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In the Business Add-In ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST, the following methods are available enabling you to extend the business logic of the Enjoy
purchase order. With its methods, the BAdI covers the entire transaction cycle:

1. Start of transaction (INITIALIZE method) At the start of the transaction, the INITIALIZE method is processed once. In this method you can
initialize your own function groups.Documentation for BAdI method INITIALIZE

2. Opening of a purchase order (OPEN method) The system opens a new document to create, change or display a purchase order. With the
OPEN method, you can import your own data and prepare it for further processing.Documentation for BAdI method OPEN

3. Checking of data (PROCESS_HEADER, PROCESS_ITEM, PROCESS_SCHEDULE, PROCESS_ACCOUNT methods) When data of the
purchase order has been changed, it is then checked.With the following methods, you can carry out your own checks of the business objects of
the purchase order and derive dependent data according to your own rules:Header data of PO PROCESS_HEADERDocumentation for BAdI
method PROCESS_HEADERItem data of PO PROCESS_ITEMDocumentation for BAdI method PROCESS_ITEMDelivery schedule lines of PO
PROCESS_SCHEDULEDocumentation for BAdI method PROCESS_SCHEDULEAccount assignments in PO PROCESS_ACCOUNTDocumenta
tion for BAdI method PROCESS_ACCOUNT


FIELDSELECTION_ITEM methods) In the following methods, you can change the display properties of fields by supplementing or switching the
field selection reference keys:At header level FIELDSELECTION_HEADER_REFKEYSDocumentation for BAdI method
FIELDSELECTION_ITEM_REFKEYSYou can implement special rules using the methods FIELDSELECTION_HEADER (at header level) and
FIELDSELECTION_ITEM (at item level).Documentation for BAdI method FIELDSELECTION_HEADERDocumentation for BAdI method

5. Overall check (CHECK method) When the purchase order is posted or when the Check function is chosen, the system performs an overall
check for the PO. Here the system performs activities that are too extensive for a dialog step.In the CHECK method, you can execute
enhancements for an overall check or your own overall check for the purchase order.Dokumentation for BAdI method CHECK

6. Post (POST method) With the POST method, you can prepare the PO data for posting and updating the database.Documentation for BAdI
method POST

7. Concluding work After the posting of a purchase order and before the opening of a new PO, you can reset your own customer programs.Docu
mentation for BAdI method CLOSE

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