page 90030-2 Pride and Prejudice. From "The English Comedie
marker. Top page edges gilt. All other page edges rough cut. Humaine" collection. Black and white illustrations throughout by
Methuen & Co. London: 1901. Hb. USED. $75.00 C. E. Brock. Cloth with leather title label on spine. The Century
Co. NY: 1907. Hb. $36.00
90036-1 Northanger Abbey. Introduction by Richard Church.
Wood Engravings by Joan Hassall. Red bamboo and leaves 90144 Pride and Prejudice. Intro and notes by Dr Ian
design. Red cloth spine with gold gilt tile. Previous owner's Littlewood. Paperback book, lightly annotated. Comes with CD
name. Hb. The Folio Society, London. 1975. USED. $27.00 that features chapter summaries, maps, key themes, a timeline
with beautiful illustrations, more. Great for students.
90114 Northanger Abbey. This lovely book is covered in green
Wordsworth Interactive Editions. Hertfordshire. 1999 & 2001.
cloth with gold gilt design and title. Unusual and interesting
NEW. $4.00
illustrations by Philip Gough. Intro by Malcolm Elwin.
MacDonald, London, 1961. USED: $30.00 90206 Pride and Prejudice. No date, but 1940's. Front
illustration is a still from the 1940 film adaptation starring
90162 The Oxford Illustrated Jane Austen. This 6 vol set of the
Laurence Olivier and Greer Garson titled "Darcy proposes to
novels and minor works is the definitive text. This new printing
Elizabeth" subtitled "A Metro Goldwyn-Mayer Production." Red
of the third edition has the early 19th c illustrations and
leather and gilt, pocket sized. 439 pgs. Collins Clear-Type Press.
Chapmans's detailed notes. Dark blue cloth, attractive gray and
London and Glasgow. $40.00
colored dust jackets. Still sealed together in plastic as a set. Orig
publ at $175.00, price reduced! NEW. $90.00 10133 Pride and Prejudice. Rare art-deco illustrations by Vera
Willoughby. Red cloth, black title plate, gilt title. Some fading to
90038 Persuasion. Beautiful color Brock illustrations. Blue
spine and wear to title plate. Published by Peter Davies, London
cloth, spine faded, bumped. Pages browned but color plates
1929. USED. $120.00
clear & in excellent condition. 1922. J. M. Dent & Sons Ltd. USED.

Jane Austen Books
90191 Pride and Prejudice. Red leather and gilt, ribbed spine, Persuasion - Intro by Susan Ostrov Weisser, 249 pgs. From B&N
silk marker, all page edges gilt. Beautiful illustrations by Helen Classics. Hb, Dj. NEW. Each $7.50, Set of 6 novels $40.00.
Sewell, Introduction by Frank Swinnerton. Collector's edition.
90180 Sense and Sensibility. Afterword by Caroline G. Mercer.
Previous owner's Easton Press bookplate in front, otherwise like
Mini bio of Austen in front. The New American Library, Inc. 1961.
new. USED. $35.00
USED. $10.00
10128 Pride and Prejudice. Sought-after 1894 London edition
90137 Sense and Sensibility. From the Foulsham Boy and Girl
of PP reproduced in facsimile with Hugh Thomson's title page
Fiction Library Collection. Dust jacket by F. B. Thorpe. Previous
and inscription. Legendary 15p. introduction by George
owner signature in the front from 1961, Mashoko Mission
Saintsbury, with first mention of "Janites". 150 b/w illustrations
Southern Rhodesia Africa. Charming color plates throughout.
Hugh Thomson. Red cloth in DJ, E78,. Larger than the original,
Foxed. Red cover with black embossed title on cover and spine.
with readable typeface; cover is red cloth with gilt decorated
USED. $18.00
spine exactly as original. (Original was green cloth/gilt). Beautiful
dj. Dover, NY, 2005. NEW. $16.95 90217 Sense and Sensibility. Illustrated pocket classics. Intro
Austen Dobson, Illustrations Hugh Thomson. Pages clean. Back
10129 Pride and Prejudice. Unusual color and b&w
board bent, front hinge inside cover torn but hinges are
illustrations by Edgard Cirlin. Intro by May Lamberton Becker.
attached. Boards are covered in red cloth, shows stains. Spine
Rainbow Series. Ex-Library. Good condition. 1946, The World
gold gilt with decorative floral pattern. Top of pages gilt. 2 pp ads
Publishing Company- Cleveland and NY. 435 pgs. USED. $45.00
in back of book. Printed by R. & R. Clark, Limited, Edinburgh.
90176 Pride and Prejudice. With portraits of 7 characters in MacMillan & Co. Ltd. London. 1932. USED. $35.00
b/w by Chris Duke. 367 pgs. Red leatherette/gilt. The Franklin
90161 Sense and Sensibility. Intro by Paul Montezolli. Dust
Library. 1980. NEW. $30.00
jacket has pictures from the Emma Thomspon movie. Very
90087-2 Pride and Prejudice: An Authoritative Text good condition, almost like new. Hb, Dj. Doubleday.
Backgrounds and Sources Criticism. W.W. Norton 1996. USED. $9.00
& Company. Paper. 2001R. Almost like new. 90158-2 Sense and Sensibility.Green silk with
USED. $5.00 gold embossed deocrations and title, J Austen
signature on cover. Bio by Reginald Brimley
90098 Sanditon. Fragment of a Novel Persuasions
Johnson. 2 volumes (I and II of original 10
written by Jane Austen January - March
vol set). Less common illustrations by
1817, Now first printed from the
William Cubit Cooke. Reprint. Dent,
manuscript. Blue cloth, white spine and
London, 1893. USED. $250.00
paper lable. 170 pgs + notes. Clarendon
Press, Oxford, 2nd Impression. Hb. 1925. 90220 Three Mini-Dramas. Continue
USED. $55.00 your exploration of Jane Austen by
enjoying her childhood forays into theatre.
80204 Sense & Sensibility. "The Series of
"The Visit" "The Mystery" and "The First Act
English Idylls". First ed with color illustrations
of a Comedy." Ed by Juliet McMaster and Lesley
by CE Brock. Intro unacknowledged by by R.
Peterson. Illustrated by Juliet McMaster, Zoe
Brimley Johnson. Beautiful silk cover with gilt floral
Share and Allison Yung. Description of staging,
basket design. Pages gilt on top, rough cut on sides and
extensive notes and works cited. Juvenilia Press, Sydney, 2006.
bottom. Cracked back board, loosening from spine, otherwise
NEW. $10.00
very good condition. Dent, London, 1908. USED. $220.00
90222 The Three Sisters. Enjoy this hilarious portrayal of
90207 Sense and Sensibility (Russian). Leatherette, dark
sibling rivalry by the young Jane Austen. Ed by Joseph
green, gilt and color embossed cover art. Cyrillic (Russian)
Wiesenfarth, Laura Maestrelli and Kristin Smith. Illustrated by
alphabet, translated Gurova Kratovska and A. Levergundt, edited
Juliet McMaster. Notes, works cited, notes on the illustrations.
by N. Gibneva, Introduction and final comments by E. Geneeva.
Juvenilia Press, Sydney, 2004. NEW. $10.00
(Apologies if our translation is a little off.) B/W Hugh Thomson
illustrations. Qty 5,000 in this 10/17/2006 printing. 605 pgs. 90181 The Watsons. VG condition, glossy paper covers.
EKSMO Printing House, Moscow. NEW. $35.00 Hesperus Press, London. 2007. USED. $8.00
90197 Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield 90171 The Winchester Austen. 6 volume set of Austen's
Park, Emma, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion. Handsome books novels. Hugh Thomson color illustrations. Each novel with
with pretty dust jackets. Each book has a good intro, endnotes, introductions by Maggie Lane, Dr John Wiltshire, Josephine Ross,
some reprints of early reviews, info on sequels and adaptations. and Caroline Sanderson. With illustrated sections on Principal
Sense & Sensibility - Intro by Laura Engel, 325 pgs. Pride & Characters, Timelines, features on geographical settings,
Prejudice - Intro by Caroline Howard, 392 pgs. Mansfield Park - Regency Bath, transportation, the Church, the Army, the Navy,
Intro by Amanda Claybaugh, 427 pgs. Emma - Intro by Steven Regency life. Beautiful color illustrations. Gorgeous set, with lots
Marcus, Notes by Victoria Blake, 451 pgs. Northanger Abbey - of information. Black covers with elastic closure band. Named
Intro by Alfred Mac Adam, 260 pgs. after Winchester, where Jane Austen is buried. Set NEW $120.00
or individual volumes $20.00 each.

Jane Austen Books
10003 Adams, Carol, Douglas Buchanan, & Kelly Gesch. The handed. An analysis of each novel.
Bedside, Bathtub & Armchair Companion to Jane Austen. Chapters on moral code, church and
Delightful overview of all things Austen. From biographical clergy, rank and status, marriage. Brooke
information to insider interviews with authors Joan Ray and Karen knows his subject extraordinarily well.
Fowler. Take the Quizzes! Revel in pop culture! Share your love of Was Austen a didactic writer? Beautiful DJ
Austen with other fans! Have fun! 2008. Paper. NEW. $19.00 preserved in mylar. Has been read but is
very clean copy. 1999. DS Brewer, Suffolk.
10024 Aldington, Richard. Jane Austen. Richard Aldington's
224 pgs. HB, DJ, USED. $45.00
brief essay on Jane Austen. Hard-to-find first edition Black cover
with paper label. (Gilson M576) Pasadena: The Ampersand Press. 12353 Byatt, A.S. and Ignes Sodre.
1948. 16 pages. Hb. USED. $40.00 Imagining Characters: Six Conversations
about Women Writers: Jane Austen,
12316 Anonymous. Nos Galan. Theme and 10 Variations on a
Charlotte Bronte, George Eliot, Willa
Welsh Carol. From the manuscript copy made by Jane Austen.
Cather, Iris Murdoch, and Toni Morrison.
Better known to English speaking singers as "Deck the Halls."
Author and critic Byatt and psychoanalyst
Copied from a 1790s edition. For harp or keyboard. The Chawton
Sodre discuss six beloved novels. The
copy is in Jane Austen's hand. 8 pages. NEW. $12.00
result of this interplay is an indispensable
10109 Auerbach, Emily. The Courage To Write: Women critical work for lovers of literature.
Novelists of 19th-Century Europe. A Guide for Readers. Paper. 1995. NEW. $15.00
Encouragement for women writers, using the example of past
12360 Downing, Sarah Jane. Fashion in
great writers. Chapter dedicated to each author - Austen, Bronte,
the Time of Jane Austen. A truly
Shelley, Sand, Eliot. Board of Regents University of Wisconsin:
delightful book full of period illustrations.
1991. 151 pages, paper. Signed by author. 8 1/2 X 11. Beautiful
Explains how fashion of the period was
lace print cover, Jane Austen profile on front cover. $20.00
influenced by egalitarian ideals, and how
12087 Austen, Caroline. My Aunt Jane Austen: A Memoir. London briefly eclipsed Paris as the center
Hardbound blue cloth, label on front. Spottiswoode, Ballantyne & of the fashion world. Shire Library, Oxford
Co. Ltd. London & Colchester. 1952. 22 pages. USED. $20.00 UK, 2010. 64 pgs. Paper. NEW. $12.00
10100 Austen, Edward (Knight). Jane Austen's Brother Abroad: 12214 Gammie, Ian & Derek McCulloch.
The Grand Tour Journals of Edward Austen. Ed. by John Spence. Incipits from the Manuscript Sources:
Beautiful little book, fully illustrated. Edward, unlike his brothers, Jane Austen's Music. Accompanies The
didn't go to college. Instead, he went on the Grand Tour. Jane and Musical World of Jane Austen. Paper.36
Cassandra must have enjoyed living vicariously through his letters. pgs. NEW. $14.00
We can't help but admire brother Edward's writing style, knowing
11669 Gammie, Ian & Derek McCulloch.
the talent that runs in his family. JASA Press, 2005. Paper. NEW.
The Musical World of Jane Austen. "Seen
through the manuscripts and printed
12104 Austen-Leigh, Emma and R. A. Jane Austen and Lyme editions held by the Jane Austen
Regis. A small book by Emma Austen Leigh and upon her death, Memorial Trust at Chawton, with brief
completed by her brother. Like new condition. Printed in facsimile histories of contemporary composers and
by Folcroft in 1974. USED. $35.00 a catalogue of more than 300 musical
works." Also incipits of several of the
12110 Austen-Leigh, Emma. Jane Austen and Bath. Red leather
pieces. Corda Music Publications, Herts.
with gold title on spine. Illustrations, index, family trees,
UK.1996. NEW. $20.00
chronology, insights gleaned from family letters. Spine is tight,
book is like new. USED. $20.00 10652 Grey, J. David, Mg Ed. The Jane
Austen Companion. With Consulting
10116-3 Austen-Leigh, James Edward. A Memoir of Jane
editors A. Walton Litz and Brian Southam.
Austen. With Lady Susan and The Watsons, JEAL's affectionate
65 essays by 40 respected experts on a
biography here printed in a new edition. Handsome paperback.
variety of topics. Must-have for Austen fans.
NEW. $10.00
Hb, dj a little worn. USED. $70.00
10124 Austen-Leigh, Mary Augusta. Personal Aspects of Jane
Austen. A daughter of James Edward Austen-Leigh, Mary Augusta 10655 Grigson, Jane. Food with the Famous. Try Martha Lloyd's
sought to show Jane Austen was more well-rounded and curry! Charmingly written, now illustrated. Expanded from a
knowledgeable than some critics and biographers like to portray. If series in "The Observer," explores cooking habits and diets of 10
you are collecting biographies, this is an excellent addition, not easy famous people, including Jane Austen & Martha Lloyd, Pastor
to find. Some wear to cover, light foxing, spine loose with age, Woodforde, Rev. Sydney Smith and John Evelyn. Recipes. London,
otherwise good condition. London: John Murray, 1920. Hb. $65.00 1991R. Hb, dj. Published at $35. NEW. $18.00
12352 Brooke, Christopher. Jane Austen: Illusion and Reality. A 10678-2 Halperin, John, Editor. Jane Austen: Bicentenary
historian's insight into Jane Austen's novels, fascinating and even- Essays. Selected essays by various writers commemorating the
200th anniversary of Austen's birth. May be underlined by
Jane Austen Books
previous owner. Out of print book. Cambridge UP. 1975. Paper. 10777-3 Honan, Park. Jane Austen: Her Life. Beloved
USED. $10.00 biography, one of our favorites. New publ. Max Press. London:
2007. Hb, dj. NEW. $16.00
10677-2 Halperin, John. The Life of Jane Austen. Johns
Hopkins University Press. Full length biography, well written. 10790-1 Howells, Coral Ann. Love Mystery and Misery: Feeling
Treats each novel as to origin and intent, proposes how her life in Gothic Fiction. A look at gothic novels written between 1790
led to her fiction. JHUP 1996R. Paper, 399 pgs. NEW. $9.00 and 1820, when Gothic was the most popular kind of fiction in
England. Discussions include Northanger Abbey, the Mysteries of
10679 Halperin, John. Egoism & Self-Discrovery in the
Udolpho, The Monk, Melmoth the Wanderer and Jane Eyre.
Victorian Novel: Studies in the Ordeal of Knowledge in the
Athlone, London, 1995, Paper. NEW. $12.00
Nineteenth Century. Critical assessment of the Victorian
Bildungsroman. Austen, Thackeray, C Bronte, Trollope, Dickens, 10791 Howells, W. D. Heroines of Fiction. Analyzes heroines of
Eliot, Meredith,Thackeray, C Bronte, Trollope, Dickens, Eliot, fiction including Austen, Dickens, Bronte, Edgeworth, Burney,
Meredith, Hardy, James. Focuses on the psychological Ferrier, Opie, Radcliffe, Thackarey, Kingsley, Reade, Eliot,
development of the protagonists and how they reach self- Trollope, more. Plates scattered throughout both volumes,
knowledge in these novelists' works. 1974. Hb, dj. USED. $20.00 various artists. Red and gold gilt lettering on green boards. HB.
Harper, Londond and NY. 1901. $50.00
10682 Handley, Graham. Jane Austen. Criticism in focus. A
survey of main books and most influential articles. First 10795-2 Hubback, J. H. and Edith C. Jane Austen's Sailor
responses, early bio, emergent classics, letters, appraisals, Brothers: Being the Adventures of Sir Francis Austen, G.C.B.,
centenary evaluations. NY. 1992. Hb, dj. USED. $20.00 Admiral of the Fleet and Rear-Admiral Charles Austen. A 1986
reprint of the 1906 book written by grandson and great-
12317 Hannon, Patrice. 101 Things you Didn't Know about
granddaughter of Frances Austen. NEW. $75.00
Jane Austen. The Truth about the World's Most Intriguing
Literary Heroine. A delightful introduction to Jane Austen's life. 12094 Irons, Keith. Steventon and the Austens. Jane Austen
Biographical snipets, relates her life to her works. Hannon holds bi-centenary 1775-1975. 16 p. with 8 p. yellow paper Programme
a PhD in Eng Lit from Rutgers. This is not an amateur work. insert. Cover Illus. Dennis Crawley. Bath. Souvenir booklet.
Lovely gift for a novice fan, or great addition to a collector of Basingstoke Press. USED. $10.00
bios. 2007 F&W NY. Hb, dj. NEW. $12.50
10817-2 James, Selma. The Ladies and the Mammies: Jane
10685 Hannon, Patrice. Dear Jane Austen: A Heroine's Guide Austen & Jean Rhys. Signed & inscribed by author. Based on
to Life and Love. Not a novel. A modern-day conduct book. Jane Selma James's 1979 presentation at the Cheltenham Literary
Austen answers the questions that perplex heroines-in-training. Festival, "much expanded and enriched." Copmpares the themes
2005. Paper. NEW. $10.00 of liberation and feminism in Austen's writings to those found in
Wide Sargasso Sea 150 years later. Falling Wall Press, Bristol.
10687-2 Harding, D.W. Regulated Hatred and Other Essays on
1983. Paper, 96 pgs. USED. $12.00. Also in Hb with Dj, USED.
Jane Austen. Psychologist [1906-1983]. Served on editorial
board of Scrutiny for 14 years. Title essay "altered the course of
Austen criticism." 9 others: Family Life, Social Habitat, Moral 12080 Jenkins, Elizabeth. Jane Austen: A Biography. One of
Judgment; Character and Caricature; civil falsehood; fraternal the earliest, this affectionate bio examines her family life and
and conjugal love. E, MP, NA and P. The supposed letter-form of each novel. Hb, Black with gold title on spine. London: 1938.
SS. Introduction to the Austen-Leigh Memoir. Paper. 1998. NEW. USED. $12.00
10822-2 Jenkyns, Richard. A Fine Brush on Ivory: An
12226 Harris, Jocelyn. A Revolution Almost Beyond Appreciation of Jane Austen. What a pleasure to read this
Expression: Jane Austen's Persuasion. "Persuasion reveals critical work on Jane Austen's novels. Bright and sparkling,
Austen's patriotism, her pioneering lyricism, and her hopes for Jenkyns's writing illuminates JA's style, use of irony, and
sexual equality…". A new analysis of Austen's political, historical, technical methods. We highly recommend this fine essay. This
and gender views, focusing on her dialogue, through her work, paper book released 2007, originally publ 2004. NEW. $20.00
with other authors (esp. Burke, Scott). Incorporates and answers
11238 Johnson, Claudia. Equivocal Beings: Politics, Gender
previous critical work that have placed Austen on both sides of
and Sentimentality in the 1790's. Essays on Wollstonecraft,
the political spectrum. HB, DJ. Orig publ at $54.50. NEW. $44.00
Burney, Radcliffe and Austen. Catherine R. Stimpson wrote the
11232 Hecimovich, Gregg A. Austen's Emma. Lively, insightful, forward. U of Chicago Press. 1995. Paper. NEW. $26.00
student-friendly guide to Emma. With guidance on historical
10832-2 Johnson, Claudia. Jane Austen: Women, Politics and
context, literary influences, language, style, form, critical history,
the Novel. "Best (and best-written) book about Austen." Nina
adaptations, including movies. Ideal for undergraduate students.
Auerbach. U of Chicago Press, 1988, Paper. NEW. $18.00
Paper. NEW. $15.00
10838 Johnson, R. Brimley. Jane Austen: Her Life, Her Work,
10780 Holms, John and Karin Baji. Bite-Size Jane Austen:
Her Family, and Her Critics. llustrated, includes maps drawn by
Sense and Sensibility from one of England's Great Writers. John
Miss Blanche MacManus of fictional locations. Inlcudes JA
Holms and Karin Baji compiled this collection and included a bite-
portrait and various other illustrations. Also, of course, inlcudes
size biography! St. Martin's Press, NY. 1999. 94 pgs. Hb, dj. NEW.
the excellent insights of R. Brimley Johnson. Dent, Dutton. 1930.
285 pgs. HB. USED. $75.00
Jane Austen Books
12060 Jones, Hazel. Jane Austen and Marriage. A well- 10895 Lanser, Susan, Sniader. Fictions of Authority: Women
researched, delightful book. Sophisticated analysis of Austen's Writers and Narrative Voice. Indexed. Includes various authors,
fiction, her family life, her society. Draws extensively on primary Gaskell, Austen, Woolf. Discusses narrative voice - authorial
sources of the times. Hardbound, lovely dj. NEW $27.95 voice, personal voice, and communal voice. Very good condition.
HB. Published at $42.50. USED. $9.00
10854 Kaye-Smith, Shelia and G. B. Stern. More About Jane
Austen. Kaye-Smith and Stern explore Austen again. They had so 10901-1 Lascelles, Mary. Jane Austen and Her Art. One of the
much fun with the first book, they had to write another! 1949. best books about Austen ever written, a classic. OUP, London,
Hb, dj. 1st US ed. USED. $45.00 1st ed. 1939. No dj. USED. $50.00 (also other copies at different
10855 Kaye-Smith, Shelia and G. B. Stern. Speaking of Jane
Austen. Two women, novelists themselves, have a great deal of 10903 Laski, Marghanita. Jane Austen and Her World.
fun exploring Jane Austen's works and life, which they share with Illustrated, chronology, bibliography, index. Drawings,
us in alternating chapters that seem almost like a conversation. photographs, contemporary engravings, family tree. Viking, NY:
Hb, dj, 1944, 286 pgs. 1st US ed. USED. $45.00 1969. Hb, dj. USED. $14.00
10867 Kerrigan, Michael. A Guide to Pride and Prejudice. 11627 LeFaye, Deirdre. Jane Austen: A Family Record. The
Teach Yourself series. Background, themes, who's who, definitive biography, based on the wealth of information held by
commentary and glossary—compact! Cover illustration is a scene the family. Deirdre was entrusted with this task by the heirs of
from the 1940 MGM film. Book includes cartoons, quizzes, lots of Richard Austen-Leigh and William Austen-Leigh. Illustrated. Small
fun! 1998, paper, 85 pgs. USED. $12.00 remainder mark. 2004. Paper. NEW. $22.00
10877 Kirkham, Margaret. Jane Austen, Feminism, and 12351-2 LeFaye, Deirdre. Jane Austen: The World of Her
Fiction. This is one of the best treatments of Austen's portrayal Novels. Gorgeous book with beautiful illustrations & maps
of woman's role in society. Methuen, NY, 1986. 187 pgs. Paper. throughout. Overview of the time, England's place in the world,
Orig publ at $130. USED. $35.00 and delves into each novel. NEW. $35.00
10878 Knatchbull-Hugessen, Sir Hugh, KCMG. Kentish Family. 10925 Levin, Amy K. The Suppressed Sister: A Relationship in
Written by the 20th c. distinguished diplomat, a family history of Novels by Nineteenth and Twentieth Century British Women.
several generations. Pedigree, b&w engravings. Gilt family crest Bibliography, index, and notes. Explore the sister relationship in
on front cover. Includes Cassandra's drawing of Fanny at writing Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell, George Eliot, Pym, Howard, and
table. Drabble. Bucknell U Press. 1992. Hb, dj. USED. $20.00
11234 Kramp, Michael. Disciplining Love: Austen and the 12345 Locke, Juliane. England's Jane: The Story of Jane
Modern Man. Examines the social function of masculinity in Austen. Very good biography for young adults. Luscious
Austen's novels. How men of the rising classes had to be taught illustrations, including period art. 144 pgs, hb. Morgan Reynolds,
the proper way to discipline their emotions in order to take their Greensboro, NC. 2006. USED. $12.00
place in the preservation of post-Revolution England. Index,
10961 MacDonald, Dwight, Introduction & Notes. Parodies: An
bibliography, and notes. The Ohio State University Press, 2007.
Anthology from Chaucer to Beerbohm - and After. Among these
202 pgs, Hb. NEW. $37.95
impressive parodies written about and written by many of our
12324 Lane, Maggie. Jane Austen and Names. Blaise Books, favorite authors is included, of course, a subchapter on Jane
Bristol: 2002. 79 pgs. Paper. NEW. $15.00 Austen. This includes passages from her Love and Freindship,
which parodies the romance novels popular in her time, as well
12327 Lane, Maggie. Jane Austen and Regency Bath. D.
as a discussion of Northanger Abbey, which novel Mr MacDonald
Allison, UK. 2007. 56 pgs. Paper. NEW. $15.00
says he cannot include in his book, not only because it is so long,
12344 Lane, Maggie. Jane Austen's Family Through Five but because it is satire, not parody. HB, dj. The Modern Library.
Generations. Robert Hale Ltd. London: 1997. Paper. USED. NY: 1960. USED. $25.00
10971 Mackinnon, Sir Frank Douglas. Grand Larceny: Being
12231-1 Lane, Maggie. Jane Austen's World: The Life and the Trial of Jane Leigh Perrot, Aunt of Jane Austen. Complete
Times of England's Most Popular Author. Gorgeous over-sized work with illustrations and the actual trial report. Oxford
book full of color illustrations. Intro by Brian Southam. Chapters University Press. 1937. 131 pgs, hb. USED. $85.00
on topics such as Rich and Poor, The Accomplished Woman,
10980 Mansell, Darrel. The Novels of Jane Austen. Mansell
Slave Trade and Transportation, Poetry, The Letters, Love and
analyzes the novels from the argument that they are all about
Friendship, Housekeeping, The Rights of Woman, Seaside
the reformation of the heroine, and all other material of the
Resorts, and more! Carlton Books, London 1996/2006. HB, DJ,
books serves this purpose. Argues that this overriding theme
USED. $20.00
depletes the realism of the novels. Lavish footnotes and index.
10886 Lank, Edith. Jane Austen Speaks to Women. A popular Macmillan, London, 1978. Hb, dj. 226 pgs. USED. $18.00
annotated compendium. Austen's thoughts on a dozen subjects.
12329 McLuckie, Marcia. Jane Austen: TV and Film Locations
Quotes. A miniature with tiny type too. Andrews McMeel
Guide. Travel to the sites! Or just pretend to… 48 pgs,
Publishing. 2000. Hb, Dj. $5.00
illustrated. Paper. NEW. $15.00

Jane Austen Books
11040 Miles, Robert. Jane Austen. Discusses personality, point 12328 Old, Terry. Bath as Jane Austen Knew it. Beautiful 48
of view, genre, nationalism, gender, and class. Professor of page booklet from the Jane Austen Center. NEW. $15.00
English at Stirling University. 175 pgs, paper. Northcote House
12130 Parill, Sue. Jane Austen on Film and Television: A
Publishers. Devon. 2003. NEW. $21.00
Critical Study of the Adaptations. McFarland & Co. 2002. Paper.
11042-2 Mitton, G. E. Jane Austen and Her Times, 1775-1817. NEW. $35.00
Same illustrations as original issue. Lovely dj. B&N 2007. 323 pgs.
11211 Pool, Daniel. What Jane Austen Ate and Charles
Hb, dj. NEW. $22.00
Dickens Knew. From Fox Hunting to Whist - the Facts of Daily Life
11043-1 Moers, Ellen. Literary Women: The Great Writers. in 19th-Century England. Simon & Schuster. 1993. NEW. $12.00
History and tradition, heroinism, and themes from writers such
11235 Poovey, Mary. The Proper Lady and the Woman
as Jane Austen, George Sand, George Eliot, Mary Shelley,
Writer: Idealogy as Style in the Works of Mary Wollstonecraft,
Charlotte Bronte, Virginia Woolf, Louisa May Alcott, etc.
Mary Shelley, and Jane Austen. University of Chicago Press,
Illustrated. Doubleday. 1976. Hb, dj. USED. $10.00
1984, Paper, NEW. $26.00
12121 Monaghan, David, Ariane Hudelet and John Wiltshire.
12320 Proudman, Elizabeth. The Essential Guide to Finding
The Cinematic Jane Austen: Essays on the Filmic Sensibility of
Jane Austen in Chawton. Glossy pamphlet published in
the Novels. First, the authors examine Austen's works in terms of
conjunction with the JASNA AGM visit to Chawton on October
their inherent cinematic qualities. They then treat the films as
10, 2003. Developed by the author "...as a narrative for British
readings of the novels and deepen our understanding of how the
Jane Austen Society members to use in guiding conference
films reinterpret the novels through stage setting, camera
attendees through Jane Austen-related sites…". JASNA. 2003. 17
angles, use of light and sound, and of course screenplay. This is a
pgs. NEW. $10.00
brilliant book we highly recommend, both for the unique
rereadings of the novels, and because the authors enhance our 11229 Quin, Vera. Jane Austen Visits London. Follow in Jane
relationships with the film adaptations. NEW. $35.00 Austen's footsteps and see London through her eyes. Researches
the references Austen made in her letters and literature, then
11080 Mukherjee, Meenakshi. Women Writers: Jane Austen.
takes us into her world. Illustrated by Veronique Avon-Yapp.
In addtion to being a non-Western feminist reading of Jane
Paperback. NEW. $20.00
Austen's art, this work is also an excellent source of historical
contextual information. St Martin's Press, NY: 1991. 167 pgs. Hb, 11264 Ray, Joan. Jane Austen for Dummies. Joan Ray is an
dj. USED. $20.00 enthusiastic fan of Jane Austen, former president of the Jane
Austen Society of North America. This book is a fun way to get to
10081 Myer, Valerie Grosvenor. Jane Austen: Obstinate Heart.
know Austen. Paper. NEW. $15.00
"Jane Austen spent her entire life as a poor relation…she lived on
the outside looking in." A thorough, clear biography, certainly 11289 Reeve, Katharine. Jane Austen in Bath: Walking Tours
not all doom and gloom as this quote from the author suggests. of the Writer's City. Charming! A good take-along size. Four
16 pages glossy illustrations including family, landscapes, delightful walks, with numerous stops along the way. Ties Jane's
costumes, and the quilt. Myer stays close to the letters and words from the novels to the city, the gardens, entertainment
history, while bringing Jane and her family to life. 1997, hb, dj. and shops along the way. 26 period illustrations in color. 7x5. Hb.
NEW. $15.00 NEW. $20.00
12106 Nardin, Jane. Those Elegant Decorums: The concept of 11292 Renton, Alice. Tyrant or Victim? A History of the British
propriety in Jane Austen's novels. Enlightening way to explore Governess. The governess is a particularly British institution. She
Austen's work. DJ price cut. SUNY. 1973. Hb, dj. USED. $20.00 hovered uneasily between the kitchen and the drawing room.
Purchased at the Brontë Parsonage. Illustrated. 214 pgs. Hb, dj.
11097 Nathan, Rhoda B. Editor. Nineteenth-Century Women
Weidenfeld & Nicolson. London 1991. USED. $18.00
Writers of the English-Speaking World. Twenty-three essays by
noted authors about women writers. Allison G. Sulloway on 10836 Rostvig, Maren-Sofie. Ed. Fair Forms: Essays in English
Austen's "mediative voice." Greenwood Press. 1986. 275 pgs. Literature from Spenser to Jane Austen. Essays of structural
Hb. USED. $18.00 analysis of literature, as applied to textural analysis, to enhance
understanding of the author's basic themes. The very good
12139 Newgarden, Anne, Editor. Becoming Jane: The Wit and
essay on Austen, "Mistaken conduct and proper 'feeling': A study
Wisdom of Jane Austen. A good selection of Austen quotes.
of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice" is written by Grete Ek.
Divided into chapters by subject. All quotes are cited. Cover is
Cambridge, 1975, 248 pgs. Hb. USED. $15.00
from the Miramax film "Becoming Jane." Hyperion, 2007 Paper.
NEW. $9.00 11326-1 Roth, Barry & Joel Weinsheimer. An Annotated
Bibliography of Jane Austen Studies, 1952-1972. The definitive
12153 Nicolson, Nigel. The World of Jane Austen. Text by Nigel
listing. People, subjects, books, all indexed. Indispensable.
Nicolson, Photographs by Stephen Colover. Takes you to the
University of Virginia Press. 1973. Hb. NEW. $40
places Jane Austen lived and visited with beautiful photos and
accompanying illuminating text. Paperbound, glossy paper with 11326-2 Roth, Barry & Joel Weinsheimer. An Annotated
folded covers (faux dj). USED. $10.00 Bibliography of Jane Austen Studies, 1952-1972. The definitive
listing. People, subjects, books, all indexed. Indispensable.
11111 Nokes, David. Jane Austen: A Life. Extensive biography.
University of Virginia Press. 1973. Hb. USED. $9.00
Plates of family portraits. Hb, dj. Shop worn. NEW $20.00
Jane Austen Books
11347 Sadleir, Michael. The Northanger Novels: A Footnote to 11444 Southam, Brian. Jane Austen. A Students' Guide to the
Jane Austen. Engl. Assoc. pamphlet #68. November 1927. 23 Later Manuscript Works. Some of the work herein was prepared
pages in addition to facsimile title pages of the Horrid Novels. for the new Cambridge Edition, which contract "was later
Yellowed but still intact. USED. $25.00 terminated." The Later Pieces does not include the Juvenilia.
Southam is an expert in this area; perhaps some remember his
12350 Schantz, Ned. Gossip, Letters, Phones: The Scandal of
speech at an AGM on the Minors. The Prayers, the Poems, the
Female Networks in Film and Literature. Schantz explores the
larger fragments. 2007. Paper. NEW. $35.00
role of gossip in culture, as found in art. Reading such works as
Clarissa, Evelina, and Emma, delving into films like Terminator 11440-1 Southam, Brian. Jane Austen: The Critical Heritage. A
and You've Got Mail, Schantz shows how female networks survey that has become one of the most important books on
provide structure as well as substance. "Witty, surprising, and Austen. Starting wih review of SS(1811), PP, MP, E, and NA and
brilliantly observed." OUP. 2008. Publ. at $65. NEW. $41.00 P, continuing with important essays through 1870. This book
became known as Volume 1 of the Critical Heritage. 1st ed. 1968.
12086 Schapera, I. Kinship Terminology in Jane Austen's
Hb, dj. NEW/USED. $85.00
Novels. "Royal Anthropological Institute Occasional Paper No.
33." London, 1977. Paper. USED. $26.00 11240 Southam, Brian. Jane Austen's Literary Manuscripts.
Includes discussion of the connection between Austen's life and
11411-2 Shields, Carol. Jane Austen: A Penguin Life. A popular
art. Increases our appreciation of Jane Austen's development as
biography. 2005, Paper. NEW. $10.00
an artist. Juvenilia, minor works. Athlone Press, London 2001.
12321 Smith, Ben. Jane Austen's Homecoming: Chawton Paper. NEW. $39.95
1809. "An insight into the life and times of Jane Austen detailing
11454 Spence, John. A Century of Wills from Jane Austen's
her years at Chawton, her home and inspiration to many of her
Family 1705-1806. This book starts with a facsimile of Jane
famous literary classics." Beautiful photos of actual places and
Austen's will, in her own hand. 16 wills - Austens, Leighs, Perrots,
artifacts interspersed with the story of Austen's moves - Bath,
Philadelphia Hancock, etc. Fascinating to scholars and readers
Southampton, and then Chawton. Day in the life at Chawton,
who can't get enough background on Jane Austen. Foreward by
shopping at Alton, family members, etc. Trail Publishing, UK. 43
Maggie Lane. JASA, 2001. Paper. $20.00
pgs. Paper. NEW. $20.00
11455 Spence, John. Becoming Jane Austen. Another Austen
11427 Smith, Goldwin. A Life of Jane Austen. First published in
biography to add to our collection (we need them all, don't we?).
1890. Ushered in a new age of reviewing Austen by applying
Spence consulted on the recent movie Becoming Jane - quite a
formal criticism to her work. Just a little worn, a little foxed,
bit of fantasy in the movie, but still fun. Continuum. NEW. $14.00
binding good. The Walter Scott Publishing Company, NY: 1908,
195 pges. USED. $42.00 12349 Stafford, Fiona, Ed. Jane Austen's Emma. A Casebook.
Opinions of Walter Scott, Trilling, Wayne Booth, Claudia Johnson,
12361 Smith, Lori. A Walk With Jane Austen: A Journey into
Mary Waldron, Troost/Greenfield, Wiltshire, Southam and
Adventure, Love & Faith. When Lori was down, she set out on a
others, from 1816 to 2000. An essential set of essays, begins
brave journey in search of Jane Austen's world. Whilst roaming
with Jane Austen's own recordings of the opinions she gathered
London, Bath, Lyme and the Hampshire countryside, she
about the novel. OUP, 2007, Paper. NEW. $30.00.
explored her inner life and her Christian faith. Much more than a
travelogue. Paper. NEW. $10.00 12174 Steinbach, Alice. Educating Alice: Adventures of a
Curious Woman. In the chapter "Sense and Sensible Shoes," a
12179 Southam, B. C. Editor. Jane Austen: Northanger Abbey
visit to Chawton meeting Miss Bowden, Helen Lefroy, and
and Persuasion. Casebook Series. A great resource. Selection of
Deirdre LeFaye; delight in the Ritz in Paris (the cookery class
Austen criticism. One of a three part set. Southam himself, plus
entered through the same door as Princess Diana exited on that
Mudrick, Harding, Butler, Kavanagh, Oliphant, Lewes, Lascelles,
fateful night.) Random House, NY, 2004. Hb, dj. NEW. $8.00
Woolf, others. From a variety of source material. MacMillan.
1976. Good condition. USED. $20.00 12176 Stout, Janis P. Strategies of Reticence: Silence and
Meaning in the Works of Jane Austen, Willa Cather, Katherine
12358 Southam, B. C. Editor. Jane Austen: Sense and
Anne Porter, and Joan Didion. This excellent work focuses on
Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice and Mansfield Park. Casebook
the use of silence & covert criticism as subversive weapons
Series. A collection of opinions expressed about Jane Austen's
women authors employ to assault patriarchal power structures.
art, starting with her own comments on her work and ending in
UP of VA. 1990. VG condition, some wear on DJ. USED. $35.00
the 1960's. From contemporaries Scott, Lewes, Oliphant, to
Kavanagh, Mudrick, Tanner, this is a brilliant collection packaged 12248 Stovel, Bruce, and Lynn Weinlos Gregg, Editors. The
in an unassuming little paperback. Anonymous to famous, Talk in Jane Austen. While dialogue is so important in her works,
letters, essays, critical reviews. MacMillan. 1976. Good it has often been neglected in critical writing. A collection of 15
condition. USED. $20.00 essays that deal with the many ways Jane Austen uses talk and
speech to define character and move action. Fascinating survey
11441-2 Southam, B. C., Editor. Critical Essays on Jane Austen.
includes Bruce Stovel, Jan Fergus, Isobel Grundy, Jocelyn Harris,
Contributors include John Bayley, J. I. M. Stewart, Tony Tanner,
Juliet McMaster, and others whose words we admire. Paper. U
D. W. Harding, Angus Wilson among others. Good condition
of Alberta. 2002. NEW. $29.00
paperbound. USED. $12.00

Jane Austen Books
12252 Stovel, Nora Foster, Ed. Jane Austen Sings the Blues. 11567 Watkins, Susan. Jane Austen's Town and Country Style.
Tribute to Bruce Stovel, whose passion for Jane Austen was 177 illus., 77 in color. 7x10 1/2. Luscious full-page depictions of
equalled only by his passion for Blues music. Essays by Austen the fashions, the foods, the interiors, the customs. NY, 1990, hb,
fans' favorites including Margaret Drabble, Isobel Grundy, Juliet dj. USED. $35.00
McMaster, and Peter Sabor. Includes Blues lyrics, poetry,
12113 Wilks, Brian. Jane Austen. Entertaining oversized
memoir. A companion CD featuring some of his favorite blues
biography, overloaded with great illustrations, photos. Dj has
artists produced by Graham Guest and Grant Stovel, with whom
tear in upper right corner of front cover. Hb, Dj. 1978. USED.
Bruce Stovel co-hosted the radio show Calling All Blues on CJSR
radio. 2009. NEW. $26.00
11614 Williams, Michael. Jane Austen: Six Novels and Their
11495 Sullivan, Maggie. The Jane Austen Handbook. Delightful
Methods. Discusses the methods Austen used to construct the
handbook by the editrix of Austenblog. Maggie, who lies in PA.,
novels. NY. St.Martin's Press. 1986. Hb. dj faded edges and
has scoured the resources of Georgian England to inform you of
corners. USED. $85.00
how Jane Austen would have acted. Quirk Books. 2007. NEW.
$15.00 12151 Wilson, Kim. In the Garden with Jane Austen. Delightul
book uses quotes from Jane Austen as the basis for exploring
12193 Todd, Janet, Editor. Jane Austen in Context. Generously
various kinds of gardens - from country estates to Bath and
illustrated collection of essays that introduce Austen's life and
London. Ends with suggestions on how to create your own Jane
times. Cambridge UP. 2005. NEW. Publ at $104, sale $65.
Austen garden. Beautiful photos and illustrations throughout,
12343 Todd, Janet. Cambridge Introduction to Jane Austen. printed on heavy glossy paper. Softbound with folded covers.
Cambridge University Press. 2008. 152 pgs. Paper. NEW. $12.00 Perfect gift for Austen fans. 2008. NEW. $21.95
11491-1 Tomalin, Claire. Jane Austen: A Life. One of our 11249-1 Wilson, Kim. Tea with Jane Austen. Gorgeous
favorite biographies. 1997. Hb, dj. USED. $22.00. Also Paper, pictures, bibliography, index. A charming - and charmingly
USED. $14.00 illustrated - (gift!) book about tea - not just another beverage,
but the center of social ritual in 18th and 19th C England.
12131 Trevalyan, Raleigh, FRSL, Editor. Essays by Divers
History, recipes, excerpts from the novels and letters,
Hands: being the transactions of the Royal Society of Literature.
illustrations from the time. Hb, dj. 2004. USED. $16.00
New Series: Volume XLVI. Essays on Voltaire, Thomas Cranmer,
The Prayer Book, and the English Language, The Relations of 11251 Wilson, Margaret. Eva: An Aspiring Victorian: The life
Literature and Science, includes Gilbert Phelps essay on Jane of Eva Knatchbull-Hugessen, great-great-niece of Jane Austen.
Austen and Non-Realist elements in her fiction. USED. $17.00 Margaret Wilson, author of "Almost Another Sister" a book
about Fanny Knight, here has given us the story of Evan
12178-1 Tucker, George H. Jane Austen the Woman: Some
Knatchbull-Hugessen, daughter of Lord Brabourne, grand-
Biographical Insights. Well researched, excellent footnotes,
daughter of Fanny Knight. Eva's story helps illuminate the politics
entertaining bio. 1994, hb, dj. USED. $18.00
of the time, including issues of women's education and ability to
12232-1 Tyler, Natalie. The Friendly Jane Austen. Enjoy this pursue a career. Eva also wrote children's fiction. 2008. Paper.
glorious collection of snippets from Austen's life, works, critics, NEW. $20.00
scholars, and fun-loving fans. Viking. 1999. Hb, dh. USED. $10.00
11250-2 Wilson, Margaret. Almost Another Sister: The family
12090 Vaughan, Margaret. Tea with the Bennets: of Jane life of Fanny Knight, Jane Austen's favourite niece. Plates, 3
Austen's Pride and Prejudice. "An Anthology of Recipes" family pedigrees (Knight, Knatchbull, Austen.) Wilson is an
48 pgs Paper. NEW. $20.00 authority on Kent. Some shelf wear. NEW. $15.00

12035 Mattox, Brenda Sneathe. Pride M10202 Jane Austen Puzzle. Delightful
and Prejudice Paper Dolls. Eight paper dolls with box, opens like a book and will fit perfectly on your
48 total costumes. Featuring Elizabeth, Jane, Lydia, Mrs. bookshelf. Regency scene and quotes from the novels. A real
Bennet, Mr. Bingley, Mr. Darcy, Lady Catherine, and Mr. Wickham. favorite with our customers. NEW. $14.00
Fashions include 'long-sleeved, empire-style church-wear dresses,
simple day gowns with gardening aprons, elegant ball gowns, and M10130 Map of Bath in the time of Jane Austen. As sold at the
bridal gowns. For the gentlemen, formal eveningwear, greatcoats, Roman Baths Museum. See where Catherine Morland met Henry Tilney!
a military uniform, and morning coats with breeches and top boots.' Visit the spot where Anne and Wentworth came to their understanding!
Dover. NEW. $6.00 NEW. $5.00
M10505 Jane Austen Watch - Lady's slim formal watch with Austen
12290 Mattox, Brenda. The Importance of Being Earnest Paper
portrait on the face. Black wristband - smooth or alligator style
Dolls. 9 dolls and 12 plates of costumes. Dover. 2001. $5.50
M10129 genuine
Bookplates - Jane Austen's silhouette to grace leather,
your books.with gold clasp
20 plates andpack.
in each gold $10.00
watch details. Also large
face available with larger characters for easier visibility. $28.00
Jane Austen Books

12005 Abell, L.G. A Mother's Book of Traditional Household 10039 Anderson, Amanda. Tainted Souls and Painted Faces:
Skills. Orig published in the 1850's the author was ahead of her The Rhetoric of Fallenness in Victorian Culture. Cornell
time in that she defined the accomplished woman as one who University Press. 1993. 250 pages, paper. NEW. $10.00
relied on her own industry and intelligence. Many tips still useful
11380 Anderson, W. E. K., ed. The Percy Letters. The letters
today. Facsimile. Paper. Publ at $16.95. NEW. $13.00
back & forth between Percy [1729-1811] and Anderson [1750-
10002 Adair, John. The Royal Palaces of Britain. Coffee-table 1830] read like an epistolary novel. The letters deal with the
book, heavily illustrated with photographs and illustrations. literary world of that time period. Yale University Press. 1988.
Covers intimate history of the royal dwellings, including 345 pages, Hb. NEW. $20.00
Hampton Court, Winslow, Whitehall, St James's, Holyrood,
10050 Andrew, Donna T., and Randall McGowen. The Perreaus
Brighton, Kensington, Buckingham, Greenwich, The Tower. Very
& Mrs. Rudd: Forgery and Betrayal in Eighteenth-Century
gently used, good condition. 1981. Hb, dj. USED. $18.00
London. The criminal case that occupied the press in the 1770's,
10005 Addison, William. English Spas. Addison writes a competing with the troubles in the American colonies for the
fascinating history of English spas, which reached their highest front page. Full of famous figures as well as the principals. New
importance for British society in the 17th and 18th centuries. way to understand London during this time period. U of
Quotes Jane Austen among many other writers. Descriptions of California Press. 2001. 346 pgs. Hb, dj. Pub. at $39.95. NEW.
Bath, Tunbridge, and lesser known spas. Generously illustrated $15.00
with photos and contemporary drawings. 1951. Library stamp in
11999 Anisko, Tomasz. Plant Exploration for Longwood
front of book, good condition, Hb, dj. USED. $20.00
Gardens. Packed full of beautiful color photos, this art book
10017 Ainsworth, William Harrison. Ainsworth's Magazine: A chronicles the international sources of the plants at Longwood.
Miscellany of Romance, General Literature, & Art. 3 vols Publ at $70. Hb, Dj. Timber Press. 2006. NEW. $25.00
(1840's). Previous owner's inscriptions "bound November 25
12125 Anonymous. The Female Mentor, or, Select
1884." Some foxing. Brown 1/2 leather and pebbled boards. Gilt
Conversation. 2 volume set rare book. Contermporary calf, spine
on spine, bands. Complete novels, stories, poems. Illustrated by
pieces missing and binding exposed. Front hinge of first volume
George Cruikshank. 1842-3. USED. $300.00
is broken, front board is unattached. Pages are clean and bound
10018 Airs, Malcolm. The Tudor and Jacobian Country House: tight. This 2nd edition was published in 1798 (1st ed 1793).
A Building History. Luxuriously illustrated scholarly work. Written by "Honoria," these are instructive conversations with
Entertaining descriptions of great houses. From design to labour, "Amanda." These essays were meant to "lead the youthful and
everything about these houses that formed the settings for unbiassed mind in the ways of virtue." Titles such as "On the
some of our favorite novels. Hb. 1998. Surrey: Bramley Books. Influence of Education," "On Learned Ladies," "Instances of
Hb, dj. NEW. $15.00 Benevolence," "Boadicea, Bertha, Eleanor of Castile, Philippa of
Hainault," "Lady Elizabeth Gray," and so forth. One previous
12255 Akins, Roy and Lesley. The War for All the Oceans:
owner's signature in front and "Given by her father," which we
From Nelson at the Nile to Napoleon at Waterloo. This excellent
believe was a common practice. (Said to have been given to Mrs
history brings the reader into the lives of sailors around 1800.
Gaskell by her father on her 11th birthday.) USED. $125.00
Cites primary sources throughout. Penguin. 2006. 534 pgs,
paper. Pub at $17. NEW. $12.50 12128 Anonymous. The New Female Instructor or Young
Woman's Guide to Domestic Happiness. First published 1834.
10025 Aldis, Janet. The Queen of Letter Writers: Marquise de
"How to be an intelligent and pleasing companion." This is an
Sevigne, Dame De Bourbilly 1626-1696. Biography of Marquise
abridged facsimile that "concentrate[s] on the chapters which
de Sevigne famous for the witty letters she wrote, most of them
discuss the appropriate conduct for a young lady of good
to her daughter. London: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1907, 313 pages.
standing as well as the practical hints on how she should run her
Hb. Dark green cloth on board covers. Rough cut pages. Bumped
household." Intro by Rosemary Burr. NEW. $25.00
corners, some browning of the pages. USED. $24.00
10049 Askham, Francis. The Gay Delavals. True story of a
10037 Alsop, Susan Mary. Lady Sackville: A Biography.
fascinating, eccentric English family. Roughly 1715-1815 time
Biography of Victoria Sackville-West, the daughter of Lionel
period. The story is so intriguing, you will not notice how much
Sackville-West, a British diplomat, and his Spanish gipsy mistress.
you are learning about the details of life in England during the
Read how Victoria was taken from her hidden, illegitimate early
18th century. Appendices contain such delicious details as 4 lbs.
life and brought into the aristocratic world where she "became
wax candles required for the dining table alone during an
intimately associated with some of the most illustrious men of
evening of private theatricals. 1956, 310 pages, Hb, dj. Condition
her day." Devon: Readers Union. 1979. 275 pages. Hb. Pages a
- Worn, DJ torn in places. Some foxing. Otherwise good. USED.
little yellowed. USED. $17.00

Jane Austen Books
10048 Aspinall, A. Mrs. Jordan and her Family - Being the 10673 Hall, Thornton, F.S.A. Love Romances of the
Unpublished Letters of Mrs. Jordan and the Duke of Clarence Aristocracy. "My object in writing this book has been to present
later William IV. Letters of the popular actress, Dorothea Bland as many phases as possible of the strangely romantic story of the
(Mrs Jordan) [1761-1816], who bore the Duke of Clarence 10 British Peerage, so that those who have not the time or facilities
children. The actress and Duke come alive in their love for each for exploring the library of books over which these stories are
other & their children. London: Arthur Baker Ltd. 1951. 295 scattered, may be able, within the compass of a single volume,
pages. Hb, dj. USED. $25.00 to review the panorama of our aristocracy...". Duchesses,
Countesses, Queens, Princesses, a Wicked Baron, Elopements...
10052 Auerbach, Nina. Private Theatricals - the Lives of the
T. Werner Laurie, London, no date but previous owner wrote
Victorians. Beautiful little book explores how the Victorians
1916 in front. Some foxing. 350 pgs. USED. $30.00
thought about life in terms of acting a part. Harvard University
Press: 1990. 132 pages, Hb, dj. Sticker damage to dj, otherwise 12152 Hamilton, Joseph. The Duelling Handbook: 1829. This is
VG condition. NEW. $22.00 an unabridged republication of the book first produced in 1829.
Originally named "The Only Approved Guide through all the
10111 Auerbach, Nina. Woman and the Demon: The Life of a
Stages of a Quarrel: Containing the Royal Code of Honor;
Victorian Myth. Myths of womanhood explored. Research into
Reflections upon Duelling; and the Outline of a Court for the
literature, art, biographies. Harvard University Press: 1982. 255
Adjustment of Disputes; with Anecdotes, Documents and Cases,
pages. Hb, dj. USED. $17.00
Interesting to Christian Moralists Who Decline the Combat; To
12356 Downer, Martyn. Nelson's Purse: The Mystery of Lord Experienced Duellists, and to Benevolent Legislators." Dover,
Nelson's Lost Treasures. A treasure of correspondence lay 2007, paper. NEW. $9.95
dormant for almost 200 years. The discovery has transformed
10699 Hart, Avril and Emma Taylor. Fans. Do you ever wonder
Nelson biography, most dramatically as regards one of the most
what Catherine Morland's fan looked like? Wonderful
famous love triangles of British history. Downer's storytelling
illustrations of unique and intricate fans from the Victoria and
heightens the experience. Lush color illustrations. Smithsonian
Albert Museum. Costume & Fashion Press. NY: 1998. 126 pgs.
Books, Washington 2004. 424 pgs. Hb, dj. NEW. $20.00
USED. $12.00
12158 Gordon, Eleanor, and Gwyneth Nair. Public Lives:
10703 Hawksley, Lucinda. Lizzie Siddal: Face of the Pre-
Women, Family and Society in Victorian Britain. Explores
Raphaelites. Biography, explores world of the model for many of
themes of "separate spheres" and private vs public lives of
the nineteenth century's most famous paintings. Tragic story
women and men to show that women were not as secluded or
reveals that she was also an artist and poet. Interesting to
separated from the development of culture as is often
students of art history and women's history but also fascinating
represented. Some chapter titles: "What's love got to do with
as a story in its own right. 2004: Walker & Co., NY. NEW. $14.00
it?" and "Let me entertain you" - this is a fun book to read, too.
Endnotes. Tables, illustrations, excellent bibliography. Originally 10970 Hazlitt, William. The Spirit of the Age or Contemporary
published at 30 Pounds. NEW. $12.00 Portraits. Edited by E.D. Mackerness. Hazlitt [1778-1830] writes
critically of all the notables of his time from a political
11746 Green, Candida Lycett (text) & Christopher Simon Sykes
perspective. Scott, Godwin, Irving, Byron, Southey, Wordsworth,
(photographs). The Perfect English Country House. This book is
Malthus, Wilberforce, and many more. Mackerness adds 150
"a delightful layperson's guide to the evolution of the smaller
pages of notes, index, bibliography, plus preface and
English house - and much more besides." Provides examples of
introduction, all placed outside the body of the text for your
English architectural history with stunning color photographs
enjoyment. 448 pgs. Clean pages & boards, dj a little worn. 1969,
and eloquent, informative text. Rizzoli. 1991: NY. 175 pgs. Hb, dj.
Hb, dj. USED. $50.00
USED. $20.00
11874 Hemsworth, Beatrice. What the Victorians Didn't Do
10646 Green, David. Sarah Duchess of Marlborough. Artful
for Us: A Collection of their Useless Advice. Packed full of
biography, full of direct quotes from letters of the period,
snippets of advice, such as "two people with the same eye colour
especially Sarah's own. Scribners, 1967: NY. Hb. USED. $20.00
should never marry" and cures such as "gunpowder in a glass of
10657 Grosvenor, Caroline, and Charles Bilby, Lord Stuart of soapy water" for a stomach ache. Illustrated. 2005,
Wortley. The First Lady Wharncliffe and her Family (1779-1856). Summersdale, West Susssex. 126 pgs. Hb, dj. NEW. $9.00
"by her grandchildren…" 2 volumes. Excerpts from the Lady's
10762 Hodge, Jane Aiken. Passion & Principle: The Loves and
letters, and other people's letters as well, with text and
Lives of Regency Women. Historical work shows Regency
illustrations. Family trees, charts to assist in identification. 1927:
women trying to find love in a world made to deny them.
London, Heinemann. USED. $60.00
Features daughters of George III among others. Fun, gossipy
10672 Halevy, Elie. A History of the English People in 1815. book. John Murray, London, 1996, 230 pgs, Hb, Dj. Very good
Ark Paperbacks. 576 pgs. Looks unread! The first volume of the condition. USED. $45.00
classic History, first published in Paris in 1912/1913. Rich in
10770 Hole, Christina. Haunted England: A Survey of English
details, discusses politics, economics, religion, culture. London
Ghost-Lore. A brief selection (since a complete survey of English
and NY: 1924/1987. USED. $12.00
ghosts would require an entire library) of stories of the
disembodied spirits and apparitions of English lore. 1951. 184
pgs. Hb. USED. $14.00

Jane Austen Books
10779 Hook, Rosalie. Woman Behind the Painter: The Diaries in one book. Authentic patterns, material lists, advice and
of Rosalie, Mrs. James Clarke Hook. Edited by Juliet McMaster. instructions. 1976. VG condition. HB, dj. USED. $10.00
Rosalie [1819-1897] was the wife of artist James Clarke Hook.
12306 Jasanoff, Maya. Edge of Empire: Lives, Culture, and
Her diaries give an inside view of their life together. The book is
Conquest in the East 1750 1850. Delves into the personal lives of
full of sketches by James, and also includes some of Rosalie's art.
collectors during the age of British imperialism. Demonstrates
Juliet McMaster provides insight. University of Alberta Press,
that the cross-cultural life of the period was much more fluid and
2006. Paper. $39.00
intimate than usually represented. Jasanoff is a graduate of
10786 Horn, Pamela. The Victorian Country Child. Illustrated. Harvard, Cambridge, and Yale, and currently teaches British
Lavish, carefully researched. Child's life from birth to jail. Food, history at UVA. 2005. Alfred A. Knopf. 404 pgs. Hb, dj. NEW.
school life, work on the land, effects of agricultural policies on $20.00
children, crime and punishment. Includes Documents of the
10823 Jeffery, Paul. The City Churches of Sir Christopher
period. Sutton. 1997R. Paper. NEW. $8.00
Wren. Beautiful book filled with b&w illustrations, photos,
11871 Hoskins, Lesley, Ed. The Papered Wall: The History, drawings, church layouts. Includes a gazetteer of all Wren's
Patterns and Techniques of Wallpaper. Orig publ 1999, new and churches. Architecture, history. Wonderful guide for visitors and
expanded edition 2005. Gorgeous oversized book - international so much more. 1996. Paper. NEW. $35.00
history of wallpaper, including current suppliers of historic
12213 Kelley, Douglas. The Captain's Wife: A Novel. "In 1856,
patterns, list of collections open to the public. 369 illustrations,
Mary Patten set sail with her husband and his crew around Cape
216 in colour. Section on rescue and care of wallpapers. Index.
Horn. It was a journey that changed their lives forever." Paper.
Thames & Hudson, London. Orig. Publ. $34.95. NEW. $23.00
2002. NEW. $4.00
11665 Howarth, David and Stephen. Lord Nelson: the
10863 Kelly, Ian. Beau Brummell: The Ultimate Man of Style.
Immortal Memory. Illustrations, index. Well-drawn biography of
Brummell [1778-1840], contemporary of Austen. The first man of
Lord Nelson. We never grow tired of him! 1988 NY Viking. Hb, dj.
fashion. "The first metrosexual - 200 years before the word was
USED. $9.00
invented." More than a biography, a great history of the times.
10792 Howells, W. D. Italian Journeys. Travel story, Italy in the BBC Radio 5 review: "The best book ever written about London."
1860's. Red cloth on boards, gold gilt lettering. Illustrated by Hb, dj. 2006. Published at $26. NEW. $17.00
Joseph Pennell. Houghton Mifflin. 1901. USED. $45.00
10866 Kermode, Jenny & Garthine Walker, Ed. Women, Crime
10793 Howells, W. D. Their Wedding Journey. A nineteenth and the Courts in Early Modern England. Essays by various
century honeymoon in grand style (1870). "With an additional experts. Glossary, bibliography, index. U of NC Press, Chapel Hill
chapter on Niagara Revisited" - last chapter is 12 years later & London, 1994. hb, black cloth w/gilt title, VG. USED. $20.00
when they revisit Niagara. Houghton Mifflin. 1899. USED. $50.00
12300 King, David. Vienna 1814: How the Conquerors of
10810 Igglesdon, Charles. A Saunter through Kent with Pen Napoleon Made Love, War, and Peace at the Congress of
and Pencil. Illustrated by X. Willis. Of interest to Austen fans due Vienna. 80 pages of notes in the back, fully indexed, illustrated.
to her life in Kent. Chapter on Goodnestone. No date but gift Fascinating tale, excellent history read. NY: 2008. Hb, dj. NEW.
note (Not attached) 1949. A joy to read. Kentish Express Office, $12.00
Ashford, Kent. 90 pgs. Hb. USED. $30.00
12299 Knight, Roger. The Pursuit of Victory: The Life and
12034 Ince, William and John Mayhew. Authentic Georgian Achievement of Horatio Nelson. A definitive biography that puts
Furniture Designs: Universal System of Household Furniture, to rest many myths that have formed around Nelson in the past
1762. An unabridged republication of the original 1762 200 years. Knight was the chief curator and deputy director of
publication titled "The Universal System of Household the National Maritime Museum, London, from 1988 to 2000.
Furniture." 1998. Dover. Paper. NEW. $14.00 Also professor of naval history at Greenwich and the expert on
Nelson. 874 pgs. Hb, dj. NEW. $15.00
11889 Jack, Albert. Red Herrings & White Elephants: The
Origins of the Phrases We Use Every Day. Witty informative 12309 Krimmer, Elisabeth. In the Company of Men: Cross-
book gives derivations, first recorded use, etc, of hundreds of Dressed Women Around 1800. The figure of the cross-dressed
phrases we use every day. Are you making a mountain out of a woman proliferated in plays, novels, popular tales, and real-life
molehill? Giving something the acid test? Do you have egg on events in 18th century Germany. Krimmer examines this
your face? Find out why. 2004. Hb, dj. NEW. $7.00 phenomenon in terms of the questioning of roles that arose
after the revolutionary period, and also in terms of women's
11831 Jardine, Lisa. On a Grander Scale: The Outstanding Life
resistance to the new paradigm of women's inferiority as
of Christopher Wren. Fascinating biography of an illustious
founded in her body. Wayne State U Press, Detroit, 2004. 294
architect. Insight into the late 17th century world of emergent
pgs. Hb,dj. NEW. $30.00
science and new ideals. Notes, illustrations, bibliography, index.
Like new condition. Printed on acid-free paper. Attractive dust 10891 Lantz, Sherlee. A Pageant of Pattern for Needlepoint
jacket. HarperCollins, 2002. 600 pgs, hb, dj. USED. $20.00 Canvas: Centuries of Design, Textures, Stitches - A New
Exploration. 351 diagrams, 150 photographs of historical sources
12009 Jarry, Madeleine and Maryvonne Dobry. Period
and work samples, 25 colour photographs of in-process and
Needlepoint for Antique Furniture. History and instructions both
completed needlepoint. Bibliography included. Considered one

Jane Austen Books
of the most impressive books on needlepoint ever published. material. True adventure with maps, illustrations, appendix with
Publ 1973. Hb, dj. USED. $50.00 contemporary newspaper accounts, glossary of terms, notes,
bibliography. Attractive dust jacket. If you enjoy O'Brian's novels,
12304 Lavery, Brian. Island Nation: A History of Britain and
you'll love this true story. Import. Leo Cooper, Yorkshire. NEW.
the Sea. Beautiful book, beautiful illustrations, fascinating text,
with chapters on sail, steam, maritime art, and much more.
Includes a Gazetteer to 150 maritime heritage sites. Published as 11817 Milsted, David. Brewer's Anthology of England & the
part of the SeaBritain 2005 celebrations by the National English. This is a lovely book. A selection of extracts from
Maritime Museum, London. 176 pgs. Hb, dj. NEW. $15.00 articles, literarature, speeches, poems, plays, films, diaries. An
exploration of what it is to be English, or British. From long ago
11879 Lloyd, Christopher and Jonathan Marsden. George III
history to very modern times, includes recent immigrants as well
and Queen Charlotte: Patronage, Collecting and Court Taste. An
as those adopted by Empire. Cassell & Co, London, 2001. 531
important contribution to studies of fine & decorative arts in the
pgs. Hb, dj. NEW. $14.00
Georgian period. Essential for both collectors and academics.
Oversized book, 407 pgs. Hb, dj. Thames and Hudson, London 11625 Muir, Richard. The Villages of England. Muir wrote the
2004. NEW. $65.00 text and took most of the pictures. A beautiful study of the
traditional village, its history, the layout, names, landscape,
10947 Lord, W. B. The Corset & the Crinoline: An Illustrated
homes, and social development. Very pretty book, perfect for
History. Unabridged republication of the work originally
the Anglophile. Thames & Hudson, NY: 2004. 224 pages, paper.
published in 1868 by Ward, Lock, and Tyler, London. An
NEW. $19.00
illustrated history of female undergarments. Over 50 B&W
engravings. Dover Publications. Mineola. 2007. Paper. NEW. 11091-1 Nagel, Susan. Mistress of the Elgin Marbles : A
$11.50 Biography of Mary Nisbet, Countess of Elgin. "The remarkable
Mary Nisbet was the Countess of Elgin in Romantic-era Scotland
11892 Lovell, Mary S. Bess of Hardwick: Empire Builder. Bess
and the wife of the seventh Earl of Elgin. When Mary
Hardwick [1527-1608] aka Elizabeth Talbot, Countess of
accompanied her husband to diplomatic duty in Turkey, she
Shewsbury, wed four times, an ambitious woman in a dangerous
changed history. She helped bring the smallpox vaccine to the
time. She built Chatsworth and counts among her many noble
Middle East, struck a seemingly impossible deal with Napolean,
descendants Katherine Hepburn. Her biography reveals the
and arranged the removal of famous marbles from the
ruthless nature of Tudor times. Includes beautiful glossy plates.
Parthenon...all overshadowed by her scandalous divorce."
Orig. Publ. $27.95. NEW. $14.00
Detailed biography. New. $10.00, also in paper $8.00.
10965 MacDonald, J. Ramsay. Margaret Ethel MacDonald.
11099 Nash, Mary. The Provoked Wife: The Life and Times of
First printed 1912, this is a reprint of the 6th edition. Margaret
Susannah Cibber. Mary Nash brings Susannah Cibber to life,
MacDonald, married to the future Prime Minister J. Ramsay
showing us that her real story was even more interesting than
MacDonald, was a feminist and social reformer, known especially
the roles she played on the stage at Covent Garden and Drury
for her work for the Women's Industrial Council. She and her
Lane in the eighteenth century. Little, Brown. 1977. Hb, dj. USED.
husband travelled extensively. After she died he never
remarried. This is his memoir/bio of his wife and her life's work.
Includes excerpts from her writings throughout the book. 12077 National Trust. Bath Assembly Rooms. Photographs and
London. George Allen & Unwin Ltd. 1930. Hb. 248 pgs. Light floor layouts. 39 page pamphlet. Very good condition. Glossy
foxing. USED. $30.00 paper with matte paper cover. Curwen Press, London: 1979.
USED. $8.00
11937 Mackintosh, Iain. The Georgian Playhouse: Actors,
Artists, Audiences and Architecture 1730-1830. Exhibition 11988 Newton, Michael. Armed and Dangerous: A Writer's
devised by Iain Mackintosh. Assisted by Geoffrey Ashton. Guide to Weapons. You don't want to ruin your story by putting
Heyward Gallery, London. 12 August to 12 October 1975 by the the wrong gun in the hand of the villian! Writer's Digest Books.
Arts Council of Great Britain. This exhibition catalogue is full of Cincinnati. 1990. 186 pgs. Paper. USED. $5.00
black and white illustrations, advertisements, and architectural
11697 Noon, Patrick. Crossing the Channel: British and French
drawings. Hogarth, Garrick, Liston, John Inigo Richards, and
Painting in the Age of Romanticism. In the post-Waterloo world,
many others featured. Times Newspapers Limited. London:
there was a flurry of cultural exchange between France and
1975. Paper. USED. $25.00
Britain. British artists profoundly influenced French art,
11928 Marbot, General. Adventures of General Marbot. contributing to the movements that eventally led to
Marbot was an honest chronicler of his life in the service of Impressionism. Exhibition book - 2003-2004 shows at Tate
Napolean. Here is his story, in his own words, brought to life by Britain, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Minneapolis Museum of
the whimsical illustrations of Thomason, the famous US Marine the Arts. Covers period 1815-1840. Met & Tate, London 2003.
Corps illustrator. Charles Scribner's Sons. 1935. 499 pgs. Hb. 296 pgs, paper. NEW. $16.00
Wear to edges, boards scuffed, front board attached but loose.
12051 Norwich, John Julius, Ed. Treasures of Britain: The
USED. $28.00
Architectural, Cultural, Historical and Natural History of Britain.
11692 McGrigor, Mary. Defiant and Dismasted at Trafalgar: Introductions by English Heritage and The National Trust. Maps
The Life & Times of Admiral Sir William Hargood. The story of from ordinance survey. Crammed full of beautiful photographs.
Nelson's heroic friend Captain Hargood, taken from biographical Lovely gift book. 704 pgs. Hb, dj. Publ at $50. NEW. $25.00
Do wning ,
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Li brary,Oxford,2010. Pa per
. Publishers
$12. 00I t
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Schantz,Ne d. Go s
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2008. Publ .at$65. jacket
. Rando m Ho use, 2009.
$41. 00I tem#12350 $22. 00I tem#12333

Rubi no,JaneandCa i
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Publ i
shers.Hb,Dj . 2009. tospe ndtime.Hb ,Dj.2010.
$22.00I tem#12332 $20.00I te
Jane Austen Books
11122 O'Brien, Harriet. Queen Emma and the Vikings: A 11206 Plasa, Carl. Textual Politics from Slavery to
History of Power, Love and Greed in 11th Century England. A Postcolonialism: Race and Identification. In Chapter 2, the
Norman, Emma was married to Anglo-Saxon Athelred the author discusses the colonial consciousness in Mansfield Park as
Unready at age 13. She survived his fall to marry the Viking King the (mostly) unspoken yet underlying theme of the novel. Also
Cnut and see two of her sons, Harthacnut and Edward the delves into Jane Eyre, Wide Sargasso Sea, and The Bluest Eye.
Confessor, achieve the throne. A fascinating biography of a 172 pgs. St. Martin's Press, NY: 2000. Hb, dj. NEW. $25.00
strong woman caught between Viking, Anglo-Saxon, and Norman
11207-2 Plumb, J. H. The First Four Georges. With 35
factions. Genealogies, color plates, bibliography, index, maps.
illustrations - portaits, cartoons, silhouettes. Historical analysis of
Bloomsbury, 2005. NEW. $14.00.
the four reigns in the 18th and early 19th centuries. Macmillan,
11124 O'Connell, Sheila. London 1753. Heavily illustrated NY 1957. 188 pgs. USED. $20.00
British Museum exhibition book. Red cloth on boards, no dj. 1st
11694 Pocock, Tom. The Terror Before Trafalgar. This book
US ed. David R. Godine, Boston, 2003. 272 pgs. Hb. NEW. $45.00
adds thrilling detail to one of the most famous battles in naval
11120 Outhwaite, R. B. Scandal in the Church: Dr. Edward history. Describes the secret war of espionage and subversion, a
Drax Free, 1764-1843. Dr Free was a rather rowdy clergyman war of wits known as "The Great Terror," fought behind the
who caused enough trouble to be defrocked in 1830. Could this scenes in 1801 as Napoleon's grand army faced the volunteer
have been our Wickham? This is the shocking true story, in all its army across the Channel. Excellent book now available in
details. Illustrated. Hambledon Press, 1997. Hb, dj. NEW. $30.00 paperback. Slight references to Capt Francis Austen. Index,
Bibliography, Notes. Naval Institute Press, Annapolis. Orig publ
11233 Parker, Rowland. The Common Stream: Two Thousand
$29.75. NEW. $17.00.
Years of the English Village. Detailed history of sample village of
Foxton in Cambridgeshire, based on author's extensive research. 11222 Priestley, J. B. The Prince of Pleasure and his Regency,
B/W drawings of buildings and maps. Academy Chicago Pubs. 1811-20. Profusely illustrated, a history not just of the Prince of
1994. Paper, sealed in plastic. NEW. $14.95 Wales but of the art, literature, and fashion of the era. Hb, dj.
NY: 1969. 304 pages. Good condition, dj worn. USED. $18.00
12307 Parkinson, Judy. Remember, Remember (The Fifth of
November): Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know about 11835 Purkiss, Diane. The English Civil War: Papists,
British History with All the Boring Bits Taken Out. Fun little fact- Gentlewomen, Soldiers and Witchfinders in the Birth of Modern
filled book. 2009: NY, Delacorte Press. Hb. $16.00 Britain. Skilled narrative history of an intense, violent period that
changed Western governments forever. Illustrations. Wide range
10087 Paxman, Jeremy. On Royalty: A Very Polite Inquiry into
of sources cited throughout; takes you to the time and helps you
some Strangely Related Families. "…a brilliantly witty
understand the people - Charles I, Milton, Cromwell, and many
investigation into how an ancient institution struggles for
lesser known.Perseus, NY: 2006. 627 pgs. Hb, dj. NEW. $22.00
meaning in a modern world." BBS Public Affairs, NY: 2007. Hb, dj.
NEW. $17.00 11998 Quest-Ritson, Charles. The English Garden: A Social
History. A beautiful book to hold, this is also a well-researched
11157 Payen-Appenzeller, Pascal. Fancy Fans. Stiff card
history of the English garden from the sociologist's viewpoint -
covers, magazine size. 100s of illustrations all in color. Mr.
with the focus on why people made gardens, what hopes the
Payen-Appenzeller is the founder of Fan Museum in Paris.
gardens fulfilled. 2003. Hb, dj. NEW. $20.00
Parangon, L'Aventurine, Paris: 2001. 95 pgs. Paper. USED. $15.00
11632 Quindlen, Anna. Imagined London: A Tour of the
11823 Phelps, William Lyon. William Lyon Phelps:
World's Greatest Fictional City. A delightful wander through
Autobiography with Letters. Phelps [1865-1943] was an author,
London Past, Present, and Fictional with an American anglophile
critic, and scholar. In this detailed autobiography, which
novelist and journalist. Illustrated, map. National Geographic
encompasses his whole life, family history, time as a Yale
Directions, Washington DC, 2004. Hb, dj. NEW. $14.00
professor, studies at Harvard and Yale, etc, we learn to respect
and esteem him. Oh, and he has a bit of a supernatural 12042 Ray, Gordon N. The Illustrator and the Book in England
experience at the house where Jane Austen died in Winchester, from 1790 to 1914. With 295 illustrations. Essays,
so we must like him too. Blue cloth on boards, gilt title on spine, bibliographical descriptions, finely reproduced illustrations,
a bit of yellowing, prev owner's sig in front. Many b/w indices, preface, appendix. Blake, Turner, Rowlandson,
photographs, excellent index. Very good clean copy. OUP, Constable, and many more illustrators covered in this 8 3/8 by 11
London: 1939. USED. $9.00 1/4 oversized book. Dover edition of the book originally
published in 1976 by the Pierpont Morgan Library and OUP.
12304 Plante, Charles. A French Alphabet Book of 1814. "...for
Paper. NEW. $26.00
Alfred Bourdier de Beauregard created by his uncle Arnaud at
the Chateau de Beaumont de Beauregard." This book is a rare 11301 Richardson, Joanna. Judith Gautier: A Biography.
survival of a wealthy child's schoolroom of the period, now Illustrated. Daughter of Theophile Gautier and his mistress. Muse
recreated for us on sturdy plates. Beautiful watercolors to Wagner, slept with Victor Hugo. Inspired John Singer Sargent.
illustrated his lessons. Glossary in back gives the English Franklin Watts, NY: 1987. Hb, dj. USED. $10.00
translations for the captions. Excellent introduction gives us
12311 Richardson, Joanna. The Courtesans: The Demi-Monde
insight into the layers of humor present in the drawings. 2007.
in 19th Century France. The 19th century glory days of the
Hb, dj. NEW. $12.00
Parisian courtesan here described with care and respect for

Jane Austen Books
these women who made their place in society by practicing the black and white plates and inserts. A beautiful collection. Early
art of love. Hb, dj. NEW. $10.00 years in Ireland, work for The English Illustrated Magazine, his
later work, and a bibliography of his printed work. A. & C. Black,
11230 Rogers, Nicholas. The Press Gang: Naval Impressment
Ltd., London 1931. 269 pgs. USED. $175.00
and its opponents in Georgian Britain. "Explains exactly how the
press gang worked, whome it was aimed at and why and how 10041 Stevens, R. J. S. Recollections of R.J.S. Stevens: An
many people opposed its activities." An expert on British 18th c Organist in Georgian London. A delightful memoir focusing on
social history unpacks impressment. Continuum, 2007, paper. late 1700s, + chart showing parallel events: (i.e.: 1773: His voice
NEW. $25.00 broke; Mozart began second visit to Italy; Boston Tea Party.)
Southern Ill U Press, 1992. Hb, dj. NEW $12.00
12310 Ronald, D.A.B. Young Napoleons: Boy Sailors during
the Napoleonic Wars. Follows the lives of the little boys who 11486 Strawson, John. Beggars in Red: The British Army 1789-
entered the Navy, grew to be men in that unique world, and 1889. Illustrations, maps. Description of this important period in
made the British Empire possible. Intimate and revealing. Period British regimental history. From Napoleon to Asia, Africa, and the
color plates, index, notes, sources. Osprey, Oxford & NY. 2009. creation of Pax Britannia. UK Import. 2003. Paper. NEW. $12.00
Hb, dj. NEW. $25.00
10090 Strong, Roy. Lost Treasures of Britain: Five Centuries of
11693 Rosenthal, Michael and Martin Myrone. Thomas Creation and Destruction. Author was formerly Director of
Gainsborough. Gainsborough [1727-1788] was one of the Victoria and Albert Museum, and National Portrait Gallery. This
greatest artists of the 18th century, famous for his landscapes beautiful museum-quality book is full of color photos showing
and society portraits. Here are several essays providing new treasures that are lost, or in the process of failing. Sir Roy Strong
insight into the artist and the world in which he lived. This book asks hard questions about our fascination with the past and
was published to accompany a major international exhibition. wonders if we are sacrificing current creativity to preservation. 9
294 pgs, 195 color illustrations. Beautiful large book with X 11 1/2. London: 1990. 232 pgs, hb, dj. NEW. $25.00
gorgeous dust jacket. Abrams, 2003. Orig published at $60.00.
11491-2 Stuart, Andrea. The Rose of Martinique: A Life of
NEW. $40.00.
Napoleon's Josephine. Color plates, notes, bibliography, index.
11880 Rosenthal, Michael. Hogarth. Hogarth [1697-1764] Fascinating biography of the woman who rose from an isolated
produced art that defined his time and place - 18th century life in the Caribbean to become Empress of France. Admired for
London. This is a gorgeous art book, full of color and b/w her research and insight, Stuart reveals the passion and romance
reproductions, with Rosenthal's insightful text to elucidate behind the life. Grove Press NY 2003. Hb, dj. NEW. $17.00
Hogarth's parody, wit, and attention to detail. Chaucer Press,
10091 Summerville, Christopher, Ed. Regency Recollections:
London 2005. Hb, dj. NEW. $35.00
Captain Gronow's Guide to Life in London and Paris. Import.
11882 Rubenhold, Hallie. Harris's List of Covent-Garden Captain Gronow's writings illuminated by Christopher
Ladies: Sex in the City in Georgian Britain. Small pocket-sized Summerville. Gronow knew the Prince Regent, Beau Brummell,
book as the gentlemen themselves would have carried when and everyone else who was anyone. You've read his quotes in
Harris's List was a best seller in the eighteenth century. other books, now hear from the man himself. Find out what to
Rubenhold has chosen the most interesting and quirky of the wear, how to be invited to a ball, and how to get along in high
descriptions detailing the specialities of London's prostitutes as society Regency London, from the ultimate insider, in his own
detailed in the annual publication Harris's List (1757-95). Spelling words. Ravenhall Books, 2006. Hb, dj. NEW. $20.00
remains as it was in the original. NEW. Published at $20, on sale
12039 Sun, Ming-Ju. Godey's Early Victorian Fashions Paper
for $14.
Dolls. Featuring dolls "Anne" and "Charlotte" who can be
12054 Rubenhold, Hallie. The Covent Garden Ladies: Pimp dressed in 16 total costumes. Dover. 2004. 16 plates. NEW. $5.50
General Jack & The Extraordinary Story of Harris's List. Tempus.
11507 Sykes, Christopher Simon. Private Palaces: Life in the
Gloucestershire: 2005. Hb, Dj. NEW. $35.00
Great London Houses. Mini-coffee table book profusely
11698 Smith, Lacey Baldwin. English History Made Brief, illustrated. Includes an 18th century household and more. Viking.
Irreverent, and Pleasurable. A history professor provides a 1986. Hb, dj. NEW. $20.00
sometimes hilarious and always entertaining view of English
11520 Taylor, Antony. 'Down with the Crown' British Anti-
history. Cartoons, illustrations, index. "History Worth
monarchism and Debates about Royalty since 1790. Well
Remembering." Academy Chicago Publishers, 2007. 262 pgs,
illustrated history, reveals & explores the anti-monarchist trends
Paper. USED. $9.00
usually neglected. London: 1999. Hb, dj. NEW. $30.00
11433 Smith, Warren Hunting. Originals Abroad: The Foreign
12048 Thomson, John. Victorian London Street Life in Historic
Careers of some Eighteenth-Century Britons. Life & letters of
Photographs. An important book for social and political
both famous and unknown British people who lived mostly
historians [original publication 1877]. By an eminent pioneering
abroad during the 18th c. Yale University Press. 1952. Hb. Like
photographer who later became the appointed photographer to
new. Black cloth on board with gilt title. Ding in front cover.
Queen Victoria. Fascinating contemporary text around each
USED. $14.00
photograph that gives biographical details and sympathetically
11459 Spielmann, M. H. & Jerrold, Walter. Hugh Thomson: His treats the struggles of the subjects. 8 1/2 by 11. Republication by
Art His Letters His Humour and His Charm. Full of color and Dover, 1994. Paper. NEW. $13.00

Jane Austen Books
11483 Tobin, Beth Fowkes. Superintending the Poor: most Anglers. Illustrations include beautiful color plates,
Charitable Ladies and Paternal Landlords in British Fiction, humorous fish drawings and nature sketches. Bloomsbury,
1770-1860. With material from JA's Emma and Mansfield Park, London: 1985. Hb, DJ. USED. $15.00
Dickens' Bleak House, Godwin's Caleb Williams, Bage's Mount
12166 Walton, Izaak. The Compleat Angler. Introduction by
Henneth. Yale UP. 1993. Hb, dj. USED. $21.00
Andrew Lang. First published in 1653, one of the most popular
11495 Treherne, John. The Canning Enigma. An exploration of English-language books of all time, with the Bible and
the Elizabeth Canning trial, an 18th century true mystery that is Shakespeare. Paper. NEW. $5.95
still unsolved. London, 1989, Hb, dj, USED. $15.00
10099 Wilcox, Richard. Literary England: Photographs of
12308 Ulrich, Laurel Thatcher. Well-Behaved Women Seldom Places Made Memorable in English Literature. Photographs by
Make History. Women warriors, medieval writers, fugitive David E. Scherman and Descriptive Text by Richard Wilcox.
slaves, entreprenuers - a new and fun look at the way women Development from a Life Magazine project (June 14, 1943 issue).
have made history throughout, well, history. Alfred A. Knopf. Hb, 50 B/W photos with accompanying literary references. 1943,
dj. 2007. NEW. $15.00 1944. Hb, good condition. USED. $18.00
12319 Van Der Kiste, John. The Georgian Princesses. Covers 11611 Wilkie, Angus. Biedermeier. Large book covering the
the women of the Hanoverian dynasty over a 200 year period, era that Biedermeier furniture was most popular (1815-1848).
from the English Civil Wars to Queen Victoria's reign. Illustrated. This book is truly "an essential sourcebook for all concerned with
Sutton. 2002. Paper. USED. $10.00 nineteenth-century design." Abbeville Press, NY. 1987. Hb, dj.
USED. $35.00
11538 Vane, Brian. The Audacious Admiral Cochrane: The
True Life of a Naval Legend. His career was marked by 11616-1 Williamson, Tom. Polite Landscapes: Gardens &
controversy and pathological disputes w/some of eminent men Society in Eighteenth-Century England. Hb. USED. $20.00
of the period. Late in life, he published a seies of autobiographies
11620 Wilson, Ben. The Making of Victorian Values: Decency
which have been accepted, unquestioned, as an accurate version
& Dissent in Britain: 1789-1837. This is a well-written study of
of events. Conway Maritime Press, 2004. Hb, dj. NEW. $15.00
the generation of Brits "born in the wake of the American and
11544 Vincent, Edgar. Nelson: Love & Fame. A thrilling & French revolutions" - the parents of the Victorians. Explores how
complete biography. The personal, emotional man behind the crises can lead to change and realignment of society's values.
legend. Full of color photos, maps and diagrams, full index. A Witty and entertaining as well as instructive. Hb, dj. 445 pages.
beautiful book, with a gorgeous dust jacket. 620 pgs. Yale NY: 2007. NEW. $17.00
University Press. 2003. NEW. $15.00
11252 Wilson, Richard and Alan Mackley. The Building of the
11545 Viveash, Chris. James Stainer Clarke: Librarian to the English Country House. 1660-1860 time period. Explores the
Prince Regent, Naval Author, Friend of Jane Austen. Readers of fascination of the English nobility and gentry with building and
Jane Austen's Letters are very familiar with Mr. Clarke, the rebuilding their houses. Drawings, photos, charts. Highly
recipient of a few of her missives. But they don't know as much readable. Details include how the work was done and what it
of him as Mr. Viveash, who has written a "modest study" of his cost. Paper. Continuum, 2007. 428 pages. NEW. $26.00
life. Included is a never-before published observation of Mr.
11700 Wright, Thomas. Caricature History of the Georges.
Clarke's on the genius of Jane Austen. Includes Index. Paper, 91
Facsimile of the 1868 original, printed in 1968. Fascinating study
pgs. NEW. $17.00
of the caricatures of Georges I through III and the Regency,
12107 Walton, Izaak. The Compleat Angler. Illustrated by roughly 1714-1819. Introduces English caricatures in various
Arthur Rarkham. Titled: The Compleat Angler or The forms. Full of line drawings, squibs, poems. Organized
Contemplative Man's Recreation: Being a Discourse of Rivers, chronologically and by each period's themes. Hb, 639 pgs. USED.
Fishponds Fish and Fishing not unworthy the Perusal of $50.00

M10133 Jane Austen Address Book. Beautiful pocket-sized M10127 Journal - A Little Brown Notebook. Illus. brown
address book you can carry with you. Full of elegant illustrations boards and paper, string tie. Select from two themes: one
and Jane Austen quotes. Space for cell, home, fax, and email. P&P and S&S, the other Emma. $6.00
Design by Margaret Hinders. $8.00.
M10134 Jane Austen Journal. Lovely journal with “We all
M10201-1 Jane Austen Note Cards. – Pride and Prejudice. In a have a better guide…” quote on cover. Elastic strap.
lovely keepsake box. Each card has a lovely illustration and Occasional quotes and illustrations throughout journal. A
quote. Perfect as a gift –and you will want your own. Designed little over 5X7, perfect size. Plenty of pages. Design by
by Jim Massey. By Potter Style. Boxed set, 16 cards, 4 each of 4 Margaret Hinders. Potter Style. $10.00
designs. NEW. $11.00
M10201-2 Jane Austen Note Cards. – Sense and Sensibility.
Boxed set, 16 cards, 4 each of 4 designs. NEW. $11.00

Jane Austen Books
10007-1 Aidan, Pamela. An Assembly Such as This. 10104 Aston, Elizabeth. Mr. Darcy's Daughters. 20
Popular novel, first of the trilogy told from the viewpoint years after PP, Elizabeth has 5 daughters of her own.
of Mr Darcy. What was Mr Darcy up to when he wasn't What trouble can they find in London? NY, 2003. 362
turning up his nose at the country folk? Turns out pages, Paper. May have remainder mark. NEW. $12.00
gentlemen had a lot on their minds - war, politics,
10105-1 Aston, Elizabeth. The Exploits & Adventures
running their estates. Well researched, brings the reader
of Miss Alethea
Adventures Darcy.
of Miss Alethea's
Alethea Darcy.love of musiclove
Alethea's getsofher
into the era. Includes interview with author, reading
into trouble!
music gets herRomance and aRomance
into trouble! trip to Venice
and aduring
trip to
group guide. Paper. NEW. $12.00
Venice IV's reign. London:
George 2004.London:
IV's reign. 376 pages, Hb,376
2004. dj.
10009 Aidan, Pamela. Duty and Desire. Second of trio NEW. $15.00,
pages, paper $15.00,
Hb, dj. NEW. $12.00 paper $12.00
told from Mr Darcy's viewpoint. Mr Darcy tries to shake
11633 Aston, Elizabeth. The Second Mrs. Darcy. The
off his obsession with a woman beneath his station and
story of a single woman in possession of a good fortune -
finds himself embroiled in the bizarre behaviors rampant
a young Darcy cousin is left a widow. NY, 2007. May be
in the upper layers of Regency society. Reading Group
remainder marked. NEW. $12.00
Guide at back. Paper, 2006. NEW. $12.00.
10106-1 Aston, Elizabeth. The True Darcy Spirit. Lady
10011 Aidan, Pamela. These Three Remain. Third of
Catherine's grand-daughter a painter in Bohemian
the trio told from Mr Darcy's viewpoint. Mr Darcy's
London? What did Anne de Bourgh do to deserve this
transformation is complete. A convincing, intelligent trio
fate? Ah, but there will be some intrigue, involving the
with enough history to enhance the P&P experience.
Prince Regent no less! NY: 2006. 341 pages, paper. NEW.
Paper, 2005. NEW. $12.00
10012 Aiken, Joan. Eliza's Daughter. Sequel to S&S by
10118 Austen-Leigh, Joan. Later Days at Highbury.
one of the best-loved sequel writers. Special price due to
Mrs Goddard continues to share information about
shop wear of dj. 1994, NEW. $13.00.
Highbury with her sister in London, who has interesting
10013 Aiken, Joan. Emma Watson. A completion of problems of her own to discuss! Mr Woodhouse has
The Watsons by a favorite Austen-inspired author. St passed on, the Knightley's have moved to the Abbey,
Martin's Press, NY. 1996. HB, DJ. USED. $22.00 and someone new now occupies Emma's childhood
home.... NY: 1996. 206 pages, Hb, dj. Signed by author.
10014 Aiken, Joan. Jane Fairfax. Much loved novel
NEW. $35.00
told from Jane Fairfax's perspective. Very lightly used,
good condition. Hb, dj. 1990, USED. $25.00 10117 Austen-Leigh, Joan. A Visit to Highbury:
Another View of Emma. Epistolary novel looks at life in
10015-1 Aiken, Joan. Lady Catherine's Necklace. One
Highbury through the eyes of Mrs. Goddard. Joan
of the most popular of the Austen-inspired novelists,
Austen-Leigh, co-founder of JASNA, author and
Joan Aiken writes an exciting story set at Rosings. Good
playwright, manages to capture the true Austen spirit in
condition. Hardbound, DJ. 2000. USED. $20.00
her Highbury novels. NY: 1993. 182 pages. Hb, dj. May
10016 Aiken, Joan. Mansfield Revisited. Well done have library mark and/or dj wear. USED. $35.00
sequel to Mansfield Park. Book has a Winnipeg Library
10119 Austen-Leigh, Joan. Mrs. Goddard, Mistress of
stamp. Good condition. Hb, dj. 1985. USED. $25.00
a School. Third installment of the novels that take Mrs
12335 Altman, Marsha. Mr. Darcy's Great Escape. In Goddard's point of view. Epistolary novel. 1993, 178
this third installment, Altman takes us on another wild pages, paperbound. Signed by author. NEW. $35.00
adventure with the Darcys. Expect Continental intrigue,
10120 Austen-Leigh, Joan. Our Own Particular Jane: A
mayhem, hilarity, and fun! Paperbound, Sourcebooks.
piece of theatre based on The Life, Letters and
2010. NEW. $13.00
Literature of Jane Austen. A piece of theater based on
12218 Altman, Marsha. The Plight of the Darcy the The Life, Letters and Literature of JaneAusten. Cover
Brothers: A Tale of Siblings and Surprise. Second notes author is Joan Mason Hurley - pasted underneath
installment in a continuing series (although you can is a stock "nee Joan Austen-Leigh." 1975. 45 pages.
easily start with this one). Skillfully continues the P&P Paperbound. Fair condition. $25.00
story, adding new characters and further developing the
10160 Barrett, Julia. Presumption: an
original cast. Sourcebooks. 2009. NEW. $13.00
Entertainmnent. Fun Sequel to Pride and Prejudice.
12215 Angelini, Sara. The Trials of the Honorable F. Georgiana's love interests, Bennet family travails. NY:
Darcy: A Modern Pride & Prejudice. Judge Fitzwilliam 1993. 238 pages, Hb with dj. NEW. $20.00. Also available
Darcy meets Attorney Elizabeth Bennet and sparks fly! in paperback, NEW. $10.00
Paper. Sourcebooks. 2009. NEW. $13.00
10158 Barrett, Julia. The Third Sister: A Continuation
10047-1 Ashton, Helen. Parson Austen's Daughter: A of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. Story of
Novel. A historical novel of Jane Austen's life, based on Margaret Dashwood. Margaret has more potential than
her letters. HB. Collins, London: 1949. USED. $21.00 is apparent in S&S. NY: 1996. 247 pages, Hb, dj. USED.

Jane Austen Books
10171 Barron, Stehpanie. Jane and the Stillroom Maid. Jane 12225 Grange, Amanda. Mr. Darcy, Vampyre. Incorporating
discovers a corpse while enjoying the Derbyshire peaks, then elements of a Radcliffe novel, this story follows Elizabeth and
finds herself once again in the middle of mystery. 2001, paper. Darcy on a thrilling tour of Europe where Darcy searches
USED. $4.00 desperately for a solution to the secret curse that may forever
separate him from his beloved (unsuspecting) bride. 2009.
10165-4 Barron, Stehpanie. Jane and the Unpleasantness at
Sourcebooks. Paper. NEW. $13.00
Scargrave Manor. Hardback in large print , USED. $5.00. Paper,
USED. $3.00 12002 Grange, Amanda. Mr. Darcy's Diary. Mr. Darcy's story in
his own words. Some shelf wear. Paper. 2007. NEW. $12.00
10173-1 Barron, Stephanie. Jane and His Lordship's Legacy:
Being a Jane Austen Mystery. Jane has moved to Chawton 12354 Greensmith, Jane. Intimations of Austen: Stories
Cottage, but does not escape corpses and mysteries and Inspired by the Works of Jane Austen. Nine short stories about
international intrigue! NY: Bantam, 2005. Hb, dj. NEW. $15.00 Austen's characters, "backstories, sequels what-if's" crafted to
please the Austen fan who just can't get enough. Paper. 105 pp.
10167-1 Barron, Stephanie. Jane and the Genius of the Place.
2008. NEW. $11.00
The Canterbury Races and international intrigue! Signed by
author. Headline, London: 1999. 310 pages, Hb, dj. NEW. $14.00. 10670 Hale, Shannon. Austenland. A New Yorker secretly
Also available in Bantam, not signed, NEW. $12.00. obsessed with Mr Darcy goes to an estate in England, kind of a
Jane Austen theme park. The game involves pretending to be in
10169-2 Barron, Stephanie. Jane and the Ghosts of Netley. A
Regency times, including wearing the clothes and playing the
Jane Austen mystery. Paper. USED. $5.00
part. So what are the men up to? NY, 2007, Hb, dj. New low
10166-1 Barron, Stephanie. Jane and the Man of the Cloth: price. NEW. $14.00
Being the Second Jane Austen Mystery. Jane in Lyme Regis! NY:
12256 Holt, Hazel. My Dear Charlotte. An epistolary mystery
1997. 274 pages. Hb, dj. Signed by author. NEW. $14.00
novel set around 1815 that borrows heavily from the language of
10170-1 Barron, Stephanie. Jane and the Prisoner of Wool Jane Austen's letters to her sister Cassandra. Holt is known for
House: Being the 6th Jane Austen Mystery. Together with her Mrs. Malory mysteries and her biography of Barbara Pym.
brother Frank Austen, Jane solves a sailor's mystery. NY: 2001. Introduced by Jan Fergus. A delight to read. Bookmark signed by
291 pages, Hb, dj. NEW. $15.00 author included. Paper. 2009. NEW. $12.00
10172 Barron, Stephanie. Jane and the Wandering Eye: Being 10821 James, Syrie. The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen. With
the 3rd Jane Austen Mystery. Drama and intrigue in Bath: more Reader's Guide. A fictionalized memoir, written by "Jane
than meets the eye. NY: 1998. 261 pages, Hb, dj. NEW. $12.00 herself," found hundreds of years after her death. Clever book,
with lots of historical detail. Paper, 2007, 303 pgs. NEW. $12.00
10183-2 Bebris, Carrie. Pride and Prescience (Or, The Truth
Universally Acknowledged). The newly wed Mr and Mrs Darcy 12239 Kiely, Tracy. Murder at Longbourn. New author, already
must solve a strange mystery involving Caroline Bingley and on our list of favorites. Modern "cozy" mystery with some P&P
other members of their extended family. Spooky and fun. First in parallels. Can't wait for Tracy's next book! 2009, Minotaur Books.
the series by Carrie Bebris. Paper. NEW. $10.00 Hb, dj, signed by author. NEW. $22.00
10184-1 Bebris, Carrie. Suspense and Sensibility (Or, First 12275 Lathan, Sharon. Loving Mr. Darcy: Journeys Beyond
Impressions Revisited). Kitty seems to have found the perfect Pemberley. 2nd installment in this romantic series describing the
fiancee - until surreal events change everything. Only intrepid recently married Darcys. Sourcebooks. 2009. Paper. $13.00
Elizabeth can unravel the truth! (New secrets about the
12336 Lathan, Sharon. My Dearest Mr. Darcy: An Amazing
Dashwood family are revealed.) Hb, dj. NEW. $12.00
Journey into Love Everlasting. A continuation of Lathan's
12359 Bebris, Carrie. The Intrigue at Highbury (Or, Emma's romantic, intelligent stories of life AFTER Pride and Prejudice.
Match). The latest in the series of Mr. & Mrs. Darcy Mysteries. Many of our favorite characters are here, and some new
Through an encounter with highway robbery, we meet Mr. and interesting characters are introduced. Paper. Sourcebooks. 2010.
Mrs. Knightley. How lovely to spend time in Highbury! Of course NEW. $13.00
there is a murder mystery to solve, and more old friends with
10916 Lefroy, Anna Austen. Jane Austen's Sanditon: A
whom to spend time. Hb, Dj. 2010. NEW. $20.00
Continuation by her niece, together with "Reminiscences of
10541 Bebris, Carrie. The Matters at Mansfield (Or, the Aunt Jane." Written ca. 1840. Anna Lefroy was the daughter of
Crawford Affair). Lady Catherine is arranging the perfect Jane's brother James. She inherited the original manuscript of
marriage for her daughter Anne. Perfect in her mind, not in Jane's incomplete novel Sanditon, and decided to finish it—this
Anne's mind. Elizabeth's desire to help involves the Darcys in book is the result. But she didn't complete it either! Limited/500
another mystery, involving murder, mayhem, and mistaken copies (many destroyed in flood). First printing. Listed in the new
identity. Hb, just jacket. NEW. $14.00 Gilson p. xlviii. The Chirion Press. 1983. NEW. $40.00.
12250 Grahame-Smith, Seth. Pride and Prejudice and 11693 McCullough, Colleen. The Independence of Miss Mary
Zombies. Will the characters consume themselves? Paper. 2009, Bennet. The bestselling author of The Thorn Birds tackles the
Quirk Books. NEW. $11.00 story of Mary Bennet, who has grown lovely and desirable in her
spinsterhood. Catch up with Jane, Elizabeth, Kitty, and Lydia too

Jane Austen Books
in this entertaining sequel. Simon & Schuster. NY. 2008. Hb, dj. WW2 era as well as Austen's time. Sourcebooks, 2009. Paper
NEW. $22.00 NEW. $14.00
11021 Memoir. Gambles and Gambols: A Visit with Old AB10097 Slater, Maya. Mr. Darcy's Diary. (Audiobook) Read
Friends (Based on characters created by Jane Austen). An early by David Rintoul. 8 CDs in attractive protective box. Complete
sequel. The clergymen and their wives meet. Mrs (Fanny) and unabridged. Through Mr Darcy's diary we learn of his
Bertram meets Mrs Elton and Mrs (Elinor) Ferrars. Great fun, concerns about his sister, his dalliances with women, his dealings
wonderful surprises. 309 pgs. Small book. Shelter Cover. with his friends Byron and Bingley, his relationship with his
Pasadena: 1983. Paper. NEW. $15.00 cousin Anne de Bourgh. And we follow the changes he goes
through as he falls for Elizabeth Bennet. Fascinating details of a
11096 Nathan, Melissa. Pride, Prejudice and Jasmin Field.
gentleman's life in Georgian England. Brilliantly read by David
Melissa Nathan died at age 37 of cancer, depriving us of a fine
Rintoul. You won't want to stop listening! 8 hours, 34 minutes.
comic romantic novelist. This is her first novel, inspired by Pride
BBC Audiobooks. 2008. NEW. $35.00
and Prejudice. Paper. 2000. NEW. $12.00
11525-2 Tennant, Emma. An Unequal Marriage or Pride and
11136 O'Rourke, Sally Smith. The Man Who Loved Jane
Prejudice Twenty Years Later. NEW. $15.00
Austen. A mysterious letter tucked away behind an antique
mirror changes Eliza's life forever. Could Jane Austen really have 11524 Tennant, Emma. Elinor and Marianne: A sequel to
written this letter? Only time will tell. Time - and the elusive Mr Sense & Sensibility. Illustrations by Nicola Leader. Hb, dj. NEW.
Darcy. Soft cover. NEW. $12.90 $15.00
11295 Reynolds, Abigail. Impulse & Initiative. What if Mr. 11526-1 Tennant, Emma. Pemberley or Pride and Prejudice
Darcy didn't take "No" for an answer? NEW. $15.00 Continued. Popular sequel. NEW. Available Hb with dj for $15.00
or paper for $9.00
12337 Reynolds, Abigail. Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy: The Last Man
in the World. What if circumstances conspired to make Elizabeth 12184 Thompson, Emma. The Sense & Sensibility Screenplay
accept Mr. Darcy the first time he proposed? In this version, & Diaries. Full screenplay with photos, Emma's diary during
Elizabeth accepts, which leads to series of events that almost filiming for behind-the-scenes info. USED. Hb $10.00, Paper
bring disaster to both. Sourcebooks. 2010. Paper. NEW. $13.00 $8.00
11296 Reynolds, Abigail. Pemberley by the Sea. Marine 11499 Trees, Andrew. Academy X. A teacher at an elite private
biologist meets modern-day Mr. Darcy. Set in Cape Cod. school tries to teach Jane Austen's Emma while dealing with his
Sourcebooks, 2008. Paper. NEW. $14.95 own romantic crisis. A clever use of Austen's wit and genius in a
modern novel. NEW. $20.00
11308-1 Rigler, Laurie Viera. Confessions of a Jane Austen
Addict. Goes back in time and lives like Jane Austen. 2007. Hb, 12228 Ward, Eucharista, O.S.F. A Match for Mary Bennet. A
dj. NEW. $22.00 tale of love and faith, from Mary's point of view. As Mary grows,
and continues to develop her pious, serious side, will she find
12332 Rubino, Jane and Caitlen Rubino-Bradway. Lady Vernon
happiness comparable to that of her two older sisters? Paper.
and Her Daughter. A reinvention of Lady Susan, filling in all the
Sourcebooks 2009. NEW. $14.00
details around the letters. Lady Susan is redeemed. This mother-
daughter team has written an intelligent defense of one of 12249 Winters, Ben H. Sense and Sensibility and Sea
Austen's most fascinating characters. Crown Publishers. Hb, Dj. Monsters. Why not? Quirk Books. 2009. NEW. $11.00
2009. NEW. $22.00
12171 Wycherley, Etherege, Behn, Vanbrugh. Four Great
11357 Santini, Rosemarie. Sex & Sensibility: the adventures of Restoration Comedies. Dover Giant Thrift Editions. Wycherley's
a Jane Austen addict. 2005. Hb, dj. NEW. $8.00 The Country Wife, Etherege's The Man of Mode, Behn's The
Rover, and Vanbrugh's The Relapse. The theaters reopened in
12346 Shepherd, Patricia M. Come Into the Garden,
1660, Puritanism went out of style, and ribald wit was in. Paper.
Cassandra. "Some light-hearted and loving lines on a favorite
NEW. $5.00
author." A delightful collection of gentle poems, sprinkled with
the art of Thomson and Brock. This little stapled pamphlet is sure
to please. Both new and used, but all just a little bit worn or
faded. NEW/USED. $12.00
12287 Simonsen, Mary Lydon. Searching for Pemberley.
Maggie Joyce, looking for adventure, leaves her Pennsylvania-
coal-town past and takes a job in post-WW2 London. She tours
Derbyshire and comes across an estate the locals believe was the
inspiration for Pemberley. She begins to research the lives of the
previous owners, looking for signs of Darcy and Elizabeth.
Through her search, she meets a dashing American pilot and a
handsome descendant of the family she studies. She finds her
own love story. Layered historical fiction that operates on
different levels, in different centuries, great details from the

Jane Austen Books

10021 Alcott, Louisa May. A Double Life: Newly Discovered society women dedicated to literature and the arts." This book
Thrillers of Louisa May Alcott. Ed by Madeleine Stern. Five of was published in 1907 to raise money for one of the members
Alcott's thrillers were published under her name for the first who lost everything in the Earthquake of 1906. A collection of
time in this book. Original illustrations reprinted here. Boston: short stories by important writers of the time, reproduced in
Little, Brown and Company. 1988. Hb, dj. NEW. $20.00 facsimile. Beautiful print and page decorations. Collector's item.
1979 ed. HB, DJ. USED. $15.00
11978 Alcott, Louisa May. Jo's Boys. Green stamped cloth with
black decorations. Previous owner's signature. Little, Brown & 10107 Atwood, Margaret. Negotiating with the Dead - A
Co. Boston. 1917. USED. $25.00 Writer on Writing. Cambridge University Press, 2002. 219 pages,
Hb, dj. NEW. $18.00
11981 Alcott, Louisa May. Little Men: Life at Plumfield with
Jo's Boys. Beautiful color plates by Clara M. Burd. Drawing inside 10642 Grant, Elizabeth. Memoirs of a Highland Lady. "by
covers of the Alcott Home in Concord, Mass. Green cloth with Elizabeth Grant of Rotheimurchus." These memoirs, written
gilding and large color illustration on front depicting boys on the between 1845 and 1854, cover the early part of Elizabeth's life
stairs.Cover a little worn, bumps., but cover art is very good. up to her marriage at age 33. Famous memoir, here printed in its
1928. USED. $20.00 entirety for the first time, with additional material not previously
included. Canongate Classics, Edinburgh, 2003. Paper. New but
11982 Alcott, Louisa May. Little Women. VG black cloth cover
shelf wear and remainder marks. $12.00
with paste-down illustrations. Beautiful illustration inside end
pages. Illustrated by Jessie Willcox Smith. Little, Brown & Co. 10671 Hale, Will Taliaferro. Madame D'Arblay's Place in the
Boston 1929. USED. $50.00 Development of the English Novel. Pamphlet "for sale by the
University Bookstore". Vol. III. Indiana University Studies. Study
11830 Alcott, Louisa May. The Works of Louisa May Alcott:
no. 28. With 1960 hand-written letter from the author to
Little Women, Good Wives, Little Men, Jo's Boys. Rare edition.
accompany sending a copy to a Mr. Harold E. Thompson in NYC.
Red leather, gilt titles, ribbed spine, red ribbon page marker, gilt
Great addition to a Burney collection. 35 pgs. IU, Bloomington:
page edges. Heavily illustrated. Acid-free, archival quality paper.
1916. USED. $35.00
Like new except for a mark across the bottom of the pages (like a
faint remainder mark). Longmeadow Press. 1995. USED. $200.00 10676 Halliday, R. E. Doctor Johnson and his World. With 154
Illustrations. Accessible pictorial biography. 1968. Hb, dj. USED.
10022 Alcott, Louisa May. Unmasked: Collected Thrillers. This
is not Little Women - In one volume, several thrillers Alcott
wrote as serial cliffhangers in weekly papers between 1863 and 10680 Halsband, Robert. The Life of Lady Mary Wortley
1870. With titles like "Pauline's Passion and Punishment" and Montagu. The fascinating Lady Montagu [1689-1762] - an
"Betrayed by a Buckle" how can you go wrong? Boston: English writer remembered chiefly for her letters, especially
Northeastern University Press. 1995. Paperbound. 754 pages. those from Turkey, being major inspiration for Orientalist art and
Slightly shelf worn. NEW. $14.00 female travel writing. She brought back from Istanbul their
method of inoculation against smallpox. Clarendon Press,
10033 Alexander, Christine, and Jane Sellars. The Art of the
Oxford. 1957. HB, DJ. XLib, G. USED. $22.00
Brontes. A complete study of the drawings and paintings of the
Bronte sisters and their brother Branwell. History, notes, plates, 12136 Henriksen, Aage. Isak Dinesen-Karen Blixen: The Work
plus complete detailed, illustrated catalog. Cambridge University and the Life. Collected essays the renowned critic and Dinesen
Press. 1995. Paper. 484 pages. Some wear to corners, inside very specialist wrote over a period of time as he became a close
good and clean, spine tight. USED. $35.00 friend of Dinesen in the last decade of her life. Also includes
critical analysis of her work. He finds two central themes: the
12016 Amos, William. The Originals: An A-Z of Fiction's Real-
marionette, and the Fall, in Dinesen's unique art. St Martin's
Life Characters. Identifies people as the originals who inspired
Press NY 1988. Hb, dj. USED. $9.00
literary characters. OUP. 1978. HB, DJ. USED. $5.00
10752 Hill, Constance. Fanny Burney at the Court of Queen
10038 Anastaplo, George. The Artist as Thinker From
Charlotte. Illustrations by Ellen G. Hill, plus plates. Beautiful red
Shakespeare to Joyce. Essays on Shakespeare, Milton, Bunyan,
leather with gilt clock design. Inside of boards marbled. John
Austen, Mary Shelley, Dickens, Melville, Matthew Arnold, Lewis
Lane, The Bodley Head. London. No date. 366 pgs. USED. $27.00
Carroll, Mark Twain, Gilbert & Sullivan, Robert Louis Stevenson,
James Joyce. 130 pages of notes included. Chicago, Athens, 10753-2 Hill, Constance. Juniper Hall: A Rendezvous of Certain
London: Swallow Press. 1983. 499 pages. Paperbound. USED. Illustrious Personages During the French Revolution Including
$30.00 Alexandre D'Arblay and Fanny Burney. Letters, sketches,
portraits, from "this French 'salon' on English soil." John Lane,
10103 Atherton, Gertrude. The Spinners' Book of Fiction. The
Spinners Club was a group of "young, self-styled "Bohemian"

Jane Austen Books
The Bodley Head. Blue cloth, pages rough cut. 1905. USED. titles. Like new condition but for slight bumping. Twayne
$45.00 Publishers, Boston, 1976, hardbound. USED. $20.00
11833 Holland, Merlin. The Wilde Album. Author is Wilde's 11897 Jarvis, Shawn C. and Jeannine Blackwell. The Queen's
only grandchild. This book includes many pictures and Mirror: Fairy Tales by German Women, 1780-1900. This is the
illustrations from family collections not previously available. In- first anthology of German women's fairy tales in English. Stories
depth test accompanies the photos. Discussion of the effects of of powerful women and girls placed in historical context by the
Wilde's trial on the family. 1997 London, Fourth Estate Limited. editors. These tales were used to teach and critique. 2001. U of
192 pgs. Hb, dj. $35.00 Nebraska Press. Paper. Orig publ at $29.95. NEW. $18.00
10773 Holt, Hazel. A Lot to Ask: A Life of Barbara Pym. The 10833 Johnson, Claudia. The Cambridge Companion to Mary
official biography. The first book you should read if you are Wollstonecraft. Addresses all aspects of W's momentous and
interested in Pym's life and work. Dutton, NY, 1991. Hb, dj. VG tragically brief career. Noted contributors include Janet Todd,
condition. USED. $15.00 Mitzi Myers, Mary Favret, Vivien Jones, Anne Mellor, others
&Johnson herself, discussing the letters, education, literary
11878 Hoobler, Dorothy & Thomas. The Monsters: Mary
reviews. Cambridge, 2002. Paper. NEW. $10.00
Shelley and the Curse of Frankenstein. Private diaries, personal
letters, and other material form the basis of this account of 10846-1 Johnson, Samuel, and Fanny Burney and Mrs.Thrale.
artistic inspiration and personal destruction. Mary Shelley, Mary Edited by the Marquis of Landsdowne. The Queeney Letters,
Wollstonecraft Godwin, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Lord Byron, Claire Being Letters Addressed to Hester Maria Thrale by Doctor
Claremont, and John William Polidori. 2006. Hb, dj. NEW. $11.00 Johnson, Fanny Burney, and Mrs. Thrale-Piozzi. This is the entire
collection of letters that the Marquis of Landsdowne found in
10784 Hopkins, Mary Alden. Dr. Johnson's Lichfield. His early
the library of Bowood. Over 100 letters with notes and index.
years in Lichfield form a part of Johnson's life neglected by
London: 1934. Hb. USED. $40.00
Boswell. Hopkins skillfully pulls us into the life there, the
relationships of the people, and of course we can't resist 11662 Johnson, Samuel. A Johnson Reader. McAdam & Milne,
Johnson himself. Illustrations. 1st ed. Hastings House, NY, 1952. editors. Scholarly edition by Johnson experts - an anthology
Hb, dj. USED. $20.00 drawn from a broad spectrum of Johnson's writings, show him as
more complex than the stern Tory often presented. 1st ed.
10787 Houston, Gail. Royalties: The Queen and Victorian
Pantheon, NY, 1964. Hb, some tears on DJ. USED. $15.00
Writers. Dissects the anomaly of the queen and her effect on
dominant cultural attitudes and gender. Demystifies such 10404 Johnson, Samuel. C. A Johnson Sampler. Edited by
canonized authors as Dickens, Browning and Oliphant by Henry Darcy Curwen. Witty excerpts. Do your own analysis of the
examining the way they encounter Victoria in their writings. Six influence of Johnson on Jane Austen. Boston, 2002, Paper. NEW.
illustrations. UPVA, 1999, 192 pgs, Paper. NEW. $18.00 $12.00
10794 Hoyt, Charles Alva, Ed. Minor British Novelists. Essays 10843 Johnson, Samuel. Dr. Johnson's Prayers. Ed Elton
include Burney, Thomas Love Peacock, Surtees, Disraeli, Mrs. Trueblood. Wonderful little book (6 1/2 X 5) that can be easily
Gaskell, Machen, Macaulay. Like new. HB, DJ. Southern Illinois carried for reference. Arranged by theme and date. Black cloth,
University Press, 1967. USED. $12.00 previous owner's bookplate inside front cover. Slight wear to
cover, pages very good. 1947. 66 pgs. Hb. USED. $20.00
10802 Hufstader, Alice Anderson. Sisters of the Quill. Focuses
on Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, Mary Granville Delany, 10842 Johnson, Samuel. Samuel Johnson's Dictionary:
Elizabeth Robinson Montagu, and Fanny Burney. NY: 1978, 329 Selections from the 1755 Work that defined the English
pgs, Hb, Dj. USED. $12.00 Language. Ed Jack Lynch. Written 2 decades before Jane's birth,
here is her language! Convenient size (9X6), easy to use.
10800 Hughes, Linda K. and Michael Lund. The Victorian
Excellent introduction.Slight shop wear. NEW. $10.00
Serial. The University Press of Virginia, 1991. Hb, Dj. NEW.
$20.00 10841 Johnson, Samuel. Selected Essays from the Rambler,
Adventurer, and Idler. Ed by W. J. Bates. Still wrapped in original
10801 Hughes, Linda K. and Michael Lund. Victorian
plastic. Yale U Press. Paper. $10.00
Publishing and Mrs. Gaskell's Work. The authors show that,
while Mrs Gaskell wrote from within Victorian convention, she 10848 Johnston, Joanna. The Life, Manners, and Travels of
nonetheless challenged her society's ideology. This publication Fanny Trollope: A Biography. Hawthorn Books NY 1978. Hb, dj.
deals with her work within the literary marketplace. The NEW. $15.00
University Press of Virginia, 1999. Hb, Dj. NEW. $17.00
10913 Lee, Sophia. The Recess: or, a Tale of Other
11708 Irwin, Joseph J. M. G. "Monk" Lewis. Biography and Times.[1783] Sophia Lee [1750-1824] was headmistress of Bath's
analysis of the works of this fascinating, complex author. finest school for girls. One of the earliest gothic novels, portrays
Nicknamed "Monk" after his early shocking novel (the one women involved in political intrigue, overseas journyes, and
Thorpe reads in NA), Matthew Lewis also wrote a memoir of his warfare, during the reign of Elizabeth 1. Features as narrators
experiences visiting his inherited estates in the West Indies. He twin daughters by a secret marriage of Mary Queen of Scots.
died after a second visit he undertook in an attempt to Bibliography, notes, and emandations. U Press of Kentucky
ameliorate the suffering of the plantation slaves. Red cloth, gilt reprint 2000. Paper. NEW. $20.00

Jane Austen Books
10963 MacInnes, Colin. England, Half English. Colin MacInnes that Swift's philosophical positions were formed in relation to his
is Angela Thirkell's son and related to Kipling, Baldwin, Burne- role in the Anglican Church. Historical analysis of the warring
Jones. This book is a compilation of essays he wrote on England ideologies of the late 17th & early 18th centuries. History &
that are insightful and witty. Random House 1961. Hb, dj. USED. literary criticism. Paper. NEW. $14.00
12124 Murray, Brian. The Bedside, Bathtub & Armchair
10978 Manley, Seon and Susan Belcher. O, Those Companion to Dickens. Another in this excellent series from
Extraordinary Women! of the joys of literary lib. What does it Continuum. NEW. $19.00
mean to be a woman writer? Wonderful tales about our
11104 Newby, Percy H. Maria Edgeworth. The English
favorites. Austen, Hanah More, Mary Wollstonecraft, Virginia
Novelists Series. Biography and evaluation of her work. 94 pgs.
Woolf, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, Fanny Burney, Lady Hester
Hb, dj. Arthur Barker Ltd. London. 1950. USED. $15.00
Stanhope, Mary Shelley, George Sand, and others. Illustrations
galore. Philadelphia. Chilton Book Company. 1972. 330 pgs. Hb, 10082 O'Brian, Patrick. Master and Commander. Imagine
dj. USED. $15.00 Jane's brothers' lives in the Navy. Thrill with O'Brian's hero of the
high seas as the masterful storyteller takes you back in time to
10977 Manley, Seon, and Gogo Lewis. Ladies of the Gothics:
those days of glory and danger. Aubrey is young and brash and
Tales of Romance and Terror by the Gentle Sex. Excerpts from
full of confidence. Paper. NY: 1990. Has been read, but in good
various women writers show the popularity of the gothic -
condition. USED. $5.00
including a piece from Northanger Abbey "Novels, Gothic
Novels." Also Bronte, Radcliffe, Shelley, others. 1st ed. NY: 10084 O'Brian, Patrick. The Commodore. Another of O'Brian's
Morrow. 1975. Hb, dj. USED. $10.00 brilliant stories. Historical novel that lets us live vicariously in the
British Navy of Austen's time period. Maturin's wife is missing.
10979 Manvell, Roger. Elizabeth Inchbald: England's Principal
Aubrey and Maturin are dispatched to the Gulf of Guinea.
Woman Dramatist and Independent Woman of Letters in 18th
Aubrey must deal with the slave trade and threats of French
C. London, A Biographical Study. Rare full-length biography of
invasion in Ireland. Hb, dj, good condition. NY: 1994 USED.
Inchbald. 1987. University Press of America. NEW. $15.00
10983-2 Markham, Beryl. West with the Night. Poetic, unusual
10083 O'Brian, Patrick. The Hundred Days. Napoleon has
and thrilling autobiography of Kenya's woman airplane pilot and
escaped from Elba. The Navy is scrambling to rearm. What
premier horse trainer, from her childhood adventures hunting
happens now? Aubrey is now the mature commodore. Hb, dj.
with warriors to her record-breaking flight across the Atlantic.
USED. $10.00
Although born in Britain, Beryl became an integral part of her
adopted land. North Point Press, SF, 1983. Softbound. USED. 12149 Pocock, Tom. Captain Marryat: Seaman, Writer and
$5.00 Adventurer. Not only was Frederick Marryat an important naval
hero of the Great War with Napoleon, he was also the most
10990 Masefield, Muriel. The Story of Fanny Burney: Being an
famous author in England between the times of Jane Austen and
Introduction to the Diary & Letters of Madame d'Arblay.
Charles Dickens. Pocock, a noted naval historian, desribes
Burney's life is fascinating. Masefield delivers a solid
Marryat's adventurous life in this exciting biography. Illustrated,
introduction. Cambridge University Press. 1927. HB, DJ. USED.
index. Import. NEW. $24.00
11703 Pool, Daniel. Dickens' Fur Coat and Charlotte's
11674 Maslen, R W, and Schmidt, Michael. The Shakespeare
Unanswered Letters: The Rows and Romances of England's
Handbook: The Bard in Brief. Illustrated display reference book.
Great Victorian Novelists. HarperCollins. 1997. 282 pgs. Hb, dj.
One page summary of each play, plus key text selections. Each
USED. $9.00
entry illustrated by a full page photo of a play, movie, or
painting. Index. Olivier as Hamlet on the DJ, also on the 12183 Pym, Barbara. Crampton Hodnet: A Novel. Mr Latimer,
bookplate. Quercus, London, 2008. Hb, dj. NEW. $25.00 the new curate, who is not married, lodges with Miss Doggett
and her companion, Miss Morrow. Oxford between the wars.
11006 McBurney, William H., Editor. Four Before Richardson:
This novel was published posthumously in 1985, originally
Selected English Novels 1720-1727. Four novels in one volume:
written around 1940. NY: 1985. Hb, dj, good condition, some sun
Luck at Last; Or, the Happy Unfortunate by Arthur Blackamore.
bleaching of dj. USED. $20.00
The Jamaica Lady, or The Life of Bavia, by W.P. Philidore and
Placentia or L'Amour Trop Delicat by Eliza Haywood. The 11248 Pym, Barbara. Excellent Women. A meddlesome
Accomplished Rake or Modern Fine Gentleman by Mary Davys. spinster and her new neighbors. Paper. 256 pgs. Good condition.
Univ of Nebraska Press. Hb. 1963. USED. $20.00 Perennial Library. 1978. USED. $2.00
11272 Miss Read. Fairacre Affairs. A compilation - Village 11760 Pym, Barbara. Jane and Prudence. A young woman
Centenary and Summer at Fairacre combined in one volume. goes to visit her tutor, who now lives in the country as the wife
Michael Joseph, London: 1980. 474 pgs. Hb, dj. USED. $6.00 of a vicar. Perennial Library. 1981. 222 pgs. Paper. Foxing, cover
torn. USED. $2.00
11276-1 Miss Read. Over the Gate. Houghton Mifflin. 1965.
Hb, dj. Illustrated. USED. $8.00 11226 Pym, Hilary & Honor Wyatt. A la Pym. The Barbara Pym
Cookery Book. Holt/Wyatt. Devon. 1995. 102 pgs. Hb. NEW.
11655 Montag, Warren. The Unthinkable Swift: The
Spontaneous Philosophy of a Church of England Man. Argues
Jane Austen Books
11255-1 Radcliffe, Ann. The Confessional of the Black 12140-1 Schmidt, Shannon McKenna and Joni Rendon. Novel
Penitents. Beautiful wood engragings by Philip Ross. Intro by Destinations: Literary Landmarks from Jane Austen's Bath to
Unknown but has JA quote from NA. aka The Italian. The Folio Ernest Hemingway's Key West. A luxurious travel book. Whether
Society, London. 1956. 404 pgs, Hb. VG. USED. $30.00 you are in Prague, London, Bath, New York, or Moscow, there is
bound to be a site of literary interest around the corner. This
11255-3 Radcliffe, Ann. The Italian. 3 vols. 1st ed. Rare book.
book is full of information for the travelling book-lover.
T. Cadell and W. Davies, London. 1797. Marbled and leather.
Published by National Geographic. 2009. Paper. NEW. $13.00
Modern 3/4 calf boards. Slight foxing. Gutter tear page 47-48
volume 2. USED. $1200.00 11393 Seymour, Miranda. Mary Shelley. Highly praised
biography of Mary Shelley, reveals the background to her work
11256-3 Radcliffe, Ann. The Mysteries of Udolpho. Unabridged
as well as her personal struggles. Illustrated with engravings,
reproduction of ed. published by G. G. and J. Robinson, London,
photographs, silhouettes. Grove Press, NY, 2000, NEW. $15.00
1794. Includes Introduction from contemporaneous reviewer
believed to be Samuel Taylor Coleridge. 620 pgs. Paper, 5 3/16 12163 Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein: The Lynd Ward Illustrated
by 8 1/4. NEW. $8.95 Edition. An unabridged republication of the work originally titled
Franenstein, or The Modern Prometheus, by Mary Shelley with
12075 Read, Miss. A Peaceful Retirement. Houghton Mifflin.
Engravings on Wood by Lynd Ward, publ by Harrison Smith and
NY: 2007. Paper. NEW. $9.00
Robert Haas, NY 1934. Heavy quality paper sets off the
11266 Read, Miss. Affairs at Thrush Green. Illustrated by J. S. engravings, making this a very attractive volume for your library.
Goodall. Houghton Mifflin. 1984. Hb, dj. USED. $15.00 Dover, 2009, paper. NEW. $12.50
11267 Read, Miss. Christmas at Fairacre. In one volume: 11885 Slater, Michael. Charles Dickens. VIP series (Very
Village Christmas, The Christmas Mouse and No Holly for Miss Interesting People), "bite size biographies." Entertaining little
Quinn. Newly reprinted. Houghton Mifflin, Boston: 2007. 308 book, a complete resource. OUP. 2007. $6.50
pgs. Hb, dj. NEW. $12.00
11470-2 Thrale, Mrs. Dr. Johnson's Mrs. Thrale.
11268 Read, Miss. Chronicles of Fairacre: Three Great Novels. Autobiography, letters and literary remains of Mrs. Thrale/Piozzi,
Import. in one volume: Village School, Village Diary, Storm in the Ed by A. Hayward, O.C. and J. H. Lobban. With 27 portraits in
Village. Orion, London 2005. Paper. 595 pgs. NEW. $15.00 collotype. Edinburgh & London: 1910. 336 pgs. USED. $50.00
11269-1 Read, Miss. Farewell to Fairacre. Penguin, London: 11825 Trilling, Diana. The Beginning of the Journey: The
1994. 213 pgs. Paper. NEW. $9.00 Marriage of Diana and Lionel Trilling. Memoir that reveals the
famous couple's early lives and the world of the New York
11271-2 Read, Miss. Farther Afield. Houghton Mifflin. 2007.
Intellectuals. "What was it really like to be a woman in this
Paper. NEW. $6.00
predominately male universe? What did it feel like to be as
11270-1 Read, Miss. Friends at Thrush Green. Houghton respected a critic as Diana Trilling but married to a man so much
Mifflin. 1991. Hb, dj. USED. $8.00 more celebrated than herself?" Harcourt, Brace and Co. 1993.
442 pgs. Hb, dj. USED. $20.00
11273 Read, Miss. News from Thrush Green. Houghton
Mifflin. 1971. 240 pgs. Hb. USED. $7.00 11647 Vantrease, Brenda Rickman. The Illuminator. Historical
novel set in late 14th century England. 2005. Paper. NEW. 9.00
11274-2 Read, Miss. No Holly for Miss Quinn. Houghton
Mifflin. 1976. Hb dj. $5.00 11860 Walpole, Horace, and Ann Radcliffe and Jane Austen.
The Castle of Otranto, The Mysteries of Udolpho, and
12053 Riley, Dick & Pam McAllister, Editors. The Bedside,
Northanger Abbey. A collection of three gothic novels. The
Bathtub & Armchair Companion to Agatha Christie. One of the
Mysteries of Udolpho is abridged. This used paperback is in
most popular of the Bedtime Bathtub series, a wonderful look at
decent condition. 1963. USED. $4.00
a mysterious author. Paper. NEW. $12.00
12169 Walpole, Horace. The Castle of Otranto. Republication
11714 Rodway, Allan. English Comedy: Its Role and Nature
of 2nd edition [1811]. One of the great gothic novels of Austen's
from Chaucer to the Present Day. With chapters by period -
time complete with the castle dungeon, the evil prince,
Medieval, Renaissance, Augustan, Regency, Brave New World.
supernatural events. Will Isabella escape the horrors? 2009
Features such notables as Shakespeare, Jonson, Wycherly,
reprint. Dover. Paper. NEW. $2.50
Dryden, Pope, Austen, Peacock, Swift, Fielding, more. Attempts
to develop a theory of comedy, to set comedy in relation to
culture and history. And it is an entertaining book. UC Press
Berkeley 1975. HB, dj. USED. $22.00
11922 Roseman, Janet Lynn, PhD. The Way of the Woman
Writer: Second Edition. Meant for both experienced and novice
writers, a guide for women who wish to document their lives.
Exercises and examples. Roseman specializes in teaching
creativity. 2003. Paper. USED. $15.00

Jane Austen Books

CD 1007 Jane Austen Entertains: Music from her Own Library. CD 1002 The Pride and Prejudice
This CD contains performances of the music that Jane Austen Collection. Music by the Pemberley
herself hand-copied into manuscripts that still survive. The flute, Players. A selection of dances popular in
voice, and piano performances were recorded at her house in the 18th & 19th centuries. CD. $22.00
Chawton, Hampshire. Classical Communications. 21 tracks, 68
minutes. 2007. $14.00

CD 1004 Music for My Lady: Favorite

CD 1005 Jane Austen Piano Favourites.
Chamber Music. A CD full of 17th and 18th
Selections from Jane Austen's music library,
century songs of love, with lute, violin,
plus other popular pieces of the day,
harpsichord, viol. $12.00
played on a variety of period pianos. CD.

CD 1009 Jane Austen Entertains: 2 CD set. Music from her

own library. Jane Austen's Piano Favorites. Two favorite CD's in
one package. See each item described separately. 44 tracks, CD 1003 Gloria. Christmas music from
England's great choral tradition featuring
around 2 hours of music. $21.00
Oxford's top boys choirs. 2 CD;s. Great buy.
Enjoy the Christmas spirit year 'round with this
lovely collection. $20.00
CD 1006 Trafalgar: A Celebration of
Horatio, Lord Nelson. A programme of
British music created for the 200th
anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar. Sea
songs and concert hall favorites of the CD 1000 Music from Jane Austen's Church
times. CD. $12.00 Vol 1. Recorded in St Nicholas' Church,
Steventon, Hampshire, September 2002.
Harpsichord, organ, trumpet, recorders and
voices performed by the Rector, Organist, and
members of the Choir. $17.00
CD 1008 More Tea Vicar? Music on the
Theme of Tea. Including lighthearted and CD 1001 Music from Jane Austen's Church Vol 2. Performed
whimsical titles, such as “Tea for Two” sung by the Choir and Musicians of St. Nicholas' Church, Steventon.
by Doris Day. CD. $10.00 Includes some readings of a Jane Austen letter and a Mary
Crawford quote on musical accomplishments of young ladies.

12214 Gammie, Ian & Derek McCulloch. Incipits from the Manuscript Sources: Jane Austen's Music. Accompanies The Musical World of
Jane Austen. Paper.36 pgs. NEW. $14.00
11669 Gammie, Ian & Derek McCulloch. The Musical World of Jane Austen. "Seen through the manuscripts and printed editions held by
the Jane Austen Memorial Trust at Chawton, with brief histories of contemporary composers and a catalogue of more than 300 musical
works." Also incipits of several of the pieces. Corda Music Publications, Herts. UK.1996. NEW. $20.00
10041 Stevens, R. J. S. Recollections of R.J.S. Stevens: An Organist in Georgian London. A delightful memoir focusing on late 1700s, plus
a chart showing parallel events: (i.e.: 1773: His voice broke; Mozart began second visit to Italy; Boston Tea Party.) Southern Ill U Press,
1992. Hb, dj. NEW $12.00
Jane Austen Books

M10140 Emma. M10125 The Jane M10142 Jane

Widescreen. Gwyneth Austen Collection. Austen's Emma.
Paltrow plays a Northanger Abbey, Screenplay by Andrew
sophisticatedly spoiled Pride and Prejudice, Davies, Produced by
Emma in this gorgeous Persuasion, Mansfield Sue Birtwistle. Kate
adaptation directed by Park, Emma, Sense and Beckinsale is a lovely
Douglas McGrath. Sensibility. 1971 Emma in this faithful
Miramax. NEW. $13.00 through 1987. BBC 1996 A&E/BBC
series includes lovely adaptation. NEW.
leading ladies and charming gentlemen. $13.00
Elizabeth Garvie, David Rintoul, Sabrina
Franklyn, Clare Higgins, Priscilla Morgan,
Natalie Ogle. DVD (North America region).
Released 2004. $42.00

M10111 Jane M10112 Jane M10108 Mansfield

Austen's Mansfield Austen's Northanger Park. Widescreen.
Park. Billie Parker and Abbey. WGBH Boston Directed by Patricia
Blake Ritson star in Masterpiece. JJ Feild is Rozema. Miramax,
this adaptation. adorable as Henry 1999. 112 minutes.
WGBH Boston. 2007. Tilney and Felicity Controversial among
86 minutes. NEW. Jones is a sweet Janeites - among
$20.00 romantic Catherine in other liberties with
this 2008 86 minute the novel, casts Fanny
adaptation. NEW. $20.00 as a bold author-in-training. Beautiful film &
intelligent take on the underlying social
messages in MP. Sale $12.00

M10137 M10139 Pride & M10002 Pride and

Northanger Abbey. Prejudice. Full Screen. Prejudice. Starring
BBC version from With Keira Knightley Elizabeth Garvie &
1987, directed by Giles and Matthew David Rintoul. Is there
Foster. Stars Peter McFadyen. Directed any better way to
Firth as Henry Tilney by Joe Wright. Special relax than to curl up in
and Katherine features, including your "I Dream of
Schlesinger as "Jane Austen, Ahead Darcy" pajamas with a
Catherine. The Jazzy of Her Time." Note: bowl of popcorn and
version. The Thorpes are really funny in this Judi Dench was born to play Lady Catherine Fay Weldon's delightfully witty adaptation
one. NEW. $10.00 de Bourgh. NEW. $10.00 of your favorite book? BBC 1980.
Remastered & released on DVD 2004.

M10138 Sense and Sensibility. Widescreen. M10114 Sense and Sensibility: The Feature
Directed by Ang Lee. Packaged together with Film and the Book that Inspired it. From
cloth book in a slipcover. Special features, Barnes & Noble Books on Film Series. Book
inlcudes Emma Thompson's Golden Globe and DVD packaged in an attractive box with
acceptance speech. Columbia Pictures. NEW. images from the Ang Lee film on the cover.
$13.00 Makes an attractive gift. Book includes new
intro by Laura Kern. 2009. NEW. $14.00

Jane Austen Books

M10115 A&E Biography: Jane Austen. Features Claudia M10141 Cranford: The Collection. BBC Worldwide, as seen on
Johnson, Joan Klingel Ray, Stephanie Barron. Gurinder Chadha PBS Masterpiece. Cranford and Return to Cranford. Starring Judi
(Bride and Prejudice Director) talks about parallels between Dench, Michael Gambon, Eileen Atkins, Imelda Staunton, and
Austen's England and modern Indian culture. Azar Nafisi (author more. Bonus features The Making of Cranford and Cranford in
of Reading Lolita in Tehran) discusses reading as a subversive Detail. 3 DVD's in slipcase. NEW. $36.00
activity in Iran. Excerpts from some of the popular modern films
M10124 Dorothy L. Sayers Mysteries. Set in the 1930's, the
throughout. $12.00
relationship of amateur sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet
Vane unfolds in a realm of romance and intrigue. Gaudy Night,
M10119 A&E Biography: Susan B. Anthony. The first woman
Have his Car Case, Strong Poison. DVD's in slipcase. $35.00
on a US coin, Anthony fought tirelessly for suffrage, America's
first civil rights movement. DVD. $16.00 M10116 The George Eliot Collection. Five disc set of BBC
productions - Middlemarch, The Mill on the Floss, Adam Bede,
M10123 Bride & Prejudice. Widescreen. Starring Aishwarya
Silas Marner, and Daniel Daronda. Adaptations by Maggie
Rai, Directed by Gurinder Chadha. A wonderful Bollywood
Wadey, James Andrew Hall, Louis Marks, Giles Foster, Andrew
musical interpretation of Pride and Prejudice. Includes one of
Davies. Critically acclaimed series. Includes special features:
our favorite songs "No Life Without Wife." Miramax, 2004. NEW.
Middlemarch: A Reader's Guide, George Eliot: A Scandalous Life,
and Daniel Deronda: Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery. BBC
M10135 Bridget Jones's Diary. Collector Series. Widescreen. Video. NEW. $45.00
Follow Bridget through hilarious adventures as she looks for
M10200 The Madness of King George. Widescreen. Nigel
love. Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Renee Zellweger. This edition
Hawthorne portrays a lovably mad King George III. Also stars
includes bonus material, including "A Guide to Bridget's
Helen Mirren as Queen Charlotte and Rupert Everett as the
Britishisms" and the complete columns. Miramax. NEW. $12.00
impatient Prince of Wales. Examines the Regency Crisis of 1788
M10136 Clueless. Widescreen. The most popular and from the viewpoint of the primitive medical attempts to restore
glamorous girl at Beverley Hills High takes care of her father, the King's sanity and the growing weakness of the monarchy.
plays matchmaker with her teachers, gives the new girl in town a NEW. $12.00
makeover, and flirts with the wrong guy. Is she clueless? Clever
adaptation of Emma. Paramount. NEW. $12.00

M10107 T-shirt I’d Rather be Reading M10104 T-shirt. Mr. Darcy Thinks You're…
Jane Austen. Ladies’ 6.1oz white cotton Tolerable. Make a great First Impression and
tee proudly proclaims that you are a let your friends know how you really feel
great reader, and have no pleasure in about them! Yellow 6.1 oz ringspun cotton
anything else. Thomson illustration of with flattering V-neck. S, M, L, XL. $18.00
Elizabeth Bennett reading Jane’s letters.
S, M, L, XL. $18.00
M10103 T-shirt. "Call me George." Will
Emma ever bring herself to call Mr
Knightley by his Christian name? Aqua blue
6.1 oz ringspun cotton with flattering V
neck. Please specify S, M, L, XL $18.00

M10101 Pajamas. I Dream of Darcy. When you M10102 Pajamas. I'd rather be sleeping with Mr
curl up at night reading your favorite Jane Austen Darcy. Shock your friends at the next
novel, who do YOU dream of? We dream of JASNA slumber party in these adorable pj's.
Darcy and now you can too with our comfy Cotton t-shirt with slogan & Thomson
Austen-inspired pajama sets. Cotton t-shirt with illustration of Darcy in a seductive pose.
dreamy picture of Darcy. Includes comfy Includes comfy coordinating pajama
coordinating pajama bottoms. $30.00 bottoms. $30.00

Jane Austen Books

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